how to reduce rv ac noise

How to Quiet RV AC: The Most Effective Ways

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The air conditioning system in the RV appears to be powered by a jet engine sometimes. Such noise is annoying when you are trying to sleep at night, watch your favorite TV show, or just driver peacefully. How to quiet RV AC? Well, you just have to tighten a few bolts sometimes to reduce the noise. But it could be something more serious.

Dealing with unpleasant noises coming from the AC can cause irritation and frustration during RV travel. Good news is you can easily find out the source of trouble and fix this.

How to Quiet RV AC: The Reasons for RV AC Making Noises

Like other HVAC systems, the air conditioner in the RV too can create all sorts of noises. The sound coming from the clicking compressors and blowing fans is normal, but you should not ignore it too if it sounds louder than usual and maintenance is due.

How to quiet RV AC
The Reasons for RV AC Making Noises

There are a few reasons for the air conditioner on the RV rooftop to make loud noises. How to quiet RV AC? You can quiet the machine easily if you can figure out the source of the turbulence.

Old air conditioner

When the air conditioning system gets too old to repair, it won’t stop making noises even if you repair the damaged parts. The only way to stop the commotion is to replace it with a new unit.

rv air conditioner noise reduction
An old unit could be noisy.

Worn out rubber cushion

Every air conditioning system has rubber cushions for absorbing the vibration of various parts. When these cushions wear out or become hard over time, they cannot take in as much vibration as they were used to. For this reason, the air conditioner starts making noises.

A loose component

A loose nut, bolt, or screw can displace a component and make it create an unusually loud sound. The easy way to fix that is to check the system physically and tighten the loose hardware.

To get all the details and repair methods of the air conditioning system, always refer to the user manual. Take the help of a professional mechanic if you are not highly skilled.

How to Make Your RV Air Conditioner Quieter

There are two ways you can reduce the air conditioner’s sound.

Install an RV AC Silencer Unit

An RV AC silencer can help if the system does not have any problem but is still making a loud sound.

You will find several models from a few brands and the installation does not take more than 15 minutes. A unit can lower the AC’s sound by 8 to 10 decibels that can create a huge difference in restoring silence and serenity inside the RV.

These silencers use thick cotton lining inside the duct system to make sure that the noise is muffled right there.

There is no more choosing between watching TV or keeping the AC on. You can run both of them together and have a restful night’s sleep.

Buy a Quiet RV AC Unit

You will find best RV AC units on the market these days that make significantly less noise than the older models. They use advanced technology to keep the noise level down.

The new 15,000 BTU units make a little noise when they are on. In fact, most new AC models are quieter compared to their older counterparts.

However, a quiet AC unit does not mean that it will be completely silent. You will still hear it running, but the operational sound will be less than other models.

The AC units found in the RVs of Excel RVs and Jaycee are very quiet. These systems use a dual duct system to trap the noise inside the machine.

how to make your rv air conditioner quieter
Some new models are quieter than the old ones.

Useful Tips for RV Air Conditioner Noise Reduction

Following these tips will keep your RV’s AC in good condition and reduce noise (if there is any):

  1. When the AC starts making plenty of noise, the only solution is a thorough diagnosis and do the necessary repairs. If the commotion does not stop after performing regular maintenance, you need to replace either a component or the whole unit.
  2. Older air conditioners are not going to get fixed unless you replace them. One last thing that you can do is check the bushings to see if they are loose.
  3. Dirty or off-balance fan blades could be the culprits too. Clean them and the system will start making less sound.
  4. Another solution to the how to quiet RV AC problem is to lower the fan’s speed from high to low. This is one of the simplest fixes for AC noise reduction.
  5. Greasy ducts can be another reason for AC’s unusual sound. Cleaning or changing them will solve this problem.
  6. Sometimes, restricted airflow makes the AC’s fan create loud noises. In that case, make sure that the registers of the air vent are open.

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