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Small motorhome and RV sales have exploded in the last decade. Finding the right one for you can be confusing. Here is a list that may help you on that journey. These motorhomes and RVs may be small, but they are big on style and function.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 1

Motorhome Classes

Let’s get started with some definitions and RV lingo. Motorhomes are narrowed into three main categories. These are A, B, and C. Also, there is a subset of Class B called B+. It can become a bit confusing so let me clear this up.

Class A

Class A Motorhomes and RVs can range from 26ft to 45ft long and weigh anywhere from 13,000lbs to 30,000lbs. Class A’s are the largest of the classes. This class has tiny homes with luxuries such as bigger kitchens with full-size appliances. You can find models with washer and dryer combos as well as dishwashers. Some even boast two bathrooms. Class A’s are large vehicles with a hefty price tag.

Class C

I know I skipped B but here is why. Class C is the mid-size RV and motorhomes. These are the compromise between function and space. This class ranges from 20-30ft and weighs 10,000 to 13,000lbs. These are larger than the Class B camper van and smaller than the luxury Class A.

Class B

The Class B camper vans, conversion vans, and small RVs have grown in popularity in the past decade. This class has been divided into B and B+. The difference between a Class B and a Class B+ motorhome is easy to see. The Class B+ motorhome is bigger, wider, and taller and has one or more slides, whereas the Class B is smaller and resembles a standard van. Class Bs are 17- 19ft and weigh between 6,000 and 8,000lbs.

Small RV Life

Class B motorhomes are not the only way to hit the open road and live a simple life. Small RVs can also be a good choice. These tiny homes can give you the conveniences of home in a big way. Camper trailers that come in under 20ft with slides can give you a lot more room and still haul easily. Some of the lighter travel trailers can even be towed by cars. 

RV Towable Trailer Classification

Towable trailer classes include pop-up, travel trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheel.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 2

Pop-up or foldable trailers are compact and incorporate canvas sides, and need to be popped up before they’re usable. 

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 3

Travel trailers are a wide range of towables in various lengths and different floor plans.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 4

Toy haulers are travel trailers that include a “garage,” allowing room to accommodate  “toys” like an ATV or motorcycles. 

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 5

Fifth-wheel trailers are the largest RVs and the heaviest and require an in-bed truck tow hitch.

Quick Spec and Comparison Chart

Airstream Interstate 19B9,050 lbs19’5”No2Starting at $191,125
Winnebago SolarisB8,550 lbs17’10”No3Starting at $102,553
Winnebago SolisB8,900-
9,300 lbs
4Starting at $115,497
Happy Camper HC1Travel Trailer3,500 lbs13”NoUp to 5Starting at
Scamp 16B1,750-
2,000 lbs
16”No5Starting at $276,106
Airstream AtlasB+11,030- 15,250 lbs24’ 9”Yes2Starting at $276,106
Gulfstream BT CruiserB+12,500 lbs22’ 6”’No4Starting at
Roadtrek 2022 Zion SlumberB+9,350 lbs20’ 9”Pop-
Up to 5Starting at $176,260
Lance 1985 Travel TrailerTravel
3,500 lbs17’ 11”Yes4Starting at $46,823
Rockwood Mini LiteTravel
4,977 lbs22’ 4”Yes4Starting at
Winnebago Minnie WinnieC8,500-
9,600 lbs
24’ 5”No5Starting at
Jayco 2022 MilbourneC15,250 lbs25’ 2”Yes5Starting at
Entegra Coach OdysseyC14,500 lbs26’ 8”Yes5Starting at $132,680
Explore Rockwood Roo 183Travel Trailer4,259 lbs21’ 2”3
6Starting at $23,998
Bambi 22FB
Travel trailer
3,900 lbs11”No4Starting at $23,998
The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 6


Anyone familiar with RVs and motorhomes and most of those that are not can recognize the Airstream name. Their iconic chrome travel trailers have graced the roads and campgrounds since 1920. Today the older models can be priced even higher than new ones. Vintage camper enthusiasts covet them. Airstream has carved out one of the top spots in RV and motorhome manufacturing.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 7

Airstream Interstate 19

Interstate 19 is no exception to the quality of the Airstream company. This model is the number one best-selling class B diesel motorhome. Small enough to fit in a standard parking place and includes a kitchen and bathroom.

Its Horsepower boasts 188 HP / 325 lbs torque and is built on a Mercedes Benz chassis. You will stay nice and warm with a 14,300 BTU Truma Combi Eco Plus Furnace. When off-grid, you will still enjoy the convenience of an 18-gallon freshwater tank. The gray water tank will hold 16 gallons, and the black water tank will hold 9 gallons.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 8

Other popular features include hot water on demand, a built-in Garmin GPS navigator, and a rear camera. Thanks to a sliding side screen and a power rear screen, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors without the bugs. 

The Interstate is luxury in a small package. There is an awning to add usable outside space and stay in the shade or dry. There is a Samsung TV to watch movies while laying on the Ultraleather sofa made to be supple and soft, yet durable and strong. This leather resists temperature change and is easy to wipe clean, pet-friendly, and won’t scratch or stain.

