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Different people often have different travel styles but many modern RVers agree that nothing affects the experience on the road as much as sleep deprivation. 

When camper owners fail to catch some shut-eye, their body would have trouble re-energizing which means they cannot enjoy themselves to the fullest. Because of that, sleeping accommodation is one of the things that receive special attention from members of the RV community.

Usually, RVers settle for beds but for those that desire extra comfort, it’s a good idea to pick up a bed sheet as well. By pairing beds on your rig with proper RV sheets, you and your fellow RVing enthusiasts could get a perfect night’s sleep while traveling. 

Comparison Chart of The Best RV Sheets

NoBest RV SheetsPricesOur Ratings
1California Design Den CDD-400TC-LS$$*****
2Sweet Home Collection NS-1500RV-SLVR$*****
3Nestl Bedding Sheet Set$*****
4SGI Bedding COMIN16JU010423$$***
5Alyvia Spring RV Sheet $*****
6Camco 53299$*****
7Clara Clark $****
8Cottingon RV Sheet Set $$****
9Rajlinen RV Sheet Set$$****
10Mattress-Homes AS-MH-600-SS08$$****
11SGI Bedding COMINHKR094826$$***
12N&Y Home RV Sheet Set$*****
13Nestl Bedding B01N80U5O4$*****
14Cottingon Bed Sheet Set$$****
15Rajlinen Bed Sheet Set$$****

The Basics About RV Sheet  

What is a RV sheet?

In layman’s terms, a RV sheet is a sheet that is purposely designed for the beds of recreational vehicles. Being far smaller than their household counterparts, RV sheets take significantly less effort to manipulate inside the interior of rigs. Additionally, as they pack snug-fit dimensions, bed sheets for campers rarely come loose in the middle of the night. Therefore, the odds that people find camper sheets dropping down to the floor in the morning tend to be low. 

How does it work?

Sheets for RV work in the same way as household ones: They would protect the bed, smoothen the contact area, increase the softness of the bed surface and so on. Thus, in any case, sheets for camper beds provide sublime values for what they cost. 

Benefits of RV sheet

Comfort: With the right sheets, you could turn RV beds with mediocre levels of comfort into sleeping paradises in just a blink of an eye. That is advantageous by all accounts if you wish to get the most out of your time in the outdoors. 

Aesthetics: Bed sheets for RV not only enhance the attributes of beds on recreational vehicles but also improve their appearance. Hence, for those that prioritize aesthetics, sheets prove to be outstanding choices once it comes to creating particular themes in the interior of recreational vehicles.

Lifespan: It’s possible to sleep directly on beds but that allows body sweat to seep into the bed materials and shorten their lifespan. In order to maximize the longevity of your beds, it’s widely advised that you pair them with bed sheets. 

Expense: By ensuring that all of your beds feature bed sheets before sleeping them, you should be able to lengthen the bed replacement interval substantially. As a result, you can save some bucks for other traveling needs on the road. 

Different types of sheets for RVs

The market nowadays consists of numerous sheets but based on the materials, nine types of models exist: microfiber, flannel, polyester, jersey, Egyptian cotton, cotton blend, bamboo, silk and linen. 

