Best RV Door Locks: Keep Your Family & Belongings Safe 1

Best RV Door Locks: Keep Your Family & Belongings Safe

Your precious RV is a valuable investment, and making sure that it is safely locked while you’re away is the most basic responsibility. And since your RV is more than a vehicle–it’s your second home away from home, you must get serious and choose the best RV door lock, that is an easy to use, sturdy and most of all, secure one from a reliable brand. 

Sure, your RV already comes with a door lock, but any seasoned RV owner knows that most standard RVs can be accessed with a master key, and thus one of the first upgrades they must perform on their newly purchased motorhome is to change the door lock. This action is a must for every rig owner because. With an RV door lock upgrade, you’ll no longer have to worry about your items getting stolen when away from your rig.

If you know what you’re looking for, dive right into our handpicked list of the very best keyed and keyless RV door locks on the market. We spent a time consuming process of browsing through countless in-depth reviews by full-time RVers to shortlist the most well-rounded and durable models testified by users. Also learn everything you need to know, including the different types of RV entry door locks, key buying criteria, installation guide and useful answers to frequently asked questions by fellow campers.

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Best RV Door Locks Comparison Chart

NoTop-Rated RV Door LocksTypePricesOur Ratings
1RVLock V4 - Editor's ChoiceKeyless$$$*****
2RVLock Compact - Editor's ChoiceKeyless$$$*****
3AP Products 013-531Keyless$$$$***
4Runmind Entry Door LockKeyless$$$***
5ExGizmo KeylessKeyless $$$***
6Leisure Locks - Editor's ChoiceKeyed$*****
7AP Products 013-509Keyed$$$****
8RV Designer T507 TriMarkKeyed$$$****
9Fastec Travel Trailer LockKeyed$****
10AP Products 013-572Keyed$*****
12TriMark 601650Keyed$$****
13AP Products 013-535Keyed$*****
14Kohree Entry Door LockKeyed$*****
15Fastec 43610-00Keyed$*****

RV Door Lock Basics

What A Typical RV Door Lock Is Like?

Most RVs’ factory-installed entry doors have a standard locking mechanism, which looks like this:

From the outside, there’s a handle, a simple lock and key like your home door lock. Enter the key and turn clockwise to lock the door, or turn it counter-clockwise to unlock. 

From the inside, there might be no keyhole and instead, one or two levers which switch the lock between the open or closed positions. This is a safety mechanism that allows you to unlock the door from the inside even if you don’t have the key, in case of an emergency, like a fire.

Some RVs have a double lock: the regular handle lock and usually located above is a deadbolt for added security. Deadbolts don’t lock automatically and require manual locking each time.

The extra level of security comes from the design of deadbolt locks. Since deadbolts aren’t connected to door knobs or handles, there’s no way to break the knob or handle to expose the interior mechanisms of the lock and pick the lock like with a regular handle lock. 

Why You Need an RV Door Lock Replacement

One important fact that you must know as an RV owner is that most standard RV door locks can be accessed with a master key. This is by design, and it was made in order to cut production costs and at the same time make it easier for salesmen to open the RVs for potential buyers to inspect. 

Therefore, seasoned RVers often have this factory-installed door lock replaced with an aftermarket model right after buying their rig for security reasons. Others replace their old lock that keeps jamming with age, or a not-so-secure lock that has just been broken by an intruder. 

You might not want the hassle of looking for and installing an RV entry door lock replacement, however this important task must not be ignored. A durable and secure RV entry door lock is crucial in two ways. 

The first purpose of these RV door locks is ensuring safety for you and your companions inside your vehicle. If your rig is not secure, thieves can break in during the night, and you and your family could be in danger. An RV door lock’s second purpose is securing the items and things carried within your rig, and the rig itself. 

This is especially a threat if you travel to hard-to-get places, where you won’t be able to rely on others’ help. The best RV door lock will keep the bad people out and let you have a good night’s sleep.

In addition, the best RV door locks are more corrosion-resistant and in general, more weather-resistant, than non-RV specific standard ones, as the lock is located outside the rig with no protection from outdoor elements like most home locks. 

Types Of Locks For RV Doors

At first glance, the market apparently contains countless varieties of door locks for recreational vehicles but RV locks could be divided into two major categories: keyed and keyless RV entry door locks.

Keyed Entry Locks

Versatile and adaptable, a keyed RV door lock could be put to good use in multiple settings. This traditional and simple type of lock operates just like your RV’s original factory-installed lock, and opens with a mechanical key rather than through a keypad. Models of the type cost less, are easier to find, to install and use thanks to their simple mechanism, so they are still widely used by novice and veteran RVers alike and might not go into obsoletion any time soon. 

If you’re a traditionalist and prefer a keyed lock, you can choose between a paddle or a handle lock. With a paddle lock, once the key turns into the cylinders, you will then have to pull on a large paddle handle to open your RV’s door. Meanwhile, a handle will either lift outward or up depending on its design.

You might also choose between single-cylinder and double-cylinder keyed locks. Both single and double cylinder locks can be used on door handles and deadbolts.

A single-cylinder lock operates with a key on one side and has a  thumb-turn style lever on the other side. Meanwhile, a double-cylinder lock features keyed entries on both sides. Therefore, the former is more convenient; meanwhile, the latter offers enhanced security.

Keyless Entry Locks

Combination Cam Locks

Before we move on to explore the electric keyless entry locks, which is the latest development in the field, let’s talk about the more basic type of a keyless lock–the combination cam lock. The combination cam lock is a highly versatile lock for a variety of applications such as RV entry doors, as well as mailboxes, lockers, drawers, and cabinet doors. 

