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From changing tires to leveling the interior, jacks play an important role in quite a few activities that RVing enthusiasts nowadays must perform while traveling. That being said, the operation of jacks depends on terrains and RVers don’t always get to choose where their rigs come to a stop. Thus, prior to heading out, the question of securing and steadying jacks lies heavily in the mind of RV owners. 

While pieces of wood do in pinch, more and more modern RVers decide to pair vehicle jacks with jack pads. By including RV jack pads in your inventory, you should be able to optimize the operation of jacks of your rig no matter the location. 

Comparison Chart Of Best RV Jack Pads

NoBest RV Jack PadsPricesOur Ratings
1SnapPad Xtra$$$$$*****
2Camco 44591$*****
3Quality Plastics Utility Block$$*****
4RoadWarrior RW15-1.5$$*****
5Camco 44600$*****
6Camco 44541$*****
7AP Products 47257$$****
8BAL 29160$$****
9Swess 19W0047$****
10SnapPad BF7$$$*****
11Bigfoot P121210$$$*****
12JackTracks 86000286710$$*****

RV Jack Pads Basics

What is it?

In layman’s terms, a RV jack pad is a pad designed to provide support to jacks on recreational vehicles. Jack pads for RV come in all shapes and sizes so they could attach to the foot of a lot of jacks without much difficulty. In addition to that, today’s jack pads tend to incorporate plastic, rubber and similar materials which simultaneously give them strength and keep them light. 

How does it work?

After being paired with the foot of jacks on recreational vehicles, jack pads would widen the contact surface, increase the height limit and so on. As a result, with RV jack pads around, most RVing enthusiasts should have an easy time deploying the jacks of their ride in the outdoors.  

Benefits of having an RV jack pad 

Stability: As it is, the foot of usual jacks for RV is able to maintain sufficient stability in typical terrains. However, when the terrain becomes rough, the jack foot may have trouble stabilizing the rigs. By attaching jack pads to the foot of your jacks before deploying them, you could boost stability with relative ease.  

Grip: Many pads for jacks of recreational vehicles feature aggressive patterns underneath which let them achieve a firm grip on the ground in slippery conditions. You don’t want your RV to slip away in the middle of the night? Then it’s strongly recommended that you pick up a couple of camper jack pads

Longevity: Well, nothing lasts forever but it’s possible to increase the lifespan of the jack foot with jack pads. Once attached to the foot of jacks, RV jack pads would limit the explore to elements like sunlight, temperature, water, …

Maintenance: The foot of jacks requires insignificant maintenance but with jack pads, the odds of it getting dirty should drop. If you like to spend more time traveling and less time cleaning jacks, you must bring along motorhome jack pads

Types of jack pads for RV

An assortment of pads for jacks of RV exist but the market contains models of two types: removable and permanent 

  • Removable Jack Pads: With top-notch adaptability, removable jack pads give a good account of themselves in plenty of environments. In times of need, RV owners could take out models of the type, attach them to the foot of jacks and then deploy the jacks. When RVers have to leave, they just need to withdraw the jack foot, detach the pads and hit the road. 
  • Permanent Jack Pads: As the name suggests, permanent jack pads only need to be set up once and there is no need to remove them. Naturally, models of the type earn multiple compliments from RVing enthusiasts that travel year-round and lack the patience to set up/remove pads repeatedly. 

Top-Rated RV Jack Pads

Different people often search for different things so the RV community is at odds about the best RV jack pads. Still, in the case that you prefer to get the most out of your money, you should keep an eye out for the following models.

1. SnapPad Xtra – Best Of The Best 

SnapPad Xtra Permanently Attached RV Leveling Jack Pad
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  • Snap-on 
  • Anti-slip
  • Vibration dampening

Why This Is The Best: 

Incorporating high-strength resin, SnapPad Xtra is able to handle everything that people could throw at it in use. Because of that, once it comes to endurance, this jack pad is one of the leading RV jack pads nowadays. In addition, with a large footprint that dampens vibration and conforms to terrains, it guarantees fantastic stability for recreational vehicles on a lot of surfaces. With anti-slip rubber, this jack pad also excels at preventing rigs from moving away which is a big plus. 

