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Wheel Chocks are like the foundation under your home, essential to stabilize your RV. No one wants to be bounced around in their bed when someone stirs to go to the bathroom at 3 am. Chock blocks are placed differently around the wheels according to their design to secure your trailer.

After using several different RV wheel chocks, I have determined that EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer Scissor 2 is the industry leader. They outperform the competition in durability and performance. My RV is significant, and it requires a heavy-duty chock to secure it, especially since I live in my RV full time. It becomes an aggravation when doors do not open and close properly. I am also not a fan of feeling like I am on a trampoline every time someone moves around. Wheel chocks are the solution to this problem. Things on wheels tend to move, Newton’s law of motion or something like that.

Here is my list of 4 favorite wheel chocks for durability, performance, budget, and simplicity. As we all use our RV differently, we each have different needs when considering wheel chocks. I hope you find one on this list that fits yours. 

The Top Wheel Chocks for RV, Reviewed

 Product's nameBest forFeaturesMore Info
EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer Scissor 2 Sets for RV Travel Trailer tire chalks Rust-ProofEPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer Scissor 2 Sets for RV Travel...Best Longterm OptionHeavy Duty
Easy Installation
See Latest Price
X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012Best ReviewsSlimmer design
Ratchet wrench included
See Latest Price
ANDERSEN HITCHES | RV Accessories | 2-Pack Camper Leveler System Must Have RV | LIFETIMEWARRANTY...ANDERSEN HITCHES | RV Accessories | 2-Pack Camper Leveler System Must Have...Most VersatileConvenience and Multifunction
Installation quick and easy
See Latest Price
ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks Heavy-Duty Rubber Wheel Block Non-Slip Base with Nylon Rope Yellow Reflective...ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks Heavy-Duty Rubber Wheel Block Non-Slip Base with Nylon...Best Budget OptionMultifunctional
No tools needed
See Latest Price

Find the right RV Wheel Chocks for You

1. EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer Scissor

The Best Wheel Chocks for RV In 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 1

An ideal choice for those who want the best stabilization. Those who use an RV more than twice a year probably value climbing into bed without rolling whoever is on the couch out. A rust-proof barrier and heavy gauge steel provide years of protection and use. Anti-slipping grip louvers ensure the tires remain stationary.

Wheel chocks have evolved over the years because of the need for better security. The ease and quality of this product place it at the top of the evolution chart. Amazon reviewers rave about 5-minute installation and ease of use.

These chocks are great for those who live, travel often, or do not want to spend money on several products before choosing the best quality. Many reviewers report they wish they had bought this product earlier. I have often bought cheaper products only to find out that they didn’t quite meet my expectations and then would realize I would have saved money and time if I had just not pinched my pennies.


  • Great performance
  • Heavy duty
  • Speedy Installation


  • Expense
  • Does not fit a 2” tire gap
  • Heavy

2. X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

With over 14,000 reviews, customers agree that this product provides better results than separate plastic chocks. The X-Chock works with the tires’ natural movement rather than against them, unlike other chocks. These chocks fit smaller tire gaps as narrow as 1 ⅜”.  

These chocks provide quality at a more affordable price using the same x design of more expensive products. Consumers express a considerable difference in changing to this design. Easy installment is another popular opinion among reviews.

These chocks are an excellent choice for extra stability at a smaller price. They are great for those who use their RV less frequently. The quality of these chocks makes them a good solution. They have a slimmer and smaller design, but the quality is still good.

The Best Wheel Chocks for RV In 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 2


  • Uses new X design
  • Affordable
  • Slimmer design


  • Can be tricky to install
  • Need more gripping teeth
  • Moderate stabilization

3. 2-Pack Camper Leveler, Chock Kit Andersen 3604 x2

Want to cut down on time spent leveling and chocking? This is your chock. For those that hate leveling and chocking, this is a game-changer. Lightweight and easily stored are just a few of the comments coming from reviewers. No special skills or tools are required to use these chocks. As any RVing couple knows, the first argument of the trip is usually about driving or parking the RV. The second is about leveling and stabilizing.

Sometimes stabilization can be challenging to those who do not do it often. These chocks make it simple to level and stabilize your RV. These are worth every penny for relieving the stress. When an RV is not level things, do not work correctly. Doors tend to stick or not be able to stay closed. Windows may not open. Sleeping unlevel also causes strain on the spine. Side to side leveling has never been more accessible for those who need simple solutions.

These chocks will make you feel like a pro with outstanding performance and ease. Those with diminished physical abilities will appreciate the user’s friendliness. They win the versatility award for solving two problems at one time. They also get kudos for alleviating the need for disagreements. This concept is genius. 

