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While an RV is a substantial investment, it is highly prone to damages from being exposed to the harsh outdoor elements. The good news is there is a simple yet effective method to maximize the lifespan of your rig and avoid expensive repairs – RV covers. If you’re constantly out on the road, especially in an unforgiving climate, getting the best RV covers for your RV is definitely a must. 

The world of RV covers is quite a vast and diverse one, so first time buyers might be overwhelmed. But you’ve just hit an information jackpot. To make it as painless as possible for you, we’ve compiled a delicious list of the very best RV covers on the market, based on their specifications as well as RV cover reviews by buyers and experts.

There is the perfect buyer for every camper, every class of RV and every camping situation in this list, including the best RV cover for winter/snow, best RV cover for UV protection or best RV cover for windproof and waterproof.

In addition, this ultimate guide will explain in detail everything you need to know to pick the best RV covers, including their benefits, the different types, the criteria for a good RV cover, a carefully selected list of the best RV covers, plus answers to FAQs by fellow campers and pro tips on how to extend your RV cover’s lifespan.

waterproof travel trailer cover
RV cover is an indispensable accessory to protect your RV from outdoor factors.

Quick Recommendations

Check out this quick list of our favorites if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full the 20+ best RV covers with in-depth reviews.

  • Best Overall RV Cover: Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3
  • Best Value RV Cover: RVMasking WF-CE0167H
  • Best Budget RV Cover: Covercraft Wolf CY31042
  • Best Class A Motorhome Cover: KING BIRD Upgraded CT-A92
  • Best Class B RV Cover: Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO
  • Best Class C RV Cover: Classic Accessories Class C RV Cover
  • Best Travel Trailer Cover: Leader Accessories Windproof
  • Best Waterproof RV Cover: KING BIRD Deluxe
  • Best Windproof RV Cover: RVMasking WF-CE0167H
  • Best Camper Cover for Winter/Snow: ADCO 52245
  • Best RV Cover for Sun: ADCO 22894
  • Best RV Roof Cover: ADCO 36036 White Tyvek

Comparison Chart of Best RV Covers

Without further ado, here’s the best rated RV covers to buy in 2022 on all the important criteria: superb protection against a multitude of outdoor threats, heavy-duty material, functional design, durability, easy installation and maintenance. These are all well-rounded products with raving reviews from full-time RVers and seasoned RVers who have spent years or decades on the open road. 

That said, it’s crucial to choose the right cover for your camping situation, as well as install it properly for optimum protection from the elements, or else, you might end up like many one-star reviewers who misleadingly claim that their covers cause more damage than good. If you don’t know what to look for in the best RV covers, take a bit of time to skip to the next section to learn the crucial buying criteria.

 Product's namePriceFeaturesMore Info
Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer/Toy Hauler Cover, Fits 18'-20' RVs,...Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer/Toy Hauler...$$$$ All-season protection
Adjustable tension panels
Integrated rope attachment
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RVMasking Upgraded 6 Layers Top Travel Trailer RV Cover Waterproof Camper Cover for 31'7' - 34' RV -...RVMasking Upgraded 6 Layers Top Travel Trailer RV Cover Waterproof Camper...$$$$ Double stitch seams
PVC coating
PVC coating
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Leader Accessories 27'-30' Travel Trailer RV Cover Windproof Extra Thick Upgraded 5 Layers Camper...Leader Accessories 27'-30' Travel Trailer RV Cover Windproof Extra Thick...$$$$Anti-UV Coating
Air vent system
Storage bag included.
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Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Travel Trailer Cover, Fits 27' - 30' RVs, Camper RV Cover,...Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Travel Trailer Cover, Fits 27' -...$409.65Elasticized hem corners
Lightweight Ripstop fabric
Long zipper pulls
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KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover Anti-UV Top Panel, Durable Camper Cover, Fits...KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover Anti-UV Top Panel,...$$$$Reinforced straps
Rollable zippered doors
Reflective panels
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ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover - 28'7 Inch - 31'6 Inch, GrayADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover - 28'7...$268.57Designed for moderate climates
Various zipper entry doors
Reinforced buckles, flaps and straps
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Covercraft Wolf CY31042 Travel Trailer RV Cover 22'1' - 24' ,GrayCovercraft Wolf CY31042 Travel Trailer RV Cover 22'1" - 24' ,Gray$134.99Rain gutter
Multilayer breathable polypropylene
Straps and buckle
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Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover, 27-30 FootAmazon Basics Trailer RV Cover, 27-30 Foot$$$$Quick-drying materials
Integrated buckle attachment
Tension panels and elasticized corners
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ADCO 22894 Pop Up Trailer Tyvek & Polypropylene Cover - 14'1' to 16', GrayADCO 22894 Pop Up Trailer Tyvek & Polypropylene Cover - 14'1" to 16', Gray$55.83High-performance polypropylene sides
Dupont Tyvek top panel
Strap and buckle attachments
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Eevelle Goldline Travel Trailer RV Cover - Waterproof, Heavy Duty, Marine Grade, UV Protection,...Eevelle Goldline Travel Trailer RV Cover - Waterproof, Heavy Duty, Marine...$528.99Reflective strips
Polyester fabrics
Roof straps
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Eevelle Expedition Travel Trailer Cover -RV Cover, Waterproof, Marine Grade, Breathable, UV...Eevelle Expedition Travel Trailer Cover -RV Cover, Waterproof, Marine...$$$$Woven rooftop
Zippered panels
Front and rear elastic hems
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KING BIRD Upgraded Class A RV Cover, Extra-Thick 5 Layers Anti-UV Top Panel, Durable Camper Cover,...KING BIRD Upgraded Class A RV Cover, Extra-Thick 5 Layers Anti-UV Top...$$$Windproof and tearproof
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ADCO 34826 Designer Series Gray/White 34' 1' - 37' DuPont Tyvek Class A Motorhome CoverADCO 34826 Designer Series Gray/White 34' 1" - 37' DuPont Tyvek Class A...$$$Slip seam strapping system
Lapper cap
Tire guards
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Quictent Upgraded Class A RV Cover, Extra-Thick 6-ply Camper Cover, Fits 40 - 43Ft Motorhome...Quictent Upgraded Class A RV Cover, Extra-Thick 6-ply Camper Cover, Fits 40...$$$Anti-aging
Bird dropping protection
Tear and wear-resistant
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North East Harbor Waterproof Durable Tear-Resistant RV Motorhome Fifth Wheel Cover Covers Class A B...North East Harbor Waterproof Durable Tear-Resistant RV Motorhome Fifth...$$$300D polyester
Zippered panels
Universal applications
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Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Class B RV Cover, Fits 23'-25' RVs, Motorhome Trailer Camper...Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Class B RV Cover, Fits 23'-25' RVs,...$$$Quick-drying
Reduced stress and moisture.
Strap and toss bag system
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CarsCover Waterproof Class B RV High Top Conversion Van Cover Fit up to 24ft (289 inch) Sprinter,...CarsCover Waterproof Class B RV High Top Conversion Van Cover Fit up to...$239.95Weatherproof and waterproof
Rear cinching system
Zippered panels
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Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Class C RV Cover, Fits 29' - 32' RVs, Model 5, Air...Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Class C RV Cover, Fits 29'...$$$Zippered panel accesses
Stuff sack and ladder cap included
Built-in air vent
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Eevelle Traveler Series Class C RV Cover - Fits 18'-20' Trailers, 258'L x 105'W x 108'H - Water...Eevelle Traveler Series Class C RV Cover - Fits 18'-20' Trailers, 258"L x...$$$Microporous films
Reinforced corners
Rain finish
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ADCO 36036 White Tyvek 24'1' - 30' Roof CoverADCO 36036 White Tyvek 24'1" - 30' Roof Cover$$$Breathable
Compatible with accessories
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Best Travel Trailer Covers

