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It’s common knowledge among RVers that over time, plenty of things would collect on the exterior of recreational vehicles. If left unattended, dirt, leaves, bird droppings and so on would inevitably cause troublesome issues to the appearance of rigs.

To preserve the aesthetics of their rides, modern RVers resort to an assortment of cleaning tools but virtually everyone considers wash brushes as must-haves. By picking up solid wash brushes, you would be able to give your ride periodical cleaning with relative ease and keep it in top shape.

With brands releasing new products on a regular basis, owners of recreational vehicles have numerous options once it comes to wash brushes for RV nowadays. That being said, the large number of choices complicate the tasks of getting the best RV wash brush as well. 

Best Wash Brushes For RV Comparison Chart

 Product's namePriceKey FeaturesMore Info
Camco Flow-Through Wash Brush with Push Button Telescoping Handle - Connect to Standard Water Hose...Camco Flow-Through Wash Brush with Push Button Telescoping Handle - Connect...$$$$Dimensions: 42.0 x 8.0 x 4.0 Inches
Weight: 3.5 Pounds
Telescoping handle
Built-in switch
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Carrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash 10' Dip Brush with 65' Extension Pole, Blue and BlackCarrand 93062 Deluxe Car Wash 10" Dip Brush with 65" Extension Pole, Blue...$$$$Dimensions: 42.0 x 8.0 x 4.0 Inches
Weight: 3.5 Pounds
Telescoping handle
Built-in switch
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DocaPole 6-inch Soft Bristle Scrub Brush with 5-12 Foot Extension PoleDocaPole 6-inch Soft Bristle Scrub Brush with 5-12 Foot Extension Pole$$$$Dimensions: 58.3 x 3.9 x 3.9 Inches
Weight: 3.3 Pounds
Textured bristle
Thumb lever clasps
Integrated nail hook hanger
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CARCAREZ Flow Thru Dip Car Wash Brush with 68' Long Aluminum Adjustable Pole for Auto RV Truck Boat...CARCAREZ Flow Thru Dip Car Wash Brush with 68" Long Aluminum Adjustable...$$$$Dimensions: 41.0 x 5.9 x 4.8 Inches
Weight: 2.5 Pounds
Soft bristles
Foam grip
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Aero Cosmetics Waterless RV Aircraft Boat Wash Wax Mop Kit with Deluxe Pole (3' 9' to 9') and Bug...Aero Cosmetics Waterless RV Aircraft Boat Wash Wax Mop Kit with Deluxe Pole...$$$$Dimensions: 11.0 x 9.0 x 5.0 Inches
Weight: 8.0 Pounds
Storage bag
Mop pads
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Carrand 93053 Deluxe Car Wash 8' Wash and Jet Dip Brush with 48' HandleCarrand 93053 Deluxe Car Wash 8" Wash and Jet Dip Brush with 48" Handle$$$$Dimensions: 50.0 x 5.0 x 3.0 Inches
Weight: 0.5 Pounds
Plastic molded grip
No-scratch bumper
All metal pole
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Camco RV/Car Flow-Through Wash Brush with Adjustable Handle (43633)Camco RV/Car Flow-Through Wash Brush with Adjustable Handle (43633)$$$$Dimensions: 39.0 x 8.0 x 5.0 Inches
Weight: 2.1 Pounds
Lockable head
Garden hose connection
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EVERSPROUT 5-to-12 Ft Car Brush with Rubber Bumper, Lightweight Extension Pole Handle, Soft Bristles...EVERSPROUT 5-to-12 Ft Car Brush with Rubber Bumper, Lightweight Extension...$$$$Dimensions: 58.0 x 5.0 x 4.5 Inches
Weight: 2.5 Pounds
Protective bumper
Extension pole
Non-slip grip
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MOFEEZ 10' Car Wash Brush with Soft Detailing Bristle, Flow-Thru Dip Brush for Car Boat RV Camper...MOFEEZ 10" Car Wash Brush with Soft Detailing Bristle, Flow-Thru Dip Brush...$$$$Dimensions: 5.0 x 5.0 x 5.0 Inches
Weight: 1.4 Pounds
Soft fibers
Universal compatibility
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Car Cleaning Brush with Long Handle Best for Washing Your Car, Truck, RV, etc. - Extends 60' Perfect...Car Cleaning Brush with Long Handle Best for Washing Your Car, Truck, RV,...$$$$Dimensions: 15.0 x 10.0 x 3.0 Inches
Weight: 1.1 Pounds
Environmentally-friendly fiber
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Carrand 93303 9' 2-in-1 Long Chenille Microfiber Wash Mop with 48' Extension PoleCarrand 93303 9" 2-in-1 Long Chenille Microfiber Wash Mop with 48"...$$$$Dimensions: 33.5 x 9.0 x 3.5 Inches
Weight: 1.0 Pounds
Extra absorbent
Extension pole
Soft microfiber
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Chemical Guys HOL131 Premium Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mop and Heavy Duty Extendable Pole Kit...Chemical Guys HOL131 Premium Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mop and Heavy...$$$$Dimensions: 26.0 x 10.0 x 3.4 Inches
Weight: 2.9 Pounds
Hook and loop straps
Lightweight aluminum telescoping pole
Scratch-free chenille fiber
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RV Wash Brush Basics

