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Eating out is always an option in RVing, however, many RVers nowadays still cook their own meals to save cost, whip up the preferred taste, … Once it comes to meal preparation on the road, camper owners may use all sorts of cookware but dishes prove indispensable. 

So you enjoy cooking for yourself and fellow RVers? Then it’s a good idea to add a solid set of RV dishes to the kitchen of your rig. With the best dishes for RV on your rig, you could prepare a wide range of meals while traveling. After filling your stomach with hearty meals, you would be able to get enough energy to take part in various outdoor activities around the clock.

The Basics About RV Dishes

From the outside, RV dishes resemble their residential counterparts but a number of differences exist. For instance, dishes for travel trailers seldom use fragile materials to minimize the odds of breakage in use. To overcome damages to integrity, dishes for RV camping tend to incorporate melamine which allows them to endure hits. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that melamine is not safe for microwaves so RVing enthusiasts need to be careful. 

Benefits of RV dishes

  • Utility: With the same set of dishes, you could serve a lot of things including appetizers, main courses and desserts. That is by all accounts a big plus if you intend to cook multiple recipes as you explore the outdoors. 
  • Cleaning: On average, RV dishes take less time to clean than those for household use. Like cooking but cannot find a free period to do the dishes? In that case, you won’t regret picking up a couple of dishes for camper. 
  • Space: Slim and sleek, travel trailer dishes occupy little space in the interior of RV. Hence, finding fitting spots for RV dishes inside the kitchen of your rig is going to be child’s play. 
  • Aesthetics: Presently, dishes for RV boast countless designs, colors, patterns, … As a result, you should have no trouble getting hold of dishes that match the theme of your rig. 
  • Money: Since RV dishes reach the market at reasonable prices, it’s a breeze to squeeze them into the spending plan. Moreover, it’s worth pointing out that camper dishes don’t break as easily as residential ones. Thus, if you own RV dishes, the number of times you have to buy replacement dishes would be low. 

Different Types Of Dishes

In general, an assortment of dishes for RV exist but it’s possible to split market models using two criteria: size and material. 


  • Dinner Dishes: As the name suggests, dinner dishes usually see use in dinner to serve main course meals like steaks, ribs, gratins, etc. The size of dishes of the type varies between ten and twelve inches. 
  • Dessert/Appetizer Dishes: Optimized for small meals (desserts, appetizers, snacks, …), dessert/appetizer dishes feature a low profile. For most of the time, the size of dishes of the type stays around nine inches. 
  • Bowls: Once it comes to holding soup, salad, pasta and others, bowls outmatch their contemporaries on the market. Current models differ from each other here and there but the size of bowls often fluctuates from 7.8 to 8.5 inches. Overall, bowls with an arch-like design store liquids while those that have a round bottom offer superior access to content. You may want to avoid steep-sided bowls owing to the cumbersome weight and the hassle of carrying them at an awkward angle. 
  • Tumblers (Mugs): Capable of accommodating numerous beverages, tumblers permit RVers to quench their thirst during meal times. Tumblers come in many sizes but they could store between eight and twelve ounces of liquid. In any case, as you shop for tumblers, pay attention to the handle so you don’t end up with unergonomic models. Last but not least, give the circumference some thought because if it’s too narrow, there is a chance that you would smack your nose. 