1. Classic Accessories 73463 OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe Travel Trailer/Toy Hauler Cover, Fits 18'-20' RVs,...
All-season protection
Adjustable tension panels
Integrated rope attachment

Why This Is The Best:

Capable of offering top-notch performance in every imaginable condition, Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe (Travel Trailers) is among the best rated RV covers praised by RVers worldwide. 

Boasting a triple-ply top and single-ply sides, this Classic Accessories cover would keep your investment safe from rain, snow, dirt, bugs, nicks and scratches. Thanks to the incorporation of front and rear adjustable tension panels, OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe (Travel Trailers) is deemed one of the best RV covers for those seeking customization.

Regarding installation, RV cover reviews generally agree that setup is very easy thanks to the integrated rope attachment. In addition, you won’t have to crawl under the vehicle as the cover comes with a handy toss bag. 

Designed with quality and convenience for users in mind, this cover also features air vents to prevent moisture accumulation as well as handy zippered panels, plus a rugged stuff sack to facilitate storage. A 3-year warranty also accompanies the cover, which speaks plenty about its excellent build quality.

This is a pretty high quality cover. It would have been nice to know you have to undo the straps before your first time putting it on.

My camper is 19′-1″. I bought the size for trailers up to 20′. It fit good. A little too much material in the front but that is probably because my trailer is sloping in the front instead just a flat front. Fit over the roof air conditioner and tv antenna just fine. The straps really pull it tight around the front, back, and underneath the trailer.

Overall, great product. I hope it holds up to the Florida sun and summer thunderstorms.

Shared by Keith


  • Brilliant fitness
  • Well-built  
  • Straightforward handling


  • ome covers come with incorrect specifications   
  • Inconsistent lifespan


  • Brilliant fitness
  • Well-built  
  • Straightforward handling


  • Some covers come with incorrect specifications   
  • Inconsistent lifespan

2. RVMasking WF-CE0167H Travel Trailer RV Cover

Why It’s The Best Value:

Made from the ground up with utility in mind, RVMasking Camping Trailer Cover works like a charm in challenging environments. Owing to the inclusion of double stitch seams, the cover from RVMasking resists wear and tear in use quite well and that leads to fantastic lifespan.

Moreover, with UV-resistant and waterproof materials, RVMasking Camping Trailer Cover would remain uncompromised even when it comes to contact with outdoor elements daily. Unsurprisingly, enthusiasts of RVing that don’t have many opportunities to buy cover replacement think highly of the RVMasking cover. 

RVMasking Camping Trailer Cover comes with a handy weighted buckle toss-under so there is no need to crawl under vehicles during the setup process. By using the elasticized hem corners and adjustable tension panels, it’s a breeze to get the cover made by RVMasking fit and firm too.

Besides that, with zippered accesses at strategic locations like doors and engine, RVMasking Camping Trailer Cover allows people to inspect their rigs at any time. Last but not least, since the cover of RVMasking is breathable and well-ventilated, it’s good at regulating humidity. 

On arrival, RVMasking Camping Trailer Cover is accompanied by an adhesive repair patch so owners of recreational vehicles could deal with minor damages by themselves. RVMasking sells patches separately so it’s possible to stock up prior to upcoming trips. 

We are very pleased with the purchase of this trailer cover. It is well made and the fabric is more durable than the last cover we purchased. Since the material is so durable, it is heavier and therefore we needed a step ladder to put it on our trailer. All the tie-down straps are very secure and the rain spout covers are definite plus. I also liked the longer strap on the throwing weight.

Shared by Mary H.


  • Enduring 
  • Splendid ventilation 
  • Installation is child’s play


  • Reports of holes show up from time to time 
  • Unresponsive customer service

3. Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Boasting a combination of durable Ripstop non-woven fabric and protective coating against UV rays, Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover delivers a marvelous level of protection to recreational vehicles. 

Similar to many of the very best RV covers, this Leader Accessories cover features an air vent system to reduce wind stress and enhance ventilation. For higher adaptability to various RV models, Leader Accessories give it full cuts for ladders, air conditioners and other exterior features.

Thanks to such flexible features, Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover is considered to be one of the very best RV covers available for purchase in terms of adaptability.

As for fitness adjustments, this RV cover employs tension panels and elasticized helms so you can ensure a tight fit with ease.

I was nervous as this cover is less expensive than several others. We have had our 30′ travel trailer for over 13 years, all of which it was covered from about September thru June. We have had several covers over the years, mostly the more expensive kind (ADCO), but this one is even better than those. MIND YOU, we just put it on for the first time today, so I am NOT rating the endurance yet, just my first impressions. I prefer this roof material, to the thin white top on the ADCO covers that we have had. This cover also had more vents, elastic, zippers, and straps. The front and and back had 2 sets of straps instead of one that criss cross and hod better. The four straps that go under the trailer seemed about the same. There were many more zippered places, which made it really convenient. It fit very well, folded up smaller, and was a little lighter, but not cheaper feeling. Nicely reinforced corners and edges. Reflective strips and a tag indicating the front of the RV cover. First impressions: AWESOME, especially since it was cheaper!! I hope to get many years out of this – fingers crossed!

Shared by H

This travel trailer cover has been great protecting the unit. I live in Arizona with extreme heat, rain, and high winds. I store my travel trailer outside so the cover has been put to the test with the elements of the desert. I really like the air vents, and the zipper access points. The straps are well made, and a bonus with the corner reflectors. I will be buying your product again in the future. Great product!

Shared by Michael


  • Thick fabrics
  • High endurance
  • User-friendly setup


  • Rip occasionally
  • Several covers arrive damaged

4. Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro

Classic Accessories Over Drive PermaPRO Travel Trailer Cover, Fits 27' - 30' RVs, Camper RV Cover,...
Elasticized hem corners
Lightweight Ripstop fabric
Long zipper pulls

Why We Love It:

Like the Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe but want extra protection and have the money to afford that? Then you have to check out the Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPro. With the integration of resilient lightweight Ripstop fabric, OverDrive PermaPro is able to withstand unforgiving elements on the road while ensuring ventilation with an air vent system. 