What is a RV wash brush?

To put it plainly, a RV wash brush is a wash brush designed from the ground up for recreational vehicles.

Compared to their residential counterparts, RV wash brushes tend to have compact and light construction which prove advantageous in RVing.

Moreover, the bristle of RV wash brushes is balanced: It may leave scratches but it could also remove most stains. 

All things considered, wash brushes for RV work like any other wash brushes in use. When the need arises, owners of recreational vehicles can use RV wash brushes to scrub every nook and cranny of the exterior of their rigs.

Additionally, Since the reach of wash brushes is normally superior to that of ordinary cleaning tools, RVers would be above to achieve a thorough cleaning. 

Benefits of RV wash brush

Convenience: With RV wash brushes onboard, you could keep your rig in good condition without losing much time to cleaning. That is going to be a big plus if you have a busy travel schedule. 

Aesthetics: Cleaning your rig from time to time with a RV washing brush would add considerable boosts to its aesthetics. In the case that you wish to optimize the presentation of your rig, it’s suggested that you add a wash brush to your inventory. 

Value: The appearance of a recreational vehicle significantly influences its resale value by all accounts. That means by keeping your rig cleaned with a wash brush, you can get excellent bargains once you sell it. 

Types Of RV Wash Brushes

Wash brushes for  recreational vehicles come in all sizes and shapes but today’s models could be split into three types: bristle, mop and drill

Bristle Wash Brushes: Effective and efficient, bristle wash brushes can take care of a lot of surfaces without much difficulty. In addition to that, products of the type even come across the price points so they match various shopping budgets. 

Mop Wash Brushes: Featuring a flat head, mop wash brushes allow RVers to simultaneously get rid of stains and minimize the risk of surface damages. However, products of the type have costly price tags and their coverage is mediocre too. 

Drill Wash Brushes: As the name indicates, drill wash brushes resemble handheld power drills but instead of drill bits, they carry wash brush attachments. Depending on cleaning requirements, products of the type could be equipped with an assortment of attachments.

Top-Rated Wash Brushes For RV

Regarding the best RV wash brush, different RVers often think of different products but if you seek a good buy, check out the following brushes:

1. Camco 41960 – Best Of The Best 

Why This Is The Best:

Constructed using premium aluminum, Camco 41960 is light but it would handle the challenges of RVing with relative ease as well. In addition to that, being a telescoping product, the wash brush for RV made by Camco is able to change height at short’s notice. Because of that, with 41960, RVers should have an easy time taking care of stained spots in hard-to-reach locations. Since Camco 41960 also packs an ergonomic grip, manipulating it while cleaning recreational vehicles is essentially a walk in the park. 

One interesting thing about the wash brush of Camco is that it could be attached to most garden water hoses. Hence, it’s possible for RVers to use 41960 to simultaneously scrub and wash the exterior of rigs which saves time. Thanks to the built-in switch, regulating the amount of water that comes out of Camco 41960 is child’s play. Last but not least, the wash head of the RV wash brush from Camco attaches to the handle via a square peg that minimizes swiveling.  