  • Ceramic: Versatile and flexible, ceramic is one of the most common materials for today’s RV dinnerware. From basic dinners to lavish banquets, ceramic dishes should be able to deal with whatever meals that camper owners have in mind. In addition to that, with the stylish appearance, dishes of the type blend in instead of standing out like a sore thumb inside travel trailer. Naturally, people that care about look hold ceramic in high esteem. 
  • Glass: Available in a multitude of varieties from clear to colored, glass earns a shower of praise for its adaptability. Thanks to the high-temperature tolerance, dishes made from glass withstand heat with relative as well. Hence, RVers could serve hot meals on dishes of the type and that is advantageous in outdoor cooking.  Besides that, since glass is dishwasher-safe, cleaning glass dishes is a piece of cake. 
  • Melamine: From the outside, melamine resembles ceramic but it’s lighter which leads to excellent handling characteristics. Furthermore, melamine is capable of surviving a lot of physical impacts intact. As a result, even if dropped from heights, melamine dishes won’t break into pieces. That being said, dishes of the type and microwaves don’t mix well so it’s best to only use them to serve meals. 
  • Clay: Easy to use and simple to manipulate, clay gives a good account of itself in quite a few settings. Unsurprisingly, RVing enthusiasts that desire no-nonsense cookware think highly of clay dishes. Interestingly, as clay is less prone to scratches than other materials, dishes made from clay excel at preserving appearance over time. With clay dishes, you could spend less time on cookware maintenance and more time on traveling. 
  • Disposable: Dishes that integrate disposable materials (paper, plastic, wood, …) don’t last as long as others. The temperature tolerance of disposable dishes is also mediocre, thus, they cannot serve hot meals. However, dishes of the type help people eliminate the need to do the dishes and save time for more pressing matters. Additionally, disposable dishes cost little so there is no need to recalculate the budget to stock up on disposable dishes. 

The Best Dishes for your RV, Camper and trailers

The differences in preferences mean the RV community is at odds regarding the best dishes for RV camping. Still, if you like to get your money’s worth, it’s strongly recommended that you check out these models. 

1. Marjoy Melamine Dinnerware Set – Best Overall

Marjoy Melamine  Dinner Dishes Set for Camper, Break-resistant, RV Use
Check prices and reviews

Key Features: 

  • Number of pieces: 12 
  • For: 4 
  • Melamine
  • Stackable 
  • Lightweight 

Why It’s The Best Overall RV Dish:

Engineered from the ground up for RVing, Marjoy Melamine Dinnerware Set is a must-have for fans of cooking that embrace the RV lifestyle. Integrating melamine, this set of dishes could survive drops which is a big plus on the road. In addition to that, thanks to the stylish pattern, it’s capable of supplementing numerous themes inside the interior of RV. Needless to say,  this set earns a shower of praises from articles that review the best dishes for RV camping on the market.

Consisting of four dinner plates, four salad plates and four bowls, the dish set made by Marjoy serves most meals for four with relative ease. Therefore, our testers like using it for family trips that involve a small number of people. It’s worth pointing out that since this set of dishes is dishwasher-safe, cleaning it is a walk in the park. If you hate doing the dishes, it’s widely recommended that you add this set to your shortlist. 

Available at a reasonable price, Marjoy Melamine Dinnerware Set suits the shopping budget of the average RVing enthusiast. On arrival, it comes alongside a one-month warranty that brings peace of mind as well.


  • Inexpensive 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Cleaning is a cinch


  • A couple of inconsistencies exist between dishes 
  • Delivery service is less than ideal 

2. Gibson Home 94893.12 – Best Value

Laurie Gates Mauna Round Melamine Dinnerware Set
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Key Features: 

  • Number of pieces: 12 
  • For: 4 
  • Damage-resistant 
  • Multipurpose 
  • BPA-free

Why It’s The Best Value RV Dish:

Boasting damage-resistant dishes and bowls, Gibson Home 94893.12 is one of the top RV dinnerware sets for full-time RVing. With this dish set onboard, camper owners don’t bother with picking up dish replacements for a long time. Moreover, as a multipurpose model, it gives a good account on quite a few occasions from family gatherings to social get-togethers. The vibrant color of this set of dishes for RV camping adds a nice touch to dining tables on travel trailer too.

While 94893.12 utilizes heavyweight melamine, its handling remains excellent so our testers have an easy time moving it from spot to spot. Once the dishes get dirty, Gibson suggests that RVers wash its set by hands but feel free to use the dishwasher if you have one. In terms of storage, since it takes up minimal space in the kitchen, squeezing its pieces to the interior is child’s play. Unsurprisingly, those that care about space conservation deem dishes of this set as some of the best dishes for RV camping in its price range. 

The dish set of Gibson Home is a budget-friendly model, hence, people could include it in the spending plan without much difficulty. This set shows up ready-to-use so you may serve meals on its dishes as soon as you get them out of the packaging. 


