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12 Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems for 2020

Chris Coleman

The RV tires play an important role in ensuring the safety on the road, driving convenience and comfort of RV campers. Any tire failure during the trip could leads to unwanted consequences. So, it is crucial to make sure that your tires are in a good shape, properly inflated and ready to handle the road for upcoming trip. Besides regularly checking on the conditions of your tires, it is highly recommended to equip a good-quality tire pressure monitoring system for your RV.

TPMS or tire pressure monitoring system is an useful electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires. TPMS issues real-time report about tire-pressure information to the driver either via a pictogram display, a gauge or a simple low tire pressure warning light.

With an TPMS installed, the drivers will be receiving real-time warnings about the unsafe tire conditions: any tire becoming under-inflated, sudden changes in travel trailer tire pressure and temperature… Hence, this device could help with slowing the rate of tire wear, enhancing fuel efficiency, and avoiding traffic accidents by early recognition of a hazardous state of the tires.

But with so many different manufacturers to choose from and so many different types of RV TPMS, finding the best tire pressure monitoring system which is best fit to your needs is not an easy task.

best rv tire pressure monitoring system
RV TPMS Buyer’s Guide

Best RV TPMS Comparison Chart

NoBest TPMS for RVPricesOur Reviews
4 ZEEPIN$***
5TireMinder Smart$$$$$*****
7TireMinder A1A$$$$****
9TireMinder Solar Powered$$*****
11TireTraker TT-500$$$*****

Reviews Of Top-Rated TPMS For Recreational Vehicles

Here we’ve compiled a list of 12 best-rated tire pressure monitoring system for RV. Our reviews feature main specs, benefits and pros & cons for each choice.

1. EEZTire-TPMS6 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

amazon cta


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Visual and audio alarms
  • Rechargeable lithium battery

Why This Is The Best 

Capable of monitoring pressure as well as temperature of tires 24/7, EEZTire-TPMS6 proves itself to be the best TPMS for RV regarding all-around performance. The motion-sensitive monitor of the EEZTire model would update data every 6 seconds which provide a real-time picture about the condition of your tires. Once the readings exceed preset safety parameters, TPMS6 is going to send out a series of visual and audio alarms in order to warn you. To save energy, the monitor shall go into power-saving mode in the case it detects no motion in 15 minutes. 

After fully charged, the battery lithium of the monitor could last 60 hours, quite nice compared to the average TPMS nowadays. As the system from EEZTire come along a USB charging cord, you could connect the monitor to the cigarette lighter and USB port for recharge. Depending on preferences, TPMS6 is able to work with anti-theft and flow-through sensors. Actually, a combination of sensors from both types should work. The sensors use replaceable batteries if one is depleted, it’s simple to install replacements.

In terms of post-purchase support, EEZTire-TPMS6 is accompanied by a 3-year limited product warranty which is quite nice. If you have questions regarding the system, all you have to do is to contact the customer service of EEZTire.

Drive safely with EEZTire System

After a blowout on my RV all five tires were replaced. The EEZTire system was installed the same day (EZ install). Four days later I was on the road from Central CA (107 degrees) to Montana (75). The 1,000 mile trip took three relaxed days. The EEZTire system functioned flawlessly giving peace of mind knowing tire pressure and temperature were correct. Also, knowing the warning function covered all aspects of tire safety was great.

I’m a good mechanic, restore old cars, worked as a youngster in a tire recap plant and am very knowledgeable about tires. Until installing this system I had no idea of the range of tire pressure and temperature. I bought after a two hour research and because of reviews on Amazon.

Shared by Gary T.


  • Excellent alarms 
  • Large and bright display
  • Straightforward program setup


  • Quality control is barely acceptable
  • Customer service must be improved 

2. CACAGOO Tire Pressure Monitoring System

amazon cta


  • Wireless
  • Customizable alarm values 
  • Monitor pressure and temperature 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice 

You want a quality RV tire pressure monitoring system that comes at a reasonable price? If that happens to be the case, CACAGOO Tire Pressure Monitoring System is for you. The unit from CACAGOO allows you to keep an eye on the pressure and temperature simultaneously, each tire of your vehicle receive an ID code.  Air leaks and other odd tire conditions would be detected and reported pretty much instantly.