The combination cam lock uses a series of letters or numbers as a personalized code to lock and unlock the shackle. One of the most standard designs feature a series of rotating discs–called cams–make up the internal components, thus the name “combination cam”. Locks of the type often offer from 1,000 up to 10,000 possible combinations and pick resistant dials. 

Changing the combination is easy: simply have it on the opening combination, depress the change pin, and change to the new combination. Do note that changing from one combination lock to another is also relatively easy, however, changing from a traditional handle lock and key to a combination lock is not as straightforward.

Electric Keyless Entry Locks

More advanced than the combination cam lock is the future of RV door lock systems: the true keyless lock, also referred to as the electric combination lock, or electric RV door lock.

As the name suggests, an RV keyless entry system allows you to open the lock without a physical key. A major advantage of an RV keyless entry system is easy access, as it gives you at least two different ways to unlock your RV. 

This type of RV locks has been quickly gaining popularity over the years thanks to their easy access, and tend to be pretty popular to those that don’t always keep troublesome keys in their pockets.

If you forget your keys, which all of us do all the time, you’ve got the keypad to key in your combination. If you somehow can’t recall your combination, you can open the lock with the remote key fob. 

Some of the best battery-operated keyless RV entry door locks actually provide three ways of unlocking your door, in addition to the backup mechanical keys in case the batteries run out suddenly. Yes, keys are old fashioned, but they serve their purpose, and sometimes you’ll be thankful that they’re still around. 

How Keyless Entry Locks Work

These locks are usually motor-driven deadbolts, which is a more durable locking mechanism than single-latch locks. Deadbolts aren’t connected to door knobs or handles, so there’s no way to break the knob or handle to gain access to the interior mechanisms of the lock. However, this also means that they only engage deadbolt locks, thus limiting their use. 

An RV door lock with deadbolt is often installed as secondary locks above regular single-latch locks. Deadbolts don’t lock automatically and require manual locking every time.

Most keyless entry locks are powered by a standard pair of AA batteries. Meanwhile, most key fobs use smaller 27A 12-volt batteries but, again, there can be some variety depending on the manufacturer.

An electric keyless lock can be opened in four ways. 


The keypad entry method requires you to pre-program a unique combination code that only you and your companions know. One advantage of a keyless system is that the keypad is programmable and re-programming is generally a fairly easy process. This makes them a lot safer to use as you can always change the code whenever you want to, which adds extra security as you can change your combination as circumstances require. 

Keypad lock is a convenient method in certain situations. Keypad entry allows for one-time access to your RV, say if you’re away from your RV and need someone to stop by and check on it, but you have the keys with you. Once you’ve let that person in for whatever the reason, you can simply reprogram your keypad in a blink of an eye to restrict future access. 


The wireless entry method uses a key fob that you need to have on your person, which is exactly the same as the key fob wireless system for unlocking your car. Many RV keyless entry system come with a remote key fob that can unlock your RV door from up to 60 feet away.

Be careful of getting too reliant on key fobs though, as their batteries can die and they’re more likely to be rendered useless if you get caught in a sudden downpour and your keys get wet.


The most high-end RV keyless entry system can even sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Instead of having to keep an extra key fob on your already-crowded keychain, you’ll simply be able to unlock your RV door from your phone. You might argue that in this day and age, people are less likely to forget their phone than their keychain. 


Well, nothing fancy, just your standard, traditional, low-tech, boring mechanical key, but they are absolutely reliable and easy to use. In fact, the best RV keyless entry systems usually come with a set of mechanical keys as a backup in case your keyfob breaks, or when you forget your keypad combination. It’s always good to have a mechanical key when all else fails.

Benefits of RV door lock

Face it: we all forget our keys from time to time, be it our car keys, house keys, Airbnb keys or our RV keys. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you have to pay the consequences, and when you are traveling with your RV, forgetting your keys can be really frustrating and deadly. Your RV itself is a valuable investment, and a keyless entry system is a great way to secure that investment and give you a peace of mind.

Installing a keyless entry on your RV door adds both security and convenience. You won’t always have to grab your keys on the way out the door and you’ll be able to unlock it from a distance when your hands are full with all of those groceries you’re bringing back.

Best Keyless RV Door Locks

Overall, with so many locks for doors of RV available for purchase nowadays, RVing enthusiasts never run out of choices. That being said, if you want to have a quality lock, you should take close a look at these models.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into our delicious handpicked list of the very best keyless RV door locks on the market. Rest assured that all of these units are the most well-rounded based on key buying criteria, so that they will keep you and your precious vehicle secure for many years down the road. 

Each model comes with an in-depth review of highlighting features and advantages for easy comparison, testified by keyless RV door lock reviews by verified buyers. This list covers a good price range, so there is something for every budget. That said, if you’re yet to know what to look for in a solid RV door lock, jump to the next section to learn about key purchasing criteria.

1. RVLock V4 – Editor’s Choice

RVLock V4
Check prices and reviews


  • Steel construction
  • All-weather keypad
  • Universal installation

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Engineered for modern requirements and built to last, RVLock V4 is known as a must-have for RVing enthusiasts that travel extensively and value security. By incorporating the latest wireless technology, the lock of RVLock could be remotely locked/unlocked and synced with multiple fobs. In addition, V4 possesses a high endurance steel construction that excels at handling physical blows as well as outdoor elements. As a result, V4 of RVLock receives positive remarks from keyless RV door lock reviews.