Thanks to the snap-on installation, Xtra takes mere minutes to set up and it’s going to stay attached to the jack foot forever. Therefore, after travel trailer owners finish attaching this jack pad, they don’t have to pay any attention to it until the day it breaks. Besides that, designed from the ground up with aesthetics, it blends in instead of standing out like a sore thumb. Naturally, those that care about the look of their rigs on the road hold this jack pad in high esteem. 

As proof of confidence, SnapPad even willingly backs its pad for jacks of recreational vehicles with a two-year warranty. If your jack pad fails due to manufacturing defects within the warranty period then you could claim a free replacement. 


  • Tough
  • Terrific fitness 
  • Setup process is instantaneous 


  • People sometimes complain about units falling off 
  • Less than ideal delivery service 

2. Camco 44591 – Editor’s Choice 

Camco Stabilizer Jack Flex Pads
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  • Integrated handle
  • Recycled materials
  • UV-resistant and waterproof

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice: 

Made to keep jacks from sinking into the ground, Camco 44591 is a must-have for RVers that come across soft surfaces from time to time. In times of need, people could casually use this jack pad on uneven terrains since its rubber absorbs pressure well. As a result, in terms of flexibility, only a few RV leveling jack pads on the market could match it. Being UV-resistant and waterproof, this jack pad features a magnificent lifespan no matter the exposure to the outdoor elements. 

With integrated handle, the jack pad made by Camco possesses outstanding handling characteristics compared to that of its contemporaries. Thus, setting it up and putting it away should be child’s play in most cases. It’s worth pointing out that owing to the small build, this jack pad occupies little space on recreational vehicles. If your rig is not exactly big and you have to bring along a lot of things for your trips, you have to think about adding it to your shortlist. 

Reading the market at a reasonable price, 44591 is among the best jack pads for RVing enthusiasts with tight shopping budgets. Finally, this jack pad uses recycled materials and that makes it an environmentally-friendly model. 


  • Economical 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Compatibility is tip-top


  • Users notice a number of inconsistencies between units 
  • Quality control still leaves something to be desired 

3. Quality Plastics Utility Block – Editor’s Choice

Quality Plastics Utility Block
Check prices and reviews


  • Corded holes
  • Keyed slot 
  • Raised ridge and recessed grove

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice: 

Tired of seeing jack pads getting crushed under the weight of your RV and want something a bit more rugged? Then it’s strongly recommended that you spare some time and take a close look at Quality Plastics Utility Block. Created with toughness in mind, this jack pad should deal with virtually all challenges of RVing without letting people down. Additionally, as it’s going to hold together for a long time, years would pass before you have to find its replacement.

Boasting solid top and bottom, Utility Block could minimize the odds of it sinking into the ground in use. With a combination of raised ridge and recessed grove, it nests securely under loads which is advantageous by all accounts. Interestingly, the center of this pad is recessed so it’s able to work with straight as well as wheeled tongue jack in times of need. Needless to say, regarding compatibility, it proves to be superior to the average pads for stabilizing jacks on recreational vehicles.

About handling, the pad of Quality Plastics packs corded holes that save weight while optimizing durability so positioning it is a walk in the park. Also, this pad for jacks comes with a built-in keyed slot that accepts awning rods to guide under jacks.


  • Resilient
  • Slim and sleek
  • Second to none stability 


  • Slightly pricey 
  • Delivery services require a couple of improvements

4. RoadWarrior RW15-1.5

RoadWarrior Heavy Duty RV Jack Pad
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  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Stackable 

Why We Love It: 

With a pressure rating of 400 PSI, RoadWarrior RW15-1.5 could support up to 35,000 pounds which is ample for typical recreational vehicles. Despite its terrific capacity, it is light so RVers would have no trouble sliding it under the foot of jacks in an assortment of situations. Because of that, once it comes to ease of use, this RV jack pad earns positive remarks from reviews that discuss jack pads for motorhomes. Moreover, as it’s stackable, people could set up pads on top of each other to achieve the right height. 