Specs for the Airstream Interstate 19  

  • Chassis Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter 2500
  • Engine Mercedes-Benz® 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel
  • Emissions BlueTEC SCR Technology, 50 State – EPA/CARB Standards
  • Horsepower 188 HP / 325 lbs torque
  • Transmission 7 Speed Automatic
  • Axle Ratio 3.92
  • Wheelbase 144″
  • MPG* 18+ Estimated Highway
  • GVWR/GCWR 9,050 lbs/ 13,930 lbs
  • UBW 7,385 lbs
  • OCCC 1,663 lbs
  • Tow Package Mercedes-Benz® Hitch, 7 Pin Trailer Plug, Brake Control Pre-wired
  • Tow Capacity** Up to 5,000 lbs
  • Overall Length 19′ 5″
  • Tank Capacities 18 gals (Fresh), 16 gals (Gray), 9 gals (Black)
  • LPG 8.2 gal (34.7 lbs) 80% fill
  • Diesel Fuel 24.5 gals
  • Air Conditioner 13,500 BTU (with heat strips)
  • Furnace 14,300 BTU Truma Combi Eco Plus Furnace
  • Water Heater Truma Combi Eco Plus Hot Water
  • Heated Tanks Fresh and Gray Tanks (12 volt)
  • Converter/Inverter 50 amp Multi-stage Charger, 1,000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter
  • Generator 2.5 kW (LPG) with Auto Start and Ultra Quiet Resonator
  • Shore Power 30 amp/110 Volt Service
  • Solar Power 250 Watt Solar System
  • Airstream Warranty*** 3 Years/36,000 Miles
  • Mercedes-Benz® Warranty*** 3 Years/36,000 Miles
  • Mercedes-Benz® Engine Warranty*** 5 Years/100,000 Miles
  • Class B
  • Slide Out No
  • Sleeps 2
  • Starting at $191,125


Winnebago Industries was incorporated in Iowa in 1958. In 1961, the Winnebago name was introduced to the world.  The Winnebago brand name has become a recognizable icon. This brand manufactures not only all types of motorhomes and RVs but also pontoons and powerboats. Winnebago is sometimes nicknamed Winne, and they are a contender for the top spot in the outdoor world.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 9

Winnebago Solis Pocket

The Winnebago Solis Pocket is one of the most affordable camper vans on the market. Don’t let the modest price tag concern you. This Winnebago camper van is manufactured with the most incredible attention to detail and style as well as functionality.

The Pocket galley offers performance inside and out. , An exterior table, stainless steel sink, two-burner cooktop, and refrigerator make preparing a meal simple.  Need more space to prepare the food? Just raise the murphy bed to reveal a usable countertop.

All-season camping comfort is made possible with the Truma® VarioHeat™ system. Losing heat and air is not a problem with this model. The Solis Pocket does not include a water heater. 

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 10

The Winnebago Solis Pocket was designed for those living and working remotely. It gives the freedom to those who  ex0lore and set up camp where you want. The Ram ProMaster® engine is a workhorse, and the solar power system makes dry docking simple.

Want to work while listening to the birds or the rushing stream nearby? That is all possible while in your comfy chair with the sliding screen that keeps the bugs away. 


  • Exterior Length 17’10”
  • Exterior Height1 9’5″
  • Exterior Width2 6’9″
  • Interior Height 6’3″
  • Interior Width 6’2″
  • Freshwater Tank Capacity4 (gal.) 20
  • Holding Tank Capacity4 — Gray (gal.) 20
  • LP Capacity 5 (lbs.) 20
  • Fuel Capacity 24 gal
  • GCWR6 12,000 lbs
  • GVWR 8550 lbs
  • GAWR – Front 4,629 lbs
  • GAWR – Rear 5,291 lbs
  • Wheelbase 136″
  • Cassette Toilet Cap. 3.2 gal
  • Sleeps 3
  • Engine Ram ProMaster® 280-hp, 3.6L V6 gas engine, 6-speed automatic 62TE           transmission
  •  180-amp. alternator
  • Tow Capacity Trailer Hitch 3,500-lb. Drawbar/350-lb. maximum vertical tongue weight
  • Slide Out No
  • Starting at $102,553
The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 11

Winnebago Solis

The Winnebago Solis is one of the most popular Class B RVs available today in an increasing camper van market. The Solis is the upgrade from the Solis Pocket sitting on a ¾ ton chassis. This model will boost your workload ability.  The longer wheelbase allows for a larger capacity.

The Solis provides all the benefits of a Class B RV, including smaller size, effortless drivability, and improved fuel efficiency, and boasts a four-person sleeping capacity. It is larger than the Solis Pocket, allowing more room for your gear and comfort.

Most Winnebago Solis camper vans have a pop-top sleeping loft that offers a four-person sleeping capacity. This pop-top is made of durable canvas and zip windows that allow you to enjoy the stars while falling asleep.  

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 12

The Solis is an all-weather camper van. All tanks and waterlines are above the floor and inside the van. This protects them from freezing in cold weather. Unlike the Solis Pocket, the Solis includes a water heater and indoor shower. The wet bathroom consists of a five-gallon cassette toilet convenient for those night trips.

The pop-top option includes a 220-watt flexible surface solar panel, which is more powerful than the 170-watt of the Solis Pocket. The small kitchenette with a two-burner stove and a 12-volt refrigerator makes cooking dinner instead of eating out.

The rearview camera and blind-spot assist are features that help ensure safety. Its small size makes maneuvering not much different than the family mini-van. There are up to six seatbelted seats depending on the floor plan you choose.  


           59P 59PX

  • Exterior Length 19’9″ 21′
  • Exterior Height1 9′ 9’5″
  • Exterior Width 2 6’9″ 6’9″
  • Interior Height 6’3″ 6’3″
  • Interior Width 6’2″ 6’2″
  • Freshwater Tank Capacity 20 20
  • Water Heater Capacity (gal.) 2.6 2.6
  • Holding Tank Capacity (gal) 20 20
  • LP Capacity 25 25
  • Fuel Capacity 24 24
  • GCWR6 (lbs.) 12,000 11,500
  • GVWR (lbs.) 8900 9350
  • GAWR – Front (lbs.) 4,629 4,629
  • GAWR – Rear (lbs.) 5,291 5,291
  • Wheelbase 159″ 159″**
  • Cassette Toilet Cap (gal.) 5 5
  • Sleeps 4 4
  • Ram ProMaster® 280-hp, 3.6L V6 gas engine 280 HP
  •  6-speed automatic 62TE transmission
  •  180-amp. alternator
  • 4-wheel ABS brakes
  • Trailer Hitch6 3,500-lb. drawbar/350-lb. maximum vertical tongue weight
  • 4-pin wiring connector
  • Sleeps 4
  • Slide Out Expandable top
  • Starting at $115,497

Happier Camper

Happier Camper started in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, as a family hobby restoring vintage fiberglass camping trailers from the 1960s. From those years of experience, the idea of the perfect small camper that would be adaptable but inspired by the classic look of mid-century trailers was born. In 2015, the first HC1 was introduced into the market. 

