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Best RV Entry Steps: Get In and Out Of Your Camper Comfortably

Chris Coleman

As they start embracing RVing, many people don’t believe that they would have trouble entering and exiting recreational vehicles. But over time, most RVers realize that it may be tough to pull through the gap between the ground and the rig, especially at the end of a long day with a worn-out body. 

That is why various enthusiasts of RVing nowadays opt to bring along steps while traveling. By adding steps to your inventory, you should be able to get in and get out of your rig without having to worry about suddenly crashing down to the ground. 

Numerous purpose-design steps for recreational vehicles exist so RVers never run out of options. However, unless you have a good understanding of market models, picking up suitable RV steps could be a bit hard. 

best rv steps
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Best RV Steps Comparison Chart

NoTop-Rated Camper StepsPricesOur Ratings
1MOR/ryde STP-4-30-03H - Best of The Best$$$$*****
2Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R - Editor's Choice$$$*****
3SumexTools Prime 1 - Editor's Choice$*****
4MOR/ryde STP-3-27-05H$$$$*****
5Lippert SolidStep 678040$$$$****
6Lippert SolidStep 791574$$$$$****
7Stromberg Carlson SMFP-2100$$****
8Lippert Radius 432687$$***
9Buyers Products 3013658$*****
10Stromberg Carlson SMFP-1200$*****
11Camco 43676$*****
12MOR/ryde STP-2-24-09H$$$****

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Reviews on The Best RV Steps

Owing to a diversity of personal liking, different RVers often have different opinions regarding certain products.

That being said, in the case that you seek a good buy, it’s suggested that you pay special attention to the steps below:

1. MOR/ryde STP-4-30-03H – Best Of The Best 

MOR/ryde STP-4-30-03H
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 35 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 500 Pounds 
  • Adjustable feet 
  • Twist handle 
  • Manual folding 

Why This Is The Best:

Constructed using top-tier aluminum, MOR/ryde STP-4-30-03H is light compared to classic steps but it could handle everything the outdoor throw at it. With adjustable feet, STP-4-30-03H allows RVers to create an even and stable entrance to recreational vehicles regardless of terrains. In addition, possessing a robust twist handle, the step made by MOR/ryde takes mere seconds to deploy and secure. For casual RVing enthusiasts that want no-nonsense RV folding steps, STP-4-30-03H of MOR/ryde is one of the leading models on the market.

STP-4-30-03H features a weight capacity of five hundred pounds, therefore, it’s able to support the body weight of most people with relative ease. In terms of compatibility, the step from MOR/ryde is highly adaptable so it should work well with standard rigs. Besides that, the setup process of MOR/ryde STP-4-30-03H is known to be undemanding and involves no specialized tools. As a result, installing STP-4-30-03H is just a walk in the park and lasts only a couple of moments. 

About maintenance, the step of MOR/ryde requires little attention from owners of recreational vehicles in the course of operation. That is a big plus for enthusiasts of RVing that like to spend more time on enjoying themselves and less time on maintaining onboard equipment. 

This is probably the single best upgrade to our 5th wheel! Once you have these steps installed and adjusted they are the most sturdy, stable steps you can have on an RV. No more bouncing as you try to climb into your rig and the stairs are more closely aligned like “normal” house stairs. And it only took me about 20 minutes to install. If you get no other upgrade for your RV, get these!

Shảed by R. Petersen


  • Reasonable price 
  • Great handling 
  • Quick setup process 


  • Less than ideal customer service 
  • Packaging is barely acceptable 

2. Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R – Editor’s Choice 

Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 55 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 350 Pounds 
  • Fully assembled 
  • Interchangeable handrail
  • Steel 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Dependable and reliable, Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R is usually held in high esteem by enthusiasts of RVing of all ages. Being sold fully assembled, the step of Stromberg Carlson is ready to use the moment it leaves the packaging and could be set up in a blink of an eye. Moreover, with a three hundred and fifty pound capacity, EHS-102-R easily accommodates typical RVers. Finally, since EHS-102-R of Stromberg Carlson boasts cut-in step treads, its traction exceeds that of common market models. 

One interesting thing about EHS-102-R is that it incorporates an interchangeable handrail that people can casually switch from left to right and vice versa. If value safety and desire solid RV steps with handrail, the step made by Stromberg Carlson is going to be your number one choice. It’s worth pointing out that Stromberg Carlson EHS-102-R is made from steel as well. Because of that, multiple travel seasons would pass before EHS-102-R needs to be replaced.

