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If you travel full-time with your family, and would like the largest amount of space and the highest level of comfort on the open road, then your top choices would be a luxury Class A motorhome or luxury fifth wheel campers.

Depending on how you travel and your camping needs, a fifth wheel might be the optimal choice. In addition, this category of RV also offers the option for toy haulers, which are made so that the adventurous campers can bring along big camping gears and toys. 

In this article, you will find our delicious handpicked list of the most luxurious fifth wheel models on the market, all of which offer plenty of space and storage, an array of luxury amenities and well appointed features for comfortable full-time camping year round.

What You Get In A Fifth Wheel

First, let’s see what you should expect from a typical luxury fifth wheel, or from a toy hauler, a subclass of the category.

Fifth Wheels


  • Ample living space and storage 
  • Equipped with all necessary amenities for utmost comfort
  • Luxury models typically offer high quality construction and durable, well appointed features
  • Relatively affordable compared to Class A and Class C motorhomes of similar sizes
  • Tow vehicle can be unhitched for running errands and excursions
luxury 5th wheel campers
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  • Due to their large size and the need for towing, parking and maneuvering can be intimidating, especially in reverse 
  • Require a powerful pickup truck to tow
  • During travel, passengers must ride in the tow vehicle under the law, so limited cabin space in the pickup might be a problem

Categorized as being on the fancy side, fifth-wheel trailers are the largest class of RV that is equipped with all basic amenities and offer the highest level of comfort on the road, together with Class A motorhomes. 

If you travel with your family and need more privacy, then luxury fifth wheel campers would be ideal. They offer ample living space and storage, and the best luxury fifth wheel models typically come with durable construction, high quality interior materials and fixtures, and well-appointed features for comfortable full-time living. 

Luxury fifth wheel campers  typically include ample storage and sleeping accommodations for up to eight people, a full-size kitchen with a big fridge, adequate counter space and cabinet storage, a bathroom with a standup shower, plus a common area or entertainment center. Many offer various exterior features like outside hot and cold showers, pass-through storage, and an external entertainment system. Slide-outs that offer additional interior space once parked is a common feature, and something convenient and unique to this class of RV is the gooseneck hitch, which allows for multiple living levels that better separate different interior spaces.

Unlike a Class A motorhome, a fifth wheel requires a pickup truck to tow, and thus once you arrive at the campground, you can unhitch the tow vehicle for excursions, which might be more ideal. On the flip side, towing such a big unit around means handling and parking are challenging. Some maneuvering and parking practice before your first trip is highly recommended.

“Toy Haulers” Fifth Wheels

Another special thing about fifth wheels is that they offer a subclass called toy haulers, sometimes called sport utility RVs. Most of them fall into the fifth wheel class, although a few are also available in the motorhome category. 

Their name is self explanatory. This is a special edition of the fifth wheels specifically designed for the active, adventurous campers who like to bring along tons of gear and outdoor toys, including dirt bikes, golf carts, motorcycles, snowmobiles, paddleboards, kayaks and more. 

luxurious fifth wheel trailers

To do this, toy haulers are made with a large garage or cargo area, with heavy-duty doors that double as pull-down ramps for loading your favourite toy. They are pretty versatile too, as the rear section can easily be converted into additional storage, a home office for remote working or customized to suit your specific camping needs. 

That said, as for the downside, this setup also means a lack of interior space, unless the cargo area is converted for full-time living. They have the same poor maneuverability and common tail swing problem just like any fifth wheel. 

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The Best Luxury Fifth Wheels For The Money

Jayco North Point Fifth Wheel

The Jayco North Point deserves one of the top spots of any list of the best luxury fifth wheel campers, or the best fifth wheels for full-time living in general. There are 9 floor plans available, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. While different floor plans don’t differ much in terms of weight and cargo capacity, they vary regarding interior living space and sleeping capacity. 

While a good majority of luxury fifth wheel campers on the market these days come with an open design concept, the 2020 Jayco North Point still clearly divides spaces, like the living room and kitchen. Yet the interior feels open, bright and airy, thanks to the big windows and skylights that flood the rooms with ample natural light. At the same time, the styling is aesthetically pleasing and elegant.