Reaching the market at a reasonable price, 41960 of Camco suits a diversity of shopping budgets. In the case that you desire a balance between cost and capabilities, the Camco wash brush is going to be your best RV wash brush. 


  • High endurance 
  • Dependable and reliable 
  • Reach is tip-top 


  • Users complain about weak threads 
  • Quality control requires improvements 

2. Carrand 93062 – Editor’s Choice

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Boasting a fantastic soft brush head with rubber bumper, Carrand 93062 leaves no scratch behind as it removes foreign materials on the outside of recreational vehicles. Needless to say, numerous RVers that care about the exterior regard 93062 as the best RV wash brush money can buy. Moreover, the brush head of the Carrand wash brush is ten-inch-wide and that guarantees extended coverage per sweep. With Carrand 93062, enthusiasts of RVing don’t have to spend too much time to give their ride a thorough cleaning. 

Similar to its contemporaries on the market, the wash brush made by Carrand incorporates a telescoping handle so its reach is enough for typical vehicles. When the need arises, people could extend 93062 to address the stains then retract it after the rig exterior is spotless. In terms of handling, Carrand 93062 features foam on the grip for comfort so draw-out cleaning should be a snap. Besides that, the wash brush from Carrand is sold alongside a bag that lets RVers keep it away from elements. 

To reassure potential customers, Carrand backs its RV cleaning brush with a one-year warranty. So if your 93062 fails due to manufacturing defects within the warranty period, you may claim a replacement free of charge. 


  • Inexpensive 
  • Outstanding handling 
  • Storage is a breeze 


  • Twist lock should be strengthened 
  • Reports of loosened brush head show up now and then 

3. Docazoo DocaPole – Editor’s Choice

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Versatile and adaptable, DocaPole of Docazoo works like a charm in plenty of conditions which earn it a shower of praise from enthusiasts of RVing. Depending on current needs, owners of recreational vehicles could readily extend and retract DocaPole for optimal reach during exterior cleaning. Also, the wash brush from Docazoo is threaded to accept various attachments so it would have no trouble removing stains. As a result, Docazoo DocaPole is usually prized by those who want to keep an all-purpose cleaning tool onboard. 

To reduce the risk of scratching the surface in use, the Docazoo wash brush for RV carries textured soft bristles. Thus, with DocaPole, there is no need for people to worry too much about ruining the dedicated exterior by mistake. Since it’s made from lightweight aluminum, Docazoo DocaPole only requires a bit of stamina to wield compared to the average wash brushes for RV. That makes the wash brush of Docazoo the best RV wash brush in its price range for sizable rigs with lots of places to wash. 

Docazoo DocaPole occupies negligible amounts of space so RVers could store it virtually anywhere in the interior of recreational vehicles. An integrated nail hook hanger is present as well so keeping the wash brush for RV made by Docazoo off the floor is a cinch. 


  • Enduring 
  • Terrific flexibility 
  • Easy to use 


  • Shipping could use some work 
  • People detect several inconsistencies between wash brushes 

4. CarCareZ AP-BHQ10YLW

Why We Love It:

Have little time on hand so you need something that allows you to scrub and wash the exterior of your rig at the same time? In that case, it’s strongly recommended that you take a close look at AP-BHQ10YLW of CarCareZ. As a flow-through product, the wash brush for recreational vehicles made by CarCareZ could deliver a steady flow of water while you clean your rig. At any time, you would be able to manage the amount of water flowing out of AP-BHQ10YLW via the on-off control switch. 

Regarding coverage, the width of the brush head of CarCareZ AP-BHQ10YLW is ten inches and that is more than adequate for standard requirements. It’s noteworthy that the brush head of AP-BHQ10YLW locks itself to prevent spinning and facilitate cleaning too. Because of that, with the wash brush of CarCareZ, the time you need to get your rig spotless should decrease. Finally, featuring comfortable foam grip, AP-BHQ10YLW of CarCareZ ensures that you have a firm grasp of it even when your hands become wet. 

