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If you want to go on extended camping trips as a large group with family or friends, normally a large motorhome or a fifth wheel trailer would be the ideal options since they offer more sleeping space, storage space and full amenities. However, these classes of RVs are heavy and large, thus hard to maneuver and are gas guzzlers.

If you want something that is fairly lightweight and easier to drive in but still has enough sleeping space for a large group, a hybrid camper would offer the best value for money.

If you’re not familiar with this type of RV, this article will equip you with everything you need to know. Learn the unique characteristics of a hybrid camper, its benefits, and our delicious handpicked list of the very best hybrid travel trailers on the market that your can rent or buy in 2022. 

Understanding Hybrid Campers

What Is A Hybrid Camper?

What makes a hybrid camper different from a traditional hard-sided recreational vehicle is the extra pop-out sections on either or both of the front and back as well as on the sides, where the additional sleeping spaces are housed.

This is why a hybrid camper is also commonly called a pop out travel trailer. These pop-out sections are made of fabric and can be opened manually. 

Therefore, in the open position, the pop-outs offer additional sleeping capability, with some models sleeping up to 10 persons, but without requiring a much larger overall length.

This means these hybrid campers are lightweight and more compact than an equivalent hard-sided trailer, thus easier to park and maneuver on the open road, and can fit into a smaller campsite.

Hybrid Campers’ Characteristics

A hybrid camper is basically constructed using the same techniques and materials as their hard-sided counterparts. The hard-sided sections of the bodies are the same, and in addition to the pop-outs, hybrid campers can also include slide-outs commonly found in traditional campers to provide additional living space. This type of hybrid camper is also called an expandable travel trailer

Just like hard-sided RVs, the windows in a hybrid camper will be placed in the hard-sided sections, while the pop-outs will typically feature mesh screen windows to provide good ventilation that can be closed with zippered panels.

The amenities would often include a small kitchen with a cooktop, a small fridge and a microwave, a dinette table with chairs that can double or triple duty as a workstation, sometimes you can find a comfy sofa in the lounge depending on the floor plan, and a bathroom with a wet bath to maximize space or a standup shower on larger rigs.

Is A Hybrid Camper The Right RV For You?

Due to their unique design, hybrid campers have distinct pros and cons. You need to be aware of their characteristics to consider whether this type of recreational vehicle suits your budget and camping needs.

Hybrid Camper Pros:

  • Offer more sleeping space compared to a hard-sided camper of the same size
  • Compact (when the pop-outs are closed), thus opens up off-road travel opportunities 
  • Lightweight and tend to slipstream well behind the tow vehicle, thus has better fuel efficiency
  • Lightweight, thus easily towed by many SUV’s and smaller trucks
  • Lower cost per square feet of sleeping space and lower cost per person

Towability: Since most hybrid campers are relatively lightweight, they can be towed by most SUVs and light trucks (make sure to check the towing capacity of your vehicle), so you might not have to upgrade your vehicle to tow a hybrid camper. 

Sleeping space: Sleeping space per square feet is where hybrid campers shine. The pop-outs house the beds, which can be folded out at bedtime, and neatly stored away to open up interior living space. This allows you to bring along more companions inside a more compact camper compared to traditional hard-sided trailers.

One thing to remember though, that due to the nature of the pop-outs mechanism in a hybrid camper, the mattresses on the fold-out beds are typically thinner and thus less uncomfortable than those you’d find on the hard-sided counterparts. For kids and the less picky and sound sleepers, these might be perfectly okay, but for those who suffer from an achy body or joint pain, these thin mattresses might not offer enough comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Cost per person: Compared to a conventional trailer of the same size, a hybrid camper would demand comparable retail price per unit, which typically range from $18,000 to $40,000 when bought new. That said, when you divide that unit cost by the number of sleeping spaces, a hybrid camper might offer a much higher value for money.

Open up camping possibilities: Although offering more sleeping spaces, a hybrid camper tends to be compact and quite lightweight, thus it’s easier to maneuver through narrow bush tracks leading to the most remote places, and it can fit in tighter parking spots in smaller campsites. This opens up off-roading travel possibilities off the beaten path.

