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The 11 Best RV Bike Racks for the Money in 2020

Chris Coleman

Recreational vehicles pack various amenities but RVers still have to venture out by themselves to enjoy natural wonders on occasions. As a result, lots of enthusiasts of RVing today agree that it’s useful to keep bikes around while traveling.

Overall, by bringing bikes along, you may visit locations that your RV is unable to reach and get some exercises in the process as well. However, to add bikes to your vehicle, you need racks and finding the best RV bike rack is tough if you don’t have a good understanding of market options.

Top-Rated RV Bike Racks Comparison Chart

NoTop-Rated RV Bike RacksPricesOur Ratings
1Swagman 80630$$*****
2Camco 51492$*****
3Swagman Traveler XC2$$$*****
4Allen Sports 542RR$$$*****
5Let’s Go Aero Jack-It$$$****
6Swagman 80605$*****
7Swagman Dispatch$$$$*****
8Quick Products QPRBM2R$*****
9Surco 501BR$$***
10Swagman Escapee$$$$$****
11Swagman 80501$$****

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Reviews on The Best RV Bike Racks

New to the world of RV and feel clueless once it comes to bike racks? In that case, this article would show you the rope. To make an informed investment, you should take a close look at the features as well as reviews of best-selling racks presented down below

1. Swagman 80630 – Best Of The Best

Swagman 80630
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 2 Bikes
  • Weight: 6.5 Pounds
  • Type: Ladder Rack

Why This Is The Best

Made from corrosion-resistant aluminum, Swagman 80630 is kind of light compared to its competitors but it’s still able to take on various outdoor elements. As a result, for RVers that care about ruggedness, the rack of Swagman is the best RV bike rack available for purchase on the market. Aside from that, thanks to the inclusion of dual-arm design, 80630 guarantees super support for the bikes on the move. Since the Swagman bike racks also pack soft cradles, it firmly holds onto bikes of RVers without creating unsightly marks.

Secured to the ladder of recreational vehicles through functional hooks, Swagman 80630 only requires a couple of minutes to set up. In terms of capacity, the bike rack from Swagman could accommodate 2 bikes and its max load is 35 pounds per bike. Considering the biking preference of RVers nowadays, the capacity of 80630 is by all accounts adequate. Using the convenient rubber straps included on the Swagman bike rack, it’s possible to attach and detach bikes in the blink of an eye.

For safety in low-light conditions, Swagman incorporates reflectors into its rack to make it visible to passing-by drivers. Therefore, if you have to drive overnight from time to time then you should definitely add Swagman 80630 to your shortlist.

This Ladder rack worked perfectly on my RV. I hung the bike vertically due to my ladder being located on the rear right side of the RV. The foam on the vertical bars of the rack kept the rack from vibrating during our last 1900 mile trip. When I secured the bike front wheel, I did it so as to keep downward pressure on the rack which served two purposes at the same time. If you don’t want the bike to disappear you’ll need to use a cable lock preventing would be thieves from a five finger discount. I would highly recommend this rack to others.

Shared by LB


  • Durable and light
  • Adaptability is top-notch
  • Straightforward setup process


  • Ill-suited for short ladders
  • Inconsistent performance between the racks

2. Camco 51492  – Editor’s Choice

Camco 51492
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 2 Bikes
  • Weight: 9.0 Pounds
  • Type: Ladder Rack

Why This Is An Editor’s Choice

Capable of holding 2 bikes securely at the same time, Camco 51492 proves to be an outstanding companion of lots of RVers from first-timers to veterans. Constructed out of steel tubing, the bike rack from Camco boasts a loading capacity of 60 pounds which makes it useful in quite a few setups. While it occupies the ladder of your rig after installation concludes, you could still remove 51492 at a moment’s notice. Moreover, the Camco rack is foldable and storage tends to be less than an issue.

Featuring rugged form-fit cradles and an adjustable strap, Camco 51492 should get a tight hold of bikes of multiple sizes. Unsurprisingly, the Camco bike rack is deemed to be the best RV bike rack in its class for family travels. About the price,  51492 comes at an affordable cost so you don’t have to empty your wallet to grab it. If you have concerns regarding the aesthetic of your RV, it’s worth noting that Camco offers its bike rack in 2 colors: silver and black.