Being less bulky than most covers in its price range, this Classic Accessories cover features outstanding handling characteristics. By making use of the tension panels and elasticized hem corners, achieving a good fit for your RV won’t be a challenge. Access panels across four sides will ensure easy entry and exit.

One major plus of Accessories OverDrive PermaPro is that it utilizes pretty long zipper pulls which eliminates the need for ladders during setup. Such smooth installation and handling render it among the best RV covers regarding user-friendliness.

Purchased the 30′-33′ cover for my 2015 Keystone Passport 31 RE after a lot of research. This cover is very well made and light weight. It fit the camper very well and was pleased to see the access zipper lined up with the center of the door. It has adjustable straps. Two straps across the front, two across the back, and five across the bottom. There’s a second access zipper for campers with two doors (mine has one) and there were zippers each corner at the rear end for toy hauler access. The cover installed easily. One person could do it but I recommend two. The only issue I had was unrolling it on the roof. I thought it would unroll front to back and then roll down each side but the length was folded in half which took a little more effort. When I take the cover off in the spring I plan on rolling the sides in then roll it back to front. It comes with a duffle bag to store it in that has a zipper to expand it for easier fitting of the cover. 

Shared by TW


  • Splendid strength
  • Undemanding setup
  • Great accessibility


  • Post-supports seem to be mediocre  
  • Zippers definitely require reinforcements

5. King Bird Extra-Thick Trailer RV Cover

Why We Love It:

Featuring 4 layers on the top and 3 layers on the sides plus reinforced wind-resistant straps, King Bird Extra-Thick Trailer RV Cover is well loved by RVers who are subject to adverse weather conditions while on the road. 

The many air vents on both sides ensures ventilation and prevent wind stress as well as moisture accumulation. The handy rollable zippered doors allows easy access to your RV doors and engine compartments during maintenance. A useful extra feature is the reflective panels for improved safety in low-light settings.

In addition, the setup process is simple enough for first-time RVers to install with ease.

Fit my Forest River 25BRDS like a glove. My camper stays way cleaner. No more leaves, bird droppings or tree sap on my rig. The material is thick but dries quickly after a rain. The zipper panels allow easy access to the doors and storage doors when not in use. Be careful around gutter spouts because they could puncture the cover. I use a cut up pool noodle pieces over them to avoid this. So far, a great product.

Shared by Poncho


  • Helpful stuff bag
  • Excellent life expectancy
  • No sweat installation


  • Sub-par quality control
  • Corners need overhauls    

6. ADCO 52245 Travel Trailer Cover

ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover - 28'7 Inch - 31'6 Inch, Gray
Designed for moderate climates
Various zipper entry doors
Reinforced buckles, flaps and straps

Why We Love It:

Available with multiple sizes, ADCO 52245 is compatible with a wide range of commercial recreational vehicles. As 52245 is made to work in moderate climates with high moisture, it’s acknowledged by experts and experienced RVers to be one of the best RV covers for summer travels. 

Thanks to the built-in vents, the ADCO cover effectively prevents wind stress, while working in conjunction with the highly breathable fabrics to maintain ventilation, which is ideal for use in summer.

The slip-seam strapping system that cinches at top and bottom of the cover ensures a snug fit at all times. Through the zipper entry doors, you can get into your rig without having to remove the cover, which can keep your RV from being exposed to extreme heat and maintain a bearable temperature inside.

By incorporating triple layer SFS , AquaShed top panel and triple layer polypropylene sides, ADCO 52245 not only offers superb protection but is also aesthetically pleasing. If you want to sell your rig later on, heavy-duty travel trailer covers like this ADCO model will keep it in good shape so you can enjoy a better resale value. 

I bought this cover for my trailer to protect it from the elements. I padded all sharp corners and edges. The cover was fairly easy to install with two people. It fit well, I recommend ordering a cover that fits the size of your trailer, don’t order a size bigger. It’s been on all winter in the wind, rain, snow and sleet. No tares or worn areas. The key to these covers are to protect them from sharp edges and corners and a proper fit on your trailer.

Shared by AvgConsumer57


  • Precise fit
  • Available in many sizes 
  • Top-notch protection 


  • A few covers fail soon after being delivered 
  • Some RVers find the covers to be too tight 

7. Covercraft Wolf CY31042 Travel Trailer Cover

Covercraft Wolf CY31042 Travel Trailer RV Cover 22'1" - 24' ,Gray
Rain gutter
Multilayer breathable polypropylene
Straps and buckle

Why We Love It:

Affordable and dependable, Covercraft Wolf CY31042 is highly appreciated by budget-minded RVers seeking a balance between price and value.

Featuring multilayered polypropylene fabrics with great breathability, this RV cover boasts reliable protection and ventilation.

Thanks to the strengthened corners, its durability is second to none in its price range.   

The strap and buckle system on the front and back allows easy setup and fit customization.

An additional feature is the built-in rain gutter, plus a patching kit so you can conduct necessary repairs at once in the rare case that the cover is damaged by gutter.

Like many standard RV covers on the market, Covercraft Wolf CY31042 arrives in a storage bag. 


  • Perfect fit and well ventilated 
  • Excellent values for the price 
  • Patch kit included 


  • Inconsistent performance between covers     
  • Might be punctured by RV exterior features 

8. AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover

Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover, 27-30 Foot
Quick-drying materials
Integrated buckle attachment
Tension panels and elasticized corners

Why We Love It:

With up to 3 layers of thick breathable and quick-dry fabrics for the top and 1 for the sides, this AmazonBasics cover is well known for being among the finest waterproof travel trailer covers.

The cover also packs through air vent arrangements which address humidity and wind stress simultaneously.    

The adjustable tension panels and elasticized hem corners offer smooth fitness adjustments.

In addition, The integrated buckle attachment system alongside a toss bag enables easy set up. 

Regarding post-purchase support, this AmazonBasics Trailer RV Cover comes with an assuring 1-year limited warranty, on top of hassle-free return and exchange policy from Amazon.


  • Dry fast 
  • Customizable fitness 
  • Plenty of air flows 


  • Packaging requires improvements   
  • Several users complain about cover melting under extreme heat

9. ADCO 22894 Travel Trailer Cover

ADCO 22894 Pop Up Trailer Tyvek & Polypropylene Cover - 14'1" to 16', Gray
High-performance polypropylene sides
Dupont Tyvek top panel
Strap and buckle attachments

Why We Love It:

Packing a Dupont Tyvek top – polypropylene sides combo, ADCO 22894 is truly unmatched in terms of protection, coupled with top-notch breathability.

This ADCO cover is available in multiple sizes,so you can get one with the best fit for your RV.

