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Among towable travel trailers, a fifth wheel is the best option for enjoying a life closer to a regular household. It has as enough space as a small home and comes packed with a bunch of comfort features. However, many new RVers are skeptical about this model because of the hitch design. For them, removable fifth wheel hitches could be a suitable option.

Best Removable Fifth Wheel Hitches

NoBest Removable 5th Wheel HitchesPricesOur Ratings
1B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500$$*****
2 PullRite 2914 Superglide Hitch Ford OE Puck 20K$$$$****
3PullRite 2714 OE Puck Series 16K$$$$*****
4CURT 16035 Q20$***
5Andersen Hitches Aluminum Ultimate$$****
6B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball 1384$*****

Are the Fifth Wheel Hitches Removable?

Yes. Not all of them but there are still plenty of models that have a removable design. These models have a fixed-rail design that stays attached to the floor. However, you can remove the hitch by taking off some clevis pins (could be some other fastener types depending on the design of the hitch). Some newer hitch models don’t occupy the truck bed when removed.

In most cases, the hitch rails stay rooted on the truck bed after removing the hitch from the bed rails. Removing fifth wheel hitch from truck bed, including the bed rails, will reduce the hardware strength. It will never perform like before if you remove the bed rails just for once.

You might be wondering if the removable fifth wheel hitches include gooseneck models too. Well, you can easily remove above-bed gooseneck hitches because they are mounted to the same 5th wheel hitch rails. You can remove or lower the gooseneck ball when not in use.

removable 5th wheel hitch
The Ultimate hitch from Anderson (Credit: Weekend RV Adventures)

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Top Choices for Removable Fifth Wheel Hitches

Thinking of buying a removable 5th wheel hitch? Here are our suggestions for the best removable 5th wheel hitches in the market. Considering the price point and features, these models are definitely worth your money.

1. B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500

B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500
Check prices and reviews

The Companion 5th wheel hitch from B&W has won Trailer Life Magazine Reader’s Choice Gold Award for several years.

Being an updated version of the 3000 model, this new steel hitch can tow up to 20,000 lb (gross trailer weight or GTW) and 5,000 lb (vertical tongue weight or VTW). The hitch itself is easy to handle because its base weight is 131 lbs and coupler 75 lbs.

Its wide stance ensures better stability and gives the base much strength to hold the weight. There is no chance for a loose start or stop, thanks to the tight holding of the kingpin by the thick jaws. The PU bushings eat up the vibrations, so you get a quiet towing experience.

You don’t ever worry about the adjustments again since the hitch offers three vertical adjustments with three coupler positions. Plus, its articulating head makes pivoting from side to side and front to back a breeze.

The Companion is an easy removable 5th wheel hitch because you can remove it by separating it into two parts. The cam action latch does not create any obstacle when releasing the hitch, even when the trailer is parked on uneven grounds.

Used first time today for a 250 mile trip pulling a used camper I bought to home. Hookup was painless as everything was level at the campground I met the seller at. The spring that keeps fifth wheel level front to back seemed to help lining things up while backing under the camper. No slop in the hitch on the ride home. Ran 72-75 most of the trip. When got home to park the camper, had to block under one side to get it level side to side on my gravel driveway. I remembered in the past with another brand that the truck and camper not both sitting level side to side with each other that I had problems with the pull pin releasing & getting the camper hooked or unhooked & that level ness of the trk compared to the trailer became a pain in the rear often while hooking or unhooking them. After leveling the camper side to side, I just unhooked the jaws and drive out from under it no problem at all. I backed under it again just to see if it would be hard to get the jaws to lock at the different side to side angel the trk was sitting compared to camper. No problems at all. The cam lock style works great and that’s the reason I bought the b&w brand hitch. Gooseneck to 5th wheel or vice versa is under 10 mins. I carry a torque wrench and socket behind the rear seat to install or remove the hitch any time now.. plan to use it for a trip to Yellowstone in a few months.

Shared by Beaudeane

2. PullRite 2914 Superglide Hitch Ford OE Puck 20K

PullRite 2914 Superglide Hitch Ford OE Puck 20K
Check prices and reviews

With 12,000 pounds of weight capacity and 216 lbs of weight, the steel hitch is great for short-bed trucks. If you can install properly by following the manufacturer’s recommendations, it will provide a top-notch performance.

Most short-bed hitches have turning issues. At the time of cutting any tight corner, a short-bed hitch makes the trailer hit the truck’s cab, causing substantial damage.

The PullRite 2914 Superglide hitch avoids this problem by moving the connection side to side. You can make 90-degree turns without causing the trailer to smash into the truck. Also, this hitch reduces vibration and sway by stabilizing the trailer.

3. PullRite 2714 OE Puck Series 16K SuperGlide Hitch for Ford

PullRite 2714 OE Puck Series 16K SuperGlide Hitch for Ford, Black, Standard
Check prices and reviews

A fully automatic 5th wheel hitch that can haul up to 16,000 lbs of weight. Its pin weight capacity is also impressive — a whopping 4,000 lbs. With a universal fit, this hitch is specially designed for Ford short bed trucks with pucks.

Mounting the hitch does not require any adapter rails and you can remove it without using any sophisticated tools. The hitch head is attached to the base with a few pins and clips that are easy to remove. Because of being made of top-grade American steel, the base is lightweight but sturdy.

