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In general, heading into the outdoors with recreational vehicles in tow is an excellent way to explore natural wonders while maintaining access to modern conveniences. Still, to safely tow vehicles like travel trailers, fifth wheels, …, RVers must consider various factors and few prove as influential as the choice of tires. 

The tires of towing vehicles affect the controllability of RVers on the road so choosing the wrong tires would increase the risk of traffic accidents. Therefore, before every trip, it’s a good idea to ensure that you have equipped your truck with the best truck tires for towing available. By doing so, you could optimize the handling characteristics of your truck which is a big plus in towing operations. With the control firmly in your hands, you should be able to reach anywhere you see fit to get the most out of your experience. 

Here Are The 10 Best Truck Tires For Towing Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel:

  • Michelin Defender LTX M/S 73259
  • Nitto Terra Grappler G2 215-040
  • BFGoodrich T/A KO2
  • Goodyear Wrangler
  • Falken AT3W 28034713
  • Milestar Patagonia
  • Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus
  • Westlake SL309
  • Travelstar Ecopath LL-LT020
  • Firestone Transforce HT2

Best Truck Tires For Towing

Considering the differences in preferences, it’s natural for the RV community to be at odds about the best truck tires for towing. Nonetheless, if you wish to have a good time in the outdoors, it’s widely advised that you give the models down below a look. 

1. Michelin Defender LTX M/S 73259 – Best For Towing A Fifth Wheel

Michelin Defender LTX M/S All Season Radial Car Tire for Light Trucks
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Key Features:

  • Radial 
  • All-season 
  • Short braking distances
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10 

Why This Is The Best Truck Tire For Towing A Fifth Wheel:

Sturdy and stable, Michelin Defender LTX M/S (73259) is able to provide RVers with an excellent degree of control over towing operations. Thanks to the aggressive tread pattern, it guarantees top-notch traction in a multitude of environments which contribute to short braking distances. In addition to that, with EverTread compound, this truck tire outmatches most of its competitors on the market regarding tread life. As a result, after RVers pick it up, many seasons would pass before they have to look for replacement tires. 

One of the things our testers like about the towing tire made by Michelin is its eco-friendly design that helps conserve fuel. Thus, once it comes to cutting down fuel consumption, we believe this tire to be one of the best truck tires for towing 5th wheel. Besides that, since it maintains a low noise level in use, we have an easy time keeping a low profile on the road.  Last but not least, this tire requires minimal care as time passes by so there is no need to give it much attention. 

Defender LTX M/S (73259) reaches the market at a reasonable price, thus, it suits the wallet of the average RVing enthusiasts. Upon purchase, it’s accompanied by a two-month satisfaction guarantee, a three-year flat tire assistance package and a six-year defect warranty. 

Things We Like

  • Affordable 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Noise level is low

Things We Don’t Like

  • Quality control could use some work 
  • Users notice bubbles on the sidewalls 

2. Nitto Terra Grappler G2 215-040 – Best For Towing A Travel Trailer

Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Traction Radial Tire
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Key Features:

  • Made in Japan 
  • Reinforced coupling joints 
  • Full-depth sipping
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10 

Why This Is The Best Truck Tire For Towing A Travel Trailer:

Being an all-terrain tire, Nitto Terra Grappler G2 (‎215-040) could conquer all sorts of grounds during regular towing operations. Featuring reinforced coupling joints, this truck tire for towing is well-known for its block edge rigidity that delivers consistent performance. Moreover, with full-depth sipping for functional benefit, it’s capable of preserving the appearance of its tread for years. As a result, this tire retains its traction following extensive and that is a big plus. 

The handling of Terra Grappler G2 (‎215-040) receives a shower of praises from our testes as it speeds up installation, balancing, … Besides that, the maintenance of this towing tire is a simple affair that involves just a bit of time and effort. Thus, with it, we could focus on exploring natural wonders instead of worrying about tire maintenance while traveling. Finally, the budget-friendly price of this tire also allows us to squeeze it into the spending plan with relative ease. 

To reassure customers, Nitto willingly offers everyone that elects to pick up its tires a mileage warranty that covers up to 65,000 miles. Unsurprisingly, various RVers who desire peace of mind consider it to be among the best truck tires for towing a travel trailer in its price range. 

