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Camping out in the open, especially in extreme weather conditions, means tremendous wear and tear to your rig, including the RV tires. To protect them from the elements to maximize their lifespan while also ensuring excellent performance on the roads in all conditions, getting the best RV tire covers for your RV would be a worthwhile investment.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on tire replacement or repair, simply using RV tire covers is a super affordable and easy method. While the vast and variable market for this item might overwhelm you, we have done the time-consuming task of compiling everything you need to know to make an informed buying decision. 

To guide you through the buying process, in this comprehensive guide, you will find all RV tire covers basics, including their benefits, types and materials, as well as important buying criteria, followed by a list of our handpicked 15 best RV tire covers available on the market based on reviews from experts and seasoned RVers. 

Each product will be accompanied by a detailed review with pros and cons and highlighting features so that you can easily make comparisons and pick out the best RV tire covers for your needs and budget.

Comparison of Tire Covers for RV and Travel Trailer

 Product's namePriceKey FeaturesMore Info
Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover - Protects Tires From Sun, Dirt, and Corrosion, Fits 30'- 32'...Camco Vinyl Weatherproof Wheel Cover - Protects Tires From Sun, Dirt, and...$11.69All-weather
Buckle and strap
For tires from 30 to 32 inches
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Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Wheel Covers, Wheels 27'-30' Diameter, 8.75' Tire Width, Grey,...Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Wheel Covers, Wheels 27"-30" Diameter,...$$$$Resist UV rays
Match tires between 27 and 30 inches
Slip-on fit with elasticized back panel
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Classic Accessories Over Drive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover, Wheels 24'-27' Diameter, White, Motorhome...Classic Accessories Over Drive Deluxe RV Wheel Cover, Wheels 24"-27"...$55.48Integrated rope
Fit 24 – 27 inch tires
Storage bag included
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ADCO 3962 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover,30' - 32'ADCO 3962 Designer Series Tan Tyre Gard Wheel Cover,30" - 32"61.2Flannel-backed vinyl
Suitable for tires from 30 to 32 inches
Brass reinforce grommets
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AmFor Set of 4 Tire Covers,Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Sun Protectors, Fits 27' to 29' Tire...AmFor Set of 4 Tire Covers,Waterproof Aluminum Film Tire Sun Protectors,...$23.99Tool-free installation
Slip-on design
Fit tires between 27 and 29 inches
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Explore Land Tire Covers 4 Pack - Tough Tire Wheel Protector For Truck, SUV, Trailer, Camper, RV -...Explore Land Tire Covers 4 Pack - Tough Tire Wheel Protector For Truck,...$47.99All-season protection
Elastic cord with auto-lock
For tires between 26 and 28.75 inches
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Tire Covers for RV Wheel ELUTO Set of 4 Motorhome Wheel Covers Waterproof Oxford Cotton Tire...Tire Covers for RV Wheel ELUTO Set of 4 Motorhome Wheel Covers Waterproof...$22.98Cotton wool lining
Waterproof oxford
Designed for tires between 27 and 29 inches
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Spare Tire Cover PVC Leather Waterproof Dust-Proof Universal Spare Wheel Tire Cover White Star Fit...Spare Tire Cover PVC Leather Waterproof Dust-Proof Universal Spare Wheel...$16.55Match tires between 23 and 27 inches
Wipe-clean vinyl
Soft, non-scratch backing
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Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Dual Axle Wheel Cover, Wheels 30'-33'DIA, Grey, Motorhome Trailer...Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Dual Axle Wheel Cover, Wheels 30"-33"DIA,...$30.00Wipe clean vinyl
Non-scratch backing
Match 30 – 33 inch tires
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Leader Accessories Tire Covers (4 Pack) Heavy Duty Waterproof Tire Cover Wheel Covers for RV Wheel...Leader Accessories Tire Covers (4 Pack) Heavy Duty Waterproof Tire Cover...$$$$Elasticized back hem
Eyelet with cord
For tore from 29 to 31.75 inches
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Adco 1784 Size E Tire CoverAdco 1784 Size E Tire Cover$$$$Heavy-duty vinyl
Reinforced nylon thread
For 29.75 inch spare tires
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Camco 45346 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover (27 inches , White)Camco 45346 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover (27 inches , White)$12.48For 27 inch tires
Heavy nylon thread
Weatherproof seams
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Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover, Wheels 26.75' - 29.75' Diameter,...Classic Accessories Over Drive RV Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover, Wheels...$8.60Wipe clean vinyl
All-weather protection
Suitable for spare tires from 26.75 to 29.75 inches
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TCP Global Set of 2 Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel & Tire Covers, Fits 26.75' to 29' Tire Diameters,...TCP Global Set of 2 Waterproof Vinyl RV Wheel & Tire Covers, Fits 26.75" to...$$$$Flannel-backed vinyl
Waterproof and weatherproof
Fit tires from 26.75 to 29 inches
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TCP Global Brand Set of 4 Canvas Wheel Tire Covers for RV Auto Truck Car Camper Trailer Fits 31' to...TCP Global Brand Set of 4 Canvas Wheel Tire Covers for RV Auto Truck Car...$$$$Wire embedded rod
Breathable canvas
For tires from 31 to 39.5 inches
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RV Tire Cover Basics

What is it?

