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As it lets people stay up-to-date and provide means of entertainment, TV is considered to be a must-have in today’s RVing. However, while having high-quality TVs is indeed nice, RVers could only get the most out of the TVs by pairing them with suitable mounts.

When properly secured by mounts, TVs would be less vulnerable to damages caused by vibration and maintain ideal viewing angles. So if you don’t like to replace your RV TV frequently and desire smooth watching experiences, make sure that you have a good TV mount before hitting the road.

With new models showing up every now and then, enthusiasts of RVing never run out of options once it comes to mounts for RV TVs. Getting the best TV mount for RV is still no cakewalk though, especially if you happen to have very little idea about what to expect. 

Comparison Chart of Best RV TV Mounts

NoTop-Rated RV TV MountsPricesOur Ratings
1Mount-It MI-429$$$****
2Mounting Dream MD2210$$$*****
3GoForWild G07001$*****
4Mounting Dream MD2209$$*****
5Perlesmith PSLRVF$$$*****
6VideoSecu ML531BE2$*****
7VideoSecu ML12B$****
8Mount-It MI-4151$$*****
9Wali 1342LM$$*****
10VideoSecu MF608B$*****
11Mount-It MI-CM212$$****
12Impact Mounts IM-LCD-CM$$*****
13Mount-It MI-2829$*****
14PAW International 8541761169$$*****
15Mounting Dream MD2268-LK$$*****

Reviews on Best TV Mounts For RV

RVers have lots of contrasting opinions about the best TV mount for RV but if you like to make a wise investment, remember these models:

1. Mount-It MI-429 – Best Of The Best

Why This Is The Best:

Boasting a flexible articulating mechanism, Mount-It MI-429 provides enthusiasts of RVing with significant freedom regarding manipulation of viewing angle. With the mount made by Mount-It, people could swivel and tilt their TVs at any time with relative ease. In addition to that, thanks to built-in cable management, MI-429 is able to keep cables of television in order. As a result, numerous RVers that wish to have well-organized interiors tend to think of Mount-It MI-429 as the best TV mount for RV at its price range. 

The intuitive setup process of MI-429 means getting it properly secured only takes several minutes. Since the mount of Mount-It happens to be accompanied by two wall plates, it’s possible to move attached TVs between two separate locations. Possessing VESA compatibility, Mount-It MI-429 would easily accommodate a wide range of RV TVs. During travel, the solid gear structure of MI-429 handles bumps and hits pretty well which allows it to stabilize TVs and protect them from damages. 

Mount-It MI-429 is sold at a price that suits the wallet of typical RVers so squeezing it into the spending plan is a snap. To reassure potential customers, Mount-It backs its removable TV wall mount for RV with a five-year manufacturer warranty. 

Great Mount for 24 inch flat screen TV in RV. I mounted this on very thin wood wall covered by fiberglass on each side using the 2 wall plates, one on each side of the wall. I had to purchase separate set of nuts and bolts to use for this custom mount. Of course you do have to look at the 2nd mount plate on the other side of the wall, but the TV is quite secure and we’re happy with the quality of the product, including the locking hinges which keep the TV in place during travel.

Shared by Phil


  • Inexpensive 
  • Resilient construction 
  • Setup process is uncomplicated 


  • People report troubles with alignments 
  • Certain parts need to be strengthened 

2. Mounting Dream MD2210 – Editor’s Choice 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Purposely made as a heavy-duty mount for challenging conditions, Mounting Dream MD2210 outmatches many of its competitors on the market in terms of durability. From vibrations to elements, MD2210 would withstand virtually everything that comes its way and still hold together for a long time. Moreover, the mount from Mounting Dream is sold with detailed instructions and installation hardware. Hence, setting up Mounting Dream MD2210 is a walk in the park and there is no need for advanced tools. 

Owing to its innovative swiveling and tilting mechanism, the RV TV mount made by Mounting Dream is simple to manipulate. Because of that, with MD2210, RVers should have an easy time adjusting the viewing angle to meet the current demands. Interestingly, as Mounting Dream MD2210 is lockable, people don’t have to worry about it rattling constantly on the road. In the case that you seek tranquil experiences, the Mounting Dream model is going to be the best TV mount for RV you could buy. 

