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The 10 Best RV Awnings (Reviews & Buying Guide) in 2020

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Due to the limited space available on typical recreational vehicles, a lot of RVing enthusiasts opt to spend time in the outdoors at every opportunity. 

However, such people have to deal with one headache: element exposure. Sunlight, rain, snow and so on can considerably impair the outdoor experience of those that happen to come unprepared.  

To protect themselves against the elements, outdoor-oriented RVers use numerous methods but awnings for recreational vehicles tend to be regarded as the top solutions.

By installing dedicated awnings on your RV, you would be able to turn the areas beside it into weather-shielded camping spots at short notice. 

The market nowadays is well-saturated with models though so getting the best RV awning for your rig is certainly no walk in the park. 

You need some help? Then this article is for you.

best rv awning

Top-Rated RV Awnings Comparison Chart

NoTop-Rated RV AwningsPricesOur Ratings
1Solera Automatic Slide-Out Awning$$$$*****
2Shade Pro Replacement Awning$$*****
3Tentproinc Front Shade Awning$$*****
4Aleko Retractable Awning$$$$*****
5Solera Replacement Awning$$$*****
6Carefree 291800 $$$$$***
7Carefree 701508$$*****
8Innova Replacement Awning$$****
9Vevor Manual Slide-Out Awning$$****
10Awnlux Replacement Awning $$***

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Reviews on Best RV Awnings

All in all, there is really no such thing as the best RV awning for everyone as individual liking varies substantially from person to person. 

That being said, if you seek a good buy, check out the models down below.

1.  Solera Automatic RV Slide-Out Awning – Best Of The Best

Solera Automatic Slide-Out Awning
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  • Permanent
  • Universal hole pattern
  • Automatic operation

Why This Is The Best:

Attractive and adaptable, Solera Automatic Slide-Out Awning is sought after by a lot of RVers from novices to veterans. 

Capable of providing full coverage, the awning of Solera could protect slide-out sections of recreational vehicles from things like bird droppings, tree branches, dust, … 

In addition to that,  Solera Automatic Slide-Out Awning automatically extends and retracts as the slide-out sections move too. 

Hence, the Solera awning is essentially the best RV awning for those that prioritize convenience.

Upon purchase, Solera Automatic Slide-Out Awning is accompanied by installation hardware, thus, its setup process is pretty straightforward and takes just moments to complete. 

Being engineered with a universal hole pattern, the awning from Solera alleviates the hassle of patching holes in the exterior. That is a big plus if you wish to preserve the appearance of your rig. 

Solera Automatic Slide-Out Awning is available in multiple vinyl and acrylic fabric colors as well so matching it to particular themes is a breeze.

As for affordability, the awning from Solera comes at a reasonable price which means you don’t have to spend big bucks to own it. 

To reassure potential customers, Solera willingly backs its awning with a one-year manufacturer warranty that brings peace of mind.

Bought this for my Sprinter Travel Trailer. I noticed that some reviews said it did not come with the awning rail. Mine arrived by truck, well before the anticipated delivery date and very well packed in heavy round cardboard tubes. When I unpacked it, I found it contained everything I needed for installation except the butyl tape, which I was not expecting anyway. It came with the awning rails, all hardware, and screws for the complete installation. Easy to follow directions were also included. VERY PLEASED with this purchase. Oh, BTW, just for comparison, I checked the price against what my local RV supply dealer could give me and when I told him what they were selling for on Amazon, he told me there was no way he could touch the price and told me to just order them on Amazon.

Shared by SuzieQ


  • Economical
  • Fast shipping
  • Informative owner’s manual


  • Limited tech support
  • Several awnings arrive in a damaged state

2. Shade Pro Replacement RV Awning – Editor’s Choice

Shade Pro Replacement Awning
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  • One-piece design
  • Three-ply fabrics
  • Sew-in poly cords

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

You like the original awning of your rig but its fabrics need to be replaced? In that case, it’s suggested that you spare time so as to give Shade Pro Replacement Awning a look. 