About affordability, the step from Stromberg Carlson comes at a budget-friendly price and that means squeezing it into the spending plan is a cakewalk. As proof of confidence, Stromberg Carlson backs EHS-102-R  with a one-year manufacturer warranty. 

These steps are sturdy with non skid already on them. They have a landing at the top that is large enough to turn around on if needed. They can be used with a cane with ease. You can easily change the hand rail from side to side depending on your set up. We got them for an RV rental that has 12 inch steps (terrible on bad knees!) and it made a huge difference in accessibility for everyone. The steps are about 7 inch rises and the top is 20 inches. We just shoved it up next to the door, moved the hand rail to the other side and were set for the week. Everyone could get in and out of the RV with no trouble or risk of tearing a tendon. We used these for a Class C. Our friends are using them for their trailer. They should work with any RV that needs these kind of steps and has clear space in front of the door. These are a bit heavy – about 50 lbs – and durable with a thick paint and look and feel like they are built to last a long time. The manufacturer (they have a website) has been supplying steps for mobile units that are used in movie sets for many years. They are made in USA and we are very happy with this product. Any RV we rent or, when we are ready to buy we will plan to use these steps. They even made it easy for the dogs to go in and out easily. The small company we rent RVs from liked them so much he bought some to rent in addition to the RV’s. Most RV’s these can fit sideways in the door as long as the hand rail is removed. Put a blanket or padding around them so they don’t scratch interior.

Shared by Freestone


  • Economical 
  • Stable and sturdy 
  • Simple maintenance 


  • A number of steps arrive damaged 
  • Reports about rivets failing surface every now and then 

3. SumexTools Prime 1 – Editor’s Choice

SumexTools Prime 1
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 7.5 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 440 Pounds 
  • Anti-slip grips
  • Reflective stripe
  • Reinforced bottom 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice:

Utilizing a versatile design, SumexTools Prime 1 is a must-have for RVing enthusiasts that travel on a regular basis and need a multi-purpose step. At any time, Prime 1 could be promptly set up and put away so it proves to be superior to many of its contemporaries once it comes to ease of use. Additionally, as the SumexTools step occupies negligible amounts of space, it permits people to save space in the interior. That is why SumexTools Prime 1 is well-suited for small rigs. 

With anti-slip grips, the step from SumexTools helps RVers get a tight hold of it in a wide range of weather which is advantageous. Also, featuring a reflective stripe, Prime 1 packs excellent visibility as the lighting condition changes too. Thanks to the resilient steel body with reinforced bottom, Prime 1 of SumexTools is capable of bearing up to four hundred and forty pounds in use. Last but not least, the step of SumexTools just needs basic care to stay in working order so RVers don’t have to dedicate too much time to its maintenance. 

To reassure potential customers, SumexTools willingly provides a one-year warranty to everyone that decides to pick up its step. If your Prime 1 fails due to manufacturing defects within the warranty period, you could claim a replacement free of charge. 

Great folding step! Had an older step like this w/o the adjustable height, but this one is wonderful. Well built and very sturdy has anti-skid on the platform also on the feet, really adds to the overall safety when using it. The built in handle is a nice feature as is the reflective tape! Would definitely purchase again and would recommend it for anyone who wants to feel safe when stepping in or out of a vehicle or RV. The price was great for the quality.

Shared by ArnieP52


  • High endurance 
  • Solidity is outstanding 
  • Lightweight construction 


  • Leg locks should be redesigned 
  • Users sometimes complain about receiving steps with missing parts 

4. MOR/ryde STP-3-27-05H

MOR/ryde STP-3-27-05H
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 30 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 500 Pounds 
  • Lockable and adjustable 
  • Stored inside doors 
  • Three steps 

Why We Love It:

Engineered from the ground up for modern requirements and built to last, MOR/ryde STP-3-27-05H rarely lets RVers down. Boasting a weight of thirty pounds and a weight capacity of five hundred pounds, the MOR/ryde step works like a charm in numerous applications. Furthermore, since STP-3-27-05H is both lockable and adjustable, its balance clearly outmatches that of today’s RV entry steps. Needless to say, for full-time RVing, people tend to deem STP-3-27-05H of MOR/ryde as a great model. 

As STP-3-27-05H is stored inside doors outside of use, enthusiasts of RVing have an easy time optimizing space usage in recreational vehicles with it. In the case that you don’t have a lot of space to spare on your rig, you should think about adding the step of MOR/ryde to your shortlist. About installation, the setup process of MOR/ryde STP-3-27-05H is considered to be uncomplicated and takes minutes to complete. When  STP-3-27-05H is securely installed, it simply needs to be cleaned and lubricated by users from time to time. 