Packing a responsive keypad with weather-proofing, V4 allows RVers to enter codes quickly and effortlessly in lots of environments. The keypad of the door lock made by RVLock includes backlighting too and that means it’s accessible at night. Similar to its contemporaries, RVLock V4 is powered by batteries and it’s accompanied by mechanical keys in case the batteries run out of juice. Also, since it’s equipped with an ergonomic handle, V4 is easy to work with which makes it the best RV door lock regarding handling.

The RVLock lock is made with universal installation in mind so it snugly fits the doors of standard recreational vehicles. With a straightforward setup process, V4 of RVLock could be positioned and secured in just a blink of an eye. As proof of confidence, RVLock offers a one-year manufacturer warranty for those that decide to buy its door lock.

I installed this unit in my RV and it took about 15min. It was easy to program. It is nice to have keyless entry to get in to my RV. It is also nice to have a lock that not everyone has a key to. The only improvement that I would like to see is to quiet down the beep when you lock or unlock the unit. It probably doesn’t sound loud from a distance but up close it is annoyingly loud. The unit appears to be of good quality and works well. I wanted a couple spare keys and the seller was very quick to respond to my emails. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

Shared by JKR789


  • Simple to install
  • Fantastic durability
  • Convenient operation


  • Loud
  • Some locks develop cracks over time

2. RVLock Compact – Editor’s Choice

RVLock Compact
Check prices and reviews


  • Keypad and keyhole
  • Heavy-duty steel core
  • Battery-powered

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Boasting a narrow front plate, RVLock Compact occupies substantially less space than the average locks for doors of recreational vehicles. Because of that, the lock made by RVLock is often considered to be the best RV door lock for entry doors with full glass windows. Like V4, Compact integrates a flush keypad that is able to provide RVers with more than one million possible combinations. Finally, since the Compact of RVLock is designed to work with various key fobs, you could lock and unlock it remotely.  

With a heavy-duty steel core, the Compact is capable of taking on everything that the outdoors and thieves throw at it. Aside from that, the low-profile build of the lock from RVLock is particularly well-suited for discrete applications too. About installation, RVLock Compact takes around ten minutes to set up so it’s a great buy for those that need locks in a hurry. As Compact is a breeze to maintain, most RVing enthusiasts would likely have no trouble keeping it in top shape.

As for affordability, the RVLock lock comes at a reasonable price and that is why it’s the number one model for budget-minded RVers. If your wallet is kind of tight but you still seek a quality RV door lock upgrade, you should add  RVLock Compact to your shortlist.

The lock was easy to install and works perfectly. Something to note is that the remote and key pad only work the deadbolt. The handle lock can only be locked/unlocked with the inside lever or outside key. I love the lock and don’t regret buying it, just thought because the remote had two sets of buttons it worked both locks.

Shared by James


  • Inexpensive
  • Many lock/unlock options
  • Sublime level of security


  • Several locks arrive damaged
  • People report fitness issues from time to time

3. AP Products 013-531

AP Products 013-531
Check prices and reviews


  • Audible feedback
  • Proximity sensing
  • Backup keys

Why We Love It:

As an advanced keyless entry lock, AP Products 013-531 is the ideal choice for RVers that favor both convenience and security. Utilizing touch technology, the AP Products lock lets people enter codes by touching instead of having to press the buttons. Additionally, with proximity sensing, the buttons of 013-531 would light up if it detects human touches so entering codes in low-light conditions is a breeze. When it’s successfully locked or unlocked, AP Products 013-531 emit audio feedback for confirmation too.  

Similar to many of its competitors, 013-531 incorporates a deadbolt in its design and that ensures a sublime level of security. The lock made by AP Products is battery-powered but even if the batteries run out, you can still use the backup keys to work the deadbolt and the paddle. Since AP Products 013-531 is put together with uncomplicated requirements in terms of maintenance, keeping it operational is child’s play. Thus, the lock from AP Products is received positively by RVing communities around the globe.

About installation, 013-531 of AP Products comes with screws and strike plate so you could set it up in a flash. Once the AP Products lock is secured in place, feel free to begin reprogramming the code as you see fit. Similar to other locks from AP Products, 013-531 is backed with a one-year manufacturer warranty. 


  • Strong assembly 
  • Great handling 
  • Programming is a cinch


  • Modest element resistance 
  • RVers complain about inoperable buttons every now and then 

4. Runmind Entry Door Lock

Runmind Entry Door Lock
Check prices and reviews


  • Integral deadbolt
  • Keys and fobs
  • Flush keypad

Why We Love It:

By employing a combination of integral deadbolt and resilient body, Runmind Entry Door Lock maintains a commendable level of security in an assortment of situations. From harsh weather to cunning thieves, nothing could compromise the door lock from Runmind when it’s set up properly. Needless to say, Runmind Entry Door Lock is sought after by RVing enthusiasts that desire high-security RV door locks. Additionally, since the Runmind lock is able to fit lock cutouts on ordinary RV doors, its installation takes just minutes.

Thanks to the integration of a flush keypad, Runmind Entry Door Lock makes it easy for RVers to enter codes. The default code of the RV keyless entry lock made by Runmind is “1-2-3-4” but you can change the code at any time through its keypad. Runmind Entry Door Lock comes with keys and fobs so you have a couple of options to lock/unlock it. In terms of maintenance, the lock from Runmind only needs basic attention from users so it’s well-suited for extended travels on recreational vehicles.

Offered at a price that the average RVing enthusiasts nowadays could accept, Runmind Entry Door Lock is the best RV door lock regarding cost-value. The Runmind lock is backed with a one-year warranty and that is certainly reassuring.