Things We Like

  • Adaptable 
  • High endurance 
  • No-nonsense setup process 

Things We Don’t Like

  • Kind of loud 
  • Delivery service is mediocre

3. BFGoodrich T/A KO2 – Best Light Truck Tires For Towing

BFGoodrich All Terrain T/A KO2 Radial Car Tire for Light Trucks
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Key Features:

  • Separated shoulder 
  • All-terrain 
  • Bruise-resistant 
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10 

Why This Is The Best Light Truck Tire For Towing:

Engineered from the ground up for today’s demand, BFGoodrich T/A KO2 rarely let modern RVers down on the road. Owing to the incorporation of CoreGard technology, the sidewall of this tire could resist bruises around the clock. Additionally, it utilizes a design that stops objects from splitting the sidewall as camper owners move between locations. Therefore, in terms of safety records, a lot of tire reviews include this tire into their list of best truck tires for towing RV money can buy. 

The majority of our testers appreciate the separated shoulder of the tire from BFGoodrich as it gives increased traction over rock, snow, mud, … Aside from that, the 3D sipes stabilize the tread block which ensures steady performance. That is why we don’t have any trouble going off-road in times of need after we outfit our truck with this tire. When it eventually wears out, the cost of new tires is affordable so we don’t have to spend much on replacement tires. 

About maintenance, T/A KO2 is going to work until the day it fails without needing special treatment from RVers. That is advantageous if you have a busy travel schedule that prevents dedicated tire maintenance. 

Things We Like

  • Rugged 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Versatile and flexible

Things We Don’t Like

  • Inconsistencies exist between tires
  • Reports of balancing difficulty appear on occasions

4. Goodyear Wrangler – Best For Towing Heavy Loads

Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire
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Key Features:

  • Economical 
  • Heavy-duty 
  • All-weather 
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10 

Why This Is The Best For Towing Heavy Loads:

You have to tow fully laden recreational vehicles from time to time and seek the best tires for towing heavy loads? In that case, there is a good chance that you would come to like Goodyear Wrangler (795698918). Made to accommodate more than two thousand pounds in the outdoors, this heavy-duty tire easily supports cumbersome towing setups. Furthermore, rated for all-weather use, it should allow you to maintain complete control in a wide range of conditions.

For safety, Goodyear creates its tire with aggressive tread for enhanced traction and that satisfies the handling requirements of our testers. By incorporating enduring rubber compounds, it also excels at resisting common sources of damages to tires of travel trailer. Hence, with this tire, we don’t have to let the tire replacement interval restrict our travel options. Lastly, compared to other truck tires for towing available for purchase, it’s a breeze to clean so maintenance is a piece of cake.

As an economical model, Wrangler (795698918) comes at a price that RVers from novices to veterans can accept. As proof of confidence, Goodyear backs its time with a one-month money-back guarantee as well as a one-year warranty.

Things We Like

  • Resilient
  • Installation is child’s play
  • Outstanding shipping

Things We Don’t Like

  • Certain RVers complain about slow leaks
  • A number of tires arrive deformed 

5. Falken AT3W 28034713 – Best All-Terrain Tire For Towing

Falken 28034713 Wildpeak AT3W All Terrain Radial Tire
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Key Features:

  • Heat diffuser technology 
  • Offset shoulder 
  • Rigid tread block
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10 

Why This Is The Best All-Terrain Tire For Towing:

By taking advantage of heat diffuser technology, Falken AT3W is able to accelerate heat dissipation in the sidewall. With the temperature of the sidewall remaining at reasonable levels on the road, this tire would optimize the stability of towing operations. In addition, since its upper sidewall bites aggressively, it features fantastic traction across surfaces which is handy for off-roading. Needless to say, during discussions about the best all-terrain tires for towing on the market, this tire always shows up. 

Unlike many of its contemporaries, the AT3W tire integrates rigid tread blocks that prevent objects from getting lodged in the grooves. Because of that, we don’t have to spend time removing rocks from the tires at the end of our travels. Interestingly, the presence of 3D sipes that interlock the shoulder should keep wear and tear to the minimum at high speeds. That means our testers could cut down the expense on tire placement and save a couple of bucks for more pressing needs.

