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RV lifestyle is adventurous and minimal but that’s just one side of it. People who like to enjoy their adventure time to the fullest with the amenities of a 5-star hotel. There are plenty of luxury RV resorts that offer all extravagant facilities and comfort along with the essentials, such as full hookups and Wi-Fi.

Top 8 Luxury RV Resorts In the USA

The concept of luxury campgrounds is growing in popularity day by day. The best RV resorts in the USA offer extravagant amenities like jacuzzi, infinity pools, fine dining, spa, concierge service, and more.

Here is a list (following no particular order) of the top 8 RV resorts that will take your camping experience to the next level. They are worthwhile if you are willing to splurge.

1# Pechanga RV Resort | Temecula, California

Undoubtedly, one of the best RV campgrounds in USA. If you are looking for self-indulgence during your vacation, Pechanga is the right destination. Located in Southern California’s wine country, the resort has spas, a heated pool, cabanas, along with many other facilities. Guests also have access to a nearby golf practice compound.

A shuttle service is available for transporting visitors to the nearby facilities, including a casino floor, oyster bar, rooftop lounge, steakhouse, and many more.

2# Normandy Farms | Foxborough, Massachusetts

Looking for a family campsite that does not lack lavish features? Normandy Farms in Massachusetts is here at your service with loads of summertime activities for adults and kids.

For unlimited summer fun, there is a sauna, double jacuzzi, and four swimming pools. Indoor and outdoor games will never let you be bored.

One great feature of this resort is the arrangements for accommodating tent campers and pop-ups besides full-size trailers. If you don’t have your own RV, you can rent a cabin or yurt.

3# Bluewater Key RV Resort | Key West, Florida

One of the most beautiful and feature-filled luxury RV resorts in America. Matching the very nature of Florida, the resort provides facilities for diving, swimming, boating, and fishing.

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To enjoy all the fun the resort has to offer, you need to have at least a 24-foot motorized RV. There are waterfront lots and tiki huts to rent and some of them have private docks with access to the beautiful Saddlebunch Bay. You can rent boat slips too at the community dock.

4# Tiger Run RV Resort | Breckenridge, Colorado

This is one of the best RV parks in America that is open all around the year. Located in the mountain town Breckenridge, this is a top destination for mind-blowing summer and fall activities. There are trails, mountains, and ski facilities besides the breathtaking natural beauty.

The resort has all modern facilities like spas, gym, game room, indoor pool, club room, and more. A common campfire area guarantees a cozy evening with friends and family.

Being close to other mountain towns, it takes a short drive to reach Keystone, Copper, and Frisco. Catch ice fish in the winter or paddle a boat in summer at Dillon Reservoir, which is also very close to the resort.

5# Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort | Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Hilton Head is one of the most well-known and top RV campgrounds in the USA. The well-maintained area is dotted with palms and pines. There’s a beach nearby and some of the lots provide exciting lake views.

One specialty of Hilton Head is the abundance of activities that are not only entertaining but also good for health. You can do qi gong (a kind of martial art) or participate in group bike rides. If these are too fast-paced for you, do crafting, knitting, or yoga.

6# Sea Perch RV Resort | Yachats, Oregon

If you love strolling on the beach and enjoy the natural views of coast side places, this is the resort you should pick. This campground is surrounded by a handful of beautiful sights.

The outdoor activities include hiking inside the rainforest or along the Oregon coast, watching whales in the ocean, and having a relaxed time on the beaches. There’s a lighthouse nearby, which deserved a day trip. If you are a sea lion fan, don’t miss out on the Sea Lions Caves. It’s not only the habitat of wild sea lions but also the largest sea cave in the world.

7# LVM Resort | Las Vegas

Fun and fancy go hand in hand in Las Vegas. So, there’s no doubt that LVM Resort is one of the most luxury RV resorts in the country. If you are into the pleasure-seeking aspects of the notorious city, strip clubs, casinos, and other top-shelf attractions are just minutes away from the resort.

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But would you want to even leave the resort? It is self-sufficient with massage rooms, whirlpools, saunas, indoor pools, one fitness center, and a lounge and bar. Having breakfast at the 50’s style diner will certainly make you nostalgic. The sole problem is that the resort hosts only Class A motorhomes.

8# Zion River Resort | Virgin, Utah

With spectacular views and various luxurious amenities, Zion River Resort is certainly one of the best RV campgrounds in the country. Located beside the Virgin River, the resort offers astounding views of mountains, encircling the whole area.

There are several parks and natural destinations at a close distance from the resort. A day trip to these places, including the Grand Canyon North Rim, will be quite worth your time and money.

Besides the outdoor spots, the resort is fully-packed with modern facilities, such as pools, spas, game rooms, and more. There’s a dog area for people who don’t go anywhere without their furry friend. If you want a little excitement, the resort offers a mining activity that involves searching for gems.


The best luxury RV resorts in the USA are equipped with modern amenities and offer plenty of indoor and outdoor fun activities. Each place has its own unique charm and advantages. So, if you ever want to spend a grand RV vacation, you can choose any of these resorts without a second thought.

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