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RV Jack stands. Without a doubt, one of the most integral RV accessories. Anyone that has spent a decent amount of time traveling or living in an RV knows just how annoying the swaying movement of an unstabilized RV can be.

And while most of the newer RV models have built-in  jack stands, or stabilizers as they are sometimes referred to, many of the older RVs on the market come jack stand free.

If you want to quickly check out my favorite overall RV Jack Stand , then you will be looking for the Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer Jack Kit with Black Waterproof Switch Kit, but it does not come cheap!  

So no matter if you are looking for the best RV jack stand for maintenance work, or for stabilizing your vehicle while parked, today’s round-up has you covered!

Powerbuilt 3 Ton All-in-One Hydraulic Bottle Jack and Jackstand in One Unit, Compact, Wide Base, 11-...Powerbuilt 3 Ton All-in-One Hydraulic Bottle Jack and Jackstand in One...6000 lbsNOBest Overall All-In-One Jack StandSee Latest Price
Set 4 LIBRA 9K lb Heavy Duty 24' RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks w/Dual Power Drill...Set 4 LIBRA 9K lb Heavy Duty 24" RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor...7500 lbYESBest for Larger RVsSee Latest Price
EAZ LIFT 48860 Telescopic Jack, (Pack of 2)EAZ LIFT 48860 Telescopic Jack, (Pack of 2)6000 lbsNOBest Tripod Jack StandSee Latest Price
Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer Jack Kit with Black Waterproof Switch Kit (298707)Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer Jack Kit with Black...Not StatedYESBest Overall High-End OptionSee Latest Price
Camco Olympian Aluminum Jack Stands, Support up to 6,000 lbs, Pack of 4 ( 44560)Camco Olympian Aluminum Jack Stands, Support up to 6,000 lbs, Pack of 4 (...6000 lbsNOBest Budget OptionSee Latest Price

1. Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack – Best All-In-One Jack Stand

The Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack may be a bit of a mouthful, but let me tell you that this all-in-one unit is not only worth the money, it’s perhaps my favorite unit on the market right now!

Although it is the only option on today’s list sold as a singular unit and not in a pair or even quad setup, this super versatile unit can be used in so many situations that it really did have to sit at the top. 

Be aware that you will need to purchase at least 2 of these units though, so if that is an issue there are other options below.

Although this a bulky unit (22 lbs), it will handle most RVs with ease when in a pair or quad set up. And you should take into account that this weight includes the jack and stand together!

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 1

The overall build quality is exceptional, with the complete unit being made from high strength metal which has been powder coated to safeguard against any corrosion issues.

The wide, flat footprint means that you won’t need to use jack pads for most surfaces, and the locking pin is as robust and tough as we have come to expect from any jack stand. They have included added security through the implementation of a convenient locking handle which I always like to see.


  • All-in-one unit removes the need for a separate jack.
  • Wide, flat base that helps eliminate sinking.
  • High quality build materials.


  • Heavy.
  • Sold as a single unit.

2. LIBRE Heavy Duty 24″ RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks – Best for Larger RVs

Got a big old rig? One that doesn’t have any stabilization system pre-installed? 

Say hello to the LIBRE Heavy Duty 24″ RV Trailer Stabilizer Leveling Scissor Jacks!

Sold as a pair rated for 7500 lbs, these units can be quickly and easily installed directly to the frame of your RV with the included self tapping mounting screws and matching 9/16″ socket, or by welding them directly onto the chassis itself!

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 2

Since 2006 LIBRE have been producing top quality RV jack stands, and are constantly striving to create better, more innovative products. This is their 6th generation of RV jack stands, with each new generation building off the last. No surprise that they are now one of the top producers of stands and stabilizers in the USA.

I love the included 3/4″ hex magnetic socket that makes raising or lowering the jack stand a breeze. Just secure the socket into any drill and you will have your RV off the ground in next to no time. 


