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Luxurious RVs are enjoying increased popularity due to the growing demand for high-end RVs among adventure lovers. A travel trailer with king bed is among these top-of-the-line models, and they are sought-after by people who travel with their families.

Not all high-end models have this deluxe feature but we have some suggestions regarding an RV with king size bed.

Best 10 Models of Travel Trailer with King Bed

If you are thinking of buying a trailer with a king-size bed, learn about the models that are in trend:

1. Puma 31FKRK (Palomino RV)

Since 1968, Palomino RV has been manufacturing quality travel trailers to meet the higher expectations of its customers. Puma 31FKRK is one of the best value-for-money RVs available in the marketplace.

Its weight specifications are 1195 lb. hitch weight, 9995 lb., gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), 8693 lb. is the unloaded vehicle weight. This vehicle has a huge cargo-carrying capacity of 1302 lb. It can store fresh water up to 43.00 gallons, grey water 64.50 gallons, and black water 30.00 gallons.

The automobile will require a good amount of space for parking. For vacant space requirement ideas, consider these measurements: exterior length, height and width are 37′ 10″, 11′ 1″ and 96″ respectively. Its awning size is 21′.

With a king-size bed measuring 72″ by 80″, it is the RV of choice for a couple or a small family who wants a spacious and luxury living facility while traveling around the country. The bed makes it feel like a master bedroom.

2. Winnebago Voyage

Winnebago is a US market leader in manufacturing outdoor lifestyle products, such as travel trailers. Its Winnebago Voyage is the unmatched solution for RV dwellers who seek luxury and comfort.

The vehicle comes with revolutionary, advanced, and adaptable floor plans. These flexible floor designs match the king-size beds. Couches fold up easily to provide an empty area or storage space. The RV can accommodate up to 4 persons.

rv with king size bed
Winnebago Voyage is great for comfort. (Credit: Trailer Source Inc)

To meet growing customer demand, the 2020 Voyage model comes with an optional king size bed. The king-size bed variant is very spacious and roomy while providing a lot of storage space.

The vehicle’s length, width, and height specifications are 27’9″, 8’0″, and 11’6″, respectively. It has an awning length of 18′. It’s sturdily built with hitch weight 660 lbs. dry weight 6460 lbs. GVWR 10,400 lbs. It comes with a freshwater tank capacity of 50 gallons, a black water holding tank capacity of 50 gallons, and a gray water tank capacity of 100 gallons.

Many RV owners choose Voyage for its various luxury features other than the king bed. It has a large LED TV, USB charging ports, DVD/CD/Audio players, a large OTR microwave, and many more features.

3. North Trail 33RETS (Heartland RVs)

Heartland is a modern-day RV manufacturer founded by a group of seasoned RVers. A dependable RV is the essence of any adventure journey deep into nature. The company offers high vehicle quality and luxury without pushing the cost going out of hand.

North Trail comes with a value-for-money king size bed floor plan. Coupled with multiple other sleeping spaces, the RV can shelter up to 9 persons. It also comes with an air conditioner, high BTU furnace, and many other home-like amenities.

The RV has a GVWR of 9,900 lbs, a dry weight of 8,840 lbs, while 780 lbs of hitch weight. It can easily carry a cargo load of 1028 lbs. The vehicle measures 8′-1/2″ x 11′-8″ x 39’-8″ (width x height x length). The area of the entire motorhome is 364 sq ft.

Regarding waste management, it can hold fresh water up to 45 gallons, gray water up to 40 gallons, and black water up to 40 gallons.

While looking for a travel trailer with king bed, spending on a North Trail could be your best bet in the current marketplace. The RV allows enjoying all modern technologies while living in the heart of nature.

4. 2019 LaCrosse 3299se (Primetime RV)

Primetime RV offers luxury camper vehicles under the brand name “LaCrosse”. This travel trailer with king bed can provide a sleeping facility for 4 persons at a time. It contains modern-day appliances like a mid-size refrigerator, automatic high capacity air conditioning, 30K BTU furnace, large LED TV, TV antenna or Satellite prewiring, etc.

The trailer has 36.83 x 8 x 11.08 ft. (length x width x height) dimensions. Its interior ceiling is 6.83 ft., which is rare to find in this RV category. The dry weight of the RV is 8,149 lbs. and a hitch weight of 950 lbs. The rugged built of the motorhome can carry loads up to 1,601 lbs.