The automatic design makes taking 90-degree turns a breeze. No need to get out of the truck before and after every turn to throw levers. A 14-inch slide further helps with smoothly moving the trailer at turns.

4. CURT 16035 Q20 5th Wheel Hitch

CURT 16035 Q20 5th Wheel Hitch
Check prices and reviews

This is one of the best removable fifth wheel hitches with an incredible load capacity. It can handle 20,000 lbs of GTW and 5,000 lbs of vertical load. Being a part of CURT’s Q-series, it runs a quiet operation without compromising performance.

The coupling of this hitch is really simple and you will enjoy an ergonomic operation with the short-throw handle, which you can lock for ensuring road safety. You can even see the current coupling status, thanks to a 3-position indicator. The hitch head can tilt in any direction because it comes with a spherical axial bearing.

CURT 16035 Q20 has some downsides too. It does not fit turret-style pin boxes. It is only compatible with some selected Ford models.

I bought a new truck and I had to purchase a new 5th wheel hitch. I had researched and researched until I read about this one. I excitedly jumped on Amazon to see if they by chance sold the hitch, and they did!!! I was so excited lol. At first being female, I wasn’t sure I would be able to set up / remove the hitch due to the weight. But this thing came in on a pallet, the receiver head was separate from the base, and I had zero issues getting it setup and put into the truck. We have come back from our 3rd trip using this hitch and it is awesome. I have had next to zero chocking with this head. The color coding is very easy understand and it is easy to see from the drivers seat. Just a glance and you know if you are hooked up or not. I definitely recommend this hitch to anyone needing to find one for an F350!

Shared by M. Jarlebrink

5. Andersen Hitches Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection

Andersen Hitches Aluminum Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection
Check prices and reviews

This hitch is basically a gooseneck extender that fits with the gooseneck hitches from all regular brands in the market. The aluminum connection is light at 55 pounds but it has a weight capacity of 20,000 pounds.

The hitch connection has a locking mechanism that you can operate via a release handle. You can do the connecting and disconnecting by using the handle. Lifting the hitch is easy for its lighter weight and it’s possible for one person to remove or install the connection.

Absolutely thrilled with this hitch…..and I’m using it on a short bed truck!!! Pulls smooth, absolutely quiet, and just about a 90 degree turn!! Just finished about 500 miles with it, and after checking tightness nothing loosened up. All the bolts were at specified torque for the trip back and did not require any tightening. Truck is a 16′ Ram 2500 Megacab, and trailer is a Jayco Eagle HT. Front cap is not overly scalloped and still get more then enough turning radius

Shared by M. Edelen

6. B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball 1384

B&W Trailer Hitches Turnoverball 1384 2013-2018 RAM 2500 Trucks Gooseneck Hitch
Check prices and reviews

Fitting all RAM 2500 pickup trucks from 2013 to 2018 models, the Turnoverball trailer hitch from B&W is one of the best-selling gooseneck hitches in the United States. It’s a great choice if you are looking for removable fifth wheel hitches. You can transform it into a level bed when not in use.

The solid hitch has a powder-coated finish that keeps it protected from weather elements. No drilling or welding is needed to attach this hitch to the truck bed since the frame already has bolts in existing holes.

However, you should be careful when installing this Turnoverball hitch because its installation spot is often close to the brake lines, fuel lines, or electrical wires of a truck. If the frame rails are close to these lines, be highly cautious so you don’t cut them.

This is a complete kit that fits perfectly with the factory-built mounting platform. Your truck should have a pre-existing mounting fixture over the rear axle.

How to Choose the Best Removable 5th Wheel Hitch

Choosing the best removable fifth wheel hitches requires some experience. As there are many options available, follow this selection process to avoid confusion and get the right product for you.

easy removable 5th wheel hitch
The Companion Hitch from B&W (Credit: Camper Report)

Learn about the towing capacity and weight

The 5th wheel hitch should have a towing capacity equal to or more than that of your towing truck. Also, its gross trailer weight (GTW) capacity should be more than the total weight of your 5th wheeler. So, learn about the towing capacity and GTW of the trailer, towing truck, and hitch before going shopping.

Note down the truck bed type and length

The truck bed length will give you an idea about the clearance the 5th wheel and truck will have after adding the hitch. There are two types of beds: long-bed and short-bed.

A truck with a long bed will have more clearance than the one with a short bed. The bed type is important because it determines whether the hitch needs a slider or a legs mounting platform.

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Find the right hitch model for a puck system

Many pickup trucks these days come with a built-in puck system or mounting platform. There are plenty of hitch models that are designed to take advantage of this puck system.

A truck already having this system means there is no need to drill or add hardware for attaching the hitch. You will just need to drop it into the truck bed and connect by using some pins and clips.

However, if your truck has a puck system, you will need to purchase a hitch that is compatible with that particular platform. Like a motor vehicle, puck systems differ from each other by brand and model year.

removable 5th wheel hitches
Choose the right removable hitch by considering some factors (Credit: RV Repair Sacramento)

Choose the base rails type

Without a mounting platform, a hitch will need base rails to be connected to the truck bed. There are two types of base rails: permanent and removable. Which one to choose depends on your personal preference and convenience.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to removable fifth wheel hitches. You will need to find out that matches your required weight capacity, truck bed type, budget, and a few other criteria. The models we’ve suggested could be a good place to start your search.

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