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While slide-out sections bring much-needed space to the interior of RVs, they also increase the likelihood of mechanical failures, leakages and so on. Hence, if your vehicle features a number of slide-outs then you may want to pick up slide-out awnings.

Basic but practical, the slide-out awnings would add an excellent layer of protection to the slide-outs and prevent a wide range of issues. So before heading out again, you should read RV slide-out awning reviews and get the slide-outs of your rig the coverage they deserve.

Comparison Chart of Best RV Slide Out Awnings

 Product's namePriceSpecificationsMore Info
Solera Black Slide Topper Awning - 13'6' (13'1' Fabric)Solera Black Slide Topper Awning - 13'6" (13'1" Fabric)$$$$Mounting hardware and rail included
Multiple vinyl & acrylic fabric colors
Automatically extend and retract
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Carefree (FH2000047) White 47' x 200' SideOut Kover II RollCarefree (FH2000047) White 47" x 200" SideOut Kover II Roll$$$$Waterproof and UV-resistant fabrics
Preinstalled cording
Universal fitness
See Latest Price
SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric 154' Premium Quality VinylSunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric 154" Premium Quality Vinyl$$$$Heat-welded poly cords
1000D polyester fabrics
Anti-rip stitching lines
See Latest Price
Carefree LH0810042 White 74' - 81' Slideout CoverCarefree LH0810042 White 74" - 81" Slideout Cover$$$$Roller lock
Heavy-duty fabrics
Aluminum tube/brackets
See Latest Price
ShadePro - RV Awning Fabric Replacement - Premium Grade Weatherproof Vinyl - Universal Outdoor...ShadePro - RV Awning Fabric Replacement - Premium Grade Weatherproof Vinyl...$$$$One-piece design
Sewn-in poly cord
Pull strap included
See Latest Price
Carefree (UQ0770025) SideOut Kover III AwningCarefree (UQ0770025) SideOut Kover III Awning$$$$Wind deflector
Built-in cradle support
Concealed mounting screws
See Latest Price
CANOPY TOPPER WEBERCANOPY TOPPER WEBER$$$$Electronically welded poly cord hems
1000D vinyl fabrics
Raw edge
See Latest Price
Universal Slide Out Awning Replacement Fabric-White 200' x 30' Cut to Fit Your Slide-Out!Universal Slide Out Awning Replacement Fabric-White 200" x 30" Cut to Fit...$$$$Cut-to-fit
Preinstalled cords
Vinyl fabrics
See Latest Price
Carefree JE200005B47 White 200' long x 47' projection Universal Cut-to-Fit Slideout Awning Fabric...Carefree JE200005B47 White 200" long x 47" projection Universal Cut-to-Fit...$$$$Cut-to-fit
Preinstalled cords
Vinyl fabrics
See Latest Price
Universal Slide-Topper Replacement Cut-to-Fit Fabric for 5th Wheel RVs, Travel Trailers and...Universal Slide-Topper Replacement Cut-to-Fit Fabric for 5th Wheel RVs,...$$$$Universal setup
Cut-to-fit fabrics
Compatible with common awnings
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Best RV Slide Out Awnings

Don’t have the patience to go through every review of awnings for RV slide-outs but still want to make an informed purchase? Well, if that happens to be the case, this article should be of use to you.

Check out the below to get to know some of the best RV slide-out covers on the market nowadays.

1. Lippert Solera Slider – Best Of The Best

Why This Is The Best

Attractive and durable, Solera Slider of Lippert is held in high regard by many full-time RVers around the globe. Designed to attach to the slide-outs and the outside walls of recreational vehicles, the Lippert topper creates an outstanding all-around shield that keeps out dust, debris, leaves, insects… The use of premium-grade fabrics makes Solera Slider resilient to the outdoor elements too.  Because of that, in terms of protection, Lippert Solera Slider is undoubtedly the best RV slide topper on the market.

