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As you decide to embrace RVing and choose your recreational vehicle, you would see that an assortment of rigs exist from motorhomes to travel trailers. While standard vehicles likely serve you well, if you want to explore nature beauties and participate in many activities, you should consider prioritizing toy haulers.

Designed with garage space, toy haulers easily keep bikes, canoes, kayaks, … which give you what you need to venture deep into the outdoors at will. Moreover, toy haulers have all the accommodations of ordinary recreational vehicles so you could travel year-round without feeling uncomfortable.

With manufacturers of recreational vehicles releasing new toy haulers from time to time, the market nowadays is saturated with models of diverse specifications and features. That certainly provides multiple options to enthusiasts to RVing but getting the best fifth wheel toy hauler for full-timing also becomes a bit tricky.

Best Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers 

Different RVers have different preferences, hence, the RV community is often at odds once it comes to the best 5th wheel for full-time living. Nonetheless, if you wish to have a good time on the road, it’s suggested that you take a look at the models down below.

1. Dutchmen Endurance – Best Of The Best 


  • Number of Floorplans: 8
  • Cargo: From 3,314 to 5,704 Pounds 
  • Standard features: Spring-assisted ramp door, fuel station, dual A/Cs, … 
  • Optional features: generator, flatscreen TV, patio, … 

Why This Is The Best: 

Loaded with virtually everything that RVers expect of a toy hauler, Dutchmen Endurance never let its owners down in use. Thanks to the extensive use of lightweight and resilient materials in construction, the toy hauler of Dutchmen possesses marvelous handling and handles outdoor elements well. In addition to that, with the intelligent iN-Command control system, Endurance allows RVers to manage the lights, generators, slide-outs and so on remotely. As a result, to people that value convenience, Dutchmen Endurance is the best fifth wheel toy hauler for full-timing.

In terms of garage, the cargo space of Endurance varies a bit between floorplans but it could carry most gears. Therefore, adapting the Dutchmen toy hauler for particular trips is a walk in the park. Besides that, with tables, sofas and other solid furniture, Dutchmen Endurance would have no trouble keeping enthusiasts of RVing comfortable. If you still want more, it’s possible to outfit your Endurance with a wide range of optional features for improved performance on the road. 

Available at a price that is comparable to the market average, Dutchmen Endurance is prized for its cost-value ratio. To reassure potential customers, Dutchmen willingly back its toy hauler with a three-year warranty. 


  • Spacious 
  • Excellent durability 
  • Maintenance is a breeze 


  • Less than ideal customer service 
  • RVers sometimes report plumbing issues 

2. Jayco Seismic – Editor’s Choice


  • Number of Floorplans: 6
  • Cargo: From 3,480 to 5,725 Pounds 
  • Standard features: Exterior-mounted A/C, pass-through storage, stainless steel kitchen sink,… 
  • Optional features: Quick-recovery water heater, convection microwave, central vacuum system, … 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice: 

Boasting state-of-the-art-amenities, Jayco Seismic is able to provide a warm and cozy travel experience to enthusiasts of RVing throughout the year. Moreover, with an expanded interior, Seismic proves to be quite roomy which is a big plus in large-party trips. Because of that, the fifth wheel toy hauler made by Jayco is held in high esteem by lots of RVers, novices as well as veterans. Jayco Seismic comes in multiple floorplans too so it’s easy to choose preferred configurations. 

Constructed using a combination of gel-coated fiberglass and aluminum frame, the Jayco toy hauler packs impressive integrity and insulation. With Seismic, RVers don’t have to worry too much about maintenance and could even save money on utility bills. Unsurprisingly, for many budget-minded RVers, Jayco Seismic is essentially the best fifth wheel toy hauler for full-timing nowadays. On arrival, the toy hauler of Jayco also comes alongside a three-year warranty and that puts people at ease. 

One interesting thing about Jayco Seismic is that its garage incorporates foldable and removable furniture. Thus, when you have no use for the garage, it may be used as a part of the living quarter. 


