Which Are The Best RV Brands With Fiberglass Roof?

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Fiberglass, once a symbol of hard-wearing durability, is slowly falling out of favor. Many RV companies have chosen lighter alternatives, such as aluminum and rubber, but a few manufacturers still prefer quality over other things. There are some RV brands with fiberglass roof that still manufacture top-grade travel trailers.

The Pros and Cons of a Travel Trailer with Fiberglass Roof

It’s hard to deny that fiberglass has its downsides. It will wear down over time and is more expensive than other options. Also, fiberglass is heavy, making the RVs inconvenient for driving long distances.

An RV fiberglass roof wears down with age and is susceptible to UV rays damage. The damage could start as minor cracks, which get bigger over time. As a result, the resin and fibers that hold the fiberglass together get separated.

However, there are plenty of fiberglass advantages too. It offers better insulation than aluminum and is resistant to noise. The material doesn’t collect mold, mildew, or insects as quickly; it’s tougher for burglars to break in through one of these roofs because they’re thicker and less likely to give way from impact.

Be warned that aluminum can shrink and warp when stored outside during cold winter months. So, if you want your trailer roof to stay nice-looking, consider sticking with a sturdy, all-weather option like fiberglass.

The Best RV Brands with Fiberglass Roof Trailers

There are very few brands that still make fiberglass RVs, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find what you’re looking for. Some of the best fiberglass RV manufacturers are:

Happier Camper

The brand is relatively a newcomer in the RV industry but it already has a growing fanbase because of manufacturing stylish and comfortable small campers. The HC1 travel trailer is the most popular model from Happier Camper. It’s lightweight, small, and incredibly stylish with a retro design.

RV with fiberglass roof
Photo: Happier Camper

The whole RV, including the roof, is made of fiberglass, which has kept the dry weight to 1,100 (without any add-ons). Its overall length is only 13-inch but can accommodate 3 to 4 people comfortably. If you don’t mind snuggling a bit, five people can sleep inside given you have packed up moderately.

The retro-style trailer looks incredibly cool and will remind you of the RVs from past decades. Available in 7 color options, the trailer does not lack modern features with a rooftop fan, porch lights, and insulated shell. Unlike other small campers, accessing the HC1 is a breeze, thanks to the big rear hatch. Also, there is a wide side door for more convenience.

Venture RV

The company is famous for manufacturing lightweight travel trailers, which are easily towable by an SUV. Some models weigh so little that a full-size sedan with a tow package is enough to tow them.

Currently, Venture RV has five models in its lineup and two of them have a fiberglass roof. If you want a robust yet lightweight trailer, go for the Venture Sonic, while Sonic Lite is ultra-lightweight and super nimble.

The Venture Sonic offers plenty of choices with three color options and seven floor plans. The standard floor plan design is small but highly functional for full-time living, featuring a full-size bed, and a small kitchen and bathroom.
The Sonic Lite also comes with multiple color and floor plan options. It has a full bathroom and a super-functioning kitchen with a sink, stove, and refrigerator.

Oliver Travel Trailers

If you want to enjoy luxury features in some of the best fiberglass RV models, Oliver is the best brand out there. Starting its journey in 2007, the Tennessee-based company enjoyed quick popularity by manufacturing limited production Legacy Elite Camper Trailers.

best fiberglass RV
Photo: Oliver Travel Trailer

These trailers are lightweight because of an aluminum frame and insulated fiberglass shell and roof. Designed for easy towing and built to withstand all seasonal elements, you can take these small campers anywhere you want. Even the base models have all the amenities you can think about but if you want more, Oliver offers plenty of upgrades.


This company is well known for its bunkhouse models and as one of the few brands that still have variations in its fiberglass lineup. It started its journey with pop-up campers but later expanded into manufacturing Class A motorhomes.

2016 31 FS Greyhawk, Alente Class A motorhome, and 2016 Precept 35S are some of the best fiberglass RV models from Jayco. These low-maintenance RVs have queen-sized beds, multiple slide options, separate kitchen and bath areas, and more amenities.


Rising into fame during the peak time of motorhome popularity in the ’70s and ’80s, Winnebago has ever since been a favorite choice among the RVers. The company’s RV inventory includes motorhomes, 5th wheel trailers, and travel trailers.

Winnebago is one of the best RV brands with fiberglass roof trailers despite its recent shift toward lighter and cheaper alternatives. Currently, the lone survivor in the company’s fiberglass roof lineup is the Minnie Drop.

travel trailer with fiberglass roof
Photo: Winnebago

With a dry weight of only 2,800 pounds and aerodynamics structure, the trailer can be towed easily by a midsize SUV. Despite being a small RV, the Minnie Drop is comfortable for living because of its practical floor plan. It has a bedroom, a U-shaped dinette, separate kitchen space, and a wet bath.

Forest River Inc.

Forest River is one of the most popular RV brands with fiberglass roof. It has been designing recreational vehicles since 1996, so rest assured that the company knows how to make tried and true designs. It’s one of the industry titans that cater to the needs of millions of campers by manufacturing travel trailers, motorhomes, 5th wheel trailers, and other models in various designs.

This brand is excellent if you are looking for Class C motorhomes with fiberglass roof. Both 2020 Forester 2251SLE and Sunseeker are perfect Class C models for those searching for budget friendly RVs with large living and sleeping areas, huge storage space, and great maneuverability.

The Forester 2251SLE has a big kitchen equipped with a refrigerator and a 3-burner stove. The full bathroom is big enough to meet the needs of a 4 or 5-member family. Also, it has sound-blocking ceiling panels, which work great for filtering outside noises.

Class C motorhomes with fiberglass roof
Forester 2251SLE. Photo: RVShare

On the other hand, the Sunseeker has a big cab and living area, keyless entry, power-locked windows, and leather upholstery seats. The kitchen has a sink, double-door refrigerator, microwave oven, and 3-burner stove.


These are some of the best RV brands with fiberglass roof models. Some companies have indeed discontinued their fiberglass line but the available models are still enough for catering to the needs of those who want this particular option.

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