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 13

Happy Camper HC1

The HC1 is a game-changer. It includes an adaptive system that allows you to customize it for your personal needs and then change it when those needs shift.

It all works like a puzzle with interchangeable pieces. The floor is grooved to hold those pieces into place. 

The design is totally up to you. It can be set up as a camper, mobile office, guest room, retail space, espresso bar, photo booth, art space, meditation pod, hauler, tradeshow, farmers market booth, whatever you need is possible. Use it as a family camper one week and then a fair booth to sell your crafts the next. All the inside furniture can also double as outside furniture. This makes almost anything possible. 

The ability to pull out all the components leaves the opportunity to really deep clean. That can be accomplished with a water hose. Yep, that is what I said. Before changing your floorplan up, you can clean the inside of your rig with a water hose and some soap. Those who live in their tiny campers appreciate this. Drydocking or camping off the grid can sometimes lead to tracking in all kinds of things. 

The HC1 is customizable and can even feature a kitchenette. There is a 5-gallon freshwater and gray-water tank. Want a shower?  There is a  4-gallon shower, and the dry flush toilet does not require plumbing. 

This is the most innovative travel trailer on the market. Its quality and design will make it hold up its worth for years and years to come. It has the ingenuity to become as iconic as the Airstream design. The marriage of the old style and new possibilities for unconventional uses is genius.


  • Dry Weight: 1100 lbs
  • Tongue Weight: 110-150 lbs
  • Shell Length: 10’
  • Exterior Height: 7’4”
  • Overall Length: 13’
  • Inside Width: 6’6”
  • Inside Width at Bed: 6’11”
  • Inside Height: 6’1”
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 3500 lbs
  • Rear Hatch Door: 54.5” w x 53.5” h
  • Walkable Floor Space: 42 sf
  • Pull behind
  • Tank capacities 5 gals(fresh), 5 gals (gray), 4 gals (shower)
  • Furnace No
  • Slide out No
  • Sleeps 5
  • Starting at $34,450
The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 14

Airstream Atlas

The Atlas Touring Coach, is Airstream’s most luxurious touring camper van. It’s a Class B+ RV on the legendary Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter van chassis and modeled after the Airstream Interstate series. Its power slide-out offers more space and comfort having those who live, work and play in their rig in mind.

The Atlas is the first Airstream motorhome to include a power slide-out.  On the road, the slide-out is retracted and still allows enough space to move around. When ready to camp, it extends with the touch of a button. When extended, you can stretch out and relax on the couch or pull down the Murphy bed to turn in for the night. 

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 15

Atlas’  bathroom stretches the entire rear of the motorhome. Behind the sliding pocket door is a nice closet, vanity, beautiful shower, and toilet. This bathroom was designed with luxury in mind. Face it, most RV or motorhome bathrooms are just for necessity and less for comfort. This room will change that.

Enjoy continuous hot water with a  60,000 BTU On-Demand Continuous Flow water heater. Hot showers at the end of the day will be at your discretion-no more banging on the door begging for the person before you to hurry.

The Atlas is an all-season camper van with heated tanks to guard against freezing. A 15,000 BTU Quietstream™ Ducted with Heat Pump and 16,000 BTU furnace will keep you cool or nice and cozy. 

A kitchenette with counter space makes meals a cinch. Solar power makes the road your home no matter how remote you want to go. Sit back and enjoy a movie from the couch or the murphy bed on the Samsung television.


  • Microwave 1.1 cu. ft. Convection Microwave
  • Chassis Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter 3500 Chassis
  • Engine Mercedes-Benz® 3.0L V6 Turbo Diesel
  • Emissions BlueTEC SCR Technology, 50 State – EPA/CARB Standards
  • Horsepower188 HP / 325 lbs torque
  • Transmission 7 Speed Automatic
  • Axle Ratio 3.92
  • Wheelbase 170″
  • MPG* 16-18 Estimated Highway
  • Chassis Safety System Mercedes-Benz® Adaptive ESP® (Electronic Stability Program)
  • GVWR/GCWR 11,030 lbs/15,250 lbs
  • Tow Capacity** Up to 5,000 lbs
  • Overall Length 24′ 9″
  • Overall Height 10′ 6″ (including A/C)
  • Overall Width 7′ 11
  • Interior Height/Width 6′ 6″ / 7′ 4.5″
  • Tank Capacities 20 gals (Fresh), 31 gals (Gray), 27 gals (Black)
  • LPG 9.76 gals (41.38 lbs) 80% fill
  • Diesel Fuel 24.5 gals
  • Air Conditioner 15,000 BTU Quietstream™ Ducted with Heat Pump
  • Furnace 16,000 BTU
  • Water Heater 60,000 BTU On-Demand Continuous Flow
  • Converter/Inverter 50 amp Multi-stage Charger, 1,000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter
  • Generator 3.2 kW (Diesel) with Remote Start-
  • Shore Power 30 amp/110 Volt Service
  • Solar Power 400 Watt Solar System
  • Airstream Warranty*** 3 Years/36,000 Miles
  • Mercedes-Benz® Warranty*** 3 Years/36,000 Miles
  • Mercedes-Benz® Engine Warranty*** 5 Years/100,000 Miles
  • UBW 10,090 lbs
  • Slide Out Yes
  • Sleeps 2
  • Starting at $276,106

Gulfstream Coach

In 1971, Gulfstream was founded and is still owned by the Shea family. It all began in the small community of Nappanee, Indiana.  Founder Jim Shea Sr. was a dedicated entrepreneur and quality. Elkhart County, Indiana, has a long heritage of craftsmanship.  This heritage is tied to the Amish and Mennonite tradition of handcrafted furnishings and homes. 