camper sheets
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  • Microfiber Sheets: Made from synthetic materials, microfiber sheets happen to be rather thin which makes them suitable for summer trips. Moreover, since models of the type resist staining, they would stay in good condition without requiring specialized care from RVers.
  • Flannel Sheets: Consisting of loosely-knitted synthetic fibers, flannel sheets consistently provide a very soft high-pile to camper owners. You come across cold climates from time to time and desire more warmth at night? Then it’s best that you keep an eye out for models of the type. 
  • Polyester Sheets: Introduced at reasonable prices, polyester sheets could match a lot of shopping budgets. Furthermore, as models of the type last a long time in use, it’s going to be a while before people need to replace them. 
  • Jersey Sheets: Thanks to the fantastic flexibility of its knitted fabric, jersey-knit sheets adapt well to various settings. Models of the type also feature superb softness, thus, they earn themselves a shower of praise from RV owners who place comfort above all else. 
  • Egyptian Cotton Sheets: As the name suggests, Egyptian cotton sheets incorporate cotton originated from Egypt and that gives them tip-top breathability in multiple environments. Naturally, models of the type don’t have many competitors on the market regarding ventilation. 
  • Cotton Blend Sheets: Boasting a combination of cotton and synthetic materials, cotton blend sheets simultaneously possess splendid endurance and guarantee a terrific level of comfort. Therefore, RVers who routinely travel in large parties hold models of the type in high esteem. 
  • Bamboo Sheets: Dedicatedly created using the soft pulp of bamboo plants, bamboo sheets prove popular among eco-friendly camper owners. It’s worth pointing that with their hypoallergenic nature, models of the type excel at preventing allergic reactions as well. 
  • Silk Sheets: Known for wicking abilities and smooth texture, silk sheets receive high scores from countless reviews of RV sheets. Models of the type reach the market at steep prices so wallet consideration is important. 
  • Linen Sheets: For hot sleepers, linen sheets would be some of the best options available. With the ability to keep air moving around the clock, models of the type ensure that RVing enthusiasts won’t wake up covered in sweat. 

Best RV Sheets 

In general, with preferences varying significantly between RVers, there is no such thing as the best RV sheet for everyone. That being said, if you want to get your money’s worth, you should give the models below a look.

1. California Design Den CDD-400TC-LS – Best Of The Best 

RV Short Queen Sky Blue Sheets for Motorhomes & Camper Beds
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Short Queen 
  • Thread Count: 400
  • Cotton 
  • Deep pockets
  • Ultra-soft feel

Why This Is The Best:

Manufactured with comfort in mind, California Design Den CDD-400TC-LS is a favorite of RVers who want to catch some z’s while traveling. Thanks to its terrific breathability, this set is capable of facilitating airflows and keeping people from overheating all day long. In addition, it features ultra-soft surfaces which is a big plus for those who happen to have sensitive skin. Unsurprisingly, many in the RV community consider it to be one of the leading RV mattress sheets money can buy.

We like the choice of cotton for the material as that gives CDD-400TC-LS the endurance it needs to withstand hardship on the road. Though cotton wrinkles on occasions, most of our testers still praise the magnificent surface of this sheet set in use. Aside from that, compared to other materials, cotton is a breeze to clean as well. As a result, RVing enthusiasts rarely have to do a lot of work to keep this set in top shape.  

Available at a reasonable price, the sheet set made by California Design Den matches the wallet of the average RVers. That means its purchase would have inconsequential impacts on the travel expenses of camper owners.  


  • Tough
  • Long-lasting 
  • Cleaning is child’s play 


  • Quality control could use some work 
  • Users notice inconsistencies between sheets 

2. Sweet Home Collection NS-1500RV-SLVR – Editor’s Choice 

1500 Supreme Collection Bed Sheet Set
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Short Queen 
  • Thread Count: 1,500
  • Fitted 
  • Double-brushed microfiber
  • Wrinkle and fade-resistant 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

You have several issues with allergies in the outdoors and need a dedicated bed sheet that addresses your allergic reactions? In that case, there is a good chance that you would come to like Sweet Home Collection NS-1500RV-SLVR. Being hypoallergenic, this set of sheets could keep the allergens from coming into contact with your body as you sleep. Furthermore, in terms of softness, it’s superior to traditional RV queen sheets so you should be able to wake up in the morning refreshed.  

The set of Sweet Home Collection breathes well and that is why our testers have an easy time staying cool. Owing to its splendid elastic straps, it also adapts superbly to a wide range of beds without dropping down in the middle of the night. Therefore, this RV sheet set eliminates the hassle of refitting the sheet now and then. Last but not least, the stylish color allows it to blend in instead of standing out like a sore thumb in the interior of rigs.  

For cleaning, you could clean NS-1500RV-SLVR like typical cotton sheets for RV beds. With it around, you may rest assured knowing that you can spend less time cleaning your bed sheet and more time enjoying your outdoor experience. 