As for installation, Lippert Solera Slider comes alongside its own mounting hardware so you could set it up in just a blink of an eye. Since the accompanying hardware features a universal hole pattern that matches recreational vehicles of common brands, you don’t have to worry about patching holes. The awning of Lippert is available in multiple sizes, therefore, it’s a breeze to find one that suits the slide-outs of your RV. For complete coverage, you should select a size that extends at least 2.5 inches beyond each side of your slide-outs.

Being permanently attached and extended/retract as people operate slide-outs, Solera Slider from Lippert runs smoothly all by itself. Thus, numerous RV slide-out awning reviews consider the slide-out awning of Lippert to be ideal for novices RVers.


  • Versatility is top-notch
  • Well-made and rugged
  • No-nonsense installation


  • A bit costly
  • Mediocre instructions

2. Carefree SideOut Kover II Topper – Editor’s Choice

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

Offered at a highly affordable price, Carefree SideOut Kover II is particularly well-suited for budget-minded RVers that desire quality slide-out toppers without having to make big spendings. In spite of its price, SideOut Kover II is still capable of maintaining the slide-out sections of your vehicle in top shape for years. Due to the integration of waterproof vinyl fabrics, the topper of Carefree excels at preventing water leaks in slide-outs. That is certainly a major plus for RVers that tend to travel in rainy seasons.

Since it’s also UV-resistant, SideOut Kover II of Carefree holds together well once it comes to sunlight exposure. Hence, the slide-out topper from Carefree rarely experiences issues like fading color, deteriorating integrity and so on in use. Thanks to the preinstalled cording, SideOut Kover II is ready for use out of packagings. While RVers still need to get hardware to mount it to the slide-out sections, Carefree SideOut Kover II delivers sublime values for its cost.

Regarding post-purchase support, the manufacturer’s warranty of Carefree SideOut Kover II receives favorable remarks from quite a few RV slide-out awning reviews. Through the warranty, you could claim a replacement if your SideOut Kover II fails as a result of manufacturing flaws.


  • Economical
  • Undemaning setup  
  • Dependable and reliable


  • No hardware and instructions
  • Barely acceptable shipping

3. SunWave Slide-Out Cover

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

Manufactured in a way that it could be trimmed for optimal fitness, SunWave Slide-Out Cover is able to adapt to an assortment of slide-outs. That means if you decide to buy the SunWave topper, you would save yourself the headache of ordering by size. After receiving SunWave Slide-Out Cover, you simply have to cut it according to the measurement of your slide-out section. Furthermore, the cover of SunWave pack preinstalled cording which allows RVers to fit it to existing rails as well as rollers in no time flat.

About resistance, SunWave Slide-Out Cover uses first-class waterproof fabrics so it should handle the average downpours without much difficulty. In addition to that, by shutting out waters, the topper of SunWave is going to put an end to the leaks in the slide-outs. Considering the repair bills of water-related damages, it’s only natural that lots of RV owners enjoy the protection provided by SunWave Slide-Out Cover. The sleek profile of the cover from SunWave is also deemed by various RV slide-out awning reviews to be one of its selling points.

In terms of cost, SunWave Slide-Out Cover is relatively inexpensive compared to the market standard. Therefore, pretty much everyone could pick up the SunWave topper.


  • Cut-to-fit fabrics
  • Reasonable price
  • Marvelous compatibility


  • Quality is inconsistent between covers
  • Need extra hardware

4. Carefree Slide-Out Cover

Why We Love It

By making use of a tough roller lock that prevents billowing, Carefree Slide-Out Cover brings RVers peace of mind while camping in windy conditions. Moreover, with heavy-duty fabrics, the cover of Carefree would shield the slide-outs of recreational vehicles from a number of abrasive elements as well. Thanks to the top-rated aluminum tube and brackets, the stability of Carefree Slide-Out Cover is also second to none in its price range. Consequently, the topper from Carefree operates in a quiet manner.