Packing a wide-angle LCD screen, the CACAGOO model displays clear readings from a variety of angles throughout the day.  If necessary, you could change the display values of pressure (PSI and BAR) as well as temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius). Regarding power source, the monitor of the TPMS is plugged straight into the vehicle cigarette lighter while its sensors use the easily obtained CR1632 batteries. 

About element resistance, sensors of CACAGOO Tire Pressure Monitoring System happen to be IP67 rated. As a result, they could communicate data even if subjected to water, snow and dust.

After a couple RV travel trailer tire blow outs we purchase this monitoring kit. This is a must have to monitor the tires. I tested this product & it gives me confidence knowing what the tire pressure is as well as if you have a blowout. I had a lot of damage to my fenders from a blow out I never knew about until I got to a stop light off the interstate & someone told me. Scary but will not happen again.

Shared by EBC


  • Highly affordable 
  • Withstand elements well
  • Fairly long battery life 


  • Delivery is kind of slow  
  • Inconsistent performance

3. Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Bellacorp RV TPMS
amazon cta


  • Anti-corrosion sensor caps
  • Tool-free installation 
  • Back lighting for night driving

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice 

With the ability to monitor 34 tires at once, Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System receives a lot of praises from RV tire pressure monitoring system reviews. Initially programmed at the factory for 2 axles and 4 tires, the Bellacorp TPMS could be adapted to work on various configurations. For alarm values, the system is going to emit warnings if the pressure drops below 15 PSI or rises above 175 PSI. In the case the temperature of the tires exceeds 186 degrees, the model from Bellacorp would notify the driver as well.

As the waterproof sensors of the Bellacorp model have premium grade fitting caps, they often resist corrosive elements pretty well. The strong signal of the sensors means that the system function fine without the use of range extender on 90% of rigs these kinds of days. Considering the fact that the sensors draw power from the widely available CR1632 batteries, you shall have no trouble keeping them running on the road.

For setup, Bellacorp Tire Pressure Monitoring System comes along a detailed installation manual so you would be able to get everything working in no time. Hardware that comes along the system includes suction mounts as well as hardwire mounts which permits RVers to mount the monitor as they see fit.

TPMS…How did we live without it?????

The TPMS is great. Shipping was quick. A friend who already has a TPMS assisted in setting it up. This TPMS is actually meant for a tractor trailer but we were able to set it up for the motor home with 6 tires, car dolly with 2 wheels, and the toad with 2 wheels. In just 2 trips it has already saved a rim on the car dolly by telling us about a flat as soon as we started on the trip due to side wall break and just before the 2nd trip, let us know that we had a low tire. I love this thing.

On hot Florida days we can monitor the temperature of the tires as well as the pressure. With a little research I was able to find that 20% for the high pressure alarm setting and 10% for the low pressure setting is working for us. It is easy to adjust your settings when required. I also like that this monitor has an alarm as well as a red flashing light when there is a problem. We set the high temperature at 150 F. We have seen two fifth wheels on the highway on our last trip with tire blow outs that blew out the side of the trailer. With the TPMS that situation could be avoided. 👍😊

Shared by Mar


  • Undemanding installation 
  • Responsive customer service 
  • The signal range is top-notch


  • Mediocre mounting 
  • Might display incorrect values 

4. ZEEPIN Tire Pressure Monitoring System

amazon cta


  • Built-in Li-ion battery 
  • Support solar and USB charging 
  • Audio and visual warnings

Why We Love It

Want to leave the cigarette lighter of your RV unoccupied? Then the ZEEPIN model would be the best RV tire pressure monitoring system for you. Packing tempered glass solar panels and integrated battery, the TPMS from ZEEPIN get its power while the sun is up. In case of bad weather and night driving, the system also supports USB charging so RVers only need to keep a USB cable on hand.