Thanks to the integration of first-class strap and buckle attachments plus elasticized and reinforced corners, this cover offers a snug fit and is largely immune to billowing, thus is agreed by many to be among the best RV covers for windy conditions.

Through the cinch system on the front and rear of the cover, you should be able to set it up with ease.

For storage, ADCO 22894 comes with its own storage bag which means you could easily stow it on your recreational vehicle.

Since the ADCO cover is available in multiple sizes, it’s necessary that you include things like A/C, ladders,… before deciding on a model.


  • Long-lasting
  • Reasonable price 
  • Excellent craftsmanship


  • Require periodic repairs 
  • Inconsistent field performance

10. Eevelle Goldline Travel Trailer Cover

Why We Love It:

Among the best waterproof travel trailer covers, the Eevelle Goldline cover always takes the top spot. Despite the fact that it’s quite expensive, RV enthusiasts still think of the Goldline as a worthy investment for adventures in rainy seasons. 

Employing durable and waterproof Marinex 600 x 300D polyester fabrics with microporous films, this RV cover effectively repels water while being fully breathable. In addition, it will last you a long time.

Its life expectancy is further improved thanks to the presence of roof straps that keep the weight of the cover well supported. With absolute confidence in the quality of the cover, Eevelle offers an unmatched 5-year warranty. 

A huge advantage is its compatibility. This cover is designed to suit a vast number of models from popular RV makers such as Coachmen, Jayco, Coleman, Airstream, and Evergreen. So just get the right size and you would have no trouble with the setup.


  • Excellent visibility at night
  • Rugged straps and fabrics
  • Useful zippered panels 


  • Costly 
  • People complain about sticking fabrics 

11. Eevelle Expedition RV Trailer Cover

Why We Love It:

Instead of using conventional materials, Eevelle Expedition opts for woven fabrics for its top for top-of-the-line breathability.

It also packs sewn-in dual flow vortex vents to address billowing in windy conditions and improve air circulation.

Similar to other covers from the brand, Eevelle Expedition also receives Durapel UV Sun Inhibitor treating.

Possessing adjustable tension panels, flexible elastic hems, zipper panels located all around the cover and quick release buckles, installation and uninstallation would be a breeze.

Being a handy cover, Eevelle Expedition comes with everything RVers need in a cover: ladder cap, patch kit, toss bag and duffle bag.

Regarding post-purchase support, Eevelle provides owners of Expedition with a rock-solid 3-year warranty.


  • Secured setup
  • User-friendly zippers 
  • Customizable fitness 


  • Tend to rip 
  • Quality control is substandard

Best Class A Motorhome Covers

12. King Bird CT-A92 Class A RV Cover

Why We Love It

In the case that you feel tired of having to replace your RV cover frequently, you should take a look at King Bird CT-A92. Incorporating multi-layered anti-UV and Ripstop fabric, CT-A92 could take on sunlight, heat, humidity scratches, … with relative ease.

Additionally, by placing tension panels in strategic positions, the cover made by King Bird packs an increased stress area which provides splendid resistance against wind.

Thus, when you pick up  King Bird CT-A92, you don’t have to bother with cover replacements for years. 

Owning to the elasticized hem corners, the King Bird cover permits you to flexibly adjust the fitness at any time. As a result, ensuring a snug fit with CT-A92 is a piece of cake and there is no need to go under the vehicle.

Besides that, being equipped with a series of air vents on both sides, King Bird CT-A92 keeps the air moving in plenty of conditions.

Naturally, for its breathability, the cover from King Bird receives a shower of praise from today’s camper cover reviews. 

To reassure owners of recreational vehicles, King Bird backs its cover with a two-year manufacturer warranty that covers defects. If your CT-A92 experiences issues in use then you have something to count on.

It fit the coach very nicely, I like how it has enough straps that it is tight enough to not balloon out and keep the coach protected. I was presently surprised that the cover has three zippers on the passenger side one up from where my door is on in the middle and one at the back. I measured my coach at 39’ but I did not take into consideration the mirrors which I thought I could fold in. Probably should have gotten it a little longer but I simply took off the mirrors and it worked out fine for me. I am very happy with the purchase so far.

Shared by Paul Vincent


  • Versatile 
  • Fantastic lifetime 
  • Customer service is responsive 


  • Shipping should be overhauled 
  • Several users complain about receiving damaged covers 

13. ADCO 34826 Class A Motorhome Cover

Why We Love It:

Designed as an all-inclusive model, 34826 of ADCO is loaded from top to bottom with an assortment of terrific features. With a built-in slip seam strapping system, the cover from ADCO offers a snug fit to countless recreational vehicles.

Furthermore, arriving alongside a robust weighted buckle toss under, 34826 takes a few moments to set up in the usual cases. That is why ADCO 34826 is usually prized by enthusiasts of RVing who don’t have all day to put a cover on the recreational vehicles. 

Since the side panels of 34826 happen to be reinforced, they remain uncompromised even when exposed to hardships day after day and that is advantageous.

About the top panel of the cover made by ADCO, the use of Tyvek fabric let it face and reflect sunlight on a routine basis.

Hence, once it comes to endurance, only a couple of covers for RV on the market could match 34826 of ADCO. On arrival, 34826 is accompanied by a three-year warranty that speaks volumes of its longevity. 

Compared to many of its contemporaries, ADCO 34826 is kind of costly but the values it delivers justify its price tag.

It’s noteworthy that the ADCO cover is distributed with a lapper cap and tire guards so there is no need to purchase separate covers. 


  • Tough 
  • Marvelous adaptability 
  • Setup process is a breeze 


  • A couple of covers arrives with holes 
  • People notice badly-stitched seams 

14. Quictent CA-40X43-1 Class A RV Cover

Why We Love It:

Basic and practical, Quictent CA-40X43-1 is a sublime cover that never lets owners of recreational vehicles down in use. Packing an adjustable strip buckle, the cover from Quictent gives enthusiasts of RVing wonderful control over the tightness of fabrics.

Because of that, keeping CA-40X43-1 from being torn into pieces by heavy winds is going to be a cinch. Moreover, with the incorporation of high-ply fabrics on the top and sides, Quictent CA-40X43-1 would take on virtually everything from outdoor elements to user abuses without giving out. 

By including waterproof membranes in the fabrics, CA-40X43-1 could effectively and effectively stop water from entering the vehicles underneath.

Thus, in terms of water damage prevention, the cover of Quictent is considered to be one of the best-rated RV covers available for purchase.

Unlike traditional covers for campers, Quictent CA-40X43-1 seldom collects dirt as well as dust. So with CA-40X43-1 onboard, RVers could spend more time on traveling and less time on washing the vehicle cover.

Quictent CA-40X43-1 comes to the market at a reasonable price so people don’t have to cut back key expenses to pick it up.

The cover made by Quictent is sold with a two-year warranty that brings much-needed peace of mind too. 


