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Ok, you want to upgrade your RV Stove. Or maybe you are doing a custom build and you want to know what your options are when it comes to stoves. What stove will fit in your space, budget, and cooking needs? Check out our list and tips. We have covered all the basics to make you feel confident in your purchase.

My top choice is the Greystone 110 Volt RV Gas Range and Cooktop. It combines the convenience of off-the-grid propane ability. Also, because I have a larger 5th-wheel with three slides, my current combo is 24 inches making the upgrade possible.

It has the luxury of four burners which is more than most RV stoves. It also has a larger oven, perfect for full-size casseroles or a large pizza. If you cook on a gas stove at home, this Greystone will be easy to master. If you are new to cooking on gas, a quick internet search will teach you everything your need to know.

Now on to the reviews, or go toward the end of the article for important considerations when buying an RV stove.

The Top RV Stoves Reviewed

 Product NameEnergy SourcePortabilityBest forMore Info
Greystone, 110 Volt RV Gas Range and Cooktop, Stove and Oven Combo, 24 Inch, LP Gas, Stainless SteelGreystone, 110 Volt RV Gas Range and Cooktop, Stove and Oven Combo, 24...PropaneNot portableBest for larger spaces, frequent useSee Latest Price
RecPro RV Stove | Gas Range 21' Tall | Optional Vented Range Hood | Black or Silver Color Options...RecPro RV Stove | Gas Range 21" Tall | Optional Vented Range Hood | Black...PropaneNot portableBest budget option
Smaller, Frequent use
See Latest Price
Electric Cooktop 24 inch, Cooksir Electric Stove Top 4 burner, 9 Heating Level, Knob Control, Auto...Electric Cooktop 24 inch, Cooksir Electric Stove Top 4 burner, 9 Heating...ElectricNot portableBest electric-only cooktop non-portableSee Latest Price
Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Family Size Electric Breakfast Station, Non Stick Die Cast Grill/Griddle, 4...Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Family Size Electric Breakfast Station, Non Stick...Electric

PortableBest Budget, Portability and Versatility optionSee Latest Price
Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W Digital Electric Countertop Burner Sensor Touch...Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W Digital Electric...ElectricPortableBest Induction style Portable optionSee Latest Price
The 7 Best RV Stoves For 2022 [Reviews and Guide] 1Webasto Diesel Cooker X100 (With Installation kit)DieselNot PortableBest option for small spaces in Diesel vehiclesSee Latest Price
The 7 Best RV Stoves For 2022 [Reviews and Guide] 2Dometic 9581415-99 Origo 4100 Double Burner Nonpressurized BuiltinAlcoholPortableBest option for Fuel Stability and PortabilitySee Latest Price

Find the right RV Stove for You

1. Greystone, 110 Volt RV Gas Range and Cooktop, Stove and Oven Combo, 24 Inch, LP Gas, Stainless Steel

Greystone is an industry leader in RV appliances. This stove and oven combo is perfect for those of us who live in our RV because it offers all the conveniences of home. With four burners on this cooktop, you have the option of cooking full meals in the convenience of your kitchen. We do a lot of grilling and open fire cooking, but this is very helpful on days that the weather is not cooperative. There is nothing like waking to bacon frying and biscuits baking on a cold winter morning in Colorado. 

RV cooking can sometimes come with a learning curve, but with this model, cooking is not very different from the gas stove for homes. It has over 8,000 BTUs of power in the burners and up to 500 degrees in the oven. The versatility of using gas can be a game-changer when dry-docked or off the grid. Drydocking means using a generator and having limited electrical abilities. Having the propane feature allows you to use your stove and oven normally.

Greystone includes cast iron grates, foldable glass top, and LED-backlit knobs.  LP (liquid propane) gas hook up, and 110V power connection is all that’s needed. This model is 24 inches wide, making it one of the largest stoves for RV use. 

The 7 Best RV Stoves For 2022 [Reviews and Guide] 3


  • Dual Stove and Oven
  • Easy to use
  • Four burners
  • Large oven


  • Expensive
  • Skilled installation
  • Too large for most RV kitchens

2. RecPro RV Stove | Gas Range 21″ Tall | Optional Vented Range Hood | Black or Silver Color Options (Silver, No Vented Range Hood)

The RecPro is an Ideal option for your budget and the full-time RV’ers needs. It offers three burners and a good size oven of 16 1/2″W x 14″D x 10″H. It is a propane unit that is very useful for dry docking or going off the grid. This combo is an average size at 21 inches wide. It is easy to use and space-effective. There is a stovetop cover attached to the back of the stove. 