The small company began manufacturing homes and then expanded in 1983 to include a top-quality line of motor homes, travel trailers, and fifth-wheel trailers. Today, Gulf Stream Coach is the industry’s leading family-owned and operated RV manufacturer. It includes 22 brands and 140 different models. Gulfstream has produced over 300,000 recreation vehicles. The dedication to detail has remained the same since 1971.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 16

Gulfstream BT cruiser

At 22’ 6”, this motorhome is not like your camper van but is still small enough for you to feel comfortable driving. It is made with a couple in mind but has room for children or visitors. T Camping in the great outdoors and having the luxuries of home. 

An outdoor awning with lights and speakers allows the outdoors to become your living room, and the outside hot and cold water is perfect for a shower under the stars. You may want to shower in your three piece dry bathroom. A toilet, vanity, and shower with a skylight give you a feeling of home.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 17

Cooking is easy with a stove and oven combo as well as a microwave. A stainless steel sink with a farmhouse style faucet provides ample room for clean up. The beautiful countertop is small, but it bridges the gap between the sink and the stove for convenience.  In my opinion, the large refrigerator is essential for those who live or stay for prolonged periods in their rig.

The dining room benches come with seatbelts for the kids or guests when traveling down the open road. Just strap them in and turn on the television for a quiet ride. Maybe they would like to play a game or eat a snack at the table. It is all possible.

Every nook and cranny is filled with the opportunity for storage. Cabinets border the top of the entire rig. There is even room in the bathroom vanity for towels. This is definitely not a class B model motorhome. Gulfstream has labeled it correctly as a B+.


  • Engine Type V8
  • Horsepower (bhp/kW) 350 / 261.2
  • Horsepower RPM 3900
  • Torque (Ft Lbs/Nm) 468 / 634.5
  • Torque RPM 3900
  • Fuel Requirements Regular
  • Fuel Type Gas
  • Turbocharged No
  • Supercharged No
  • Chassis Model E350
  • Chassis Brand Ford
  • Displacement (l) 7.3
  • Carburetion Type Fuel Injected
  • Length (ft/m) 22.08 / 6.7
  • Width (in/mm) 96 / 2438.4
  • Height (in/mm) 126 / 3200.4
  • Interior Height (in/mm) 77 / 1955.8
  • Length (ft/ft) 22
  • GVWR (lbs/kgs) 12500 / 5670
  • Fuel Capacity (gal/l) 55 / 208.2
  • Number Of Fresh Water Holding Tanks 1
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal/l) 41 / 155.2
  • Number Of Gray Water Holding Tanks 1
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity (gal/l) 26 / 98.4
  • Number Of Black Water Holding Tanks 1
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity (gal/l) 26 / 98.4
  • Propane Tank (s) Standard
  • Number Of Propane Tanks 1
  • Total Propane Tank Capacity (gal/lbs) 9.9 / 42
  • Slide Out No
  • Sleeps 4
  • Starting at $90,000


Roadtek started in 1971 when Jac Hanemaayer became intrigued in the RV business and began designing his own with Home & Park Vehicles Limited.  While desiring to combine the comforts of a larger motorhome into an easily drivable van, he realized just how much he enjoyed it.  He purchased the company. The Roadtrek motorhome was born in 1981.

The Roadtrek brand was sold to Groupe Rapido in 2019. Now Roadtrek Inc. is headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  Its focus is building quality class b motorhomes for the North American market.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 18

Roadtrek 2022 Zion Slumber

The Zion Slumber is built on the Ram ProMaster chassis. You will notice that the sleek lines and large windows make for a more modern look. A rearview camera permits effortless maneuvering and added safety.

The pop-top hides on the roof for a clean look when closed, and when extended, it offers a  separate sleeping area. It is rare to have a private sleeping quarter when traveling in a small motorhome. Another plus is the option of a king size or twin beds. A king size bed in a small motorhome is a rarity.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 19

The kitchen is galley style with beautiful white countertops and modern white cabinetry. There is a medium size refrigerator and your choice of an induction cooktop or a two burner stove. A microwave is included, but there is no oven. You will appreciate the pull out pantry.

The Zion Slumber seats and sleeps five. This is a great convenience for small families. There is enough room for all your gear, and the open concept even allows room for some of the bigger toys like bicycles or even a kayak. 

The three-piece wet bath includes a marine toilet, sink, and shower. The instant hot water heater with 36,000 BTU  provides unlimited hot water. And the 16,000 BTU propane automatic furnace will keep you warm if you are camping during the cold seasons. 