Being compatible with awning hardware from Carefree, Lipert and A&E, the awning of Shade Pro could be put to good use in countless arrangements. 

Moreover, thanks to its one-piece design and sew-in poly cords, Shade Pro Replacement Awning takes just a moment to position and set up. 

Boasting high-endurance three-ply fabrics, the Shade Pro awning is able to hold together even if subjected to abuse. 

Shade Pro Replacement Awning incorporates welded Weatherguard as well so its element resistance is sublime. 

Unsurprisingly, RVing enthusiasts that favor ruggedness consider the awning made by Shade Pro to be the best RV awning money can buy on the market. 

As Shade Pro Replacement Awning is sold in an assortment of size, ensuring proper fitness is a piece of cake. 

Regarding post-sale support, the awning from Shade Pro is backed with a three-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. 

If you want to have a good insurance policy then you should add  Shade Pro Replacement Awning to your shortlist. 

Nice replacement awning. The fabric seems durable and the colors were pleasing. I had never done a replacement but watched a couple of videos on YouTube. They offered a very good idea of how to accomplish this. The fabric came with installation instructions but being a male I did not look at them until we were finished.

I decided to use the method where the drum is removed totally from the camper and one end cap os removed out to allow the old material to slide out and the new slide in. I had the needed rivets and rivet gun on hand. My wife and I handled the install in an hour and 20 minutes using two ladders and a few hand tools. Used an ice pick as the pin to retain the spring tension on the end we didn’t uncap. I did not use any silicone spray and had no problem.

One thing the instructions did suggest and I hadn’t done was to leave the plastic protective sleeve on the rolled awning material and just slid it back as it is slid into the channel. This would have made it easier to handle by not allowing it to unroll and kept it cleaner when it drags across the ground.

So, if you are a little handy with tools AND have a helper this not a bad project at all and the awning seems well worth the cost.

Shared by Ray Macke


  • Inexpensive 
  • Instantaneous installation 
  • Versatile and long-lasting 


  • Fading color is reported on occasions
  • Less than ideal quality control 

3. Tentproinc Front Shade RV Awning – Editor’s Choice

The 10 Best RV Awnings (Reviews & Buying Guide) in 2020 1
Check prices and reviews


  • Double stitching  
  • Breathable mesh
  • High extension bungee  

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

With the ability to block nearly 90% of the UV rays in sunlight, Tentproinc Front Shade Awning delivers sublime protection to eyes and skin of RVers. 

Also, the use of highly breathable mesh lets the awning of Tentproinc maintain marvelous ventilation in all kinds of conditions. 

Featuring an innovative design, Tentproinc Front Shade Awning deals with the varying effects of wind and rain effectively and efficiently. 

As a result, the awning from Tentproinc tends to be deemed to be the number one choice for RVing enthusiasts that travel around the year.

Packing poly cords, Tentproinc Front Shade Awning could be set up and securely fixed in a blink of an eye. 

A zippered storage bag is included so you should have an easy time keeping the awning made by Tentproinc out of exposure during off-seasons. 

It’s worth noting that Tentproinc Front Shade Awning is released in lots of dimensions. Thus, to achieve optimal fitness, you need to take the measurements of your rig into account before placing an order. 

As the Tentproinc awning happens to be introduced to the market at a budget-friendly price, you can squeeze in into your spending plan without having to cut essential expenses. 

Tentproinc Front Shade Awning is backed with a three-year warranty and that puts owners of recreational vehicles at ease. 

We love our shade! It helps with the temperature, Sun, and adds privacy in a crowded campground (or in this case our site faced the road). Easy to put up and take down. No complaints at all! Seems like it will hold up well. We haven’t used the stakes due to having a dog on a leash that will get wrapped and pull on it, but even hanging down it’s great!

Shared by Tammy N.