Hybrid Camper Cons:

  • Fabric walls offers little protection from extreme weather 
  • Due to fabric walls, noisier and less secure than hard-sided campers
  • Some parks and campgrounds might restrict hybrid campers
  • Cost per unit is comparable with hard-sided counterparts of the same size

Protection from the elements: A hybrid camper is an excellent option for camping in a large group on short trips and in good weather. However, the fact that the pop-outs are made from canvas fabrics means it’s not made to withstand extreme weather and the rigors of heavy, full-time use. It cannot protect you from the harsh elements, either in hot or cold weather, and even drafts of wind can be felt inside. Rainwater leaks are a common problem with this type of camper, which also leads to another headache below.

Moisture Buildup: Rainwater leaks, or the fact that the soft sided pop-outs of hybrid campers means the interior of the rig is susceptible to excess moisture buildup, since it’s not an entirely closed space with walls that keep moisture out completely. Therefore, unless you camp somewhere nice and dry, you’ll most likely have to deal with leaks during the rain, plus mold or mildew buildup. While the best hybrid campers may have moisture-resistant pop-outs, there’s still a higher risk of moisture buildup in wet climates.

Noise and security: Due to the lack of an enclosed space with hard-sided walls, another major downside with hybrid campers is that the canvas walls of the pop-outs sections offer little security as well as noise cancelling properties. If you often camp in a traditional RV park or campground, which should be quite secure, this might not be a problem. However, if you prefer camping off the beaten path, a hybrid camper is easier to break into, and the light sleepers might not get a sense of security to sleep soundly at night.

Lastly, it’s also worth noting that hybrid campers might not be allowed entry into certain state parks or campgrounds for safety reasons. This is not necessarily a downside, since you can check the website of the campground where you intended to stay to see if hybrid campers are allowed.

hybrid campers
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Best Hybrid Campers For The Money

2021 Forest River Rockwood Roo 233S: Sleeps 10

At 24’ 10”L x 8’W x 10’ 6” H, the Forest River Rockwood 233s is one of the most spacious hybrid campers on the market, both in terms of sleeping space and living plus storage space. 

This hybrid camper can be considered a luxury model, with ample amenities and well appointed features throughout to comfortably sleep and accommodate 10 people. The sleeping quarters include three expendable queen size beds (measuring 60” by 80”) housed in the three pop-out sections, a slide-out in the lounge area featuring a large U-shaped dinette (measuring 44” by 85”) plus a 67-inch flip-out sleeper sofa. For a dry weight of only 5,063 lbs, a 10-person sleeping capacity is truly jaw-dropping.

Regarding amenities, you have everything to camp comfortably on extended trips. The kitchen is made for daily cooking, featuring a 3-burner gas range, a 21” gas oven, a double door gas/electric refrigerator, a microwave, double sink and countertop extension. Other impressive interior features include mildew resistant flooring, full extension residential metal drawer guides, and decorative valances. 

You even get an exterior hot and cold shower to quickly rinse away all the mud and dirt from your trek. Other notable exterior features include side and roof mounted solar prep, sleek tinted frameless windows, and a 17’ power awning with LED lights for lounging outdoors in good weather. 

And while a hybrid camper with canvas-side pop-outs is not made to withstand extreme weather, you surely can camp comfortably in the hot and chilly months in milder climate, thanks to the ducted furnace and a 13,500 BTU air conditioner. In addition to almost four-season camping capabilities, the adequately sized water tanks allow for boondocking trips away from the crowded RV parks and campgrounds. 