  • Adaptable 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Slim and sleek


  • People sometimes complain about discoloration 
  • Shipping is less than ideal 

3. Nestl Bedding Sheet Set – Editor’s Choice

Nestl Bedding Short Queen Sheets, RV Sheets Set for Campers, Deep Pockets Fitted RV Bunk Sheets
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Short Queen 
  • Thread Count: 1,800
  • Stretchable 
  • Pet-friendly 
  • Hotel-quality bedding 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Being a low-profiled fitted sheet, Nestl Bedding Sheet Set is by all accounts a great addition to beds on campers, motorhomes and travel trailers. Boasting microfiber with sublime elasticity, this set guarantees a secure fit even when RVing enthusiasts toss and turn at night. Aside from that, it resists pilling and snagging too so people could achieve a fantastic level of comfort while sleeping. Needless to say, quite a few reviews of RV sheets rate this set and its performance on the road highly. 

One interesting thing about the set from Nestl Bedding is that it’s pet-friendly: our tests can sleep with their pets next to them. If you ever plan to explore the outdoors with your pets, you have to put this set into your shortlist. It’s worth pointing out that in most cases, we have no trouble getting rid of pet hair during cleaning. Because of that, you don’t need to do much in order to clean it. 

As proof of confidence, Nestl Bedding offers everyone that decides to pick up its sheet set a one-year warranty. If your set fails due to manufacturing defects within the warranty period, you can claim a replacement free of charge.


  • Smooth 
  • Terrific fitness 
  • Simple to clean 


  • Reports of deviations in dimensions appear from time to time 
  • Customer service requires improvements 

4. SGI Bedding COMIN16JU010423

RV King Sheets Luxury Soft 100% Egyptian Cotton - Sheet Set for RV King
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: King 
  • Thread Count: 600
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Bio-polished
  • Low shrinkage

Why We Love It:

Soft and comfortable, SGI Bedding COMIN16JU010423 never fails to help RV owners get quality shut-eye in the outdoors. Owing to the incorporation of Egyptian cotton, it would hold together as time passes by without losing its smooth surface. Moreover, with a thread count of six hundred, this sheet is dense enough to support an assortment of sleeping styles. Therefore, regarding joint pain relief, a lot of people believe it to be second to none on the market nowadays.

The majority of our testers appreciate the breathability of COMIN16JU010423 which permits them to remain cool around the clock. Also, with low shrinkage, this sheet for RV is able to stay taut without needing special attention from RVing enthusiasts. As a result, RVers can make their bed in a blink of an eye and save a couple of minutes for themselves in the morning. Lastly, this sheet for RV beds happens to be machine-washable so cleaning it is essentially a piece of cake. 

In terms of affordability, the SGI Bedding bed sheet is budget-friendly and that is advantageous for cost-conscious RVers. On arrival, this sheet is accompanied by a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee that brings RVers peace of mind. 


  • Economical
  • Outstanding delivery service
  • Handling is tip-top


  • Several users notice sporadic pilling 
  • A number of sheets wrinkle out of the dryer

5. Alyvia Spring RV Sheet 

Stretch Queen Fitted Sheet Only - Jersey Knit & Ultra Soft, Wrinkle Free, Snug Fit for RV Camper Short Queen
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Queen/Short Queen/Queen XL
  • Thread Count: 600
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Universal applications 
  • Deep pockets 

Why We Love It:

Thanks to the use of super stretchy microfiber and spandex fabric, Alyvia Spring RV Sheet consistently provides precise fitness to RV beds of various sizes. Noteworthily, designed for universal applications, it’s capable of working on beds, mattresses, couches, etc. Hence, in times of need, RVers could use this sheet on quite a few pieces of furniture with relative ease. It lasts a long time in use too so there is no need to worry about sheet replacements for years. 

The sheet made by Alyvia Spring packs a stylish dark gray color that lets it match many themes of rigs. Additionally, this sheet for RV integrates elastic bands along the edges that would keep it in place no matter what. Because of that, compared to the average sheets for recreational vehicles, we expect the odds of it coming loose at night to be rather low. By buying this sheet, people can do away with straps, clips and other accessories that secure bed sheets to beds. 

