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It’s common knowledge among RVers that lubrications do wonders for the wheel bearings of recreational vehicles that have spent extensive time in the outdoors. All in all, a good lube job would reduce friction between metal parts, decrease the wearing rate and prevent corrosion. 

Hence, while talking about the maintenance of well-used travel trailers, nearly everyone agrees that greasing the bearings should be one of the top priorities. Still, concerning the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers, different people have different opinions.

Best Travel Trailer Bearing Grease Comparison Chart

 Product's namePriceKey FeaturesMore Info
Lucas Oil 14.5 Ounce 10301 Heavy Duty Grease, 14.5 oz,GreenLucas Oil 14.5 Ounce 10301 Heavy Duty Grease, 14.5 oz,Green$$$$Stable at all temperatures
Essentially waterproof
Fortified by additives
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Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic 11404 Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing and Corrosion Control Grease, 16 oz....Plews & Edelmann LubriMatic 11404 Marine Trailer Wheel Bearing and...$$$$High drop point
Comprehensive corrosion protection
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Mag 1 720 Red High-Temp Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease - 1 lb.Mag 1 720 Red High-Temp Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease - 1 lb.$$$$Intense pressure additives
Rust and corrosion inhibitors
Nice pumpability in both hot/cold temperatures
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Allstar ALL78241 Timken Brand Premium Red Type Wheel Bearing Grease 16 oz. TubAllstar ALL78241 Timken Brand Premium Red Type Wheel Bearing Grease 16 oz....$$$$Anti-wear and water-resistant additives
Lithium-complex thickener
Prime load-carrying capability
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Lucas Oil 10320 Marine Grease; Multi-Purpose;14 OunceLucas Oil 10320 Marine Grease; Multi-Purpose;14 Ounce$$$$Anti-wear agents and tackifiers
Extreme pressure properties
Universal application
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Valvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full Synthetic Grease 14.1 OZ CartridgeValvoline Moly-Fortified Gray Full Synthetic Grease 14.1 OZ Cartridge$$$$Moly-fortified
Inhibits rust and oxidation
High and low-temperature protection
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No products found.No products found.$$$$Water-resistant
Synthetic and non-corrosive
Rust/corrosion protection
No products found.
Sta-Lube SL3121 Water-Resistant Marine Grease - 14 oz. Tub , BlueSta-Lube SL3121 Water-Resistant Marine Grease - 14 oz. Tub , Blue$$$$Polymer adhesives
Aluminum complex
Refined base oils
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STAR BRITE Wheel Bearing Grease - Boat Trailer Marine Grade - 14 OZ Grease Gun Cartridge (026014)STAR BRITE Wheel Bearing Grease - Boat Trailer Marine Grade - 14 OZ Grease...$$$$Water-insoluble formula
Highly resistant to washouts
Rust and corrosion protection
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Dupont Molykote 33 Medium - 5.3 ozDupont Molykote 33 Medium - 5.3 oz$$$$Thickened silicone oils
Good shear stability
Resist corrosion, moisture, and oxidation
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Top-Rated Bearing Grease For Travel Trailers

So you plan to lubricate the bearings of your venerable rig in the upcoming days? Then it’s strongly recommended that you check out the market-leading products below so as to get yourself the ideal grease for the task.

1. Lucas 10301 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease – Best Of The Best

Why This Is The Best

Made for heavy-duty applications, Lucas 10301 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease lasts up to four times longer than the average bearing greases for automotives nowadays. As a result, in terms of longevity, the Lucas lubricant is considered to be the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers on the market.

In addition, as 10301 holds together well in variable conditions, you don’t have grease the wheel bearings regularly which saves lots of time and effort. The fact that Lucas 10301 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease is also waterproof makes it a solid choice for casual RVers.

As for temperature limit, 10301 of Lucas is able to handle substantial fluctuations, therefore, it remains relatively stable at all times. That is undoubtedly a major plus if you usually experience severe climates on the road.

Moreover, reinforced by high-quality additives, Lucas 10301 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease still performs admirably if subjected to extreme pressures. Compared to OEM lubes of recreational vehicles, the Lucas product clearly proves superior in a wide range of life specifications.

Arrive in grease gun cartridges, Lucas 10301 X-Tra Heavy Duty Grease may be used immediately so it’s an excellent option for those that need bearing lubricants in a hurry. Finally, due to the affordable cost, 10301 is highly sought after by many budget-minded RVers.