CarCareZ AP-BHQ10YLW is introduced at a price that ordinary RVers could accept so its purchase would have inconsequential impacts on your upcoming spending. As proof of confidence, CarCareZ offers everyone that grabs its RV wash brush with adjustable handle a one-month guarantee. 


  • Economical 
  • Space-saving 
  • Sturdy and stable 


  • Threads have to be redesigned 
  • The pole of brushes bend as time passes by 

5. Aero Cosmetics ISMOPBB

Why We Love It:

Put together to be all-inclusive, Aero Cosmetics ISMOPBB could get the exterior of well-used recreational vehicles shiny in a blink of an eye. Packing two sides, one wet and one dry, the wonderful RV wash brush of Aero Cosmetics could clean and wax a diversity of surfaces. Additionally, ISMOPBB is accompanied by an extension pole upon purchase so it possesses top-notch reach. With Aero Cosmetics ISMOPBB, there is no need for enthusiasts of RVing to climb ladders to wash spots up high. 

Owing to the soft microfiber mop pads, ISMOPBB gently removes undesirable substances on recreational vehicles without leaving scratches behind. That is going to be a big plus once it comes to preserving the exterior of rigs and reducing repair expenses. Abbott storage, the wash brush made by Aero Cosmetics and its associated items come in a bag that takes up little space in the interior. That is why owners of recreational vehicles rarely need to rearrange everything in order to accommodate ISMOPBB of Aero Cosmetics. 

As for post-purchase support, Aero Cosmetics ISMOPBB is backed with a two-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. That means if RVers experience troubles with ISMOPBB, they would have something to count on. 


  • Portable 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Storage is child’s play 


  • Less than ideal packaging 
  • A number of RVers report about brushes arriving damaged 

6. Carrand 93053

Why We Love It:

Incorporating an all-metal pole, Carrand 93053 proves superior to many of its competitors on the market in terms of durability. From physical impacts to elements in the outdoors, 93053 is capable of enduring everything without breaking apart out of the blue. Furthermore, with terrific handling, the wash brush of Carrand permits enthusiasts of RVing to manipulate it as they see fit for extended periods of time. Because of that, 93053 of Carrand received positive remarks from a wide range of reviews of wash bushes for recreational vehicles. 

Fashioned with a combination of soft and brush no-scratch bumper, the wash brush from Carrand provides thorough scrubbing with minimal risk of leaving scratches. Therefore, 93053 is highly sought by those who care about the surface of the vehicle exterior. Besides that, with an eight-inch brush head, Carrand 93053 covers substantial areas per sweep and that accelerates the cleaning process. If you wish to spend more time traveling and less time cleaning your rig, you should consider adding the Carrand wash brush to your shortlist. 

About affordability, Carrand 93053 features a fair cost so people don’t have to empty their wallet to pick it up. On arrival, the wash brush made by Carrand is backed with a three-month warranty that brings peace of mind. 


  • Robust 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Simple to clean 


  • Some brushes show up used 
  • RVers complain about spinning handle from time to time 

7. Camco 43633

Why We Love It:

Basic and practical, Camco 43633 is a well-rounded wash brush for RV that seldom lets owners of recreational vehicles down. Engineered to be adjustable,  the wash brush made by Camco could be extended and retracted at the discretion of RVers. As a result, with 43633, wiping off stains in difficult-to-access places is going to be a piece of cake. In addition, the brush head of Camco 43633 is lockable so it won’t spin around as people clean the exterior. 

At the base of the handle of 43633 is a garden hose connection which accepts an assortment of today’s hoses. Thus, in times of need, RVers would have an easy time cleaning and washing the exterior of rigs at once. To regulate the flow of water from Camco 43633, all people need to do is to operate the on/off switch. Naturally, 43633 is held in high esteem by enthusiasts of RVing who have busy schedules and cannot dedicate much time to the maintenance of vehicle exterior. 

Being a low-priced product, Camco 43633 could be squeezed into the spending plan without trouble. When 43633 eventually fails, the cost of replacement is budget-friendly. Your wallet is kind of tight? If that is so, you need to think about purchasing the Camco wash brush. 