  • Base model
  • Ram ProMaster 3500 extended van
  • Seating capacity Five
  • Sleeping capacity Five (with optional folding mattress)
  • Fuel type Gas
  • Exterior length 20’9″
  • Exterior width (without mirrors) 6’11”
  • Interior aisle width 29″
  • Exterior height (with roof AC) 9’5″
  • Interior standing height 6’2″
  • Wheelbase 159″
  • Gross vehicle weight rating 9,350 lbs
  • Occupant & cargo carrying capacity 1,250 lbs
  • Gross combined weight rating 10,600 lbs (4,808 kg)
  • Towing – tow hitch rating 2,000 lbs (907 kg)
  • Towing – tongue weight 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Fresh water capacity 37 U.S. gal
  • Black water capacity 8.5 U.S. gal
  • Gray water capacity 14 U.S. gal
  • Rear king bed size (width x length) 74″ x 76″
  • Rear twin bed size – right (width x length)25″ x 78″
  • Rear twin bed size – left (width x length)25″ x 78″
  • Airbag Driver and passenger
  • Alternator 220 AMP
  • Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS)
  • Axle – rear 3.86 ratio
  • Battery 800 AMP
  • Camera – rearview backup
  • Climate control
  • Cruise control
  • Engine 3.6 L gas, V6, 24 valve
  • Power 280 HP/209 kW
  • Power steps for front cab doors
  • Engine 3.6 L gas, V6, 24 valves
  • Slide Out Expandable roof
  • Sleeps 5
  • Starting at $176,260


Lance began in 1965 when Richard Murray created the M&M Trailer Supply in North Hollywood, California.  Later that name was changed from M&M to Lance. Lance campers were being sold factory-direct and were dominating the truck camper industry.

Ron Mertes joined the company to offer his charismatic selling ability, and Murray was responsible for manufacturing. While other truck campers were being manufactured,  the Lance Camper dominated Southern California and led the market share.

When Jack Cole took a part-time job after school at Lance, he didn’t understand that it would change his life. Jack is now the President of Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation. When the energy crisis of the ‘70s hit business fell dramatically, both Ron and Richard moved from Southern California. Jack purchased the company and devoted his time creating a solid professional dealer network.

The company has not only dominated in California but has grown throughout North America and has a 40% market share today.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 20

Lance 1985 Travel Trailer

At just 4245 pounds, the 1985 Travel Trailer is an easy tow for a larger SUV or pickup. Pulling this travel trailer is very comfortable. It is the perfect size to maneuver and feel confident in. Lance’s reputation for quality and attention to detail is what has made the brand so popular with customers for many years.  

The 1985 has an open, roomy interior and a full-width rear bathroom. The bathroom includes a cabinet vanity sink, foot pedal porcelain toilet, and roomy shower with a skylight. One of my favorite things about the 1985 bathroom is the closet. So convenient to have your clothing in reach of the shower.

Facing the living space is a conveniently placed entertainment center. Perfect for viewing, no matter where you are in the cabin. You can even watch television while you prepare your meals. Usually, I am not too much of a critic about decor, but I will mention the dark wood choices do make this trailer feel like it is closing in even with the super slide.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 21

There is a super-slide that appears to double your space and give you the open concept feel. 

All Lance campers have a battery compartment on the inside of the trailer. That means that if you do choose lithium batteries, they are protected. 


  • Floor Length 18’9”
  • Overall Length 23’3”
  • Exterior Width 96-3/8”
  • Exterior Height w/Optional 13.5M A/C 10’2”
  • Interior Height 78”
  • Convertible Dinette Bed 54” X 78′
  • Gross Dry Weight 4245 Lbs.
  • Hitch Dry Weight 550 Lbs.
  • Axle Weight 3695 Lbs.
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity 1955 Lbs.
  • GVWR 6200 Lbs’
  • Fresh Tank 45 Gal
  • Grey Tank 45 Gal
  • Black Tank 45 Gal
  • Refrigerator 7 Cu. Ft.
  • Propane 2-5 Gal
  • Furnace 25M
  • Sleeping Capacity 4
  • Tire Size ST205/75R15
  • Slide Out No
  • Sleeps 4
  • Starting at $46,823


Rockwood is a division of Forest River RV and manufacturers some of America’s most popular pop-ups, travel trailers, fifth wheels, and hybrid towables. The brand covers a wide variety of trailers to fit every lifestyle. Rockwood even produces lightweight travel trailers that you can tow with a fuel-efficient car or small SUVs.

Initially founded in 1972 by Arthur Chapman, Rockwood RVs used to include motorhomes along with their towables until they were acquired by Forest River in 1996. Now the focus is on offering different selections of pop-ups from tent to hard wall/A-frames, amenity-packed lightweight fifth wheels, and travel trailers, so no matter what you drive, you can still enjoy the RV lifestyle.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 22

Rockwood Mini Lite

When you want a lightweight, compact travel trailer but still very roomy, the Rockwood Mini Lite fits the bill. Rockwood is a quality brand of RVs that is widely recognized for a good reason. Rockwood is made by Forest River Inc. Both names are synonymous for high quality outdoor products.

Are you looking for a flexible floor plan? The Rockwood Mini Lite comes in 14 different floor plans. With so many options. From different bed sizes to varying bathroom layouts, you will be able to find your ideal floor plan.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 23

One of the best advantages of the Mini Lite series is the slide-out feature for expansion. Once your trailer is parked, you can enlarge your interior space by outwardly extending the kitchen, dining area, or both.

When you choose a smaller travel trailer, there is the benefit of different towing options. What you sacrifice in space is compensated with a smoother ride and better fuel efficiency. These factors may provide the ability to travel farther and more often.

The list of features further proves that you are purchasing a quality product. State-of-the-art technology, climate control, safety features, and a fully equipped kitchen are just a few of the standard features, and there are many options for upgrades.