  • Reasonable price 
  • Cool and well-ventilated 
  • Undemanding maintenance 


  • Quality control still leaves something to be desired 
  • Customer service needs to be overhauled 

4. Aleko Retractable RV Awning

Aleko Retractable Awning
Check prices and reviews


  • Element-resistant fabrics 
  • Powder-coated frame 
  • Optional colors 

Why We Love It:

Since it’s engineered as a manually-operated model, Aleko Retractable Awning adapts well to a wide range of settings. 

To operate the camper retractable awning made by Aleko, all you need to do is to use the pull strap. In terms of resistance, Aleko Retractable Awning employs first-tier element-resistant fabrics which allow it to handle harsh weather. 

The frame of the awning from Aleko is powder-coated, as a result, RVers don’t have to worry too much about rust in use. 

For installation, Aleko Retractable Awning is pretty easy to set up so you could attach it to the exterior of your rig on your own. 

Also, Aleko releases its awning in a number of optional colors that complement all kinds of themes of recreational vehicles. 

Additionally, distributed at a price that suits the budget of the average RVers nowadays, Aleko Retractable Awning is rather affordable. 

If your wallet is a bit tight but you still desire something nice, you should grab the awning of Aleko. 

About maintenance, Aleko Retractable Awning requires simple care from its users and that is certainly advantageous in full-time RVing. 

For people that like to spend more time on enjoying themselves and less time on maintaining awnings, the Aleko awning is the best RV awning.


  • Fair cost 
  • Enduring construction 
  • Dependable and reliable 


  • Delivery service could use some work 
  • Barely acceptable packaging 

5. Solera Replacement RV Awning

Solera Replacement Awning
Check prices and reviews


  • Leak-proof seam
  • Built-in light tracks 
  • Welded

Why We Love It:

Being designed for universal compatibility, Solera Patio Replacement Awning not only fits the awnings from Solera but it also works with awnings made by Domestic, Carefree, … 

With strengthened fabrics and leak-proof seams, the Solera awning could take on everything that the outdoors throw at it. 

Aside from that, Solera Replacement Awning is introduced in a lot of sizes and colors. 

That is why once it comes to blending in, the RV awning of Solera is undoubtedly the best RV awning at its price range. 

One interesting thing about Solera Replacement Awning is that it’s equipped with built-in light tracks for illumination kits. 

Hence, with the Solera awning installed, keeping the camping ground illuminated is going to be a walk in the park. 

Compared to many of its contemporaries, Solera Replacement Awning comes at a relatively economical price. 

Naturally, the awning of Solera is regarded by various RV awning reviews as one of the top-rated RV awnings for cost-conscious RVing enthusiasts. 

As proof of confidence, Solera provides those that pick up its awning with an attractive five-year limited manufacturer warranty. 

In the case that your Solera Replacement Awning fails due to defects within the warranty period, you could claim a new replacement free of charge. 


  • Excellent fitness 
  • Fantastic compatibility
  • Setup process is user-friendly 


  • Owner’s manual should be rewritten 
  • People complain about receiving fabrics with pinholes 

6. Carefree 291800 RV Awning

Carefree 291800
Check prices and reviews


  • Multi-position panels 
  • Toggle-style attachments 
  • Screened walls 

Why We Love It:

If you value privacy and all-around protection from elements in the outdoors then you would come to like Carefree 291800. 

With screened walls on three sides, the Carefree awning permits you to create a cozy room next to your RV.

Furthermore, as 291800 utilizes a combination of multi-position panels and toggle-style attachments, you could adjust the level of privacy to your liking without issues. 

Owing to the integration of a tight seal, Carefree 291800 is capable of keeping uninvited guests (ticks, mosquitoes, flies, …) from entering.  

The absence of poles, rafters, fasteners and so on in the setup process means installing 291800 is just child’s play. 

As it’s possible to attach the awning from Carefree to typical RV awning rails, you don’t have to make holes for extra hardware. 

Besides that, made from lightweight but resilient materials, Carefree 291800 boasts impressive handling characteristics and its endurance is superb as well. 

Last but not least, 291800 is sold alongside a handy bag that facilitates transportation and storage. 