At 43 ft long, it is immensely spacious, and the 5 slideout sections even extend the living space to cater comfortably for a family of 6.

You will enjoy whipping up fresh meals daily in the full kitchen with a three propane burners cooktop, a microwave, a full size residential refrigerator, and a large oven that’s capable of baking two pizzas at a time, something you don’t always find even in the larger RVs. 

The use of high quality materials and fixtures is evident in every corner. The living room boasts real leather theater seating recliners, a pair of tri-fold hide-a-bed couches and a large flat-screen TV, so you can lounge around comfortably indoors. The elegance and luxurious touch of the space is further enhanced by the lovely decorative ceiling treatments.

The front private master suite offers plenty of space, comes with a queen-size bed, a generous wardrobe, a large closet (that occupies the entire nose of the rig), its own flat-screen TV and a bathroom. is in the front of the 2020 Jayco North Point 387RDFS and combined with the bathroom it is large, with plenty of walking space. There’s also a wardrobe with  and the entire nose of the fifth-wheel camper serves as a large closet. 

Together with the theater seating and two convertible sofas in the lounge, this rig sleeps up to 6 people. The pass-through basement storage adds to the already generous storage space.

Still not exactly your dream home one wheels? This luxury fifth wheel offer an array of upgrade options to customize your camping experience, including a second and even a third AC unit. This is a true four-season rig with extra powerful 30,000 BTU air conditioning and 40,000 BTU propane furnace. All in all, a well-rounded and fully-equipped luxury fifth wheel campers for camping year round with your big family (and pets). 

Key Features:

  • 9 different floor plans available
  • Sleeps up to 6 people
  • Interior: real leather theater seating recliners, two tri-fold hide-a-bed couches, flat-screen TV
  • Kitchen: three-burners cooktop, microwave, residential refrigerator, large oven
  • Bathroom: washer/dryer combo
  • Exterior: pass-through basement storage, dual exterior marine-grade speakers, outside grill prep, 2 awnings (11’ and 21’ with LED lights)
  • 30,000 BTU air conditioning and 40,000 BTU propane furnace
  • 4 or 5 slide-out sections


  • MSRP $95,000
  • GVWR 16,500 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 2,633 lbs.
  • Length 43 ft
  • Width 8 ft
  • Height Interior 8 ft 3 in
  • Fresh Water Tank 75 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank 87 gallons
  • Black Water Tank 50 gallons

Factory-Direct Customizable: 2020 Luxe Gold Fifth Wheel

What sets the Luxe Gold apart from other solid luxury fifth wheel campers is you can have it customized directly from the factory to craft your own dream home on wheels. You can customize your fifth wheel down to the type of materials used. Materials are sourced individually for each RV.

You are assigned a factory representative to guide you through the process from start to finish. This includes sending photos of the progress. You can either begin the building process online or in-person at their Elkhart, IN facility. Luxe also offers you concierge-style customer service across the US and Canada.

The second notable thing about this brand is that customized orders are all delivered factory-fresh, which means they are delivered straight to you without having to sit on dealers’ parking lots for months or years and deteriorate under the harsh elements. 

This brand is not as well known as many others in this list, like Jayco, but full-time campers worldwide have testified that they are well crafted using top-notch materials with full-time living in mind. 

Well-appointed features and high quality materials and fixtures abound in this four-season camping rig. You can find an array of thoughtful standard luxury features that’s hard to come  by among the brand’s competitors, including individually hand laid tile flooring throughout, Ultra furniture fabrics that provide ultimate softness and durability, or hardwood maple residential cabinetry, toe kick lights on kitchen island and kitchen tile backsplash in the kitchen, and cozy 5,000 BTU fireplace in the living room. 

There is generous sleeping arrangement and storage, including the private bedroom with king bed + full underbed storage and a large size wardrobe, and the lounge area with convertible queen sofa bed, 5,000 BTU fireplace, and bunk bed optional on certain floor plans, plus attic storage compartments above living room slides, as well as an additional basement pass through storage for frequently used gears and tools. 

All in all, every tiny detail in this rig screams high-end. The only downside is its price. The 2020 Luxe Gold is available straight from the factory at $214,318.