My husband and I realize that our bodies take a toll as we get older. We are not physically able to do some things anymore. Thus the reason we don’t tent camp in remote areas anymore. Finding the right product often means you do not have to give up the activities you love yet. If I needed to level and stabilize our RV by myself, I have confidence that with this wheel chock, it would be possible. 

The Best Wheel Chocks for RV In 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 3


  • Levels and stabilizes
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Durability
  • May slip
  • Expense

4. ROBLOCK Wheel Chocks Heavy-Duty Rubber Wheel Block with Nylon Rope

These wheel chocks update the old design with a handy rope to pull chock free when moving the RV. The design is a proven model. If safety is an issue, this item will reassure you. The reflective tape makes sure your RV is seen at night. This chock is a proven model for hobbyists who do not spend much time in their RV. It is the most recognizable. 

These chocks provide moderate stabilization. The solid rubber design gives grip even when parking on a concrete pad. This grip will prevent rolling. Consumers agree that they are very durable. The added rope makes pulling them out safer and more accessible. I  like that feature as my husband would be the driver most of the time, and I was the chock remover.  

Affordability makes this a good option for those who are part-time RVers. These do an excellent job for those weekend getaways. Beginners will not be intimidated. They can also secure cars, utility trailers, farm equipment, boats, anything with wheels. 

The Best Wheel Chocks for RV In 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 4


  • Moderate stability
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use


  • Short rope
  • Heavy
  • Grip+

RV Wheel Chocks Buying Guide

What to look for when Buying Wheel Chocks for an RV?

First, you need to decide the overall goal. Is it to just keep the RV from rolling and some moderate stabilization for the weekend keeping an RV from moving. Or is it a long-term solution for complete immobilization?  Pick a product you believe you can be successful with at your expertise. A stress-free product may be more important than causing a divorce with a partner on a 48-hour trip. 


Wheel chocks range in the materials used from wood to metal. Choosing the material durability and quality is another thing to consider. Materials matter when deciding the frequency of use and weight of RV. Plastic, metal, and rubber all have their advantages depending on need. Each of these materials has a durability factor. If you choose to use a metal wheel chock, choose one coated with an anti-rust protector.

A wheel chock is a broad category of products that serve the same purpose but are immensely different. Choosing the correct product for you depends on your needs.  Longevity of the product and expense are also factors. As discussed, each of these wheel chocks serves the same purpose but with different results. The function ranges from moderate to high stabilitySome solve multi problems, and some win in versatility.  


We must consider physical ability and ease of use. The X-style chock is trickier to install than the others and provides the best overall stabilization. It requires a ratchet tool and strategy for placement to get a good result. When the RV is parked into place, one X-style chock is placed between the two wheels on each side and tightened until they are secured. You will need a ratchet to tighten the hex head bolt on the top of the chock. When buying X- chocks, please remember to measure the gap between your tires so that you get the correct size. This video is an excellent demo of the installation. Check it out.

When using the Anderson Leveling and Chock Kit, it is essential that your site be mostly level to start. This product only levels up to 4 inches. Installation is straightforward. Drive the RV onto the levelers until it is level and then add the chocks. This is the ideal product for weekend stays at campgrounds with concrete pads. Here is a tutorial from Anderson Hitches.

Roblock rubber chocks are the easiest to use. After parking the vehicle to be chocked, wedge chock into place at the front and back of wheels on each side. Wedging them in is key to getting the most security possible.

The Best Wheel Chocks for RV In 2022 [Reviews and Buying Guide] 5

FAQs for RV Wheel Chocks

  • X Chock Wheel chocks provide stabilization and prevent tire movement by applying opposing force to the wheels. This design uses pressure on the tires to improve stability. It can be trickier to install than previous forms but does provide better results. 
  • The need for wheel chocks is not negotiable. They are mandatory for safety. If an RV is not secured correctly, it can result in damage to the RV as well as physical harm. 
  • Style of chock is a personal preference with many factors. When choosing your chock, frequency of use, duration of stay, and physical ability are all things to consider. 
  • Wheel chocks have a load limit. It is essential to know the weight of your RV and the boundary of the chock. The steeper the curve of the chock, the better you can wedge it in.
  • Rubber chocks are the most popular because of their grip and economical price. Rubber chocks are cheap and come in many different styles. 


After reading our extensive reviews and detailed information, we hope that we’ve been able to guide you towards making the right choice. A rocky RV can be agitating enough to cause stress at what is supposed to be a relaxing time. I have experienced this first-hand many times. Skip the aggravation, and my stress will not be in vain.

Our top choice is EPOARTIST Camper Wheel Chock Stabilizer Scissor 2  because of its heavy-duty build and proven stability results. For someone who suffers from motion sickness, a stable camper can mean a good night’s sleep or not. It’s worth the expense for those who spend a considerable amount of time in their RV.

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