  • Newport Ash Cabinetry
  • Autumn Wood Cabinetry
  • Screwed & Glued, Solid Wood Cabinet Doors & Drawers With Hidden Hinges, Metal Drawer Glides & Residential Hardware
  • 13,500 BTU Ducted Air Conditioner
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Interior 12V Outlet
  • Monitor Panel Switch Station w/ OneControl App
  • 55 AMP Converter w/ Charger
  • Ceiling LED 12V Interior Lighting
  • LED TVs
  • Showermiser Water Saving System
  • Bathroom Skylight
  • Water Heater By-Pass Kit
  • Foot Flush Toilets
  • Maxxair Ventilation Fan & Cover
  • Quick Recovery Water Heater w/ Interior Gas/Electric Switches
  • Multi Zone Stereo w/ DVD, CD, AM/FM & Bluetooth Control
  • 20K BTU Furnace on 2104S/2109S & 35K BTU on all others
  • Murphy Bed w/ Under Sofa Storage System w/ Outside Access (2104S, 2507S, 2509S, 2514S)
  • Night Roller Shades
  • 15,000 BTU A/C
  • Bedroom Mounted LED TV (Only on 2506S, 2511S, 2513S, 2516S)
  • Deluxe Tri-Fold Sleeper Sofa (N/A 2109S)
  • Extra Maxxair® Ventilation Fan and Vent Cover
  • Tongue Mount Bike Rack
  • Slide Topper
  • ThermoPane Windows
  • Sport, Tire and Wheel Package
  • Power Stabilizer Jacks
  • Gas Electric Fridge
  • Tank capacities
  • Fresh water 54 gals
  • Gray water 30 gals
  • Black water 30 gals
  • Slide Out Yes
  • Sleeps 4
  • Starting at $46,457
The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 24

Winnebago Minnie Winnie

The small camper that is big on function and personality., Micro Minnie is ready for an adventure. At seven feet wide and multiple floorplans to choose from, you can choose the camper that meets your lifestyle.

Winnebago’s Micro Minnie gives all the comforts of home in a compact 7-foot-wide camper. Most models feature a slide to add living space. Each floorplan includes a roomy mattress with windows placed for cross ventilation allowing fresh air and the outdoors in.

Micro doesn’t describe the amenities. The bathroom has plenty of storage and a generous shower. Convertible furniture allows the functionality to change on a whim. Plenty of galley space, stainless steel sink, double door refrigerator, microwave, and an oven make camping enjoyable.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 25

Added bonus or the icing on the cake is this model can even be towed by a minivan. That makes this micro camper a smart choice for small families. You can set up camp and take the whole family in the minivan to the beach. 

This Winnebago is perfectly styled for the modern family with sleek cabinetry and lighter decor. Modern greys and brown with high end finishes make this trailer feel luxurious and expensive. That is a plus because this Winne is affordable. 


  • Engine Type V8
  • Cylinders 8
  • Horsepower (bhp/kW) 350 / 261.2
  • Horsepower RPM 3900
  • Torque (Ft Lbs/Nm) 468 / 634.5
  • Torque RPM 3900
  • Fuel Requirements Regular
  • Fuel Type Gas
  • Turbocharged No
  • Supercharged No
  • Chassis Model E450
  • Chassis Brand Ford
  • Displacement (l) 7.3
  • Carburetion Type Fuel Injected
  • Transmission Type Automatic
  • Number Of Speeds 6
  • Overdrive Yes
  • Transmission Brand TorqShift
  • Length (ft/m) 27.08 / 8.3
  • Width (in/mm) 101.5 / 2578.1
  • Height (in/mm) 132 / 3352.8
  • Wheelbase (in/mm) 190 / 4826
  • Interior Height (in/mm) 82 / 2082.8
  • Towing Capacity (lbs/kgs) 7500 / 3402
  • GVWR (lbs/kgs) 14500 / 6577.2
  • Hitch Weight (lbs/kgs) 7500 / 3402
  • Fuel Capacity (gal/l) 55 / 208.2
  • Storage Capacity (cuft/gal/l) 45 / 289.3 / 1274.2
  •  Fresh Water Capacity (gal/l) 44 / 166.6
  • Gray Water Capacity (gal/l) 39 / 147.6
  • Black Water Capacity (gal/l) 35 / 132.5
  • Propane Tank (s) Standard
  • Number Of Propane Tanks 1
  • Propane Tank Capacity (gal/lbs) 17.9 / 76.1
  • Slide Out No
  • Sleeps 5
  • Starting at $120,222


Jayco was founded in 1968 by Lloyd and Bertha Bontrager. As an innovator Lloyd had, developed a fold-down trailer system in 1967 and started building travel trailers in two chicken houses and a barn.  The company sold 132 trailers in its first year, and by the end of 1968, it had 15 employees.  In 1970 Bontrager built another plant in Harper, Kansas. An RV manufacturing mogul had been born.

In 1985 on Easter Sunday, Lloyd Bontrager died when his small airplane crashed near Muncie, Indiana. This loss devastated those who loved him, but it invigorated the mission of the company to continue Bontrager’s legacy. His wife Bertha became chairman of the board at Jayco, and later her sons Wilbur and Derald were placed into leadership roles.

Jayco is best known for its Jayco Flight model, which was revealed in 2001. In 2020 the Jayco Flight received its 15th consecutive win for the number one selling travel trailer in North America.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 26

Jayco 2022 Melbourne

The turbo diesel-powered 2022 Melbourne Class C Motorhome delivers everything for a comfortable adventure, This RV is powerful, compact, and fun to drive while sporting craftsmanship, value, and function. Built on the expertly engineered and fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis, it ensures a remarkable experience from beginning to end.

Power, modern style, comfort, and functionality are combined in a small motorhome that’s ideal for couples or small families. Inside, you’ll fall in love with a fantastic kitchen. There are LED-lit pressed countertops, hardwood cabinet doors, and drawers, and the color scheme is very versatile.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 27

The Customer Value Package offers a backup and side-view camera for safety. The swivel captain’s seats and a Sony infotainment center are great for relaxing after a day of driving. I also recommend the reclining theater seats. 

The exterior utility center,  outside shower, and electric stabilizer jacks make setup quick and easy. Each Melbourne Class C diesel motorhome by Jayco features the durable Stronghold VBL lamination, bead-foam insulation, and a seamless front cap that helps protect the rig from the elements and potential leaks. 