Once it comes to cleaning, RVers could throw Alyvia Spring RV Sheet into the washing machine when it gets dirty. Since it’s created to be wrinkle-resistant, this set of sheets for RV queen bed removes the need for ironing after the washing cycle finishes. 


  • Enduring 
  • Slim and sleek 
  • Flexibility is fantastic 


  • Packaging still leaves something to be desired 
  • Particular sheets show up covered in stains and holes 

6. Camco 53299

Camco Life is Better at the Campsite Queen-Size Bed Set
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Short Queen
  • Thread Count: 600
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine-washable 
  • Sew-in label

Why We Love It:

Despite its plain appearance, Camco 53299 remains a magnificent sheet set for RV beds that would give a good account of itself in plenty of environments. Made from 100% polyester, this set is able to withstand everything that RVers throw at it. Furthermore, the softness of its synthetic fabric is excellent and that means RVing enthusiasts could sleep in comfort year-round. As a result, people who enjoy traveling and seek quality shut-eye often regard this sheet set as a must-have for full-time RVing. 

Upon purchase, 53299 comes with informative instructions on its sew-in label so we have no trouble figuring how to look after it on the road. Similar to some of its contemporaries, this RV sheet set is machine-washable which saves time and effort during cleaning. You have a busy schedule and don’t have much time to handle RV sheet sets with complex cleaning requirements? Then it’s strongly recommended that you consider grabbing this sheet set for the beds and pillows of your rig. 

The Camco sheet set reaches the market at a price that regular RVers could accept, thus, squeezing it into the spending plan is a snap. Besides that, to reassure customers, Camco even backs its sheet set with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. 


  • Reasonable price
  • Longevity is superb 
  • Easy to set up 


  • Occasional slipping 
  • People complain about receiving sets with incorrect sheets 

7. Clara Clark VC_SHTSPRCC18RV-6PC

Clara Clark RV/Short Queen 6-Piece Bed Set for Campers
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Short Queen
  • Thread Count: 820
  • Microfiber
  • Fast drying 
  • All-around elasticity 

Why We Love It:

Consisting of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and four pillowcases, Clara Clark VC_SHTSPRCC18RV-6PC could provide comprehensive protection for beds on recreational vehicles. Featuring microfiber in the construction, this set regular airflow well so people seldom feel hot. Aside from that, since it’s double-brushed, the level of comfort that RVing enthusiasts receive at night is fantastic. Needless to say, once it comes to plush sheets for RV beds, numerous RVers from novices to veterans hold this sheet set in high esteem. 

With a gray color, the sheet set from Clara Clark adds a nice touch to the look of RV beds. Interestingly, this sheet set is fade-resistant so it’s going to be quite some time before it becomes discolored. Hence, for those that care about aesthetics, it outmatches standard sheets for travel trailer available for purchase on the market. Finally, our testers appreciate the fact that this sheet set is a fast frying model too as they can re-use it shortly after cleaning. 

About fitness, VC_SHTSPRCC18RV-6PC fits a wide range of beds for recreational vehicles and it rarely loosens under the tossing and turning of RVers. With this sheet set, people don’t have to bother reffing the sheet whenever they wake up in the morning. 


  • Cheap 
  • Sublime handling 
  • No-nonsense cleaning 


  • Quality control is mediocre 
  • RVers report getting stained sheets 

8. Cottingon RV Sheet Set 

Cottingon 4 PC Bedding Sheet Set Designed for Your Bedrooms, RV, Campers
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: King
  • Thread Count: 400
  • Cotton 
  • No shrink 
  • For RV beds 

Why We Love It:

Designed from the ground up for RV beds, Cottingon RV Sheet Set is among the best choices for those that want to take up RVing. By integrating cotton, it expedites the circulation of the air which prevents heat, moisture and so on from bothering camper owners. Moreover, at four hundred, the thread count of this set ensures long-lasting softness in an assortment of conditions. That is why in terms of comfort, a lot of RV sheet reviews compare it favorably to its market competitors. 