Key Features:

  • 5 different floor plans available
  • Sleeps 6 people maximum
  • Construction: Residential fiberglass insulation, 3″ Vacuum Bonded Super Composite sidewalls, high-end full paint with 2 clear coats
  • Interior: master suite with walk-in bathroom, king bed + full underbed storage, wardrobe and entertainment center, washer and dryer prep; lounge area with convertible queen sofa bed, 5,000 BTU fireplace, and bunk bed optional on certain floor plans, individually hand laid tile flooring throughout, attic storage compartments above living room slides
  • Kitchen: dual sink on kitchen island, toe kick lights on kitchen island, 2-burner induction cooktop, microwave, residential fridge, tile backsplash, all hardwood maple residential cabinetry
  • Bathroom: one piece glass shower, shower skylight, waterfall sink
  • Exterior: basement pass through storage, entertainment system, awning with LED lights
  • two or three 15,000 BTU air conditioning and two 20,000 BTU Furnace
  • 5 to 6 slide-out sections


  • MSRP $214,318 (2020 Luxe Gold)
  • GVWR 21,000 lbs.
  • Length 36′ 9″
  • Height 13′ 3″
  • Fresh Water Tank 100 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank 80 gallons
  • Black Water Tank 40 gallons

Luxury Toy Hauler: 2020 Grand Design Momentum Fifth Wheel

This fifth wheel toy hauler from Grand Design is where adventure meets luxury. The M-Class toy hauler has it all: amenities for comfortable full time living, a cargo area for hauling adventurous toys and aesthetically pleasing design. It also offers an array of upgrade options and custom package to cater for every need. The base price is just over $50,000, and a Momentum fully equipped for year round camping would cost you around $100,000, being a luxury model.  

What makes this toy hauler a luxury one is its four-season garage with triple insulation, a feature that most toy haulers on the market lack. Equipped with an electric bunk bed which your guests would enjoy or your kids would love to call their own, the cargo area can be easily converted to a cozy living space, either transformed into a mobile home office so you can take work with you while traveling, or a second bedroom and hangout space for the kids. 

In addition to the overhead bed, the queen bed in the master suite (can be upgraded to king bed as an option) plus the theater seating and super sofa in the lounge area create sleeping space for up to 8 people. Interior layout, cargo area size and sleeping arrangements differ among the 16 available floor plans, so you can balance between full-time living comfort and toy hauling capacity. 

Luxury features include a super sofa and a fireplace in the lounge, the residential grade kitchen with extended countertops, free standing dinette, bar stools, residential kitchen faucet and hardwood cabinetry, a drop-down patio with three awnings for lounging outdoors in good weather.

Key Features:

  • 16 different floor plans available
  • Sleeps up to 8 people
  • Interior: queen size bed (king optional), theater seating, super sofa, overhead bunk bed, work station, 
  • Kitchen: Extended countertops, free standing dinette, bar stools, residential kitchen faucet, hardwood cabinet, microwave, 18 cu. Ft. fridge
  • Bathroom: One-piece fiberglass shower with glass door, shower skylight, porcelain toilet, medicine cabinet with mirrored door
  • Exterior: Exterior entertainment center with LED TV & DVD
  • 30,000 BTU air conditioning and 35,000 BTU propane furnace, 5,000 BTU fireplace
  • 4 slide-out sections
  • 3 awnings with LED lights: 14′, 10′, 12′


  • Base Price for customization $58,678
  • GVWR 20,000 lbs.
  • Length 43 ft
  • Height 13′ 5″
  • Fresh Water Tank 155 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank 104 gallons
  • Black Water Tank 104 gallons

2020 Keystone Avalanche Fifth Wheel: For Big Families

This Keystone model is among the luxury fifth wheel campers with the most sleeping space, with even two separate bathrooms and a host of outdoor features plus a fair amount of external storage for both comfortable indoor and outdoor living. The extra-high 4 slideouts sections also provide extra headroom, so all in all, this is truly the ideal home on wheels for big families and/or oversized campers who want a lot of space and privacy. 

The two-inch receiver hitch on the back allows you to flat tow a second vehicle or perhaps bring the family boat along. Outdoor lounging under a 16-foot awning is made complete with an external kitchen, a hot and cold shower and entertainment center. 