Though the awning of Carefree appears to be costly, it remains the best RV awning for RVers that seek coverage and have money to spend. 

Carefree 291800 is backed with a three-year warranty too which speaks volumes about its quality. In addition, similar to other RV awnings for sale, 291800 is available in plenty of sizes. 


  • Tough fabrics 
  • Outstanding coverage 
  • Straightforward installation 


  • Somewhat awkward zippers 
  • Reports about tears and stains show up now and then 

7. Carefree 701508 RV Awning

Carefree 701508
Check prices and reviews


  • Vinyl-coated polyester fabrics 
  • Stakes and tie-downs included 
  • Multiple sizes 

Why We Love It:

Basic and practical, Carefree 701508 is held in high esteem by RVing enthusiasts that want no-nonsense awnings for travel trailers. 

Employing vinyl-coated polyester fabrics, the Carefree awning handles elements well and guarantees years of usage. 

Additionally, thanks to the open-weave construction, 701508 excels at reducing sunlight exposure which makes it well-suited for summer adventures. 

If you outfit your RV with 701508 of Carefree, you should be able to stay cool and comfortable as you admire creations of Mother Nature.

Consisting of a main panel and a zippered insert panel, 701508 is compatible with the awning layouts of standard recreational vehicles. 

Moreover, since it’s distributed with stakes and tie-downs, the awning made by Carefree could be deployed and secured in a matter of moments. 

While working with Carefree 701508, you don’t have to use a ladder because the insert would slide into the free slot of the awning roller. 

Finally, 701508 is accompanied by a bag so it’s simple to keep the fabrics in top shape outside of use.

To let RVers achieve ideal coverage, the awning from Carefree is released in numerous sizes. 

The price varies noticeably between the sizes but overall, 701508 of Carefree is an economical model. 

As for post-sale support, Carefree 701508 is backed with a decent one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Low cost
  • Rugged fabrics 
  • Compatibility is top-notch 


  • RVers complain about receiving wrong-sized awnings 
  • Fitness issues appear to be common 

8. Innova Replacement RV Awning 

Innova Replacement Awning
Check prices and reviews


  • Four-ply fabrics 
  • Sewn-in poly cords 
  • Pull strap 

Why We Love It:

Incorporating thick four-ply fabrics, Innova Replacement Awning is known as one of the toughest awnings for recreational vehicles nowadays.

From elements to abuses, the replacement awning made by Innova could deal with pretty much every hardship associated with RVing.

Naturally, Innova Replacement Awning is what many RVers opt to grab as the original awnings of their rig give out. 

The Innova awning is produced in a couple of sizes and colors too so getting it to blend in is a walk in the park. 

With a one-piece design that integrates sewn-in poly cords, Innova Replacement Awning takes moments to position and install. 

The Innova awning is compatible with awning hardware from Carefree, A&E and Faulkner, thus, it’s possible for you to reuse old awning rails. 

Once the setup process concludes, Innova Replacement Awning is good to go and you just have to clean it periodically in order to remove contaminants. 

Needless to say, for RVing enthusiasts that have to work with tight timetables, the awning from Innova is the best replacement awning available for purchase. 

Innova Replacement Awning is a low-priced model so you don’t have to empty your wallet to afford it. 

If you buy the Innova awning, you would receive a five-year manufacturer warranty that covers all manners of defects. 


  • Nice price 
  • Delivery service is great 
  • Uncomplicated installation 


  • Finish wear out over time
  • A number of awnings appear damaged on arrival 

9. Vevor Manual RV Slide-Out Awning

Vevor Manual Slide-Out Awning
Check prices and reviews


  • Heat-welded 
  • Vinyl 
  • Waterproof 

Why We Love It:

Light but rugged, Vevor Manual Slide-Out Awning is the all-time favorite of RVers that travel extensively by themselves. 

With a level of protection that is superior to that of ordinary awnings, the Vevor awning could prevent sunlight, rain, wind, … from impairing your experience. 