If you have been RV-ing for a while and are planning to continue for some time in the future, you probably know and should know about the existence of a vital RV accessory called RV covers. Think of them in simple terms as gigantic raincoats designed to cover your whole rig with precise fit, only that they not only are rain-proof but also protects your rig from all outdoor elements, including rain, snow, ice, dust, wind and more. 

We all know that an RV is a big budget investment, thus it requires all the protection available to maintain it in tip top shape and maximize its lifespan.

Sometimes this fact goes underestimated by new RVers, but your RV wheels and tires alone are expensive as well. They are highly exposed to wear and tear, thus tire replacement, especially premature replacement, is not good news to RVers. Similar to an RV cover, RV tire covers are covers but for your tires only, with the same purpose of shielding your tires from harmful outdoor elements.

For maximum protection, the best RV tire covers are designed to fit your tires as snugly as possible and to enclose them with little chance for exposure to UV lights, moisture and whatever dreadful weather conditions and contaminants are out there. 

Most RV tire covers feature an elastic top. This feature makes the tire cover even more effective in protecting your RV tires from harmful elements. You can also find those with a drawstring built in at the bottom of the cover. This is helpful if you want to have an easier time pulling it tightly.


You might be asking, are RV tire covers worth it? The answer is yes, it is a necessity. As an RV owner, you know exactly how expensive the tires and wheels of your vehicles are, as well as how damaging outdoor elements are given extended exposure. 

Nothing can ruin an excellent road trip quite like a flat tire. Premature deterioration and replacement is something no RVer wants. 

The good news is, you can actually prevent such damage by simply covering them up with some solid tire covers for RV. Below is how these simple accessories can effectively protect your tires and extend their lifespan.

tire covers for rv

UV Protection

Tire covers also offer protection against UV rays, which can cause severe damage to your tires from extended exposure. This prolonged exposure can hamper the flexibility of the tire’s rubber compounds.

But a tire cover protects your tire from these harmful UV rays by not allowing contact with the tire itself. These covers block the sun’s rays and encase the tire in darkness. Without exposure to the sun, your tires should easily last the recommended 6-7 years before replacement is necessary.

We should also mention that most top tier covers will be made with UV treatment. This feature will add further protection against the terrible damage these rays can cause. Overall, these covers represent an easy way to ensure your tires remain in good shape for a long time.

Weatherproofing and waterproofing

In addition to protection from sun damage and blocking of UV rays, the tire cover is also known for its waterproof and weatherproof characteristics. For one, it covers the tires from rain and liquids, which could otherwise deteriorate them quickly. 

Solid travel trailer tire covers can also provide frost protection while you put your vehicle in storage in the winter. Good storage during the long and harsh winter months will make sure your tires stay fresh and functional after winter has passed and when it is camping season again, you won’t have to make any repair and replacement to your expensive tires.

Resistance to Rust and Corrosion

Rust and corrosion are nightmares for any RV owner. Corrosion can occur when the substance is exposed to air or some chemicals. Rusting mainly occurs when a metal is exposed to air and moisture. 

Both conditions could shorten your wheels’ lifespan by a large margin and could make you pay a lot of money in repairs. A tire cover is a simple yet effective solution that can ensure your wheels don’t suffer from these headaches by protecting your wheels from exposure to air and water.

Prevents Cracking and Dry Rotting

Cracking or dry rot that might happen on the sidewalls of the tires, which could lead to road tire blowouts, are two other issues that can cause heaps of trouble for your RV’s tires. 

As the term suggests, dry rot or sidewall cracking is primarily characterized by cracks in the tire rubber. Advanced dry rot can cause small cracks on the outside edges of your tire tread. These cracks can affect your car’s handling, even if your tread still has adequate depth overall.

Dry rot allows air to escape the tire, making it difficult or even impossible to keep the tire properly inflated. Dry rot can also cause unnatural rubber expansion while driving that actually breaks the tire apart. Tires with dry rot are much more likely to develop leaks, holes, and blow outs. 

These issues are the product of extreme temperatures, sudden weather changes and outdoor elements such as snow and ice, excessive moisture and dust. Repairing these problems isn’t going to be cheap.

Shield against dust, dirt, bird droppings and other contaminants

Being parked outdoors, your recreational vehicle is frequently exposed to outdoor elements and contaminants, including dust, dirt and bird droppings. These contaminants can cause damage to the wheels and tires due to chemical reactions that would lead to premature corrosion and deterioration.

Extend Tires Lifespan and Save Money

In short, simply using RV tire covers to safeguard your tires from all of the above harmful elements will therefore prevent premature deterioration, thus extending the lifespan of your tires by a few years. This will save you a tremendous amount of time and money on troublesome and expensive repairs and replacement.


Last but not least, an extra benefit from RV tire covers is protection from theft. When your spare tire is covered, particularly by hard-shell covers with hard-to-open latches, there’s an extra deterrent to would-be thieves. 

What are RV tire covers made of?

Hard shell tire covers are made of a variety of materials including stainless steel, molded plastic, aluminum and more, as well as a combination of different materials. Soft covers tend to use heavy-duty vinyl, which is the most common material. In addition, you can also find canvas RV tire covers. 

Types of RV tire covers

One of the most crucial steps is deciding what type of RV tire cover you want. This decision will go a long way in determining which tire cover is the right one for you. The good news is that this choice won’t be too difficult as there are only two types, hard cover and vinyl cover.

