10 Best Lightweight Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Models

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If you are looking for compact travel trailers with some extra space for storage and garage, small lightweight toy haulers are the best choices.

Since you have to invest a lump sum of money for any type of camper, it would be silly to purchase just any toy hauler.

Check out some of the best lightweight toy hauler travel trailer models on the market and decide yourself.

lightweight toy hauler camper

10 Best Lightweight Toy Hauler Travel Trailer Models

We’ve curated a list of 10 models that are currently ruling the market. If you’ve planned to purchase one, you can choose from these selections.

1. VRV XTR 614

This one is one of the smallest toy hauler camper models. But don’t let the size deceive you about its carrying capacity. The unloaded vehicle weighs 2,800 pounds. Despite being lightweight enough, it has a carrying capacity of 4,900 pounds and is suitable for long-trip towing.

best small toy hauler
Compact and Lightweight VRV XTR 614

There is no need to compromise in terms of comfort and capacity, thanks to its garage of 76 x 11 inches. It can easily carry a four-wheeler along with four passengers.

For full-time RVing, this toy hauler offers 50-amp electrical service, a 9,200 BTU AC with wall thermostat, and a 19,000 BTU furnace. It also comes with a bathroom containing a ceramic toilet, a residential shower, and a sink. Its exterior is composed of stainless steel while its ramp door has aluminum barlocks.

The only drawback of this toy hauler is that the kitchen equipment does not come with it. You need to purchase the appliances separately.

2. Jayco Octane Super Lite 161 Toy Hauler Trailer

Jayco Octane Super Lite 161 toy hauler is the best small toy hauler considering its impressive hauling capacity with a tall storage facility. It has a garage area of 8 feet along with a bigger interior space, which means more room for storage.

small toy hauler camper
Octane Super Lite 161

Although it has a carrying capacity of only 2,800 pounds, it can easily accommodate a bike and a few pieces of outdoor equipment. You will also get a cooktop with a dual burner, a double door refrigerator (eight cubic feet), a large food storage capacity, an air conditioner, and an auto-ignition furnace with this toy hauler.

However, you have to adjust in terms of amenities as this compact hauler comes with a small bathroom and 30-amp service.

3. K-Z Escape e180th Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

If you are looking for a lightweight yet spacious toy hauler, the K-Z Escape E180TH model is the right bet for you. It is an innovative trailer that is versatile and affordable at the same time. Its hauling capacity, expandable components, and heavy-duty body structure will ensure a comfortable camping experience.

best small toy hauler

With a carrying capacity of 1,710 pounds, it has a nine feet long garage that can fit two bunk beds and a sofa bed, which is enough to create comfortable accommodation for four people. Besides the living space, it has enough storage for kayaks or bikes.

This lightweight toy hauler travel trailer has an aluminum body, fiberglass sidewall, wood finish, vinyl furniture, porcelain toilet, and sufficient space for living space, kitchen, and bathroom.

Though it has a small refrigerator, a two-burner cooktop, an 8,000 BTU AC, and a freshwater tank, you will miss the sink in both bathrooms and kitchen.

4. Lance Camper Lance THE 2612 Toy Hauler

RVers with the need for hauling and comfortable outdoor living don’t need to give a second thought before choosing this lightweight and small toy hauler camper.

Its dry weight is 1,700 pounds that include a 12-feet cargo space. Its 7 feet 2 inches of ramp door and coin flooring is perfect for hauling ATV, race bikes, cruiser, hunting gear, kayak, and surfboards.

 ultra light toy haulers
THE 2612 Toy Hauler

Its interior can accommodate seven people with two queen beds and a roll-over sofa bed. Besides, you will also get a bathroom and dedicated space for kitchen, dinner, and entertainment.

Although its cargo capacity is 2,900 pounds, do not forget the roof truss construction, aluminum-framed walls, the sidewall-mounted ladder, and the lite-ply cabinet.

For relaxed traveling, this lightweight toy hauler travel trailer includes a wardrobe, a freshwater tank, an RV air conditioner, a 25,000 BTU furnace, auto-tracking satellite dish, and solar panel. You will also get overhead storage, a three-burner oven, refrigerator, and microwave with it.

5. Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer Line G16TH

This travel trailer from Forest River can carry 1,688 pounds of cargo despite being a lightweight toy hauler travel trailer. The vehicle is 18 feet and 4 inches long and its unloaded weight is 2,842 pounds.