  • Can handle almost any sized rig.
  • Full kit included.
  • Can be used as a portable jack.
  • Easy to fit and install for permanent operation.
  • Built to last.


  • Heavy, but that’s no issue if you permanently attach them to the frame.

3. EAZ LIFT 48860 Telescopic Jack – Best Tripod Jack Stand

It says it all in the name. The EAZ LIFT tripod jack stands are just that – easy! The simple tripod design guarantees strength, while keeping the unit uncomplicated to travel with and straight forward to adjust. Not much more you can ask for from an RV jack stand if you ask me!

I would always suggest grabbing a few sets of budget jack pads to go along with any jack stands that feature thinner legs, and that’s definitely the case here. These types of legs work just fine on solid surfaces, but as soon as you are on softer ground the pads become invaluable .

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 3

Although the specs say the EAZ LIFT can extend all the way up to 30 inches I would stick to no higher than 27 inches or so, as there can be some losses in stability at the full height. 

The build quality is about as good as it gets. The sturdy and rugged steel alloy frame has been fully powder coated for the best corrosion protection available, and the inner tube has been zinc plated to increase the tensile strength of the unit. 


  • Built to last.
  • Well priced.
  • Versatile and easy to use.
  • Easy to store.


  • Will need a set of jack pads for softer ground.

4. Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer Jack Kit with Black Waterproof Switch Kit – Best Overall High-End Option

If you are looking for the very best, most convenient (once installed) RV jack stand then look no further. The Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer Jack Kit really does have it all.

Now, just to be upfront from the beginning, you will most likely need to purchase two of these. And let me tell you, they are not cheap by any means. But they are also not totally out of the price range of most RV enthusiasts either, and they are for sure worth the money!

The construction materials of heavy gauge steel alloy with a full powder coat finish mean that you won’t have to worry about this unit corroding or breaking anytime soon, and it comes with a full one year warranty for peace of mind. 

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 4

Installation is relatively straightforward, and once the unit is in place you honestly never have to worry about leveling or stabilization again. Simply flip the switch on the controller and within less than 3 minutes your rig will be totally secure. Every leg works independently from the rest of the setup, meaning that uneven terrain is easy work.

There’s not much you can ask for from a jack stand and leveling unit, so if you have the money to spend then i can’t recommend this one higher!


  • Can be used on softer ground.
  • Reduces mid chassis sag.
  • Waterproof and rugged.
  • Each leg works independently.
  • Easy installation.
  • One button operation.


  • Expensive.
  • Sold separately.

5. Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks 4 Pack – Best Budget Option

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 5

There is no doubt in my mind that the Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks 4 Pack is the best deal on the market right now. Coming in at less than $40 (that’s less than $10 a stand), it truly is a pretty crazy deal! 

Sure, the lift range is lower than some of the other options, and there is no powder coating to help guard against rusting. But at this price point how much can you expect? Camco have delivered an awesome product at a ridiculous price, and when paired with a set of jack pads they can be used in almost any circumstance with pretty much any RV!

So, what else do these budget friendly stabilizers have going for them?

A few things actually!

They weigh less than half of the next lightest option on today’s list, but that weight difference is not indicative of a lack of strength. The Camco Olympian Aluminum Stack Jacks are capable of holding heavy loads, and the aircraft -grade aluminum will last years, even without proper powder coating. 

Operation could not be more simple, and they are the smallest unit featured today which helps anyone trying to squeeze another RV accessory into an already crowded space. 

For the price, there is really no reason not to grab a set of these as a back up. I use mine more often than I was expecting, and I am sure you will too!


  • Budget friendly.
  • 4 packs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Camco is one of the most trusted brands.
  • Rugged, robust, and lightweight.


  • No corrosion resistant coating.

RV Jack Stands Buying Guide

Unfortunately, RV jack stands are not a “one size fits all” affair. There are several key factors that need to be considered before you decide, so let’s have a bit more of an in-depth look at all the important specifications to think about.