Hard Cover

Hard cover types can be made from a variety of materials. You’ll find some made from molded plastic and others will consist of stainless steel. It’s also common to find RV tire covers made from a mixture of materials to achieve specific characteristics.

You’ll also notice that hard covers consist of a faceplate that covers the front and a ring, which covers your tire and wheel. These models will often come with a latch or locking system that is hard to open, thus offers excellent protection against theft. 

To install a hard shell tire cover, start by placing the ring around the spare. Then, maneuver the faceplate into position. Lock the two pieces together and close the clasp or latch on the ring for a secure fit.

Although today, hard-shell tire covers are not as favoured as soft tire covers, many RV owners have found hard covers to be particularly effective for spare tires. These covers offer adequate protection for your spare and maintain it in tip top shape while not being used. It’ll make sure you always have a functional backup tire to use when a flat occurs.

Vinyl Cover

Vinyl covers tend to be a more popular choice among RV owners thanks to their versatility as these types often are compatible with many tire and wheel sizes as well as super easy installation, maintenance and storage. The best RV tire covers tend to be vinyl covers with thicker interiors for extra protection and durability. 

The installation process consists of wrapping the cover around your tire and tightening it with the included cord or string. The included cord will protect the cover from being blown away or billowing against your wheels.

Shield Style vs Bag Style

You can purchase a shield style, which is essentially a flat rectangular cover that can be hung in front of the tires to shield just the front side of the tire, or a bag style which encloses the entire tire.

The shield style covers the front of the tire and allows for air circulation. The bag fits snuggly, while still allowing air to circulate.

15 Top Rated RV Tire Covers

On the market, you could see all sorts of covers designed for tires of RV. However, if you want to obtain the best RV tire covers for your rig, you must avoid making random purchases.

Down below, you will find 15 best performing tire covers that receive highest ratings from experienced RVers as well as experts.

1. Camco Vinyl 45323 Wheel & Tire Protector – Best Overall

Why This Is The best :

Capable of keeping dirt, temperature, corrosion and so on from the tires, Camco Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector (45323) is the best tire cover on the market. The Camco product takes the top spot in most reviews about RV tire covers which speak volume about its quality. With a heavy-duty design specifically optimized for the outdoors, the cover would last for years on the field so its cost-effectiveness is superb. Additionally, the use of vinyl means the cover is light but its protection properties remain uncompromised as time passes by. 

Thanks to its elastic characteristics, the cover from Camco requires a fairly small amount of storage space on recreational vehicles. As space is considered to be a luxury in RVs, it’s good to have a space-saving product around. Made to fit tires from 30 to 32 inches, the cover allows people to meticulously adjust the tightness to achieve maximum protection. Hence, if you ever decide to slightly change the size of the tire in the future, the cover could still be put to good use. 

Regarding its installation, RVers should be able to set up Camco Vinyl Wheel & Tire Protector (45323) in just a few moments. The accompanying buckle and strap greatly facilitate the setup process in most of the cases. When it’s time to get back to the road, the cover shall come off without giving RVers much difficulty. Besides protecting the tire in the outdoors, the cover also proves quite useful once you need to store your rig until the travel season arrives. 

These are such a must-have if you don’t want to have to buy new tires from UV exposure, which causes them to dry rot. We found out the hard way!

These tire protectors go onto our RV tires each time we set up camp, and we’ll use them when we store it. They are well made, stay on, even without manipulating the straps, (even through storms with up to 60mph wind gusts!). They are easy to clean – we just wipe them down with a damp cloth. They fold up nicely to be packed away during travel, and don’t take up much room at all. We do spray them with an insect deterrent so there are no hitchhikers when we take them off, and they are holding up well.

We like them very much, and they are well made.

Share by Amazon Customer


  • Reasonable price
  • Well made and rugged 
  • Straightforward usage


  • Discoloration is common 
  • Inconsistent performance between products

2. Classic Accessories OverDrive – Best Value For Money

Why It’s The Best Value:

If you currently need RV tire covers with high endurances, it’s strongly recommended that you check out Classic Accessories OverDrive RV & Trailer Wheel Cover. Employing high-class waterproof vinyl, the cover from Classic Accessories is able to shield the tires of your vehicle from harsh elements in the outdoors. Moreover, the non-scratching back of the vinyl also reduces the risk of damage caused by friction to the tires. Being a wipe clean material, the vinyl only requires basic maintenance during its entire lifetime.  

Boasting 2 neat eyelets at its rear, the Classic Accessories product permit owners of RVs to secure the bottom flaps in a blink of an eye. During installation, the built-in elasticized back panel ensure that you could get the cover in place with relative ease. The presence of thick interior liner further improves the ruggedness of the cover in use. Last but not least, the gray color of the cover is both attractive and elegant. 

In terms of post-purchase support, all users of Classic Accessories OverDrive RV & Trailer Wheel Cover get a nice warranty plan after making the purchase. If the product fails within the warranty period, then all people need to do is to get in touch with Classic Accessories on the Internet. The customer service usually requires certain information to verify the claim but for most of the time, RVers shall receive new RV tire covers from the manufacturer free of charge. 

The wheel covers saves the tires when the RV is not in use. Friends that don’t use the covers have to replace their trailer tires each summer as the desert blistering hot sun damages the rubber. My tires have lasted three years and still look bright and pliable. Well worth the money and easy to install.

