What’s the Ford Maverick Towing Capacity – What Trailers and Campers can it Safely Tow?

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How Much Will a Ford Maverick Tow?

This bad boy can safely tow a trailer loaded with 2000 lbs., or an equally weighted camper. However, it’s crucial to remember we are discussing the regular 2.5L four-cylinder hybrid engine of the Ford Maverick. If you need more towing capacity, you can opt for the more powerful version, with the 2.0L EcoBoost engine and a Tow Package. This rig will comfortably let you cruise on any road with 4,000lbs hitched to the back.

What Travel Trailer Size Can A Ford Maverick Pull?

The Maverick lacks the muscle power of its Ford brethren. It’s the smallest pickup truck to come out of Ford’s assembling line in recent years, built primarily as a city truck with fuel efficiency as its main feature. Yet the workhorse image associated with Ford trucks is not lost on the Maverick. 

However, options are limited when towing travel trailers. The truck can effortlessly handle popups weighing 2,500 lbs and teardrops at 1,200 lbs. Maneuvering at sharp curves with a trailer in the back is smooth, and with a more powerful engine, you can go for reasonably sized 4,000lbs trailers. Although depending on the roads you are traveling, it is recommended not to go over 3,200 lbs as a safety precaution. Trailers can vary in dimensions, and for best maneuverability, do not go over 14 feet in length.

If planning on towing RV trailers, you will need the optional tow package. Even then, they will be on the smaller and lighter side. This is a practical daily driver, offering a balanced ride when towing trailers that meet specifications.

Can A Ford Maverick Tow A Fifth Wheel Trailer?

The Ford Maverick is overflowing with innovation, providing a smooth ride with a lot of space for passengers and cargo. Unfortunately, there are limits to its towing potential. The harsh truth is that the Ford Maverick is a compact pick-up truck, so it’s not possible to pair it with a fifth-wheel trailer or RV.

It’s a solid vehicle for smaller trailers, but a fifth-wheeler is out of its weight class by a large margin. Fifth-wheelers are bulkier trailers, averaging around 12,500 lbs, meaning they are three times over the Maverick’s towing capacity. 

Nevertheless, Ford has other models that can safely handle fifth wheelers, such as the iconic F150, F250, or for extra power, the F350 can be a more appropriate choice. Although the technology has come a long way, compact-sized trucks such as the Ford Maverick are not appropriate for towing a fifth-wheel trailer. Stick to smaller trailers when behind the wheel of the Ford Maverick. 

What Affects the Overall Towing Capacity Of The Ford Maverick?

What's the Ford Maverick Towing Capacity - What Trailers and Campers can it Safely Tow? 1

There are three trim levels of the 2022 Ford Maverick, each with its own set of features and specifications. The differences between the XL, XLT and the Lariat are not solely cosmetic. There are substantial variations in the engine performance and the body of the legendary Maverick, and this is not reflected only in the numerous gadgets on the dashboard. Although the bed dimensions and the hauling capacity are nearly identical to all models, the towing capacities can vary depending on several important factors.

Let’s examine a few key parameters that dictate the towing potential of the Ford Maverick. 

Engine Strength

The engine is the beating heart of a truck, and its power output determines the overall strength of a vehicle, especially when towing is concerned. Truck aficionados have a couple of choices when purchasing a Ford Maverick. They can go with the standard 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, which is paired with an electric motor. The hybrid power unit provides a combined 191 horsepower and 155 lb-ft of torque.

This is respectable for basic needs, but for slightly more towing capacity, the upgrade of a gas-powered 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that comes with 8-speed automatic transmission is more appropriate thanks to the 250 horsepower.

Axle Ratio

The Axle Ratio is a crucial component in generating torque, enabling the truck to pull more weight. Higher torque vehicles have a thirst for fuel but deliver the promised towing capacity. 

The 2.5L hybrid engine has an axle ratio of 2.91, while the 2.0L EcoBoost offers 3.63 for the standard and an axle ratio of 3.81 for the 4K towing package. The higher axle ratio offers more low-speed wheel torque, in turn requiring less throttle to get the truck’s load moving. A higher axle ratio is what you want when towing.

The Length and Weight of the Truck

The total length of the Ford Maverick is 199.7 in. with a curb weight of 3,674 lbs. Maverick’s size and weight do justice to its image as a compact truck. Nevertheless, it raises the big question, what do the truck dimensions tell us about its capabilities?

Trailers come in different sizes and shapes, yet it’s crucial for the trailer’s mass, not to exceed the truck weight because it can hinder the control you have over the vehicle. Considering the Ford Maverick’s compact size, you should look for trailers that match the Maverick’s dimensions or are smaller for reliable handling in all weather conditions and roads.


The Ford Mavericks’ hauling potential is 1,500 lbs, and this includes the passengers plus the cargo in the truck bed. Ford went to great lengths to emphasize that it’s possible to load the maximum allowed payload weight in the truck’s bed without limiting performance – no matter which configuration you select.