In terms of noise level, the tire made by Falken stays quiet in most of the cases so it causes no distraction. The silent operation of this tire earns it a lot of compliments from camper owners with sensitive hearing. 

Things We Like

  • Great handling 
  • Stability is top-notch
  • Reasonable price

Things We Don’t Like

  • Hardly adequate packaging
  • Post-purchase support still leaves something to be desired 

6. Milestar Patagonia – Best Mud-Terrain Truck Tires 

Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire
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Key Features:

  • Staggered tread blocks 
  • Integral stone ejectors 
  • Rugged upper sidewall 
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10 

Why This Is The Best Mud-Terrain Truck Tire:

From those who stick to highways to those that go off-road around the year, everyone considers Milestar Patagonia to be a good buy. With great biting edges, this tire is able to get a grip of the surface of roads in an assortment of situations. In addition to that, owing to the rugged upper sidewall, it’s less vulnerable to damages than its market competitors. Because of that, RVers could move their towing setup in all sorts of terrains with minimal risk of blowouts. 

For installation, the setup process of Patagonia is straightforward so our testers experience few challenges. Generally speaking, as long as the rim matches its size, we can put this tire to good use in a couple of moments. Thus, in our opinion, it’s among the best mud-terrain truck tire in terms of ease of installation. Also, the integral stone ejectors eliminate the hassle of getting rid of stones between the blocks which facilitates maintenance.  

The lifespan of the tire from Milestar changes from case to case but it often lasts through quite a few travel seasons. The fact that Milestar backs its truck tire for towing with a standard manufacturer warranty speaks volumes about its quality in use. 

Things We Like

  • Maintenance is a snap
  • Excellent traction 
  • Quiet 

Things We Don’t Like

  • People sometimes receive tires of incorrect sizes 
  • Irregular wear 

7. Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus

Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus All-Season
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Key Features:

  • Circumferential grooves
  • Lateral siping 
  • Alternating tread block geometry
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10 

Why We Love It:

With its muscular construction, Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus allows RVers to give their truck a sporty look. Moreover, designed with a combination of circumferential grooves and lateral siping, it’s good at evacuating water. As a result, it receives positive remarks from reviews of truck tires for towing regarding slippage protection in the outdoors.  This tire also wears evenly as time passes by, thus, its service life is usually a bit longer than that of other models of its class. 

The alternating tread block geometry of the Cooper tire delivers splendid stability and that results in second to none controllability for our testers. We value the low noise level of this tire too as we could reduce distractions as we maneuver. It’s noteworthy that this tire is a highway model with a high speed rating for towing operations. If you have to stick to a tight schedule then it’s strongly recommended that you add this tire to your shortlist. 

While Discoverer H/T Plus is not a dirt-cheap tire, it’s far from a bank-breaking model. Via thorough calculations, RVers can pick it up without scaling back key travel spendings. On arrival, this tire comes alongside a test drive guarantee that lasts for forty five days and a standard limited warranty. 

Things We Like

  • Magnificent lifespan
  • Versatility is superb
  • Easy to maintain 

Things We Don’t Like

  • Several people have a hard time balancing their tires
  • Customer service is unresponsive 

8. Westlake SL309

Westlake SL309 Traction Radial Tire
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Key Features:

  • High-strength steel belts
  • Double polyester interior cord 
  • Made in America 
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10 

Why We Love It:

Despite its plain appearance, Westlake SL309 is a solid tire that consistently meets the requirements of most towing operations nowadays. By including high-strength steel belts and double polyester interior cord into the body, this tire proves rather stable under loads. Additionally, the proprietary tread pattern permits it to maintain a firm grip on the road no matter the conditions. That is why this tire is one of the best truck tires on the market for towing a trailer in demanding environments. 

With a thick sidewall that resists punctures, SL309 is able to navigate rough grounds with relative ease. The multi-snipe shoulder of this time expels water effectively and efficiently as well so our testers seldom have to worry about slipping. Besides that, to keep the noise down on the road, Westlake engineers its tire with variable pitch tread blocks. Therefore, with this tire, our towing experience is going to be free of deafening screeches which reduces the level of stress. 