The only difference you will see between the RecPro and your gas stove at home will be the size. The transition will be easy. New pots and pans are not required as standard cookware will be appropriate. You will be able to feed the whole camp and stay on budget.

There is an option of a matching vent hood. I like this because if you already have a vent hood that works, there is no need to change it. You have the option if you want to make them match. Vent hoods are great for pulling out smoke and odors in your small space with the bonus of a light.

The 7 Best RV Stoves For 2022 [Reviews and Guide] 4


  • Dual Stove and Oven
  • Easy to use
  • Budget friendly


  • Only three burners
  • Skilled installation
  • no broiler

3. Electric Cooktop 24 inch,Electric Stove Top 4 burner,9 Heating Level, Knob Control, Auto Shut Down Protection, Hard Wired, No Plug Included

This electric cooktop is made to be hardwired and installed into your RV. It is 24 inches wide, so it is on the larger side. This is an excellent choice for those who do not want to manage several energy sources. You can use this cooktop stove with any standard type of cookware. 

With heating abilities of up to 1800 watts, all cooking applications will be possible. It also boasts a uniform heating surface. This cooktop uses infrared heating, so it has no electromagnetic radiation. Because it uses electricity, there is no danger of gas leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning.

The surface is high quality black polished crystal glass and is very easy to clean and maintain. It is beautiful and functional. Safety is first and foremost with a residual heat indicator, and an auto shut down feature. An added bonus is there is no open flame.

The 7 Best RV Stoves For 2022 [Reviews and Guide] 5


  • Safety Features
  • Easy to use
  • Sleek modern style


  • Requires 50 amp service connection
  • Skilled installation
  • Too large for most RV kitchens

4. Nostalgia 3-in-1 Family Size Electric Breakfast Station, Coffeemaker, Griddle, Toaster Oven, Aqua

Have a budget and low on space? This is your option for versatility and function. It is compact, so it can sit on a counter or be stowed away in a cabinet. It is also portable so that it can be used outside your rig as well. It uses electricity through a 110 plug. 

When it comes to portability and versatility, this beauty has it all. You can fry eggs with bacon while baking biscuits and making coffee. With the option of doing this inside on a rainy day or outside in front of a beautiful sunrise, what more could you ask. It isn’t limited to breakfast either. A griddle, coffee maker, and toaster oven are offered so that you can make many gourmet meals.

This design is perfect for a taste of nostalgia. The teal blue, reminiscent of the ’50s, is a trendy color. If you are the glamping type who loves weekend show-it-offs at campgrounds, this will make you the envy of all your neighbors.


  • Versatility
  • Portability
  • Budget friendly


  • Small 
  • Only 4 cup coffee maker
  • Griddle takes time to heat up

5. Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W Digital Electric Countertop Burner Sensor Touch Stove, 9620LS/BT-350DZ

Induction heating is an innovation that boasts safety. It has overheating protection and a child safety lock that turns the burners off when there isn’t any cookware in place. It is energy-saving and only heats where it is needed.

With precise temperature controls, you can adjust temperature ranges from 140 °F to 460 °F to meet all your cooking needs. A ceramic glass surface makes cleaning a breeze. Just wipe with a microfiber cloth to make it look brand new.

Weighing just 8.7 pounds, it’s perfect wherever you need an extra cooking surface. You can take it from the RV to the picnic table outside and cook under the stars. Pots and pans must be magnetic to work on this cooktop, but you will find that most newer cookware will fit the guidelines. 


  • Fast heating
  • Portability
  • Budget friendly


  • Only two burners
  • Can only use magnetic cookware
  • Can be difficult to master power levels

6. Webasto Diesel Cooker X100 (With Installation kit)

The 7 Best RV Stoves For 2022 [Reviews and Guide] 6
Webasto Diesel Cooker X100 (With Installation kit)
  • The Webasto Diesel Cooker X100 is elegantly designed and is easy to transport, as the hot plate weighs only 8 kg
  • Increased safety due to the absence of open flames inside the van
  • The robust, high-quality CERAN® cooking surface is very easy to clean

Prefered by those who have chosen the van-life, a diesel cooktop can be piped directly into your vehicle’s diesel tank. This option makes storing fuel very easy and also readily available. The exhaust of this cooktop is routed outside of the cabin, meaning less unpleasant fumes. 