  • Cheap
  • High endurance 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 


  • Quality control could use some work 
  • RVers complain about getting damaged dishes 

3. Gianna’s Home 4335480175 – Editor’s Choice

Gianna's Home 12 Piece Rustic Farmhouse Melamine Dinnerware Set
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Key Features: 

  • Number of pieces: 12 
  • For: 4 
  • Indoor and outdoor 
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Gray 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Tired of replacing fragile dishes for RV that break even after the shortest of drops? In that case, you have to spare a bit of your time to see what Gianna’s Home 4335480175 could do. Owing to the integration of high-quality melamine, this set of dishes would resist a wide range of physical impacts. Additionally, made for indoor and outdoor use, it’s able to ensure exposure to man-made products as well as elements for years to come. 

Regarding the ability to accommodate food, the camper dish set of Gianna’s Home contains enough pieces to serve four people at the same time. Thus, with it onboard, our testers never have trouble serving meals in small-party camping for most of the time. Interestingly, since this set is dishwasher-safe, we could let the dishwasher take care of the cleaning after mealtime which saves significant time and effort. Last but not least, possessing compact construction, it won’t displace other essential items in the kitchen of RV owners. 

To reassure customers, Gianna’s Home backs its dish set with a one-month warranty. If your dishes fail due to manufacturing defects within the warranty period then you may claim replacements free of charge. 


  • Resilient 
  • No-nonsense storage 
  • Simple to clean


  • Reports of distortion appear now and then 
  • Packing is mediocre 

4. Craft & Kin 8541932726

Melamine Plates Ideal Camping Dish Set
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Key Features: 

  • Number of pieces: 12 
  • For: 4 
  • Pure melamine
  • Plates and bowls 
  • Wood grain 

Why We Love It:

Unlike some of its contemporaries that cut corners to cut down cost, Craft & Kin 8541932726 only use pure melamine that guarantees fantastic performance on the road. Besides that, in spite of the size, dishes of the set happen to be some of the leading lightweight dishes for RV money can buy. As a result, the portability of this dish set is superior to that of the average models. It’s noteworthy that the wood grain pattern of dishes of this set is well-received by nature-loving RVers around the globe.

Designed for use by four people, it’s among the best dishes for RV camping that involve families of RVers. In use, the Craft & Kin set is capable of serving meals of variable properties so our testers could prepare recipes. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, this set of camper dishes is going to handle everything with relative ease. Finally, as it’s a budget model, we don’t have to cut down spendings to afford this set of dishes and that is advantageous. 

For safety, 8541932726 is free of BPA (Bisphenol A) so it should cause no harm to the health of RVing enthusiasts. That being said, since this set is not microwave-safe, it’s best to keep its dishes away from microwaves. 


  • Tough 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Second to none adaptability 


  • A number of dishes show up discolored 
  • Hardly adequate customer service 

5. Stansport Store Camping Tableware Set

STANSPORT - Deluxe 24-Piece Enamel Tableware Set
Check prices and reviews

Key Features: 

  • Number of pieces: 24
  • For: 4 
  • Double-coated blue-glazed enamel
  • Metal
  • All-inclusive 

Why We Love It:

Being an all-inclusive model, Stansport Store Camping Tableware Set is a popular choice for those who lack time to assemble cookware piece-by-piece. With bowls, plates, cups, knives, forks and spoons, this set allows RVers to serve meals at any time while traveling. In addition, constructed from metal, pieces of this dish set is able to weather an assortment of abuses over time. The double-coated blue-glazed enamel also permits it to blend in so there is no need to worry too much about miscoordination inside rigs. 

To make things easy for RVers, Stansport Store engineers its set of unbreakable dishes for RV to be dishwasher-safe. Because of that, our testers simply need to throw pieces on the table into the dishwashers as they clean up. Aside from that, this dish set requires little care so keeping it in good condition is a piece of cake. As long as we remember to store it in a dry spot, this set is going to remain in top shape for a long time. 

