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The 15 Best RV Backup Cameras to Buy in 2020

Peter Wade

All RVers know that backing up recreational vehicles is quite a challenge due to the number of blind spots.

While the side as well as rear-view mirrors undoubtedly help a lot, they still fail to deliver a full picture.

That is why more and more enthusiasts of RVing nowadays opt to get backup cameras.

Being designed to show exactly what is behind the vehicles, backup cameras would allow RVers to safely navigate tight spaces.

As manufacturers continuously introduce new models to the market, enthusiasts of RVing have plenty of options once it comes to backup cameras for recreational vehicles.

However, if you wish to add the best RV backup camera to your rig, it’s important that you take a look at this article.

best rv backup camera

Best RV Backup Cameras Comparison Chart

NoTop-Rated RV Backup CamerasTypesPricesOur Ratings
1Furrion Vision S FOS43TASFWireless$$$$*****
2Zeroxclub W01Wireless$$*****
4Rohent HDWireless$$****
5Yakry Y25Wireless$$****
8LeeKooLuu LKL-080Wired$****
9eRapta ER0202Wired$$*****
10Camecho RCWired$***
11eRapta ER01Wired$$*****
12Furrion Vision S FOS05TAEDWired$$$$$****
13Zeroxclub ERY01Wired$$*****
14Rear View Safety RVS-770613Wired$$$****

Best Wireless Backup Cameras for RV

Preferences often change considerably from person to person so there is no such thing as the best model for everyone.

That being said, if you don’t want to take chances then you should pay attention to the following cameras.

1. Furrion Vision S FOS43TASF – Best Of The Best

Furrion Vision S (FOS43TASF)
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  • Type: Wireless
  • Display Size: 4.3 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 120 Degrees

Why This Is The Best:

Boasting the latest wireless technology, Furrion Vision S (FOS43TASF) proves to be superior to traditional backup cameras for RV in terms of signal range.

Even if you tend to travel at high speeds, the display still easily locks on signals up to 50 feet away.

In open spaces, the signal range would reach nearly 500 feet so the model from Furrion is certainly the best RV backup camera for long rigs.

Vision S (FOS43TASF) handles interferences well too, hence, enthusiasts of RVing don’t have to worry about signal loss.

The Furrion backup camera is accompanied by a tough anti-glare display that shows clear images in every light condition.

Because of that, you could comfortably watch the rear of your RV at all times which is a big plus.

Additionally, the display of Vision S (FOS43TASF) is able to help RVers reserve through the rear assist marker lines.

Thanks to the extensive coverage of marker lines, it’s a breeze to notice hidden obstacles while driving in reserve.

One interesting thing about Furrion Vision S (FOS43TASF) is that it incorporates motion detection.

The display would automatically awaken if the backup camera detects movements outside of the vehicle.

Thus, it’s possible to use Vision S (FOS43TASF) as a wireless security camera.

I purchased this for 2019 Jayco travel trailer that came pre-wired for the Furrion backup camera. The existing bracket on the camper specified buying FOS48TA-BL as “high speed observation camera” or the FRC12TA-BL “backup system.” I could not find either and then read that this is the newer model. The camera came mounted in the sharkfin bracket, the same type bracket that was already on my camper. To install I just removed the four screws to take the camera out of the bracket, then remove the same plate on the bracket on the camper, then install the camera. This avoids removing the entire sharkfin bracket off the camper. Inside the bracket on the camper there was a headphone jack type plug to connect to the camera, and there was also a purple wire – not sure what that is for and didn’t use it. The camera only worked with the vehicle lights on (sending power to the camper running lights). It did not work with the lights off even when putting into reverse gear. The camera has a great picture. There are no grid lines for parking. It has audio which allows you to hear someone in the back helping you park. The camera also has a motion detector mode which allows the display to shut off unless it detects motion. Overall very happy with this purchase!

Shared by Bill


  • Mount is splendid
  • Responsive customer service
  • No-nonsense installation


  • Quite expensive
  • A couple of users complain about receiving inoperable units

2. Zeroxclub W01 RV Backup Camera – Editor’s Choice

Zeroxclub W01
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  • Type: Wireless
  • Display Size: 7.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 149 Degrees

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

You like to grab a camera system with a big display so you don’t have to strain your eyes?