  • Compact build
  • Reasonable price
  • Tough and secured


  • Poorly written owner’s manual
  • Tech support is somewhat mediocre

5. ExGizmo Keyless Entry Door Lock

ExGizmo Keyless Entry Door Lock
Check prices and reviews


  • Battery-powered
  • Remote control fob
  • Come with hardware

Why We Love It:

Featuring a thick assembly that could deal with elements as well as thieves, ExGizmo Entry Door Lock gives a splendid account of itself in use. Being a keyless model powered by battery, the lock of ExGizmo adapts well to variable settings and its setup process is undemanding as well. Distributed with mounting hardware, ExGizmo Entry Door Lock takes minutes to set up which earns it countless compliments from RVing enthusiasts. The standard dimensions of the ExGizmo lock also let it firmly fit lock cutouts on doors of today’s rigs.

Equipped with an ergonomic keypad, ExGizmo Entry Door Lock facilitates the input of code in all kinds of camping environments. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the door lock made by ExGizmo is sold alongside a handy remote control fob. Using the supplied fob, it’s possible to lock and unlock ExGizmo Entry Door Lock without having to enter codes. Similar to other door locks of its type, the keyless lock from ExGizmo can be opened with mechanical keys in case the batteries run out.

As it’s rather inexpensive, ExGizmo Entry Door Lock is the all-time favorite of RVers that have tight wallets. Aside from that, the sturdy mechanism of the ExGizmo door lock ensures that the time and expense that go into its maintenance would be negligible.


  • Fair cost
  • Consistent operation
  • No-nonsense setup process


  • Battery life is a bit short
  • A number of locks arrive without instructions

Best Keyed RV Door Locks

If you’re a traditionalist and prefer something simple but serves its purpose, find the keyed RV door lock that best suits your interests from our handpicked list of the best keyed RV locks below. Everything on this list is made from durable materials and solid construction, and is testified by full-time RVers as being secure and reliable for many years down the road.

6. Leisure Locks RV Entry Door Lock – Editor’s Choice

Leisure Locks RV Entry Door Lock
Check prices and reviews


  • Built-in deadbolt
  • Double edge keys
  • Inside and outside latches

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Basic and practical, Leisure Locks RV Entry Door Lock is held in high esteem by RVers that wish to own no-nonsense locks for doors. Featuring a built-in deadbolt for extra security, the door lock from Leisure Locks is among the leading models once it comes to deterring theft. Additionally, constructed with five-star materials, Leisure Locks RV Entry Door Lock holds together well even if subjected to abuses. As a result, the door lock of Leisure Locks could be put to good use in an assortment of settings.

Upon purchase, Leisure Locks RV Entry Door Lock comes alongside hardware, strike plates and screws so you don’t have to pick up extra stuff. Besides that, the Leisure Locks door lock fits typical lock cutouts on doors of recreational vehicles nowadays as well. So to ordinary RVers, installing Leisure Locks RV Entry Door Lock is a piece of cake. For maintenance, the  Leisure Locks door lock only needs rudimentary care from users and that is undoubtedly a big plus for full-time RVing enthusiasts.

To reassure RVers, Leisure Locks backs its door lock with a one-year manufacturer warranty that brings peace of mind. If your Leisure Locks RV Entry Door Lock fails due to manufacturing defects then you could claim a free replacement.

I bough this after someone broke into my camper and broke my lock. It was so easy to install and the exact same as the OEM lock and handle. The big difference we have noticed that we don’t need to slam our door. I sprayed it with a little WD and wallah. it closes and latch so easy. I am very happy with it. Oh and it came with 4 keys. That was the big surprise.

Shared by Mark


  • Rugged body
  • Part fitness is first-class
  • Undemanding setup process


  • RVers complain about receiving used locks
  • Handle could use some improvements

7. AP Products 013-509 Electric

AP Products 013-509
Check prices and reviews


  • No wiring
  • Self-contained
  • Keypad lights

Why We Love It:  

As it’s a self-contained electric RV door lock, AP Products 013-509 proves to be highly adaptable and its overall reliability is also top-notch. Being made with rock-solid materials, 013-509 would take on the rigors of RVing and forceful methods of thieves without compromising. Thanks to the use of capacitive touch technology, the keypad of the door lock from AP Products could tell water splashes and human touches apart. In fact, it’s possible to operate the keypad of AP Products 013-509 while wearing gloves.

The AP Products lock runs on batteries but if the batteries discharge completely and the keypad becomes unresponsive, you can use the supplied mechanical keys to get into your RV. As no complicated wiring is needed, setting up  013-509 should be a walk in the park. Moreover, AP Products 013-509 is created to match the dimensions of common lock cutouts of RV doors so you don’t have to worry too much about fitness issues during installation. Interestingly, the lock made by AP Products packs a unique inside egress that tackles interferences if used with screen doors.

With relatively simple maintenance, 013-509 works like a charm without requiring special attention from RVing enthusiasts. Overall, if all you want is a hassle-free door lock, AP Products 013-509 is going to be the best RV door lock you could get.

I locked myself out of the trailer twice. The old lock allows you to lock the door from the inside by moving a switch. Unfortunately, you can still open the door from the inside without moving the switch and if you forget the keys, you can lock yourself out. I installed this and now I cannot lock the door without pressing the lock code or using the key. It has been a life saver for me. The dead bolt seems too skinny though. I thought it would be slightly bigger. I don’t know how long the batteries will last since there is no way to know how much charge is left. Great product. I should have bought it a long time ago.