For maintenance, Mounting Dream MD2210 requires little attention and that is advantageous in various situations. MD2210 is a low-priced mount too so when it eventually breaks down, the cost of replacement is quite reasonable. 

This mount is perfect for Camper, RV, Motorhome or road tractor! at first I was nervous because when I first unboxed it it seemed very heavy. I still think it should be made from aluminum or a lighter material than steel to make it even better, but it is great! I had to put a few mounting studs in the wall of my travel trailer due to the 1/2″ studs in the wall not being big enough for the lag bolts. but after I put it in I love the fact that it locks in place for travel. we have taken many trips and so far so good. I also love the length of articulation on this mount. I mounted it on the wall at the end of our bed, but to keep it out of the way while we are set up somewhere, I can swing it completely in the corner facing catty-corner out and tilted down towards the bed. it is exactly what we needed!

Shared by Tyler Lehman


  • Steady 
  • Maintenance is a cinch 
  • Instantaneous installation 


  • Quality control still needs some work 
  • Users notice a number of inconsistencies between units 

3. GoForWild G07001 – Editor’s Choice

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Dependable and reliable, GoForWild G07001 operates smoothly in an assortment of surroundings and its maintenance is no sweat as well. Constructed using top-tier steel, the television mount for recreational vehicles from GoForWild is tough but it’s light too so it packs great handling. Additionally, G07001 is equipped with user-oriented adjustment mechanisms which permit people to tilt and swivel attached TVs at will. Naturally, GoForWild G07001 is prized by RVers that travel year-round and regularly have to deal with annoying sun glare. 

Similar to its contemporaries, G07001 complies with VESA standards so it’s capable of taking on ordinary RV-rated televisions. The loading capacity of the mount of GoForWild is also decent, thus, overloading is a negligible issue in most cases. Based on the layout of interior and individual liking, enthusiasts of RVing could install G07001 of GoForWild with either two fixed points or four fixed points. It’s noteworthy that the overall performance of G07001 remains the same regardless of the number of points used. 

About affordability, compared to the market average, GoForWild G07001 is deemed to be budget-friendly. For those that have slightly tight wallets yet still want to pick up products of quality, G07001 is the best TV mount for RV nowadays. 

So happy I went with this wall mount! We’ve gone on four trips since installing my 28″ Samsung TV to this mount and it has yet to move during travel. We really didn’t need to full motion tv mount but I’m glad I got this one. It makes installing the mount and hooking up the TV a breeze. The latching mechanism is solid and makes excellent contact. I really have not worried about this thing flinging open during travel. IT’S SOLID!
Instructions and mounting hardware are perfect for RVs and will not go further than needed. I really love this thing and will be purchasing another one for the other locating in my trailer. Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

Shared by Bass Crew


  • Economical
  • Commendable compatibility 
  • Structural strength is marvelous 


  • Complaints about stripped bolts show up on occasions 
  • Locking mechanism needs to be improved 

4. Mounting Dream MD2209

Why We Love It:

Need RV locking TV wall mounts that keep your televisions secured and don’t creak? Then it’s suggested that you take a look at MD2209 of Mounting Dream and see what it can do. Equipped with a one-step locking system and a spring latch, MD2209 lets RVers lock/release TVs conveniently and keep the creaking to the minimum. Furthermore, featuring VESA compatibility, the TV mount from Mounting Dream works well with a lot of televisions for recreational vehicles. 

With the ability to freely tilt forward and backward, Mounting Dream MD2209 ensures that users never have to experience neck aches while watching TV programs.  The mount for RV TVs of Mounting Dream would have no trouble swiveling the TVs to practically any direction too. As MD2209 incorporates up to two leveling bolts, orienting it is a piece of cake. Therefore, if you grab Mounting Dream MD2209, it’s a breeze to get a clear view of your TV from every seat in the interior. 

As for the setup process, the installation of the RV TV mount made by Mounting Dream is fairly undemanding and lasts just a few moments. Unsurprisingly, MD2209 is held in high esteem by enthusiasts of RVing that need a robust TV mount on the go.  