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 6

Weight and Size

Knowing the weight of your rig is definitely the best place to start. And that includes the total weight when it is fully occupied. 

It’s not just the weight though. The size of your RV is also important to consider, as not every jack can be used with every RV shape. My RV is an older model, and rides quite low to the ground. Most jack stands are adjustable, but that does not ensure that every stand will work with every rig, so make sure you check this out before purchasing!

RV jack stands are usually rated as a pair, and although you can buy single jack stands it is pretty rare to find one rated for the weight of an RV. In general it is best to distribute the weight of your RV across multiple stabilizers. 

So, let’s say your rig weighs in at 22000 pounds when fully loaded. You will need to get at the bare minimum four jack stands that each hold 5500 pounds, but again it is always best to go with a slightly higher rated stand. In this case I would be looking to grab four jack stands that each hold 6000 or even 7000 pounds each, just to be on the safe side.

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 7

Build Quality and Materials 

Almost every option on the market is made from some sort of metal that has a high stress tolerance, but that does make them all equal. You want to be looking for sets that are fully weather, water, and corrosion resistant.

The lifetime of the stabilizers is always an important factor to consider, but don’t worry as I have only chosen products that will stand the test of time for this rundown!


If you are like me, then you probably enjoy scoring a sweet deal, no matter the product! But this is not an item you should be skimping on. 

There is a huge range of price points for RV stabilizers, and not all the more expensive models are worth the money.

Luckily, I have done all the extra leg work to make sure you grab a great deal no matter which product you decide to go with.

Permanent installation

The permanent installation options come with their own set of pros and cons. Sure, they definitely make it easier to quickly jack up the vehicle, but there is the time and money that needs to be spent on installation to take into account. 

Not every RV has the room for jacks to be permanently installed, so definitely refer to your user manual or google your particular RV to make sure it is compatible.


The amount of lift provided by a jack stand usually has a pretty wide range, but not all types of jack stands are equal in the ease of adjustment. The higher priced models offer automatic leveling detection, but many of the more budget friendly units will need to be hand cranked.

Types of RV Jack Stands

From tripod jacks, to electric stabilizers, to leveling systems – there is certainly a long list of RV stabilizer types available. 

But which type is best for you and your motor home? 

Let’s quickly run through all the different options and types of RV stabilizers.

Pipe-Mounted Stabilizers

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 8

Pipe-Mounted stabilizers are a great option for almost any RV or motorhome. As you may have guessed from the name, this type of jack stand resembles a pipe – but don’t let the simple design fool you.

Pipe-Mounted stabilizers are a true universal option, meeting the criteria for most RVs. They can hold a large load and are pretty simple to use once installed (although the setup can be a little tricky depending on the circumstances). 

They can be mounted directly to your rig or can be used separately, depending on the model.

Tripod Jacks

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 9

Tripod Jacks are usually the most budget friendly of all the RV jack stand options, which also makes them the most commonly used. They do come with one or two obvious drawbacks though…

Thanks to the inherent design, which incorporates three thin legs, these jacks aren’t great for use on softer ground. Not to worry though, as you can pair them with a set of jack pads. These help distribute the load over a larger surface area which stops the legs from sinking. You can find the 2 sets of jack pads that I recommend here and here.  

Tripod Jacks are usually only built to support about 500 lbs per jack. So if you own a larger RV you should probably look at the other options available. 

Scissor Jacks

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 10
black manual jack for car lifter isolated on white with reflected shadow

Scissor Jacks are the type of jack that come with almost every car, and the type that first pops to mind for most people. 

They offer fantastic stabilization, and are easy to use. They come with either electric or manual cranking, but they do need to be permanently installed directly onto the RV which can prove a little tricky depending on your circumstances. 

They can be either bolted straight onto the chassis or even welded into place, and offer large load bearing capacity (perfect for medium to large RVs).