  • Mess-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Splendid stability


  • Mediocre packagings  
  • A few users complain about damaged cartridges


  • Mess-free
  • Long-lasting
  • Splendid stability


  • Mediocre packagings  
  • A few users complain about damaged cartridges

2. LubriMatic 11404 Marine Corrosion Control – Editor’s Choice

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

Boasting an advanced water-insoluble formula that utilizes calcium sulfonate, LubriMatic 11404 Marine Corrosion Control is known as the ultimate lubricant for trailers in marine settings. Upon applied, 11404  is going to protect the wheel bearings of your rig from corrosion caused by salt, water, and air.

Since it features a high drop point (up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit), the grease of LubriMatic works perfectly in high temperatures. Furthermore, being caking-resistant, LubriMatic 11404 Marine Corrosion Control possesses a by all accounts superb lifespan.

Regarding usages, getting 11404 into wheel bearings of trailers should be a walk in the park. However, to achieve optimal performance, LubriMatic often advises RVers to remove all of the factory-applied greases in the bearings. Such greases tend to be lithium-based so they could cause certain issues to calcium sulfonate greases including 11404 of LubriMatic.

Beyond that,  LubriMatic 11404 Marine Corrosion Control is forgiving to handle. Assuming that you have basic mechanical knowledge, you would face minimal troubles while applying the LubriMatic RV wheel bearing grease.

Besides the bearings, LubriMatic 11404 Marine Corrosion Control is applicable to pins, swivel hinges, winches, chain reels and so on too. Hence, in case you desire a multipurpose lubricant for trailers, 11404 is your best bet.


  • Multipurpose
  • Marvelous corrosion protection
  • Outstanding temperature limit


  • Delivery service require improvements
  • Leftovers could be a bit messy  

3. Mag 1 720 High Temp Bearing Grease – Editor’s Choice

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

Capable of functioning between -40 and 320 degrees Fahrenheit, Mag 1 720 High Temp Bearing Grease is one of the finest lithium-based greases of bearings available for purchase. Because of its remarkable temperature limit, 720 is a fitting lubricant for applications that involve exceptional heats as well as colds.

Also, the water-resistance of the Mag 1 grease is wonderful, which is why it’s able to prevent corrosion in the bearings without much difficulty. The presence of anti-wear additives further helps to keep wheel bearings in top shape.

Since the product of Mag 1 comes at a reasonable price, it’s a worthwhile purchase if you have a limited shopping budget for bearing greases. The adaptable nature of 720 allows it to be used to good effects in general lubrication.

As for the container, Mag 1 720 High Temp Bearing Grease is offered in conventional 16-ounce cans that facilitate usage and storage. All in all, considering the values of the grease, 720 is essentially the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers once it comes to cost-performance.        

About pressure tolerance, 720 could endure significant pressures so it’s possible to use it in a variety of recreational vehicles.


  • Anti-corrosion and anti-wear
  • Stable and dependable
  • Intuitive handling


  • A couple of cans arrive damaged
  • Price seems to changes noticeably from place to place   

4. Allstar ALL78241 Timken Bearing Grease

Why We Love It

Being a first-grade red grease produced for disc and drum bearing,  Allstar ALL78241 Timken Bearing Grease is the preferred product of long-time RVers. Containing five-star anti-wear and water-resistant additives, ALL78241 Timken is among the leading greases in terms of protection. Additionally, by integrating corrosion inhibitors, the lubricant of Allstar would preserve the bearings in stellar conditions for a long time. So if you like to go off-road and lack the time for periodic lubrications, ALL78241 Timken is for you.

As ALL78241 Timken of Allstar boasts a magnificent thickener that stops it from going soft, its mechanical stability is unmatched. Thus, the Allstar bearing grease is commonly used in an assortment of high-load settings.

About temperature limit, Allstar ALL78241 Timken Bearing Grease works like a charm between -40 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit, adequate for travel trailers. Coming in high-capacity 16 ounce-tubs, ALL78241 Timken lets you grease the bearings all the way from start to finish.

To reassure the user about the quality of ALL78241 Timken, Allstar backs it with a sound 90-day limited factory warranty. That is a sweet deal for people that seek long-lasting lubrication for the bearings.