The cooking surface of this small Webasto cooker can accommodate up to two small pots or pans. You can use one to cook and the other to heat up food. There is no open flame making it a safe option on the road.

The glass ceramic cooking surface is super easy to clean as well as has a sleek modern look. It is space saving with enough power to do the job. With the universal installation kit, it is easy to install.


  • Space saving
  • Fuel availability
  • No open flame


  • Only one burner and one warmer
  • Diesel fumes
  • Skilled installation

7. Dometic 9581415-99 Origo 4100 Double Burner Nonpressurized Builtin

The 7 Best RV Stoves For 2022 [Reviews and Guide] 7
Dometic 9581415-99 Origo 4100 Double Burner Nonpressurized Builtin Al
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Efficient and compact

Alcohol is a relatively safe fuel that will not explode. It has been used for decades on boats. Now that all types of vehicles are being converted into RVs, this safe fuel is catching on for RV owners. This model has two burners.

This model is the best option when looking for an alcohol stove. It is portable and lightweight. It burns denatured alcohol that can be found at most stores that sell paint products. This alcohol is not pressurized, making it safer than gas.

The detachable pan makes it easy to clean and maintain its sleek style. This burner is designed to be efficient and compact for those small spaces from RVs to boat galleys. If an alcohol stove creates a fire, it can be extinguished with water.


  • Space saving
  • Alcohol can be stored safely
  • Easy to clean


  • Hard to find to purchase
  • Fuel evaporation
  • Expense

What to look for in RV Stove?

When considering the differences between a home stove and one for an RV, the main difference  is the size. Unless your rig is a class A and very large, you will not have a full-size stove. RV cooktops or stoves come in many different sizes and styles. Some convert from inside to outside use. Some can use electricity or propane depending on what you have access to.

RV stove sizes range from 17 inches up to 24 inches and usually have two to four burners. If looking to update your existing cooktop, you will have to consider size, electric compatibility, fuel, and overall function. What is right for you will also depend on your current needs and preferences.  Will you use it often? You will appreciate having more burners and an oven if you are a full-timer or even a part-timer. Will you be cooking more inside or out? What will be your primary energy source? What is your budget? These are all things to consider before purchasing.

Fuel Possibilities

In recent years, innovation has given us many new options. Many of the van-life enthusiasts like the alcohol and diesel stove options. Diesel stoves can be piped directly into your vehicle’s diesel tank. This option makes storing fuel very easy and also readily available.

The 7 Best RV Stoves For 2022 [Reviews and Guide] 8
alcohol stove

Alcohol burners are also popular with those trying to keep their footprint as small as possible. Alcohol double burner cooktops are very hard to find. It seems Dometic is the industry leader but has discontinued its current two burner alcohol model. Maybe there will be an upgraded option soon. Single burners are easy to find and make portability easy. 

Electric stoves are convenient for those who prefer using campgrounds having access to full hookups. The ability to just plug up and be ready to cook is handy. There is no fuel to store or open flames to watch. Carbon monoxide is not a factor.

The 7 Best RV Stoves For 2022 [Reviews and Guide] 9
RV Electric Stove
The 7 Best RV Stoves For 2022 [Reviews and Guide] 10
RV Propane Stove

Propane gas stoves are excellent for camping in places that do not have electricity available. Propane burns hotter so that cooking time is less. Propane is also readily available, and most RVs use propane to power water heaters and furnaces.


Size is important in determining what stove you buy. RVs have hundreds if not thousands of floor plans. Some have room for 24-inch wide deluxe model stoves, and others may only have 17 inches. Some RVs do not have room for stoves at all. You may be cooking with something portable that you stow in a cabinet or under a bed. Finding the right stove for you will depend on all of these factors.


How will you be using your stove or cooktop? Are you invested in cooking inside your rig, or will you only be cooking inside when there is inclement weather? Will you be using your RV during the winter months where it is cold?

In the past, my husband and I very seldomly cooked inside. He loves to cook over an open fire, so I would sit in my camping chair and watch the sunset while he did the cooking. Of course, you guessed it. I got to do the clean up. That was a trade I was willing to make because if you have ever cooked over an open fire, you know that the food is fantastic.

If you like breakfast outside watching the sunrise, you want to consider the portable options. We would use a fold-up table or our outdoor camp kitchen outside, so even the cook could enjoy nature. Most RV or camper owners camp because they appreciate nature and want to be a part of its story as often as possible.


Finding a stove that fits your budget will not be hard. The price range for stoves can run from $50 for a two burner electric or propane stove to $1000 for a top-of-the-line Furrion professional chef model.