There are seatbelts in all designated seats.  An Onan 3,600-watt LP generator, as well as a 13,500 BTU A/C and a 30,000 BTU furnace, will keep you comfortable all four seasons.


  • Engine Brand Name Mercedes-Benz®
  • Engine Type V6
  • Cylinders 6
  • Horsepower (bhp/kW) 188 / 140.3
  • Horsepower RPM 3800
  • Torque (Ft Lbs/Nm) 325 / 440
  • Torque RPM 1400
  • Fuel Requirements Regular
  • Fuel Type Diesel
  • Turbocharged Yes
  • Supercharged No
  • Chassis Model 3500
  • Chassis Brand Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter
  • Displacement (l) 3
  • Carburetion Type Fuel Injected
  • Transmission Type Automatic
  • Number Of Speeds 7
  • Overdrive Yes
  • Transmission Brand Mercedes-Benz®arburetion Type
  • Length (ft/m) 25.17 / 7.7
  • Width (in/mm) 96 / 2438.4
  • Height (in/mm) 137 / 3479.8
  • Wheelbase (in/mm) 170 / 4318
  • Interior Height (in/mm 83 / 2108.2
  • Length (ft/ft) 25
  • Towing Capacity (lbs/kgs) 5000 / 2268
  • GVWR (lbs/kgs) 11030 / 5003.2
  • Fuel Capacity (gal/l) 26.4 / 99.9
  • Storage Capacity (cuft/gal/l) 17 / 109.3 / 481.4
  • Number Of Fresh Water Holding Tanks 1
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal/l) 43 / 162.8
  • Number Of Gray Water Holding Tanks 1
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity (gal/l) 31 / 117.3
  • Number Of Black Water Holding Tanks 1
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity (gal/l) 31 / 117.3
  • Propane Tank (s) Standard
  • Number Of Propane Tanks 1
  • Total Propane Tank Capacity (gal/lbs) 12.2 / 51.7
  • Slide Out Yes
  • Sleeps 5
  • Starting at $140,093


Entegra Coach became a member of the Jayco family in 2008.  Each luxury motorhome embodies tremendous pride and attention to detail. 

Entegra began building luxury motorhomes one at a time. With a proven foundation, attention to detail, and old-world craftsmanship, it became a luxury brand. This company prides itself on engineering innovation, rock-solid construction, and a commitment to quality. It’s because of this, Entegra Coach brand has earned the reputation of an industry-leading luxury motorhome manufacturer.

Pursuit of the superior luxury motorhome grew beyond the diesel Class A coaches to include gas Class A and Class C RVs in 2018. Evolving and broadening focus led to its first van-style Class B  model in 2021. By listening to customers,  Entegra continues to emerge as a luxury brand.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 28

Entegra Coach Odyssey

A mid-size motorhome with a private bedroom and bunk beds? There is also a cab-over bunk for extra sleeping capacity. A full-wall slide extends the whole coach to make it feel more like home. The sofa and booth dinette provide comfortable seating for relaxing.

A Furrion all-in-one cooktop/oven combo and a residential microwave allow the chef of the family to cook dinner and store the leftovers in the 8 cu. ft. gas/electric refrigerator. This model also includes an 18′ electric awning with LED lights so the party can be moved outside. 

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 29

Each Odyssey Class C gas motorhome by Entegra Coach is built upon a Ford E-450 chassis with a 7.3L V-8 350HP engine with 468 lb./ft. Torque. With that much power,  you can plan any adventure you want. 

You’ll appreciate the 7,500 lb. hitch with 750 lb. tongue capacity and 7-pin plug to bring the boat or other toys. The 55-gallon fuel tank will limit your stops and keep you on the road for miles. 

Inside, you can relax and catch a game on a 32″ LED HDTV after a hot shower in the generous three-piece dry bath with tons of cabinet space. When it’s time for bed, you will find your pajamas in the spacious wardrobe in your private bedroom.


  • E-Z Drive E-Z DRIVE™: Computer-balanced driveshaft, standard front, and rear stabilizer bars, Hellwig® helper springs, rubber isolation body mounts
  • Chassis Ford® E-450 chassis
  • Engine 7.3L V-8 350 HP engine with 468 ft.-lb. torque
  • Transmission 6-speed TorqShift® series transmission with overdrive
  • Alternator 210-amp alternator
  • Tires E-rated highway tires- LT225/75R16
  • Braking System Power anti-lock brakes with power steering
  • Hitch 7,500-lb. hitch with 750-lb. tongue capacity and 7-pin plug
  • Chassis Battery 12V chassis battery
  • Fuel Tank 55-gal. fuel tank
  • Leveling System Leveling jack prep
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)
  • Heated Tanks (12V pads)
  • Inverter 1,000-watt inverter
  • Black Holding Tank Sprayer Black tank flush
  • Generator Onan® 4,000-watt MicroQuiet™ gas generator
  • Transfer Switch Transfer switch with reverse polarity protection
  • Electrical Hookup 30-amp electrical service
  • Batteries 12V house battery
  • Air Conditioning 15,000-BTU ducted A/C
  • Heating System 30,000-BTU auto-ignition furnace
  • Water Heater 6-gal. gas/electric DSI auto-ignition water heater
  • Propane 12.2-gal. propane tank (41-lb.) with LP quick-connect hookup
  • Winterization Drain System
  • Slide Out Yes
  • Sleeps 5
  • Starting at $132,680
The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 30

Rockwood Roo

This travel trailer has an expandable pop out in the front and the rear, which accommodates sleeping 4 to 6 individuals very easily. That is a lot of bed space for such a small RV. That is one of the best features of a hybrid.

With a 67” flip-up sofa in the front and 44” dinette seating in the camper, this makes camping on those rainy days very relaxing. Sleeping in the pop-out on rainy nights allows you to be soothed to sleep by the sound of the rain.

