Full Time RV Living Tips Every Beginner Must Know

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An RV lifestyle is tempting, especially if you like adventures and traveling to new places. The urge of leaving the ordinary everyday life behind and living closer to nature is also hard to ignore. But full-time RV living is no bed of roses either. You may have to deal with such things that you have not even thought about when living in your home like dealing with a black tank explosion or changing a punctured tire. In this case, some full time RV living tips will help to take preparation for the nomadic life.

More than one million Americans have ditched their home and chosen to lead a life on wheels. Do you want to be one of them? Traveling in an RV full time comes with its unique challenges. You should be prepared for everything and figure out how to overcome the possible hurdles before taking the plunge.

Full Time RV Living Tips: How to Prepare for a Nomadic Lifestyle

Here are some tips for full time RVing when you are a beginner. If you are not sure how to get started or don’t know about things that you will need in that life, use this list as a reference.

Learn to live with less.

Physical preparation is not everything. When you are going to trade a traditional life for an off-the-book life on the road, you will need to take mental preparation. So, the first of the RV living tips should be to learn to live with less.

tips for living in a camper
Be happy with less.

A motorhome has limited space, so it’s necessary to figure out what to keep and what to throw away. Some people have a hard time letting go of things. The RV life will not be easy for you if you are one of them. Keep only those things that will be useful in that minimal lifestyle. For example, you can keep only the absolute necessities in the kitchen as it is smaller and a small cabinet is more practical than a large wardrobe.

Be ready to deal with uncertainty.

Living on the wheels means having an adventure every single day, but not all of them will be fun. And you should be prepared for the worst.

The motorhome can break down in the middle of nowhere. The heating system may not work. The toilet tank could be overflowing. You may need medical attention in a faraway place. Do you know what to do or who to call in these situations? Life is relatively easier when you are living in a campsite. But you have to do everything alone when dry docking in a remote area.

Make a to-do list and work accordingly.

The next of the full time RV living tips is making a list of all the work needs to be done before starting your free life.

Do homework about different types of campers and select one that matches your requirements and budget. Rules for RV camping could vary from state to state. Learn the laws to avoid any legal issues in the future.

Research the campsites of the area where you are going to stay. Learn about their facilities and fees and look for free camping options if possible. Some popular campgrounds and RV parks in the USA are booked out months in advance. Many of them offer concessions at various times of the year. Don’t miss an offer and try to create a flexible itinerary to stay on budget.

You also have to choose a health care policy, a mail service, and arrange for a fixed income for your mobile life.

Also, don’t forget to declutter your home, cancel utilities, and organize a garage sale.

tips for full time rving
Managing personal time will be hard.

Say goodbye to personal space and time.

One of the best tips for living in a camper, especially when you are sharing the space with family members, friends, or your partner.

People need ‘me time’ and ‘me space’ in their lives, but managing it is difficult in a tiny living space. These things become a luxury when you have kids. You cannot even take a day off and go to your friend’s house or have a spa date with yourself.

Make sure you communicate with other members and work out the problems. Brooding over everything will stir up frustrations and lead to arguments.

RV living pitfalls to consider.

Full time RV living tips should also include the cons of this lifestyle. There could be so many problems that you should be aware of. Remember that some troubles may seem overwhelming at first, but you can overcome them by taking preparation in advance and having patience.

Lack of privacy, less physical space, and the sense of isolation could take a toll on your mental health. Also, there could be medical issues, money problems, and other things related to RV households. Some kids may find it overwhelming to adapt to new places and people frequently.

Join RVing Clubs.

Living in an RV full time becomes much easier when you are a member of some RV clubs. These organizations help their members by offering discounts on camp fees, first-hand experiences from veteran RVers, access to different services at discounted prices, and scads of valuable inside scoops.

rv living tips
RV clubs offer discounts on camping.

A few good picks could be Escapees RV Club, Harvest Hosts, Passport America, and Good Sam Club. The last one could be a good choice since they offer various types of discounts on thousands of campgrounds and parks. Harvest Host, on the other hand, allows you to dry dock for free in various farms and wineries. What’s the take here? Just a small annual fee.

There are many other options out there. Do your research and find the ones that suit your needs.

The Bottom Line

Even after hours of research and proper planning, you won’t find everything on your favor while on the road. So, the best full time RV living tips could be the advice of staying flexible, prepared, and having fun.

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