  • Economical 
  • Well-made and enduring 
  • Outstanding coverage 


  • Packaging still leaves something to be desired
  • Take considerable time and stamina to install 

15. North East Harbor PLRV7

Why We Love It:

Put together with a focus on universal applications, North East Harbor PLRV7 snugly fit multiple rigs from motorhomes to campers.

Utilizing 300D polyester, PLRV7 is capable of dealing with a wide range of elements in the outdoors without having trouble.

With its soft fabric, the cover made by North East Harbor could also protect the delicate paintwork of recreational vehicles. As a result, North East Harbor PLRV7 tends to be popular among enthusiasts of RVing that care about aesthetics values. 

Since the cover for RV from North East Harbor contains a number of zippered panels, it allows access to sections of recreational vehicles when deployed.

Hence, in the case that you opt to purchase PLRV7, there is no need to remove the cover to get to the interior, engine, storage, …

Additionally, with provision for accessories and systems that lay on top of rigs, North East Harbor PLRV7 is compatible with air conditioners, vents and alike.

Finally, the North East Harbor cover features a stylish grey surface that suits the themes of a lot of vehicles. 

Outside of use, PLRV7 of North East Harbor could be packed to a compact shape so as to save space. Aside from that, North East Harbor sells its cover alongside a storage bag as well which is a big plus. 


  • Inexpensive 
  • Easy to adjust 
  • Cleaning is a snap 


  • RVers complain about the lack of instructions 
  • Mediocre delivery service

Best Class B RV Covers

16. Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO

Why We Love It:

Boasting an integrated strap and toss bag system, Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO could be set up in a matter of minutes without any hassle.

With a fantastic combination of adjustable tension panels and elasticized hem corners, the Classic Accessories provides recreational vehicles with a custom fit as well.

Furthermore, OverDrive PermaPRO is designed with long zippers so there is no need for ladders.  That is why this OverDrive PermaPRO is regarded as a must-have cover for enthusiasts of RVing that happen to value convenience. 

Since OverDrive PermaPRO uses the resilient PermaPRO fabric, it offers vehicles wonderful protection against UV rays, heat, dirt and more. Thanks to the presence of air vents, the cover made by Classic Accessories even guarantees reduced stress and moisture.

Therefore, with Classic Accessories OverDrive PermaPRO, RVers would have no trouble keeping rigs in good condition for many years. Lastly, through the zipper access panel of OverDrive PermaPRO, people should be able to access their vehicles at any time. 

OverDrive PermaPRO RV cover dries quickly compared to its competitors on the market. So when the Classic Accessories gets wet in use, RVers rarely need to wait long for water to evaporate.

With the accompany zippered storage bag, it’s simple to store and transports OverDrive PermaPRO.

We have a Class B RV with solar panels on the roof so a bit tricky putting this cover on (we used long poles) but once in place it fit perfectly. Lightweight yet strong. We live on the west coast so get quite a bit of rain and wind so the cover is to protect the RV from leaves, branches, dirt, etc. Lots of zippers so we can open the doors during the winter months for access. Elastic edges and ties underneath the van keep the cover in place.

Shared by D Williams


  • Affordable
  • Terrific ruggedness 
  • Impressive level of convenience 


  • A few users experience difficulty folding the covers 
  • Less than ideal quality control 

17. CarsCover 17745 Class B RV Cover

Why We Love It:

In spite of its plain appearance, CarsCover 17745 could be put to good use in plenty of environments with relative ease. Being weatherproof and waterproof, 17745 outmatches standard covers for recreational vehicles on the market once it comes to resistance against elements.

In addition to that, with splendid breathability, the cover of CarsCover delivers substantial boosts to air circulation which eliminates mold.

Because of that, CarsCover 17745 is well-received by owners of recreational vehicles that have to deal with a high humidity level on a regular basis. 

Equipped with a rear cinching system, the CarsCover cover allows enthusiasts of RVing to manage excess fabrics and maintain a tight fit all day long.

Also, via the built-in strap and buckle attachments, preventing billowing with 17745 in heavy winds is a piece of cake.

Owing to the zippered panels, CarsCover 17745 Class B RV cover helps people quickly get into rigs and access storage compartments when the need arises.

Outside of use, it’s possible to store the cover from CarsCover in the storage bag to protect the material as well as save space. 

In terms of price, CarsCover 17745 is low-priced so RVers don’t have to empty their wallet to buy it. Unsurprisingly, once it comes to cost-value, the cover made by CarsCover is among the leading covers for recreational vehicles. 


  • Robust
  • Fair cost 
  • Fabric fitness is excellent 


  • Tend to collect dirt, snow and more 
  • Several covers show up damaged

Best Class C RV Covers

18. Classic Accessories 79563 Over Drive PolyPRO3 Deluxe

Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe Class C RV Cover, Fits 29' - 32' RVs, Model 5, Air...
Zippered panel accesses
Stuff sack and ladder cap included
Built-in air vent

Why We Love It:

Possessing superb all-around weather protection and hassle-free handling, Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPRO 3 Deluxe is the preferred choice for owners of self-propelled RVs.

With a combination of a triple-ply top and single-ply sides plus customizable tension panels on the front and rear, durable materials together with easy adjustments means you get the optimal protection for your RV.

Regarding installation, unlike the average covers, you won’t need to crawl under your rig thanks to the integrated rope attachment system as well as the included toss bag.

In addition, the zippered panel, stuff sack and ladder cap will make setup a breeze.

This Classic Accessories 79563 is offered in different sizes, thus it is likely you can grab one with perfect compatibility with your RV’s size.

Perfect fit on our 31ft 2004 Jayco Escapade class c rv. Easy to put on with two people, one on the ground and one on the roof. I like how many straps there are that go underneath from side to side. The zip open door is huge so I can still get in while its covered. It feels and looks like a good sturdy cover. I highly recommend this!

Shared by James


  • Convenient zippered entries
  • Brilliant compatibility  
  • Nice warranty 


  • Mediocre straps 
  • Fragile zippers 

19. Traveler by Eevelle Class C RV Cover

Why We Love It:

If you’re seeking the best RV cover for sun then look no further. Making use of top-tier single-layer fabrics treated with Durapel UV Sun Inhibitor, this Eevelle Traveler cover can withstand extensive exposure to sunlight.

Meanwhile, the fabrics also feature microporous films which work alongside the integrated air vents to enhance overall ventilation, which is ideal for summer camping. 

In addition to UV protection, the fabric also has a water resistant coating. Boasting reinforced corners, Traveler’s endurance proves superiors to the average covers on the market. 

Regarding installation, the rope kit and front and rear elastic hems enables easy set up and a good fit in most settings.

An added safety feature is the reflective panels so other vehicles on the road can easily notice your RV in the dark.