Yes, I said an RV stove for a professional chef. Alcohol and Diesel stoves will run from $300 to $400. Alcohol double burners are hard to find. Purchasing used may be your only option.

FAQs for RV Stoves

Can I use my RV stove while driving?

Will your stove work while you are driving? There are different answers for this. It is possible for all stoves, including electric, but there are considerations. If you have a fully electric stove, you will also need a generator running. This is not advisable. The instability of the rig and running a gas generator can lead to disaster. At the same time, there is not a safe option to be cooking while moving down a highway. If you need to do so, pull over for the 20-30 minutes, it takes to complete a meal. Sandwiches are always good for traveling. You can prepare them before the trip making lunch easy to access and time saving.

Which energy source is the safest?

There are safety issues to consider with each fuel type. Diesel and Propane can produce air pollution that can be harmful and require carbon monoxide detectors. Alcohol can also cause air pollution, but it is less significant. Electricity does not produce air pollutants. Electricity, as well as diesel, does not have any open flame. There are not any safety concerns in storing electricity alcohol.

How much electricity is required for my stove?

RVs have either a 30 or 50 amp service.  That means when you are fully hooked to electricity, you have either 30 or 50 amps. Most stoves use 15 amps. This means if you have a 30 amp service, you may not be able to use your stove while you are running your air conditioning or your heat pump. If your RV has a 50 amp service, you should not have any issues cooking while using your other amenities.

Which energy source is most expensive?

Calculating the price of electricity is not necessary when camping at most campgrounds. Electricity is included in the price of the accommodation. If you are running a generator to supply electricity, you will need to calculate the required fuel for the generator.

Now let’s consider propane. RVs, depending upon size, can have propane tanks that range from 20 to 40lb tanks. A 20lb tank contains about 4.6 gallons of propane. A 40lb tank has 9.2 gallons. Buying propane by the gallon is around $4.00. A week of cooking three meals a day will use just over one gallon of propane. Just like gas prices, this can vary greatly depending on where you are, from state to state or even one side of town to another. There is also an exchange option that can save you a few dollars. Some businesses will exchange your tank for a filled tank the same size at a slightly lower price. When looking for propane on the road, gas stations will usually sell it or know where it can be purchased.

 Denatured alcohol is available at most places paint is sold. At present, it is running $6.47 a quart. You will use about 1 quart cooking three meals a day for a week. It is also essential to know that denatured alcohol does evaporate. Keeping your alcohol canisters covered inside your alcohol stove is vital to minimize evaporation.

 Diesel stoves will be comparable with propane when comparing usage. Diesel is currently running $3.50 a gallon. Although again, this varies by location.

Does my stove need ventilation?

Only diesel stoves need to be ventilated for safety. Ventilation is necessary because diesel emissions can be toxic. It is essential for your health that it is adequately ventilated. Propane appliances can be vented or ventless. It depends on each actual unit. Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Electric and alcohol stoves do not require ventilation. Still, it is an excellent option for all stoves to remove smoke and provide light to your cooking area.

Can I install a standard residential stove in my RV?

The main issue with installing a standard residential stove into your RV will be room and electrical power. Traditional stoves are 30 inches wide. Only a custom build will allow for this large appliance. If you are considering an electric stove, you will be disappointed because the electrical capabilities of the RV will not be enough. A residential stove pulls 30 amps by itself. A propane stove may be an option, but size and stability will be in question again.


Choosing the perfect stove for your needs is as individualized as the RV you chose. What size, fuel, function, and use?  These questions will all have to be answered to make an informed choice. After reading this review, I hope you are ready to answer these questions and make an informed decision.

Out best choice is the Greystone, 110 Volt RV Gas Range and Cooktop, Stove and Oven Combo, 24 Inch, LP Gas, Stainless Steel. Because we are full-time RV’ers, our kitchen is a hub used most days to produce some down home southern cooking. The advantage of having an oven is it bakes some great biscuits and cornbread along with some homemade pizza and brownies. I love the look and durability of the stainless steel. Greystone is an industry leader in the camping world. It is an investment in durability and dependability. I am sure there will be many pots of chicken and dumplings and pans of cornbread made on this stove and in the oven.

After purchasing your stove and cooking your favorite meals, make sure you take a moment to watch the sunrise or sunset. I promise this always makes the food taste better. Listen to the kids play because they won’t stay kids long. Turn on the radio and dance under the stars, and you will not regret the memories made.

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