Introduced to the market at a price that most RVers could accept, Stansport Store Camping Tableware Set receives quite a few compliments for its affordability. Upon purchase, this dish set is accompanied by a one-year warranty that puts RVers at ease. 


  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Sturdy 
  • A breeze to manipulate 


  • Certain sets arrive incomplete 
  • People sometimes notice enamel peeling 

6. Yinshine Store Camping Dinnerware Set

Melamine Camping Dinnerware Set
Check prices and reviews

Key Features: 

  • Number of pieces: 12
  • For: 4 
  • BPA-free
  • Rustic 
  • Dishwasher-safe 

Why We Love It:

Though it’s just an entry-level model, Yinshine Store Camping Dinnerware Set remains a solid model that works well in a multitude of settings. By making use of melamine, this set of camper dishes won’t get compromised by high temperatures and physical impacts. Moreover, since it’s light, RVers seldom have to do much to relocate its dishes. Hence, travel trailer owners that emphasize the portability of cookware in the outdoors usually hold this set in high esteem. 

In terms of aesthetics, the rustic look of the RV dish set made by Yinshine supplements the theme of RV. That is why our testers don’t have to bother with the interior redecoration as they bring this set onboard. Noteworthily, it consists of four dinner plates, four salad plates and four bowls so its serving capacity is adequate for travel that involves small parties. Finally, free of BPA, this set features some of the best dishes for RV camping once it comes to safety. 

About cleaning, as Yinshine Store Camping Dinnerware Set is dishwasher-safe, cleaning its dishes is a straightforward process that concludes in a matter of moments. The compactness of dishes of this set means finding space to store them inside today’s RV is a snap. 


  • Space-saving
  • Quick shipping 
  • Tip-top servicing capacity 


  • Quality control still leaves something to be desired 
  • The surface of particular dishes flakes 

7. Preserve Store Tableware Set

Preserve, Everyday Tableware Set
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Key Features: 

  • Number of pieces: 12
  • For: 4 
  • Recycled plastic 
  • For repeated use
  • No food slipping

Why We Love It:

You have been looking for environmentally friendly dishes with no harmful chemicals in the composition? Then there is a chance that you would come to like Preserve Store Tableware Set. Made from recycled plastic, Preserve Store Tableware Set is the best dinnerware for RV that eco-conscious RVing enthusiasts could add to their travel inventory. Additionally, it’s free of BPA too which is why camper owners with health concerns may use its dishes to serve all sorts of meals. 

Regarding the pieces, the Preserve Store set of dishes for travel trailer contains four plates, four bowls and four cups. As a result, our testers could use this set to serve meals as well as beverages in times of need. One interesting thing about it is that since its plates integrate textures, food slipping is less than an issue. The texture of the plates is good at hiding utensil marks too so the aesthetics of this set scores well in a lot of reviews. 

As Preserve Store Tableware Set costs mere dozens of dollars, you don’t have to worry about overspending as you pick it up. Pieces of this dish set hold together as time passes by, thus, the expense for dish replacement should drop. 


  • Nature-oriented 
  • Easy to store 
  • Rugged 


  • Several people report white stains on the dishes after washing 
  • Kind of small 

8. Aidio Store Dinnerware Set 

Dishes set ,Break-resistant, Unbreakable, Dishwasher Safe, Indoor Outdoor Use
Check prices and reviews

Key Features: 

  • Number of pieces: 12
  • For: 4 
  • Break-resistant 
  • Lightweight 
  • For all occasions 

Why We Love It:

Made with break resistance in mind, Aidio Store Dinnerware Set is able to remain intact even as it experiences impacts directly. That means RVing enthusiasts could escape the hassle of cleaning up broken dishes and save money at the same time. Furthermore, the size and shape of pieces in this dish set help conserve space inside the kitchen of RV for most of the time. To owners of small rigs, it’s among the best dishes for RV camping available for purchase on the market. 

The solid pattern of the set of Aidio suits various atmospheres so our testers could use it on all occasions. While this set only features standard pieces (dinner plates, dessert plates and salad bowls), it still lets us serve meals of four with relative ease. About cleaning, since it’s compatible with many top-shelf dishwashers, cleaning its pieces is a walk in the park. As this set of dishes is stackable, it’s a breeze to move its pieces around the interior of camper. 