The Keystone Avalanche also employs the common open floor design, but offers a tremendous amount of privacy with the master suite, and the rear bunkhouse area and rear bathroom with a second access door for convenience. Your kids would love to have the rear bunkhouse as their own, which includes a pair of bunk beds as well as a loft bunk and a sofa. 

The bunk beds and sofa, plus the master suite’s bed and the 2 convertible sofas, offer enough sleeping space for 9 people (many campers reported that they can squeeze in up to 10 people, including young kids, in this luxury ome on wheels).

Luxury appointments also abound in the kitchen area, boasting a large pantry, a kitchen island that houses the dual basin sink, ample countertop space as well as a fair amount of overhead storage. The only downside is the lack of a formal dinette, but a removable legless table.

The large private bedroom with built-in double-entry bathroom is located in the front. It has a king-size bed with plenty of underbed storage, an entertainment center, a dresser and a walk-in closet that occupies the front nose cap, plus hookups for a stackable washer and dryer combo to save you trips to the laundromats.

Key Features:

  • 11 different floor plans available
  • Sleeps up to 9 people
  • Interior: designer floorings throughout, hardwood slideout fascia, solid wood cabinetry, king bed, stackable washer/dryer prep, 2 bunk beds, 1 overhead bunk, 2 convertible sofas
  • Kitchen: solid surface countertops and sink cover, central island dual basin sink, legless dinette with storage and dinette chairs with storage, Furrion® kitchen appliances
  • Bathroom: 2 bathrooms, glass shower, skylight, linen closet
  • Exterior: outdoor kitchen, hot shower, entertainment center, solar prep, 16’ awning
  • 28,500 BTU air conditioning and 35,000 BTU propane furnace
  • 4 slide-out sections, extra tall height


  • MSRP $95,000 to $120,000
  • GVWR 16,500 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 2,884 lbs.
  • Length 40 ft
  • Height 13 ft 4
  • Fresh Water Tank 66 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank 83 gallons
  • Black Water Tank 83 gallons

Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel

Another one of the best luxury fifth wheel campers from Grand Design. The brand does not specialize in fifth wheel, but their offerings are superb and usually come in many floor plans, and this Solitude is no exception. It offers 21 floor plans, all well constructed, spacious with maximum sleeping capacity of 6 people, well equipped and versatile. 

There are also a ton of upgrade options and even more luxurious packages. The only downside is this is a heavy beast that requires at least a one-ton pickup truck with a diesel engine to tow safely.

Construction quality is top notch, with a full aluminum frame and heavy-duty fiberglass for longevity on the road while being lightweight. One of the most notable features is the gigantic three water tanks that can handle extended boondocking trips, the capacity of which are unmatched in the RV world.

Like most luxury fifth wheel campers, the Grand Design Solitude employs an open plan interior to maximize the use of natural light and makes the living space more spacious and welcoming, while minimizing the amount of crossover between the living room and kitchen. You can still watch TV while whipping up some refreshments or snacks in the kitchen though.

The kitchen is fully equipped, and even includes a large oven, dishwasher prep on some floor plans and oversized pantry so you can stock up supplies for long trips off the beaten path. There’s also the option of cooking outdoors with the external pull out kitchen that comes with a grill station. This is ideal for cooking on a hot day, so the air conditioner won’t have to work extra hard to make up for the heat from the kitchen.

Excellent craftsmanship and attention to details are evident in the spacious and elegant rear living room with leather theater recliners, queen-size convertible sofa bed, large LED flat-screen TV and a fireplace for creating a nice cozy ambience and warming the room on a chilly evening. The bathroom is also large, with residential fixtures, shower skylight and even a large linen closet. 

The private bedroom comes with a queen-size bed (king bed optional) and ample underbed storage. You also get a generous walk-in closet that spans the entire nose cap of the fifth wheel, so a lot of storage space there.