Shared by Romelio Rondaris


  • User-friendly keypad
  • Battery life is marvelous
  • Versatile and long-lasting


  • Customer service is less than ideal
  • Quality control still leaves something to be desired

8. RV Designer T507 TriMark

RV Designer T507 TriMark
Check prices and reviews


  • Die-cast zinc alloy
  • Integrated deadbolt
  • For left and right-handed applications

Why We Love It:

Though it indeed seems kind of plain, RV Designer T507 never fails to meet the expectations of RVing enthusiasts. With a body made from die-cast zinc alloy, the RV Designer door lock is pretty light but it could withstand serious punishments in use. In addition, since it boasts an integrated deadbolt, T507 is clearly superior to classic locks for doors of recreational vehicles in terms of security. Unsurprisingly, RV T507 of Designer is well-liked by RVers from novices to veterans.

Distributed with installation hardware, T507 takes just minutes to set up and there is no need for special tools. RV Designer T507 is compatible with multiple locks, hence, it’s a fantastic upgrade if your old door lock breaks out of the blue. Aside from that, the humble build of the door lock from RV Designer allows it to blend in quite well. Possessing a stylish black finish, T507 is aesthetically pleasing and a nice complement to the theme of many rigs.

About price, the lock of RV Designer is inexpensive so it’s popular among RVers that don’t want to spend big bucks on locks. RV Designer even back T507 with a 90-day guarantee and that speaks volumes about the quality of the lock.


  • Economical
  • Robust mechanism
  • Instantaneous installation


  • A couple of parts needs to be strengthened
  • Slightly bulky and cumbersome keys

9. Fastec Travel Trailer Lock

Fastec Travel Trailer Lock
Check prices and reviews


  • Rust-proof
  • Hardware included
  • Black and white

Why We Love It:

Being manufactured with a focus on corrosion resistance, Fastec Travel Trailer Lock is by all accounts a resilient rust-proof door lock for recreational vehicles. Naturally, RVers that regularly visit coastal regions deem the lock made by Fastec to be the best RV door lock. If you install Fastec Travel Trailer Lock on your rig, it would be years before you have to pick up an RV door lock replacement. The door lock of Fastec comes in black and white as well so you can get one that suits the color of your own RV.

Owing to the deadbolt in its design, Fastec Travel Trailer Lock is able to guarantee an excellent level of security. Since both the deadbolt and the lock happen to be keyed alike, you could avoid the headache of having to remember which key to use. As for installation, the door lock from Fastec is sold with an edge cover, strike plate and mounting screws so its setup process lasts mere minutes. Last but not least, available at an affordable price, Fastec Travel Trailer Lock fits the budgets of usual RVing enthusiasts.

Regarding post-purchase support, Fastec Travel Trailer Lock is backed with a decent one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If you wish to have an insurance policy, you should consider grabbing Fastec the lock.


  • Low-priced
  • Easy to install
  • Outstanding stability


  • Screws loosen as times passes by
  • Keys should be overhauled

10. AP Products 013-572

AP Products 013-572
Check prices and reviews


  • Deadbolt
  • Optional colors
  • Brass keys

Why We Love It:

The door lock of your rig is about to give out and you need a lock that could replace it? In that case, it’s strongly recommended that you take a look at AP Products 013-572. Capable of replacing a wide range of door locks for doors of recreational vehicles, 013-572 is a good buy for those that like to swap out aged locks with minimal alterations. Also, the AP Products lock is accompanied by hardware from brackets to screws so setting it up is a cakewalk.

As it features an enduring construction, the door lock of AP Products handles heat, rainwater, humidity and so on superbly. The impressive ruggedness of AP Products 013-572 permits it to remain secured after receiving one blow after another from thieves too. Because of that, 013-572 is essentially the best RV door lock at its price range once it comes to structural integrity. The lock made by AP Products comes in optional colors (black, white and chrome), thus, it would go well with the exterior of various rigs.

About maintenance, AP Products 013-572 only need to be cleaned and lubricated from time to time to stay in working order.  013-572 is backed with a one-year manufacturer warranty so you have that to count on in case things go wrong.


  • Wonderful compatibility
  • Affordable and durable
  • Setup process is intuitive


  • Barely acceptable packaging
  • Complaints about stuck keys show up now and then

11. Creative Products Group TTL-43610-2006-1PK

Creative Products Group TTL-43610-2006-1PK
Check prices and reviews


  • Keyed 
  • Zinc die-cast
  • Powder-coated finish 
  • Deadbolt

Why We Love It:

Compact and light, TTL-43610-2006-1PK is easy to manipulate and its setup process could be completed in a flash. With a body made from zinc die-cast, the door lock made by Global Link could take on various elements in the outdoors without weakening. Also, thanks to its brilliant impact resistance, TTL-43610-2006 would remain intact after sustaining repeated blows. Because of that, in typical settings, TTL-43610-2006 of Global Link is going to serve its owners competently for many years. 

Featuring an integral deadbolt, the Creative Products Group lock offers a high level of security compared to traditional RV door locks. In addition, the state-of-the-art locking mechanism of TTL-43610-2006-1PK allows it to resist picking attempts pretty well too. Hence, TTL-43610-2006-1PK is widely known as a good buy for RVing enthusiasts that like to spend more time on enjoying themselves and less time on worrying about theft. Being an economical model, the door lock from Global Link can be easily squeezed into the spending plan of RVers. 

TTL-43610-2006-1PK6 is released in black, white and silver so matching it to particular themes is a walk in the park. The door lock of Global Link is sold with two keys but if necessary, it’s possible to order more. Regarding post-purchase support, TTL-43610-2006-1PK of Global Link is backed with a one-year warranty. 