  • Fair cost 
  • Fantastic stability 
  • High endurance 


  • Latch comes loose every now and then 
  • Somewhat short mounting screws 

5. Perlesmith PSLRVF

Why We Love It:

Designed with high loading capacity in mind, Perlesmith PSLRVF is among the leading RV TV mounting brackets once it comes to large and bulky televisions. Packing an enhanced body, the TV mount made by Perlesmith casually deals with substantial weight as well as constant vibration. That is why PSLRVF earns positive remarks from RVers that own expensive RV TVs and like to protect their investments. Also, with full-motion adjustability, Perlesmith PSLRVF allows enthusiasts of RVing to tweak the viewing angle as they see fit.

To match the diverse layouts of today’s rigs, PSLRVF is made for universal installation which accelerates the setup process. The Perlesmith TV mount is sold alongside hardware so there is really no need to make separate purchases for parts. Using the accompanying cable ties, people should be able to arrange and organize the wirings of attached TVs without problems. For RVers that have busy schedules and value ease of set up, PSLRVF is the best TV mount for RV

As proof of confidence, Perlesmith willingly offers everyone that decides to get its TV mount a five-year manufacturer warranty. That means if your PSLRVF gives out due to defects within the warranty period, you could claim a free replacement. 


  • Compact 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Versatile and flexible 


  • Sporadic bouncing is noted by a couple of users 
  • Lock sometimes fails to firmly secure TVs

6. VideoSecu ML531BE2

Why We Love It:

Being a low profile TV mount, VideoSecu ML531BE2 occupies negligible amounts of space and that makes it popular to RVers that have small rigs. Moreover, with multi-direction adjustment, ML531BE2 permits owners of recreational vehicles to change the orientation of TVs until the ideal viewing angle is achieved. Thus, enthusiasts of RVing that like to save space and prioritize adaptability deem the TV mount of VideoSecu as the best TV mount for RV. ML531BE2 of VideoSecu accepts VESA-compliant televisions for RV as well, hence, compatibility is usually less than an issue. 

In terms of endurance, the TV mount made by VideoSecu utilizes heavy-duty steel so it would handle the hardship of RVing without falling abruptly. As a result, if you buy ML531BE2, you don’t have to worry about mount replacement for many seasons. Aside from that, since VideoSecu ML531BE2 features straightforward operation, it only requires rudimentary care to stay in good shape. With the TV mount from VideoSecu, you could spend more time watching shows and less time bothering with mount maintenance. 

VideoSecu ML531BE2 happens to come to the market at an inexpensive price so there is no need to empty your wallet to get it. As ML531BE2 comes with installation hardware upon purchase, setting it up is a cakewalk.


  • Rugged 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Installation is no-nonsense 


  • Mediocre shipping 
  • Several users complaint about weak screws 

7. VideoSecu ML12B

Why We Love It:

If you travel on a regular basis and need enduring TV mounts that could tackle variable lighting, you would come to like VideoSecu ML12B. By integrating high-grade alloy steel, the TV mount of VideoSecu is resilient and its versatility is unrivaled as well. In addition, as ML12B is engineered for one-person installation, most enthusiasts of RVing can set it up in a blink of an eye. With hardware included, it’s possible to begin installing ML12B of VideoSecu as soon as it leaves the packaging. 

For adjustability, ML12B rotates smoothly so it’s simple to apply changes to the viewing angle of attached TVs. Thanks to the presence of the post-installation level mechanism, leveling the mount for RV TVs from VideoSecu is a cinch. It’s worth pointing out that VideoSecu ML12B is capable of extending and retracting at user’s discretion. Because of that, regarding optimization of space, ML12B is widely considered to be the best TV mount for RV.

Since VideoSecu ML12B complies with VESA standards, it would accommodate VESA-compatible television for recreational vehicles with relative ease. The TV mount made by VideoSecu also boasts an excellent loading capacity which is nice. 


  • Low-priced
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Compatibility is top-notch 


  • Some mounts sag over time 
  • People occasionally report missing hardware 

8. Mount-It MI-4151

Why We Love It:

While it lacks exceptional traits, MI-4151 of Mount-It remains a solid TV mount for RV that works like a charm in plenty of environments. Owing to a combination of VESA compatibility and superb loading capacity, MI-4151 supports lots of modern-day RV-rated televisions. Furthermore, being built for strength from the ground up, the TV mount made by Mount-It holds up well even when routinely exposed to elements. Therefore, if you look for an RV exterior TV mount, you have to add Mount-It MI-4151 to your shortlist.