Notable Features:

  • Sleeping space: three expandable queen size beds, one 44 x 85 U-shaped dinette, one 67” flip out sofa (optional theater seating sofa and tri-fold sofa)
  • Interior: 3-burner gas range, 21” gas oven, microwave, fridge, double sink, fireplace, shower skylight
  • Exterior: 17’ power awning with LED lights, tinted frameless windows, roof and side solar prep, outside hot and cold shower
  • 1 slide-out, ducted furnace, 13,500 BTU air conditioner 


  • Sleeping capacity: Up to 10
  • Dry weight: 5,063 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 1,645 lbs.
  • Length: 24 ft 10
  • Exterior height: 10 ft 6
  • Width: 8 ft
  • Fresh water capacity: 52 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 30 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 30 gallons

2021 Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2190ex: Sleeps 10

The Keystone Bullet Crossfire 2190ex is another hybrid camper that stands out with ample sleeping space and a lot of amenities for comfort while still being lightweight and compact. It’s even lighter than the Forest River Rockwood above, with a dry weight of only 4,126 lbs, allowing for unmatched towability. This hybrid trailer offers innovative floor plans, and is designed with a luxurious touch and many well-appointed features inside and out. It deserves to be one of the most luxurious hybrid campers on the market. 

As for sleeping space, the 2190ex sleeps 10, including 3 queen beds housed with spacious underbed storage in the 3 pop-outs, a U-shaped dinette in the slide-out and a fold down sofa with storage underneath. The bathroom features a shower with a full tub.

You will enjoy whipping up piping hot meals for your gang in the fully equipped kitchen, with 6 cu ft fridge, two-burner gas range, microwave, full-depth kitchen cabinets, and a sink with integrated cover for extra countertop space. You also have the option of preparing meals or snacks outside with the exterior kitchen, a great way to take advantage of outdoor living.

Other notable exterior features include a pass-through storage for easy access to frequently used tools or gears, a hot and cold shower, a power awning with LED lights and even speakers so that you can take the party outside in good weather. In addition to the adequately sized water tanks, this camper is also solar prep for off-grid stays, and the 13,500 BTU air conditioner will keep you reasonably comfortable in the warmer months.

Notable Features: 

  • Sleeping space: 3 pop-outs with three expandable queen size beds, 1 U-shaped dinette, 1 fold down sofa with storage
  • Interior: 6 cu ft fridge, two-burner gas range, microwave, full-depth kitchen cabinets, sink with cover, bathroom with full tub, underbed storage, U-shaped dinette, fold down sofa with storage
  • Exterior: outside speakers, outside kitchen. power awning with LED lights, fully walkable roof, passthrough storage, outside hot and cold shower, solar prep 
  • 1 slide-out, 13,500 BTU air conditioner


  • Sleeping capacity: Up to 10
  • Gross weight: 4,126 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 2,174 lbs.
  • Length: 25 ft 4
  • Exterior height: 10 ft 4 to 10 ft 10
  • Fresh water capacity: 43 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 30 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 30 gallons

Dutchmen Kodiak Ultra-Lite: Sleeps 10

Another lightweight aluminum model that can sleep an absurd ten people, the Dutchmen Kodiak Ultra-Lite can be towed by most SUV’s, minivans, crossovers, and light trucks. While the Kodiak is heavier than the first two options in this list with the same sleeping capacity, it has consistently received raving reviews for its functionality, construction quality and especially its aesthetically pleasing interior design. Users claim that everywhere you go, it feels almost like a well-done mini apartment. So even if you are frequently on the road, you might not miss the comfort of your home.

The Kodiak offers a queen bed in the private bedroom in each and every one of their floor plans. While most hybrid campers that can sleep 9 to 10 people would typically feature 3 pop-outs, each with a queen bed, a queen bed is housed in the private front bedroom, while the extra sleeping space comes from the second bedroom (housed in a pop-out) with two bunk beds plus another bunk over the sofa. This second bedroom offers more privacy and another place for lounging around, which your kids would love to call their own. There’s also a U-shaped dinette in the slide-out, and should you need extra sleeping space, you can get a large tri-fold sleeper sofa as an option.

The lounge area also features a fireplace for that cozy ambience on a chilly day, a rare luxury feature you wouldn’t normally see in this type of RV. Buyers also praise the oversized dinette window that allows a good view of the scenery. The kitchen is fully equipped, and you even get another outside kitchen with a 2-burner gas range in addition to the 3-burner range inside. The Kodiak also boasts numerous luxury exterior features, including a passthrough storage, a power awning with LED lights and outside speakers.