About post-purchase support, Westlake backs its tire with a reassuring forty thousand-mile manufacturer warranty. If your tire fails due to defects before reaching the distance limit of warranty, you could claim a replacement free of charge. 

Things We Like

  • Nice values for the price
  • Marvelous flexibility 
  • Budget-friendly 

Things We Don’t Like

  • A number of RVers report cord separation
  • Excessive vibration on occasions 

9. Travelstar Ecopath LL-LT020

Travelstar Ecopath AT Light Truck Tire
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Key Features:

  • For on and off-road use 
  • Improved tread stability 
  • High traction 
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10 

Why We Love It:

Tired of replacing worn-out tires on a regular basis and want something capable of holding together in the outdoors over time? Then it’s strongly recommended that you spare a bit of time to check out Travelstar Ecopath LL-LT020. Made with a focus on tread life, this time should stay in top shape even after tens of thousands of miles. As a result, if you elect to buy it, you could say goodbye to the days of stocking up truck tires for towing. 

Like other all-terrain models available for purchase, the tire of Travelstar features sublime on and off-road performance. Hence, after the installation warps up, our testers have no trouble moving their towing setup through a multitude of terrains. Thanks to the enhanced traction of this tire, it’s a breeze to keep everything under control at all times. It possesses decent braking power as well so when we hit the brake, our truck would come to a stop in a blink of an eye. 

Regarding affordability, since Ecopath LL-LT020 is inexpensive, its purchase should have minor effects on future spendings. It comes without the rim though so you must pick up a rim before heading out. 

Things We Like

  • Aesthetically pleasing 
  • Strong
  • Low cost 

Things We Don’t Like

  • Complaints about sporadic deflation pop up every now and then
  • Noticeable shaking at high speeds

10. Firestone Transforce HT2

Firestone Transforce HT2 Highway Terrain Commercial Light Truck Tire
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Key Features:

  • Optimal profile 
  • Saw tooth siping
  • Full-depth lateral slots 
  • Load Range: E
  • Ply Rating: 10 

Why We Love It:

Slim and sleek, Firestone Transforce HT2 (2766) is simple to manipulate so moving it around is child’s play by all accounts. In use, with saw tooth siping, this tire bites the road well regardless of the load and that leads to marvelous traction. Furthermore, the integration of full-depth lateral slots means it is capable of expelling water continuously. Needless to say, those who place controllability above all else tend to think of this tire as one of the best tires for towing RV money can buy.

One interesting thing about the tire of Firestone is that it features an optimal profile with even wearing patterns over time. Hence, our testers don’t have to concern themselves with blowouts, vibration and so on as they travel. Usually, the tread on this tire takes many seasons to wear out so we only need to pick up remnants once in a while. Noteworthily, with no-nonsense maintenance, it requires little attention from camper owners to stay in good condition. 

For compatibility, since Transforce HT2 (2766) is vehicle-specific, it’s a good idea to think about the truck to ensure fitness. The setup process is intuitive so there is no need to call in experts to install it to typical towing vehicles. 

Things We Like

  • Tough
  • Timely delivery 
  • Traction is splendid 

Things We Don’t Like

  • Packaging is barely acceptable 
  • Customer service must be overhauled

The Basics About Truck Tires For Towing

What is it?

All in all, a truck tire for towing is a kind of tire that allows trucks to support towing operations. For operations that involve recreational vehicles, the tires of towing trucks should be at least ten-ply with a load range of E.

In case you don’t know, the ply indicates the layers of the tires and the load range provides their weight limit. Usually, you could find both specifications on the sidewall of the tires but if you can’t see anything there, contact the manufacturers for answers. 

Benefits of truck tires for towing

  • Endurance: Made to match the demands of towing operations, truck tires for towing hold together well as time passes by. From outdoor elements to physical impacts, such tires could handle everything. With these tires, there is no need to worry too much about blowout as you travel and that is by all accounts advantageous.  
  • Expense: For hauling loads in the outdoors, towing tires last longer than ordinary tires for truck on the market. In addition, the odds of towing tires getting damaged in use tend to be low too. Because of that, if you own the best truck tires for towing, you would have an easy time cutting down the expense on replacement tires.  
  • Handling: With outstanding traction, towing tires maintain a steady grip on the road regardless of weather conditions. That means you could safely perform a lot of maneuvers after you outfit your truck with towing tires. If you want to master your truck, you won’t regret picking up towing tires. 
  • Travel: Thanks to the consistent performance of truck tires for towing, vehicles that carry them navigate multiple surfaces with relative ease. Hence, you don’t have to stop if the road ahead seems slippery, muddy, snowy, etc. That is going to be beneficial once it comes to full-time RVing.