Portable and compact, the TV mount from Mount-It possesses impressive handling so you just need a bit of time to position and secure it. Depending on tastes and styles, MI-4151 could hold televisions in either landscape or portrait orientation so it adapts very well. Besides that, at any time, RVers can tilt, swivel and rotate MI-4151 of Mount-It to adjust the viewing angle. Needless to say, the TV mount of Mount-It is well-received by enthusiasts of RVing annoyed by sun glare. 

One interesting thing about Mount-It MI-4151 is that it comes with a handy anti-theft feature: openings for padlocks. For many owners of recreational vehicles that have to leave their rigs unattended from time to time, such a feature is undoubtedly a big plus. 


  • Tough 
  • Good delivery service 
  • Sublime range of motion 


  • Hardware get in the way of cables in particular arrangements 
  • Quality control still leaves something to be desired 

9. Wali 1342LM

Why We Love It:

Featuring convenient modular extension arms that could be detached and reconstructed, Wali 1342LM let RVers swiftly modify the distance between TV screens and the eyes. Additionally, carrying fully adjustable orientation mechanisms, the TV mount from Wali tilts downward/upward and swivels around without much difficulty. That is why 1342LM is superior to classic TV mounts once it comes to flexibility. Also, since Wali 1342LM contains a cable management system, keeping the wires of televisions organized is a piece of cake. 

Assembled to be VESA-compliant, 1342LM would easily take on televisions for recreational vehicles that adhere to the same standard. The loading capacity of the Wali TV mount is more than adequate for ordinary RV TVs on the market too. About installation, Wali 1342LM is going to attach to an assortment of materials but to avoid headaches, it’s best to stick to wood studs. When the setup process concludes, 1342LM just needs to be cleaned and lubricated by users to stay in working order. 

Upon purchase, 1342LM of Wali is backed with a reassuring ten-year warranty which speaks volumes about its marvelous quality. Obviously, to multiple RVing enthusiasts that like to have peace of mind, 1342LM is the best RV mount for RV. 


  • Great integrity
  • Fluid operation 
  • Setup process is intuitive 


  • Mounts intermittently arrive without enough hardware 
  • A few people complain about dimensional flaws 

10. VideoSecu MF608B

Why We Love It:

All you want is a no-nonsense mount for televisions of recreational vehicles with uncomplicated installation and moderate tilt adjustment? If that happens to be the case, VideoSecu MF608B may be what you need. As it’s a rather basic mount for RV TVs, MF608B cannot swivel and rotate but it still allows you to tilt your televisions. Moreover, the mount of VideoSecu is VESA-compatible and could hold expanded TVs securely so you don’t have to worry about compatibility and overloading.

Utilizing powder-coated steel in the construction, MF608B of VideoSecu expertly resists physical impacts and elements in the outdoors. As a result, compared to common models, the mount for TVs made by VideoSecu packs fantastic ruggedness and that makes it suitable for frequent travels. For installation, MF608B takes a couple of minutes to set up and you should have required tools in your toolbox. By using the supplied magnetic bubble level, the task of leveling VideoSecu MF608B is essentially child’s play. 

The mount from VideoSecu is an economical model, thus, it meets the budget of lots of owners of recreational vehicles. MF608B is aesthetically pleasing too so it excels at blending in with the surrounding. 


  • Affordable 
  • Detailed owner’s manual 
  • Handling is outstanding 


  • Limited adjustability 
  • Shipping should be overhauled 

11. Mount-It MI-CM212

Why We Love It:

Built as a ceiling and under-cabinet TV mount for RV, Mount-It MI-CM212 is usually praised by RVers that like to save space and keep the interior uncluttered. Able to tilt and swivel based on user’s liking, the TV mount of Mount-It is easy to orient. In addition to that, the height of MI-CM212 is also adjustable so its accessibility exceeds that of traditional mounts for televisions of recreational vehicles. Because of that, Mount-It MI-CM212 could be readily tweaked to match diverse circumstances. 