Shared by Gene


  • Fit snugly 
  • Commendable durability
  • Excellent customer support 


  • Some new products seem well used on arrival  
  • May get blow away in windy weather 

3. Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe – Editor’s Choice

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Like Classic Accessories OverDrive RV & Trailer Wheel Cover but want something that offers more versatility? If that happens to be the case, Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe RV & Trailer Wheel Cover shall be the ideal choice. The top-grade cover from Classic Accessories is flexible enough to match tires of most recreational vehicles nowadays: travel trailer, camper, motorhomes and so on. As a result, if you need RV tire covers that work on a wide range of RV, you won’t be disappointed with this product. 

Similar to other models from the brand, the cover uses heavy-duty, wipe-clean vinyl in its construction which holds together well in regular use. Assuming that you deploy its properly, the cover is able to ensure that rust, dirt, UV rays, … would never touch the tires of your rig. The waterproof properties of the covers also keep the tires safe from build-ups of water as well as moisture. Because of the non-scratch backing, you don’t have that the tires might be scratched when you set up and put away the cover.  

About the deployment process, the elasticized panel of Classic Accessories OverDrive Deluxe RV & Trailer Wheel Cover delivers a nice fit. Aside from that, the rear eyelets of the cover let you secure the bottom flap at a moment’s notice. As a result, the installation of the cover tends to require just a bit of time and effort from RVers. The cover comes along its owner storage bag so storage is not an issue here.  

I bought these for our new RV to help prolong the wheel life. They are very well made and heavy duty – a good deal for the price. They do fit snuggly though – my wheels measure 25″ and based on other reviews, I ordered the next size up. I was glad I did because they fit perfectly. There are four wheel covers, and they cover the front and sides well and wrap around the back just slightly (and that will depend on the size of your wheel) – that’s what they’re supposed to do but if you’re a newbie to RVing like me, then it might be helpful info. Happy camping 😉

Shared by Catmarie2


  • Soft and smooth
  • Fit multiple setups 
  • Waterproof exterior 


  • Mediocre grommets
  • Tight dimensional tolerance 

4. ADCO Designer Series 3962

Why We Love It:

Designed to offer long-lasting protection to RV tires, ADCO Designer Series (3962) is among the most highly sought-after RV tire covers on the market. Featuring a combination of vinyl and flannel, the cover is capable of repelling outdoor elements effectively and efficiently for years. In addition to that, the cover also protects the tires of recreational vehicles against temperature. Therefore, if you want to preserve the tires of your rig during winter, the cover should be an excellent choice.    

Boasting a bungee-ball rear fastening system, the product from ADCO earns the appreciation of RVers that often run into windy weathers on the road. Once deployed, this risk of the cover being blown away by the wind is minimal. Besides keeping the cover in place, the system offers a precise fit for the tires of your vehicle too which guarantee consistent protection over time. The use of brass reinforce grommets allow you to manipulate the cover see you see fit without worrying about breakages. 

In case you don’t know, crack on the sidewall is the number one reason that leads to tire blowouts. By using ADCO Designer Series (3962), you could prevent the forming of the crack while traveling. Regarding post-purchase support, ADCO offers customers a 3-year warranty so it’s a good investment in the long term. Check out the suggested dimension in order to pick the ideal size for your RV. 

These tire covers are great. We love that they match our Tiffin motorhome colors really well (Rock Mountain Brown) and nicely coordinate with the paint, rather than looking like big white eyesores which just wouldn’t look as nice on our rig. They have straps with velcro to keep them in place and are an ideal size for our tires, keeping them protected from the sun while parked. We appreciate that they will protect our tires and keep them lasting longer, the fact that they are complementary, good quality and come in a carry bag as well.

Shared by Julie


  • Fast delivery service  
  • Stop early cracks on the tires
  • Match all weather and climate conditions 


  • Less than ideal quality control 
  • The acquisition cost is slightly high

5. AmFor Tire Cover

Why We Love It:

Durable and reliable, AmFor Tire Cover is one of the best RV tire covers when it comes to element resistance. The AmFor model is able to safeguard the tires of your recreational vehicle against virtually all manners of weather conditions. On the road, the cover shall keep UV rays, dirt, rust and other away from the tires of your rig. In winter storage, the cover would minimize the effect of low temperatures on the tires. As the affordable cover fits a variety of vehicles in circulation, it’s a popular choice for budget-minded RV campers.  

Made from aluminum film with cotton wool lining, the cover from AmFor is fairly light but its integrity is superb. In most of the cases, the cover lasts for a long time on the field without disintegrating which is great. The plain maintenance procedure of the cover means you don’t have to keep looking after it as you travel. Once it gets dirty, people only need a moment in order to wipe clean the entire surface of the cover. 

Thanks to the user-friendly installation, AmFor Tire Cover could be set up in just a blink of an eye. The hook design makes sure that when it’s in place, the cover rarely got blown away by the wind. Furthermore, the rather forgiving characteristics of the cover allow you to quickly achieve a secure fit.  Hence, it’s a breeze for weary RVers to get the cover into place after a particularly long drive.  

These are just what I was looking for. Our Starcraft Travelstar Hybrid camper sits a few months at a time without being moved. Consequently the tires take the hit even though the camper is covered much of the time. With the rubber exposed to the elements including harsh UV rays, the tires dry rot and are unsafe within a few years. I have replaced tires that still look almost new with great tread left, because they dry rotted and cracked.