The set from Cottingon packs a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases so we could outfit one bed without spending extra on accessories. With a taupe color, it’s able to create a simple and clean appearance for the bed of our testers. Besides that, if this RV sheet set gets dirty, everyone should have an easy time cleaning it via washing machines. Unlike classic sheets for camper beds, it won’t shrink so fitting on beds following cleaning is child’s play. 

Released at an economical price, Cottingon RV Sheet Set suits all sorts of shopping budgets. As its longevity is also outstanding, RVing enthusiasts can extend the sheet replacement interval and save some bucks in the long run by buying it. 


  • Flexible 
  • Very soft
  • Fitness is splendid 


  • A bit thin 
  • The color of certain sheets fade after cleaning 

9.  Rajlinen RV Sheet Set

RV Short Queen Sheet Set 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Made for RV, Camper & Motorhomes
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Short Queen 
  • Thread Count: 400
  • Breathable
  • Deep pocket 
  • Silky soft surface 

Why We Love It:

Owing to the attention to detail, Rajlinen RV Sheet Set is capable of delivering top-notch sleeping experiences to RVers. Skilled employees from Rajlinen carefully measure and stitch each of the sheet sets before selling them to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, it resists pilling as well as snagging in use so the level of comfort available to RV owners while they sleep is terrific. Because of that, this set is a good buy for people that desire restful sleep at night so they would feel energized in the morning. 

As for the material, the sheet set made by Rajlinen utilizes Egyptian cotton that keeps it breathable in many climates. Hence, by pairing it with the beds on their ride, our testers could avoid getting overheated when outside temperature increases. Aside from that, this set features closely woven fabric that remains uncompromised no matter how much hardship it must endure. If you pick it up, years should pass before you have to find a new sheet set for your bed. 

To clean Rajlinen RV Sheet Set, RVers only need to machine-wash it using cold water and tumble-dry low. Rajlinen willingly backs its set of short queen sheets for RV with a guarantee too so Rvers have something to count on if troubles occur. 


  • Resilient 
  • Nice price 
  • Responsive customer service  


  • A couple of sheets arrive damaged 
  • Hardly adequate delivery service 

10. Mattress-Homes AS-MH-600-SS08

600 Thread Count 100% Long Staple Soft Cotton, 4 Piece Sheets Set
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Short Queen 
  • Thread Count: 600
  • Lightweight 
  • Machine-washable 
  • Long-staple cotton

Why We Love It:

Basic and practical, Mattress-Homes AS-MH-600-SS08 is able to adapt to variable beds on modern-day recreational vehicles. Possessing long-staple cotton, it could handle the RVing challenges and preserve the comfort of RVers at the same time. Furthermore, thanks to the magnificent breathability of its fabric, this sheet set for RV beds excels at addressing heat accumulation. Thus, for RVers that need to overcome the dog days of summer, it’s one of the top-rated RV sheets money can buy nowadays.

Being fully elasticized, AS-MH-600-SS08 is going to hold in place once fitted and that means we can escape the headache of loose sheets. The kind of care that this sheet set requires to stay clean is not as complicated as other models too. That is why our testers don’t have to dedicate all of their focus to its cleaning during laundry. Though its lifespan is not impressive compared to that of its contemporaries, this sheet should serve people for years before failing.

The sheet set from Mattress-Homes is a cheap model so people could grab it without cutting back their spendings. Upon purchase, it’s accompanied by a satisfaction guarantee that puts RVers at ease and speaks volumes about its quality. 


  • Affordable
  • Breathability is admirable 
  • A breeze to fit 


  • Users complain that their sheets arrive with undesirable colors 
  • Fabric shrink occasionally 

11. SGI Bedding COMINHKR094826

SGI bedding 600 Thread Count Super Soft Cotton RV King Size Bed Sheets
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: King
  • Thread Count: 600
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Eco-conscious 
  • Very durable 

Why We Love It:

Tired of having to purchase replacement sheets for your RV beds on a regular basis and seek something that lasts? If that is the case then you should spare some of your time and give SGI Bedding COMINHKR094826 a look. Put together with Egyptian cotton, this sheet set for camper would simultaneously withstand abuses and support your body at night. Aside from that, it allows air to pass unobstructed around the clock so you could casually sleep all the way to the morning in comfort. 