  • Adaptability is fantastic
  • The price is just right
  • Solid  limited factory warranty


  • Inconsistent performance between products  
  • Several RVers notice leaks of oils from the greases after apply

5. Lucas 10320 Marine Grease

Why We Love It

Able to deliver thorough protection against corrosion, Lucas 10320 Marine Grease would be a magnificent RV bearing grease for those that head to coastal regions. Thanks to its constant adhesive properties, 10320 is going to stay in place once applied which keeps the bearing well-lubricated.

Using a combination of anti-wear agents and tackifiers, the product of Lucas produces a complete oxidation shield for the bearings. That is why you can rest assured knowing that saltwater is unable to damage the bearings of your travel trailer.

By making use of a fortified formula, 10320 features a truly impressive weld point of 500 kilograms. Compared to the industry standard of 200 kilograms, the grease for wheel bearings of Lucas unquestionably packs admirable shock loading protection. The friction reductions provided by Lucas 10320 Marine Grease should considerably lessen direct metal-to-metal contacts in the wheel bearings. Hence, 10320 is the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers if you wish to avoid potential failures of wheel bearings.

About usage, Lucas 10320 Marine Grease is a universal application grease so feel free to use it on whatever you like. Nonetheless, lubricating central dispensing systems with 10320 is absolutely ill-advised.


  • Highly-insoluble
  • Low-priced
  • Come in grease gun cartridges


  • Too thick for particular applications
  • Grease quantity per cartridge is less than ideal

6. Valvoline Full Synthetic Grease (VV985)

Why We Love It

Consists of thickened lithium complexes, synthetic base oils, moly and premium additives, Valvoline Full Synthetic Grease (VV985) is a crack grease for bearings of automotives. Made to function in severe temperatures (from -40 to 425 degrees Fahrenheit), the product of Valvoline is a favorite of numerous hardcore RVers these kinds of days.

Aside from that, as it utilizes a formidable formula, VV985 tends to be held in high esteem due to the sublime resistance to demanding loads. Overall, Valvoline Full Synthetic Grease (VV985) undeniably outperforms conventional lubricants.

Possessing a viscosity rating of 2, the consistency of the Valvoline grease closely resembles peanut butter so applying it to the bearings should be a cinch. In fact, VV985 could be used on various American, European And and Japanese vehicles, therefore, it’s essentially the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers regarding ease of use.

Normally, it only takes a couple of moments for RVers to put Valvoline Full Synthetic Grease (VV985) into the wheel bearings of typical travel trailers. The majestic lifespan of the Valvoline product also helps to lengthen the interval between lubrication.

Following the market trend, VV985 is sold in cartridges designed for use in grease guns. That means you don’t have to worry about leaving behind a mess after you finish lubricating the wheel bearings.


  • Outstanding carrying loads
  • Could be used straight away
  • Suitable for a wide range of rigs


  • Liquify occasionally
  • Oil leakages

7. Royal Purple 01312 Ultra Performance Grease

No products found.

Why We Love It

Being a multiservice, aluminum-complex lubricant, Royal Purple 01312 Ultra Performance Grease markedly extends the reliability as well as the lifespan of bearings of recreational vehicles. By applying 01312 to the wheel bearings, everything would work quieter, cooler and smoother than usual.

Because of its superb water resistance, the Royal Purple grease excels at protecting bearings from emulsions, washouts and so on. In addition to that, the stability of Royal Purple 01312 Ultra Performance Grease at intense temperatures is top-of-the-line.  

As it comes with its own pause and lock plunger, the product of Royal Purple comfortably supports one-hand operations. Nonetheless, if required, Royal Purple 01312 Ultra Performance Grease could also be used in standard cartridges for suction-loaded grease guns.

Featuring a catchy purple color, 01312 allows you to keep track of your progress while greasing the bearings of your RV. As a result, it should be a breeze for you to determine if you have put enough grease into bearings. 

Rated at 6,000 psi, Royal Purple 01312 Ultra Performance Grease is certainly unrivaled in its price range in terms of pressure tolerance. You want a product produced for settings with high loads? Then 01312 is your best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers


  • Fairly pleasant to apply
  • Stand out which ease identification
  • Good for multiple recreational vehicles


  • A bit pricey
  • Oils sometime separate fast

8. Sta-Lube SL3121 Marine Grease

Why We Love It

In numerous reviews of lubricants that focus on the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers in marine settings, Sta-Lube SL3121 Marine Grease usually shows up in the top 3. That definitely speaks volumes about the potency of SL3121 once it comes to keeping water, moisture, … out of the bearings.