Thanks to the incorporation of the latest waterproof, anti-corrosion andante-theft technologies, the sensors of the ZEEPIN unit operate reliably in various outdoor conditions. About display values, data obtained from the sensors could be shown in a few ways: BAR and PSI for pressure, Celsius and Fahrenheit for temperature. Through the monitor, you should be able to change display values as well as alarm parameters as you see fit.

As the sensors of EEPIN draw power from CR1632 batteries, you should be able to get replacement batteries without much difficulty these kinds of days. For most of the time, the batteries last up to a year before they need to be replaced so you don’t have to worry too much about battery life.

This little purchase gave me SO much peace of mind on our recent family trip with our new travel trailer. A tire blowout on a travel trailer can destroy the trailer and cause a terrible accident, so I was scared out of my mind about that happening to my family. Our trailer dealer said that we have to keep a close eye on our trailer tires and recommended a TPMS. I got on Amazon and found this – a little skeptical at first because it was solar and I wasn’t sure if the distance from the unit to my trailer tires would work, but it works like charm.

Just to be sure, we checked the tire pressure with a gauge after every few fillups and the tire gauge read almost exactly what the TPMS display said, within 1 PSI give or take. This is the one product I recommend to other people on the RV forums. By the way, there’s NO getting these off without the little tool it comes with, so don’t lose that!

Shared by Gina CC


  • Compact 
  • Nice price
  • Rugged and dependable 


  • Slow update 
  • Mediocre quality control 

5. TireMinder Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TireMinder Smart TMPS
amazon cta


  • Constant monitoring
  • Compatible with various devices 
  • Come with adapter and signal booster 

Why We Love It

Being a smartphone-based TPMS, TireMinder Smart is highly sought after by people that want to monitor the temperature and pressure of their tires using iPhone, iPad and so on. In normal operation, the system from TireMinder would update the readings every 6 seconds and report issues of your tires as soon as they take place. When something happens, the TPMS release audio/visual alerts and send warnings to your electronics.   

To put the TireMinder unit to use, you must first download the app to your devices and mount the sensors. Since the app features auto-search, auto-scroll, two-part disconnect and similar functions, it’s a breeze to manipulate the system as you like. As a precaution, TireMinder provides anti-theft locking nuts along with the TPMS so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your sensors.

For customer service, once you buy TireMinder Smart TPMS, you would have access to one of the most helpful technical supports in the world nowadays. So if you run into an issue while using the system, TireMinder’s staff would provide immediate assistance upon request.


  • Smooth operation 
  • No need for a monitor 
  • Excellent post-purchase support


  • Acquisition cost is a bit steep 
  • Customers complain about defective components 

6. Tire-Safeguard Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire-Safeguard TPMS
amazon cta


  • Adjustable warning thresholds
  • Portable monitor with rechargeable battery 
  • Flow-through sensor with replaceable battery

Why We Love It 

Boasting flow-through sensors, Tire-Safeguard earns the appreciation of RVers that don’t like to remove the sensors of their TPMS before refilling tires. Aside from monitoring the pressure, the sensors of Tire-Safeguard also keep watch over temperature, tire position and similar issues. Once it detects odd signs, the monitor of the TPMS should send out a series of audio and visual warnings.

The monitor of Tire-Safeguard is a flexible dash-mounting design so you would be able to set it up without having too much difficulty. Through the monitor of the system, you could change the display values of pressure and temperature to match your taste. Because of the strong signals from the sensors, the monitor is able to obtain and display readings without signal boosters.

Being lightweight and waterproof, the sensors Tire-Safeguard TPMS have excellent handling characteristics and could withstand outdoor elements fairly well. The batteries of the sensors happen to be user-replaceable so RVers could make the swap by themselves without having to take everything apart first.