Regarding applications, we have an easy time fitting beds of recreational vehicles which save a lot of effort while traveling. With the dark gray color, this set is going to supplement instead of contrasting the theme in the vehicle interior. As a result, once it comes to aesthetics, the set from SGI Bedding earns various compliments from the RV community. When you must clean it, you simply need to turn on the washing machine so feel free to spend your time on more pressing issues. 

With the absence of chemicals in its eco-conscious construction, COMINHKR094826 would help reduce your allergic reaction in the outdoors. It’s budget-friendly too so there is no need to recalculate your entire spendings in order to afford it.


  • Versatile
  • High endurance 
  • Packaging is excellent


  • Users notice the fabric pilling over time 
  • Certain sheet wrinkles following drying 

12.  N&Y Home RV Sheet Set 

Jersey Knit Microfiber & 4 Way Stretch RV Short Queen Sheets, Camper Sheets for RV Mattress Queen Bedding
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Queen 
  • Thread Count: 800
  • Knitted 
  • Deep pockets 
  • 4-way stretching 

Why We Love It:

Boasting 4-way stretching, N&Y Home RV Sheet Set is compatible with a wide range of queen-sized RV beds. With a combination of deep pockets and elastic bands, this set also makes slipping sheets a problem of the past. Needless to say, a lot of RVers consider it to be one of the leading camper queen sheets available for purchase in terms of adaptability. Moreover, owing to the splendid ventilation of the knitted microfiber fabric, this sheet set could keep people cool in summer and warm in the winter. 

The N&Y Home sheet set for camper contains four pieces we need to fit beds: a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases. Hence, the level of protection that it’s capable of delivering to the beds of recreational vehicles is all-around. Our testes enjoy the ease of cleaning too since they lack the time to care for anything aside from machine-washable laundry on the road. If you like to lessen the hassle as you take care of your laundry on the road, you need to think about buying this set. 

For post-purchase support, N&Y Home backs its set with a 100% satisfaction gumtree and a three-month manufacturer warranty Naturally, plenty of reviews of RV bed sheets give this set positive remarks for the peace of mind it provides. 


  • Tough 
  • Marvelous smoothness 
  • Simple to manipulate 


  • Complains about pilling appear sometimes 
  • Sheet sets arrive with the wrong dimensions now and then 

13. Nestl Bedding B01N80U5O4

Nestl Bedding Soft Sheets Set – 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Short Queen 
  • Thread Count: 1,800
  • Microfiber
  • Snug fit 
  • Closely woven threads 

Why We Love It:

Able to fit RV beds with thickness up to ten inches, Nestl Bedding B01N80U5O4 could offer a snug fit for many years. This sheet set even incorporates stretchable elastic around the edges so people don’t have to worry about it moving up and down at night. Naturally, it’s well-liked by RV owners who tend to toss and turn while they catch some shut-eye. Additionally, coming in the charcoal gray color, this set is a nice match for an assortment of themes inside rigs. 

One of the things our testers like about the sheet set of Nestl Bedding is its impressive thread count of 1,800. With such a thread count, it rarely fails to deliver a comfortable sleeping experience to RVing enthusiasts in the outdoors. This set resists pilling and snagging too so in our opinion, its handling exceeds that of the average bed sheets for today’s recreational vehicles. Also, since it’s pet-friendly, RVers can sleep with their pets if they want to and that is nice. 

On arrival, B01N80U5O4 consists of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases for a bed. Everything is backed by a one-year manufacturer warranty so once it comes to staying on the safe side, this set is a terrific model. 