Types of truck tires For towing

Nowadays, quite a few towing tires exist but it’s possible to classify market models into three types: A/T, A/S and A/P. 

best truck tires for towing 5th wheel
Photo: JamesLee999 / Getty Images
  • A/T (All-Terrain) Tires: Designed with aggressive tread, big tread blocks and more spaces, A/T tires could conquer various terrains without much difficulty. Unsurprisingly, models of the type earn a shower of praise from RVers who enjoy off-roading. Moreover, since A/T tires often feature a long tread life, it’s going to be a while before people must replace them. Last but not least, owing to the low noise level, All-Terrain tires rarely make a ruckus on the road. 
  • A/S (All-Season) Tires: For year-round travel on the highway, A/S tires prove to be great choices. With symmetrical tread, circumferential grooves, …, models of the type guarantee more than enough stability for towing RV. So you only tow travel trailers between camping locations throughout the seasons? Then it’s strongly recommended that you select  A/S tires for the towing vehicle. 
  • A/P (All-Purpose) Tires: As the name suggests, A/P tires don’t have exceptional characteristics but they perform adequately in most situations. Boasting a tread pattern of overlapping blocks, models of the type deliver sufficient grip on mild terrains. In times of need, RVing enthusiasts may even go off-road with All-Purpose tires. Still, the off-roading performance of A/P tires falls behind that of its contemporaries. 

Choosing Truck Tires For Towing: The Buying Criteria

RVers have numerous opinions about what could be called the best truck tires for towing but to make wise investments, you must remember the followings. 


In layman’s terms, the size of tires influences many things from the towing capacity to the RPM of engines so it requires special attention. For your information, today’s tires come in three sizes: LT (for light truck use), ST (for special trailers) and P (for passenger vehicles). Overall, LT tires work well for hauling loads, ST tires excel in trailer axles and P tires provide smooth rides for city driving, light towing, …  To get the best truck tires for towing a trailer, take a bit of time to think about tire size then decide accordingly.

Load Range And Ply Rating 

During towing operation, truck tires would have to support a lot of weight which means it’s necessary to consider load range and ply rating. To put it plainly, the load range and ply rating of tires dictate the amount of weight they could manage on the road. Usually, tire manufacturers place the load range on the sidewall of their products and after finding the load range, you may deduce the ply rating. The load range and the ply rating come in B, C, D, E, F and 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 respectively.

Speed Limit

The pace of towing operations relies on a number of issues and the speed limit of tires is one of them. Similar to the load range and ply rating, the speed limit sits on the sidewall of tires. Besides that, the speed limit uses alphabet characters to indicate velocity: For instance, tires with a speed limit of H have a maximum speed of  210 km/h (130m/h). While tires that feature high maximum speeds give RVers several benefits, they have their own drawbacks such as short tread life. 

best truck tires for towing travel trailer


Tires degrade as time passes by even in storage, thus, you have to think about age as you assess tires on the market. To determine the age of tires, you have to take a look at the last four digits of the Tire Identification Number. The first two digits identify the week of production and the last two digits identify the year of production. Here is an example: In the case that you see “2616” on a tire, it’s produced on the 26th week of 2016. 


  • $100 -$150: Plain and basic, tires in the range get the job done despite the lack of unique attributes. Additionally, with fantastic affordability, models that cost from $100 and $150 receive numerous compliments from cost-conscious RVers. 
  • $150 – $300: Possessing a balance between cost and performance, tires in the range give a good account of themselves in use. Desire solid tires but your wallet is kind of tight at the moment? Then it’s suggested that you keep an eye for models with prices between $150 and $300. 
  • Above $300: Engineered with everything people need for towing RV, tires in the range work wonders on the road. Also, though they appear pricey, models that cost more than $300 last for quite some time which helps save money in the long run. 