I am VERY happy with this product!! It performs AS ADVERTISED!! One of the transmitters was faulty. I decided to buy the SIX sensor model for just THAT reason. I only need four for my coach, but I got six… I would HAVE extras. I am a realistic person. Electronics as complex as those manufactured in this current world do not always WORK!! Plan for it, EXPECT it, and STOP whining when it happens!! I am 67, I am MORE amazed that ANY of this stuff works AT ALL, let alone there is a glitch every once in a while!! Over half of the negatives complained about how hard it was to program. GET OVER IT!! There is a protocol you NEED to follow to get correct readings from EACH tire!! SLOW DOWN, READ INSTRUCTIONS, FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!! They are hard to get on? Yup, that is so they are HARD to lose!! I expected I might lose one, another reason I bought SIX!! Think about it? That little sensor is flying around the circumference of that tire at 65 miles an hour!! I am an engineer. There is a mass, centrifugal force, and moment formula. Would you like me to calculate the forces at work? You want it to come off easy? It will, at the WRONG moment!! Then you will whine about that also. The resulting comfort and sense of security these little guys provide are WELL worth the journey!!

Shared by Ro$$


  • Reasonable cost 
  • Offer precise readings 
  • Flexible and dependable 


  • Might damage valve of your tires 
  • Owner manual is missing on occasions    

7. TireMinder A1A Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TireMinder A1A TPMS
amazon cta


  • Back lit display 
  • Built-in antenna
  • Blowout warnings 

Why We Love It  

Simple and powerful, TireMinder A1A is the best RV tire pressure monitoring system money can buy for people that desire straightforward, no-nonsense TPMS. With its large, back-lit monitor, the TireMinder model allows you to check the readings of your tires with just a glance throughout the day. Additionally, the presence of easy to comprehend display icons means you could grasp what is going on at the moment.

Being highly adaptable, the TPMS from TireMinder is capable of working with multiple recreational vehicles. With the ability to monitor up to 22 tires at once, the system should match the needs and requirements of most RVers these kinds of days. The pressure as well as temperature data would be updated every 4 minutes and the unit is going to run a self-diagnostics every five seconds.

At just 0.5 ounces, the sensors of TireMinder tend to place negligible strain on the valve sterns of your recreational vehicle. In the case you switch trailers and the number of tires to monitor increase, you could buy more sensors separately.

Nice product. Bought this for our travel trailer for peace of mind while traveling. I have not needed to use the provided signal booster with my Chevy 2500HD and 26′ travel trailer. Audible alarms are great as well as providing visual queues. Battery time is great and auto-powers down after a period of inactivity.

Shared by Sean


  • Nice battery life 
  • Intuitive installation 
  • Top-notch display screen 


  • A bit pricey 
  • Poor customer service 

8. TST-507RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

amazon cta


  • Wireless system 
  • Flow-through sensors 
  • Replaceable batteries 

Why We Love It 

Made for long vehicles, TST-507RV proves to be a solid investment for RVers that happen to have long setups. On its own, the unit from TST shall keep watch over tires of up to 4 trailers which is quite impressive. Boasting a data refresh rate of 30 seconds, the system is going to deliver the most up to date details about your tires as you travel. Once installed, the TPMS would inform you about various issues from leaks to potential blowouts. 

Thanks to the presence of a large color monitor, the TST product provides clear and bright readings all day long. For installation, you have two options at your disposal (suction cup and windshield) so pick one that suits your preferences. The monitor use power from its built-in battery that would last for a week on average once fully charged. For the sensors, they use replaceable batteries that could be changed without removing the sensors.

About post-purchase support, users of TST-507RV tend to have a lot of praises for the technical support staff. If you experience difficulty during operation, give TST a call and they would proceed to resolve your concerns in moments.

When digital TPM systems first came out 6 or 8 years ago I purchsed what was pretty much available at the time and was so displeased with the reliablity and service I recieved fro the supplier I was very skepticle that a good system could be found. While on the road this year I found via a fellow RVer using this particluar system and we discussed at length all aspects of the TST system.