For worry-free traveling, the trailer houses a freshwater tank of 48 gallons, a gray water tank of 34 gallons, and a black water tank of 30 gallons.

5. Outback Ultra Lite 210URS (Keystone RV)

Keystone RV is the best travel trailer manufacturer in North America. Outback Ultra Lite is a great choice for a small travel trailer with king bed. Judging the amenities and the price, you can consider it to be the market leader in this category.

The full king-size bed and additional sleeping area can accommodate up to 7 persons. It comes with a freshwater tank of 60 gallons, whereas 30 gallons each for black and gray water.

small travel trailer with king bed
This is a small trailer with a king-size bed. (Credit: Candy’s Family RV)

The RV has 23 x 8 x 11 ft. (length x width x height) of external dimensions. It has a dry weight of 4670 lbs and a hitch weight of 485 lbs. High-tech building materials and rugged design allow it to carry a load up to 1830 lbs.

6. SportTrek Touring STT312VBH (Venture RV)

Venture RV is the right choice when you need lightweight or ultra-lightweight campers. SportTrek is a luxurious travel trailer with king bed from this company. It also offers a sophisticated kitchen and pearl finished fiberglass sidewalls.

A full size 70″ by 80″ king bed on one side and 51″ by 75″ bunk-style double bed are available in the RV. It also offers a tri-fold sofa which is comfortable for sitting purposes. The couch is, however, a convertible that can be turned into a bed when needed.

7. Radiance R-26KB Travel Trailer (Cruiser RVs)

Cruiser RV offers high-tech lightweight built travel trailers with state-of-the-art amenities and luxury living facilities. Radiance R-26KB is not only a camper but also a home on the road that can carry everything from household items to your boats and bikes.

The trailer comes with the king sliding system, which is awaiting a patent. Comfortable living is never a problem here since it has a tri-fold sofa and designer walls along with the king-size bed.

The kitchen features hardwood furnishing with hidden hinges. Plus, there is a double-door refrigerator and 13.5 BTU air conditioning. It offers LED awning light and exterior wall mount speakers to boost the party mood during camping.

8. Atlas 2902 BH (Dutchmen RV)

Dutchman RV is the renowned manufacturer of family-friendly RVs with modern amenities to ensure luxurious and spacious living while traveling. The company offers camper vehicles under the brand name “Atlas”, which is a travel trailer with king bed.

Everyone can enjoy a get together around the tri-folding sofa. There is also a U-shaped dinette design and pass-through storage for the family. You will also enjoy the porcelain toilet, hidden pantry system, and an outdoor and indoor kitchen design.

9. Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite 8335BSS (Forest River RV)

The Forest River RV company is passionate about helping travelers to experience the ultimate joy of camping by manufacturing better RVs. Rockwood Signature is the brand RV owners trust when it comes to travel trailer with king bed.

camping trailer with king bed
This one is a nice trailer with all comfort features. (Credit: All Seasons RV)

The RV has a king-size bed (72″ by 80″), 60″ HAB sofa, 60″ theater seat, 44″ family dinette, and more amenities. It consists of laminated glossy fiberglass sidewalls featuring a classy champagne color.

To give the RVers a taste of home life, the trailer comes with a high-capacity 35K BTU furnace and 13.5K BTU air conditioning. It has a built-in upgraded 21″ gas oven with residential solid surface kitchen platforms. Also, there is a double-door refrigerator with a two-way system.

10. Sportsmen Destination 362BH (KZ RV)

All seasoned campers know that KZ RV is a world leader in designing and crafting high-quality RVs. Continued innovation and development of travel trailers under the brand name Sportsmen Destination let you enjoy the quality moments of life.

The trailer comes with a 70″ by 80″ king-size bed, 34″ by 72″ bunk beds, 28″ dinette with upper bunk, U-shape family dinette, and a large 64″ sofa. It has a 30K BTU furnace and 18 cubic feet large refrigerator. Its fresh water, gray water, and black water tank capacity are 45, 64, and 32 gallons, respectively.


best travel trailer with king bed
Photo: Keystone RV

Any travel trailer with king bed is in high demand because it ensures luxury living for the full family. If you are considering buying one, the products we have suggested in the list will give you the best value for money and the best comfort.

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