As for the aftermarket support, Camco 51492 is backed with a fairly decent 90-day manufacturer warranty. If you wish to have an insurance policy, the bike rack of Camco would be one of your best options.

Lightweight and easy to install. We loaded two adult bikes weighing 50 pounds combined which it held. I put wood blocking between the ladder and bike rack to make the bikes lean toward the RV for added safety and peace of mind. Straps and a bike lock secured bikes to ladder.

Shared by John and Linda S.


  • The price is fair
  • Intuitive installation
  • Fit an assortment of recreational vehicles


  • The hinge needs to be redesigned
  • Quality control still needs some work  

3. Swagman Traveler XC2

Swagman Traveler XC2
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 2 Bikes
  • Weight: 36.1 Pounds
  • Type: Hitch And Bumper Rack

Why This Is An Editor’s Choice

Engineered to attach to towing hitches and steel welded bumpers, Swagman Traveler XC2 is well-liked by RVers that want to keep the ladder free. Assuming that you closely follow the instructions in the manual, you could assemble then install Traveler XC2  in a heartbeat. In addition, because of the adjustable push-button ratchet arm on Swagman Traveler XC2, securing bikes to the rack is a walk in the park. Last but not least, the bike rack from Swagman may be folded too so it seldom sticks out like a sore thumb outside of use.

Packing a capacity of 2 bikes and a total load of 70 pounds (35 pounds/bike), Swagman Traveler XC2 is an apt model for typical excursions on RV. Featuring first-class black powder coat finish that resists corrosion and rust, the Swagman bike rack holds together well in a wide range of environments. Thus, full-time RVers that hit the road year-round think highly of Traveler XC2. In terms of price, the bike rack from Swagman certainly seems expensive but its rock-solid values justify the cost.

You often have to leave the bikes of your rig unattended and worry about theft? If that is your concern, Swagman also offers an optional security cable for Traveler XC2.

Mounted to my RV to the bumper with no problems. I chose to use included bumper mount rather than my 2” RV receiver to give the bikes more road clearance. I moved the spare over, and Used a 8” receiver extension I ordered with the carrier to ensure the rack cleared the spare ( highly recommended). It worked out perfectly. The rack is very well made and very user friendly with great folding features. I also used a Allen bike bar for my wife’s bike to adequately secure it. It also worked great. Good purchase I am happy!

Shared by Pop Bull, Trussville, AL


  • Marvelous packaging
  • Dependable and reliable  
  • Responsive customer service


  • Slightly costly
  • Require a clearance to work in some settings

4. Allen Sports 542RR

Allen Sports 542RR
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 4 Bikes
  • Weight: 22.7 Pounds
  • Type: Hitch Rack

Why We Love It

Boasting individual tie-down cradles that freely rotate around its carry arm, Allen Sports 542RR works with an assortment of bikes used by RVers today. Furthermore, the long carry arm of 542RR happens to be a folding design so there is no need to worry about it getting in the way as you move around. In the case that you desire complete access, it’s possible to tilt the mast of the Allen Sports rack. Naturally, Allen Sports 542RR receives lots of positive remarks from enthusiasts of RVing that look for no-nonsense bike racks.

Thanks to the use of sturdy no-wobble bolt, the level of security for the bikes in 542RR is superior to that of usual models. Since it comes alongside mounting hardware, you should be able to fit the bike rack from Allen Sports to your recreational vehicle in mere minutes. Besides that, as it features a steel construction and black powder coat finish, Allen Sports 542RR is known to operate consistently in changing weather conditions. Actually, few bike racks on the market could outperform 542RR once it comes to resilience.

Regarding loading capacity, Allen Sports 542RR is capable of accommodating up to 4 bikes simultaneously for a max load of 140 pounds. For those that keek high-capacity rack, the model from Allen Sports is considered to be the best RV bike rack at its price range.

This is the first bike rack I’ve ever purchased. I put it on the back of a Class C motorhome, loaded it with four bikes (2 adult, 2 child) and drove it from the Gainesville, GA to Spokane WA. All told, over 3000 miles. We drove on interstates, state routes, and bouncy gravel roads during the trip.