This toy hauler has a 104 by 60 inches area dedicated to the garage that can make room for cars and motorbikes. However, flipping beds and sofas will let you create more space in there.

small lightweight toy haulers
Geo Pro Travel Trailer Line G16TH

G16TH’s list of appliances and amenities includes a 100W roof-mount solar panel, 1,000W inverter, 20,000 BTU furnace, a three-way refrigerator, an outdoor gas grill, and a washroom with a wet bath system and shower. Unfortunately, you need to purchase and install the AC by yourself.

6. 2018 InTech Flyer XLT Toy Hauler

The 2018 Intech flyer XLT is an adventure-ready lightweight toy hauler travel trailer with a carrying capacity of 1,590 pounds. It is an excellent combination of spacious interior and rugged design.

smallest toy hauler camper
InTech Flyer XLT Toy Hauler

It also has two tip-outs – one on the roadside and another one on the curbside. It is one of the ultra light toy haulers because of its fully-welded cage frame along with an aluminum-based all-tube construction. These features also assure longevity, rust-free experience, and protection against paved roads.

Its non-skid ramp allows you to put the vehicles into the garage seamlessly. Its large-sized roof rack gives you extra storage space. The full-size RV roof AC will make sure you feel comfortable during a long journey. You can transform its interior into sleeping, cooking, or cargo space as per your needs.

7. 2018 Sportsman Classic 181BH

One example of craftsmanship is the Sportsman Classic that weighs 3900 pounds. It can pull 5000 pounds, including mid-compact trucks, light SUVs, and similar vehicles. It has an optional automatic awning with exterior LED lights. The manufacturers also provide a spare tire with this lightweight toy hauler travel trailer.

small toy hauler camper
Classic 181BH

Even with a Toyota car inside, the trailer can accommodate six people. It also has an in-built FM radio with Bluetooth connectivity and indoor and outdoor speakers, 13 v BTU rooftop-mounted air conditioner, and a dining area.

Inside this trailer, you will find a double door refrigerator, furnace, microwave, kitchen sink, and a double propane stove. Its toilet has a water heater and a water tub. Considering the features and price of this hauler, you have to call it an affordable toy trailer.

8. Evergreen RV Tesla T3950

Tesla claims that this toy hauler has a stronger construction compared to other fifth-wheel haulers. The trailer is 43.5 feet long and 102 inches wide, while the garage space measures 12 feet.

It has a 174-liter freshwater tank attached, two awnings, thermal pane windows, and a 5.5 EVAP generator. The nicely decorated interior has a 12-cubic-feet refrigerator, built-in dishwasher, soft close drawers, wooden cabinets, an oven, and a microwave.

lightweight toy hauler travel trailer
Evergreen RV Tesla T3950

It may come as a surprise to many of you that this hauler also has a fireplace that you can also use as an electric heater. An extra half bath opens in the garage area.

The living area has a king-size bed while there are also couches in the garage that can be turned into a bed. The bedroom has an RV TV and multiple closets. The bathroom area has a sink and commode. Its cargo capacity is 4,700 lbs.

9. ATC Aluminum Toy Hauler

ATC toy hauler with 8.5’ x 20’ dimensions is the smallest hauler of their range. It has weather-resistant all-aluminum frame construction that offers protection against rust and rot. Its welded frame is almost 1.9 times stronger than the industry standard steel.

best small toy hauler
Toy Hauler from ATC

This travel trailer comes with three air conditioners that you can run at the same time. It also has a 200-watt solar panel. The European-style cabinet gives a whole new look to its interior. It has a stovetop with a small oven, a separate microwave, a French door refrigerator.

Both the bedroom and bathroom are stylish. For bedding, you get a queen bed on top and sofa bed at the bottom. The bathroom has a shower space and a stainless steel sink.

10. Keystone Raptor 355TS

The Keystone Raptor 355TS is a 39 feet long toy hauler that comes with 11 feet long garage space. It has a 5500 Onan generator to supply electricity without any interruption. Two awnings with LED lights are also there.

lightweight toy hauler travel trailer
Raptor 355TS

You will get a spacious sofa, a large smart TV, an 18 cubic-foot residential-size refrigerator, an electric fireplace, and a counter in the kitchen area of this trailer. In the master suite, there is a king-size bed, AC unit, and multiple wardrobe closets. A separate toilet and shower area ensures the maximum convenience for you.


small toy hauler camper

These are ten top lightweight toy hauler travel trailer models of 2020. While choosing the camper, make a list of your priorities and check which one will be more suitable for your needs.

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