Just FYI, I installed these on our camper tires that are sized 205/75/14. They fit fine and have not blown off even in high winds. There is a nice bungee cord type thing with hooks so you can connect it to the back of the tire securely. There is also a soft white liner on the inside of the cover. The outside is a silver reflective type of material. As you can see in the pics, they aren’t super tight around the tires, but do well for a product intended to be used in a range of tire diameters as listed. If you found this review HELPFUL, please check YES. Thanks much!

Shared by Willy C


  • Wind resistant 
  • Admirable protection 
  • Responsive customer service 


  • Some products fail quickly  
  • People report about broken hooks 

6. Explore Land Tire Cover

Why We Love It

Waterproof, dustproof and UV ray resistant, Explore Land Tire Cover is capable of delivering optimal protection to the tires of recreational vehicles in the outdoors. Like many other modern-day RV tire covers, the Explore Land model is compatible with multiple platforms: trailer, camper, motorhomes,… Therefore, RVer could adapt the cover to the setup of their vehicle with relative ease. Since the manufacturer offers a fitting guide, it’s simple to pick the right size of cover for your rig. 

About the protective capability, the product from Explore Land would prevent grimes, dust, leaves and alike from degrading the tires. The incorporation of rugged vinyl in the body of the cover ensures a long lifespan. To avoid causing damages to the RV tires, the cover utilizes soft, non-scratch backing.  Hence, you should be able to put on and take off the cover at will. 

One innovative feature of Explore Land Tire Cover is its auto-lock function that considerably shortens the average installation time. Overall, the elastic cords of the cover tighten on their own in order to give the tires a snug-fitting. In addition to that, the wind-resistant profile further enhances the field performance of the cover which facing windy weathers. To show the confidence they have in the cover, Explore Land offer a;; their customer a 3-year warranty, an attractive deal these kinds of days. 


  • Nice seams 
  • Fast shipping
  • Hold together well


  • No tie holes 
  • A bit big  

7. ELUTO RV Tire Cover

Why We Love It:

Engineer with the latest materials and technologies, ELUTO RV Tire Cove is recognized by many as one of the best selling RV tire covers. Boasting a highly adaptable construction, the cover from ELUTO shall fit an assortment of recreational vehicles from campers to motorhomes. That being said, to avoid dimensional issues, it’s strongly recommended that you take measurement of your rites before purchasing. Using unsuitable sizes might compromise the protection of the tires so you must be thorough. 

Due to the combination of oxford and wool lining, the ELUTO model guards the tires of your rig against oxidation. Because oxidation leads to rotting, cracking and others, using the cover substantially decrease the risk of tire blowouts on the road which improves travel safety. Besides that, the cover also tackles a lot of things that may harm the integrity of the tire on the field like frost, sunlight, corrosion,… That is why the cover is able to provide comprehensive protection in all weather conditions. 

To facilitate installation, ELUTO RV Tire Cover employs a hook design that let you set it up without much difficulty. Additionally, the layout of the cover guarantees a secure fit that keeps everything in place if exposed to strong winds. When you purchase the cover, you are going to get a 100% risk-free warranty from the manufacturer that for 1 year. All RVers that buy the cover have access to a 24-hour helpline during working days. 


  • Lightweight and well made
  • Affordable price 
  • Convenient straps and hooks


  • Barely acceptable packaging 
  • Quality control needs to be improved

8. Tsofu Spare Tire Cover

Why We Love it 

For RVers that want to protect their all-important spare tire from the ravages of outdoor elements, Tsofu Spare Tire Cover is a great investment. Capable of turning away mud, sunlight, rain and alike, the Tsofu cover ensures that your spare tire is in top shape once you need it. While the material is pretty thick compared to other products on the market, it still permits flows of air to go through which aid ventilation. The high manufacturing standard of the cover means that you could use it for years. 

Being an elasticized design, the cover from Tsofu require no tool during installation and removal. Therefore, you would be to put on the cover and then take it off in a blink of an eye. When you manage to get it fitted, the cover shall maintain its shape regardless of what happens on the road. Through the quick-to-connect clips, it’s a breeze to adjust the fitness of the cover until you feel satisfied. Considering the fact that the cover is made to be highly adaptable, it’s a good match for an assortment of RV tire sizes. 

For customer support, people that invest in Tsofu Spare Tire Cover should be able to contact the manufacturer directly in the case something is wrong. After the complaints of customers come in, the manufacturer is going to respond within 12 hours for most of the time. 


  • Superb handling  
  • Last a long time 
  • Flexible and versatile 


  • People report about discoloration
  • Less than ideal quality control  

9. Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Dual Axle Wheel Cover 

Why We Love It:

As the name suggests, Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Dual Axle Wheel Cover is able to shield up to two tires. Hence, the Classic Accessories model is a more cost-effective purchase than individual RV covers. Boasting a slip-on design, the cover guarantees uncompromised fitness to the tires of your recreational vehicle on the field. The incorporation of robust vinyl prevents outdoor elements from degrading the quality of the tires which reduce the money you have to spend on replacements.  

