7 Retro Campers You Have to See Before They’re All Gone

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The best retro campers are about to be gone, so now is the time to buy. The camping industry is in a state of flux and many retro style travel trailers have been discontinued or replaced with modern models.

Camping enthusiasts need not worry though, because some RV manufacturers still keep making retro campers.

7 Retro Campers for Modern Travelers

Since retro-style campers resemble the RVs built before the 1980s, they have a vintage style that many people find appealing.

Some older models may have wood paneling and sleeping lofts but modern campers have modern amenities despite having a retro design.

Here are some models to win your heart with their old-fashioned charm and practicality.

Riverside Whitewater Retro 155XL

Looking at this retro trailer will give you a giddy sense of nostalgia. Within a length of 14 feet and 9 inches, it has enough space for accommodating two people. Plus, you can easily convert the dinette in the front into an extra sleeping space.

The compact unit has a functional kitchen with all modern appliances and a wet/bath shower. Having an 11-gallon freshwater tank and plenty of modern amenities, including cable TV, DVD stereo, power roof vents, and power awning, it could be your true companion for exploring unknown territories.

The unit offers camping enthusiasts an opportunity to experience something new while staying true to vintage camper design.

Winnebago Brave

The Winnebago Brave is a modern-day retro camper. This Class A motorhome features classic styling with modern amenities that make it an ideal camping buddy for outdoor enthusiasts. With everything from the fuel-efficient, easy-to-maneuver engine to its cable TV and DVD stereo system, this unit will be your perfect companion as you explore all corners of America.

retro style travel trailers
A Winnebago Brave. (Credit: Elvis Kennedy / Flickr)

Featuring plenty of storage space in both the front and rear living areas, there’s no need to worry about running out of room when on long or short trips — making them great for family vacations!

There are many features that make the Winnebago Brave stand out from other motorhomes, but one of the most unique is its easy-slide overhead cabinet doors. It also has a StudioLoft bed and a dash console which easily moves between the driver and passenger seats.

Happier Camper HC1

This tiny little bean of a camper is perfect for those who want to explore the country on a shoestring budget. With a comparatively low price (starting from $29,950), this camper could be the lifetime companion of budget travelers.

The HC1 has many features which make it stand out from other retro campers. It has a fuel-efficient engine and maneuvers easily because of its small size. The fiberglass unit mimics the design of a classic egg camper but is highly versatile with a modular structure. There is plenty of room inside to accommodate a variety of gear, including kayaks and motorcycles.

One of this camper’s greatest features is how light it is. Having a dry weight of only 1,100 pounds, you can tow it with a small vehicle quickly and easily.

TAB S Teardrop Camper

The TAB Teardrop isn’t your average retro-style RV unit. Designed after the legendary teardrop trailer, the S model grabs attention with its bullet-shape design and silver polish.

It’s a true “go anywhere” camper because of the lightweight aluminum frame construction. It’s so light that you can tow it with a small vehicle. The camper is great if you love to travel solo or with a partner. A U-shaped dinette converts into a sleeping place for two. Plus, a complete wet bath along with a galley kitchen will set you up for a weekend trip or a few days of camping adventure.

Airstream Bambi

What can make you more nostalgic than an iconic Airstream? The Bambi will remind of those old fashioned campers that used to dominate the camping world during the ’60s and ’70s.

7 Retro Campers You Have to See Before They're All Gone 1
Airstream Bambi will improve your camping experience. Photo: Ben Giesbrecht / Flickr

The Bambi is quite lightweight, thanks to its aluminum construction. It’s perfect for those who want to get away without sacrificing style or comfort. The living quarters are compact but all 4 floor plans have dedicated sleeping space for two people. Another two people can squeeze into the dinette-converted bed. It has a bath with separate shower space, an equipped galley kitchen, and a dedicated lounging space.

Available from 16-foot to 22-foot, towing and maneuvering the camper is quite easy. An SUV is enough to take this silver beauty wherever you want to go. This little retro gem will make you feel good when camping.

Gulf Stream Coach Vintage Cruiser

The Vintage Cruiser has some of the best features and advantages that will change your idea of camping. The exterior design and the red-white color combination are on the money to create a classic, stylish, and practical impression. With 14 floor plans and lengths ranging from 17-feet to 23-feet, you will have plenty of options to choose your perfect camping companion.

Its cozy interior design with warm colors will remind you of the ’60s. It comes equipped with everything you need for cooking or relaxing after a long day spent exploring your surroundings. In a word, this RV offers great value for your money.

Serro Scotty

This is one of those retro campers that make people nostalgic of a bygone era but without sacrificing the modern minimality. This little beauty is only available in the resale market as the company has discontinued the manufacturing. However, during its lifetime from 2007 to 2014, this vintage unit was quite popular and earned a cult following.

old fashioned campers
A cute, little Serro Scotty. Photo: meegan / Flickr

The small trailer weighs nearly 1,350 lbs but has an amazing cargo-carrying ability — around 650 lbs. Serro Scotty is perfect for solo travelers with a pet.


Retro campers are a great option for those who have a soft spot for the old-fashioned RVs or want to recreate their childhood traveling experience. There are not tons of variations but you will find these vintage beauties for everyone — from solo traveling to family vacations.

My personal choice is the Happier Camper HC1 but the Gulf Stream Coach Vintage Cruiser is better for group traveling.

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