If that happens to be the case then you should come to like Zeroxclub W01.

Possessing an expansive HD display, W01 ensures that enthusiasts of RVing could see everything clearly.

In addition, with the use of advanced IPS technology, the backup camera from Zeroxclub deletes delays and improves response time.

That is why many RV backup camera reviews consider Zeroxclub W01 to be an excellent companion for full-time RVers.

Regarding installation, it only takes a few moments to set up the display of W01: all you have to do is to plug the display into the vehicle cigarette lighter.

As for the camera, you will need to secure it to the rear of your rig using the provided screws.

To accommodate the cable that supplies the camera with electricity, it’s necessary that you drill a small hole too.

Being rated at IP69K, Zeroxclub W01 is pretty well-protected against water so it would remain operational if soaked.

About cost, the backup camera made by Zeroxclub comes at a reasonable price so it suits plenty of shopping budgets.

In terms of post-purchase support, Zeroxclub W01 is backed with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. 

Was having trouble backing my RV with my wife telling me what I was looking at. Goty this backup camera and what a relief. The wireless unit is clear and works at night. The picture is perfect for backing and seeing what is not only directly behind you but also what is around the area behind you. Life is easy again and don’t have to figure which is her left and my right

Shared by Bill Scriven


  • Superb endurance
  • Marvelous display
  • Signal range is decent


  • Poor instructions
  • Connectivity issues occur every now and then

3. Amtifo RV Backup Camera System

Amtifo Backup Camera System
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  • Type: Wireless
  • Display Size: 7.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 150 Degrees

Why We Love It:

Employing a resilient all-metal construction, Amtifo Backup Camera System could take on everything that the outdoors throws at it.

The Amtifo backup camera continues to send images to RVers even if it’s exposed to water, dust, extreme temperatures, …

In addition to that, with the incorporation of rugged infrared lights in the design, the camera has superb night vision.

Unsurprisingly, for off-roading, Amtifo Backup Camera System is regarded as the best wireless backup camera for RV available for purchase on the market nowadays.

The display would show images captured by the camera to a maximum speed of 160 km/h in vehicles under 55 feet.

If the vehicle length exceeds 55 feet, Amtifo Backup Camera System can only be used at slow speed as the signal strength might get unstable otherwise.

The orientation of the images is changeable too: enthusiasts of RVing have 4 options including Normal Facing, Facing Upside Down, Rear Mirror and Mirror Upside Down.

Furthermore, with the help of the customizable guide lines on the display, driving in reserve is a piece of cake.

For installation, the setup process of Amtifo Backup Camera System is uncomplicated so you don’t have to be an expert mechanic to install it.

The backup camera of Amtifo is sold with two dash mounts and an optional windshield mount is available on demand.


  • Excellent packaging
  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • Instantaneous installation


  • Customer service is barely acceptable
  • Signal strength fluctuates on occasions

4. Rohent RV Backup Camera System

Rohent HD 960P Digital Wireless Backup Camera
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  • Type: Wireless
  • Display Size: 7.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 150 Degrees

Why We Love It:

By utilizing 2nd generation digital technology, Rohent Backup Camera System would deliver crisp images and keep interferences to a minimum.

The display carries a state-of-the-art wireless receiver that locks on signals 60 feet away and the signal range reaches 990 feet in open spaces.

With the split-screen function, the display could show images from two cameras at once so feel free to add another camera for more coverage.

Also, following the trend, the display offers guidelines to assist RVers while backing up.

Featuring a 150-degree field of view, Rohent Backup Camera System never misses a thing and that brings peace of mind.

As it’s engineered to be waterproof, fog-resistant and comes with night vision, the camera of Rohent adapts well to a lot of environments.

To power the camera made by Rohent, you have two choices: if you just use the camera to reserve, wire it to the reverse lights.

In the case that you want to keep the camera on for full-time view, wire it to the battery.

As proof of confidence, Rohent backs its camera with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 2-year warranty.

If you value after-sale service, Rohent Backup Camera System would be the best RV backup camera you could get.


  • Fair cost
  • Sturdy and dependable
  • Sublime post-purchase support


  • A few units experience image lags
  • Quality control could use some improvements

5. Yakry Y25 RV Backup Camera

Yakry Y25 HD Digital Wireless Backup Camera System
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  • Type: Wireless
  • Display Size: 5.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 150 Degrees

Why We Love It:

Able to stay hidden behind the license plate, Yakry Y25 is well-received by enthusiasts of RVing that look for a low-profile camera setup.