  • Stylish 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Easy to secure 


  • Less than ideal ventilation 
  • Fading remains an issue 

14. Cottingon Bed Sheet Set 

4 Piece Premium Sheet Set-Cotton Bed Sheets Twin Size
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Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: King 
  • Thread Count: 400
  • Cotton 
  • Temperature regulation 
  • Long staple threads

Why We Love It:

By taking advantage of long-staple threads, Cottingon Bed Sheet Set could give RV owners a magnificent level of sleeping comfort while maintaining structural integrity. Unlike artificial microfiber of other sheets for RV beds, the cotton of this sheet set rarely absorbs heat, traps dust and builds static in use. Furthermore, featuring deep pockets with all-around elastic, it guarantees outstanding fitness on quite a few beds on recreational vehicles. Therefore, in terms of flexibility, this set is among the best models on the market. 

With a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases, the sheet set made by Cottingon is all we need to protect our RV beds. The elegant ivory color would enhance the aesthetic of the beds which allow it to suit a lot of surroundings. When it gets dirty, our testers can restore it to its original state by machine washing it in warm water. To dry this sheet set, Cottingon suggests tumble-dry on low to minimize the odds of the fabric color fading. 

Cottingon Bed Sheet Set is not a dirt-cheap model but it’s also far from a bank-breaking investment. By making a couple of budget calculations, most RVers could easily pair beds on their rides with this sheet set. 


  • Superb durability 
  • Cleaning is a cinch 
  • Great values for the price 


  • Shipping is barely acceptable 
  • RVers report irregular wrinkles on the sheets 

15. Rajlinen Bed Sheet Set 

Rajlinen 400 Thread Count Luxurious 100% Egyptian Cotton Set of 4 Sheet Set  for Camper/RV Solid Taupe
Check prices and reviews

 Specifications And Features: 

  • Size: Short Queen 
  • Thread Count: 400
  • Egyptian Cotton
  • 4-piece 
  • Pilling and snagging-resistant 

Why We Love It:

Made with an emphasis on utility, Rajlinen Bed Sheet Set could be put to good use in a lot of RV beds with relative ease. Being pilling and snagging-resistant, it permits RVers to catch some Z’s without having to bother with the fabric static of their bed sheet. In addition to that, with the integration of Egyptian cotton, this set facilitates airflows so it’s capable of expelling heat, moisture and so on. As a result, it works well in variable climates and that earns this set of sheets a shower of praise. 

Thanks to the fact Rajlinen individually measured and stitched the fabric, our set holds together well as time passes by. Besides that, the appearance of this set for beds of recreational vehicles is top-notch by all accounts as well. Our testers report that mixing it with the interior theme of their rig is a walk in the park and takes little time to complete. Hence, regarding look, this sheet set seldom falls behind other products in its price range. 

As for cleaning, Rajlinen Bed Sheet Set is machine-washable so people could deal with it along with their laundry. That being said, it’s essential to tumble-dry this set at low since high temperatures may create a number of troubles for the fabric. 


  • Soft
  • Fitting is swift 
  • Free of irritation


  • Kind of thin 
  • Several sheets arrive wrongly-colored 

How To Buy The Best Sheet For RV

People have a wide range of opinions in mind about the best RV sheet but to make a wise investment, you must remember these criteria 

camper bed sheets
Photo: Shutterstock


Today’s beds for recreational vehicles come in a lot of sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, Short, Queen, King, California King, … Therefore, to optimize fitness as you pair beds on your rig with bed sheets, it’s strongly recommended that you pay special attention to size.

Normally, you would be able to determine the size of a certain sheet by checking out the owner’s manual. If you have trouble getting sheets that match your beds, feel free to pick up slightly bigger ones and adjust the size on your own. 


For your information, the thickness of camping sheets for beds significantly affects the level of support that the body receives. That is why you should think about thickness while assessing the RV bed sheets available for purchase on the market.

If you sleep either on your back or your stomach, you can grab standard models. On the other hand, if you happen to be a side sleeper, it’s suggested that you prioritize thick sheets to get enough body support. 


To put it plainly, thread count indicates the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch of fabric. In case you don’t know, the thread count of the average bed sheets for RV may go from 200 to 2,000.

As the thread count rises, the odds of fabric soften well over time increase accordingly. That being said, you need to keep in mind that even sheets with low thread counts could give a good account of themselves in use. 


No matter how much you care for your RV bed sheet, you still have to clean it now and then to keep up the hygiene.