Accompanied by mounting hardware, Carefree Slide-Out Cover could be set up within hours so it’s a good option for RVers that need slide-out toppers in a hurry. Also, since the Carefree cover for RV slide-outs is available at an affordable price, you don’t have to think too much about budget. To reassure RVers about the quality of the slide-out topper, Carefree even offers a manufacturer warranty, a nice touch. After all, it never hurts to have an insurance policy in case things turn south.

With its sublime design, the Carefree cover matches countless decorations and themes of recreational vehicles. As a result, there is no need for you to worry about the cover standing out like a sore thumb.


  • Blend in well
  • Excellent endurance
  • Sterling values for the price


  • Thin
  • Lack of instructions for installation

5.  Shade Pro Slide-Out Topper

Why We Love It

You believe that the fabrics of slide-out awnings on your RV don’t have many days left in them? If that is the case, Shade Pro Slide-Out Topper is exactly what you need. Capable of fitting awnings from respected brands like Carefree, Lippert and A&E, the Shade Pro topper is a wonderful replacement for worn-out fabrics. With sewn-in poly cords and pull straps, the setup process of Shade Pro Slide-Out Topper is fairly straightforward. Assuming that you follow the included instructions, you could finish the swap in a jiffy.

Due to the use of welded Weatherguard, the splendid resilience of the Shade Pro product is recognized by plenty of RV slide-out awning reviews. For RVers that travel throughout the year and prioritize ruggedness, the topper of Shade Pro is unquestionably a sound choice. As proof of confidence, Shade Pro backs its topper for slide-outs with a fine 3-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects, excessive fading and cracking. The warranty excludes damages caused by winds and rains through.

As always, in order to get suitable toppers, you must take the size of your slide-out awning into account. Measure the awnings from center-of-arm to center-of-arm to determine the size of the slide-out topper.


  • Durable and flexible
  • Undemanding handling
  • Fit multiple awnings


  • Pricey
  • Sub-par delivery service

6. Carefree SideOut Kover III Awning

Why We Love It

Boasting a combination of heavy-duty fabric and rock-solid wind deflector, Carefree SideOut Kover III performs admirably in a wide range of weather conditions. If properly installed, the awning of Carefree would protect the delicate slide-outs of your recreational vehicle from damaging leaves, debris, waters and so on. Also, for comprehensive coverage, SideOut Kover III is explicitly designed to automatically extend and retracts. That is why SideOut Kover III of Carefree tends to get high scores from RV slide-out awning reviews nowadays.

Because of the incorporation of cradle support, the roller assembly of the Carefree slide-out awning is secured against sagging. That should let SideOut Kover III maintain a unified profile in most of the cases. In fact, all of the mounting screws of Carefree SideOut Kover III have been covered to ensure a clean look. So if aesthetics happens to be your top priority once it comes to awnings for slide-outs then SideOut Kover III definitely fits the bills. The price of the awning made by Carefree seems to be slightly steep but its robust values justify the cost.

It’s worth noting that in a couple of settings, waters could pool on the slide-out cover of Carefree. To dump the waters, all you have to do is to retract the slide-outs in steps (stop and go).


  • Automatic
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty
  • Unrivaled durability


  • High cost
  • The instructions could use some work

7.  Innova Trim To Fit Slide-Out Cover

Why We Love It

Featuring raw edges that facilitate cutting, Innova Trim To Fit Slide-Out Cover is well-received by first-time RVers that have concerns about fitness. Once you get your hands on the cover from Innova, you could trim the fabrics as you like to make it match the exact measurement of your slide-out section. Because of that, Innova Trim To Fit Slide-Out Cover is able to provide coverage to the slide outs of an assortment of recreational vehicles. Additionally, the Innova topper may be used to replace disintegrating fabrics in various awnings.

With electronically welded poly cord hems, Innova Trim To Fit Slide-Out Cover would slide smoothly into the awning rails. Thanks to the rigorous quality tests, the awning roller seldom leaks/tears at needle holes which guarantee an extended lifespan. Furthermore, the cover for slide-outs of Innova includes non-hemmed edges in its design so water pooling is going to be a negligible issue. The non-hemmed edge creates a tight canopy as well, hence, Innova Trim To Fit Slide-Out Cover makes barely audible noises in the wind.