With the camera on the back of the RV, I saw it bounce around hundreds of times, and there were NO problems. Great product. Keep in mind, when I say it bounced around, that was not the fault of the rack, which has a great no-wobble bolt. it bounced because i had an 8-inch hitch extender which had some play. I know because I physically moved it around and watched where it wobbled. I waited until after the trip to write the review. The rotating tie down straps worked perfectly on two odd-shaped frames, and I did not have to purchase or have to use an adapter bar. Couldn’t recommend more. Great rack that’s held up to abuse with no problems.

Shared by Amazon Customer


  • Long-lasting
  • Sublime loading capacity
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty


  • Particular component need reinforcements
  • Customer service is less than ideal

5. Let’s Go Aero Jack-It

 Let's Go Aero Jack-It
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 2 Bikes
  • Weight: 25.0 Pounds
  • Type: Over The Tongue Rack

Why We Love It

Designed to match all bike frames, Let’s Go Aero Jack-It of Lippert could be put to good use by every enthusiast of RVing. Being installed over the tongue jack of recreational vehicles, Let’s Go Aero Jack-It allows RVers to utilize valuable exterior space for extra gears. That is definitely going to be a major plus for people that own modest rigs. The Lippert rack is made to hold 2 bikes for a total load of 80 pounds and its innovative BikeWing carrier would hold onto the bikes securely and firmly by the wheels.

Due to a combination of foam bumpers and the advanced SwayControl control system, the stability of Let’s Go Aero Jack-It is essentially unmatched. Therefore, if you enjoy off-roading on your rig and want to save the stylish finish of your bikes, the model from Lippert should be your best RV bike rack. Moreover, the PowerTower frame of the rack guards the tongue jack of RV against impact while traveling so it’s a superb albeit costly addition. In general, Let’s Go Aero Jack-It is one of the finest bike racks for camper money can buy.

For installation, the setup process of the RV bike rack from Lippert is intuitive so it only lasts for moments. Also, the warranty of your RV remains valid after you fit Let’s Go Aero Jack-It to its chassis.

Ordered and rec’d in time for our summer camping trip through three states. Absolutely loved it. Even went across the Bay bridge and on a ferry ride with no problems. Really appreciate the tip that one buyer gave to simply lower the tailgate of your truck to give you a stable platform from which to load the bikes. Just be sure you line your truck up to your camper as if to hitch it. Agree its easier as a two person job with your partner pass you (in this case the “wife”) the rear bike up handle bars first to load closest to the camper. I also placed an old sock on the pedal facing the camper to avoid scratches.We bungeed the bikes for extra security. Bottom line is that it worked beautifully. Folks stopped by at the various campgrounds to ask about it. I’m now on the hunt for a bike cover to protect the bikes in transit.

Shared by EL


  • Fast installation
  • Space-saving
  • Durable construction


  • Expensive
  • The instruction manual is poorly-written

6. Swagman 80605

Swagman 80605
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 2 Bikes
  • Weight: 28.0 Pounds
  • Type: Bumper Rack

Why We Love It

Basic and practical, Swagman 80605 is often regarded as the best RV bike rack for people that prioritize straightforwardness over all. Because of the user-friendly design, setting up the rack from Swagman is a cakewalk. Packing tire rails that support common sizes, frames and wheels of bikes, 80605 makes sure that enthusiasts of RVing could load and unload bikes at will. As for the loading capacity, Swagman 80605 takes 2 bikes and its max load is 60 pounds that divide into 30 pounds per bike.

Featuring a heavy-duty construction as well as powder-coated finish, the Swagman bike rack performs admirably in challenging settings. As proof of confidence, Swagman backs 80605 with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty which speaks volumes about its durability and reliability. Aside from bikes, Swagman 80605 would be well-suited for carrying a number of gears too. So if you want to keep your rig flexible and versatile in outdoor travels, you should think about picking up the bike rack of Swagman.

One thing that you must keep in mind about Swagman 80605 is that it’s made for continuous-welded steel bumpers. If you fit the Swagman rack to aluminum and spot-welded bumpers then it could cause a lot of headaches in use so be careful.