Made in order to repel sunlight, mildew and others, the cover from Classic Accessories offers comprehensive protection to the tires. The excellent stitching means the cover hold itself together for years without falling into pieces. Besides that, the non-scratch backing of the cover minimizes damages as the cover come into contact with the tires. For most of the time, the cover should handle every challenge on the road expertly.  

Regarding installation, Classic Accessories OverDrive RV Dual Axle Wheel Cover gives people negligible troubles due to the rear eye outlets. Usually, you could nail down the bottom flaps of the cover in a blink of an eye so the entire setup process is pretty short. The commendable flexibility of the elasticized back panel greatly enhances the handling characteristics of the cover during installation and removal. 


  • Long-lasting
  • High endurance 
  • Flawless packaging 


  • May sag under heat
  • Inconsistent performance

10. Leader Accessories RV Tire & Wheel Cover

Why We Love It

Thick, sturdy and waterproof, Leader Accessories RV Tire And Wheel Tire Cover arguably deliver the highest level of protection for tires these kinds of days. Utilizing premium grade vinyl, the Leader cover shall keep the tires of your recreational vehicle from a variety of elements. Aside from outdoor use, the cover is also a fairly decent choice for RVers that intend to put their delicate rig into storage during winter. Featuring precise stitches, it’s only natural for the cover to last for many years. 

In term of setup, the cover Leader employs a slip-on design which allows people to put in on the tires within a few moments. To ensure tightness, RVer could manipulate the eyelet tightening cord to achieve a good fit. Once everything seems ideal, you would be able to leave the cover on without having to worry about it being blown away by sudden gusts. Correspondingly, it should take mere seconds for you to remove the cover from the tires in order to resume traveling. 

For post-purchase support, Leader Accessories RV Tire And Wheel Tire Cover come along a nice 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as well as responsive after-sale service. Usually, if you have an issue with the cover, Leader shall resolve within 24 hours after you file your complaint.    


  • Fit snugly 
  • Hold together well 
  • Comprehensive protection


  • May require you to crawl under your RV to set up the cover
  • Some customers complain about missing tires while ordering packs 

11. ADCO Tire Cover 1784

Why We Love It:

Able to prevent damages caused by UV rays and bird dropping, ADCO Tire Cover (1784) is a solid choice for RVers that have tight shopping budgets. The weatherproof ADCO model works in a variety of climates which make it a good investment in case you travel from place to place. If all you need is something to shield you spare tire against the elements, this cover is a great choice. Still, you need to measure your tire first so as to select a proper size. 

Featuring a combination of heavy duty vinyl and welt cord, the cover from ADCO shall hold itself together for a long time on the road. Aside from that, the cover also possesses non-tearable seams so you could handle it as you like without worry.  As the back of the cover is elasticized, the installation process is generally a breeze for most of the time. You should be able to set up the cover in a blink of an eye. 

Once you purchase ADCO Tire Cover (1784), you are going to get a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, pretty good for the price. Customer service is quite responsive so if you have any questions, contact ADCO for information. Regarding drawbacks, customers notice the color fading over time but the protection remain essentially uncompromised.


  • Pleasing to the eyes 
  • Fit snugly to the spare tires 
  • The acquisition cost is fairly reasonable 


  • A bit thin for some people 
  • May bunch up right around the edge

12. Camco 45346 Spare Tire Cover

Why We Love It:

With a reputation as one of the most rugged RV tire covers these kinds of days, Camco Spare Tire Cover (45346) is truly an excellent investment for RVers that prioritize longevity. In most of the cases, the cover from Camco shall protect your spare tires for years without signs of failures. Usually, it takes a couple of seasons before you have to consider getting a replacement. Though its dimensional tolerance is limited to 27 inch, the manufacturer offers other variants for other sizes of tires as well. 

Packing top tier vinyl and high quality nylon thread, the Camco model endure practically everything you could throw at it. The waterproof seams of the cover make sure that the tires of your vehicle would be well protected in downpours. Additionally, sunlight, dust, grime and so on have a hard time getting through the sturdy cover to the tires.  When the cover gets dirty, you just need to wipe it clean using some wet clothes. 

In terms of setup, Camco Spare Tire Cover (45346) is designed with an opening on the bottom so installation only takes several minutes in most cases. Once you actually have to use the spares tires, you should be able to remove the cover in no time. 


  • Wind resistant 
  • Low cost and long lasting
  • Aesthetically pleasing  


  • Workmanship needs improvements 
  • There are complaints about tears and cracks

13. Classic Accessories OverDrive Spare Tire Cover

Why We Love It:

You hate to see your spare tires rotting before use? If that happens to be the case, it’s widely advised that you grab Classic Accessories OverDrive Spare Tire Cover. Being an all weather cover, the Classic Accessories product would take good care of your spare tires in the outdoors. While it’s highly affordable, the cover proves capable of shielding the tires of your rig again wind, corrosion, dust, sunlight, pollutants and so on.  Since the covers employ a universal design, it’s compatible with a wide range of recreational vehicles in circulation nowadays. 

Using tough waterproof vinyl, the cover from Classic Accessories guarantees long-lasting use without fail. The wipe clean nature of the material also facilitates cleaning as you only need than water to tackle dirty spots. Due to the fact that the cover boasts a non-scratch back, it never damages the tires while they come into contact with each other. The back of the cover is mildew resistant too so it fare pretty well in high humidity environments on average. 