As for the color of the cover, Innova offers RVers two options: black and white. You should take some time to think about the aesthetics of your rig and choose a color that suits it.


  • Affordable price
  • Sublime resistance
  • Tough materials


  • No mounting hardware
  • Instructions not included

8. RV Awning Avenue Slide-Out Topper

Why We Love It

Due to the presence of preinstalled cords at both ends, RV Awning Avenue Slide-Out Topper could be fitted to numerous awnings without much difficulty. Like many other toppers, the cover from RV Awning Avenue is designed to be cut-to-fit.  That means you don’t have to rack your brain once it comes to calculating the topper size. After receiving the topper from RV Awning Avenue, you only need to measure the length that you need and proceed to cut off the excess.

Since the cording is secured using a welded seam, it’s impossible to cut through the stitching, a major plus. Interestingly, RV Awning Avenue Slide-Out Topper also works well in awnings that feature extensions. All in all, if your slide-outs extend more than 30 inches from the vehicle then you don’t cut the extension parts of the fabrics. On the other hand, if your slide-outs extend less than 30 inches from the vehicle, it’s completely fine to leave the excess on the roller tube of the awnings.

As for installation, different awnings would require different steps but it’s of utmost importance that you remove the tension from the spring before swapping.


  • Adaptable
  • Well-built and long-lasting
  • User-friendly setup process


  • Quality control is less than ideal
  • Shipping should be overhauled

9. Carefree Slideout Awning Topper

Why We Love It

Packing premium-grade vinyl fabrics bonded with FLXguard wraps, Carefree Slideout Awning Topper is able to withstand lots of punishments. Dirt, debris, sunlight and so on could never get through the Carefree cover to reach the slide-out sections underneath. As a result, RVers that go off-roading from time to time hold the topper of Carefree in high esteem. The fresh profile of Carefree Slideout Awning Topper is viewed positively by a lot of RV slide-out awning reviews these kinds of days too.

Following the market trend, the Carefree topper is made to be cut-to-fit so through the raw cut edge, you may trim it down to whatever size you need. As for the excess fabrics, it’s a good idea to keep them stored in your vehicle for future replacements. For maximum strength,  hems of Carefree Slideout Awning Topper have been welded instead of sewn. Because of that, once it comes to longevity, the cover made by Carefree is undoubtedly one of the leading RV slide toppers on the market.

Regarding cost, Carefree Slideout Awning Topper is a bit pricey compared to the average toppers. That being said, if you want to get the most out of your RV slide topper awnings, the cover of Carefree is your best bet.


  • Weatherproof
  • Straightforward installation
  • Resist rips and tears


  • Lack of hardware for mounting
  • RVer must look for instructions

10. Lippert Solera  Slide Topper

Why We Love It

Thanks to the use of cut-to-fit fabrics, Lippert Solera Slide Topper removes the guesswork while replacing the worn-out fabrics of RV awnings. Naturally, the cover of Lippert tends to be the top choice for RVers that worry about ordering wrong-sized toppers. Once Lippert Solera  Slide Topper arrives, all you have to do is to cut it using the measurements of the awnings of your slide-outs. Also, the cover is delivered in a compact roll so it’s a breeze for you to store excess fabrics.

As for the endurance of the Lippert topper, it’s able to take on a wide range of outdoor elements. Therefore, the slide-out sections of your recreational vehicle should be well-protected assuming that you install the cover properly. In terms of aesthetics, Lippert Solera  Slide Topper comes in two colors: black and white. In spite of the modest options, Lippert Solera Slide Topper remains capable of matching quite a few models of RV. So if you want a uniformed look for your rig, you should check out the side-out cover from Lippert.

For setup, it’s strongly recommended that you consider the characteristics of your awnings carefully to get a good fit. Look for visual references in case you don’t know what needs to be done instead of improvising by yourself.