The underbelly of the Kodiak is completely protected to avoid freezing lines in the winter as well as damages when driving on rough terrains. Should you travel year round, you can upgrade to get the optional 13,500 BTU air conditioner to camp comfortably in different weather conditions.

Notable Features:

  • Sleeping space: 1 pop-out for second bedroom with 2 bunk beds plus 1 bunk over sofa, 1 queen bed in private bedroom, 1 U-shaped dinette, tri-fold sleeper sofa (optional)
  • Interior: 3-burner range, microwave, 10 cu ft fridge, sink, dinette, oversized dinette window, bathroom with shower, fireplace,
  • Exterior: power awning with LED lights, outside speakers, outside kitchen with 2-burner gas range, passthrough storage
  • 1 slide-out (lounge area), 13,500 BTU air conditioner (optional)


  • Sleeps: Up to 10
  • GVWR: 7,073 lbs
  • Cargo capacity: 2,607 lbs
  • Length: 37′ 3″
  • Interior Height: 11′ 2″
  • Freshwater Capacity: 50 gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity: 78 gallons
  • Black Water Capacity: 28 gallons

2021 KZ Sportsmen Classic 180 RBT: Sleeps 10

The 2022 KZ Sportsmen Classic 180 RBT can sleep up to 10 people, however it should be noted that the 3 beds housed in the 3 pop-outs are not queen beds like the previous models, but are smaller tent beds, measuring 54” by 74”. In addition to those, you get another 6’ bench seat and a convertible dinette/bed. While this hybrid camper can comfortably sleep 10 people, if your group has more adults than young adults and children (and especially if the lot is mostly of larger build), it might get a bit too cozy at exactly 10 occupants.

The Sportsmen Classic is more lightweight and compact then the previous 3 luxury models, with no slide-out to open up interior living space, thus you can expect to get fewer features too. That said, this trailer is easy to drive to hard-to-reach campsites, and offers great value for money considering the sleeping capacity. If you are the type of outdoorsy adventurer who spends all of your days exploring the outdoors, you might not find such a lack of luxury amenities a downside. 

There is no furnace, but you can get a 13,500 BTU air conditioner on option. However, you still get all the basic amenities to live comfortably on the open road. The interior features a fully equipped kitchen, the main living area includes a bench seat and a dinette for lounging around, and the bathroom comes with a shower (fyi, you will see a minimal model with no bathroom at the end of this list).

Notable Features:

  • Sleeping space: 3 pop-outs with three 54” x 74” tent beds, 6’ bench seat, convertible dinette/bed
  • Interior: 2-burner range, microwave, fridge, sink, dinette, bathroom with shower, 
  • Exterior: 13” power awning with LED lights, 
  • no slide-out, 13,500 BTU air conditioner (optional)


  • Sleeps: Up to 10
  • UVW: 3290 lbs
  • GVWR: 4500 lbs
  • Cargo capacity: 1,210 lbs
  • Length: 21’ 9”
  • Interior Height: 78”
  • Freshwater Capacity: 20 gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity: 24 gallons
  • Black Water Capacity: 32 gallons

2021 Jayco Jay Feather X23E: Sleeps 9

This 2022 Jay Feather X23E hybrid camper from Jayco can sleep 9 people, and provide ample living space as well as storage space. If you want to bring the whole family along, and still ensure a high level of comfort on the road, the Jay Feather is a fantastic option, with well-appointed features throughout. 

The Jay Feather X23E features rear, front and side pop-outs with three tent beds, each boasting stronghold vacuum-bonded bed platforms for extra durability. To tackle the typical drawback of canvas-sided pop-outs of hybrid campers, the three pop-outs of the Jay Feather are made from scratch-resistant vinyl tent material with zipper windows and aluminum tread entry steps. Extra sleeping space comes from a jackknife sleeper sofa and a U-shaped dinette in the slide-out.