Key Features:

  • 21 different floor plans available
  • Sleeps up to 6 people
  • Interior: Tri-fold hide-a-bed queen size sofa (double sofas on certain floor plans), leather theater seating, LED TV, fireplace, master suite with queen bed and under bed storage area, large walk-in closet, Back-up camera prep, 
  • Kitchen: Oversized kitchen pantry, dishwasher prep on certain floor plans
  • Bathroom: glass shower, shower skylight, linen closet, 
  • 30,000 BTU air conditioning and 35,000 BTU propane furnace
  • 5 slide-out sections


  • MSRP $93,000
  • GVWR 16,800 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 3,464 lbs.
  • Length 40 ft
  • Height 13.42 ft
  • Fresh Water Tank 93 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank 106 gallons
  • Black Water Tank 53 gallons

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2020 CrossRoads Redwood Fifth Wheel

The CrossRoads Redwood is among the most expensive luxury fifth wheel campers in this list,  and has one of the most lascivious RV kitchens ever, despite only sleeping up to 4 people while other luxury models typically sleep 6.

The kitchen comes complete with high quality and elegant features that are rare even among the most expensive motorhomes and fifth wheels, plus ample food prepping space and food storage: waterfall edge solid surface countertops, high gloss solid wood cabinets, oversized farmhouse sink, 18 cu. ft. fridge with ice maker, pots and pans storage, a true residential 4-burner gas range, a 3.7 cu. ft. oven and microwave.

With two 15,000 BTU air conditioning and 35,000 BTU propane furnace, and an option for the third AC unit, this is a four-season rig. It’s also solar prep with the optional 170 Watt solar panel with controller and large tank capacity for long off-grid stays. In addition to the unparalleled kitchen, luxury features include tilt-up gel foam king bed plus residential dresser and true walk-in closet in the master bedroom, a fireplace and wireless chargers in the lounge, and solid hardwood slide fascia.

Key Features:

  • 10 different floor plans available
  • Sleeps up to 4 people
  • Interior: Tilt-up gel foam king bed, residential dresser, walk-in closet, Smart 4K HDTVs, 5,100 BTU fireplace, sofa bed, Wireless chargers, Central vacuum
  • Kitchen: Residential appliances, residential 4-burner gas range, Farmhouse sink, Waterfall edge solid surface countertops, High gloss solid wood cabinets, fridge with ice maker, microwave, oven
  • Bathroom: shower skylight, vent, heat & A/C duct, large cabinet
  • Exterior: solar prep, awning with LED light
  • Two 15,000 BTU air conditioning and 35,000 BTU propane furnace
  • 4 slide-out sections, solid hardwood slide fascia


  • MSRP $189,000
  • Dry Weight 13,583 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 4,654 lbs.
  • Length 36 ft 6
  • Width 8 ft
  • Height 13 ft 6
  • Fresh Water Tank 66 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank 88 gallons
  • Black Water Tank 45 gallons

2021 Forest River Cardinal 390FBX Fifth Wheel

The Cardinal screams luxurious full-time living at every turn, and together with the CrossRoads Redwood above, this luxury fifth wheel has one of the most high-end and well-appointed kitchens. It’s also solar prep for extended off-grid stays and is a four-season rig. It’s especially ideal for camping in cold climates, boasting an impressively toasty 42,000 BTU propane furnace, about 7,000 BTUs per hour more than the most well equipped luxury fifth wheels on the market.

It comes with the common open floor plan concept that blends the living room and kitchen. You can prepare your meals both indoors or outdoors, since there’s even a pull-out exterior kitchen. The indoor kitchen has a four-door residential refrigerator, microwave, corner walk-in pantry, residential size hardwood cabinetry throughout, a free-standing dinette table and chairs that’s much more comfortable to enjoy meals at than the bench dinette type.

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Luxury features include leather theatre seating recliners and a large leather sofa in the lounge, an expansive entertainment center in the living room plus another tasteful entertainment center in the master suite that comes as standard. The spacious private bedroom provides ample storage space with underbed storage and a walk-in closet. It’s also prepped for a stackable washer & dryer combo, saving you trips to the laundromat.

The overall square footage is generous, only the bathroom is a little bit small, since most of it is occupied by the large residential fiberglass shower with three sliding glass doors.