About installation, Classic Accessories OverDrive Spare Tire Cover features elasticized back so setup is straightforward. You could get the cover in place in a few moments and it’s going to stay there until removal. Because the cover fit securely to the tires, it rarely flaps around under strong winds. Regarding post purchase support, the manufacturer offer customers that buy the cover a 3 year warranty.   


  • Tight fit
  • Simple setup
  • Quite cheap 


  • Less than ideal quality control 
  • Several products fail quite early 

14. TCP Global RV Vinyl Wheel & Tire Cover

 Why We Love It:

Constructed using premium vinyl, TCP Global RV Vinyl Wheel & Tire Cover is a superb model as far as functionality is concerned. Being a rugged cover, the TCP Global cover is capable of enduring various challenges on the road and in storage. By using the cover, snow, rain, UV rays and so on would never touch the tires of your recreational vehicle. Moreover, since it’s made to work with conventional RVs, the cover perform admirably on most campers, motorhomes, trailers, … nowadays. 

Thanks to the presence of nylon strap buckle, the product from TCP Global stay in place regardless of the weather. Because of that, you have nothing to worry if your rig happens to run into strong winds in the outdoors. But to be on the safe side, it’s essential that you select the right cover for the right tire. The manufacturer suggests that RVers take measurements of their tires to make appropriate investments here. 

With its intuitive layout, TCP Global RV Vinyl Wheel & Tire Cover could be set up and put away in mere minutes. Generally speaking, it’s easy for you to manipulate the cover as you see fit. In the case the cover gets dirty in use, you simply need to use water to wipe clean its surface. last but not least, TCP Global offer customers that purchase cover a tempting 3-year warranty. 


  • Secured straps 
  • Fit quite well  
  • Sturdy and dependable


  • Some products come in damaged 
  • Customers complain about receiving wrong-sized covers  

15. TCP Global Canvas Wheel Tire Cover

Why We Love It:

So you are searching for an alternative to TCP Global RV Vinyl Wheel & Tire Cover? If that is so, TCP Global Canvas Wheel Tire Cover is exactly what you need. Utilizing thick canvas that is breathable, the TCP Global cover safeguards the tires of your rig against all common threats. With the cover on, you don’t have to worry about rust, dirt, sunlight, … shortening the lifespan of the tires. The adaptable nature of the cover allows it to match a variety of RV setups at a moment’s notice. 

One helpful feature of the model from TCP Global is the wire embedded rod which makes the cover form-fitting. As a result, the cover aligns itself to the wheel without much difficulty so the overall fitness is truly outstanding. In addition to that, the use of tension backer in the design permits RVers to snap on the cover and take it off at will. That is why people would be able to manipulate the cover as they like in order to match current demand. The cover also resists wind pretty well in most cases so you have peace of mind while experiencing strong gusts. 

In terms of drawbacks, TCP Global Canvas Wheel Tire Cover is a wee bit tight compared to its vinyl counterpart. So it’s a good idea to a slightly bigger size here to make sure that the fitness is right. The canvas is a non-stretching material so you have to be careful while selecting proper sizes for your tires. 


  • Resist wind fairly well
  • Admirable fitness 
  • Good value for the price


  • No grommets 
  • Get wet rather easily 

Best RV Tire Covers Buying Guide

Obviously, different people have different requirements about RV tire covers but if you want to get the most out of them, you should consider these factors:

rv trailer tire covers


While searching for suitable tire covers, it’s strongly recommended that you make your size one of your top priorities. If you use covers that happen to be too small, certain parts of the tires shall be exposed to the elements.

On the other hand, if you pick covers that prove too big, sagging would occur which leave the tires vulnerable to build-up of water, dust, snow and so on. For most of the time, you could secure well-fitted tire covers simply by using the size of the tire on the sidewall as references. 

Most tire covers are available in single or double XL sizes. The smaller and single size of RV tire cover can protect the front part of your tire. The double XL size, on the other hand, can offer protection to the whole tire. However, many still choose the smaller shield style because of its ability to let the air flow smoothly.


Due to the fact that tire covers have to shield the tires from elements, their durability is an essential criterion. Generally speaking, it’s a waste of money to invest in covers that disintegrate after a short period of time. As a result, you need to thoroughly assess the endurance of the products before deciding on which one to buy.

Normally, tire covers for RV must be at least waterproof to protect the tires of your recreational vehicle from rainwater. In the case you have money to spare, consider acquiring weatherproof travel trailer wheel covers


Technically, you should be able to get most tire covers into place without much difficulty. That being said, it’s worth noting that you may need to deploy the covers in less than ideal conditions. Therefore, it’s widely advised that you select straightforward designs that you could set up at a moment’s notice.

Overall, the recommended installation time for RV covers is 15 minutes. In the case it seems the setup period of the covers would last longer than that, look for other products.     


The value of tire covers shall be determined mainly by their ability to shield the vehicle tires on the field. Nonetheless, a couple of RV trailer tire covers offer several features that may prove handy. For instance, elastic products that come with drawstrings tend to perform admirably in strong winds.

By tightening the strings, the risk of the covers being blown away by the winds is minimal in most cases. That is why if you ever see several RV tire covers that have somewhat similar performance, the features should help you make up your mind. 

Inside layer

Most wheel tire covers come with an inner lining. High-quality options often have a lining made of fleece to protect the tire from damage and the cold. Ideally, this lining will be the perfect fit for the wheel so it doesn’t get loose.