  • Versatile
  • Long-lasting 
  • Top-notch handling characteristics 


  • Quality control requires improvements
  • Complaints surrounding the slide-outs show up occasionally 

3. Heartland Road Warrior – Editor’s Choice


  • Number of Floorplans: 11
  • Cargo: From 1,882 to 4,922 Pounds 
  • Standard features: Interior lighting, powered vent, shoe storage, … 
  • Optional features: Electric awning, removable carpet, king-sized bed, … 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice: 

Basic and practical, Road Warrior of Heartland is considered to be a good buy for casual RVers that enjoy traveling. Owing to ample space in the garage, the toy hauler from Heartland takes on an assortment of items from bikes to boats with relative ease. Furthermore, since Road Warrior features a fairly high R-value, its insulation is superior to that of typical fifth wheel toy haulers on the market. That is why if you like to stay comfortable and keep your stuff in great shape, you should add Heartland Road Warrior to your shortlist. 

Road Warrior is released in plenty of floorplans, hence, it’s simple to find one that meets your own preferences. The standard features of the toy hauler made by Heartland would be enough in the usual cases but could outfit with optional ones if necessary. About handling, Heartland Road Warrior is compact and light so it’s a cinch to control and manipulate while traveling. That is undoubtedly advantageous for those with scant experience in maneuvering fifth wheel toy haulers.

As proof of confidence, Heartland offers everyone that grabs its toy hauler a three-year manufacturer warranty that covers defects. It’s worth pointing out components of Road Warrior have separate warranties as well. If you happen to desire a sound insurance policy, Road Warrior of Heartland is going to be your best fifth wheel toy hauler for full-timing


  • Reasonable price 
  • Enduring construction 
  • Sublime level of comfort 


  • Scarce replacement 
  • Finish still need some work 

4. Forest River XLR Nitro


  • Number of Floorplans: 8
  • Cargo: From 3,511 to 6,306 Pounds 
  • Standard features: Undercarriage lighting, tread quad entry steps, electric rear stabilizer jacks, … 
  • Optional features:  Auto leveling system, dual pane windows, solar package, … 

Why We Love It: 

All you need is a robust no-nonsense fifth wheel toy hauler that holds together? Then it’s strongly recommended that you give Forest River XLR Nitro a look and see what it can do. Possessing a reinforced frame with enduring exterior surfaces, XLR Nitro is capable of withstanding everything the outdoors throws at it. If you opt to get the toy hauler of Forest River, you would only have to spend a bit of time and money into maintenance. 

Equipped with insulated walls, floors and ramp, the garage of the  Forest River toy hauler is second to none in terms of thermal protection. Additionally, on specific floorplans, RVers could quickly turn the garage into living quarters by adding bed, armchairs, TVs and more. Needless to say, Forest River XLR Nitro receives numerous compliments from RVers that prioritize adaptability. Similar to its contemporaries, the toy hauler from Forest River permits RVers to outfit it with a couple of optional features. 

On arrival, XLR Nitro of Forest River is accompanied by a decent one-year warranty so you would have something to count on if problems occur within the warranty period. 


  • Brilliant aesthetics 
  • Generous storage area 
  • Well-built and rugged 


  • Users notice sporadic water leaks 
  • Tech support could use some work 

5. KZ Venom


  • Number of Floorplans: 4
  • Cargo: From 4,070 to 4,290 Pounds 
  • Standard features: Electric bed, flip-up solid steps, entertainment center, … 
  • Optional features: Powered bed with ladder, ramp door patio awning rails, wireless backup camera system, … 

Why We Love It: 

Engineered for modern-day RVing and built to last, KZ Venom operates like a charm in all kinds of environments. Featuring all-weather insulation, the KZ toy hauler keeps the temperature in the interior at reasonable levels in variable conditions. Also, with a heavy-duty build, Venom could withstand the challenges of RVing without giving out all of a sudden. Naturally, RVers that love to go on extended excursions tend to deem KZ Venom as the best fifth wheel toy hauler at its price range.

To match the liking of RVers, KZ releases its toy hauler in floorplans so people have an easy time choosing what works best for them. The configuration changes here and there between floorplans of Venom but all vehicles contain an excellent garage for outdoor gears. Since a large gas tank is located around, it’s a breeze to keep gears that run on gasoline operational. Last but not least, the garage of KZ Venom accepts a power bed so depending on the situation, it would serve well as a bedroom. 