Also, Vevor Manual Slide-Out Awning comes with a pull strap so manipulating it in the outdoors is a breeze. Depending on the situation, the awning from Vevor can be deployed and retracted in seconds. 

Vevor Manual Slide-Out Awning utilizes premium-grade heavy-duty vinyl fabrics that prove to be extremely enduring in use. 

As a result, the awning of Vevor is going to stay in one piece for a long time even if used on a regular basis. 

The price of Vevor Manual Slide-Out Awning is pretty reasonable as well and that means its purchase would not require brain-wracking budget planning. 

That being said, to ensure proper coverage and fitness, you have to be precise while choosing awning size to avoid ending up with unsuitable awnings. 

You don’t have to be an expert to set up Vevor Manual Slide-Out Awning as its installation is intuitive and requires simple tools. 

Also, with straightforward maintenance, Vevor Manual Slide-Out Awning requires little attention from RVing enthusiasts. 


  • Stylish 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Timely shipping 


  • People complain about awning coming up short 
  • Color shade could use some improvements

10. Awnlux Replacement RV Awning 

Awnlux Replacement Awning
Check prices and reviews


  • Vinyl fabrics 
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant.
  • Universal compatibility 

Why We Love It:

Created from the ground up to meet the expectations of modern-day RVing enthusiasts, Awnlux Replacement Awning is among the leading replacement awnings for RV

Being waterproof and UV-resistant, the awning of Awnlux could put with the elements and remain intact for many years. 

Also, owing to its universal compatibility, Awnlux Replacement Awning fits an assortment of awning rails made by Carefree and Dometic. 

The Awnlux awning comes with accessories as well so its setup process lasts mere moments. 

About sizes, Awnlux Replacement Awning is introduced in various dimensions so getting the desired coverage is a piece of cake. 

Interestingly, Awnlux offers to make customized awnings based on the demands and requirements set out by owners of recreational vehicles. 

Customized awnings take time to produce and they cost more than standard products but they tend to boast superior fitness. In the case that you seek a replacement awning for travel trailers that is tailored to your rig, you should think about ordering from Awnlux. 

Once you pick up Awnlux Replacement Awning, you would get a reassuring three-year warranty that covers issues like cracking, excessive fading and manufacturing defects. 

So if something happens with your awning in use, you have something to count on. 

Awnlux has a fourteen-day return policy which permits its customers to return products too. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Fast setup process 
  • Maintenance is child’s play 


  • Several users notice pinholes 
  • Mediocre delivery service 

How to Choose The Best RV Awning

Today’s awning for recreational vehicles pack distinct characteristics but to make a wise investment, it’s strongly recommended that you memorize the following criteria.


RV awnings would be exposed to outdoor elements on a regular basis so you need to take integrity into account. 

The last thing you want to spend your money on is a flimsy awning that fails mere weeks after purchase. 

Usually, you could tell how well particular awnings for RV hold together over time by inspecting the materials they use. 

Don’t make up your mind until you know for sure that the materials of the awning you like match the characteristics of your travels.


In layman’s terms, the dimensions of an awning dictate its coverage in use and that is why you have to give size some thought. 

If you simply wish to arrange several chairs and tables right beside your rig then standard models should be adequate. 

On the other hand, if you intend to create a decked-out camping ground, you should prioritize large-sized awnings. 

Also, it’s important to point out that RV awning manufacturers nowadays introduce a number of highly flexible cut-to-fit models for recreational vehicles.

Ease Of Installation

As you embrace RVing, you likely have to handle various issues so you don’t need an RV awning with complicated draw-out setup processes that mess up your schedule. 

Because of that, to avoid potential headaches and save time, it’s strongly recommended that you keep ease of installation in mind while assessing models. 

Overall, you should be able to gather details about the installation of a model by reading its owner’s manual. 

But as a precaution, it’s a good idea to check out the customer reviews to get a realistic picture.


At virtually every price point, the market offers RVing enthusiasts a couple of options which means you could secure an awning regardless of your budget. 

That being said, as price is subtly linked to quality, you have to be thorough. 