Available at a price that ordinary RVers could accept, the step made by MOR/ryde fits plenty of shopping budgets. In terms of post-purchase support, STP-3-27-05H is backed with a three-year manufacturer warranty that covers manufacturing defects.

The original steps failed (flexco) on my travel trailer, they broke at the weld where they should not. I looked around from the campground on what others have done in similar circumstances and found Mor/Ryde. I literally spent 10 minutes putting these new steps in. I took my time triple reading the instructions. Easy as can be. I do have to say these steps are not cheap but they are sturdy and were easier to install than the OEM junk. With the easy install and solid product it makes me feel better about spending almost $300.

Shared by John

One of the best engineered products I have purchased for my RV. Installation was easy. Because of the narrow entry on my RV the latches were too wide for the door but the folks at MorRyde had me covered with width adjustments for the latches. The steps are very solid and do not move even when my 240lb lard butt walks up them. My wife has MS and her mobility is limited. The width and stability of these steps will help her enjoy camping again. Make sure you carefully make the measurements listed on their qualifiers sheet and you won’t go wrong.

Shared by Samuel B Forsythe


  • Rugged 
  • No wobbling 
  • Installation is child’s play 


  • Quality control could use some work 
  • Users notice inconsistencies between steps 

5. Lippert SolidStep (678040)

Lippert SolidStep (678040)
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 68 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds 
  • Extendable legs
  • Extra-wide top 
  • Built-in kickplate

Why We Love It:

Despite its plain appearance, Lippert SolidStep (678040) is still a sublime step for RV that delivers good values for its price. Owing to a combination of extendable legs and pivoting feet, SolidStep (678040) remains steady and secured on an assortment of terrains. In addition to that, with aluminum treads, the step made by Lippert possesses marvelous traction which keeps people from slipping. Lastly, the RV step of Lippert SolidStep (678040) happens to be extra wide as well so entering and leaving vehicles should be a piece of cake. 

The step of Lippert contains latches on either size, hence, RVers would have no trouble fixing it to door frames. To engage/disengage the latches of SolidStep (678040), all you have to do is to operate the handle on the back. Interestingly, Lippert SolidStep (678040) is designed with a built-in kickplate that prevents damages to the sidewalls and skirts of rigs. Naturally, those that wish to keep their recreational vehicles in top shape while traveling think highly of the Lippert step.

On arrival, Lippert SolidStep (678040) is accompanied by mounting fasteners so enthusiasts of RVing could set it up in a flash. If you have to hit the road soon and need a decent step in a hurry, SolidStep (678040) is for you. 


  • Tough
  • Fair cost 
  • Setup process is straightforward 


  • Lost installation hardware is reported on occasions
  • Might obstruct door movements in certain rigs 

6. Lippert SolidStep (791574)

Lippert Components 26" Premium Quad SolidStep with Extra-Wide Top Step
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 61 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds 
  • Screws included 
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Textured surface

Why We Love It:

Love the idea behind Lippert SolidStep (678040) but want more steps? In that case, it’s strongly recommended that you take a look at Lippert SolidStep (791574). Featuring four sturdy steps with textured surfaces, the step from Lippert lets enthusiasts of RVing get in and out of vehicles at will with ease. SolidStep (678040) also utilizes a strong powder-coated steel frame that could take on considerable weight and constant exposure to elements such as heat, moisture, sunlight, … 

Similar to other RV stairs on the market, the step made by Lippert mount directly to the RV door and fold up outside of use. Being sold with mounting screws, SolidStep (791574) only takes a bit of time to set up. After the installation concludes, you can deploy and retract Lippert SolidStep (791574) as you see fit. With adjustable feet, the step of Lippert is able to match various grounds so achieving optimal stability with it is a snap in most cases.

Since SolidStep (791574) of Lippert is sold at a reasonable price, owners of recreational vehicles don’t have to cut back key expenses to get it. The Lippert step comes alongside a one-year warranty and that puts people at ease. 

Easy to install. Purchased these for my 2006 keystone challenger.Took about 45 minutes to complete the installation. Had to make a slight modification to the bottom plate on my screen door as it just barely rubbed. These steps are absolutely amazing. Very sturdy, just like house steps. Possibly the best upgrade I’ve made to my fifth wheel to date.

