RV Insurance Rates: How Much Does Travel Trailer Insurance Cost?

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Whether pre-owned or new, an RV is a costly investment for travelers and campers. So, taking an insurance policy for your travel trailer, something similar to the insurance for a home or car, makes perfect sense. The travel trailer insurance cost will always depend on the coverage range, including protection from damage, theft, loss of items, and more.

If you are an adventure lover who loves to travel to many locations, it is always wise to get the RV insured against unforeseen events that could damage the vehicle. How much does travel trailer insurance cost? Let’s find out.

Factors that Control the Travel Trailer Insurance Cost

A camping vehicle cost can range from as low as $5,000 to several thousands of dollars, depending on the type of RVs and amenities it provides. Similarly, the insurance cost varies along with the cost of the RV.

Deciding Factors

Insurance premium for an RV could start from $65 per year and go up to thousands of dollars for luxury motorhomes. There are some determining factors for a travel trailer insurance cost, and those are:

  • Year of manufacture
  • Model, age, and the class of an RV
  • Storage location
  • Full-time RV living or only for occasional vacation use
  • Total usage days, for example, less than or more than 150 days
  • Driver’s age, driving record, marital status, and credit score
how much does travel trailer insurance cost?
RV’s overall condition is a deciding factor in determining the insurance rates. Photo: Steffen Schnur / Getty Images

Insurer’s Assessment Process

Insurance risk is the focal point for insurers when they decide motorhome insurance pricing. They go through full details of the camping vehicle and the driver to offer a price quote. Experienced RV drivers with clean driving records possess lesser risk than first-time RVers. When the driver’s history shows more traffic citations in a year, the cost will automatically go up.

Similarly, when the RV runs a lot, the risk is at the higher edge. Those who would only use the motorhome once or twice a year need to pay a lesser premium than a full-time RV dweller. Also, a full-time RVer may have to pay more if unable to use any residential address other than the RV.

The insurers also maintain proper records of claims filed by customers. Hence, those who submit frequent claims against insured articles have to pay more as travel trailer insurance rates go higher for them.

Motorhome location governs the insurance price significantly as different states have variable laws regarding insurance coverage. In Michigan, the cost is high due to the mandatory addition of personal injury and accidental damage coverage in the basic policy.

When an insurer has to cover such an event, the risk is high for the company, and hence they ask for more premium than a simple liability-only policy. Also, in Louisiana, there are specific mandatory insurance bundles that RV owners must purchase, and this is when the costs go up.

Massachusetts is known for a highly competitive insurance market. The insurers offer lucrative discounts to eligible RV owners and drivers, and ultimately the annual cost decreases.

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Cost Increasing Clauses

RV trailer insurance cost can be considerably higher if the policy includes the following features on top of mandatory coverage:

  • Personally owned item protection
  • Roadside assistance like tire repair or replacements
  • Vacation liability protection
  • Pet injury onboard the RV
  • Any custom equipment installed in the RV, like RV skirts, pop-up trailer canvas, bumper mount, pull-out waste bin, etc.
rv insurance cost
Photo: Marcus Lindstrom / Getty Images

The Insurance Policies for Motorhomes

Insurers across the country are offering different packages of insurance cover for a motorhome. Travel trailer insurance cost will be less if you opt for less coverage and more if you choose more features from the following:

Liability Coverage

It is a mandatory vehicle insurance policy but very cheap and basic. This insurance cover will help in paying the property damage and medical bill caused to the third party.

RV Collision Coverage

Motorhome collision insurance policy will cover accidental damage repair bills or some cases, the entire motorhome replacement cost. This insurance is costlier than liability-only coverage and could also cover in-built RV features like TV or sinks.

Motorhome Contents Insurance

travel trailer insurance rates
Content protection will increase insurance costs. Photo: Alan Powdrill / Getty Images

The travel trailer insurance cost can increase sharply with the addition of content protection. Appliances, clothing, cameras, electronics, computers, kitchenware, and tools are the contents of any motorhome that makes it a moving home.

Comprehensive Motorhome Insurance Policy

This insurance type is the most costly one as it covers a lot of aspects of the travel trailer, passenger, driver, and third party. The cost increases as the following features get added:

  • It covers repair or replacement costs for an RV for events other than collision damages.
  • This policy covers damages from fire, theft, vandalism, hailstorms, water damage, falling debris, and other incidents.
  • It helps in paying hospitalization or funeral service fees for the driver, passenger, or third party during unfortunate accidents.
  • If staying in no-fault states, then coverage available are lost wages and medical bills due to personal injury.

As of March 2020, the following is a list of insurance cost which offer some of the protection mentioned above:
The median insurance cost can be up to $860 annually in the state of North Carolina.

  • In the state of Oregon, the average cost annually could be $1108.
  • The average insurance cost could be $1128 annually in Massachusetts.
  • The cost increases more than 50% in Washington D.C. to an average annual premium of $2570.
  • In Louisiana, an average travel trailer insurance cost could be up to $2912.
  • In Michigan, RV owners will have to pay more, and the average insurance premium is $4,490.

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RV insurance costs can become excessive when the owner purchases one without extensive research. First of all, decide whether to use it as a full-time living, or only for two to three times for camping in a year.

When you are using the RV less, the risk is low. Then go for mandatory minimal protection like liability only and save more on insurance premiums.

Also, complete a short-term course on motorhome driving to master your travel trailer on the road. To keep travel trailer insurance cost low, repair low-cost damages out of the pocket.

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