I purchased the mod# TM-507G flow thru system for use on our Airstream 30ft Classic. The features that make this so great is that they work as discribed. Every five seconds it continually monitors and displays psi and tire temp. on a rotating basis of each tire. The folks from TST are fantastic. They are courtious, professional and very knowable about their product. The one item you will want to have is a digital tire gauge to use when making sure your initial tire pressure is correct because old style gauges won’t give be close enough.

Shared by JO


  • Water-resistant 
  • Long-lasting battery 
  • Programmable sensors 


  • Less than helpful instructions 
  • Need a bit of time to get used to the functions 

9. TireMinder Solar Powered Trailer TPMS

TireMinder RV TPMS
amazon cta


  • Monocrystalline solar panel
  • Crystal clear LCD color display
  • Replaceable CR1632 batteries

Why We Love It

Optimized for single and dual axle trailers, TireMinder Trailer is able to monitor temperature and pressure of 4 tires at once. Packing monocrystalline solar panel and lithium iron phosphate battery, the TireMinder could run for a long time in the field. Because of its bright crystal clear LCD color display, it’s generally a breeze for RVers to check out the tire readings around the clock.

Come along a robust signal booster, the model from TireMinder ensure that the signals from the sensors always reach the monitor. The sensors of the system happen to be quite light which make them ideal for most rubber valve stems. TireMinder offers anti-theft locking nuts for the sensors so you may rest assured knowing that the sensors would be well protected as you travel.

Designed for 25ft RV, TireMinder Trailer Tire Pressure Monitor System often require a signal booster if mounted on longer vehicles. For the sensors, they would fit most recreational vehicles nowadays as they only weigh 0.3 ounces. 

I purchased this for my 28′ fifth wheel before a 5,000 mile trip across the U.S. this summer. Even though it’s only rated for a trailer of 25′ or less, it worked perfectly and gave me great piece of mind throughout the trip. I especially liked the solar powered receiver and never had a problem with it. It came with a spare set of valve cap transmitter batteries but the originals are still good after two months.

Shared by Meticulous


  • Compact and light  
  • Responsive customer service 
  • Uncomplicated installation and operation 


  • Somewhat fragile sensors
  • Accuracy is just barely adequate

10. Vesafe Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Vesafe TPMS
amazon cta


  • Customizable alert parameters 
  • Light and audio warnings 
  • Replaceable batteries 

Why We Love It

Designed as a plug that would go into the cigarette lighter of your vehicle, the Vesafe TPMS is ready for use out of the box. Once installed, the monitor of the Vesafe system immediately emits alarms if its sensors detect readings that exceed safety thresholds. Depending on personal preferences, the alert parameters as well as display values could be adjusted.

To facilitate setup, the model from TPMS uses sensors designated for tire positions (RR for right rear, RF for right front, LF for left front and LR for left rear). Being made to deter theft and resist water, the sensors should be able to take on a multitude of challenges in the outdoors without fail. Each sensor draws power from a single CR1632 battery and the battery life can reach up to 2 years in most cases. 

Come along a 18 months warranty, the Vesafe unit is known to have good technical support. If you have a question while installing, using and maintaining the system, feel free to give the manufacturer a call.


  • Plug and play 
  • Affordable price 
  • Nice post-purchase support 


  • Display is slightly dim 
  • Inconsistent sensor quality

11. TireTraker TT-500 Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TireTraker TT-500 TPMS
amazon cta


  • Updated user interface 
  • Multiple mounting/monitor options 
  • Work with sensors of previous models 

Why We Love It

So your TT-400 is approaching the end of its life and you need a replacement? Then TireTraker TT-500 is the best TPMS for you nowadays. Featuring updated interface, the TireTraker model allows you to manipulate all of its functions and settings without having much difficulty. Moreover, as TT-500 could receive signals from sensors of TT-400, you don’t have to remove the old sensors on your wheels to use it.

Considering the fact that the model from TireTraker comes with mounting bracket, anti-seize compound and so on, installation is a walk in the park. All you have to do is to follow the instructional manual and the TPMS should be up and running in a blink of an eye. Regarding post-purchase support, like other products from TireTraker, TT-500 is backed with a lifetime warranty which is pretty nice.

