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Being a nudist and an American at the same time means a complete convenience for you. In the United States, all the states have nude camping spots that allow you to enjoy camping by being intimate with nature.

Hence, you do not have to travel a long way to satisfy your inner naturist. All you need is a complete list of the top nude campgrounds in the USA.

The Etiquette of Staying in Nude Campgrounds

Nude camping encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and be more intimate with nature. Check out these suggestions regarding what you should do and expect to have a better time during camping.

Do in-depth research

Before selecting a campground or resort, spend some time researching your destination. Read reviews of previous campers to know about the quality of services and facilities. Does it require you to be naked all the time or allow clothing sometimes? You should be aware of the rules to avoid any embarrassing situations.

Bring towels

A nude campground may prohibit you from wearing clothes, but towels are more or less allowed. To maintain hygiene, bring at least two towels: one for the pool and one to sit on.

naked camping
Don’t forget about bringing towels.

Don’t forget the sunscreens

Sunscreen is one of the most important items to have when naked camping. Since you will not be wearing any clothes, all parts of your body will be exposed to the hazardous UV rays. Use enough sunscreen to avoid painful sunburn.

Prepare for ‘family social nudity’

You may encounter naturists of all ages in the campground as many nudists start at an early age. Be mentally prepared to avoid any culture shock.

Avoid photography

Most nude campgrounds do not allow any type of photography. It’s better to follow the rules. Even if it’s allowed somewhere, respect the privacy of others, and don’t take their photos.

Best Places for Nude Camping in the USA

In the USA, the popularity of the nudist camping destination is on the rise. We’ve covered the top 4 nude campgrounds that provide the best experience of camping for naturalists. Spending vacation there means collecting some cherishing memories for years to come.

Blue Lake Resort

Because of the adverse weather, the camping season here continues from May to October. The freezing temperature during the rest of the year is not suitable for naked camping.

Nude Resorts
Blue Lake Resort

Blue Lake Resort is not only a member of AANR (American Association of Nude Recreation) but also has a property that receives yearly approval from the authority of the state of Illinois.

This camp offers a myriad of outdoor activities such as volleyball, disc golf, shuffleboard, whirlpool, horseshoes, and more. Amenities like swimming pond, hot showers, dump station are also available here.

Location: Erie, Illinois

Camping Rate for RV: $50 and up

Hidden Lake Resort

The weather and temperature of this campground and RV park are pleasant, thanks to its location in the Florida panhandle (near Pensacola). They also have a flourishing community to be proud of.

Visiting the Hidden Lake Campground gives access to a private beach near Blue Moon Lagoon, a private fishing lake, and adjacent hiking trails. Some of the popular on-site activities are pot lucks, Corn hole, bocce ball, horseshoes, etc.

Nude Campgrounds
Hidden Lake Resort

There are 25 different sites so you can stay away from crowds if you want. Each site has water and electric hookups to ensure the best comfort for the campers.

The policies here aim at providing a safe environment. It confirms that the visitors of this camp can stay dressed or naked according to their comfort. However, the camp authority expects the visitors to be nude whenever possible since it is a nude camp.

Location: Jay, Santa Rosa County, Florida

Camping Rate for RV: $25 and up

Shangri La Ranch

Among the nudist RV community, Shangri La Ranch is a popular name. It offers the most modern amenities among all the entries listed here. It’s located in the north of Phoenix, a popular winter travel trailer getaway.

nude campsites
Shangri La Ranch

This campground consists of multiple pools and a beautiful clubhouse. You can also enjoy the indoor and outdoor games, full-body massage services, and several hiking trails.

Location: New River, Arizona

Camping Rate for RV: $15 and up

Olive Dell Ranch

If you want to get away from the busy city life, Olive Dell Ranch is a perfect choice. This camp lets you take a break from your everyday routine, and has a lot to offer in terms of activities.

Olive Dell Ranch
Olive Dell Ranch

Since the camp is located in Southern California, you will always get sunny weather except for the wintertime. This camp organizes multiple weekly events to encourage community interaction among the campers. However, you can choose to spend the time alone if being social is not your cup of tea.

You can enjoy activities like pot lucks, dance sessions, karaoke nights, and bingo during your stay here. Luxury facilities like Jacuzzi and a pool are available in this nude camp. A cute little restaurant also awaits you where you can enjoy an intimate dinner or a hearty lunch with friends.

Location: Colton, California

Camping Rate of RV: $45 and up

What to Expect and What Not During Nude Camping

nude camping

While visiting a naturist camp, you don’t have to feel extra self-conscious. As everyone there shares the same philosophy, no one will be judging your body. Be confident about your body and naked look you are not an exception there.

Feeling awkward during your first visit is quite normal. Nevertheless, you will realize soon that no one is staring at you. It’s easy to socialize in a nude campground because despite belonging to different age groups and backgrounds, people here have a similar mentality. The campground is the perfect place to cook, party, explore and hang out with people of the same interest.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best campgrounds in the USA for nude camping. Choose the one you find best based on your requirements. Before going camping, make sure to learn the rules of that place and adhere to them to enjoy to the fullest.

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