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Like the tiny home movement, full-time RV living took almost no time in becoming popular. Currently, more than one million Americans live in an RV and more and more people are joining the trend with a passion for exploring the country and living a nomadic life.

Full-time RVing is challenging if you don’t get prepared for it. Learning how to prepare for full time RV living will help you to begin this new life in the right way.

How to Prepare for Full Time RV Living

You need to take some important steps before moving into an RV full time. An elaborate planning should include the following five primary actions:

  • Owning an RV with basic amenities
  • Developing the habit of living in a limited space
  • Finding remote work for sustainable finances
  • Taking care of the basic needs for full-time RV living
  • Making RV life easier

A. Getting an RV: Purchasing or Renting

The first step to full-time RV living is owning an RV of the right kind. You can purchase or rent it. Here are some suggestions:

Fix a budget

Understanding the RV budget related to what services and amenities it will offer is an essential task.

Choose the type of RV

Class A and Class C RVs are self-sufficient with all necessary amenities and have fewer regulations but cost much. Travel trailers could be cheap, but there are certain restrictions to follow while on the road. So choose the right type of RV for your needs and budget!

moving into an rv full time
Choose the RV type carefully. Credit: Getty Images

Rent before purchasing

Rent a similar RV type and drive for a month or so. That would give a decent idea and insights before the final purchase.

Decide whether to get a new or used RV

If the budget is higher and you covet the latest luxurious items, gadgets and technologies, purchasing a new RV is the right decision. However, it’s worth noting that RV value depreciates a lot after coming out of the dealer’s shop. Hence, purchasing a pre-owned trailer could be profitable in the long run.

Performing an inspection before closing the deal

A used RV could have several issues that are hard to detect without professional skill. So, appoint a professional to inspect the vehicle before purchasing.

B. Preparing for Living in Tiny Spaces

Living space in an RV is comparably smaller than a conventional home. When thinking about how to prepare for full time RV living, follow these steps:

Sell large household items

Sell furniture and large kitchen appliances to get extra cash in hand.

Get rid of unnecessary things

You can move all your household items to the RV. So, donate or sell the things that you don’t need much.

Sign-up for a storage rental

If there are some items that you don’t want to sell or donate and certain high-sentimental value items in the house, storing them in rental storage is a good idea. However, prepare to pay a monthly rental for such a service.

Selling or renting the home

Before starting the RV life, it is better to sell the house and invest the money in something profitable. Renting out is another option, so you can move back if you decide not to live in the RV anymore. Although, dedicated RV enthusiasts would suggest selling everything and moving into an RV.

Put a hold on new purchases

Don’t make any new purchases except for RV parts and supplies. Live in an RV for a month or two before purchasing new items for entertainment and recreation.

C. Securing a Remote Job to Cover the Expenses

The most challenging question people ask about getting a job to support expenses while living in an RV. Thankfully, there are a lot of fields where remote work is available.

Evaluate the current career

Take a good look into your current career and job responsibilities. If you already own a business, check whether you can transform it into an online business. Otherwise, ask your employer if they’ll allow you to work from home. If not, look for a remote job. It’s necessary to set up a profitable business or secure remote work before stepping into the RV life.

Plan education methods for children

If you have kids and they are at the age of going to school, find out more about state laws and educational curriculum for homeschooling and online classes.

Get an RV Internet system

Having a stable Internet access while on the road is quite challenging. Get a reliable mobile Internet service or opt for RV Internet systems.

D. Taking Care of Basic Requirements

There are a few safety requirements to fulfill before starting a life in an RV. The following are the answers to frequently asked queries regarding how to prepare for full time RV living.

Insuring the RV

Purchase a good insurance policy for the RV, so it covers any accidental damages or theft.

Store RV supplies and spares

Always store enough RV spares and supplies for any repairs while traveling.

Getting one fixed address for postal mails

Redirect all postal mails to a friend or family member’s address or sign-up for a PO Box address. Convert all billings to digital mode.

selling everything and moving into an rv
Get a fixed address. Credit: PxHere

Sign-up for a health insurance plan

It is smart to sign up for personal insurance and a health insurance policy before starting an RV life.

Master RV skills

Get coaching or lessons on necessary skills and repairs before stepping into an RV dwelling.

E. Make RV Life Easier

Once all difficulties are over, an RV dweller can start enjoying the RV life.

Join Clubs of RV Dwellers

To cut down monthly costs, sign up for memberships in campgrounds and RV clubs. Prominent brands like Passport America and Good Sam offer a lot of services for the members.

Get Mobile or Computer Apps for Travel Planning

Install apps on your computer and mobile to get GPS access and navigational support while traveling in an RV.


When you know how to prepare for full time RV living, it becomes easier to make plans. It may seem overwhelming at first but if you have a checklist, everything is manageable at the end.

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