  • Ergonomic 
  • Abrasiveness of bristle is appropriate 
  • Second to none controllability 


  • Quality control still leaves something to be desired 
  • Delivery service is barely acceptable 

8. Eversprout SB-111

Why We Love It:

Able to get the gloss out of a multitude of vehicle exterior, Eversprout SB-111 is a must-have for enthusiasts of RVing that prioritize aesthetics. Equipped with an all-around protective bumper, SB-111 protects the exterior of rigs from being scratched during cleaning as well. Because of that, with the wash brush from Eversprout, RVers could eliminate stains while minimizing unwanted damages. Moreover, SB-111 of Eversprout contains a convenient non-slip grip so getting a good hold of it is a cakewalk by all accounts. 

To help owners of recreational vehicles reach high spots, the RV wash brush made by Eversprout boasts an extension pole. Since it’s constructed using aluminum, the extension pole of SB-111 takes insignificant effort to manipulate and that is advantageous. Instead of using the twist-lock design like classic wash brushes for RV, Eversprout SB-111 employs the frustration-free flip-tap mechanism to secure sections. Hence, people don’t have to be overly concerned about sections of the Eversprout RV wash brush getting stuck together. 

Though SB-111 of Eversprout indeed costs a bit more than its contemporaries, the values it offers justify its price tag. The wash brush of Eversprout is backed with a reassuring one-year warranty that speaks volumes about its quality too. 


  • Well-made 
  • Splendid reach 
  • Superb stability 


  • Slightly pricey 
  • A couple of brushes come with damaged hardware 

9. Mofeez 99MF18009

Why We Love It:

Created from the ground up with utility in mind, Mofeez 99MF18009 gives a good account of itself on numerous occasions. Possessing universal compatibility, the Mofeez wash brush could pair with a lot of handles so RVers have no trouble changing its reach as they like. Additionally, with bristles consisting of soft fibers, 99MF18009 is capable of removing stains without harming the surfaces of vehicle exterior. Unsurprisingly, Mofeez 99MF18009 is known as the wash brush of choice for RVers who hate seeing scratches on their rig. 

At ten inches, the width of the brush head of 99MF18009 permits it to address considerable amounts of space which speeds up the cleaning time. As it’s all-sided, the wash brush from Mofeez covers everything so there is no need to sweep the same spot too many times. Aside from that, Mofeez 99MF18009 packs a hole to attach to common RV water hoses. That means it’s possible to run water through the bristles of 99MF18009 and wash the exterior of recreational vehicles. 

Thanks to the light and compact build, Mofeez 99MF18009 could be manipulated with relative ease. The presence of the wash brush for recreational vehicles made by Mofeez rarely affects the free space inside the interior.  


  • Low-priced 
  • Top-notch adaptability 
  • Handling is no-nonsense 


  • Bristles of certain wash brushes change over time 
  • Packaging needs to be enhanced 

10. TB Anchor Wash Brush 

Why We Love It:

Utilizing environmentally-friendly fiber with wonderful bacterial fighting properties, TB Anchor Wash Brush is good at getting rid of odors. Needles to say, the wash brush made by TB Anchor is well-received by those that don’t want to put up with smelly brushes. Furthermore, made from first-class stainless steel, TB Anchor Wash Brush could take everything that the outdoors throw at it. If you opt to grab the TB Anchor wash brush, it would be some time before you must replace it. 

Designed to be telescoping, TB Anchor Wash Brush quickly changes height based on the wishes of owners of recreational vehicles. Therefore, with the wash brush from TB Anchor, it’s simple to wipe off the surfaces of the vehicle interior. Angled at 45 degrees, the brush head of TB Anchor Wash Brush ensures impressive cleaning power without tiring out RVers too. Once it comes to washing big rigs, the wash brush of TB Anchor is regarded to be one of the leading options on the market. 

Upon purchase, TB Anchor Wash Brush is accompanied by a three-month guarantee as well as an eighteen-month warranty. You seek sound insurance policies? Then the TB Anchor wash brush is what you need. 