Because of that, if you wish to avoid headaches, it’s essential that you give ease of cleaning some thought.  Manufacturers of sheets for recreational vehicles often put instructions regarding the cleaning of their models in the owner’s manual.

However, to be thorough, you should read customer reviews and see what people say about the cleaning of market models. 


$25 – $75: Being entry-level models, sheets in the range don’t excel in any particular aspects but they nonetheless work well in an assortment of environments. Furthermore, with fantastic affordability, models with prices between $25 and $75 get compliments from cost-conscious RVers. 

$75 – $150: Able to offer terrific flexibility without costing an arm and a leg, sheets in the range tend to be favored by no-nonsense RVing enthusiasts. In addition, models that cost from $75 to $150 come in various sizes too so finding ones that match specific beds is a walk in the park. 

Above $150: Put together with high-end materials, sheets in the range seldom let people down. Quality is your number one priority once it comes to bed sheets for RV and you have money to spend? In that case, you must look for models with price tags exceeding $150. 

Reputable Brands Of RV Sheets 

Travel trailer bed sheets on the market come from quite a few brands but if you place an emphasis on reputability, memorize the following names

California Design Den

Recognized as one of the leading brands of bed sheets nowadays, California Design Den is the favorite of multiple RVers, novices as well as veterans. If you seek robust sheets that hold up as time passes by, stick to models made by California Design Den. 

Sweet Home Collection

Thanks to the focus on performance, Sweet Home Collection is capable of creating quality camping sheets for beds on RV that never fail to please. Moreover, Sweet Home Collection backs its models with warranties and that brings peace of mind. 

Nestl Bedding

By frequently refining the design of its models, Nestl Bedding manages to keep the sheets it produces competitive for years. Unsurprisingly, those that have busy schedules and don’t have many shopping opportunities consider Nestl Bedding as the go-to brand for camper bed sheets


As a long-established brand with significant experience in manufacturing recreational vehicles and associated products, Camco understands what RVers expect. Manufactured to withstand the challenges of RVing, bed sheets of Camco prove well-suited for a life on the road. 

Setting Up Sheets For RV: Tips And Tricks 

Numerous issues dictate the process of setting up bed sheets in the interior of recreational vehicles: space, sheet, bed, etc. Nonetheless, if you put the tips and tricks down below to use, you should be able to pair your bed with sheets in no time 

rv sheets
Photo: Aleksey Korchemkin / Shutterstock

Pull the beds away: By creating space between the beds and surrounding obstacles (walls, windows, tables, …), you could fit the sheets without spending much effort. After the fitting complete, feel free to move the beds back to their original position. 

Start with the corners: The fastest way to fit sheets is to start with the corners and work your way around in a counterclockwise fashion. Also, take your time as you tuck the sheets along the sides of the beds. 

Consider sewing the sheets: Tired of refitting your sheets every time they slide off beds? Then you need to think about sewing the foot of the sheets to the foot of the beds for good. By sewing the sheets, you could secure them to your beds and shorten the time it requires to make beds. 

FAQs About RV Sheets 

May I use detergents to clean my sheets?

Each bed sheet possesses distinct characteristics which is why you have to adhere to the cleaning instructions in the owner’s manual of your sheets. A number of models accept detergents for cleaning but some could sustain significant damages to integrity so you have to be careful. 

How long would sheets for RV last?

The lifespan of camper sheets fluctuates from case to case as factors come into play. That being said, assuming that you look after your sheets, a lot of seasons should pass by before you have to replace them. 

What must be done to keep sheets in good condition?

To ensure that the sheets of your beds stay in top shape, you should clean them from time to time. Additionally, you have to keep snacks, beverages and so on away from the sheets to minimize the odds of stains. 

Is it wise to use household sheets inside recreational vehicles? 

Designed for residential beds, household sheets usually give RVing enthusiasts a hard time as they manipulate them inside recreational vehicles. Aside from that, beds for RV tend to be far smaller than residential beds so the use of household sheets could lead to fitness difficulty. Hence, it’s best to pair beds on your rig with purpose-design RV sheets. 

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