Closing mechanism & Protection

Depending on the type of cover you select, the closing mechanism might be a simple elastic band sewn into the hem or a more secure metal latch. The former is more common on soft covers, which may also have strings that need to be tightened to fit around the spare. 

Hard shell covers tend to have clasps or latches. In general, due to the excellent protection offered by hard tire covers and their more secure closing mechanism, experts would recommend hard shell tire covers in case you often camp in extreme weather conditions or are planning to put your rig into storage for many harsh winter months.


If you live in an area with a lot of sun, a light-colored tire cover is best since it will reflect more light rays than dark covers. This will help keep your spare in good condition, as dark colors tend to retain more heat, which for an extended period will cause the tires to deteriorate more quickly.

Black and white are the most popular choices regarding RV tire covers colours as they are the most effective in reducing UV exposure: white reflects RV rays while black absorbs UV rays, thus preventing RV rays from passing through and coming into contact with the wheels. Some RV owners pick black since it has the ability to hide the dirt that accumulates on the cover.


With so many manufacturers in the business nowadays, it’s a good idea for people to stick to reputable names. Buying from famous brands would give you dependable access to customer service, post-purchase support, warranty claim and so on.

On the other hand, if you get your RV tire covers from nameless sellers, you may have a hard time seeking assistance once things take a turn for the worse. Because of that, it’s wise to prioritize products from Camco, ADCO, Classic Accessories, TCP Global, …while buying tire covers. 


It’s a good idea to choose an option that has a stellar warranty so you can get a replacement or a repair if something is wrong with the cover. Typical warranties run about a year but can last two or more, depending on the manufacturer.

Best RV Tire Cover Brands


Camco is a household name in the world of RV. They offer a wide variety of RV accessories, most of which receive raving reviews from experts and full-time RVers alike for their durability and functional design. 

In short, Camco is one of those few brands that many RVers would go to when they do not want to invest too much time shopping around, as the brand has it all and most things in its portfolio is money worthy. Not surprisingly, the RV tire cover market is just another one where Camco has persuasively won hearts with their high quality, innovative yet reasonably priced products.

It should be noted that according to seasoned RVers, their customer service is much better than their rivals. It is clear that Camco cares about their customers rather than focusing on making a quick dollar.


This family-owned business has been creating great automotive accessories for 64 years. Their longevity speaks to how well this brand has worked over the years. Part of their success is top notch customer service, in addition to innovative and functional products.

You might be able to find many custom options with this online-based distributor. They’ve produced more than 20 million protective covers, with their most popular products being the White Vinyl Cover and the Black Ultra Tyre Gard.

Fremont Die

Founded in 1999, Fremont Die continues to be a market leader in spare tire covers. From their headquarters in Williamsburg, Virginia, they design covers that are well-made and durable, featuring a number of popular sports teams. Top products include their NFL Covers and their Kansas City Chiefs Cover.

Tire Cover Central

Based in Erlanger, Kentucky, Tire Cover Central makes high-quality, custom tire covers to suit many different needs. In business for over a decade, their materials are durable, and their designs are state-of-the-art. Bestsellers include the Flippin’ Frog Premium Cover and the Wolf and Moon Cover.

Classic Accessories

The brand offers highly versatile RV tire covers that fit all kinds of vehicles, such as RVs, 5th wheels, and travel trailers. Their RV tire covers are also known for sturdy and rugged materials, allowing excellent protection for your wheels and also a long lifespan.

TCP Global

TCP Global is also another brand you can trust. The tire covers offered by TCP Global are not only reliable and durable but also breathable. 

How to Cover RV Tires

Covering the tires of your RV with your chosen RV tire cover is actually easy, provided you were able to pick the correct size. The whole process might take several minutes. 

If you are using a shield style tire cover, simply attach them on the body of your rig so that the flat cover hangs over the entire tires. Meanwhile, a bag style will have a “mouth” or opening so that you can pull the cover over the tire.

Once you have fitted the cover and properly installed it in the tire, close the cover using the attached bungee strap or any similar closing mechanism. The main goal of putting this strap on is to ensure that the tire cover will not fly off or billow against your tire, especially when dealing with bad weather. 

How to Clean RV Tire Covers

Dirt tends to act as an abrasive. In addition, mildew tends to accumulate in dirty and damp surfaces. Therefore, regular cleaning of your tire cover is an important maintenance routine. 

The process of cleaning up your RV tire cover is simple. Hard shells can be washed and polished, but make sure you don’t use a cleaner that’s too abrasive that might damage the cover. Soft covers can be wiped down with a damp cloth to get rid of any dirt or spots and then left to dry.

The best way to do it is by using clean and warm water and some non-abrasive soap. Some RVers use mild dishwashing detergent or hand wash for this task. What you have to do is to fill a bucket with warm tap water then use a soft cloth or sponge to start cleaning the cover. Rinse the sew lines and the entire surface well. 

If your chosen cover is made of vinyl material then take note that this is prone to UV damage and deterioration by the sun. It might lead to fading, peeling and cracking surfaces, dryness, and brittleness if left unprotected.

Let the cover dry prior to applying your chosen protective agent if your tire covers are hard shells. This is optional, however is recommended to provide an extra protection for your covers, similar to applying RV wax and sealant on the exterior of your vehicle to better protect it from the elements.

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