5 Sweet Camper Vans You Can Buy Right Now

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Whether you’re looking to run away to the beach or would rather stake out a secluded campsite high in the hills, there are plenty of trailers and even tiny homes to help you go off-grid. 

But one particular type of RV has shed its stodgy reputation amid a new surge in popularity: the Class B van. Packed full of amenities and with way more functionality than the stuffy motorhomes of yesterday, new Class B vans are easy to park, get better gas mileage than many other RVs, and can easily tow small boats or toy haulers.

Below, take a look at five inventive camper vans you can buy in North America right now, and don’t miss our other guides on affordable vans, teardrop trailers, and the European vans we wish we could buy.

#1. Off Grid Adventure Vans

A white van with a roof attachment that has a red boat on it.
The interior of a camper van. There is a grey cushioned seating area, a table, grey storage compartments, and a wood paneled roof.
A camper van. The interior has a kitchenette, a microwave, and cabinets.
The interior of a camper van. The walls and ceiling are wood paneled. There is a bed with grey, white, and orange bed linens. There are multiple pillows on the bed including a pillow with the word: Home.

Cost: Around $60,000

Key Features: Off Grid Adventure Vans is a new conversion van company that aims to produce a more environmentally sustainable, budget-conscious van. Each van comes with a Murphy-style full size bed, a spacious dining and living room area in the rear with bench seats and a removable table that can seat six, and a fully functioning bathroom with shower and optional toilet. Other amenities come standard, like loads of storage cabinets, hardwood floors, a roof vent, wood panel walls, and 200 watts of solar panel for power.

#2. Winnebago Revel

5 Sweet Camper Vans You Can Buy Right Now 1
The interior of a RV camper van. There is a seat with a fold-out table. There is a stove. There are lime green storage compartments. A bicycle sits in the adjacent room.
The interior of a RV camper van. There is a lime green door that is open. Inside of the small room is a toilet.
The interior of an RV camper can. In the foreground is a stove. There is a television monitor attached to a cabinet above the stove. In the other room is a bed with lime green bed linens.

Cost: $134,799

Key Features: Billed as the first mass-produced, manufactured 4×4 RV in the United States, the Revel uses a 144-inch Mercedes-Benz 4×4 Sprinter as the base and comes with a 3-liter turbo diesel engine, all-terrain tires, and an on-demand four-wheel-drive system that has a high, low, and “hill descent” mode.

Inside, there’s a full kitchen, wet bath, and the van sleeps two on a rear-mounted power-lift bed that, in its highest position, allows for 140 cubic feet for bikes, surfboards, or whatever other gear you want. Head over here for more.

#3. Hymer Aktiv

An RV camper van, the Hymer Activ. The van exterior is brown with a white stripe. It is sitting on a hill overlooking a valley with trees. There are mountains in the distance and a sunset in the sky.
The interior of an RV camper van.  There is a white seat and a fold out table. There is a kitchenette area. On the side of the kitchenette are hooks that have a baseball cap hanging off of them. In the other room is a bed with multiple pillows.
The interior of a RV camper van. The room has a bed that fills the space. The bed has orange and white patterned bed linens.
A kitchenette inside of a RV camper van. The counter has a compartment which is open and has fresh produce in it. There is another compartment with a stove that has a large pot on it.

Cost: $92,814

Key Features: European motorhome manufacturer Hymer is now building Class B vans—based on the Ram ProMaster chassis—in North America. The van can sleep up to four with a rear queen bed and a dinette that transforms into an additional sleeping area. There’s also a full kitchen, entertainment system, under-bed storage, and a spacious full bathroom with shower.

#4. Airstream Interstate Grand Tour

Three RV camper vans in a row. They are the Airstream Interstate Grand Tour.
The interior of a RV camper van. There are two couches with pillows. There is a large television attached to one of the walls. There is a countertop with food. In the other room is the driving area.
The interior of an RV camper van. The back doors are open revealing a large white bed with a blue blanket and two patterned pillows.

Cost: Starting at $165,878

Key Features: Airstream might be best known for its chic designs of the classic “Silver Bullet” trailer, but a new line of touring coaches is upping the ante on Class-B mobile luxury. The Interstate Grand Tour van sleeps two, can haul seven people in seat belts, boasts a top-of-the-line kitchen, and includes other luxury amenities like heated seats, remote-controlled shades, and adjustable LED lighting.

#5. ModVan CV1

The exterior of a RV camper van, the ModVan CV1. The van is grey and has a white compartment on the roof. It is sitting in a desert with a view of mountains in the distance.
The interior of a RV camper van. There are four seats. Two of the seats are across from a kitchenette with a stove.
The interior of a RV camper van. There is a kitchenette with a stove and cabinets.
The exterior of a RV camper van.  The van is white and has a compartment above the roof. It is sitting in a desert. There are mountains in the distance.

Cost: $65,000

Key Features: With seating for five people and removable RV components, the more affordable ModVans are billed as “full-featured camper vans, family vans, and work vans all in one.” Using the Ford Transit van as its base, the ModVan CV1 sleeps up to four adults and two kids while also boasting a 2-burner propane stove, an under-mount sink, furnace, air conditioner, fridge, and toilet. All of the cabinets and RV components can be completely removed so that the van can also be used as a cargo van.

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