Shared by Shawn Estlinbaum


  • Space-saving 
  • Balance is superb 
  • Well-made and strong


  • Delivery service could use some improvements 
  • Packaging receives several complaints from RVers 

7. Stromberg Carlson SMFP-2100

Stromberg Carlson SMFP-2100
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 30 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds 
  • No ground contact
  • Rust-resistant
  • Pull-out 

Why We Love It:

Light and compact, Stromberg Carlson SMFP-2100 boat fantastic handling characteristics and gives a good account of itself in multiple arrangements. Since its installation is intuitive, SMFP-2100 could be installed in a matter of minutes using conventional tools in RV toolboxes. Additionally, the step for recreational vehicles from Stromberg Carlson is a robust pull-out model that takes mere seconds to set up and put away. Thus, SMFP-2100 of  Stromberg Carlson is warmly received by those who don’t have all day to position their steps. 

Created with no ground contact, the Stromberg Carlson step is less susceptible to terrains than the average steps in use. Because of that, SMFP-2100 takes the top spots in countless reviews that survey steps for off-roading with recreational vehicles. Made from rust-resistant powder-coated steel, Stromberg Carlson SMFP-2100 holds together well even if used continuously around the year. For enthusiasts of RVing that travel frequently and have rather few opportunities to replace equipment, the step of Stromberg Carlson is undoubtedly an outstanding choice. 

Packing hassle-free maintenance requirements, SMFP-2100 of Stromberg Carlson is a breeze to care for. In the case that your Stromberg Carlson experience issues caused by defects out of the blue, you have a one-year warranty to count on. 


  • Inexpensive 
  • Commendable compatibility 
  • Versatile and long-lasting 


  • Awkwardly angled bottom step 
  • Non-uniform fitness is noted 

8. Lippert Radius (432687)

Lippert Components 432687 Step Triple 7
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 52 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 400 Pounds 
  • Heavy-gauge steel
  • Diamond groove treads
  • Non-skid

Why We Love It:

By making extensive use of premium heavy-gauge steel, Radius (432687) of Lippert is outmatched only by a couple of models once it comes to endurance. From user’s abuses to outdoor elements, the Lippert step could overcome all challenges and still stay in one piece. Moreover, built as a non-skid model with diamond groove treads for traction, Radius (432687) substantially reduces the risk of slipping. As a result, Lippert Radius (432687) is a nice companion for RVing enthusiasts that have to face variable weather while traveling. 

Thanks to the straightforward setup process, Radius (432687) is easy to install so RVers can quickly secure it to their rigs. The stylish appearance of the step from Lippert means matching it to themes of recreational vehicles is a cinch too. About maintenance, Lippert Radius (432687) boasts simple requirements and that permits enthusiasts of RVing to keep it operational without much effort. Therefore, Radius (432687) is highly sought after by those that seek a functional step for RV.

The step made by Lippert is an economical model so its purchase should have negligible impacts on your upcoming spendings. Aside from that, Lippert offers everyone that grabs Radius (432687) a one-year manufacturer warranty that covers issues caused by defects. If you value a sound insurance policy then Lippert Radius (432687) may be what you need. 


  • Resilient
  • Steady 
  • Instantaneous installation 


  • Some steps appear  damaged on arrival 
  • Require a few modifications to fit in a number of cases 

9. Buyers Products 3013658

Buyers Products 3013658
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 13 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 350 Pounds 
  • Built-in handle
  • High-density polyethylene
  • Portable 

Why We Love It:

If you lack the time and patience to deal with cumbersome steps, you would certainly come to like Buyers Products 3013658. Assembled with high-density polyethylene, 3013658 is relatively light but it’s among the top-rated portable RV steps regarding capacity. Also, since the step of Buyers Products is UV-stabilized, its structural integrity remains essentially uncompromised under extended sunlight exposure. Hence, for trips that take place in the summer, Buyers Products 3013658 is the all-time favorite of enthusiasts of RVing. 

Possessing a small body, the step from Buyers Products takes up little space so there is no need to leave items behind to accommodate it. It’s noteworthy that 3013658 integrates a convenient built-in handle as well, thus, relocation is going to be a cakewalk. Based on the needs of RVing enthusiasts, Buyers Products 3013658 could be used inside as well as outside of recreational vehicles. With a weight capacity of three hundred and fifty pounds, the Buyers Products step is capable of supporting most people. 

As Buyers Products 3013658 uses an accessible design, keeping it clean should be child’s play. In addition, 3013658 is low-priced so when the time comes, RVers can replace it without having to empty the wallet. Obviously, the step made by Buyers Products is well-liked by plenty of budget-minded owners of recreational vehicles nowadays. 