This well-made hybrid camper is designed with family living in mind. There’s ample storage space from the four exterior storage compartments, a bathroom with standup shower and a fully equipped kitchen with two pantries. This model is also adequately equipped for full-time camping and boondocking trips, thanks to the powerful 30,000 BTU air conditioner and (not too large but) reasonably sized water holding tanks.

Notable Features:

  • Sleeping space: 3 pop-outs with three beds (stronghold vacuum-bonded bed platforms), jackknife sofa, U-shaped dinette
  • Interior: 3-burner range, microwave, fridge, double sink, dinette, bathroom with shower, water-repellent, scratch-resistant Jayco DuraTek™ vinyl tent material with zipper windows
  • Exterior: 19” power awning with LED lights, 4 outside storage compartments
  • 1 slide-out (lounge area), 30,000 BTU air conditioner 


  • Sleeping capacity: Up to 9
  • Gross weight: 6,150 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 1,030 lbs.
  • Length: 26f ft 8
  • Exterior height: 10 ft 10
  • Fresh water capacity: 42 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 30.5 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 22.5 gallons

2020 Forest River Flagstaff Shamrock 233S: Sleeps 9

The Flagstaff Shamrock by Forest River is one of the most luxurious hybrid campers with generous sleeping space, and among a very few that allow for extended off-grid stays with the optional 190 Watt roof mount solar panel with 1000 Watt inverter (roof and side solar prep comes as standard). Even the standard package is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and amenities. Both inside and outside the rig are built with the user’s utmost comfort in mind. Among the best hybrid campers on the market, this is probably the closest to residential living that one can get.

There are 6 floor plans to choose from. You can get 3 queen beds in the 3 pop-outs or drop-down bunks, and on top of these, a flip sleeper sofa and a large U-shaped dinette to complete sleeping spaces for 9 people. A rare luxury feature that allows for winter camping is the heated mattresses that will keep you warm and toasty, in addition to the 35,000 BTU furnace, which is more powerful than most hybrid campers on the market. The A/C unit will make sure you can live comfortably in the summer too.

When you’re not exploring the outdoors, you can take it slow in the cozy lounge area, which features a fireplace, an entertainment center, a flip sofa and a U-shaped dinette. This luxury hybrid camper comes with a fully equipped kitchen with solid surface countertops, while a bathroom is complete with a shower, shower skylight, and a linen closet.

One slide-out which houses the dinette greatly expands interior living space. As for the exterior, you will appreciate the four storage compartments for bringing along everything you would need on an extended trip, an awning with LED lights for lounging under the stars, as well as outside speakers and a hot and cold shower. Last but not least, the easy lube axles coupled with Nev-R adjustable braking allows for smooth towing.

Notable Features:

  • Sleeping space: 3 pop-outs with three queen beds (heated mattresses!), flip sofa, U-shaped dinette
  • Interior: 3-burner range, gas oven, microwave, fridge, double sink, solid surface countertops, dinette, hardwood cabinetry, bathroom with shower and linen closet, shower skylight, fireplace, entertainment center
  • Exterior: 12” power awning with LED lights, 4 outside storage compartments, roof and side solar prep (optional 190W Roof Mount Solar Panel w/ 1000W Inverter), outside hot and cold shower, outside speakers 
  • 1 slide-out (lounge area), 13,500 BTU air conditioner, 35,000 BTU furnace


  • Sleeping capacity: up to 9
  • Dry weight: 5,063 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 1,645 lbs.
  • Length: 24 ft 10
  • Exterior height: 10 ft 5
  • Fresh water capacity: 58 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 30 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 30 gallons

2021 Palomino Solaire Expandable 147X: Sleeps 8

This hybrid camper is on the minimal side when it comes to amenities, and might be ideal for short weekend trips, when certain residential comfort can be sacrificed, such as a TV in the lounge area. If a lightweight hybrid is still of utmost importance, but you wish for a slightly higher sleeping capacity, the Solaire Expandable 147X comes highly recommended. This ultra-light 2022 hybrid trailer weighs 3,234 lbs. only and sleeps up to eight people. 