Being strength tested at three times its rated loading capacity, MI-CM212 provides secure and steady grips to RV TVs. Since the TV mount from Mount-It complies with VESA standards as well, it would accommodate a wide range of televisions from LCD to LED. Outside of use, it’s possible to fold Mount-It MI-CM212 and attached TVs to get much-needed space for key appliances and supplies. Finally, the maintenance procedure of MI-CM212 is a snap so there is no need to give it special treatment. 

On arrival, MI-CM212 of Mount-It is accompanied by installation hardware so setting it up is going to be a walk in the park. Similar to other TV mounts made by Mount-It, MI-CM212 is backed with a nice five-year manufacturer warranty. 


  • Competitive price 
  • Sturdy and stable 
  • Hassle-free performance 


  • Owner’s manual should be rewritten 
  • RVers often report fitting difficulty 

12. Impact Mounts IM-LCD-CM

Why We Love It:

For enthusiasts of RVing that wish to set up small TVs for entertainment in the kitchens, children’s room and workspaces, Impact Mounts IM-LCD-CM is a good buy. In spite of its plain build, IM-LCD-CM is strong and it could support substantial weight for its size. Furthermore, possessing integrated swiveling and tilting mechanisms, the TV mount made by Impact Mounts permits RVers to manipulate the viewing angle at their own leisure. Hence, with Impact Mounts IM-LCD-CM around, people would have no trouble following TV programs no matter the orientation. 

In use, the TV mount for RV of Impact Mounts employs a terrific push-in folding system that helps with space management in the interior. Whenever you want to watch programs, you simply have to fold down the IM-LCD-CM and fold it back up after the programs conclude. That is really handy if you have little space to spare and don’t like to make big changes to squeeze televisions into your rig. Lastly, as Impact Mounts IM-LCD-CM comes with all of its installation hardware, its setup process lasts mere moments.

In terms of cost, considering the sublime values of Impact Mounts IM-LCD-CM, its price tag is totally acceptable. Overall, the purchase of IM-LCD-CM should have inconsequential impacts on your upcoming spendings. 


  • Lightweight
  • Slim and sleek 
  • Decent loading capacity 


  • Mediocre customer service 
  • Marginal latching 

13. Mount-It MI-2829

Why We Love It:

Protruding just several inches from the wall, Mount-It MI-2829 is capable of maintaining a subtle presence in countless layouts. Naturally, the TV mount from Mount-It is well-liked by enthusiasts of RVing that place aesthetics above everything else. Also, being engineered as a VESA-compliant model with high loading capacity, MI-2829 holds and secures televisions of multiple types. In times of need, Mount-It MI-2829 could be used for computer monitors so you don’t have to use different mounts for different applications. 

Packing an innovative design that provides plenty of adjustment, MI-2829 smoothly swivels and tilts which ease manipulation of viewing angle. That is why with the TV mount made by Mount-It, getting a clear view of TVs is no sweat. It’s noteworthy that Mount-It MI-2829 is assembled for single-stud installation so people can set up television virtually anywhere inside recreational vehicles. The inclusion of the quick-detach plate speeds up the setup process of MI-2829 too.

The maintenance of Mount-It MI-2829 is rather undemanding, hence, RVers could keep it operational without spending too much time. For post-purchase support, Mount-It back its RV televisions mount with a five-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. 


  • Save lots of space 
  • Convenient adjustment 
  • Commendable versatility


  • Packaging is less than ideal 
  • A number of mounts bend as time passes by 

14. PAW International 8541761169

Why We Love It:

Basic and practical, PAW International 8541761169 rarely lets owners of recreational vehicles down on the road and remain uncompromised throughout seasons. Featuring a space-saving body made from high-density polymer, 8541761169 is known for having both brilliant handling and admirable endurance. Moreover, being compliant with VESA standards, the PAW International TV mount suits various televisions for RV use on the market. The loading capacity of 8541761169 of PAW International proves to be adequate for typical arrangements too. 

As the TV mount from PAW International is distributed with mounting screws, its installation could be completed in an instant. Depending on the TVs and associated cables, enthusiasts of RVing would have to pick up the optional adapter and spacer. When set up, 8541761169 only sticks out less than an inch from the walls and that should save substantial interior space. As for maintenance, all the TV mount of PAW International needs is regular cleaning so RVers can freely dedicate their attention to more pressing matters. 