With a composition free of BPA, Aidio Store Dinnerware Set possesses a clean safety record and that is reassuring. In the case that RVers send a complaint, the customer service of Aidio is going to respond within a day. 


  • Cheap 
  • Outstanding aesthetics 
  • Portability is excellent 


  • Not microwave-safe
  • Unbalance wear and tear 

9. Coleman 2000016407

Coleman 24-Piece Enamel Dinnerware Set
Check prices and reviews

Key Features: 

  • Number of pieces: 24
  • For: 4 
  • Silverware kit
  • Red speckled
  • Double-fired enamel

Why We Love It:

Possessing everything that camper owners require for meal preparation on the road, Coleman 2000016407 seldom fails to satisfy cooking demands. With plates, bowls and tumblers made from double-fired enamel, this set is capable of serving full-course meals at a moment’s notice. In addition to that, it’s accompanied by a silverware kit consisting of forks, spoons, and knives. That is why with it onboard, RVers don’t have to spend too much time whipping meals for four people. 

Since pieces of the set made by Coleman weigh little, our testers have no trouble manipulating them inside their rig. Also, despite the slender construction, this dish set for RV could handle abuses in use which lead to sublime longevity. Unsurprisingly, those that have few opportunities to replace cookware think of its dishes as the best dinnerware for RV living. Though this set of dishes costs a bit more than its competitors, the values it offers justify the price tag. 

As for cleaning, RVers may clean 2000016407 by hands to be through but they always have the option of tossing its pieces into the dishwasher. As this set dries quickly out in the open, people never have to wait long to load its pieces back to the cupboard. 


  • Durable 
  • Great handling 
  • All-inclusive 


  • Complaints about sets appearing damaged on arrival appear from time to time 
  • Pricey 

10. IKEA Dinnerware Set

IKEA 36-piece Dinnerware Set
Check prices and reviews

Key Features: 

  • Number of pieces: 36
  • For: 6
  • Polypropylene
  • Microwave and dishwasher-safe
  • stackable

Why We Love It:

Able to accommodate up to six people simultaneously, IKEA Dinnerware Set is a good buy for RVers that hit the road in slightly large parties. Incorporating polypropylene, this set of dishes could endure years of rough use and still stay in top shape. Moreover, as it consists of microwave-safe camping dishes, RVers don’t have to think twice before loading this set along with food into microwaves. Naturally, it’s popular among those that hate changing cookware from time to time throughout meal preparation. 

Our testers appreciate the stackable nature of the set from IKEA as that allows them to conserve space. By going for this set, we avoid the need to turn the kitchen upside down to squeeze in the necessary cookware. Aside from that, it also included a number of kid-friendly features: high edge plates, knives with serrated edges, etc. That is why this dish set proves popular among those that travel with children and have to pick up proper cookware. 

The microwave-safe dishes for RV of this set accept both hand-washing and machine-washing. In the case that you want to take advantage of your dishwasher as you do the dishes, you should grab this set. 


  • Budget-friendly 
  • Compact 
  • Marvelous compatibility with microwaves/dishwashers


  • Some sets show up with missing pieces 
  • RVers notice burnt food occasionally 

RV Dish Considerations

Not everyone looks for the same thing in dishes but to make a wise investment, you should keep the criteria down below in mind. 


It’s ill-advised to treat cookware roughly but you don’t want to spend money on dishes that fall apart after sustaining light hits. Because of that, while assessing dishes on the market, you must treat durability as a priority. Usually, by taking a look at material, you could determine how well particular models hold together as time passes by. Nonetheless, for good measure, you should read a couple of customer reviews to see what other RVers say about dishes you like. 


In layman’s terms, the dimensions of a dish dictate the amount of stuff that it’s capable of handling in use. The bigger the dishes, the higher the quantity of food you would be able to serve during mealtime. In the case that you just need to cook for several people, feel free to settle for standard dishes. On the other hand, if you travel in a large party, it’s suggested that you stick to big models as you shop for dishes. 