In contrast with many other TPMs models nowadays, TireTraker TT-500 is accompanied by a lifetime warranty which offers users peace of mind about the investment. Additionally, the system could be shipped within 24 hours using USPS Priority Mail at no additional cost.

We recently completed a 3500 mile camping trip and this was our first use of the TireTraker. It gave me great peace of mind to monitor the tires on our travel trailer. We were able to easily check the tire temperature and pressure on all 4 tires. I did learn that it is important to follow the instructions and extend the antenna on the display unit. Once we did that everything worked great. It was easy to set up following the included instructions. I highly recommend this unit to anyone considering a tire pressure monitor system.

Shared by WouldWerker2b


  • Smooth performance 
  • Good signal booster 
  • Reliable and dependable 


  • Slightly unsync refresh interval 
  • Occasionally make false alarms

12. B-Qtech Tire Pressure Monitoring System

B-Qtech TPMS
amazon cta


  • LCD display screen
  • No need to adjust to balance
  • Optional display values

Why We Love It

Packing a user-friendly interface and require no balancing in use, B-Qtech Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a great TPMS regarding ease of use. Because of the auto-alarm function, the B-Qtech product could automatically send out warnings each time its sensor notice abnormal readings from the tires. With the incorporation of the latest signal technology, the system should work without signal extender in vehicles shorter than 32 feet.

Thanks to the large LCD display screen, it’s generally a breeze to check up on the tires of your RV with just a glance. Through the system screen, it’s possible for you to change the display values of temperature as well as pressure. The straightforward setup of the model allows RVers to get everything up and running in a blink of an eye. Like many other TPMS nowadays, sensors of the B-Qtech unit run on CR1632 batteries.

To put B-Qtech TPMS to use, it’s essential that you set up the sensors first which should only take a couple of minutes. Once you replace a sensor due to damage, you must reset the sensor setting before resuming operation.

I was apprehensive about the low price and how it would work, there are many more systems out there that cost hundreds more. It only took one time to know how well it does work! It saved my camper and my family! On our way to the campground, and going nearly 70mph, the device gave an audible and visual warning that one of the camper tires had lost all of the air. I pulled over, and sure enough, the tire was flat and starting to shred, a complete failure. Without the monitor, I wouldn’t have known the tire went out and it could have shredded into the other tire behind it. I don’t really want to know what would have happened if we kept going without a warning.

This little system, though cheap, worked perfectly on its maiden trip. I’ve already recommended it to family members who also pull a camper.

Shared by Amazon Customer


  • Large display 
  • Nice signal range 
  • Comprehensive monitoring


  • Poorly written instruction manual 
  • Sensors cap housings must be improved 

How to Choose the Right RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

All in all, different RVers have different opinions about the best RV tire pressure monitoring system but to get your money’s worth, it’s necessary to assess certain qualities.

1. Display 

The purpose of virtually every RV tire pressure monitoring system is to notify people of the pressure of their tires. Because of that, the display of the system is something that you must always check. A good TPMS display should show clear readings as well as easy to comprehend icons. Additionally, in case of emergency, the display needs to have a red light that would alert you about current situations. It’s also nice to have a display that features adjustable brightness for night driving.  

2. Endurance

Recreational vehicles tend to be exposed to a wide range of environments in the outdoors so it’s essential to use stuff that holds together. The same rule applies to RV tire pressure monitoring system: look around for models that remain operational in extreme conditions like excessive heat, high humidity,… The last thing you want to experience is to see your TPMS fail all of a sudden in the middle of a trip which removes your ability to observe tire pressures. Therefore, if you need to get a TPMS for RV then get a tough product.

3. Installation

For most of the time, it’s widely advised that RVers look for models that they could install by themselves. That means if you fail to grasp the installation of a particular RV tire pressure monitoring system, pass over it. For convenience sake, prioritize products that come along installation kits. Such TPMS would let you set up everything without requiring too much time and effort. After all, you have enough troubles to face as an RVer and you don’t want to struggle around an overly complex RV TPMS system.

