What is The Best RV Roadside Assistance Provider?

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The idea of ‘home on the wheels’ is exciting and many people forget about some basic preparations out of that excitement. One of those tasks is subscribing to a roadside assistance service. What is the best RV roadside assistance service that you can rely on?

Without subscribing to a good RV roadside assistance plan, you could be stranded in a remote place or stuck on the side of the road. It is better to learn about the RV roadside assistance reviews before embarking on a trip.

The Best RV Roadside Assistance Programs

What happens when your trailer gives up in the middle of nowhere? An assistance program provides a number of services in such critical situations. They will get you back on the road whether your trailer runs out of fuel, has a punctured tire, stops with a dead battery, or gets into an even bigger problem.

We’ve made a list of travel trailer roadside assistance programs so that you don’t have to waste time when looking for a service.

What are the best RV roadside assistance programs:

Check out the details below to understand why these are the best options.

1# American Automobile Association (AAA)

This service deserves the top spot for its unlimited towing coverage and calls for service. It offers several packages and the priciest one covers up to 200 miles of towing distance.

The biggest advantage is that you can use the membership for any vehicle you want. For example, a family member or friend can use the service using your membership. But you cannot take their service more than 4 times within a specific period.

2# Good Sam

Another program that can be considered as the best RV roadside assistance. No matter how far you are from the nearest Good Sam service point, you can call them as many times as you want. Also, this one is a good option if you have more than one vehicle to cover and want family coverage.

Good Sam offers all possible roadside services except for legal fee reimbursements.

3# Better World Club

If you are someone who loves sustainable living, a membership from the Better World Club would be a good choice. With the zeal of going green, they offer bicycle coverage, bicycle route map, and eco-friendly travel tools.

You will get all basic roadside assistance services from this provider. Discounts on car rentals, hotels, and eco-friendly lodgings come as a bonus and the premium package offers a 100-mile towing service.

4# Paragon Motor Club

Just like the AAA packages, you can use the membership from this provider for multiple vehicles including rental cars. It is also possible to include another member without any extra cost.

There are two packages to provide all the basic assistance services, but getting a 100-mile of towing facility requires purchasing the Classic Roadside Membership plan.

If you love to get discounts on various retails services, this service will disappoint by offering none. However, compensation for emergency transportation costs in case of a stolen RV is definitely a good deal.

5# Allstate

This provider provides a good if not the best RV roadside assistance available in the market. Just by subscribing to their membership (without purchasing insurance coverage), you can get access to plenty of services including lockout, jump start, and other basic facilities.

 best roadside assistance for rv
Allstate is one of the best providers.

Besides, you will get retail discounts, trip iteration, and coverage for trip interruption. If you are not an avid traveler, using Allstate’s ‘pay per use’ package can save tons of money.

AAA Plus RV vs Good Sam: Which One Is Better?

Most assistance programs offer basic services, including inflating a flat tire, changing punctured tires, fuel discounts, locksmith services, and more.

Where these two plans stand out from the rest is the towing limit. Most programs have limited their services to a meagerly 5-mile radius. But your RV can be broken in a godforsaken place and the nearest repair shop could be 100 miles away. Most providers charge $5 for each extra mile, which means you have to pay $475 extra just for towing the car to the shop.

The RV roadside assistance comparison with other services makes it clear that both AAA Plus RV and Good Sam are better in this regard. You will get 100 miles of towing coverage with the AAA Plus RV plan while Good Sam covers unlimited towing distance.

Which one is better of these two premium services? Well, Good Sam undoubtedly makes a case to be the best roadside assistance for RV service. The main points of comparison between these two providers are:

Availability of Packages

Good Sam offers just two plans, Standard and Platinum, which are pretty straightforward for any user to figure out. But AAA makes it complicated with five different types of memberships. It might be good in one sense that you can choose a package according to your budget but most novice RVers cannot figure out their needs.

Towing Distance

Under the AAA Plus RV plan, you will enjoy 100 miles of towing service. Upgrading to the premium plan will extend the radius to 200 miles. However, Good Sam wins this section by imposing no restrictions on the mileage. With unlimited towing, it has you covered when your vehicle breaks down in a remote area.

Number of Calls

Just like most other roadside assistance providers, AAA limits the number of service calling up to 4 times in a year. Good Sam again comes out as the winner by putting no limit on the number of calls.

rv roadside assistance plan
Good Sam offers unlimited towing distance and service calls.