  • Rugged 
  • Sublime coverage 
  • A breeze to clean 


  • Somewhat shallow handle threads 
  • Bristles of particular brushes prove to be too abrasive 

11. AutoSpa 93303

Why We Love It:

Despite the fact that it fails to excel in any aspect, AutoSpa 93303 remains a robust wash brush for recreational vehicles. Assembled with an extension pole, 93303 let enthusiasts of RVing clean the vehicle exterior without having to go up and down the ladder for complete coverage. In addition to that, the RV wash brush from AutoSpa is engineered with soft microfiber so it would decrease the risk of scratches while cleaning. Thus, RVers who travel on a regular basis and must clean rigs from time to time think highly of AutoSpa 93303. 

Capable of absorbing lots of water, the RV wash brush made by AutoSpa effectively and efficiently wash away the stains on the outside of rigs. In use, 93303 even traps particles inside its bristles so people don’t have to worry about kicking up dirt clouds. As a result, about the ability to deal with allergens, AutoSpa 93303 outmatches the average wash brushes for recreational vehicles nowadays. Finally, packing magnificent handling, the wash brush of AutoSpa could be wielded with token effort. 

Available at a budget-friendly price, 93303 of AutoSpa easily fits the wallet of many cost-conscious owners of recreational vehicles. The RV wash brush lasts a long time as well so it’s very economical. 


  • Affordable 
  • Fantastic lifespan 
  • Storge is a snap 


  • Enthusiasts of RVing complaining about brushes breaking all of a sudden 
  • A few components need reinforcements 

12. Chemical Guys HOL131

Why We Love It:

Slim and sleek, Chemical Guys HOL131 features terrific handling characteristics compared to that of other models in its price range. With lightweight aluminum telescoping pole, the wash brush of Chemical Guys could reach whatever place that RVers want to clean. Because of that, with HOL131, out-of-reach stains would be less than a problem in most of the cases. Also, the brush head of Chemical Guys HOL131 incorporates scratch-free chenille fiber that protects the surfaces of the exterior of recreational vehicles from damages. 

In terms of cleaning, HOL131 holds the bristles and the brush head together via hook and loop straps so enthusiasts of RVing can remove the bristles for cleaning at will. Considering that the bristles of the wash brush from Chemical Guys happen to be machine washable, people never have to wait long to clean it. Hence, Chemical Guys HOL131 is a favorite of owners of recreational vehicles that desire RV wash brushes with straightforward cleaning. The coverage of HOL131 is sufficient for ordinary surfaces too which reduces the cleaning time.

Since Chemical Guys HOL131 is inexpensive, it’s a good buy for those with little money but still wish to own something of quality. It’s worth pointing out that Chemical Guys sell replacement bristles for HOL131 at reasonable prices. 


  • Durable 
  • Uncomplicated cleaning 
  • Versatility is outstanding 


  • Loose pivot 
  • Some wash brushes arrive with damaged threads 

How To Buy The Best RV Wash Brush

The RV community is usually at odds about what can be called the best RV wash brush on the market. Nonetheless, in order to get your money’s worth, it’s strongly recommended that you remember the criteria down below 

best rv wash brush

BRISTLE: From the ease of removing stains to the odds of leaving scratches on the exterior, the bristle of your wash brush determines lots of things. Because of that, while assessing products available for purchase, it’s essential that you pay special attention to the bristle. To deduce the ideal bristle for your RV wash brush, you should take into account the exterior of your rig as well as its materials. In addition, as a precaution against damages, it’s a good idea to prioritize products that integrate rubber cornered heads. 

GRIP: For your information, the grip of a wash brush significantly influences its handling in use. That means if you wish to pick up the best RV wash brush for your rig then you have to give the grip some thought. In the case that you desire comfort, it’s widely advised that you consider sticking to products with foam grips. On the other hand, if you like to keep slipping to the minimum as you clean your rig, select wash brushes that pack rubber grips. 