Featuring a rather large contact surface, the jack pad from RoadWarrior distributes the weight that rigs put on it equally. Hence, with it, RV owners don’t have to worry too much about their vehicle sinking into the ground overnight. Aside from that, this jack pad is made to be waterproof and that means water immersion rarely gives it problems. For people that usually hit the road during the rainy season and have to take torrential rains into account, it would be a good companion. 

In terms of affordability, RW15-1.5 is a budget-friendly model so squeezing it into the spending plan is a breeze. To reassure potential customers, RoadWarrior offers everyone that decides to pick up its pad for RV jack a lifetime warranty. 


  • High endurance 
  • No-nonsense handling 
  • Installation is child’s play 


  • Packaging could use some work 
  • Several units develop cracks as time passes by 

5. Camco 44600

Camco 44600 Universal Flex Pads for Leveling Blocks
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  • Universal application
  • Flexible and non-slip 
  • Weatherproof 

Why We Love It: 

Despite its plain appearance, Camco 44600 is a robust jack pad with the ability to meet a wide range of demands of RVers regarding jack stabilization. Thanks to the flexibility of its design, this jack pad is able to adapt to multiple surfaces without fail. In addition to that, packing non-slip exteriors, it keeps rigs at the same spot even as the terrains become slippery. Unsurprisingly, this RV jack pad is the number one choice for people who enjoy traveling and like to be prepared. 

Constructed for universal application, 44600 is compatible with numerous jacks of recreational vehicles and RVers could use it in conjunction with similar jack pads if wanted. Outside of use, this pad for RV jacks takes up a negligible amount of space so its presence seldom displaces other items on recreational vehicles. You barely fit all of your stuff into your rig? If that is the case, this jack pad is going to be one of the best RV stabilizer pads you can get for your ride. 

As for structural integrity, the Camco jack pad incorporates recycled materials but it’s nonetheless strong enough to withstand the weight of vehicles and elements. Assuming that RVing enthusiasts don’t take things to the extremes, it would last for many years in regular use. 


  • Cheap 
  • Simple to set up 
  • Durability is excellent 


  • Hardly adequate customer service
  • Reports of occasional sliding appear now and then 

6. Camco 44541

Camco 44541 Large RV Stabilizing Jack Pads Without Handle
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  • Interlocking
  • Storage strap
  • Heavy-duty 

Why We Love It: 

Created for modern-day jacks of recreational vehicles and built to last, Camco 44541 performs superbly in quite a few environments. Possessing a rib construction with fantastic strength, this RV jack pad is capable of putting up with water, moisture, sunlight and alike day after day. Furthermore, it features a fairly large profile that guarantees equal weight distribution so people could stop their rig from sinking. Therefore, this jack pad for recreational vehicles is among the favorite heavy-duty jack pads of full-time RVers nowadays.

Since it contains a built-in handle, the jack pad made by Camco proves to be a breeze to position in most of the cases. Also, owing to the catchy color, the odds of RVing enthusiasts leaving it behind by mistake tend to be low. About storage, with interlocking and storage strap, this jack pad is space-saving so finding a fitting spot for it is a piece of cake. Last but not least, it works with all sorts of stabilizing jacks which means RV owners should have no trouble using it following jack swaps.

As an economical model, 44541 suits the wallet of the average RVers and it helps save money in the long run with its outstanding longevity too. On arrival, this jack pad is accompanied by a one-year warranty that brings peace of mind to the users.


  • Affordable 
  • Generous contact surface 
  • Lifespan is magnificent 


  • Certain units show up with incorrect measurements 
  • Shipping is mediocre 

7. AP Products 47257

AP Products 47257 Super RV Jack Pad
Check prices and reviews


  • Easy-grip handle
  • Sinking protection and damage prevention 
  • For stabilizing jacks and hydraulic levelers

Why We Love It: 

Your 5th wheel jack pads break apart out of the blue and you need to grab replacements in a hurry? In that case, there is a good chance that you would come to like AP Products 47257 and what it would do for your recreational vehicle. Weight tested up to 40,000 PSI, this jack pad for RV could accommodate your rig with relative ease on countless terrains. Additionally, boasting a combination of sinking protection and damage prevention, it’s able to keep your RV above ground and preserve the appearance of asphalt. 