Boasting premium-grade glass lenses, Y25 produces high-quality images in an assortment of conditions.

Moreover, with a wide viewing angle, the backup camera from Yakry makes sure that RVers know exactly what lies behind the vehicles prior to reserving.

Rated at IP69, Yakry Y25 is by all accounts a robust backup camera that holds up extremely well over time.

Owing to the use of digital signals, the operation of the Yakry backup camera is substantially less vulnerable to interference compared to the average systems.

Thus, once it comes to consistency, Y25 often takes the top spots in lots of RV backup camera wireless reviews.

In use, Yakry Y25 would stably transmit images up to 45 feet during reserve and out in the open, the signal range could go above 600 feet.

So the Yakry camera should nicely meet the demands of owners of typical recreational vehicles.

Since the display of Y25 has a rather low power consumption, keeping it powered is going to be a cakewalk.

That is why the backup camera of Yakry is the best RV backup camera for rigs with delicate power grids. 


  • Highly affordable
  • Compact construction
  • Durability is top-notch


  • Poor instructions
  • Users notice drops in image quality at night

6. 4Ucam RV Backup Camera System

4Ucam Backup Camera System
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  • Type: Wireless
  • Display Size: 7.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 130 Degrees

Why We Love It:

Engineered for convenience and built to last, 4Ucam Backup Camera System gives a good account of itself in many applications.

With an enduring heavy-duty metal body, the 4Ucam camera excels at withstanding abuses so it’s well-suited for vehicles that see regular use.

Additionally, 4Ucam presents enthusiasts of RVing a tough adjustable steel bracket to hold the camera.

Because of that, adapting the 4Ucam Backup Camera System to your rig is going to be a walk in the park.

Since the display of the backup camera from 4Ucam contains a built-in wireless receiver, you don’t have to set up a separate receiver.

So all you need to do is to plug the display into the cigarette lighter and that will be it.

You could aim the display toward any direction you want as it happens to sit on a highly flexible base.

To meet individual liking, the display allows image rotation and through the video output, images captured by the camera can be displayed on other screens.

As for signal range, 4Ucam Backup Camera System maintains stable operation at distances up to 300 feet in unobstructed settings.

If you need more, 4Ucam has a super-charged extended antenna that you can buy separately.


  • Image quality is superb
  • Versatile camera mount
  • Field of view is decent


  • Owner’s manual is poorly written
  • Users complain about camera fogging up in use

7. Yuwei RV Backup Camera System

Yuwei Backup Camera System
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  • Type: Wireless
  • Display Size: 7.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 110 Degrees

Why We Love It:

Being a DIY model, Yuwei Backup Camera System receives lots of compliments from RVers that prefer no-nonsense backup cameras.

As its display directly plugs into the cigarette lighter of the RV, the camera of Yuwei could be set up in less than an hour.

Naturally, for enthusiasts of RVing that need to install a backup camera on the go, Yuwei Backup Camera System is the best RV backup camera.

The Yuwei camera is inexpensive as well so if you have a tight wallet, you must think about grabbing it.

Boasting a 4-channel multiplexer, the display of Yuwei Backup Camera System is capable of showing images from up to 4 cameras.

As a result, if you plan to widen the coverage of the system, feel free to add extra wireless cameras.

The camera made by Yuwei packs a strong casing, therefore, it remains in working order even if exposed to harsh elements.

Actually, you can send your rig through auto-wash as the camera is well-protected against high-pressure water sprays.

Certified by FCC, CE and Rosh, Yuwei Backup Camera System possesses an excellent operational record.

Moreover, Yuwei is willing to back its camera with a 1-year warranty which speaks volumes.


  • Expandable
  • Resolution is splendid
  • Uncomplicated installation


  • Moisture sometimes accumulate under lenses
  • Customer service is mediocre

Best Wired RV Backup Cameras

8. LeeKooLuu LKL-080 RV Backup Camera – Editor’s Choice

LeeKooLuu LKL-080
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  • Type: Wired
  • Display Size: 4.3 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 149 Degrees

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Designed to be a plug-and-play model, LeeKooLuu LKL-080 could be put to good use in lots of settings.