LENGTH: The amounts of time and effort that you spend cleaning your rig tend to be affected by the length of the wash brush you use. Since today’s wash brushes for recreational vehicles come at multiple lengths, you only have to choose one that suits the dimensions of your RV. It’s worth pointing out that a number of RV wash brushes even pack a telescoping handle that could change length in times of need. That being said, if you opt to grab telescoping brushes, keep an eye out for products with robust length locks. 

MISCELLANEOUS: So you run into some products with similar characteristics and don’t know which one would work best for you? Then it’s suggested that you think about the miscellaneous features on the wash brushes before committing to a purchase. For instance, several wash brushes for RV can be assembled and disassembled in mere seconds so they help save space. Besides that, it’s possible to connect particular products to surrounding water hoses and that cuts down the washing time. 


Between $10 and $25: Despite the absence of fancy features, wash brushes in the range still perform well in plenty of settings. In addition to that, the cheap costs of products with price tags from $10 to $25 substantially reduce the replacement expense too. 

Between $25 and $50: Being mid-range products, wash brushes in the range provide decent values to people without requiring big investments. As a result, products that cost from $10 to $25 prove popular among enthusiasts of RVing that want no-nonsense wash brushes. 

Above $50: Specifically outfitted to meet nearly every cleaning need of RVers, wash brushes in the range rarely fail to please. You place quality above all and have money to spend? In that case, it’s best that you look for products with price tags exceeding $50. 

Top Brands Of Wash Brushes For RV 

Nowadays, RV wash brushes come from many brands but regarding reputability, a couple of names stand out from the rest 


As a long-established brand with substantial experience, Camco knows what enthusiasts of RVing require and design its products accordingly. Hence, numerous RVers from novices to veterans think highly of wash brushes made by Camco.


Thanks to the emphasis on incorporations of innovations, Eversprout is capable of producing solid wash brushes with top-notch capabilities. Additionally, reaching the market at reasonable prices, products of Eversprout could be squeezed into the spending plan with relative ease. 


With a user-oriented approach, Carrand and its wash brushes receive a shower of praise from those that seek convenience. You don’t like to struggle for hours around an over-engineered RV scrub brush? Then Carrand is certainly going to be your best bet. 


By continuously optimizing its product, CarCareZ manages to deliver high-quality wash brushes that last for years in regular use. Unsurprisingly, full-time RVers that have few chances to buy replacement brushes often favor CarCareZ.

FAQs About RV Wash Brushes 

What cleaning products should I use alongside RV wash brushes? 

Different recreational vehicles utilize different materials on the exterior so it’s imperative that you take your rig into account. Give the ingredient list a good look to ensure that the cleaning product you use is compatible with your RV. If you have questions about potential effects, get in touch with the manufacturer of the cleaning product before using it. 

Do wash brushes for recreational vehicles require special storage conditions? 

In general, RV wash brushes could be stored virtually anywhere inside recreational vehicles as long as there is enough space. That being said, to stop bacteria from growing, you have to let your wash brush dry prior to storing it. 

Can I replace the brush head of my wash brush? 

The brush head of various wash brushes happens to be permanently attached which prevents removal. Still, in the case that the bush head of your RV wash mop is a screw-on type, you would be able to replace it. 

Where should I pick up a wash brush for RV? 

You could buy RV wash brushes in stores that deal with hardware for recreational vehicles. Online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Camping Word also sell wash brushes for RVs.

You can also find our guides on how to choose the best RV wax, best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers, best RV roof sealant with detailed reviews in RV Maintenance category. In these buying guides, we only include and recommend the best products with the highest ratings among highly sold products on the market.

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  1. I use a Camco wash brush with a long handle, this particular feature provides me with more than enough reach to clean even a 30-foot RV. Because I am not very tall, having a wash brush that allows me to reach the top edge of my RV without using a ladder is advantageous.

    • Another nice feature is the flow through the telescoping pole handle having its control valve. Such a function allows you to change positions, or go to the other side of the RV without the need to turn off the faucet. It can save a lot of time and energy. I no longer dislike the day when I need to wash my RV.

  2. Thetford toilet brush is made for RV toilets. Cleans well, the cup allows you to squeeze out the water in the sponge/scrubber part before putting it away. I can’t say enough good things about this. This softer type is a must-have for an RV toilet.


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