11 Fantastic IKEA Furniture for Your RV to Add Affordable Flair

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No home furnishing company sparks joy in the hearts of interior design enthusiasts quite like IKEA. Known for their affordability, widespread furniture options, and sleek minimalist designs that seem to go with any space, IKEA has quite the reputation. While most consumers are buying their furniture for use in a traditional home or apartment, RVers should not miss out! IKEA has plenty of selection for the traveling nomad looking to spice up their rig.

Let’s check out 11 pieces of IKEA furniture that will work wonders at transforming your RV’s living space.

Adding IKEA Furniture for Functionality

Every seasoned RVer knows that utilizing the space in your rig is an ongoing journey. There always seems to be just a few more square feet of usable space that you can squeeze something into! 

This is where IKEA comes in handy. With a product catalog of thousands of items, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits nicely. With so many diverse products, expanding the storage in your camper has never been easier.

Advantages of Using IKEA RV Furniture

IKEA gets it right. Compared to other furniture options, there are a variety of benefits:

  • Lightweight: This is crucial to an RV. IKEA makes exceptionally light furniture, and although they’re made of lower quality products, it’s tough to beat when it comes to RVing.
  • Affordability: IKEA takes a quantity over quality approach to their selection, and with that comes inexpensive furniture. You won’t find luxurious antique sofas, but you will find something that’ll fit the bill.
  • Availability: Nearly every piece of furniture you can dream of can be purchased from IKEA.

Convenient IKEA Kitchen Furniture for RV Owners

If you have any extra space on your RV kitchen countertop, consider a tucked-away utensil holder to house all of your larger cooking instruments. Instead of wasting precious space in your drawers, you can easily keep everything right in arm’s reach. 

Every seasoned home chef knows that cooking involves lots of movement – even in a tiny home! From ingredient grabbing and spice selection, and from chopping to sauteing, you likely find yourself bouncing around the entire kitchen when it comes to mealtime. If you have the space, a compact kitchen cart on wheels can do wonders for your productivity. 

These carts have ample storage space underneath for your favorite pantry items, while also giving you extra counter space for food preparation. When you’re ready to bring the raw ingredients to the stove, simply roll the cart over.

If there are just one or two people in your travel trailer, consider ditching a bulky dinette for a compact drop leaf table. These tables are wall-mounted and easily fold up when not in use. You can easily remove your existing table and install this lightweight fixture in its place, leaving you with tons of extra floor space. 

Add in a few swivel barstools and you’ll have yourself a functional and discreet dining room table. Bonus points if you use it as a desk!

With so many states passing laws surrounding plastic bag usage, this may not be as applicable as it once was, but it’s still a great idea! Reimagine the use of your kitchen drawers and add a shopping bag dispenser to one of your lower cabinets. There’s always a use for these bags – from dog cleanup to makeshift trashcan liners – and keeping them organized is always a struggle.

RV Renovation Bathroom Ideas With IKEA

5. Corner Shelf Unit for Shower

Bathrooms in tiny homes and RVs are small. If you’re like most people, you barely have space for all of your toiletries in storage, so how on earth will you fit all of that stuff into your shower? It’s easy when you purchase a lightweight shower organizer. 

There’s a variety of IKEA items that’ll work, but our favorite is a corner shelf unit. Since most RV showers all involve perpendicular walls, you don’t even have to measure to have this installed.

Does your family have to constantly search for their bath towel? Many times, there’s no other option but to leave them folded up in storage. That is until you make one of the best bathroom purchases – a swivel bar! This towel rack is conveniently mounted flush against the wall and allows you to swing it out when being used. With enough room for the whole family, every towel will be dry and ready to go when you need it.

7. Makeup Organizer Drawer

Connoisseurs of makeup need a place to keep all of their products. IKEA has lightweight plastic chests with shelving inside for all of your needs. These chests can be easily kept underneath the sink or in a storage cabinet to massively save space.

Living Space Enhancements

Having enough beds in your particular RV can always be a challenge. This is especially the case if you have family camping trips or lots of friends over. 

Considering removing your existing RV couch and replacing it with a comfy sleeper sofa. Your guests and children will be thrilled at never having to curl up and sleep on a cramped piece of RV furniture ever again.

9. Furnish With Unique Cushions

There’s no better way to add personality to your RV than by decorating it with some individualized back cushions. Add some flair and pick out colors that accentuate the rest of your RV. You can add these to any seat for extra comfort such as your dining room chairs, your couch, or bed.

If you were to ask any RVer what the most convenient item to store is, they’d likely answer shoes! Every person using the trailer is going to have multiple pairs of shoes, and this can quickly eat up available space. The worst solution is simply leaving them at the entranceway of the RV.

IKEA makes a clever organizing cabinet for your entire family’s shoe collection. This furnishing snuggly fits up against the wall so that you hardly even notice it in your camper. 

Every item in a travel trailer has to have a dual purpose. One of the best ways to furnish your living area as a stationary RVer is by adding a modular coffee table. 

IKEA makes an excellent product that provides ample storage underneath the tabletop, while also providing a clever workspace that can be arranged to fit your needs. With just a few motions, you can quickly transform the table into a desk that comes right up to the sofa to make a convenient office.

IKEA Furniture Makes a Great Addition to Any RV

Running out of ideas on how to renovate and decorate your RV? Look no further than IKEA. This retailer has nearly everything you need to revamp your living space, increase functionality, and maximize the budget. You’d almost think they catered exclusively to RVers! 

Check out their collection and browse from the countless furniture options to find your next inspiration.

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