Coming at a reasonable price, 8541761169 of PAW International is appreciated by cost-conscious RVing enthusiasts. Despite the absence of adjustment for viewing angle, the TV mount made by PAW International is still a worthwhile investment. 


  • Superb resistance  
  • Responsive tech support 
  • Delivery service is excellent 


  • No adjustment 
  • Some mounts come with missing hardware 

15. Mounting Dream MD2268-LK

Why We Love It:

Since it’s loaded with durable material and well-optimized mechanisms, MD2268-LK of Mounting Dream easily meets the expectations of most enthusiasts of RVing. Boasting adjustable viewing angle, the TV mount made by Mounting Dream allows people to effectively and efficiently address sun glare. As a result, with MD2268-LK,  RVers could enjoy television programs throughout the day without being bothered by ambient lighting. Additionally, Mounting Dream MD2268-LK sits very close to the wall so it saves space. 

Created with a one-person setup process that consists of three steps, MD2268-LK takes minutes to position and secure. Owing to the included bubble level, it’s a breeze to level the Mounting Dream TV mount in RV interior. Mounting Dream MD2268-LK is sold with cable ties too, thus, RVers should have an easy time organizing the array of cables of attached TVs. For RVers that need to quickly get televisions up and running for upcoming trips, MD2268-LK is an outstanding choice. 

Regarding compatibility, Mounting Dream MD2268-LK could accept an assortment of televisions for recreational vehicles that adhere to VESA standards. The top-notch loading capacity of the TV mount from Mounting Dream means the weight range of the compatible televisions is pretty wide as well. 


  • Strong build 
  • Nice price tag 
  • Instructive owner’s manual 


  • RVers experience alignment issues sometimes 
  • A few mounts arrive flawed 

How To Choose The Best RV TV Mount

Preferences often differ significantly between people so the RV community is at odds regarding the best TV mount for RV. Nonetheless, to get the most out of your money, it’s imperative that you keep the criteria below in mind. 


Since you depend on the TV mount to secure and support your delicate TV while traveling, ruggedness is naturally going to be the top concern. The last thing you want to spend your money on is a flimsy mount that quickly fails and drops your TV straight into the ground. In order to see how well particular camper TV mounts hold together, it’s suggested that you examine their materials, joint, thickness and so on. If you notice signs that suggest potential compromises to integrity, move on to other models. 


A number of TV mounts could accommodate RV TVs of various types but some models only pair to certain TVs. Because of that, as you assess TV mounts for RV on the market, you have to pay attention to compatibility. Usually, you would be able to determine if a mount suits your TV by checking out its owner’s manual. It’s worth pointing out that many television brands comply with VESA standards so mounts with VESA compatibility likely work well on typical RV TVs.


Generally, with space being a rare commodity in the interior of the average recreational vehicles, dimension consideration becomes extremely important. Owning a premium-grade TV mount is essentially meaningless if it’s incompatible with the layout of your rig and keep getting in the way. To grab a well-sized RV TV mount bracket, it’s strongly recommended that you think about the size of your television and its location. That should allow you to eliminate inappropriate models on your shortlist and save some time. 

Ease Of Installation 

RVing involves substantial stresses, hence, you have no need for a frustratingly complicated TV that takes forever to set up. To avoid headaches, it’s best that you give ease of installation some thoughts prior to committing to a purchase. By reading the reviews of enthusiasts of RVing, you could learn a lot about the installation complexity of market models. In the case that you have interests in a mount but lack the skills and patience to set it up, feel free to hire professionals to handle the setup process. 


As price is linked to quality, it’s crucial that you be thorough once it comes to the price tag of travel trailer TV mounts. Models that pack multiple features and functions cost more than the rest but they would have superior adaptability and versatility. On the other hand, mounts that come at budget prices boast limited capabilities but they have undemanding installation and maintenance. Take into account what you need and decide the budget for your TV mount accordingly. 