  • Suit lots of vehicles nowadays
  • Great value for the money 
  • Uncomplicated handling 


  • Lack much-needed zippered entries  
  • Easily punctured by sharp corners 

Best RV Roof Cover

20. ADCO 36036 Roof Cover

ADCO 36036 White Tyvek 24'1" - 30' Roof Cover
Compatible with accessories

Why We Love It:

Constructed with an emphasis on durability, ADCO 36036 could take heavy punishment and remain in one piece for quite some time. By integrating Tyvek fabrics into the body, the cover made by ADCO fantastically resists lots of elements in the outdoors.

Moreover, while 36036 is water-resistant, it breathes well too so enthusiasts of RVing don’t have to worry about ventilation. With ADCO 36036 keeping air moving around the clock, the odds of mold invading the interior of rigs would be minimal. 

Interestingly, being compatible with accessories on the outside of vehicles, 36036 is capable of accommodating everything from satellites to air-conditioners.

As a result, there is no need to remove the exterior features before the deployment of the cover from ADCO. It’s worth pointing out that the straps of ADCO 36036 never come into contact with the sides of recreational vehicles.

That would permit RVers to reduce the risk of rubbing and preserve the aesthetic values of the paintwork on recreational vehicles as time passes by. 

Regarding installation, ADCO 36036 is light so it only needs a couple of moments to position and secure on ordinary rigs.

When packed for storage, 36036 is space-saving too and that makes it easy to organize the travel inventory for trips. Needless to say, the cover of ADCO is considered by many as a superb addition to vehicles with limited space. 

I’ve had this cover for 1 year now. I originally bought it because it was just a roof cover and I didn’t want to cover the whole trailer. So far the cover is still holding up. Protects and roof from the elements, UV and dirt from the trees around it. Pretty pleased so far, I figure if I get more than a year out of it then I’m more than happy.

Shared by Ken Seethaler


  • Strong 
  • Marvelous customization 
  • Well-written owner’s manual 


  • Billowing is noted 
  • Users report getting wrong-sized covers

RV Cover Basics

What is an RV Cover?

An RV cover is a substitute when storage under a roof is not a possibility on the road. Think of an RV cover as a large, super heavy-duty raincoat that wraps around your RV and protects it from the elements—rain, snow, UV rays, wind and dirt. But rest assured that the best RV covers are made much more durable with a much better fit, so that whatever you’re trying to protect your expensive RV from will not find its way under the cover and ruin your beloved home on wheels.

Why You Need an RV Cover

1. Protect your RV from the harsh elements

You might think that getting a weather resistant protector for your rig is not exactly necessary. In actuality, unless you rarely hit the road and usually opt for short trips in moderate weather, outdoor elements combined can quickly cause damage to your rig’s entire exterior and roof, breed mold and mildew, or cause wear and tear to parts and components. 

This means that simply using the best travel trailer covers will save you a lot of time and money on expensive and troublesome repairs and maintenance. A simple example: If you often camp in winter, when it gets to snow heavily, having to scrub the entire roof and exterior of your RV free of inches of snow and ice is a whole lot of work. Even scrubbing a regular passenger car is frustrating enough, let alone a big vehicle like a motorhome, even a van. But having a cover would make the job effortless, and you won’t have to spend hours in freezing temperatures just to scrub off hard layers of ice caked up on your RV.

Or another common RV headache: leakages in the rainy season that will ruin the interior of your home on wheels, cause mold and mildew and disgusting musty odor. We hope your RV doesn’t have any leaks, but if you have an old one, you’d never know. Plus, an RV is an expensive investment, so it’s wise to spend a reasonable amount to buy it the best insurance you can against weather damages. The best RV covers will be made with heavy duty, water-proof materials and safeguard your investment against the rain.

Specifically, using the best RV covers will protect your big investment against its enemies:


Excessive moisture from rains and humid climate is the breeding ground for mold and mildew. In addition, in very cold weather, it can lead to cracking on the roof and windows.

A good RV cover will be waterproof yet breathable with tiny pores on the fabric, thus will prevent water droplets from getting in while letting any moisture inside the cover evaporate.


A tough travel trailer cover for winter is particularly important to enjoy hassle-free camping and keep your rig in good shape.

The best RV covers will keep sleet and snow from accumulating on your rig’s exterior, thereby preventing crackings and leaks caused by meltwater creeping into seams between panels. 

Even without sleet and snow, an RV cover in winter will prevent icy air from creeping in, thus better keep the inside of your mobile home toasty and warm. This is one of many effective and environmentally friendly methods to stay warm while camping in extreme winter conditions without consuming a lot of gas and electricity for heating.

UV rays

UV rays are the enemy of most materials. They cause slow but unavoidable damage on your rig’s paint job, fade its colour and even cracking on the roof, which will cost you quite an amount to repair. 

Just like daily sunscreen application for your skin, protection from UV rays on harsh summer days or when your RV is sitting in the driveway will keep your RV in good shape in the long term. 

Any RV cover made from polyester or polypropylene will provide the much needed sun-proof protection, especially if it is double or triple layered, or treated for extra UV protection. 


When coupled with wind, dirt and dust will cause wear and tear to not only the exterior of your camper but also to parts and components over time.

Keep your investment both clean and in traveling shape with a good cover that fits snugly and features reinforced corners to help prevent tears or frays, plus elastic and vent flaps to minimize billowing.

2. Maximize your RV resale value

By limiting the wear and tear on both the exterior and interior of your investment, you will have less and cheaper repairs to deal with. Also importantly, keeping your RV in respectable conditions means higher resale value later on. 

3. Deter thieves

This might be unexpected for many, but it is true. The best RV covers would be very durable with zippers that can be locked up while you’re away, thus making it more difficult for thieves to gain access into your investment. It also makes it more obvious if someone is trying to break in, on top of the fact that an RV cover can also take some time to remove, especially if you own a large rig.

Types of RV Cover

According to Material

An RV cover made from high quality material will be more durable and provides your RV with the protection it needs. The following materials are the most commonly used in RV covers these days, with different features suitable for different weather conditions:

  • Polypropylene RV Cover – Polypropylene is known to be highly resistant to acid damage and cracking. While it is breathable and thus allows moisture under the cover to evaporate, it is not completely waterproof but only resistant to water to some extent. Polypropylene is usually layered to completely become waterproof.
  • Polyester RV Cover – This widely used material is ideal for use in hot climates thanks to its excellent UV protection. It offers a certain level of water resistance, however needs to be treated with a waterproof coating to effectively prevent moisture from penetrating.
  • Solution-dyed acrylic RV Cover – This material is made using UV-resistant dyes, thus offers superb protection against sun damage. In addition, its waterproof coating makes it a versatile all-weather cover for RVs.
  • Polyethylene RV Cover – Also known as Tyvek, Polyethylene is strong and durable. Its nonporous and high-density surface is breathable yet still effective in preventing water from penetrating, making it an ideal RV cover during wet seasons.
best rv cover

According to RV’s Class

There are covers designed specifically for a certain class of RV, therefore for instance if your rig is a Class A, it is safer to get one tailored for it. There will be different types: Class A RV cover, Class B RV cover, Class C RV cover, travel trailer cover, fifth wheel cover, …

How to Choose The Right RV Cover

Here it’s important to warn you beforehand that you might find some folks who claim that using a cover is not doing a lot for their RV or it’s actually causing moisture buildup or scratches on the paint job. However, in many cases, this is a problem with the user instead of with the product. 