Scissor Jacks are usually a little pricier than some of the other options, but the extra cash spent can save you a bunch of time in the future!

Landing Gear Stabilizers

Landing gear stabilizers offer high load bearing (up to 12000 lbs per jack), and are generally easy to install and operate. They do need to be directly mounted to your vehicle, and care should be taken to install in the correct position to ensure the safety of your rig.

They come in both manual and electric, with powered ones offering more convenience while also costing quite a bit more. 

Leveling Systems

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 11

Leveling systems do a great job of keeping your RV perfectly level, but they are not designed to lift the vehicle more than a couple of inches. If you are looking for stabilizers that will lift your RV up completely then you should probably go for one of the other options available. 

Don’t write these guys off just yet though! If you have a newer RV then you most likely have a set of these pre installed, and they do a really great job easily leveling out your rig. They can also hold a decent sized load, they just don’t lift that load up very far.

Electric Stabilizers

The 5 Best RV Jack Stands in 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 12

Not unlike leveling systems, electric stabilizers are fully automatic systems. The difference is they can be used without the need to fully install them onto your RV, making them a much more portable option. 

The one big drawback is the price. Electric stabilizers are not cheap options at all, but if you have some cash to burn then they make RV stabilization about as easy as it can get. 

FAQs for RV Jack Stands

When should you use RV stabilizers?

The only easy answer to this question is as often as possible
Not only will the jack stands stop your RV from feeling like a boat rocking with the waves while you are walking around inside, they also greatly reduce the wear and tear on your tires and chassis, and can extend the operating life of your RV by a pretty decent amount. 

Are jack pads or leveling blocks a necessary addition?

That really depends on the type of RV jack stand you end up purchasing, but as an overall rule I would say that yes – leveling blocks (otherwise known as jack pads) can make a huge difference. They provide the support needed when the ground is uneven or too soft to directly place the jack stand on top of. 

To find a great set of jack pads click here or here.  

Is there one RV jack stand that is the absolute best?

As you can see above, I have picked an overall winner.
But that does not necessarily mean it will be the number one pick for your setup. With so many different RVs and jack stands on the market there is honestly no straight answer to this question, but hopefully this article has given you all the pertinent info needed to make an informed choice.

How important is it to keep your rig level?

Well, aside from the comfort factor of residing in a level RV, there are some other factors that make having a nice, stable, level rig important. 
Some systems (such as hot water and propane) may simply not work whatsoever if the rig itself is not level. This can be a real pain in the behind – especially if you have been driving all day, taken the time to set up your camp spot, and then cannot get the vital rig systems to fire up. Jack stands make light work of this problem.

How do you maintain your jack stands to ensure the longest possible lifespan?

Always check the springs are clear from any dirt or grime, and if they look like they have started to stretch then it’s time to replace those bad boys. If you notice any fluid leaking while extending the jack stand immediately take the load off it and check the seals, as you may have an issue with the system. 
Overall though, RV jack stands are made to last. 

What size jack stand should you purchase?

Once you know the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), you will be able to answer that question yourself. This weight rating takes into account everything onboard your RV including systems and passengers. 
If you need a jack stand that can handle 5000 lbs then I would suggest grabbing one with a higher rating, say 7500 lbs. Not only does this guarantee that the jack stand can handle the load, it also makes the job of raising and leveling the RV much easier if you are manually cranking it up.

The Wrap Up

So, we have finally reached the end! And what have we learnt? 

First up, there are just so many different options when it comes to RV jack stands.

Secondly, that there really is not any “one-size-fits-all” option.

But if you are looking for my overall recommendation then I simply cannot go past the Lippert Components High Speed Power Stabilizer Jack Kit with Black Waterproof Switch Kit. Yes, it is the most expensive of the bunch, and yes – the other options also work just fine. 

But if you are looking for a balance of power, convenience, and top build quality then click right here to grab a set today!

Happy Camping!

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