  • Affordable 
  • Quick installation 
  • Secured and enduring 


  • Certain locks arrive with unmatched keys 
  • Jammed deadbolt is reported on occasions

12. TriMark 601650

TriMark 601650
Check prices and reviews


  • Finger access
  • Inside assist
  • Low-profile release

Why We Love It:

Dependable and reliable, TriMark 060-1650 works well in numerous settings which is advantageous for RVers that travel on a regular basis. Since the TriMark lock integrates a built-in deadbolt, it eliminates the need to add separate resident-style deadbolts and let you save some bucks. Also, once locked, the deadbolt cylinder of  060-1650 would become practically non-removable for enhanced security. That is why after it’s installed, 060-1650 of TriMark could keep recreational vehicles secured and put RVing enthusiasts at ease.

With an adaptable design optimized for universal application, the RV door lock from TriMark suits left and right-handed doors. Furthermore, 060-1650 carries a low-profile release that allows it to be set up on close-fitting screen doors without issues. A solid inside assist with open bail is present as well and that means closing TriMark 060-1650 is a simple matter. Packing comfortable finger access, the door lock for recreational vehicles of TriMark boasts handling characteristics.

If necessary, 060-1650 could be keyed to match other locks made by TriMark that you happen to have on your RV for a single-key system. As a result, if you don’t like to keep many keys in your pockets, TriMark 060-1650 is what you need. The TriMark door lock is low-priced, therefore, there is no need to cut back your spending to purchase it.  


  • High endurance
  • Budget-friendly cost
  • Installation is a breeze


  • Shipping needs to be tweaked
  • People notice several inconsistencies between locks

13. AP Products 013-535

AP Products 013-535
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  • Keyed 
  • Low-profile inside egress
  • Anti-tampering technology
  • UV-resistant

Why We Love It:

With the use of innovative anti-tampering technology, 013-535 of AP Products is good at tackling various picking techniques of thieves. Made from tough, UV-resistant materials, 013-535 handle elements well and that means it would last for years on the road. Also, as its dimensions match most lock cutouts on doors, ensuring a snug fit with the lock of AP Products is a piece of cake. The inclusion of a low-profile inside egress eliminates potential interferences with screen doors too.

AP Products 013-535 is sold with mounting hardware such as strike plates and screws so you could install it within minutes. Owing to the distinct key jacket, it’s a breeze to tell keys for 013-535 apart from other keys you have. By taking a glance at the alignment of the key logo on the padde and the deadbolt, you could determine if the lock made by AP Products is secured properly. Since the padde and the deadbolt happen to be keyed alike, you don’t have to bother with remembering keys. 

About affordability, the door lock of AP Products is low-priced so you don’t have to cut back essential spending to pick it up. In addition to that,  013-535 is accompanied by a one-year warranty from AP Products that guarantee free replacement if issues caused by manufacturing defects occur. 


  • Attractive price 
  • Durability is top-notch
  • Straightforward installation 


  • Small handle 
  • Sharp edges 

14. Kohree Entry Door Lock

Kohree Entry Door Lock
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  • Keyed 
  • Oxidation-treated
  • Aluminum alloy
  • Built-in deadbolt

Why We Love It:

Put together with aluminum alloy and multiple casting processes, Kohree Entry Door Lock is light but it could handle practically every challenge associated with RVing. Being oxidation-treated, the lock of Kohree possesses a smooth exterior that is easy to manipulate even with gloves. Furthermore, the thickened base of Kohree Entry Door Lock provides excellent stability in lots of applications. As a result, the Kohree door lock is usually deemed second to none once it comes to ease of use. 

As Kohree Entry Door Lock packs an integrated deadbolt, its level of security is superior to that of normal locks. Therefore, the door lock made by Kohree is valued by RVing enthusiasts that enjoy traveling and like to deter theft. Regarding installation, Kohree Entry Door Lock is distributed with screws and strike plates that substantially speed up the setup process. It’s worth noting that the mounting screws of the Kohree lock are extra long so there is no need to worry about fitness issues. 

For maintenance, Kohree Entry Door Lock features simple requirements: periodic washing and lubrication would be sufficient in the usual cases. If you don’t like to deal with maintenance-intensive stuff, the door lock of Kohree should suit you well. 


  • Highly affordable
  • Well-made and rugged 
  • Maintenance is child’s play 


  • RVers complain about lack of instructions 
  • Quality control needs some work 

15. Fastec 43610-00

Fastec 43610-00
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  • Keyed 
  • Metal construction 
  • Flush slam handle 
  • Paddle and deadbolt

Why We Love It:

Using exclusively first-rate materials, the metal construction of Fastec 43610-00 is world-renowned for its endurance: nothing and no one could compromise it in use. With a combination of deadbolt and paddle, 43610-00 could deliver a high level of security to a wide range of applications. Additionally, the door lock from Fastec is equipped with a flush slam handle that operates smoothly as time passes by. Because of that, Fastec 43610-00 is a splendid lock for people that seek long-term purchases.  

Regarding installation, 43610-00 arrive with hardware and that permits RVing enthusiasts to set it up in a blink of an eye. As the size of the Fastec look is well-suited for lock cutouts on recreational vehicles, getting a snug fit with it is a breeze. Offered at a price that matches the wallet of ordinary RVers,  Fastec 43610-00 is affordable which gets it many compliments from reviews of RV door locks. If you cannot spare a lot of money for a lock at the moment, 43610-00 is the best choice for you. 

In terms of post-purchase support, Fastec backs 43610-00 with a ninety-day guarantee as well as a one-year warranty. Needless to say, the door lock made by Fastec is held in high esteem by RVing enthusiasts that like to stay on the safe side.  