The Solaire Expandable 147X comes with notable luxuries such as two-self-supporting full queen-size beds featuring heated mattresses. This hybrid camper also has a dropdown booth dinette featuring overhead cabinets and under dinette seats. A jackknife sofa with underneath storage has also been tacked away neatly across from the dinette. The camper also has a fully enclosed 3-pc bathroom.

Main specifications aside, this hybrid camper has features such as an outside shower, high gloss gel coated fiberglass exterior, bumper-mounted outdoor barbeque, double door fridge, and power awning featuring built-in LED lights.

Notable Features:

  • Sleeping space: two pop-outs with 60” x 80” beds (heated bunk mattresses), 68” sleeper sofa, convertible dinette/bed
  • Interior: microwave, solid surface countertops, 11 cu ft fridge, bathroom with shower, (24” LED TV on option)
  • Exterior: power awning with LED lights 
  • no slide-out, 13,500 BTU air conditioner


  • Sleeping capacity: up to 8
  • Dry weight: 3,073 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 2,174 lbs.
  • Length: 14 ft
  • Exterior width: 96” 
  • Exterior height: 10 ft 1
  • Fresh water capacity: 44 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 30 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 30 gallons

2021 KZ Escape E160RBT: Sleeps 6

Another great hybrid camper from KZ is the mid-sized Escape E160RBT that can accommodate six people. It features two pop-outs with 54” x 74” tent beds, a booth dinette, and a sleeper sofa. 

Despite being smaller than the previous model, the Escape E160RBT boasts smart design and well-appointed features to make the most out of the floor plan. The cleverly-designed corner bathroom frees up more living space and features a standup shower, while the front trunk door offers adequate storage space, and the compact kitchen packs everything you’d need to prepare healthy meals daily.

This compact and lightweight camper is constructed with durability and protection from the elements in mind, including the special Aqualon Edge material and Alum-a-Tough roofing. You will get a lot of use out of this trailer, and camping year-round in milder climates is possible with 13,500 BTU air conditioner and the 20,000 BTU furnace. 

It is solar prep, and you can also get the optional Off-Road Package that comes with 100 Watt roof mounted solar panels with 1,000 Watt inverter, as well as extra ground clearance, bike racks and heavy-duty wheels and mud tires. This, together with the modest water tanks, allows for short off-grid trips.

Notable Features:

  • Sleeping space: two pop-outs with 54” x 74” tent beds, 1 dinette, 1 sleeper sofa 
  • Interior: 2-burner cooktop, microwave, sink, 8 cu ft fridge, bathroom with shower 
  • Exterior: 10’ power awning, outside speakers, solar prep (optional 100 Watt roof mounted solar panels with 1,000 Watt inverter with Off-Road Package) 
  • 13,500 BTU air conditioner, 20,000 BTU furnace 


  • Sleeping capacity: Up to 6
  • Dry weight: 2,760 lbs.
  • Cargo capacity: 740 lbs.
  • Length: 19’
  • Exterior height: 8’ 11”
  • Fresh water capacity: 20 gallons
  • Black water capacity: 24 gallons
  • Grey water capacity: 32 gallons

2021 Coachmen Clipper LS 107LS: Sleeps 6 (No Bathroom)

The 2022 Coachmen Clipper LS 107LS sure is minimal, with no bathroom, no dinette and no water tanks, plus a pretty bare lounge area with only two sleeper sofas. It has little storage space, and of course there’s no fancy amenities like an outdoor hot and cold shower. 

That said, this basic floor plan allows it to be super compact and lightweight, thus ideal for the outdoorsy, adventurous campers who mostly spend time in the wild anyway and are willing to sacrifice comfort for more off-road travel possibilities. 

One smart feature in particular is that the two pop-outs which house the two queen size beds are located at the front and the rear, so while the hybrid camper is a little over 20 feet long when fully extended, it’s only over 13 feet when closed. This means it is closer in size to a car, which makes maneuvering and parking much more manageable. This is a great feature if you prefer to camp in the smaller campsites off the beaten path, and/or if you’re new to RV-ing and find the idea of towing a hulking gorilla behind intimidating. 