To power LKL-080, RVers have a wide range of options including cigarette lighter, ignition switch, fuse box and so on.

Besides that, as the camera is connected to the display via direct wire, images would be delivered steadily and timely.

Therefore, the backup camera made by LeeKooLuu is usually held in high esteem by people that look for continuous observation.

Packing a broad viewing angle, LKL-080 allows enthusiasts of RVing to get to know the surroundings prior to executing maneuvers.

Furthermore, the presence of a solid HD camera chipset means image quality is top-notch.

With a combination of multiple LED lights and a quality digital image processor, LeeKooLuu LKL-080 lets RVers see 30 feet away in total darkness without difficulty.

So if you regularly drive at night and night vision is one of your top concerns, LKL-080 is the best RV backup camera for you.

Since the display of LeeKooLuu LKL-080 comes with a handy magnetic bracket that permits 360-degree rotation, you can set it up essentially anywhere you want.

To assist RVers, the display of the LeeKooLuu camera offers guidelines that could be adjusted to match various terrains.

I received my Camera Kit and everything was as described. The screen is a good size, and the 3M tape on the dash mount is very strong. I peeled the paper back on the 3M tape and stuck it to the top of my dash, and it isn’t budging. They did send me a windshield mount upon request for free, I have not installed that mount yet, but it looks and feels very sturdy. Everything was very quick and easy to install, the instructions were pretty detailed.

I installed this camera to where it will always display while I am driving so that I can keep an eye on my trailer tongue while towing down the road. The color display was a little off as far as the grass and the trees looking a little pink and purple at times, but nothing too distracting. I contacted them and they immediately sent me an upgraded replacement camera that eliminates the color display issues. Awesome camera kit for the price. I am very happy with it, and very happy with their customer service. It is a complete life saver when backing up to my trailers. No more jumping in and out of my truck 10 times to hit my mark. Two thumbs up.

Shared by Billy White


  • Reasonable price
  • Outstanding adaptability
  • Setup process is undemanding


  • Quality control is less than ideal
  • Short power cord

9. eRapta ER0202 RV Backup Camera

eRapta ER0202
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  • Type: Wired
  • Display Size: 7.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 360 Degrees

Why We Love It:

Come with 4 sublime cameras, eRapta ER0202 is capable of delivering all-around coverage so blind spots would be completely eliminated.

The cameras have lots of robust built-in infrared lights as well, thus, they work like a charm at nighttime.

As a result, ER0202 is deemed to be the best RV backup camera system for RVers that prioritize situational awareness.

Moreover, since eRapta distributes its camera system alongside installation hardware, setting up ER0202 is just a walk in the park.

Depending on the requirements of RVers, the display of eRapta ER0202 could be set to show images from particular cameras.

If necessary, the display is able to show images from all cameras at the same time by splitting the screen.

It’s also possible for RVers to rotate and flip the images on the display.

About image quality, the high-resolution display of the eRapta camera system consistently keeps the images bright and sharp throughout the day which ease navigation.

To reassure potential customers about the quality of its backup camera system, eRapta backs ER0202 with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

So if you like to have an insurance policy while buying things, you should add eRapta ER0202 to your shortlist.


  • Good image quality
  • Coverage is unmatched
  • Enduring cameras


  • Costly
  • Owner’s manual still leaves things to be desired

10. Camecho RC RV Backup Camera

Camecho RC 12V 24V Backup Camera Rear View Wireless
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  • Type: Wired and Wireless
  • Display Size: 5.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 140 Degrees

Why We Love It:

Basic and practical, Camecho RC is essentially the best RV observation camera system for enthusiasts of RVing that favor simplicity.

Packing a hard metal case, the camera of Camecho easily withstand various shocks and vibrations which means it would last for years on the road.

Aside from that, possessing multiple infrared lights, the night vision of RC is outstanding too.

With the inclusion of upgraded lenses made from supreme materials, Camecho RC is capable of providing images without color changes.

Unlike ordinary backup cameras for recreational vehicles, RC is a unique hybrid system that uses both wired and wireless technologies.

So depending on the setups, the display of Camecho RC could receive images from a wired camera and a wireless one at the same time.