  • Wonderful handling
  • Market-leading warranty
  • Support for the bikes is excellent


  • Mediocre quality control
  • Restricted to continuous-welded steel bumpers

7. Swagman Dispatch

Swagman Dispatch
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 2 Bikes
  • Weight: 44.0 Pounds
  • Type: Hitch Rack

Why We Love It

Only able to accommodate 2 bikes at once, Swagman Dispatch is surely unexceptional in the matter of capacity but its total load is quite impressive: 90 pounds. In fact, once it comes to load per bike, the Swagman bike rack is second to none in its class. Naturally, Dispatch gets a shower of praise from RVers that like to carry sophisticated bikes. Furthermore, the upright mast of Swagman Dispatch folds down outside of use so it’s rarely perceived to be an obstruction by enthusiasts of RVing.

Thanks to the integration of sliding wheel trays, it’s a breeze to adjust the bike rack of Swagman to load bikes of many lengths. As Dispatch packs padded hooks, the bikes would be protected from scratches, abrasions and alike. Since Swagman Dispatch is accompanied by hitch lock and security cable, you could secure the rack to your RV and your bikes to the rack. That is why lots of people count on the rack made by Swagman for peace of mind on the road.

Unlike most of its competitors, Swagman Dispatch features a threaded hitch pin that reduces movement and keeps the noise down. Thus, if you don’t want to put up with nerve-racking noise while traveling, Dispatch is the best RV bike rack you could get.


  • Well-made and rugged
  • Marvelous adjustability
  • Informative user’s manual  


  • Cumbersome
  • Loosen over time

8. Quick Products QPRBM2R

Quick Products QPRBM2R
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 2 Bikes
  • Weight: 21.2 Pounds
  • Type: Bumper Rack

Why We Love It

Possessing 2 platforms that mount onto steel square bumpers of recreational vehicles, Quick Products QPRBM2R is a highly adaptable rack. Since it boasts adjustable mountings, the model of Quick Products gives RVers complete control over its width so getting a tight fit is a breeze. Also, due to the inclusion of slotted tire wells, QPRBM2R could hold the bikes firmly as your rig navigate a wide range of terrains. A top-notch stabilizer post is present on Quick Products QPRBM2R as well which provides an anchor to both support and fasten the bikes.

Engineered to take 2 bikes and a max load of 70 pounds (35 pounds per bike), the Quick Products rack is a decent choice for the average trips. At just 21.2 pounds, Quick Products QPRBM2R is relatively light compared to typical bumper-mounted bike racks for RV too. As a result, it’s unlikely that QPRBM2R would cause the bumper of your rig to deform over time. That being said, to be on the safe side, it’s strongly recommended that you recheck the load limit of your bumpers before installing the bike rack from Quick Products.

Available at a reasonable price, Quick Products QPRBM2R is possibly the best RV bike rack on the market for RVers that seek economical models. In the case that you find yourself short on funds while looking for a rack, QPRBM2R is for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable and capable
  • No-nonsense assembly


  • A couple of RVers complain about missing parts
  • Some racks have incorrectly spaced drill holes

9. Surco 501BR

Surco 501BR
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 2 Bikes
  • Weight: 4.0 Pounds
  • Type: Ladder Rack

Why We Love It

So you have a hard time finding ladder-mounted bike racks that don’t make a mess of your ladder? If that is the case then you should consider getting Surco 501BR for your rig. Made out of aluminum, 501BR is known to be among the lightest bike racks for RV ladder these days: it weighs only 4 pounds. Because of that, the strain that the Surco rack imposes on the ladder of RV is by all accounts negligible. Despite its weight, Surco 501BR remains a solid rack that accommodates 2 bikes simultaneously and packs a total load of 75 pounds.

Regarding installation, the Surco rack would attach to the vertical support bars of standard back ladders found on recreational vehicles. As the brackets of 501BR camp around the tubing,  there is no need to worry about setting up complicated straps. In addition, being mounted individually to either side of the ladder, the arms of Surco 501BR get a firm hold of bikes of various designs. Moreover, the arms pivot so you could access the ladder of your vehicle after removing the bikes from the rack.

Besides the bike rack, Surco also offers an optional security cable for owners of 501BR. By making use of the cable, RVers should be able to secure bikes to the Surco rack and deter theft.