At 4056 lb, it can be towed by most small SUVs. The hybrid travel trailer has always been a step up for families that own large tents or pop-up campers. Also known as tent trailers, pop-ups provide natural light, cool breezes, and panoramic views, but many owners end up seeking an easier and quicker setup with more storage and space as well as comforts like full bathrooms.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 31

A hybrid lets you keep some of the best features of a pop-up, like extending beds on the ends of the trailer and feeling you are a part of the great outdoors. You also gain some of the more functional parts of a conventional travel trailer. 

Most hybrids have full bathrooms, ample storage, and fully functional kitchens, and they deliver these basics at an affordable price while still being relatively compact and easy to tow.


  • Newport Ash Cabinetry
  • Screwed & Glued, Solid Wood Cabinet Doors & Drawers w/ Hidden Hinges, Metal Drawer Glides & Residential Hardware
  • 13,500 BTU Ducted Air Conditioner
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Interior 12V USB Outlet
  • Monitor Panel Switch Station w/ OneControl App
  • 55 AMP Converter with Charger
  • Ceiling LED 12V Interior Lighting
  • LED TVs
  • Fireplace (235S Only)
  • Quick Recovery Water Heater w/ Interior Gas/Electric Switches
  • Multi-Zone Stereo w/ DVD, CD, AM/FM & Bluetooth Control
  • Bunk Fan/Light Combo w/ Each Bed
  • Two Maxxair Ventilation Fans & Covers
  • Heated Mattress
  • Pleated Night Shades
  • 35K BTU Ducted Furnace
  • Rear Observation Camera Prep w/ Molded Mounting Plate
  • Easy Lube Axles & Nev-R Adjust Brakes
  • Torsion Axle, Rubber-Ryde Suspension
  • Nitrogen Filled, Goodyear Endurance Tires w/ Polished Alloy Wheels
  • TST Tire Pressure Monitor System w/ Monitor
  • Spare Tire w/ Carrier & Cover
  • Power Tongue Jack
  • Tank capacities
  • Freshwater 54 gals
  • Gray water 30 gals
  • Blackwater 30 gals
  • Slide Outs 3
  • Sleeps 6
  • Starting at $23,998
The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 32

Airstream Bambi 22FB

Here we are again at Airstream. These trailers just beg to be written about. This model is the Bambi 22FB, and it can just look so cute and adorable, but one look inside, you will see that it has everything you need.

I am sure you have heard the Bambi name before? It’s been an unofficial nickname for Airstream’s smallest single-axle travel trailers for many years. Now Bambi is its own official family of lightweight, space-maximizing options ready to deliver an upgrade from the tent camping or pop-up camper experience.

The Best 15 Small Motorhomes and RVs on the Market 33

The galley kitchen has the appliances you need, perfectly planned out according to the way you’ll use them. Let’s talk about the updated sleek, clean, modern cabinetry, color scheme, and decor. It is as beautiful as it is functional. The dinette offers a lounging space and then transforms into extra sleeping space. The bathroom gives you space to get clean without having to sacrifice space elsewhere in the trailer.

Every inch of the Bambi is engineered to meet every need on the road. Bambi owners experience the best of both worlds: a small, lightweight travel trailer and the iconic Airstream curved aluminum design. It makes a statement wherever you go and, more importantly, lasts a lifetime and sometimes beyond.


  • Length (ft/m) 21.67 / 6.6
  • Width (in/mm) 96 / 2438.4
  • Height (in/mm) 111 / 2819.4
  • Interior Height (in/mm) 76 / 1930.4
  • Length (ft/ft) 21
  • Length (ft/in) 8
  • Dry Weight (lbs/kg) 3800 / 1723.7
  • Payload Capacity (lbs/kgs) 1200 / 544.3
  • GVWR (lbs/kgs) 5000 / 2268
  • Hitch Weight (lbs/kgs) 500 / 226.8
  • Capacities Standard
  • Number Of Fresh Water Holding Tanks 1
  • Total Fresh Water Tank Capacity (gal/l) 23 / 87.1
  • Number Of Gray Water Holding Tanks 1
  • Total Gray Water Tank Capacity (gal/l) 30 / 113.6
  • Number Of Black Water Holding Tanks 1
  • Total Black Water Tank Capacity (gal/l) 17 / 64.4
  • Propane Tank (s) Standard
  • Number Of Propane Tanks 2
  • Total Propane Tank Capacity (gal/lbs) 9.4 / 40
  • Air Conditioning Type Automatic
  • Heater Type Automatic
  • Water Heater Tank Capacity (g/l) 6 / 22.7
  • Water Heater Pump Power Mode Propane
  • Water Heater Tank Bypass Yes
  • Freeze Proof Insulation Standard
  • Furnace 12,000 BTU
  • Slide Out No
  • Sleeps 4
  • Starting at $23,998

So did you find what you were looking for? I hope so. The most important thing is the adventure. If you are like most RV owners it may take you a bit to figure out what you need or how in love you are with the simple life. When you are lying in your grave or preparing to take your last breath all the material things you have or do not have will not be on your mind. Life is about adventure and making memories, not material things. Sometimes the only memory your family has is seeing you go out the door to work. 

A small RV or motorhome offers freedom and room for all kinds of adventure. Whether you want to hit the road for a weekend, a week, or permanently is all up to you. I have found living simply brings me peace.

So choose a rig and pack up the road is calling. Maybe it’s the mountains, the beach, or a swamp in Louisianna its all up to you. I promise you will find a community of support if you look for it. Living simple is growing more popular every day that the world gets more and more complicated. 

So want to know my favorite? Airstream is my pick. I am in love with the classic look, and I trust its quality. With that said, the HC1 has my attention because of its versatility. I actually can see someone towing it with a motorhome as a place to conduct business or work remotely. Happy camping, exploring, and memory-making. Breathe the fresh air.

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