Being light, 47257 allows you to set it up as well as put it away essentially at a moment’s notice. With the easy-grip handle, you just need seconds to get this jack pad under the foot of your jacks. When you have to hit the road again, feel free to toss it anywhere you like on your vehicle since it takes up insignificant space. While the lifespan of this jack pad fluctuates, it’s going to be years before you have to consider buying another set of jack pads. 

Regarding post-purchase support, the jack pad of AP Products is backed with a five-year warranty that covers defects. In the case that your 47257 runs into issues, you would have something to count on. 


  • Rugged 
  • Highly compact 
  • Undemanding setup process 


  • Thin 
  • RVers complain about sporadic warping 

8. BAL 29160

BAL 29160 Big Bad Foot Pad
Check prices and reviews


  • Thick gauge steel
  • Rust-inhibitive finish 
  • Mounting hardware included 

Why We Love It: 

Featuring a standard ten-by-ten size, BAL 29160 provides a perfect fit for the foot of an assortment of today’s jacks, manual and electric. Upon purchase, this jack pad comes with mounting hardware so installation could begin as soon as it leaves the packaging. As the setup process is uncomplicated and only involves a number of basic tools, RVers don’t have to be experts to attach it to the jack of their rigs. Moreover, with its low profile, this jack pad never interferes with the operation of jacks. 

Engineered with an extra-large contact surface, the BAL jack pad keeps jacks of recreational vehicles steady on soft ground. Integrating thick gauge steel and rust-inhibitive finish, this jack pad for RV holds up rather well as time passes by with little care too. Because of that, it’s popular among RVing enthusiasts that happen to travel on a daily basis and have no need for maintenance-intensive accessories. It’s also worth pointing out that the stylish exterior of this pad for jacks of RV supplements the theme of typical recreational vehicles. 

29160 is available at a budget price so it’s unnecessary to cut back expenses to pick up the jack pad. Aside from that, it’s backed by a reassuring limited lifetime manufacturer warranty which naturally puts RV owners at ease. 


  • Reasonable price 
  • Stable and sturdy 
  • Quick installation 


  • Some units arrive with missing hardware 
  • Customer service must be overhauled 

9. Swess 19W0047

Swess Large RV Stabilizer Jack Pads, Camper Leveling Blocks for Trailer Vehicle Auto Car Wheel
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  • Honeycomb
  • Built-in handle 
  • No sinking 

Why We Love It: 

Dependable and reliable, Swess 19W0047 is a good buy for RVing enthusiasts that desire solid pads for jacks of RV. With the incorporation of a reinforced honeycomb structure, this jack pad is less vulnerable to cracking than its market competitors. In addition, it evenly spread out the weight of rigs so sinking is going to be less than an issue. That is why RVers who have to park their recreational vehicles on soft surfaces now and then tend to think highly of this jack pad. 

To use 19W0047, people simply have to get a hold of its built-in handle and proceed to position it directly below the jack foot. Keep the flat side down and the grid side up to stop the foot of the jacks from sliding away. Despite its thickness, this jack pad is able to support a lot of weight and deal with elements at the same time without much problem. Therefore, regarding lifespan, it’s one of the top jack pads in its price range. 

Introduced at a price that RVers could accept, the pad of Swess fit the budgets of quite a few RVers. Besides that, this jack pad comes in sets of two so people should have an easy time securing enough units for jacks of recreational vehicles. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Fantastic durability 
  • Straightforward usage 


  • Quality control needs to be tweaked 
  • A couple of RVers report receiving used units 

10. SnapPad BF7 

SnapPad BF Permanently Attached RV Leveling Jack Pad for Bigfoot Landing Feet
Check prices and reviews


  • Permanent 
  • Environmentally-friendly 
  • High-strength resin

Why We Love It: 

As it’s loaded with everything that RVing enthusiasts expect from pads for RV jacks, SnapPad BF7 is second to none in terms of versatility. Capable of working with the foot of a wide range of jacks, this pad gives a good account of itself in a lot of conditions. Furthermore, it features high-strength resin in the construction so its weight capacity is tip-top for the average rigs. Thus, this jack pad usually earns high scores from reviews of pads for RV jacks. 