  • High endurance
  • Straightforward setup
  • Nice loading capacity


  • Pricey
  • The cradles still need some work

10. Swagman Escapee

Swagman Escapee
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 2 Bikes
  • Weight: 65.0 Pounds
  • Type: Hitch Rack

Why We Love It

As a heavy-duty rack designed for first-class bikes, Swagman Escapee features an impressive load of 60 pounds per bike and it could hold 2 bikes. Unsurprisingly, for enthusiasts of RVing that desire premium biking experience, Escapee is the best RV bike rack money can buy. Thanks to the versatile design, the rack of Swagman proves to be a good match for an assortment of bikes. Through the handy rear-wheel ratcheting straps, adjusting the length of Swagman Escapee to fit particular bikes is a cakewalk.

One interesting thing about the model from Swagman is that it guarantees zero frame contact: its ratcheting arms strictly grab the wheels of the bikes. That means Escapee holds the bikes securely but it excels at preserving the delicate finish on the bikes as well. Furthermore, the low loading weight of  Swagman Escapee reduces the strain of mounting the bikes. In most cases, attaching and detaching the bikes only takes a few moments so you could focus on other issues.

Boasting a steel construction and silver powder coat finish, the Swagman bike rack receives lots of compliments for its ruggedness. RVers that own Escapee never have to worry it getting rusty as time passes by.


  • Hold bikes firmly
  • Quiet and sturdy
  • Smooth operation


  • Shipping service is barely acceptable
  • Several racks arrive with missing parts

11. Swagman 80501

Swagman 80501
Check prices and reviews


  • Capacity: 2 Bikes
  • Weight: 22.0 Pounds
  • Type: Bumper Rack

Why We Love It

While bumper-mounted bike racks definitely work well in many setups, they sometimes prevent RVers from carrying a spare tire. Knowing that, Swagman introduced 80501 which is engineered to mount onto bumpers over the spare tire. As a result, by fitting the rack of Swagman to your RV, you could bring along bikes without having to leave the spare tire behind. Since Swagman sold its RV-rated bike rack alongside mounting hardware, setting up 80501 is essentially a walk in the park.

With anti-sway cradles that rotate and slide along the dual arms, it’s a breeze to get bikes into position on the Swagman rack. The cradles also incorporate rubber straps for a firm hold so Swagman 80501 secures bikes well. In the case that you need to get to the spare tire, all you have to do is to take out the removable pins on each side of the rack. Packing a steel construction as well as corrosion-resistant black powder coat finish, the bike rack from Swagman is able to take lots of abuses.

As for aftermarket support, Swagman backs its bike rack with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty. Needless to say, to RVers that wish to have peace of mind, the warranty of Swagman is undoubtedly well-received.


  • Adaptable design
  • Stable and secured
  • User-friendly handling


  • Some customers report attaching and detaching issues
  • Unable to accommodate certain bikes

Key Criteria to Picking Up Bike Racks For RV

Due to personal tastes, different RVers opt to get different racks but if you don’t want to waste money on mediocre models then keep the following criteria in mind.

bike racks for camper


Racks tend to be exposed to outdoor elements so if you seek the best RV bike rack, ruggedness is going to be your top concern. The last thing you want to experience is to see your bike rack come apart on the road and toss your bikes into the traffic.

To ensure that the rack you like holds together in use, it’s strongly recommended that you pay attention to the design and the material. In addition to that, for good measure, you have to check the opinions of other users regarding your desired rack.


Usual bike racks for recreational vehicles accommodate around two bikes but the market also contains a few high-capacity models. All in all, to secure a decent rack, you ought to take into account the number of bikes you plan to put on your rig.

Preferring a straightforward approach, various RVers gravitate toward bike racks that pack a fitting capacity. Nonetheless, you should think about purchasing a model that carries more than what you currently have in case you need to add extra bikes later.   


Bikes come in all kinds of sizes nowadays which is exactly why it’s essential to grab a rack that allows you to apply adjustments. If you choose a model that lacks adjustable features, you would have trouble securing certain bikes, especially children’s bikes.

Needless to say, traveling with unsecured bikes is unwise since it puts you, your vehicle and countless people at risk. Hence, while evaluating racks on your shortlist, you must remember to give adjustability some thoughts before making the final decision. 


You undoubtedly have to address a wide range of worries as an RVer, therefore, save yourself a potential headache and stick to practical bike racks. A couple of models boast so many features that RVers actually find them to be a pain to use outdoors.

Generally speaking, if you don’t like to spend hours attaching and detaching bikes, you should pay special attention to the operation of the racks. By getting to know the designs, mechanisms, materials and so on, you could tell if a particular suit your tastes. 