  • Fair cost 
  • Locking mechanism is secured 
  • Versatile and enduring 


  • A couple of user received damaged locks  
  • Intermittent deadbolt malfunction 

How To Select The Best RV Door Lock

In order to get the best out of your money, get familiar with the most important buying criteria when looking for the best RV door lock, regardless of what your budget is. 


As thieves often resort to picking to open locks, level of security is deemed as one of the top criteria. The last thing you want to spend your money on is an easily compromised door lock that could be picked and neutralized in mere seconds. To ensure that the RV door lock you intend to grab is able to resist picking attempts, you have to see how well the parts come together, the way the mechanism operates and so on. If you happen to notice worrisome signs, play it safe and look for other models.


The most advanced and fanciest keyless entry systems can even sync to your smartphone via bluetooth, so that you can unlock your door with a device that you’re always carrying around in your pocket. With or without bluetooth connectivity, the best RV door locks usually offer different access methods including key fobs, combination keypads, and the traditional mechanical keys. 

Your preference on the method of access will play a role in the product you choose. If sequences of numbers just seem to stick in your head, you’ll probably use the combination keypad as your primary access method. If you aren’t very good with remembering numbers, you might prefer wireless key fobs or access via bluetooth with your smartphone. 

If you often have a hard time trying to locate your RV amongst the vast sea of RVs in a Wal-Mart parking lot, you’ll like the fact that you have a key fob which will make your keyless lock chirp loudly when you hit the lock or unlock buttons.

Durability And Resistances

Thieves may switch to more forceful methods in order to get rid of locks. Because of that, if you seek the best RV door lock for your recreational vehicle, it’s strongly recommended that you pay attention to durability. 

An RV lock’s cover and buttons are usually made of heavy duty plastic, while the internal mechanism is a combination of metal deadbolts and electronic parts.

When it comes to RV door locks, durability means security as well. For your own good, you should stick to resilient models engineered to handle an assortment of physical abuse from intruders without breaking apart. 

In addition, you’re going to want a weather-resistant door lock. Element resistance proves important too since camper trailer door locks are located on the outside of your rig, thus would be constantly exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, and drastic changes in temperature and moisture. If you’re not sure about a certain lock’s ability in this regard, reading the buyer reviews could provide some insight.

Size and Fitting

Though typical modern-day locks for doors of recreational vehicles could readily replace the stock locks, it’s still essential to give size, or in other words, compatibility some thought. Spend that little bit of extra time to make sure the RV door lock you’re about to buy will fit the existing cut out in your RV door. Doing so will help you reduce the number of models in your shortlist, and also save you a bunch of time and potential headaches when your new product arrives and it’s time for installation.

Most keyless entries are built to fit a standard RV handle opening. Normally, it’s possible to sort out locks that fit the door of your RV by using the dimensions of the lock cutout as references. 

But things might go wrong if you don’t remove your current door lock and measure it. In this case, there are some DIY ways around customizing a keyless entry if you happen to buy one that doesn’t fit.

Most of these methods, however, require modifications that can compromise the integrity of the locking system. Remember that one of your reasons for installing a keyless RV entry door lock is to make your RV more secure, so if you must make modifications, it’s best to have a locksmith deal with it.

Also, it’s suggested that you read the reviews written by fellow RVing enthusiasts regarding the compatibility of certain models to make a wise investment.

Ease Of Installation

Being an RVer, you likely have lots of tasks to do so you don’t have all day to install a complicated camper door lock. Therefore, while assessing models on the markets, you should prioritize lock with straightforward setup processes. To understand the installation complexity of a particular lock, it’s widely advised that you check the owner’s manual. Of course, you always have the option of hiring someone to set up the door lock in your stead but that would incur extra expenses.


Manufacturers of camper door locks  release models at plenty of price points, thus, suitable models exist at every budget. That being said, as price is usually linked to quality, you must be thorough to pick up a solid lock. 

You can find a solid keyless entry system, that is one with solid construction and multiple ways to unlock your door, anywhere from $100 to $200.

Unless you have special requirements, it’s unnecessary to empty your wallets on expensive premium-grade travel trailer door locks. In any case, you have to steer clear of dirt-cheap models as they use subpar materials to reduce cost and don’t last long.


If you know exactly what you’re looking for in the best RV door lock and find just one that meets your needs, feel free to opt for a lesser known model from a smaller manufacturer. Otherwise, the safest bet is to shortlist models from prestigious manufacturers, such as RVLock, MICTUNING, SAFETYON, RV Designer, LeisureLocks, Trimark, Fastec Industrial, and AP Products. You will find more buyer reviews to rely on, and most of the time, you will enjoy better after-sale customer service. 

Other Features

RV door locks usually have quite loud beeps, both when locking, pressing buttons and alarm. This is why sometimes you might want to place the lock on mute, although this feature might not be important for many campers. Do note that only some RV locks have this option while others don’t, or some might have the option to reduce or increase the sound, depending on the specific model.


Again, functionality-wise, this might be negligible. Choosing an entry lock of the right color leans more toward the RV’s whole aesthetic design. Usually, the factory-installed RV door locks are color-coordinated with the whole door, and the whole door to the whole rig. 

However, as you replace the pre-installed lock after buying the vehicle, you are not guaranteed to get the same color and make. So if you value aesthetics, do the extra step of checking the original lock’s brand, material, and color.

