What Size Travel Trailer Can a F150 Pull?

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The Ford F150 is a full-size pickup truck that provides one of the best-in-class payloads. Its strong steel frame and military-grade aluminum-alloy body can endure a lot and haul a huge amount of weight. What size travel trailer can a F150 pull? Every RV-er would be interested in knowing this because F150 is a popular towing vehicle for work and personal use. So, it’d be great if you can use this for towing your camper and hauling stuff.

Go through this guide to figure out whether or not an F150 can tow your camper.

Do All F150 Models Have the Same Towing Capacity?

No. The figures for towing and hauling capacity change, depending on the engine the vehicle is equipped with.

The 2019 model has 7 trim versions and four engine variations. When you are picking up a model, don’t forget to check which engine it has and the towing capacity of the engine.

The engine variations that the 2019 model has are:

  • LX and XLT = 3L TI-VCT V6 = Maximum towing capacity is 7,700 pounds and payload is 1,990 pounds.
  • Lariat = 2.7L EcoBoost V6 = Maximum towing capacity is 9,000 pounds and payload is 2,470 pounds.
  • Raptor and Limited = High-Output 3.5L V6 EcoBoost = Maximum towing capacity is 13,200 pounds and payload is 3,230 pounds.
  • King Ranch and Platinum = 5.0L TI-VCT V8 = Maximum towing capacity is 11,600 pounds and payload is 3,270 pounds.

The 2018 model year had a trim with a 3.0L Power Stroke V-6 turbodiesel engine. Generating 250 HP at 440 lb-ft of torque, this engine unit can tow 11,400 pounds with a payload capacity of 2,020 pounds.

The engine of the base trim model is perfect for hauling a small fishing boat with a trailer. So, you can settle for the LX or XLT trim. For towing a bigger camping trailer, you will need the powerful engines of a Platinum or Raptor trim.

ford f150
The truck has various trims.

What size travel trailer can a F150 pull? The towing capacity of various F150 engine types has already given you a rough idea. But the actual capacity depends on a few other factors. Let’s move to the next section to have a clear idea about these points.

What Size Travel Trailer can a F150 Pull?

From the above discussion, you already know that a well-equipped F150 can tow a big camper weighing 8,000 to 10,000 pounds. You should never exceed the maximum towing capacity or keep the weight close to the limit because it’s downright dangerous. Exceeding or keeping close to the towing limit puts an enormous strain on the vehicle’s engine and the braking system. The brake may not respond if the weight makes it cross its capacity.

Before hooking up the camper to your F150, you must check the Gross Volume Weight Rating (GVWR) of both the towing and towed vehicles. All F150 models can tug any camper weighing less than 6,000 pounds. And some models can meet 13,000 pounds weight limit with the right tow package. However, this is just a theory as it refers to an empty towing vehicle with no load or passenger, which is practically impossible.


Other Important Factors

What size travel trailer can a F150 pull? You have to know about other factors except for the engine capacity. These are:

  • Axle ratio
  • Truck’s weight and length
  • Truck length
  • Payload

Let’s have a brief discussion on these features to understand better the towing capacity of an F150.

1# Axle Ratio

The towing capacity of a vehicle largely depends on the amount of torque it can generate, and the axle ratio impacts the torque. Torque is the force that moves a vehicle’s wheels and helps them to achieve speed from a standstill position. Once the car achieves high speed, it does not need the torque anymore unless you stop the car and want to start it again.

The driveshaft rotates by taking energy from the engine and then transfers that energy to the axle, which determines how many turns the wheels can make out of that energy. Slower spinning means a more powerful pull of the towing vehicle and spending more energy for each turn. Faster spinning will create the opposite results.

A slower spinning of the wheels is useful in towing a heavy-duty vehicle because that extra force comes handy in pulling more weight. Faster spinning will be helpful in pulling a small weight. So, a higher axle ratio is good for towing a heavyweight, whereas a lower ratio will save fuel when hauling a small weight.

2# Length and Weight of the Vehicles

The length and weight of both vehicles matter. You cannot pair up a huge truck with a small camper or a big trailer with a lightweight truck. In both cases, one or the other vehicle will lose control or endure excessive brunt during a sway from wind or turning around a corner.

The towing vehicle’s gross combined weight rating (GCWR) should be more than its own weight and payload.

3# Payload

What size travel trailer can a F150 pull? The payload is another factor that determines that. It refers to the combined weight of a full tank of gas and the people and stuff in the vehicle. However, the payload of a towing vehicle does not indicate the actual weight it can carry. You have to deduct the tongue weight (the amount of weight the hitch puts on the vehicle) to get the correct number.

F150 towing capacity
Payload indicates the weight of stuff that an F150 can carry.

For example, the F150’s payload is 800 pounds and the tongue weight is 300 pounds. Then, you can load the truck with a maximum of 500 pounds of things.


How to Get the Actual Payload Capacity of an F-150?

So, you definitely get an idea regarding what size travel trailer can a F150 pull.

Here’s a breakdown to show that it varies and you can tweak the numbers with the help of payload packages.

The lower trim of F150 is a 4WD SuperCrew cab that has a 3.3L gas-run engine. It has 1,700 pounds of payload, but you have to deduct the tongue weight to get the real figure.

The higher trim such as the King Ranch or Platinum is a 2WD regular cab that runs on a 5.0L V8 gas engine. Its payload is 3,270 pounds (you’ll need to deduct the tongue weight). so, a high trim of F150 can offer almost the double payload than a low trim model.

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  1. F-150 engine choices are not tied to the trim levels. Nor are towing capacities. Trim level reflects the accessories packaged with the truck but engine choice and payload/tow capacity options are separate from the trim levels.


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