Boasting a combination of polymer adhesives and refined base oils, the grease of Sta-Lube would stick securely to the wheel bearings in all conditions. In addition, Sta-Lube SL3121 dissipates heat well so high temperatures give it minor troubles.

Distributed in sizable 14-ounce cans, the lubricant of Sta-Lube should let you smoothly grease the bearings of your travel trailer from start to finish. As it packs a viscosity rating of 2, SL3121 is known to have splendid handling characteristics.

Depending on the needs, Sta-Lube SL3121 could be applied to wheel bearings, steering quadrants, winches and lots of others. That is why if you like to get quality all-purpose lubricants for your rig, it’s a good idea to add the product of  Sta-Lube to your shortlist.

As for longevity, Sta-Lube SL3121 Marine Grease held itself together for a long time. Hence, it’s fine for you to be flexible about periodic lubricants for wheel bearings.


  • Nice consistency
  • Resist water well
  • Top-notch lifespan


  • Several users complain about leaks
  • Slightly thin for some purposes

9. Star brite Marine Grease

Why We Love It

Simple but practical, Star brite Marine Grease is a robust lubricant that everyone could count on in times of need. Designed for marine settings, the Star brite grease performs admirably in an assortment of applications from wheel bearings of trailers to anchor chains of boats. T

hanks to the incorporation of an advanced water-insoluble formula, the resistance against water of Star brite Marine Grease is undoubtedly excellent for its price. Upon applied, Star brite Marine Grease is going to keep your bearing safe from washouts.

To let people lubricate the bearings as they see fit, Star brite offers its Marine Grease in grease gun cartridges. So it would be a piece of cake for you to completely cover the wheel bearings of your recreational vehicle in Star brite Marine Grease.

About the temperature limit, Star brite Marine Grease works like a charm between 0 and 325 degrees Fahrenheit, sufficient for typical travels. Being anti-rust as well as anti-corrosion, the grease of  Star brite should extend the lifespan of your bearings.   

Possessing the consistency of peanut butter, Star brite Marine Grease is by all accounts the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers at entry-level.


  • Affordable and pragmatic
  • Handle high temperatures well
  • Keep the bearings in top shape


  • Delivery service is sub-par
  • A few cartridges seem damages on arrival

10. Dow Corning Molykote 33

Why We Love It

Remain stable as low as -100 degrees Fahrenheit, Dow Corning Molykote 33 is unquestionably the best trailer wheel bearing grease for low temperatures on the market nowadays. Using prime thickened silicone oils, Molykote 33 is applicable to metal in addition to rubber components. Because of that, the Dow Corning product is well-suited for things like wheel bearings, low-torque instruments, cart castors, …. As Dow Corning Molykote 33 is an inert grease, its shear stability is truly top-notch.

Compared to other lubricants, the evaporation of Molykote 33 is considered to be low so it’s capable of delivering a solid performance in all settings. As for the loads, Dow Corning Molykote 33 should work best in light to medium loads.

For distribution, the grease of Dow Corning is sold in 5.3-ounce which falls behind its competitors in terms of capacity. That being said, it’s worth noting that a single tube of Molykote 33 could go a long way if you remember to use it wisely.

As for the price, Dow Corning Molykote 33 indeed costs a bit more than the average greases for bearings of wheels. Still, the outstanding values of Molykote 33 justify its price.


  • Wonderful water resistance
  • Marvelous temperature limit
  • Work on metals and rubbers


  • High-priced
  • Limited quantity per tube

List Of Key Criteria When Buying Travel Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

Generally speaking, if you pick up greases for bearing of RV on random then you would just waste your money on potentially ill-suited products. So as to make worthwhile purchases, it’s essential that you remember to give utmost attention to the following issues.

best trailer wheel bearing grease
There are key factors to consider when choosing wheel bearing grease for RV trailer.

Water Resistance

To put it plainly, the metal parts in the wheel bearings of travel trailers tend to be vulnerable to corrosion. Because of that, while assessing particular bearing greases, you must give water resistance some thoughts. Overall, if you only travel through mild climates, feel free to settle for standard products. On the other hand, if you repeatedly venture into high humidity areas, especially coastal regions, it’s widely advised that you choose purpose-design water-resistant greases for your trailer.