With no slide-out, the interior living space and storage space is quite limited. The kitchen is also compact, but it still comes with a fridge, a sink and a two-burner cooktop, so you can whip up daily meals for your family and friends. This minimalist hybrid camper is more suited for minimalist campers though, who would only return to the trailer to sleep, since the lounge area is basically bare, with only two 70” gauchos as the extra sleeping space (a gaucho is a convertible sofa/bed that pulls outward from beneath the sofa, just like opening a drawer). 

Being minimal as it is, you can get an optional 13,500 BTU A/C (it’s prep for A/C) and an optional 40 Watt or 80 Watt solar panel, in addition to the standard 20,000 BTU furnace.

Notable Features:

  • Sleeping space: 2 pop-outs with two queen beds (insulated bunk bed platforms) at the front and rear, two 70” gauchos (pull-out sofa/bed)
  • Interior: 2-burner cooktop, sink, fridge, small storage, no bathroom, only gauchos in lounge area
  • No slide-out, pre-braced for air conditioner (optional 13,500 BTU A/C), 20,000 BTU furnace, optional 40 Watt or 80 Watt solar panel


  • Sleeps: 6
  • GVWR: 2938 lbs
  • Closed Length: 13’ 2”
  • Open Length: 20’ 5”
  • Width: 85” 
  • Closed Height: 4′ 10″
  • Fresh water capacity: none
  • Black water capacity: none
  • Grey water capacity: none

2021 Coachmen Apex Nano 15X: Sleeps 4

Another hybrid camper with no slide-out with less sleeping space than the rest of the list is the Coachmen Apex Nano 15X, but it is not minimalist in any way. It’s packed with everything you would expect from a larger, more luxurious travel trailer, despite being more compact and lightweight than the rest in this list.

Although this hybrid camper only sleeps 4 as advertised, you can bring along 2 to 3 small kids who can sleep comfortably on the full-size dinette and sofa. Despite not offering a lot of sleeping space, this hybrid travel trailer offers a decent level of comfort (and far more amenities than, say, the super minimal Coachmen Clipper LS 107LS above). The two pop-outs also feature overhead bedroom cabinets for additional storage.

There is plenty of space to lounge around indoors on the dinette and sofa, and the interior living space can be kept comfortable thanks to the 13,500 BTU A/C and the vent furnace. The kitchen is fully equipped with a three burner stovetop, a microwave, a fridge and a sink. Next to the kitchen is the bathroom which includes a standup shower and shower skylight, a toilet, a vanity sink, and a medicine cabinet for your toiletries.

Despite being compact, this hybrid camper comes with luxury features on the exterior as well, including a passthrough storage compartment for frequently access tools and gears, a hot and cold shower, outside speakers and an optional outside kitchen to free up interior space. All in all, this hybrid camper is easy to drive on the open road, comes packed with good amenities and sleeping space plus storage space per square foot, is reasonably adequate for four-season camping, and can allow off-grid stays should you opt for the Off Grid Package with a 100 Watt solar panel with 10 Amp control charger.

Notable Features:

  • Sleeping space: 2 pop-outs with 2 queen beds, 
  • Interior: full-size dinette, kitchen sink, 2-burner cooktop, microwave, sofa, entertainment center, bathroom with shower and shower skylight,  overhead bedroom cabinet
  • Exterior: 12’ awning, passthrough storage compartment, outside hot and cold shower, outside speakers, solar prep (100 Watt Solar Panel with 10 Amp Control Charger with Off Grid Package), optional outside kitchen
  • No slide-out, 13,500 BTU A/C, vent furnace 


  • Sleeps: 4
  • UVW: 2940 lbs
  • GVWR: 3800 lbs
  • Length: 18’ 8”
  • Width: 90”
  • Height: 9’ 9”
  • Freshwater Capacity: 30 gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity: 30 gallons
  • Black Water Capacity: 30 gallons
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