Similar to its contemporaries, the jack pad from SnapPad utilizes rubber that grip terrains and keep slipping to the minimum. The design of this jack pad even conforms to uneven surfaces and that lets it maintain superb stability over time. As a result, plenty of RVers that need to navigate rough ground while traveling consider it to be among the leading models of its type.  Though it’s kind of expensive, the values that this RV jack pad manages to deliver match its price tag. 

For installation, BF7 is made to be attached permanently to the foot of stabilizing jacks of recreational vehicles following the conclusion of the setup process. That means after RV owners securely attach it to the jacks, they don’t have to bother getting it off before heading back out again. 


  • Steady
  • Outstanding compatibility 
  • Setup process is a snap 


  • Kind of costly 
  • Shipping experience delays sometimes 

11. Bigfoot P121210

NEW 4-Pack BIGFOOT USA RV Pads Pad Outrigger Jack Trailer
Check prices and reviews


  • High-density composite
  • Water, electricity and corrosion-resistant.
  • Set of four 

Why We Love It: 

While it lacks exceptional qualities, Bigfoot P121210 works like a charm in numerous situations which speak volume about its utility. Constructed using high-density composite, this RV jack pad effortlessly support weights up to 45,000 pounds for extended periods of time. Additionally, able to resist water, electricity and corrosion in use, it consistently keeps the foot of jacks on recreational vehicles out of harm’s way. Needless to say, this jack pad is well-liked by RVing enthusiasts that enjoy off-roading and want to cut down money on repair bills. 

P121210 arrives in sets of four so following a few purchases, RVers should have sufficient jack pads to stabilize the jacks of their recreational vehicles. Since each unit contains a carrying strap, positioning it under the foot of jacks is a walk in the park. Aside from that, the contact surface of this pad is not exactly large but it would help a lot with the weight distribution of rigs. Hence, by adding it to the inventory, RV owners could prevent rigs from sinking into soft ground in the outdoors. 

At first glance, the pad of Bigfoot is a bit pricey compared to other pads for jacks of recreational vehicles. That being said, this jack pad features a long lifespan and allows people to save money in the long run. It’s small too so there is no need to rearrange the interior in order to make space for it. 


  • Flexible 
  • Magnificent toughness 
  • Handling is first-class 


  • Steep acquisition cost 
  • Too slick to be stacked 

12. JackTracks 86000286710

JackTracks RV Stabilizer Pads 6ct. Bear Track for Camper Trailer Stabilization
Check prices and reviews


  • Velcro strap
  • Nesting capability
  • Eco-friendly 

Why We Love It: 

Manufactured with an emphasis on nesting capability, JackTracks 86000286710 permits RVers to raise jacks and save storage space on the road. Upon purchase, this RV jack pad comes with a Velcro strap as well so keeping it organized is a piece of cake in most cases. That is why it’s the preferred pad of jacks for RVing enthusiasts who like to maintain a tidy interior as they explore the outdoors. It’s worth pointing out that this pad accepts the foot of all kinds of jacks so people don’t have to bother with compatibility. 

With the integration of recycled materials in the construction, the pad for jacks of RV from JackTracks is eco-friendly. You care greatly about the environment and wish to pick up something that preserves nature? If that happens to be the case, it’s suggested that you head out with this pad by your side. Regarding the number of units, it comes in sets of six so RVers seldom have to make more than several purchases to stabilize their jacks. 

For handling, as 86000286710 is small and light, RV owners could position it under the foot of jacks for RV in a blink of an eye. Thanks to the aggressive grip, this jack pad is capable of keeping rigs at the same spot over time too. Because of that, once it comes to slipping prevention, the pad made by JackTracks only falls behind a couple of models on the market nowadays. 


  • Durable 
  • Compact design 
  • Grip on terrains is superb 


  • People complain about getting used units 
  • Packaging should be altered here and there 

How To Get The Best RV Jack Pad

Travel trailer jack pads on the market have many characteristics but to make a wise investment, it’s widely advised that you consider these criteria.