While you drive, the display would show images from the first camera (V1) but when you reverse, it automatically switches to the second camera (V2).

Therefore, the backup camera made by Camecho definitely outmatches classic units in terms of versatility.

Upon purchase, Camecho RC comes with everything that you need such as bracket, receiver, transmitter, remote control and so on.

Because of that, you could get the camera system from Camecho up and running in a blink of an eye. As RC is a 12V model, it’s easy to find a suitable power supply.


  • Fast setup process
  • Great values for the price
  • Customer service is helpful


  • Image flickers intermittently
  • Certain units develop rust over time

11. eRapta ER01 RV Backup Camera

eRapta ER01
Check prices and reviews


  • Type: Wired
  • Display Size: 7.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 149 Degrees

Why We Love It

Seek a solid backup camera for RV but don’t want to spend big bucks? Then eRapta ER01 would be the ideal model for you.

With an IP69 rating, the eRapta backup camera could handle snow, rain, heat and similar outdoor elements without much difficulty.

Besides that, ER01 features an adjustable sun visor so enthusiasts of RVing don’t have to worry too much about glaring. eRapta ER01 is also sold with complete accessories (holder, video cable, power cord, …), hence, its installation only takes a few minutes in the usual cases.

Coming with a five-star high-resolution display, ER01 keeps RVers informed of the obstacles that lay behind the vehicles.

Thanks to the splendid image quality, it’s a breeze to check out the surroundings and plan your maneuvers accordingly.

By using the guidelines on the display, you should be able to smoothly back your rig into parking lots.

Finally, the display of the backup camera made by eRapta has a mirror function so it’s possible to change the orientation of the images.

Regarding expandability, the display of ER01 contains two video inputs.

As a result, you could readily add another camera into your setup to extend the coverage and eliminate blind spots.

About post-purchase support, eRapta ER01 is backed with a 2-year warranty that covers defects.


  • Resilient
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Straightforward installation


  • Several units arrive inoperable
  • Coloration is mediocre

12. Furrion Vision S FOS05TAED RV Backup Camera

Furrion Vision S (FOS05TAED)
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  • Type: Wireless
  • Display Size: 5.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 120 Degrees

Why We Love It:

As it utilizes an integrated design, Furrion Vision S (FOS05TAED) saves space and the setup process could be completed in a matter of moments.

Furthermore, the display of Vision S (FOS05TAED) could simultaneously lock on signals from 3 wide-angle cameras and increase coverage.

The camera system made by Furrion also incorporates motion detection that instantly turns on the display if it detects movements.

Thus, if you wish to keep your rig safe while traveling, Furrion Vision S (FOS05TAED) is a good buy.

With the presence of excellent infrared lights and intelligent IR cut filters, Vision S (FOS05TAED) persistently provides clear images to RVers around the clock.

The Furrion backup camera boasts a built-in mic as well so it can pick up sounds in the vicinity which boost situational awareness considerably.

That is why Furrion Vision S (FOS05TAED) is often known as the best RV backup camera for enthusiasts of RVing that travel extensively nowadays.

Vision S (FOS05TAED) is accompanied by optional mounts (table and windshield) for the display.

Though the camera system from Furrion indeed seems to be pretty expensive, the values it offers match its price tag.

Vision S (FOS05TAED) is backed with a 1-year warranty so if your system fails due to manufacturing defect, you could claim a free replacement.


  • Rugged
  • Simple to operate
  • Stable signal reception


  • High-priced
  • Quality control still needs some work

13. Zeroxclub ERY01 RV Backup Camera

Zeroxclub ERY01
Check prices and reviews


  • Type: Wired
  • Display Size: 7.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 149 Degrees

Why We Love It:

Using IPS technology, Zeroxclub ERY01 is able to minimize delays in the image transmission so its response time is marvelous.

Also, ERY01 has plenty of infrared lights as well as a top-of-the-line CCD that guarantees outstanding night vision.

That is why the Zeroxclub backup camera is highly sought after by enthusiasts of RVing that desire thorough observation.

Upon purchase, Zeroxclub ERY01 comes with a long aviation-grade cable, thus, it suits a wide range of vehicle layouts.

Interestingly, the display of the camera from Zeroxclub regulates its brightness based on ambient light.