Manufacturers release bike racks for travel trailers at multiple price points but enthusiasts of RVing still need to be careful. Buying a dirt-cheap rack would let you keep some bucks at the moment but since quality is linked to price, you likely have to pick up a replacement soon.

On the other hand, unless you constantly face harsh conditions, emptying the wallet to purchase a state-of-the-art model is also ill-advised. Overall, to create a sound budget, it’s suggested that you create a list of desired features and look for bike racks that have them.

Types Of Bike Racks Designed For RV

Once it comes to RV bike racks, numerous models exist but using the mounting location, you may classify them into three main types: hitch-mounted, bumper-mounted and ladder-mounted.

rv bike rack reviews

Hitch-Mounted Racks

Since recreational vehicles usually come with hitches, hitch-mounted bike racks tend to be the all-time favorites of RVers. Depending on the models and manufacturers, the loading capacity of racks in the type varies between two and four bikes. About setup, it’s possible to install and remove hitch-mounted bike racks in a blink of an eye, a major plus for busy RVers. In the case that you opt to get a hitch-mounted model for your recreational vehicle, you have two styles to choose: platform and hanging.

Bumper-Mounted Racks

For people that wish to avoid visibility issues on the road, bumper-mounted bike racks prove to be ideal options. By keeping the bikes from blocking the windshield, models in the types guarantee unobstructed vision. That being said, typical bumper-mounted racks only work well in recreational vehicles that possess steel construction and a wield. So if your rig lacks such features but you decide to mount a bumper-mounted bike rack to it regardless, the result could be ugly.

Ladder-Mounted Racks

Fixed to the back ladders of RVs, ladder-mounted bike racks would be the best bets for vehicles that lack bumpers as well as hitches. However, by using a ladder-mounted rack, you must remove the bikes every time you want to climb up the ladder which is a hassle. Furthermore, in terms of loading capacity, bike racks in the type often fall behind hitch-mounted and bumper-mounted models. That is why lots of RVers look to ladder-mounted racks as the last resort.

FAQs About Bike Racks Of RV

best bike racks for rv

What brands make the best bike racks for RV?

RV bike racks come from many manufacturers but if you like to stay on the safe side, get your rack from reputable names like Lippert, Camco, Swagman and so on. While models from famous brands don’t always get favorable reviews from the users, they remain preferable to racks that come from lesser-known labels. In addition to that, if some problems come up, RVers have more confidence in the aftermarket support of prominent manufacturers than that of obscured brands.

How could I fit a bike rack to my RV?

Different racks require different approaches so it’s strongly recommended that you adhere to the instructions in the manual instead of improvising on the spot. Fortunately, modern-day models tend to have undemanding installations so there is no need to find a mechanic to help you set up bike racks. Assuming that you obey the manual and use suitable tools, you should be able to finish attaching the bike rack to your rig before long. Nonetheless, in the case that you need assistance, feel free to call in the professionals.

Is it a good idea to order bike racks online?

To put it plainly, due to the extensive growth of e-commerce, people could buy an assortment of goods without having to set foot outside. Moreover, through online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and others, it’s possible to compare offers from various sellers and grab the best bargain available. All in all, if you lack the time to visit physical stores, you may order your RV bike rack online. That being said, remember that for online purchases, you don’t get to check the products until you receive them.   

What needs to be done to keep the rack of my rig in top shape? 

Well, all models eventually break but if you look after your bike rack, it’s going to last for years. As a result, you should think about washing the rack of your RV periodically with mild detergent and soft cloths. Also, to ensure that the rack operates smoothly on the road, it’s essential that you lube the mechanisms periodically. Of course, you have to use lubricant moderately: if you go overboard, the excess lubricant would accumulate dirt, dust, debris, … and lead to multiple troubles. During off-seasons, it’s suggested that you remove the bike rack of our vehicle and put it into storage.

Do I have to follow certain rules once it comes to RV-rated bike racks?

Usually, just by reading through the user’s manuals, RVers could grasp what particular bike racks can and cannot do. So if you refer to the manual of your bike rack while using it, there is nothing to worry about. For odd issues that the manual fails to mention, it’s widely advised that you contact the manufacturer of your bike rack for direct answers. Overall, if your money and your safety happen to be on the line, it’s impossible to be too careful.

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