As with any product, you need to pick the right one for the job and use and maintain it right. You need to select a cover made from the right material for the type of climate or weather you usually camp in, which must fit snugly over your RV to provide good protection, in some cases with some mechanism for better securing it. Installation also requires some attention to avoid damages to both your RV’s paint job and the cover itself, because everything will break down if you treat it like a savage! 

travel trailer cover

More on proper installation and maintenance of your RV covers further down below. First, let’s talk about the most important criteria for selecting the best RV cover for your camping situation:

Material & Protection  

Among the various RV covers made from different materials on the market, pick one based on the type of outdoor elements that your RV is exposed to on a regular basis. For instance, if you always travel in the summer or in hot climates, grab an RV cover with superior UV protection as a priority. An RV cover made from polyester would be ideal for hot climates.

Having said that, you should grab a cover that can repel all other outdoor elements, including rain, snow and wind so you can travel trouble-free all year round in any weather. For instance, while UV protection is your top buying factor, make sure you grab one that is treated with a waterproof coating to guard against moisture.

To make sure that your recreational vehicle receives the highest level of protection, covers with at least 3 layers on the top are strongly recommended. This is because the roof receives the most impact from the elements, including rain and snow. 

RV covers are most commonly made of three-ply poly materials on top and single-ply poly on the sides to provide sufficient protection in all weather conditions.

Last but not least, remember to look for extra features like a vent system. A vent system reduces wear and tear from billowing in windy conditions and also allows moisture under the cover to escape. Besides air vents, zippered panels are very handy since they allow you to easily enter and exit your rig or inspect specific parts and components without taking the entire cover off.

Extra features

  • Air vents – Vents are great for providing breathability, thus significantly reducing moisture and preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Also, a properly ventilated cover allows wind to pass through, which in turn will prevent billowing which can cause the fabric to wear out quickly.
  • Zippered panels – Although they’re not really essential, zippered door panels will allow you to access your vehicle easily even if it’s completely covered. Aside from the extra convenience, they also help you monitor weather conditions with ease. It’s best to get those with zippers that can be locked up to provide better protection against theft while you’re away from your rig.


Again, we need to stress that a snug fit is absolutely essential if you want optimum protection. If the cover fits too loose, you compromise protection from the elements, and the fit needs to be not too tight for easy installation. For instance, a loose cover will billow against your RV in windy weather, and if this is excessive and repeats, it might cause some damage to your paint job.

To ensure the best fit, which means the best protection, it’s best to measure your RV before researching the best RV covers. The measurements you will need are:

  • Length: start from one bumper to another;
  • Width: measure both the front windshield and rear bumper;
  • Height: start from the mid-wheel then measure the height towards the top of the roof.

Furthermore, there are covers designed specifically for a certain class of RV to ensure the best fit, since different classes of RVs can differ quite widely in size. Therefore for instance if you own a small Class B campervan, look for one tailored for it. Buying one made for the gigantic and luxury Class A would be a huge mistake.

Usually the name of a particular product will tell you whether it’s tailored for a specific class of recreational vehicle, for instances Eevelle S2 Expedition Class A Motorhome Cover, CarsCover Waterproof Class B RV High Top Conversion Van Cover, RVMasking Upgraded Waterproof Class C RV Cover.


An advice from pro RVers is you should put together a list of features you desire in order of importance then check which covers offer them with prices from low to high. That would help you narrow down your top choices and avoid overspending. 

Remember, as with everything else, you get what you pay for. Therefore, it is wise to balance quality and price based on your travel need and the level of exposure your RV is subject to.

As a general guide, a good-quality RV cover will cost you anywhere from $300 to $800, depending on how big your RV is (remember the huge difference in size between a luxury Class A motorhome and a modest Class B conversion van), whether the cover is made of extra heavy-duty material for use in the harshest weather conditions, and if it offers convenient features.

Best RV Cover Brands

If you know with confidence that a particular cover is perfectly compatible with your rig plus your wallet, feel free to grab it without bothering with its manufacturer. Nonetheless, like every other purchase, it’s strongly recommended that you get your covers from reputable brands such as Camco, ADCO, Classic Accessories, Summates, CarCovers,  Kingbird, Leader Accessories, RV Masking, Covercraft. 

These brands offer very well-rounded and versatile RV covers that would perform well in a variety of weather conditions and camping settings, as well as more specialized models for, say, extreme cold and snowy conditions. 

In general, they remain markedly superior to covers from lesser-known brands. In addition, higher production volume, higher availability and reputation mean more RVers have bought their models, thus there will be more reviews for your consideration.

That said, these brands should serve as excellent starting points in your search for the best RV covers. You might find other products out there that better suit your budget or have the best fit for your rig. Use your good judgement, and read the reviews carefully to judge whether a particular cover is the best match for your vehicle and camping needs.

How To Install A New RV Cover

Regardless of what model you get, installing an RV cover should not differ a lot between different products. Just follow your owner’s manual religiously and you should be fine, provided that you picked out a cover with the proper fit. 

To be on the safe side though, seasoned RVers would recommend that you wipe your rig clean to minimize abrasion. Another crucial note is to add some form of padding over sharp corners that sticks out so they won’t rip the fabrics. And if you own a large rig, it’s best to have one or two assistants to help you with installation and removing the cover. In general, the process for installing an RV cover looks something like this:

  • Your RV cover would typically have buckles. Make sure they are disconnected before you proceed. 
  • Provide padding to sharp edges, like the rain gutters and bottom corners.
  • Do not skip this step, especially if you have a large rig: Fold the cover inside out, so that when you roll it out later, the sides will fall into place more easily.
  • Roll the cover up from back to front, then unroll it on the roof from the front of your rig.
  • Throw the buckles under the rig to the other side and connect them.
  • Connect the front and rear buckles to tightly secure the cover around your RV to prevent billowing in the wind.