Ease Of Cleaning 

Unless you hit the road with only disposable dishes, you have to clean your dishes for further use in the future. To avoid losing too much time and effort doing the dishes, you should give ease of cleaning some thought. In most of the cases, the cleaning process of dishwasher-safe dishes for travel trailer is shorter than that of ordinary models. However, to stay on the safe side, it’s strongly recommended that you read cleaning instructions of the dishes before committing to the purchase. 

The 10 Best RV Dishes For RV To Buy In 2022 1


Since you use dishes to serve meals, it’s widely advised that you take composition into account. For your information, quite a few manufacturers use harmful chemicals to cut down the cost of dishes which puts the health of customers in harm’s way. Therefore, if you plan to buy the best dishes for RV camping money can buy, it’s imperative to grasp the importance of composition beforehand. In addition, you have to check whether the composition of the dishes would change once exposed to heat, water, grease and so on. 


  • $20 – $40: While they don’t have exceptional qualities, dishes in the range still work well in a lot of roadside meals. Moreover, as they cost nothing, dishes that with price tags between $20 and $40 prove popular among RVers who cannot spend big bucks on cookware. 
  • $40 – $60: Able to adapt to various demands at a moment’s notice, dishes in the range receive numerous compliments from RVers. You desire a no-nonsense set of dishes that let you whip up all sorts of recipes? Then you should stick to models that cost from$40 to $60. 
  • Above $60: As high-end models, dishes in the range seldom fail to please RVing enthusiasts in use. Despite being pricey, models with price tags exceeding $60 last for years so they help save money in the long run. 

FAQs About RV Camping Dishes

What kind of dishes are best for an RV?

All in all, today’s RV owners have multiple opinions about the best RV dishes available for purchase. That being said, if you like to get the most out of your money, prioritize models with strength. RVing is not always smooth-sailing so it’s a good idea to stock up strong dishes that could handle vibration without giving out. Furthermore, for ease of convenience, you may want to keep an eye out for microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe dishes. 

What is the best way to store dishes in an RV?

Regarding dish storage in RV, more than one way exists but to be thorough, you should check out the following tips and tricks.

Secure the dishes before moving: Loose dishes cause many problems when the rig is in motion. At best, loose dishes would slide against each other as well as surrounding surfaces which lead to scratches. At worst, loose dishes could slip out, hit the floor and break into pieces. Hence, prior to heading out, it’s essential to hold your dishes in place using baskets, rods, organizers, etc. 
Place a number of coasters: As you arrange the dishes on your rig, you need to slide in coasters here and there. The coasters not only reduce the vibration that reaches the dishes but also keep the dishes from scratching each other. 
Consider the ventilation of storage: After washing the dishes, you should be able to remove the majority of leftover water by wiping the dishes with a piece of cloth. Still, air circulation inside the dish storage remains an issue that requires special attention. If you store the dishes in a location with poor ventilation, moisture is going to accumulate and encourage the growth of mold. Because of that, take a bit of time to deduce the ideal spot for dish storage in the interior.  

How to know if a dish is microwave safe?

Microwave-safe dishes usually feature a label that indicates their compatibility with microwaves so you just have to look for the label. If you fail to find any label on your dishes, there is a test you can try: pour water into a microwave-safe cup. Next, place the cup on the dish you want to test, put both of them into your microwave and turn the appliance on for one minute. After one minute passes, turn off the microwave then see how things turn out.
If the dish is warm and the water in the cup is cold, the dish is not microwave-safe
If the dish is cool and the water in the cup is warm, the dish is microwave-safe

Are melamine dishes safe?

To put it plainly, you could safely serve food on melamine dishes but you should refrain from microwaving food on melamine dishes. As long as you only use melamine dishes to serve food, you have nothing to worry about. 

Can you serve hot food on melamine?

While some melamine could get into food at high temperatures, the amount is lower than what FDA (Food and Drug Administration) considers unsafe. Thus, it’s possible to serve hot food on melamine dishes in times of need. Nonetheless, as a precaution, you should prioritize melamine dishes from reputable brands.

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