If planning on hauling different materials, there is not much philosophy to the process. It makes no difference if transporting cement, feathers, or plywood. The pickup truck concept has not changed dramatically over the decades, with the Maverick retaining the standard design but with different, more compact dimensions. The truck bed measures 4.5 feet, which can get expanded by 1.5 feet if the tailgate is down. Riding solo, you can haul, depending on your body weight, up to 1300lbs of cargo easily.

Tongue Weight

The key to safe towing is knowing your tongue weight. 

Tongue weight is the downwards force generated by the trailer on the coupling point. It’s the amount of loaded weight sitting on the truck’s rear axle.

Ford Mavericks’ max tongue weight is 400 lbs., which means towing a trailer weighing more than 4,000lbs is unsafe. Keep in mind, though, that the tongue weight for the 2.5l engine version is 200 lbs. Load placement is important for stability when driving. The correct amount of tongue weight is 10-15% of the trailer’s gross weight, offering a balanced line that improves performance and reduces risk.

Towing Package

To get the maximum towing capacity of the Ford Maverick, you’ll need the 4K Tow package. It includes upgraded 225/65R17 tires for XL and XLT trims, while the more luxury version Lariat already comes with 225/60R18 tires. There is also a 2-inch trailer hitch receiver, integrated trailer brake controller, a seven-pin trailer wiring plug, upgraded radiator, upgraded cooling fan, lower axle gears, and transmission oil cooler. 

The exciting set of features offers an effortless towing experience with the Ford Maverick. The best part is the 4K Tow package is not expensive, considering the impressive gear that boosts towing capabilities.

Trailer Tow Package

Truck shoppers sometimes get confused by ads featuring two types of towing options: the tow package, and the trailer tow package. This is not the same option rephrased for more appeal during marketing campaigns. The trailer tow package is very different from the tow package. 

In a nutshell, the tow packages are the universal option, while the trailer tow is more geared towards pulling bigger trailers with your truck. Since the Ford Maverick is at the low end of the towing spectrum, there is no dedicated trailer tow package currently offered by the manufacturer, but the standard package gets the job done with a trailer that meets its load pulling capacity.

Which Compact Trucks Provide Similar Towing Capacities to the Ford Maverick?

Ford Maverick doesn’t have many rivals in its class. The truck debuted in 2022, and there are even debates if it will get successors in upcoming years, although the initial interest among drivers was respectable. 

The concept of a compact truck is not something previously identified by Ford, but it’s very popular among manufacturers that generally focus on SUVs with similar performances.  Ford offers a wide range of pickup trucks, and the Maverick is mainly advertised as a daily driver for urban residents that may occasionally have towing needs. However, a few other compact trucks offer similar preferences, and that applies to the towing capabilities. 

Some of the competing models include:

Ford Maverick towing capacity FAQ

Can a Ford Maverick pull a trailer?

The short answer is yes, but there is a caveat. What’s the weight of the trailer you are hitching to your Maverick? The towing abilities of Ford Maverick vary depending on the engine under the hood. The choice includes three trim levels that can get equipped with two different engines. The default option is a 2.5L four-cylinder hybrid engine, providing pulling power sufficient for a trailer that weighs 2,000lbs. 

If you want more horsepower and a double towing capacity, you can choose the 2.0L EcoBoost engine and the 4K Tow Package for an increased towing capacity of 4,000 pounds! Size-wise it’s recommended to keep a flatbed trailer at 14-foot.

What Is Included in the Maverick 4K tow package?

Drivers planning on harnessing the full potential of the Ford Maverick will need the 4K tow package that increases the towing capacity to 4,000 pounds. Several features enhance the capabilities of the Maverick, which get incorporated in the 4k tow package. 

The accessories include a 2-inch trailer hitch receiver, upgraded radiator, upgraded cooling fan, seven-pin trailer wiring plug, 3.81:1 axle gears, integrated trailer brake controller, 225/65R17 tires (for the XL and XLT model), and transmission oil cooler. With the package, towing a trailer that meets the weight requirements is effortless.

Is Ford Maverick reliable?

The Maverick borrows many characteristics from the Ford Escape SUV and the Ford Bronco Sport. It’s a popular budget choice for a compact truck that provides maneuverability and fuel efficiency. When comparing the Maverick to other vehicles in its class, it easily outscores most of its competitors. However, not everything is perfect, and in most consumer reports, the Maverick gets 3 out of 5 stars for reliability.

Does the Ford Maverick have 4×4?

Yes. Even though the Ford Maverick has been designed with front-wheel drive in mind. This may seem strange, considering a four-wheel drive is a standard option on most Ford trucks, but the Maverick is the exception to the rule. The 2022 model is a versatile truck that can serve as a fateful companion for daily chores in the urban landscape, but people seeking weekend adventure can get the optional Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system. Keep in mind that you can only get the all-wheel-drive option with the 2.0L turbo engine.

Is the Ford Maverick smaller than the Ranger?

The Maverick is the smallest pickup in the Ford line-up. It’s part of a new compact truck concept that can serve as a daily driver, with modest towing capabilities for weekend activities. However, the main difference between the Ranger and the Maverick is that the Maverick has a unibody construction, while the Ranger features the same body-on-frame construction used by other trucks. When it comes to sheer size, the Ranger is a tiny bit bigger than the Maverick but offers considerably higher towing capacity.

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