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If you enjoy camping and traveling in your RV, there are not many things that are more relaxing and therapeutic like a long and hot shower with just the right pressure. However, it’s important that you install the right shower faucet in your RV if you want to enjoy yourself while taking a shower. 

So what are your best options? In this article, we’ll review some of the best RV shower faucets you can buy right now. Beyond that, we’ll tell you how to fix, repair or replace your RV shower faucet. 

So let’s jump right in.  

What is an RV shower faucet?

Unlike a regular home showerhead, an RV shower faucet is designed to conserve water. This is because water is usually limited in your RV tank, especially when you’re dry camping. For that reason, most RV shower faucets are designed to reduce water consumption without compromising the water pressure. 

Besides that, an RV shower faucet usually features a pause/stop function to save water. Another cool thing about RV shower faucets is that they usually have a trickle function that lets you slow down the water flow rate to take a longer shower. In fact, most RV shower faucets don’t let out more than 2.5 gallons per minute. 

Of course, most RV shower faucets are designed to be handheld with a flexible and adjustable hose; this makes them convenient for small spaces. 

How To Fix a Leaky RV Shower Faucet

The last thing you want in your RV is a leaky shower faucet; this could be costly in the long run because it increases your water consumption. The good news is, you can easily repair a leaky RV shower faucet. However, you have to first diagnose the cause of the problem; an RV shower faucet usually leaks from the hose, valve, or head. 

Let’s have a look at how you could fix different parts of a leaky RV shower faucet.

RV Shower Hose Leak

If the source of the leak is the shower hose, this is what you should do:

How To Fix, Repair or Replace an RV Shower Faucet: and the best ones to buy 1
When fixing a leaking shower hose, make sure you inspect the inner flex tube for any signs of damage. 

Step 1: Turn off the water supply and dry off any dripping water using a towel.

Step 2: Disconnect the leaky hose from the showerhead and faucet.

Step 3: Loosen the sleeve at the edge of the shower hose and pull it down.

Step 4: Remove the threaded tube and pull out the flex tube inside the shower hose. You could use your hands or pliers to pull it out, but be careful you don’t damage it.

Step 5: Inspect the flex tube inside the shower hose for any signs of cracks or tears that are causing the leakage.

Step 6: Cut out the leaky part of the flex tube inside the shower hose if it’s close to the edge. Alternatively, if there is a small hole close to the center of the flex tube, you could use a waterproof plumber’s tape to cover it.

Step 7: Slide back the threaded tube back into the flex tube and press the hose barb. You could use a crescent wrench to re-adjust the hose barb.

Step 8: Return the flex tube back into the shower hose. However, be careful you don’t twist the flex tube if you’re using pliers.

Step 9: Tighten the sleeve back into the shower hose using your hands or a crescent wrench.

Step 10: Replace the rubber washers on the end threads of your shower hose.

Step 11: Reconnect the shower hose to the faucet and showerhead.

Note: If you’ve tried the steps above and you still have a leak on your shower hose, you need to replace it.

RV Shower Head Leak Repair

If the source of the water leak is your shower head, we recommend the following steps:

How To Fix, Repair or Replace an RV Shower Faucet: and the best ones to buy 2
Sometimes when your shower head is dripping, it could be because mineral deposits have clogged up. An effective remedy would be to soak the showerhead in white vinegar. 

Step 1: Turn off the shower faucet handle so water doesn’t flow into the showerhead.

Step 2. Disconnect the showerhead from the hose or arm. You could use your hands or pliers to disconnect the showerhead but be extra careful you don’t damage it.

Step 3. Detach the showerhead faceplate and inspect the inner parts for any signs of damage or blockage.

Step 4. If the inner part of the showerhead is clogged or dirty, put it in a bowl of white vinegar for at least 8 hours. This will help to remove any residue on your shower head.

Step 5. If you still see mineral deposits on the inner parts of your shower head, you can manually remove them with a small scrub brush.

Step 6. Rinse the inner parts of your shower head with cold water.

Step 7. If you notice any of the inner parts such as the screen and rubber O-rings are worn out, you need to replace them.

Step 8. Reassemble and reinstall the showerhead.

Step 9. Turn on the RV shower faucet and switch it off after a few minutes.

Step 10. Re-inspect the showerhead for any signs of leakage. If the showerhead is still dribbling water despite pressing the pause/stop button, you need to consider replacing it. However, if the source of the leak is the vacuum breaker attached to the showerhead, you need to replace it.

Note: After you’ve tried the above repair fixes and you still notice dribbling on your shower head when the faucet is turned off, it means there could be a problem with your RV faucet cartridge.