Good Sam includes your family members in your plan. They will get covered without any extra fees. AAA goes one step ahead and extends the coverage for any vehicle. Your friend can use this service for his vehicle if you are traveling with him.


Good Sam is the best RV roadside assistance when it comes to costs. Its packages have a reasonable price tag if you compare them with the AAA packages. The annual charge is $79.95 (standard plan) and $114.95 (platinum plan).

AAA’s basic Classic plan costs $38 to $74 (extra charge for additional members) and the AAA Plus RV package costs $124. You will need to spend $164 for the best one, Premier package.

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10 thoughts on “What is The Best RV Roadside Assistance Provider?”

  1. I used AAA 1 time and it was worth every penny I have ever spent on it. I was towing a travel trailer and truck threw a carrier bearing. They not only came and towed the truck but un hooked the camper loaded truck on flat bed then hooked up my camper to same tow truck loaded family of 4 in crew cab of tow truck. Drove me 40 miles back to good sized city and repair shop, found me a campground close to shop, dropped me and camper off in campsite and took truck back to repair shop were they then dropped the truck. I was in California and headed home to Texas when this all happened. I can not say how smooth they made all this happen but what I will say is they have a customer for life!!!!!

  2. We have AAA plus Rv , it gives three people nine tows up to one hundred miles for free, hi matter who’s vehicle if your there it works. Under four hundred dollars a year.

  3. I have AAA and its one more layer of protection. Ive called them 3 times in the past 5 years. Once I got the stupid thing started before they got there once I had a dead battery , they jumped it and I drove to auto zone and bought a battery and once I over heated and burst a hose , 15 miles from home , they towed m.e to my house.

  4. We had a tire blow out on a recent trip and called Good Sam because we have a policy with them, They were literally no help at all. They said it would be at least a day before someone could come change the tire. We ended up calling around to find a local place that could get the tire changed for us. To add insult to injury Good Sam quoted a price for this service that was $100 more than the local facility which is baffling since we pay them every year to maintain our policy.

  5. Not sure how you can rate Good Sam as #1!! Is that just based on what they offer for membership? I think you need to check out the web for reviews for them. Try Yelp. They get 1 star or less for very poor service! We also had a not good experience with them, in that our Class A motorhome had a blow out on the freeway in Seattle. When I called to get help, the person On the phone knew nothing about different moRV’s. They sent out a regular tow truck for cars, (which took 2+ hours in 90 degree heat!) Of course that would not work.
    We wound up having a TRUE good samaritan stop that worked at Industrial Tire…AND he happened to have a truck with all the equipment to fix the tire!! He fixed our tire ON HIS OWN in about an hour in that heat! Even though he did not want to take it, we gave him all the cash we could scrounge up, (almost $200!)
    It was well worth it!!
    Beware and check reviews and Consumer sites for Good Sam RA.

  6. I would have to disagree with ranking Good Sam’s as high. We have traveled full-time in our RV for 3 years now and have been very disappointed in their customer service. The most recent issue was with a tire problem on I-10 with our three kids. We were originally told someone would be out to help in 90 minutes. After MANY phone calls and us tracking everyone down, we finally got help almost a full 24 hrs later. We slept on the side of the road next to trains all night long. The originally said they would have member services reach out to make things right. Three weeks later, after we reached out to them via email and phone, someone finally called. They did nothing to make things right with the situation. $900 later, we are walking away from their services. They made us feel like we were not important for their time or business. My husband will also no longer recommend their services to the families we help get in an RV. We have to help others not make the same mistake we did by doing business with companies who do not put customer service and integrity as a priority.

  7. FYI… thought I would share… Unfortunately we found out that the Good Sam Roadside Assistance isn’t GOOD at all. In a state where there should be quite a few services GS should have connections, we found ourselves with a blow out on a Winnebego and just an hour out from AUSTIN!! They tell you “help is on the way” at the end of your call, but 4 hours later they still hadn’t come and when we called they said they had contacted THREE services and none could come help. Wow three calls they made in FOUR hours… they were working hard for our ELITE membership – members for over 20 years. We had to make a call to find some help and it didn’t take us 4 hours to find it. We had to pay for it… so much for the ELITE membership!


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