RV Talk is providing in-depth RV product reviews on the best gear and gadgets for campers who want to save the time, money and stress of figuring out what to buy.

Whatever sort of thing you need your RV camping trips – we make your shopping process for it much easier by telling you the best one to get.

You might notice RV Talk is different than other RV communities:

  • We don’t publish new articles every day. We focus on quality instead of quantity. (1)
  • We believe in honest, well-built content that gets you what you need quickly and correctly so you don’t have to weed through junk.
  • We update our articles over time. Sometimes we publish starter articles and fill them out later with thorough research. (2)
  • We are doing our best to make this site valuable to each visitor, doesn’t matter if you’re already an expert or a determined beginner in the RV world.
  • We’re proud to be RV campers and believe that sharing the responsibility and fun of  RV camping makes us all stronger.

(1) We focus on higher quality posts instead of publishing every day

With the goal of getting as many as page views as possible, many blogs produce and publish new posts every day without putting much time and care into making the best content for readers.

RV Talk team, on the other hand, mainly focuses on higher quality. We do the hard work so that you don’t have to. Do not publish the contents on a daily basis, but we always make sure that our contents are in the best quality before making them online in our website.

(2) We update our existing pages over time

We do this so you can get helpful info as soon as possible. Any time we do research and get new updates related to the topics we’re covering in RV Talk, we want our readers are the first who receive these updates by quickly revising and updating the contents.

Think of it more like Wikipedia, with topical pages that are updated over time. Many pages have a “change log” where we make notes about updates.

Sometimes we publish starter articles and fill them out later with thorough research.

How We Pick Top Products?

Hundreds of hours and a lot of expense goes into our work. We buy or borrow the products we review, pay writers for their work, and rely on the help of experts and those who have experienced emergencies first hand.

In general, we begin with doing lots of research by digging through articles, studies, forums, reviews, and so on. We put the best sources at the end of each article in case you want to check anything.

If we’re picking a product, it’s usually possible to narrow down the whole field to the top ten or so before putting our hands on the physical products.

We make an effort to test things with a wide range of people. When we make a recommendation, it’s impossible to pick one thing that is the right thing for every single person and situation. Sometimes we’ll make multiple picks.

We love the things we recommend and literally trust them with our lives. We select each pick with the utmost care, relying on expert opinion, research, and testing. When you see Our Picks you can trust it’s the best option for most people.

Our goal is always simple: find and explain the best answer. We may update our picks over time based on new information and when products change.

How We Make Money?

When you click a link and buy a product we recommend, we might make a referral commission. This is how we can bring you such great well researched content for free and without spammy ads.

It doesn’t cost you anything and your prices are always the same. Merchants give referral (or “affiliate”) commissions all the time, you usually just don’t know about it. Most importantly, it will never affect what we recommend.

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Why Should You Trust Us?

Your trust is what we value above everything else. We want to be a reliable service for everyone, and our team knows that your trust is a reward for the excellent job. To win this reward, RV Talk provide the high-quality contents and care about every readers.

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