Hence, you can get a good look at images shown on the display all day long without having to periodically make adjustments to brightness level.

As for wiring, if you intend to use a single camera, you could wire the system to either the reserving light or the driving light.

In the case that you have two cameras then you could wire the system to both lights for optimal coverage.

In terms of cost, Zeroxclub ERY01 is available at a reasonable price so you don’t have to cut back your spending to buy it.

If you like to tweak your camera setup, Zeroxclub has many solid accessories to offer.


  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Sublime post-purchase support


  • Fogged-up lens is reported
  • Quality control seems to be mediocre

14. Rear View Safety RVS-770613

Rear View Safety RVS-770613
Check prices and reviews


  • Type: Wired
  • Display Size: 7.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 130 Degrees

Why We Love It:

Well-made and flexible, Rear View Safety RVS-770613 receives countless compliments from enthusiasts of RVing, novices as well as veterans.

As it boasts an IP69K rating, the backup camera of Rear View Safety is going to work well in an assortment of outdoor weather.

RVS-770613 pack infrared lights as well so it could see up to 50 feet away in the absence of ambient light.

Last but not least, Rear View Safety RVS-770613 carries an integrated mic that allows it to transmit audio to RVers.

As for the viewing angle, RVS-770613 possesses a splendid 130-degree field of view that provides a full picture of the rear of the attached vehicles.

Because of that, the Rear View Safety backup camera is good at tackling blind spots.

Aside from that, Rear View Safety RVS-770613 comes with a first-class display that produces brisk digital images in use.

Thanks to the auto-dimming feature, the display of RVS-770613 stays bright during the day and dims down at night.

Normally, a single camera is adequate in the usual settings.

Nonetheless, it’s noteworthy that Rear View Safety RVS-770613 contains a 3-channel multiplexer so it could simultaneously manage 3 cameras.

Hence, you have the option of adding extra backup cameras to your rig if you wish to expand visible areas.


  • Nice resolution
  • Wide field of view
  • Night vision is fantastic


  • Mount is kind of wobbly
  • Glaring is reported by several users

15. Coolwoo RV Backup Camera System

Coolwoo Backup Camera System
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  • Type: Wired
  • Display Size: 7.0 Inches
  • Viewing Angle: 175 Degrees

Why We Love It:

Thanks to the incorporation of multi-layered filter glass and the latest CCD chips, Coolwoo Backup Camera System provides high-quality images in all conditions.

In addition to that, as it comes with lots of infrared lights, the camera made by Coolwoo lets RVers drive confidently and safely at night.

Sealed with glue filling, Coolwoo Backup Camera System is proof against water, moisture and others.

Because of that, the Coolwoo camera is considered to be the best RV backup camera once it comes to resistance.

Featuring a superb resolution, the display of Coolwoo Backup Camera System ensures that you never have to squint so as to see the captured images.

Besides that, with an upgraded voltage range, the display also eliminates annoying issues like screen flashing, blank screen and alike.

About the mount, you have two options including dashboard and overhead so just choose what fits your RV.

To connect the camera and the display, Coolwoo gives Rvers an extended cable that is designed to accelerate the transmission of images. 

In use, the wide field of view of Coolwoo Backup Camera System means the number of blinds spots is negligible.

Furthermore, the display would automatically change the channel if you reverse which is quite handy. 


  • Nice price
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Endurance is commendable


  • Customer service is kind of unresponsive
  • Horizontal lines show up on the display

A Guide To Finding The Best Backup Camera For RV

RVers have lots of ideas about what could be called the best RV backup camera but you should keep in mind the issues down below.


As you would depend on the backup camera to show you the rear of your rig, resolution is definitely going to be the top criterion.

The last thing that you want to spend your money on is a shoddy camera that only produces blurred images and impairs your situational awareness.

To play it safe, before committing to a purchase, it’s strongly recommended that you thoroughly evaluate the image quality.

It’s worth noting that resolution is often influenced by cables, transmitters and so on.

Field Of View

Due to the size of recreational vehicles, RVers need to have a broad field of view of the back to avoid possible obstacles while reserving.

Because of that, if you seek the best backup camera for your rig, you must pay attention to viewing angle.

Overall, 90 degrees is adequate in the usual cases but if you need more, plenty of models could go pass 120 degrees.

