A Brief Discussion on Popular Fifth Wheel Floor Plans

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The floor plan in your fifth wheel can make or break your camping experience. For one, it dictates where you’ll be setting up the bed or sitting to eat dinner. It determines how you’ll store all of your clothes and what kind of décor you’ll put up on the walls.

If you are thinking of starting a trip soon, it’s mandatory to know about the fifth wheel floor plans, so you can choose the right one for your needs.

5th wheel floor plans
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Popular Fifth Wheel Floor Plans

Choosing the right floor plan is a crucial part of buying a 5th wheel. This RV type comes in various layouts, so it becomes a little confusing for new users to pick up one. Remember that the key here is to find a layout that offers the most convenience to you and your family.

Here are some 5th wheel camper floor plans that are popular among campers:

Traditional Floor Plan

Traditionally, the fifth wheel floor plans feature a sleeping loft over the cab for extra sleeping space. Many 5th wheels still have this layout, though some newer units have opted for larger cabover beds instead of lofts. Some owners prefer lofts because they feel like offering more privacy, but the choice always comes down to the individual taste of the RVers.

Also known as 5th wheel bunkhouse floor plans, RVs with this layout can be bigger or smaller, suitable for a big family or a couple. Even smaller bunkhouse fifth wheelers have at least two bunk beds.

Example: Winnebago Minnie Plus 29MBH

Minnie Plus from Winnebago is a nice example of a bunkhouse fifth wheel. It is a 33-foot and 9-inch long unit that features all of the amenities you would have expected from this line.

5th wheel camper floor plans
Winnebago Minnie Plus 29MBH Floor Plan

Some nice interior features, including an electric fireplace in the living room area and oversized counter space in addition to the large appliances such as an oven and refrigerator. The master bedroom has a queen bed, a connected bathroom, and enough storage.

For easy cleaning, there is a water sprayer on the outside. If you like to sit outdoors, the awning has LED lights and speakers.

Center Kitchen Floor Plan

One of the most popular and convenient 5th wheel layouts is the one where the kitchen is central to the RV. With this layout, you’ll have extra room to work on the kitchen area as well as put away dishes. It’s a good layout for traveling with a family because the extra space allows more room to store and carry out various activities by your family members.

The design of these fifth wheel floor plans revolves around the rear entertainment center. Such a leisure zone is ideal for watching games or hanging out with friends. Since the kitchen is right beside, the snack time won’t be over.

Example: 2020 Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLS

The master bedroom in this fifth wheel has a king-size bed and a master bathroom. You need to pass a hallway to go to the bedroom, which ensures an added privacy.

This van will make you feel like a celebrity on the go! It is perfect for anyone who needs to move around the country or wants to have a home on wheels while traveling in style. It’s spacious.

5th wheel camper floor plans
Keystone RV Sprinter 3341FWFLS Floor Plan

The interior is easy to clean and the electronic touchpad controls the inside lights, air conditioning, microwave, etc. The modern kitchen has advanced appliances and enough counter space for preparing your meals.

Front Living Area Floor Plan

Many people prefer living areas in the front of their fifth wheels, which gives them a better view of the surroundings while traveling on the road. This layout is especially popular with couples who want an RV with a decent kitchen area along with a relaxing living space.

The front entertainment zone usually includes a large TV and multiple seating options. This is ideal whether you want to make it your relaxing cave or a sport for your friends to crash.

Example: Grand Design Solitude 380FL

If you want to take full advantage of 5th wheel RV floor plans, the Grand Design Solitude will be a good option. The 41-feet and 5-inch trailer is ideal for a family trip. With various sleeping arrangements, it can accommodate up to 6 people.

The master bedroom looks luxurious with a queen bed complete with headboard and storage underneath in addition to two closets. A full bathroom makes it a proper bedroom while an LED TV will keep you entertained when you want to spend some alone time here.

5th wheel rv floor plans
Grand Design Solitude 380FL Floor Plan

The kitchen is perfect for a family with a residential-size refrigerator, microwave, built-in oven, sink, island, and a free-standing dinette. The living room is designed for family or friends gathering. It has two tri-fold sofas that can be transformed into bds when needed. A telescoping TV and theater-style seating can make a family movie night entertaining. There’s even an electric fireplace too, so nothing can stop the fun even when it’s cold outside.

There are two awnings outside for you to have a cup of coffee or read a book on a nice evening. Multiple outside storages will accommodate all of your stuff.

Combined Kitchen-Lounge Floor Plan

A popular layout that combines both a kitchen and living area into one. This design is wonderful if you’re trying to save room and still want to cook in your RV. You can use the living area for relaxing or preparing meals. Either way, such fifth wheel floor plans are great for folks who like to be active but also want a nice place to rest.

Example: 2019 Keystone RV Raptor 354

Keystone RV Raptor 354 is a high-end model that is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Features for this fifth wheel include one master bedroom, one bathroom, and adequate sleeping space for 7 people. The kitchen has an oven and a refrigerator. It’s just beside the living space which is complete with recliners and sofas.

5th wheel layouts
Keystone RV Raptor 354 Floor Plan

This model also comes with a conveniently located front bunk which provides more space in the living room. The Keystone RV Raptor 354 can be towed by most midsize trucks and SUVs.

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