Tips to Increase The Life Expectancy Of RV Covers

Even the best RV covers would fail eventually over time. Nonetheless, proper maintenance will extend the lifespan of your cover.

best rv cover
  • Repair All Damages At Once: Minor rips on the fabrics can turn into significant splits if you fail to address them in time. If you spot damages, conduct repair as soon as possible.
  • Address Snow, Rainwater, Sand, … Buildups: Many things can accumulate on the cover in the open, putting stress on the fabrics. Address buildups regularly in your daily maintenance routine.
  • Fold And Store The Covers: When not in use, keep the cover in its storage bag for safekeeping after any necessary cleaning and drying. Numerous novice RVers have ended up ruining the cover after carelessly stuffing it straight into the back of the RV which damages the fabrics.
  • Regular Cleaning and Airing: In order to keep RV covers in reasonably good conditions, it’s wise to perform a thorough cleaning on occasions. The best way to wash covers for RV is to lay the fabrics on the ground, spray some water on top then proceed to scrub stained spots using soft brushes. Then let the fabrics dry completely before reusing the covers. As a precaution, check the owner manual to see if the fabrics require special care while being washed.

You can learn how to put an RV cover on following this guide:

FAQs About RV Covers

1. Are RV covers good or bad?

If you take some time to read the reviews on Amazon, you might come across RV owners who have had bad experiences with RV covers and claim that they do more damage than good. The most common complaints are the cover developing moisture buildup, which result in mold and mildew, or the cover getting ripped and ruined by strong wind, or getting ripped by broken components on the roof or other sharp edges of the RV poking through the cover. 

Although there might be some sub-par products that might be causing problems, you should be able to tell good products and bad products apart. If a product has a large number of buyers with genuine reviews, most of which are positive, then it’s worthwhile to dive deeper into what the negative reviews say. For top rated RV covers, it seems that damages are done often due to ill fits, and/or improper installation and maintenance. 

For some first-time users of RV covers, this kind of product can be tricky to wrap your head around and use them. That said, these problems can be eliminated by picking the right cover for your vehicle and installing them correctly, as well as securing them to your RV to prevent the cover billowing against the exterior in the wind, for instance. 

If you’re not installing the cover properly, and/or used the wrong size or chose a sub-optimal material for your kind of climate, you might end up with the conclusion that using an RV cover might actually bring more headaches than benefits. Of course, if you live and travel in a mild, forgiving climate, not using a cover might save you the trouble of having to put the cover on and take it down, but in unforgiving climates, an RV cover is essential. With proper use, an RV cover will save you tons of time and money cleaning and repairing your RV:

2. Should you cover your RV in the summer or in the winter?

Technically, most experts and experienced RVers suggest that you cover your rig if you decide to park in the open, regardless of whether it is the summer or winter. Over time, outdoor elements cause more damage more quickly than you would imagine. 

In addition, it’s also a good idea to put on the cover during storage. Despite the fact that your RV would be generally shielded from the elements, it’s still vulnerable to moisture, and sometimes bugs. By covering the exterior of the vehicle, moisture build-up is going to be minimal.

3. Should I cover my RV with a tarp?

Tarps are widely used outdoors to protect machinery, construction vehicles or commercial items. However, it’s not right for the job of protecting your big, expensive RV. The regular, conventional blue tarps are not made with breathable fabrics and/or built-in ventilation panels like the best RV covers on the market these days. Thus, tarps can develop moisture, which will result in mold and mildew and unpleasant odors. So they do more damage than protecting your RV from the elements.

4. How long does an RV cover last?

Usually the bigger brands offer warranties ranging anywhere from one-year to five-years long. And of course a good fit, proper installation and regular maintenance is key to maximizing the lifespan of your RV cover. Other than these factors, depending on how harsh the local environment is where you set camp, RV covers can last anywhere from one to three years, with the absolute best RV covers lasting up to five years, given proper care and correct storage.

5. Do RV covers cause damage?

An RV cover does not cause damage on its own, unless the user installs it incorrectly, for instance, leaving broken roof components unrepaired and then putting the cover on, which would rip it. Another common complaint is scratches to the paint job. Again, this is a problem with the user, not the product itself. Poor fit and loose fabric can cause the cover to billow hard against the exterior of the RV and cause scratches.

You should read the instructions carefully, and ensure all excess parts like vent fans are properly closed before putting the cover on your RV. And if you find that the cover doesn’t fit snugly against your RV, you might need a different cover with a better fit and/or find other ways to better secure the cover, so that, for instance, the cover won’t billow in strong wind. 

Of course, to be on the safe side, you should inspect every now and then and adjust things to working order if needed. Folks who select the right cover for their vehicle, and a highly rated one at that, and install it right according to the manual usually don’t have any problem whatsoever with their cover.

6. Do RV covers trap moisture and cause mold?

An RV cover might cause mold, but again, only if it’s not well-ventilated or left on unsupervised for extended periods of time during storage. This happens with anything, not just RV covers. That’s why if moisture buildup is a particular source of concern with the climate you often camp in, the best RV covers for your case would be one with breathable fabrics and built-in ventilation panels for air circulation.

In addition, no matter what type of cover you use, an important maintenance task is taking your RV cover off at least once a month or so to air things out.

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  1. The Classic Accessories Over Drive PolyPRO3 cover has great zippers and fasteners. All the stich work is first cabin. All of these covers are made of a tyvek like material so are subject to abrading. Be sure to pad all non-rounded corners especially your rain gutters. I use a pool noodle cut to size taped to stay in place. Do not try and stretch the cover at any point, it will rip. I am impressed with the quality as opposed to the competition. The last cover I bought for a smaller unit was twice the price of this one and the quality of assembly was not as good.

  2. Overall I would say the ADCO 52245 travel trailer cover is exactly as I expected for the price. It protects my RV from UV damage and debris while it’s in storage. The fabric allows moisture to escape while protecting the RV from heavy rains and normal dirt and dust. The fabric is prone to tearing on any sharp pointed object so extreme caution must be used when blousing the cover over the rig. The quick release straps are well made and easy to use along with quality zippers that allow for easy access to the rig along the egress side of the RV. This cover is bulky and is not practical for use while traveling. Folding it back up will require a box three times bigger than the one it came in. Once the shrink wrapping was removed the cover naturally blossomed well beyond its cardboard container. I would purchase it again and recommend it highly.

  3. Bought the RVMasking RV cover to replace one that didn’t last a year. This cover seems so much thicker and well made. All the tie downs on the actual cover are well sewn. Fits well, and by buying the 20 Foot for my 19 Foot trailer, it allows me to drape it over the gas bottles and row hitch. Included were tire covers and rain spout covers, a real plus! The wind flaps appear to be well placed, and the zippers allow for access without removing cover. Excited to see how it holds up in our 100+ degree summers and the wind and rain. I don’t know why so many people to not buy covers when they really maintain their trailer investment.

    • Hi Grumpah, thanks for your comment. We’ve just updated our RV covers buying guide with the best products on the current market. Normally, we’ll review and update our buying guides every 3 months. Hope you enjoy reading our blog. Happy camping, Grumpah!!!

  4. ADCO is a great RV cover. Overall I would say this cover is exactly as I expected for the price. It protects my RV from UV damage and debris while it’s in storage. The quick-release straps are well made and easy to use along with quality zippers that allow for easy access to the rig along the egress side of the RV.


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