RV Shower Faucet Repair

If you notice a water leak coming out of your RV shower faucet, we recommend the following steps.

How To Fix, Repair or Replace an RV Shower Faucet: and the best ones to buy 3
You can repair a leaking RV shower faucet by replacing the washers. 

Step 1. Turn off your RV main water supply and switch off the water pump.

Step 2. Open all the taps in your RV and flush the toilet to drain any water in the plumbing system.

Step 3. Unscrew both the hot and cold shower faucet handles using a wrench, screwdriver, or utility knife.

Step 4. Carefully unscrew the mounting plate and faucet off your bathroom wall.

Step 5. Inspect the shower faucet for any signs of wear and tear.

Step 6. Replace any worn-out parts on such as the rubber washers, cartridge, gaskets, or valve stem if necessary. Make sure you tighten any parts you’ve replaced so they don’t leak.

Step 7. Re-install the faucet, mounting plate, and faucet on your RV bathroom.

Step 8. Turn on the water supply and inspect your shower faucet for any signs of leakage.

Note: If the RV shower faucet is worn out beyond repair, you should consider replacing it.

How To Replace an RV Shower Faucet

When it comes to replacing your RV shower faucet, you should keep in mind that every RV is designed differently. For instance, some RVs are designed with the plumbing system concealed behind the bathroom wall. However, some RVs are designed with the plumbing system running through the basement storage space.

How To Fix, Repair or Replace an RV Shower Faucet: and the best ones to buy 4
You can replace your shower faucet in less than 30 minutes but you need to read your RV’s owner’s manual to figure out the access points to connect your shower faucet. 

Here are a few DIY steps to replace your RV shower faucet:

Step 1. Disconnect your main water supply and switch off your water pump.

Step 2. Open all the taps and flush the toilet a couple of times to drain any water.

Step 3. Disconnect the cold and hot water supply lines.

Step 4. Unscrew the mounting plate and shower faucet.

Step 5. Install the new RV shower faucet. Since every shower faucet is designed differently, make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions for installation.

Step 6. Turn on the cold and hot water supply line.

Step 7. Reconnect the water supply and turn on the pump.

Step 8. If you notice any minor leaks on your bathroom wall, disconnect the water supply and apply silicone sealant on the joints or seams. However, if that doesn’t fix it, you should re-check your plumbing system.

The Best RV Shower Faucet To Buy

 Product's nameBest forGallons per minuteMore Info
Oxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower KitOxygenics 26481 Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower KitBest overall2See Latest Price
RV Shower Faucet w/Showerhead and Hose - Outdoor Non-Metallic Shower Parts On-Off Handheld Shower...RV Shower Faucet w/Showerhead and Hose - Outdoor Non-Metallic Shower Parts...Best low budget2.5See Latest Price
High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray against Low Pressure Water Supply...High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray against Low...Best high water pressure2.5See Latest Price
Builders Shoppe 2001BN/3220BN/4120BN RV Bathroom Faucet with Matching Hand Shower Combo Brushed...Builders Shoppe 2001BN/3220BN/4120BN RV Bathroom Faucet with Matching Hand...Best premium3.7See Latest Price
Laguna Brass 3210AWT/4120WT RV/Motorhome Two Handle Non-Metallic Tub Diverter Valve with Matching...Laguna Brass 3210AWT/4120WT RV/Motorhome Two Handle Non-Metallic Tub...Best for temperature control1.8See Latest Price

1- Oxygenics Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit

Apparently, the Oxygenics Body Spa shower faucet uses a patented technology that injects air into the water; this helps it to amplify the water pressure and reduce water consumption. It also comes with a smart pause valve that lets you stop the water flow without disrupting the temperature when applying soap to conserve water.

If you’re worried about durability, the internal parts are made of non-stick material that doesn’t clog with mineral deposits even if you use hard water to take a shower. Not to mention, the brushed nickel finish is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, it features a flexible 60-inch hose that lets you move the shower head in any direction. What’s more, you can also change the spray pattern if you want to shower or rinse faster.

However, its maximum flow rate is 2 gallons per minute; but that’s a good thing because it helps to save water. The only real concern is that this is the most expensive Oxygenics shower kit model for RVs. Then again, it comes with a full installation kit including a showerhead, plumber’s tape, and a wall-mount holder.