The weight of recreational vehicles changes from model to model and the same applies to the capacity of jack pads. Because of that, while assessing available pads, you need to pay special attention to capacity. The last thing you want to do is to pick up pads that cannot support the weight of your rig. Usually, you would be able to determine the capacity of a jack pad for recreational vehicles by taking a close look at its specs sheet. 


To ensure equal distribution of weight, jacks and jack pads must fit each other perfectly which is why it’s necessary to give dimension some thoughts. A couple of leveling pads for campers work in various setups but several only pair with specific jack feet. To avoid ending up with unsuitable models, you should use the measurements of the foot of your jacks as references before committing to a purchase. That is going to help you keep the number of models on your shortlist low. 


In use, RV jack pads have to deal with a lot of weight as well as an assortment of outdoor elements at the same time. Hence, to get the best RV stabilizer jack pads for your RV, it’s essential that you think about endurance. So as to see whether a model would last as time passes by, you have to check out its material. Additionally, to be thorough, it’s a good idea to read reviews from other RVers and learn what they have to say about market models. 

RV stabilizer jack pads
Credit: Shutterstock


The handling of a jack pad dictates the manner that people install it so you should take that into account. RVing involves enough stresses already so you have no need for jack pads with less than friendly handling characteristics that take forever to set up. In most of the cases, you could deduce the handling of a jack pad by examining its weight, profile, features, … If you come across signs that you believe to indicate troubles, just move on to other models in your list. 


$10 – $50: Being entry-level models, pads in the range don’t have anything special but they nonetheless work like a charm in all kinds of conditions. Also, featuring excellent affordability, pads that cost between $10 and $50 prove popular among budget-minded RVers. 

$50 – $150: Classified as mid-range models, pads in the range could be put to good use in a wide range of setups without costing a fortune. In the case that you hate spending big bucks on jack pads but still desire something of quality, prioritize pads with price tags from $50 to $150. 

Above $150: Capable and expensive, pads in the range tend to be regarded as high-end models with fantastic field performance. Needless to say, those that care about quality usually go for pads with costs exceeding $150. 

Top RV Jack Pad Brands

The brand of a jack pad rarely decides its values so you don’t have to worry about the brand. That being said, if you wish to pick up your RV leveling pads from a well-known manufacturer, you need to remember the following names 


Recognized as one of the leading brands in the RV industry nowadays, Camco is the top choice for many RVers, novices as well as veterans. You desire no-nonsense RV jack pads that could hold together as time passes by? In that case, it’s suggested that you consider sticking to models made by Camco. 

AP Products

As a long-established brand with plenty of experience in designing accessories for recreational vehicles, AP Products knows how to meet demands of RV owners. Unsurprisingly, AP Products pads for RV jacks outmatch the average models in terms of convenience. 


Thanks to the concentration on pads for RV, SnapPad manages to release tip-top models that seldom let RVers down. Moreover, as jack pads from SnapPad reach the market across the price points, they suit all sorts of shopping budgets. 


By investing heavily in optimizations of products, RoadWarrior receives a shower of praise from people that travel around the year. With excellent handling, jack pads of RoadWarrior allow RVers to manipulate them with relative ease. 

FAQs About Jack Pads For RV 

Where could I grab pads for RV jacks? 

You would be able to pick up pads for jacks of recreational vehicles at any store that sells RV hardware. In the case that you have a schedule to keep and don’t want to go out of your way, you should place orders online. As a precaution, stick to big retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Camping World and others.

How many jack pads should I buy?

A lot of factors affect the number of pads for jacks that you need to set up on the road. However, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have a couple of pads for each jack of your rig prior to heading out. Luckily, today’s RV jack pads come in various sets so there is no need to make too many purchases. 

Do I have to replace my jack pads on a regular basis? 

The lifespan of RV jack blocks often fluctuates from case to case but they should last through several camping seasons. Still, every time you use jack pads, it’s strongly recommended that keep an eye out for signs of damages. If you notice extensive cracks that suggest compromised integrity, you need to swiftly purchase replacements. 

What is the best way to install jack pads? 

If you have permanent models, it’s best to set up the jack pads when the foot of the jacks is in the “retracted” position. On the other hand, if your jack pads happen to be removable, deploy the jack foot out a bit so you could position the pads.

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