Setting Up A RV Door Lock

The setup process varies from model to model but the installation of common locks often consists of the following steps:

high-security RV door locks
  • Step 1: Move the door of your rig to an open position and hold it down. That should permit you to access the lock cutout and set up the lock smoothly.
  • Step 2: Place the lock into the lock cutout and check to see if it fits. If the lock and the lock cutout don’t fit each other snugly, the setup process would not proceed well.
  • Step 3: Insert the lock assembly. You have to put in the front assembly first, make sure that everything fits and then add the back assembly. Screw connections on the back assembly to secure the lock.
  • Step 4: Test out the lock. Wiggle the assembly side-to-side to determine if it’s held firmly in place. Aside from that, you should also open and lock the lock several times to evaluate the smoothness of the mechanism. 

Programming The Lock

After you have installed a keyless RV lock, you are required to program it. To do so, follow the instruction manual, which should generally looks like this:

  • You will have to enter your original code in the manual or your current code. Then, while keeping the zero button pressed, simultaneously press the lock option and then release it as well as the zero button. If done correctly, you’ll hear a beep sound, which indicates that now you can program your lock. 
  • Key in your current code and then click on the lock option again. 
  • Then, key in the preferred code you want to switch to and press the lock button again. Repeat this step, and you should hear a beep sound that will confirm the programming. 
  • Now try out your new code to see if it works. Key in your chosen code and press the lock or unlock button. If the code is correct, you’ll hear a long beep, and your RV door will unlock.

FAQs About RV Door Locks

1. Are all RV door locks the same?

Most RV entry door locks are universal and can be opened using the same master key by the manufacturer. This is by design by the manufacturer, and the reason for this is so that the salesmen won’t have to carry around a bundle of keys every time a potential buyer looks at an RV.   

2. How to unlock a camper door without a key?

If you have a RV keyless entry system, you can unlock the door with up to three ways:


The keypad entry method requires you to pre-program a unique combination code that only you and your companions know. One advantage of a keyless system is that the keypad is programmable and re-programming is generally a fairly easy process. This makes them a lot safer to use as you can always change the code whenever you want to, which adds extra security as you can change your combination as circumstances require. 

Keypad lock is a convenient method in certain situations. Keypad entry allows for one-time access to your RV, say if you’re away from your RV and need someone to stop by and check on it, but you have the keys with you. Once you’ve let that person in for whatever the reason, you can simply reprogram your keypad in a blink of an eye to restrict future access. 


The wireless entry method uses a key fob that you need to have on your person, which is exactly the same as the key fob wireless system for unlocking your car. Many RV keyless entry system come with a remote key fob that can unlock your RV door from up to 60 feet away.


The most high-end RV keyless entry system can even sync with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Instead of having to keep an extra key fob on your already-crowded keychain, you’ll simply be able to unlock your RV door from your phone. You might argue that in this day and age, people are less likely to forget their phone than their keychain.  

3. What to do when you’re locked out of your RV?

If you get locked out of your RV and you have a keyed entry door lock, these are the possible solutions:

  • Hire a locksmith: This is the best course of action if you need to get inside now. A locksmith usually has tools to unlock RV entry locks as well as “decoders”. Depending on the complication of your lock and whether it’s just the handle that’s locked or also the deadbolt, it can take the locksmith anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour.
  • Visit the nearest RV dealer: Most dealers have master keys for opening almost any RV from different manufacturers, and you’re more likely to be saved if your lock is the original factory-installed one. If you have made a replacement for a fancier aftermarket model, the chance is a little bit lower.
  • Contact the manufacturer: if you don’t need to get into your rig now and have some time, then contacting the maker to get a copy of the key can be an option. The manufacturer can ship you a spare key, or provide an unlock code. The fee depends on the maker, which is usually from $20 to $40.
  • Break in: If you’re in the middle of nowhere and can’t possibly find a locksmith or an RV dealer, and getting into your RV is an emergency, your last resort is to break a window in order to get in, then you can open the lock from the inside.

4. How do you open a camper door from the inside?

If you get locked out of your RV and need to break in through a window, you will need to unlock the door from the inside. All you have to do is push on the left of the door near the handle while you’re trying to open it, and it should unlock. 

If you have an older model camper, parts of the lock system can also get jammed due to wear and tear. In this case, try to wiggle the key around a bit to get it to work. You can also try WD40 or a lock cleaner to see if that gets the mechanism moving.

5. How do I change the lock on my travel trailer door?

RV lock replacement can vary slightly from model to model, but the basic process is generally the same, which should look something like this:

  • When looking for a new lock, of course, you need to make sure the cut-out space where your old lock was matches the dimensions of your new lock.
  • First, remove the existing door lock. Keep the door propped open so it can’t accidentally close
  • Next, follow the new lock’s closely. Start by inserting the front unit and make sure that the door’s deadbolt and levers fit properly. 
  • Connect the back panel to the front unit before screwing the back assembly into place.
  • Now all that’s left to do is to consult the manufacturer’s instructions to program your new keyless entry system.

6. Why do RV doors have two locks?

Some RVs have a double lock. One is the standard handle lock, and the second one is a deadbolt for added security. Deadbolts aren’t connected to door knobs or handles, so there’s no way to break the knob or handle to gain access to the interior mechanisms of the lock. 

Another difference is that deadbolts don’t lock automatically and require manual locking every time.

7. Where can you get RV keys made?

As long as the key you want to copy is not one used for special storage compartments or locks on a 5th wheel, motorhome door locks can be copied by most locksmiths and camping stores as well as many Walmart’s, Home Depot and Lowe’s.

8. How do you rekey a camper door lock?

You can have your RV entry door lock rekeyed to make your locks more unique, thus making them more safe and secure. Simply remove the lock cylinders, take them to a locksmith, and get them to either rekey it or get it completely changed to another set.

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Last Updated on October 6, 2021

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