4. Battery

Most tire pressure monitoring systems run on battery so one of the things you must check while shopping for TPMS is the quality of the battery. Considering the characteristics of RV travels nowadays, it’s of utmost importance that the battery of your RV tire pressure monitoring system is heat-resistant. That should allow the battery to keep the system operational even if subjected to extensive heat for quite some time. In most cases, rechargeable batteries work pretty well but Li-ion batteries also perform admirably.

5. Cost

Overall, RVers have a lot of expenses to take care of which require them to think carefully about every purchase. Regarding tire pressure monitoring system for RV, it’s worth noting that you don’t have to get the most expensive model on the shelves. With a bit of time and effort, you could easily locate affordable and quality products. But if possible, consider increasing your budget for TPMS slightly to get a good model.  In any case, stay away from dirt cheap options as they tend to offer less than ideal values in use.

Direct TPMS Vs Indirect TPMS: Which One Is For You

Based on the way they work, it’s possible to classify tire pressure monitoring systems nowadays into two primary types: direct systems and indirect systems.

  • Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: Direct TPMS measure the pressure of your tire using pressure sensors mounted on the tires. As a result, models of the type would be able to provide accurate readings and immediate alerts to the drivers.  
  • Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: Instead of physical sensors like their direct counterparts, indirect TPMS measure pressure through data of wheel speeds taken from the ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)/ESC (Electronic Stability Control) systems. In case you don’t know, properly inflated tires produce noticeably different wheel speeds compared to under/over-inflated tires. 

On the market, direct TPMS often prove to be more expensive than indirect products but in exchange, direct systems come out on top regarding precision. In addition, a direct RV tire pressure monitoring system could measure pressures of the tires at all times while an indirect TPMS only start measuring after the vehicle is on the move for some time. Take your personal preferences into account to determine just which type of TPMS is more suitable for your recreational vehicle. 

FQAs About RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

  • Is there any brand of TPMS I should know of? 

These kinds of days, if you want the best RV tire pressure monitoring system, keep an eye out for products from EEZTire, Bellacorp, TireMinder, PressurePro, … While you could technically get your TPMS from whatever brand you like, it’s wise to purchase from reputable names. All in all, popular manufacturers tend to offer superior post-purchase support and customer service compared to lesser-known brands. Just in case, you should pay attention to products from prominent names while shopping for RV tire pressure monitoring system.

  • Do I have to install a range extender for TPMS? 

To put it plainly, the purpose of a range extender is to help TPMS connect with sensors from a distance. In most conventional four-wheel vehicles, it’s usually unnecessary to install a range extender. That being said, in the case of long, multiwheel recreational vehicles, people might need a range extender to get pressure data from the farthest wheels. Think about the overall layout of your rig in order to decide if you need to fit install signal extender. A few models of TPMS come with their own extenders while others require separate purchases.

  • Could I reuse old sensors? 

Generally speaking, as long as the pressure sensors remain intact, you should be able to reuse them as you like. Aside from saving money, you could avoid the hassle of finding OEM replacements by reusing old sensors of your TPMS. Nonetheless, if your sensors happen to be older than 5 years, it’s best to replace them altogether if one fails. The process of removing/installing sensor is tedious by all accounts so save yourself a headache and install new sensors.

  • How many sensors for TPMS do I need to use? 

For comprehensive supervision, you need one sensor for each tire. If you wish to tow trailers, toy haulers and so on using your RV then it’s necessary to install sensors on their tires too.

  • Is it possible to replace the battery of the sensors? 

The earliest sign of depleted sensor battery is fluctuation in the signal of the TPMS. Once that occurs, it’s necessary to replace the battery in order to resume operation. A few tire pressure monitoring systems allow users to replace the battery of the sensors on their own by providing instructions as well as parts. However, other models might require you to replace the entire sensors so as a precaution, contact the manufacturer of your TPMS for a reliable answer.

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