Unless you have certain desires, there is no need to empty your wallet on expensive premium awnings as many decent models come at affordable costs. 

It’s also ill-advised to pick up dirt-cheap awnings: though models with unbelievably cheap price tags let you save some bucks at the moment, they tend to break down quickly and force you to spend more on replacements.

Types Of Awnings For RV

Numerous awnings for recreational vehicles exist but all models could be put into three types: fixed, slide-out and patio.

Fixed Awnings

Being secured to the doors and windows of recreational vehicles, fixed awnings provide RVing enthusiasts with modest protection against elements. 

Models of the type take moments to install and the coverage they deliver is continuous.

Slide-Out Awnings

As the name suggests, slide-out awnings attach to the slide-out sections of rigs. 

Once installed, models of the type would deploy as RVers decide to settle down and extend the slide-out sections. 

Today’s market contains two lines of slide-out awnings for RV: manual and automatic.

Check out on the best RV slide-out awnings now!

Patio Awnings

With extended dimensions, patio awnings often prove unmatched regarding coverage. 

Many models of the type happen to pack walls on three sides so they receive positive remarks from those that seek well-shielded camping spaces. 

RV-rated patio awnings require considerable time to install and deploy in the usual cases.

Reputable Brands Of RV Awnings

If you come across an awning that suits your liking, feel free to grab it without bothering with its brand. 

Still, if you have concerns about reputability then you should keep these names in mind


Considered to be one of the leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles and associated accessories, Dometic is held in high esteem by an assortment of RVers, novices as well as veterans. 

If you favor consistency and reliability then Dometic is going to be your best bet.


Using a combination of advanced technologies and production techniques, Sunwave is able to assemble versatile and long-lasting products that don’t cost a fortune. 

Hence, Sunwave is widely known as the number one choice for budget-minded RVing enthusiasts.


With a user-centric mindset, Solera receives lots of compliments from those that value convenience. 

Awnings made by Solera could be set up in a blink of an eye and they have straightforward maintenance requirements.


Possessing substantial experience, Carefree knows exactly what it takes to create RV awnings that please the owners of recreational vehicles. 

The well-developed distribution network of Carefree lets people acquire replacement parts and fabrics easily in times of need too.

Installing An Awning For RVs: Step-By-Step Instructions

The setup process usually varies between models but to install an ordinary awning for RV, you would have to go through the steps down below:

Step 1: Install The Supporting Hardware

As supporting hardware of an awning dictates its stability on use, you have to stay focused as you set up the railings, arms and brackets. 

Depending on the models, you might need to make a series of holes on the exterior of your rig and that also requires utmost attention.

Step 2: Adjust The Fabric Tension

After you firmly secure the hardware of your awning, you could proceed to unroll the awning tube and work on the tension of the fabrics. 

Keep adjusting the tension with the tension knobs on the arms until the fabrics appear to be properly taut then use self-tapping screws in order to hold everything down.

Step 3: Apply Preventatives And Lubricants

Your awning is ready-to-use now but you should consider applying a couple of preventatives to maintain smooth operation. 

Fill the holes and screws with silicon to prevent the elements in the outdoors from coming into contact with them. 

In addition to that, you should lubricate the moving parts of your awning to minimize friction.

FAQs About RV Awnings

How long would typical awning last?

Well, everything fails one day and the awning of your RV is not an exception. 

Nonetheless, if you look after your awning, it’s going to be years before you need to find a replacement.

What needs to be done to keep awnings for RV in top shape?

Awnings for RV don’t need special care but just in case, you should stick to the owner’s manual once it comes to maintenance. 

The average models only need to be clean from time to time to remove debris. 

Avoid using random chemical solutions as you might unwittingly degrade the materials of the awnings.

How should I tackle pooling on my awning?

Over time, water would build up on the awnings which create depressions on fabrics and lead to more water accumulation. 

To deal with the depressions and the pooling that follow, it’s suggested that you slant the awning of your rig in one direction so water droplets could roll off.

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