Temperature Limit

The temperature inside the bearings may get extremely high on occasions, hence, temperature limit of bearing greases is considered to be a major concern. “But what happens if the temperature exceeds the limit of the lubricants?” you ask yourself. Well, in that case, the greases break down and leave the bearings of the wheels defenseless. As a result, to give the bearings of your travel trailer comprehensive protections in the outdoors, you should prioritize products that have broad temperature limits.  

Pressure Tolerance

All in all, the pressure tolerance of a grease significantly influences its usefulness in applications. Therefore, it’s a good idea that you take note of the pressure in the wheel bearings of your recreational vehicle to make informed investments. Usually, brands of bearing greases nowadays put details regarding the pressure tolerance on the labels. That is why it’s wise to take a close look at the labels of market products before concluding which one is the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers.

Viscosity Rating

You could think of the viscosity rating as the indicator of consistency: greases that have low viscosity ratings seem almost like liquids and ones that have high ratings look thick. The viscosity ratings of lubricants designed for ordinary travel trailers stay around 2 (like peanut butter). Experts of grease for wheel bearings suggest that you select a rating that meets the characteristics of your RV for optimal performance on the road. Don’t know the viscosity rating that your rig requires? Then contact the manufacturer to get a couple of recommendations.

Acquisition Cost

RVers have a variety of ideas in mind once it comes to the shopping budget for bearings greases of trailers. Several prepare to spend big money to obtain a trailer wheel bearing grease of decent quality while others would do everything to save some bucks. All things considered, it’s needless to empty your pocket to grab premium, state-of-the-art greases unless you have certain first-class demands. That being said, you should also refrain from getting dirt-cheap RV lubricants as they likely have sub-par values.

Types Of Bearing Greases For Wheels Of Travel Trailers 

trailer wheel bearing grease

Since the market contains quite a few wheel bearing greases for travel trailers, it’s strongly recommended that you get to know the common types. After you grasp just what type of grease for trailer wheel bearings available for purchase, finding the best wheel bearing grease for travel trailers is going to be a cakewalk.

  • Multipurpose Greases: As the name suggests, multipurpose greases for wheel bearings could be put to good use in various automotives which make them jacks-of-all-trades. Therefore, the products of this type see extensive uses by novice as well as veteran RVers.
  • Calcium-Based Greases: Known for having marvelous water resistances, calcium-based greases would be the preferred lubricants for bearings in high-humidity settings. In exchange, these greases don’t handle heat too well though so using them in hot environments is ill-advised.
  • Lithium-Based Greases: Having splendid water resistances and sublime temperature limits, lithium-based greases receive numerous praises from RVers that desire solid lubricants.
  • Moly-EP Greases: In case you don’t know, “Moly” here is short for Molybdenum Disulfide and “EP” actually stands for Extreme Pressure. As you may have guessed it, Moly-EP bearing greases prove unmatched in terms of pressure tolerance.   
  • Marine-Oriented Lubricating Greases: Made to resist the corrosion caused by salt waters, marine-oriented bearing greases tend to be well-liked by people that travel along the coasts.

FAQs About Bearing Greases for RV

Is it wise to mix the greases for wheel bearings?

As different greases have different properties, mixing the bearing grease is best avoided as that often leads to unpredictable consequences. So play it safe and use up the original greases

Do I need to grease the new bearings of my rig before hitting the road?

After fitting new bearings to your travel trailer, you should grease them before heading out. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that vehicles with preassembled hub units may do without lubricants. In such vehicles, the wheel bearings have been greased already, hence, further greasing is unneeded.

How often do I have to grease the wheel bearings?

It’s essential that you give the bearings of your travel trailer a lube job at least once every 10,000 miles. Also, remember that smaller wheels spin faster which puts greater pressure on bearings so they must be greased more frequently.

Could I lubricate the bearings of my rig by itself?  

Overall, you don’t have to be a professional mechanic to grease the wheel bearings of the average recreational vehicles. In fact, you only need a couple of tools like torque wrenches, jacks, hammers and so on for the task. So stick to the service manual, pay attention and everything would turn out to be just fine at the end. Of course, if you lack confidence, getting help from the pros is a good idea.

How much is too much while greasing the wheel bearings?

The ideal quantity of grease to put into the bearings change from vehicle to vehicle so it’s up to you to decide how much to use for your RV. A good rule of thumb is to apply enough grease to cover the wheel bearings. In case you notice some of the lubricants start leaking out of the wheel bearings then you know that you have used too much.

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