In use, Venom needs little attention from enthusiasts of RVing and just requires periodic cleaning. As a result, regarding ease of maintenance, the toy hauler made by KZ gets high ranks in lots of reviews. 


  • Commendable ruggedness 
  • Well-insulated interior 
  • Handling is very good 


  • Customer service still leaves something to be desired 
  • Irregular leakage 

6. Jayco Talon


  • Number of Floorplans: 5 
  • Cargo: From 3,929 to 4,900 Pounds 
  • Standard features: PEX plumbing, detachable shore power cord, auto regulator for propane, … 
  • Optional features: Flip-down bunk, safety glass windows, tire pressure monitoring system, … 

Why We Love It: 

In the case that you really like the idea behind Jayco Seismic but don’t have the right cash, Jayco Talon would suit you well. While Talon is not as big as Seismic, its interior remains adequate to support plenty of RVers and associated gears. Moreover, the toy hauler of Jayco comes at a price that fits the budget of would-be full-time RVers. Because of that, the purchase of Talon should have negligible impacts on your upcoming spendings. 

For handling, the Jayco toy hauler boasts a highly maneuverable body which means controlling it is a piece of cake. Hence, Talon is sought by enthusiasts of RVing that usually come across rough terrains as they travel and wish to minimize the odds of accidents. Compared to other toy haulers of its class, Jayco Talon contains superb amenities too and that guarantee a fantastic level of comfort in multiple settings. It’s noteworthy that the versatile nature of the fifth wheel toy hauler from Jayco allows outfits of optional features. 

The garage of Talon seems to be plain but it could nonetheless accommodate all kinds of things at short notice. In fact, if required, it’s possible to position chairs, tables, beds, … in the garage and use it as an extension of the living quarters. 


  • Economical 
  • Undemanding maintenance 
  • Great ventilation 


  • Several RVers complain about delays in delivery 
  • Units arrive with wrongly-assembled components on occasions 

7. Forest River Wolf Pack


  • Number of Floorplans: 4
  • Cargo: From 3,274 to 4,504 Pounds 
  • Standard features: Interior and exterior lights, seamless countertop, ducted A/C, … 
  • Optional features: Recliner chair, patio steps, generator … 

Why We Love It: 

Carrying tip-top amenities and facilities, Forest River Wolf Pack is the ideal toy hauler for enthusiasts of RVing that seek a comfortable outdoor experience. With hot/cold shower, ducted A/C, furnace and so on, the toy hauler made by Forest River lets people explore the outdoors without having to say goodbye to conveniences. Furthermore, Wolf Pack comes with an awesome garage that accepts an assortment of gears and protects them from the elements. Therefore, if you decide to hit the road with Forest River Wolf Pack, you would have nothing to worry about.  

In the course of operation, thanks to its uncomplicated maintenance, Wolf Pack only needs rudimentary care and still operates smoothly. Aside from that, packing a relatively small body, the toy hauler from Forest River exceeds most of its competitors nowadays once it comes to handling. For inexperienced RVers that place controllability above all else, Wolf Pack of Forest River is certainly the best 5th wheel toy hauler money can buy. Introduced to the market at a budget-friendly price, Wolf Pack is affordable as well. 

As for post-purchase support, Forest River backs Wolf Pack with a one-year warranty. If your Wolf Pack runs into issues caused by manufacturing defects, you could expect Forest River to sort things out. 


  • Adaptable 
  • Ample space 
  • High endurance 


  • People notice inconsistencies between units  
  • Leak now and then

8. Cruiser Stryker


  • Number of Floorplans: 11
  • Cargo: From 2,912 to 4,957 Pounds 
  • Standard features: Foam insulation, awning light, wall mount speakers, … 
  • Optional features: Stabilizing system, generator fuel tank, ramp patio with folding rails… 

Why We Love It: 

Slim and sleek, Stryker of Cruiser is aesthetically pleasing and also handles very well in a wide range of terrains. Needless to say, Stryker proves to be quite popular among RVers that happen to be concerned by appearance and routinely have to navigate challenging grounds. In addition, with an amenity-rich interior, the Cruiser fifth wheel toy hauler is able to provide an outstanding level of comfort to everyone onboard. Owners of Cruiser Stryker have the option of adding extra features at any time too. 