  • It’s durable and flexible
  • It improves water pressure
  • It features a Smart Pause valve
  • It’s easy to install
  • It comes with a 60-inch flexible hose


  • It’s expensive

2- Oymov RV Shower Faucet

This shower faucet comes with dual acrylic water control knobs that can fit any 4-inch opening on your RV bathroom. What’s even more impressive, you can use the knobs to adjust the water temperature and pressure. The handheld showerhead and 60-inch flexible hose make it easier to rinse your body, especially if your RV bathroom is small.

Another cool feature about this shower faucet is that it’s made of non-metallic ABS material that doesn’t rust or corrode. Besides that, it’s also lighter than most metallic shower faucets on our guide.

What about the flow rate? It has a capacity of 2.5 gallons per minute which is higher than average for an RV shower head; this means if you adjust the water pressure to full capacity, you could waste a lot of water. However, you can use the pause function on the removable shower head to save water.


  • It can adjust water pressure and temperature
  • Easy to install
  • It comes with a 60-inch hose
  • It doesn’t corrode or rust
  • It features a lightweight and hand-held shower head


  • It has a high water flow rate

3- Yoo Mee Handheld Shower Head

If you have low water pressure in your RV, this handheld shower head would be a good option. For starters, it features a water flow regulator that lets you adjust the water pressure in 3 different settings from powerful shooting, pulse massage, and mixed pressure.

In addition to that, it comes with a 79-inch stainless steel hose and solid brass fittings that don’t split or crack. Like that’s not enough, you also get an adjustable bracket and two extra hose gaskets; you can easily install it in your RV without hiring a plumber. 

Did we mention, the showerhead is fitted with a rubber jet that is easy to clean? All you need to do is just rub your fingers on the bumps to unclog it.

It’s almost perfect except that the 2.5 gallons per minute could be too much water pressure for some RV dwellers, but you can sort it out with a water flow regulator.


  • 3 water pressure settings
  • It’s very durable
  • It’s easy to install
  • It comes with two extra hose gaskets
  • It features a 79-inch flexible hose


  • It’s fragile

4- Builders Shoppe RV Bathroom Faucet

This RV bathroom faucet unit comes with everything you need from a mounting bracket, 59-inch synthetic hose, guide ring, shower head, and a pop-up drain for your sink. If you want to regulate the water temperature and flow, it comes with two lever handles for precision.

Another thing; this shower faucet has a flow rate of 3.7 gallons per minute at 60 psi. However, the showerhead is designed with a water valve switch that you can use to adjust the spray pattern and reduce your water consumption. 

This bathroom faucet is made of plastic and coated with a brushed nickel finish. Sure, the material doesn’t rust or corrode but the lever handles can easily break if you’re not careful.


  • Non-metallic body that doesn’t rust
  • It comes with a pop-up drain
  • Easy to install
  • Includes a 59-inch synthetic hose
  • It features a water-saving valve switch


  • It’s made of plastic

5- Laguna Brass Shower Faucet

How about an elegantly designed shower faucet with acrylic handles for your RV bathroom? For what it’s worth, you can use acrylic handles to make your shower hot or cold depending on your preference. Moreover, you can change the trickle settings on the showerhead. 

But you know what makes it one of the best shower faucets for RVs? It has a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute at 35 psi; this means you can save significant water when you’re boondocking. Beyond that, the valve is designed with a washerless cartridge that is durable and easy to repair or replace.

On the downside, the showerhead can clog up if you use hard water in your RV. However, it shouldn’t be a problem if you maintain it regularly.


  • Precise temperature control
  • Elegant design that blends with most RV bathrooms
  • Easy to install in your RV
  • It comes with a 59-inch synthetic hose
  • Lightweight and durable


  • It needs regular maintenance  

RV Shower Faucet FAQ

Can you use a regular shower faucet in an RV?

Yes, it’s possible to install any regular shower faucet in your motorhome. However, it could be complicated to install regular home shower faucets in your RV, and you will probably need adapters.
However, shower faucets that are specifically designed for RVs are easy to install.

Are RV faucets the same as home faucets?

Yes and no. Technically, RV and home faucets have almost the same features. The difference is, RV faucets are designed to be compatible with your RV plumbing system with no necessary modifications. Other than that, most RV faucets will help you to conserve water.


The best RV shower faucet could reduce your water consumption without affecting how you enjoy taking a shower. In the long run, this could help you save money. 

If we had to choose the overall best RV shower faucet, we would pick the Oxygenics Brushed Nickel Body Spa RV Shower Kit. This is because it comes with an in-built smart pause valve, a 60-inch hose, and a shower head that doesn’t consume more than 2 gallons of water per minute. It’s also designed to be used on hard water areas.  

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