Quick and Easy Camping Meals for a Crowd

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Do you love camping and cooking during a trip? Camping can be one of the most relaxing experiences a person can have when done right. One of the best things about it is the sense of accomplishment that comes from a hearty meal, cooked entirely on an open flame.

However, preparing camping meals for a crowd can be overwhelming and exhausting but you can make it less than a chore by planning some tasty meals that can be prepared quickly.

9 Easy Camping Meals for a Crowd

One of the best parts about camping food is that you can use things like cans, foil, and all of your other supplies to make great stuff. If you’re looking for something a little more wholesome, though, try these recipes out.

These easy camping meals for large groups will leave no one unsatisfied. You can prepare them all in a single pot, meaning they can either be cooked directly over the fire or prepared in one sitting once the preparation is done.

1# Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are a filling breakfast item that you can make literally within minutes. Make them delicious with cheese, ketchup, or salsa — whatever you like.

Eggs are one of the easiest things to prepare while camping, which makes them perfect for those really busy nights when you don’t have time to make anything elaborate. Plus, you can save the leftover egg yolk to make a simple omelet for dinner. Crack the eggs and store them in several water bottles before the trip. In this way, there will be no chance of breaking them during the journey.

2# Egg Breakfast Burritos

An easy camping breakfast for large groups. Kids will especially love to have these egg burritos. All you have to do is throw some scrambled eggs in the foil, add some cheese and any other condiments you like, and roll it up. You can eat this burrito as is, or wrap it in a tortilla for some added convenience.

camp meals
Breakfast burritos are easy to make and delicious. Photo: LUM3N / PixaBay

3# French Toast

This is a super easy recipe that you can make with just a few ingredients and your camp stove. The end result is sweet and savory, with the perfect amount of crunchiness. You can even serve it with a wide variety of toppings like fruits, honey, butter, and more.

4# A Pot of Chili

Chili is one of the best choices for camping meals for large groups not only because not only it’s easy to make but also it’s savory and comforting. Canned chili feels just right for a go-to meal. Whip this up right in the pot you cooked your beans and meat in, so everyone can still have that protein and veggies at the same time. Leftover chili makes a delicious topping to burgers and hotdogs.

5# Campfire Pizza

Pizza on the stove is yummy and preparation is quite easy if you use readymade pizza bases. But the real trick is keeping it warm while it cooks. Here’s how: don’t use foil — use an upside-down aluminum pie pan! Just make sure to use one that doesn’t get too hot or burn anything.

6# Chicken Nuggets

If you want a quick meal that’s wholesome for your children, try out this recipe. It’s easy and has just enough spice to make it fun for the kids who can work along with you on making it! Just have some flour- and spice-coated chicken nuggets on hand to throw in your frying pan. You can even add a little ketchup at the end if you really want to pump up the flavor.

7# Cornbread Crusted Chicken

This has everything to become one of the most favorite camping meals for a crowd. Coated in cornflakes or cornbread mixture, this chicken preparation tastes absolutely stellar when made over an open flame.

Stuff two large chicken breasts in a heat-safe plate with some cornflakes/cornbread flour mixture, and add some milk/buttermilk to it. Coat with butter and season with salt and pepper. Put the pieces in a cast iron skillet that you have already heated up over the fire. Then, all you have to do is flip it over every few minutes until the chicken is fully cooked.

camping meals
Absolutely delicious cornbread crusted chicken! Photo: takedahrs / PixaBay

8# Stuffed Peppers

When you want something hearty in cold weather, only a few meals could beat stuffed peppers. The recipe calls for bacon, ham, or any other meat that you prefer. You also have the option of using vegetarian meat, such as tofu, instead of traditional meat choices.

Fill the peppers with ground beef (or another meat item) and onions and then top with cream cheese (or cottage cheese) and cheddar cheese, which will melt into the peppers after baking. This recipe is easy to make and easy to clean up.

Serve the stuffed peppers as a side dish. They go better with rice or bread.

9# Tortellini Soup

This makes up one of the great camping meals for a crowd because the preparation does not take much time and the recipe is highly customizable. Follow any basic recipe online for cooking directions but use your own ingredients.

It can be made using beef stock or chicken broth and has lots of great vegetables in it. Just keep some freshly baked bread on hand to dip into the soup, or toss some croutons into the soup if people prefer them that way.

You can serve it with Parmesan cheese on top as well or just leave off any cheese for those who aren’t fans. Serve it with a nice salad and fruit for great-tasting camping food. If you are camping in a colder climate, it is a warm and hearty meal to have for dinner.


camping meals for large groups
Photo: DeRepente / Getty Images

These quick and simple camping meals for a crowd will surely impress your friends and loved ones, and they’re perfect for any camping trip! Cook them on your own in no time at all, or take turns with your fellow campers.

If you have any other great recipes to recommend, leave a comment! We’d love to hear what kinds of yummy dishes you like out in the wild!

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