Put together with top-of-the-line materials, the toy hauler made by Cruiser possesses sublime durability so it could endure substantial hardship in use. As a result, Stryker seldom sustains damages on the road and that permits enthusiasts of RVing to save some bucks. The garage of Cruiser Stryker is an enclosed space, thus, all of your gears would be well-shielded from elements. Since its garage is rather spacious, the toy hauler of Cruiser accommodates far more stuff than many of its peers. 

About affordability, the price tag of Cruiser Stryker fluctuates between floorplans and feature packages but it still remains budget-friendly. If you have a tight wallet at the moment, you should take note of Stryker.


  • Classy exterior 
  • Rommy garage 
  • Marvelous resistance against elements 


  • Screws strip from time to time 
  • Loose wiring is noted 

9. Highland Ridge Highlander


  • Number of Floorplans: 4
  • Cargo: From 5,080 to 5,620 Pounds 
  • Standard features: Stabilizers, roof access ladder, spare tire, … 
  • Optional features: Heated storage, motion sensor lighting, swing-down step… 

Why We Love It: 

While Highland Ridge Highlander indeed lacks exceptional traits, it’s nonetheless a solid toy hauler that rarely fails to please. With a wide body, the toy hauler of Highland Ridge manages to maintain commendable stability during travel and that helps a lot in various situations. Furthermore, by utilizing a design that emphasizes ruggedness, Highlander is going to last through plenty of seasons without experiencing problems. For enthusiasts of RVing that want to spend more time traveling and less time repairing their rig, Highlander of Highland Ridge is a nice choice. 

Owing to generous space volume, the garage of Highlander is capable of supporting gears of diverse types with relative ease. If you don’t always travel with your gears, you could even use the garage as a part of living quarters by adding a bed. As for amenities, the standard configuration of floorplans of Highland Ridge Highlander is more than enough to meet the needs of RVers in most cases. However, as it’s prepped for extra outfitting, Highlander would easily take on optional features. 

Upon purchase, Highland Ridge Highlander comes alongside a competitive warranty: one year for defects and three years for structural components. Besides that, supplier-partners of Highland Ridge offer additional warranties for particular parts of Highlander. 


  • Tough
  • Good controllability 
  • No-nonsense maintenance 


  • Quality control needs to be tweaked 
  • A number of units arrive with missing features 

10. Forest River Shockwave


  • Number of Floorplans: 5
  • Cargo: From 3,967 to 4,570 Pounds 
  • Standard features: Cargo lights,  heated & enclosed tanks, USB charging stations, … 
  • Optional features: Solar panel, glass patio door, carpet kit… 

Why We Love It: 

With a superstructure built from high-grade aluminum, Forest River Shockwave is versatile and holds up pretty well over time. Also, the ease of maintenance makes Shockwave the all-time favorite for enthusiasts of RVing that have few opportunities to clean and repair their ride. In terms of interior, the Forest River toy hauler is spacious and loaded with amenities which positively influence travel experiences. If you head out on Forest River Shockwave, you and your fellow RVers could explore the outdoors in comfort.

Just like the average fifth wheel toy haulers, the unit of Forest River comes to the market in a number of floorplans with different configurations. Because of that, RVers have an easy time choosing an appropriate rig with necessary features. Of course, if you find the original features less than ideal, it’s a breeze to outfit your Shockwave with optional features as you like. The Forest River toy hauler is designed for modification so the outfitting should be simple and take moments to complete. 

Optimized for carrying capacity, the garage of Shockwave of Forest River could take on whatever gears RVers like to bring. Hence, to plenty of enthusiasts of RVing that wish to stay adaptable and get close to nature, Shockwave is the best toy hauler for full-time living available for purchase. 


  • Reasonable price 
  • Intuitive operation 
  • Impressive maneuverability 


  • Intermittent fuse blows 
  • Tech support is not exactly responsive 

How to Choose The Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

Today’s toy haulers have unique characteristics and capabilities but in order to pick up the best fifth wheel toy hauler for full-timing, you must memorize the following criteria  


You opt to go with a toy hauler because you have to carry gears so while evaluating models, you should pay special attention to cargo. To get a general idea about the space you need, it’s strongly recommended that you take into account stuff you like to bring along. If you only plan to head out with a limited number of gears, you could settle for a typical model. On the other hand, in the case that you wish to equip your rig for every imaginable situation, stick to toy haulers with expanded cargo. 