  • Versatile and flexible
  • Marvelous adaptability
  • Top-notch handling


  • Limited color options
  • No instructions included

How to Choose The Right RV Slide-Out Awnings

Overall, different RV slide-out awning reviews may paint different pictures about particular products which is understandable as preferences change substantially from person to person. That being said, if you like to get the most out of your investment then pay attention to these issues.


As the purpose of an RV slide-out awning is to protect the slide-out sections of recreational vehicles, durability is obviously the top concern. The last thing you want to experience is to see your newly-purchased awnings fail after a few weeks and leave the slide-outs of your rig exposed to elements. In general, you would be able to assess the toughness of awnings by taking a close look at the materials. Products that make use of quality materials should last a long time outdoors.


It’s of utmost importance that RVers properly determine the size of awnings for slide-outs before picking them up. If the awnings happen to be too small for the slide-out sections then the level of coverage is going to be less than ideal. On the other hand, if the awnings prove too big for the slide-outs, they could billow in windy conditions which tend to cause troubles. To grab well-sized awnings, it’s strongly recommended that you use the measurements of the slide-out sections of your recreational vehicle as references.


The setup process of standard awnings for slide-outs of RV usually lasts several hours. Nonetheless, in order to avoid potential headaches during the fitting, you should prioritize products with straightforward, no-nonsense installation steps. Being an RVer, you already have tons of things to take care of so you definitely don’t want to struggle around overly complicated awnings. By scanning through customer reviews, you would obtain essential information regarding the complexity of installation.


Slide toppers for RVs come at a wide range of prices but you must remember the rule of thumb:” You get what you pay for”. In the case you seek awnings for slide-outs that could hold together on the road, you need to stay away from dirt-cheap products. Such awnings indeed permit you to save a couple of bucks in the short term but they actually cost you more in the long run. Still, unless you have first-class requirements, it’s unnecessary for you to empty your wallet on top-of-the-line awnings for slide-outs.


The competitive nature of the market of awnings for RV slide-outs means that manufacturers constantly look for ways to separate themselves from the rest. Some produce unique designs for the awnings of slide-outs while others release products that incorporate the latest technological advances.  So if you find yourself with similarly capable awnings for slide-out sections of recreational vehicles, you should take a look at the miscellaneous features.

FAQs about RV Slide Topper Awnings

1. How do I clean the toppers of my travel trailer?

To clean the awnings for slide-outs sections of RV, RVers only need to follow the instructions of the manufacturers. The cleaning process tends to involve soft cloths and soapy waters but a few products also require special cleaning solutions.

2. Should I keep an eye out for particular awnings brands?

You could buy toppers for the slide-outs of your rig from a number of manufacturers but if you wish to play it safe, look for products from Dometic, Innova, Lippert, SunWave and so on. Despite the fact the awnings from reputable names let people down on occasions, they nonetheless prove to be superior to products from lesser-known brands. In addition to that, well-known manufacturers often offer technical assistance and post-purchase support.  

3. Between online retailers and physical stores, which ones would likely give me the best bargains?

All in all, if you want to examine the slide-out toppers inside out and make detailed comparisons in person, you should visit physical stores. In the case of online retailers, you have access to lots of colors, designs, materials, … but you don’t get to evaluate the awnings directly.

4. How could I prevent the slide-out awnings from flapping?

Many things cause the toppers of slide-out to flap and shorten the lifespans of the materials if left unaddressed. Generally, if you keep the awnings taut using the tension adjustments, flapping is going to be less than an issue. For good measure, plenty of RVers even implement certain precautions to tackle flapping in camper slide-out awnings such as lassoing the fabrics, installing tetherballs, …

5. What needs to be done to ensure that the slide-out toppers stay in shape?

Everything eventually fails but by cleaning them periodically, you should be able to extend the lifespan of the slide-out awnings on your recreational vehicle. It’s noteworthy that you must let the toppers dry naturally in well-ventilated spaces. Using heat sources to dry the awnings may permanently damage the materials so be careful.

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