Best Truck Tire Brands

The brand of a tire tells little of its values so there is need to pay too much attention to brand. That being said, if you want to pick up the best truck tires for towing, you should prioritize models from these names.

  • Goodyear: With a user-oriented approach, Goodyear as well as its tires prove popular among RVing enthusiasts who care about convenience. When a need arises, people could set up and put away tires from Goodyear in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, the maintenance of Goodyear tires is a straightforward process that everyone can perform. Thus, if you want to spend more time traveling and less time managing your tires, Goodyear is your best bet.
  • Michelin: As a long-established brand, Michelin understands how to design tires for towing operations that hold together. Thus, those who don’t have many chances to grab replacement tires often consider Michelin products to be the best pickup tires for towing. In addition, it’s worth pointing out that Michelin releases its tires to the market across the price points. That is why tires made by Michelin could match a wide range of shopping budgets. 
  • Falken: By emphasizing optimization, Falken is capable of keeping its towing tires for truck competitive over time. Aside from that, Falken products come in all shapes and sizes so getting ones that suit particulate settings is a walk in the park. Assuming that you nail the measurements, you would be able to adapt tires from Falken to your towing vehicle. Finally, with responsive customer service, Falken is going to offer assistance if you experience issues with its products.
  • Federal Couragia: Owing to the incorporation of innovation, tires of Federal Couragia maintain consistent performance in a multitude of environments. Naturally, once it comes to full-time RVing, a lot of RVers regard products of Federal Couragia as some of the best truck tires for towing. The tread of Federal Couragia tires also lasts for tens of thousands of miles in most of the cases. That means one set of tires made by Federal Couragia should be all you need for towing operation through several travel seasons. 

FAQs About Truck Tires

1. Are LT tires better for towing?

Essentially, the nature of LT tires makes them sound choices for towing operations in the outdoors. Thanks to the stiff wall, LT tires reduce swaying albeit making the ride somewhat rougher. Moreover, the rubber of LT tires resists chipping well and that results in super off-road performance. If you want to have an easy time hauling loads, you should keep an eye out for LT tires.

2. Can I put truck tires on my RV?

If the load ranges match, you could use truck tires in lieu of RV ones on your rig. However, in the same load range, LT tires tend to cost a bit more than their ST counterparts so you have to pay more for a set. With the amount you must pay for the LT equivalents of your ST tires, you could usually buy ST tires of higher quality. Additionally, the selection of LT tires is not as broad as that of ST ones which limits the number of choices. 

3. Do truck tires matter for towing travel trailer?

With the truck tires determining the controllability of towing vehicles, they play a key role in the success of towing operations. If you manage to outfit your truck with suitable tires, your time on the road should be uneventful. On the other hand, if you choose poor truck tires, you would face a lot of issues while towing recreational vehicles. That is why you should do everything in your power to pick up the best truck tires for towing

4. Do you need special tires for towing?

To maximize the safety of RV towing, it’s important to select the best tires for towing travel trailer. If you pick up the wrong tires, it’s only a matter of time before they deform under load. Since tire deformation increases the risk of blowouts, flat tires and so on, be careful as you look for towing tires. Avoid committing to a purchase until you make sure that the tires you like have appropriate specs.

5. What’s a tire ply rating?

Back in the old days, the ply rating of a tire indicated the number of layers in its construction. Nowadays, there is no connection between the tire ply rating and the layers of tires: A 10-ply tire may only pack 2 layers. Via the ply rating, you would be able to get a general idea about the capabilities of tires. As mentioned above, it’s possible to work out the ply rating of tires using their load range which comes in alphabet letters. 

Load Range Ply Rating 

For good measure, while replacing truck tires, you need to stick to models that have either an equal or higher load range/ply rating. As the letter changes from B to F, the amount of loads that tires could deal with in the outdoors increases accordingly.

6. Is a 10-ply tire good for towing?

For most of the time, tires with a ply rating of 10 and a load range of E prove adequate for standard towing operations. Compared to tires of lower specs, 10-ply tires have superior resistance against puncture and that helps a lot as people haul loads. Also, tires with a 10-ply rating grip the surface underneath well owing to their top-notch traction. Because of that, if you get 10-ply tires for your towing vehicles, you don’t have to worry about slipping on the road. 

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