Types Of Television Mounts For RVs 

While numerous RV TV mounts exist, the market nowadays contains just six types of models: flat, under-cabinet, tilt, articulating, full-motion and pull-down.

camper tv mount

Flat Mounts 

Practical and functional, flat mounts work well in an assortment of rigs and take a couple of moments to install. In addition to that, models of the type attach closely to TVs so they help save space in the interior. The absence of motion means it’s impossible to change the TV viewing angle of flat mounts when installation concludes.

Under-Cabinet Mounts 

Engineered for televisions tucked under cabinets, under-cabinet mounts permit RVers to simultaneously enjoy TV shows and optimize space usage. Moreover, as models of the type tend to have moderate adjustability, it’s simple to achieve the desired viewing angle. However, owing to the cabinet-oriented design, under-cabinet mounts could only support small TVs.

Tilt Mounts 

Outwardly, tile mounts resemble flat mounts but there is one notable difference: tile mounts let people tilt TVs at will. Needless to say, models of the type receive compliments from RVers that travel regularly and come across diverse lighting conditions. On the downside, tile mounts happen to be slightly pricey. 

Articulating Mounts 

Possessing an extended range of motion, articulating mounts could rapidly adapt to the individual linking of owners of recreational vehicles. If you wish to have a good time in front of your TV, you should prioritize models of the type. Keep in mind that articulating mounts don’t sit close to walls so they need to be secured during travels. 

Full-Motion Mounts 

As the name suggests, full-motion mounts feature top-notch flexibility so RVers have an easy time manipulating them. Using models of the type, RVers may even follow programs without having to stay in the same room as the TVs. In terms of shortcomings, the setup process of full-motion mounts is a bit tedious and they have tricky maintenance. 

Pull-Down Mounts 

For enthusiasts of RVing that plan to keep TVs overhead and slide it downward in times of need, pull-down mounts should be excellent choices. Outside of use, models of the type and attached televisions would be kept hidden so there is no need to worry too much about space. 

Top RV TV Mount Brands

Mounts for televisions of RV come from countless brands but if you value reputability, you have to memorize these names


Being one of the leading manufacturers of RV flat-screen TV mounts, VideoSecu is often the number one choice for those that seek steady arrangements. The customer service of VideoSecu is responsive as well and that is a big plus. 


With more than a decade of experience, Mount-It understands what people need and proceed to assemble its products accordingly. Also, as TV mounts for RV from Mount-It come at reasonable prices, they prove popular among cost-conscious RVers. 

Mounting Dream

Thanks to well-trained personnel and design optimization, Mounting Dream manages to build robust products that rarely fail to please. If you want to have a no-nonsense TV wall mount for RV that holds up season after season, look for models of Mounting Dream. 


Capable of making solid mounts that work superbly in plenty of environments, Impact is held in high esteem by many RVers from novice to veterans. Products of Impact usually have outstanding compatibility, thus, they could support all kinds of TVs. 

FAQs About TV Mounts For RV

Is it wise to replace RV TV mounts with residential ones? 

Designed for stationary applications, residential mounts lack the strength to endure the vibration of RVing. While using residential mounts as substitutes for RV mounts could save you some bucks now, you have to spend more in the long run due to repair and replacement expenses. That is why it’s widely advised that you add a purpose-design TV mount for RV to your rig. 

What kind of maintenance do television mounts of recreational vehicles require? 

Since different TV mounts have different characteristics, it’s a good idea to refer to the owner’s manual once it comes to performing maintenance. For typical models, RVers just have to clean them from time to time and apply moderate lubricant to moveable parts. 

How much weight could RV-rated TV mounts handle?

Despite their slender appearance, TV mounts for recreational vehicles have no trouble taking on a lot of weight in use. Most models on the market have loading capacities between 33 and 55 pounds but several mounts would support as much as 77 pounds. 

Should I buy my mount from Amazon? 

If you don’t like to go out of your way and visit hardware shops for a TV mount then Amazon is a great choice. On Amazon, you would be able to compare models and offers from multiple manufacturers on the market which makes it simple to get a bargain.

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1 thought on “Best TV Mount For RVs: Secure Your TV to RV Roof & Wall!”

  1. When looking for the best mount, think about how well it can hold your TV. Because RVs move a lot, you need make sure that your mounting bracket includes additional safety features to avoid any potential harm to your TV.


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