Key Features:

  • 6 different floor plans available
  • Sleeps up to 6 people
  • Interior: king bed, underbed storage, walk in closet, stackable washer & dryer prep, hardwood slide room fascia, theater seating, two tri-fold sofa
  • Kitchen: solid surface countertops, four-door residential refrigerator, microwave, corner pantry, residential size hardwood cabinets, a free-standing dinette table and chairs, walk in pantry
  • Bathroom: glass shower, shower skylight, roof vent, wardrobe, dual sink vanity
  • Exterior: outside pull-out kitchen, drop-frame pass-through storage compartment with forced air heat & L.E.D. strip lighting, roof mounted solar prep
  • 15,000 BTU air conditioning and 42,000 BTU propane furnace
  • 3 slide-out sections


  • MSRP $$113,363
  • GVWR 16,255 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 2,681 lbs.
  • Length 43′ 3″
  • Width 96”
  • Height 13′ 3″
  • Fresh Water Tank 64 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank 80 gallons
  • Black Water Tank 40 gallons

2021 Forest River Riverstone Reserve 3850RK: Best Interior Design & Nicest Bathroom Ever!

The 2022 Riverstone Reserve 3850RK by Forest River is one of the best luxury fifth wheel campers for year-round camping, boasting an array of luxury residential fixtures and appliances. 

There are so many full-size, convenient features that you would find in a home, including some of the sleekest RV kitchen with an upgraded four-burner cooktop, a three-door full-size fridge, a double sink, solid surface countertop,solid hardwood cabinets, butcher block cutting board/sink cover and residential style backsplash. 

A quite rare styling is that the entire interior is white, instead of different shades of dark gray or dark brown, including the bathroom and kitchen. This colour scheme and the very minimal and modern design and detailing make the living space as bright as possible, when coupled with the oversized windows throughout. One of the most notable additions is the convertible workroom in the living room for those who work remotely, which you can replace with the second hide-a-bed sofa on option for extra sleeping space. The lounge also includes a hide-a-bed sofa, theater seating and a fireplace. 

The interior design indeed is a pleasant surprise, and the large bathroom in particular was showered with praise, being described as the nicest bathroom ever in the RV world to date. It’s generously sized, with a dual vanity sink, two medicine cabinets on two sides, a linen closet and a glass shower with seat, all in clean white and sleek, minimalist design. You wouldn’t believe it’s an RV bathroom. 

Other luxury features include a king-size bed with washer and dryer prep, and a large closet in the master suite. Two AC units, a fireplace and a powerful furnace allows four-season camping, while the 190 Watt solar panel with 30Amp controller (pre-wire prep for 2 additional solar panels) is ideal for boondockers. 

Key Features:

  • 4 different floor plans available
  • Sleeps up to 6 people
  • Interior: theater seat, hide-a-bed sofa, 5,200 BTU fireplace, entertainment center, work station (or optional second hide-a-bed sofa), memory foam king bed, frameless windows
  • Kitchen: dishwasher prep, double sink, residential 4-burner cooktop, microwave, 3-door fridge, pantry, pull-out dinette, solid surface countertop, butcher block cutting board/sink cover, residential style backsplash, solid hardwood cabinetry
  • Bathroom: glass shower, linen closet, dual sink vanity, washer/dryer prep
  • Exterior: optional outside TV, 20’ awning, 190 Watt solar panel with 30Amp controller, pre-wire prep for 2 additional solar panels
  • Two 15,000 BTU air conditioning and 40,000 BTU propane furnace
  • 4 slide-out sections


  • MSRP $125,682
  • GVWR 16,600 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 2,449 lbs.
  • Length 38 ft 5
  • Width 102 in.
  • Height 13 ft 4
  • Fresh Water Tank 83 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank 82 gallons
  • Black Water Tank 41 gallons

2021 Heartland RV Bighorn 3120RK Fifth Wheel: Some Of The Most Roomy Living Space

All 11 different floor plans of the 2020 Heartland Bighorn offer some of the best camping experience you can buy with money. In addition to the well-appointed amenities, this luxury fifth wheel offers some of the most spacious interior, including an oversized bathroom and plenty of storage space, quite fitting of its name. If you’re still on the fence about living full-time, year round in an RV, the Bighorn might convince you to make the change, since you’re not sacrificing either space or comfort with this gigantic home on wheels.