It’s key that you think about the characteristics of your RV and decide accordingly.

Ease Of Installation

If you embrace RVing, you likely have many things to do so it’s best to steer clear of cameras that take forever to install.

To determine the installation complexity of market models, you should take a look at the design, components, owner’s manuals, …

In addition, it’s a good idea to check out the reviews of other RVers in order to gather relevant details about the setup process.

That is going to help you remove overly complex RV backup cameras from your shortlist.


Backup cameras for RV would be repeatedly exposed to various elements such as snow, rain, heat and others in use.

Hence, unless you have the money and time to replace your camera on a regular basis, it’s essential that you prioritize enduring models.

You should be able to tell if a particular model could last by assessing its construction.

In the case that you find signs that indicate easily compromised integrity, save your money and look for other options. 


Similar to every other purchase, budget is an important consideration once it comes to buying backup cameras for recreational vehicles.

Nowadays, RV backup cameras come at multiple price ranges so it’s a breeze to locate cameras that match whatever budget you have in mind.

Nonetheless, you need to remember the rule of thumb: “You get what you pay for”.

If you wish to pick up a solid camera then it’s crucial that you put together a sound budget.

Mounting Choices For Backup Cameras Of RV

To mount a typical backup camera for travel trailer, RVers have three choices which include surface, flush and license.

Surface Mount: Simple and practical, surface mount is highly popular. All you need to do is to find a flat surface on the rear of your rig for the camera. So as to optimize the depth perception, it’s widely advised that you put your surface-mounted camera up high.

Flush Mount: For RVers that prefer a discreet setup, flush mount is the favored choice. Flush-mounted cameras stay inside the vehicles and peep through holes so people don’t have to worry about exposure. Still, to create the holes for the cameras, it’s necessary to drill holes on the body of the vehicles.

License Mount: In the case that you want to preserve the exterior of your RV then you need to think about going with license mount. As the name suggests, license-mounted cameras would be directly attached to the license plate. 

Types Of Backup Cameras For RV

Though the number of RV backup cameras on the market seem huge, all models could be put into two types: wired and wireless.

Wired Backup Cameras

Dependable and reliable, wired backup cameras prove to be the ideal choices for enthusiasts of RVing that travel year-round.

In terms of image quality, models of the types outmatch others by a wide margin.

That being said, wired backup cameras usually require some skills and tools to set up.

Wireless Backup Cameras

As they don’t need connection cables, wireless backup cameras could be installed without difficulty.

On the other hand, models of the types tend to be susceptible to various interferences.

Besides that, in big recreational vehicles, wireless backup cameras may experience issues with signal strength.

FAQs About RV Backup Cameras

What needs to be done if the screen fails to deliver images from the camera?

Lots of things can prevent the screen of your backup camera from displaying images properly. To get to the bottom of the problem, you should refer to the troubleshooting section in the owner’s manual. It’s best that you refrain from improvising by yourself that could cause permanent damages, void the warranty and similar headaches.

Do backup cameras work at night?

Many backup cameras for RV have excellent night vision, therefore, they work well at night. However, it’s a good idea to check out the listed capabilities as a precaution.

Is it possible to connect backup cameras to built-in monitors inside recreational vehicles?

Assuming that the monitor in your rig is a plug-and-play unit, it should be able to show images captured by your backup camera. Otherwise, you must tap into the circuitry to make things work but even then, there is no guarantee that the setup would operate as expected. So for the sake of convenience, it’s strongly recommended that you stick to the screen that accompanies your camera.

What is the power source of an average rear-view camera for RV?

Backup cameras for recreational vehicles usually run on 12V power so keeping them powered is a walk in the park. All enthusiasts of RVing have to do is to wire the cameras to the fuse box and that’s it.

Should I keep an eye out for certain camera brands?

Well, you don’t need to strictly limit your options to a couple of brands. If you come across a model that meets all of your requirements, you can grab it regardless of its brand. Nevertheless, if you look for a good buy, it’s suggested that you give priority to backup cameras made by eRapta, Furrion, LeeKooLuu, Emmako, Yuwei, …

To provide campers this ultimate list of the best backup camera for RV, besides taking a look at the ratings and reviews of all of these products throughout the Amazon, we’ve also tested them ourselves and only included RV backup cameras with the highest ratings!

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