When stocked up, toy haulers may get pretty heavy which is why it’s important to give handling some thoughts. By checking out the tires, suspensions, jacks and similar aspects of a toy hauler, you would be able to determine its handling with relative ease. Overall, don’t commit to a purchase until you ensure that the model you choose is going to stay under your control at all times. For good measure, besides making direct assessments, it’s suggested that you read reviews of fellow RVers and gather information. 


As RVers move between locations, toy haulers tend to be exposed to elements and that makes integrity a key consideration. The last thing you want to do is to select a model with easily-compromised integrity that costs you big bucks in repair and maintenance. Normally, to learn how well a fifth wheel toy hauler holds together, you should inspect its floor, walls and roof. If you come across a suspicious sign, it’s best to just move on to other models on your list. 


Temperature influences both the level of comfort and operation of machines, hence, you have to think about insulation as you seek the best fifth wheel toy hauler for full-timing. Insulation nowadays is usually measured in R-value: as R-value increases, insulation rises accordingly. You may deduce the required R-value for your own toy hauler based on the weather and climate you experience. For four-season travel, you need a model with an R-value of 20 for roof and 10 for walls and floor. 


Full-time RVing is indeed a refreshing lifestyle but it’s also a busy one with a lot of tasks that need to be addressed. As a result, you have no need for an over-engineered toy hauler with tedious and draw-out maintenance requirements. So prior to making up your mind on which model to buy, it’s imperative that you take a look at the owner’s manual. That would help you eliminate maintenance-intensive models in your shortlist and save considerable time. 

Best Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler Brands

So you prefer to get your fifth wheel toy hauler from a well-respected manufacturer? In that case, you should keep these manufacturers in mind. 


As one of the leading names in the industry with substantial experience in building toy haulers of various types, Jayco rarely fails to please RVers. In terms of adaptability and versatility, toy haulers of Jayco outmatch most of their competitors. 


Thanks to the combination of innovative technologies and robust materials, toy haulers made by KZ work superbly in multiple environments. In addition to that, KZ releases its models in quite a few floorplans so RVing enthusiasts could casually choose the configuration that meets individual liking. 

Forest River

With a user-oriented approach, Forest River and its recreational vehicles earn countless positive remarks from RVers that value conscience.  Toy haulers from Forest River also need rather basic care, thus, RVers have more time to enjoy themselves instead of having to worry about maintenance. 


By emphasizing practicality, Dutchmen manages to create solid toy haulers that never let RVers down in the course of operation. For serious RVers that like to explore, Dutchmen toy haulers would undoubtedly be excellent choices. 

Highland Ridge

Dependable and reliable, recreational vehicles from Highland Ridge have outstanding handling characteristics and last a long time with minimal maintenance. Besides that, the budget price of toy haulers made by Highland Ridge makes them popular among cost-conscious RVing enthusiasts. 

FAQs About Fifth Wheel Toy Haulers

1. Is there a separation between the garage and living quarters? 

On ordinary toy haulers, a solid wall with door is commonly used to keep the garage separate from living quarters. Moreover, plenty of models come with sidewall vents located all around the garage for ventilation. Therefore, even if you somehow mess up and spill gasoline, oil, lubricant and other liquids in the garage, the odors hardly leak into living quarters. 

2. How much do I have to spend on a 5th wheel toy hauler?

The price tag of standard fifth wheel toy haulers could be anywhere between tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. To create a sound budget, it’s widely advised that you put together a list of desired attributes then compare the cost of suitable models.

3. Should I buy a secondhand toy hauler?

If you happen to be short on cash, buying a secondhand toy hauler would allow you to own a model you like and save money. Nonetheless, the purchase of used recreational vehicles regularly comes with issues such as warranty, repair, … That is why if you opt to get a secondhand toy hauler, it’s imperative that you conduct thorough research. 

4. What needs to be done to tow fifth wheel toy haulers?

In order to tow the average 5th wheel toy haulers, RVers need towing vehicles with proper hitches and towing capacities. Based on the specs of your toy hauler, you should be able to determine whether you have an appropriate setup.

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