In addition, the optional 300W solar panel with 30 amp controller and 2000W inverter, which is more powerful than most of its competitors, is ideal for long boondocking trips.

Some of the call-outs are panoramic windows for ample natural light and a good view of the scenery, leather loveseat and multiple fireplaces in the lounge, an oversized bathroom with an oversized glass shower and a linen closet, complete with tile and teak. The fully equipped kitchen offers some notable features, including a kitchen island, an oven, dual basin sink with extra countertop space. 

The master bedroom includes a king bed, a walk-in closet, a dresser, deep drawers, a large overhead storage area that is built into the slide out, a second flat-screen TV and stackable washer/dryer prep. Much of the front nose cap of the rig is used as wardrobe storage, so there’s ample space for four people to bring along their stuff. 

Another noteworthy feature is the thoughtfully laid out window placement in the private bedroom. It’s large enough to let you enjoy the scenic view outside, but allows you to almost black out the room for a perfect nap during the day.

Key Features:

  • 11 different floor plans available
  • Sleeps up to 4 people
  • Interior: leather love seat, tri-fold sofa bed, HDTV, king bed, dresser and a second flat-screen in the master suite
  • Kitchen: three-burner cooktop, 30-inch microwave, residential fridge, extra countertop space, dual basin sink, 
  • Bathroom: dual vanity sink, porcelain toilet, large glass shower, linen closet
  • Exterior: 18’ awning, optional 300W solar panel with 30 amp controller and 2000W inverter
  • 30,000 BTU air conditioning and 40,000 BTU propane furnace
  • 4 slide-out sections


  • MSRP $95,000 to $115,000
  • GVWR 16,500 lbs.
  • Payload Capacity 2,654 lbs.
  • Length 42 ft
  • Width 8 ft
  • Height 13 ft 3
  • Fresh Water Tank 65 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank 90 gallons
  • Black Water Tank 45 gallons

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DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel: For Couples and Small Families

The DRV Mobile Suites is one of the best luxury fifth wheel campers designed for couples and small families. And thanks to its sheer number of floorplans of 20 and different choices of length and features, plus the upgrade options and packages, you can surely customize your dream home on wheels to perfectly cater for your needs. The most popular choices are probably Mobile Suites 32RS3 and the Mobile Suites 43 Atlanta. 

The kitchen is fully equipped, with notable features including the full-size oven, a convenient central island for serving and preparing snacks, and a sink tucked into a corner of the kitchen countertops to maximize countertop space.

The living room offers residential theater seats, a tri-fold hide-a-bed sofa as well as residential recliners with a good amount of storage. The master suite bedroom includes a double-entry bathroom, a king-size bed (queen bed optional for a little extra floor space), two slide-out sections, one of which comes with a built-in entertainment center/dresser combo to give you a little more floor space. The large wardrobe closet that occupies the front nose cap of the rig has enough space to hold clothes for 4 people, plus bed linens and a fair amount of shoes. 

Lastly, the extra powerful AC unit and furnace are ideal for year-round camping, while the high-capacity water storage tanks can support extended off-grid stays. In terms of size, it should be noted that it has lower ceiling than many other models in this category. 

Key Features:

  • 20 different floor plans available
  • Sleeps up to 5 people
  • Interior: theater seating, residential recliners, residential tri-fold hide-a-bed sofa, HDTV, frameless thermopane windows, king bed (queen optional), large wardrobe closet, full underbed storage, Frameless tinted safety glass windows, Soft-touch vinyl ceiling, interior slide-out ceilings, 
  • Kitchen: kitchen island, large residential electric refrigerator, microwave, three-burner propane stove top, large oven
  • Bathroom: double entry bathroom, glass shower
  • 30,000 BTU air conditioning and 40,000 BTU propane furnace
  • 4 slide-out sections


  • MSRP $95,000 to $105,000
  • GVWR 21,500 lbs.
  • Length 41 ft
  • Width 8 ft 5
  • Height 8 ft
  • Fresh Water Tank 100 gallons
  • Gray Water Tank 75 gallons
  • Black Water Tank 50 gallons
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