  • Affordable 
  • Decent traction 
  • Impressive portability 


  • Slightly narrow 
  • Several steps show up used

10. Stromberg Carlson SMFP-1200

Stromberg Carlson SMFP-1200
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 17 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 300 Pounds 
  • Low profile 
  • Universal installation 
  • Single 

Why We Love It:

Put together with practicality in mind, SMFP-1200 of Stromberg Carlson adapts well to many applications and gets positive remarks from RVers, novices and veterans alike. Being a low-profile single-step model, the RV step made by Stromberg Carlson features commendable handling characteristics and only needs minutes to set up. Furthermore, as SMFP-1200 is fashioned in the same way as OEM equipment, enthusiasts of RVing could use it to replace any step on the market. That is appreciated by people whose steps break down out of the blue and need a solid replacement at once. 

Like other steps in its series, SMFP-1200 is built with quality steel so it packs superb durability and weight capacity. In the course of operation, the Stromberg Carlson step never touches the ground so its stability tends to be consistent as the surrounding terrain changes. That is why Stromberg Carlson SMFP-1200 is a splendid option for all avid RVers that like to explore the outdoors. Since the maintenance of SMFP-1200 just consists of periodic cleaning and lubrication, keeping it in good condition is no sweat. 

Compared to the market average, the price of the step of Stromberg Carlson is quite reasonable so ordinary RVing enthusiasts could easily pick it up. Upon purchase, Stromberg Carlson SMFP-1200 comes alongside a one-year manufacturer warranty which is reassuring. 


  • Stable 
  • Competitive price 
  • Marvelous ruggedness 


  • Rust is reported from time to time 
  • Users complain about lacks of instructions 

11. Camco 43676

MOR/ryde STP-2-24-09H
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 9 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 Pounds 
  • Grip tape
  • Aluminum 
  • Non-slip rubber feet

Why We Love It:

So you need tough RV steps with high weight capacities? Then you should spare some time in order to take a close look at Camco 43676 and what it could do. With the ability to support up to one thousand pounds in use, 43676 can be put to good use in most applications that involve considerable weights. Additionally, the Camco step is very light so its portability is unrivaled in its class. Therefore, owners of recreational vehicles should have no trouble moving Camco 43676 as the situation dictates.

The RV step of Camco is constructed using first-class aluminum that guarantees improved handling as well as excellent endurance. Besides that, owing to the incorporation of non-slip rubber feet, Camco 43676 would firmly stay at one spot upon deployment no matter the terrain. Because of that, with 43676, enthusiasts of RVing don’t have to worry too much about slipping. Outside of use, the step made by Camco folds down compactly and that facilitates storage.

With enduring mechanisms, 43676 proves to be a breeze to maintain on the road so giving it special treatment is unnecessary. For post-purchase support, Camco backs its RV step with a one-year warranty. If something happens to your 43676, you could expect the warranty to make it worth your while.


  • Adaptable
  • Low-priced
  • Maintenance is a snap


  • Pins work themselves out over time
  • People notice stuck adjustable button

12. MOR/ryde STP-2-24-09H

MOR/ryde STP-2-24-09H
Check prices and reviews

Specifications And Features:

  • Weight: 50 Pounds 
  • Weight Capacity: 500 Pounds 
  • Wobble-free 
  • Pull-down release 
  • Adjustable feet

Why We Love It:

Though MOR/ryde STP-2-24-09H clearly costs more than standard travel trailer folding steps on the market, the values it offers justify its price tag. Made for universal fitness, the step from MOR/ryde would attach securely to all kinds of recreational vehicles within minutes. Aside from that, boasting wobble-free construction and adjustable feet, STP-2-24-09H is stable on a wide range of terrains. For enthusiasts of RVing that prioritize solidity once it comes to steps, MOR/ryde STP-2-24-09H is a good buy. 

Depending on current needs, RVers could deploy STP-2-24-09H at short notice as it’s a pull-down release model.  With a five hundred pounds weight capacity, STP-2-24-09H of MOR/ryde is able to accommodate RVers of various builds. While moving between locations, it’s possible for people to retract the MOR/ryde step so as to save space. As a result, the odds of STP-2-24-09H getting in the way inside the recreational vehicles should be pretty low. 

Backed by a three-year warranty, the step made by MOR/ryde gets lots of compliments from those that like to have peace of mind. With the warranty, owners of STP-2-24-09H can hit the road knowing that they have something to count on when unexpected problems show up suddenly. 


  • Durable body 
  • Fast shipping 
  • Setup process is intuitive 


  • Steep price 
  • Packaging is less than ideal 

How To Choose The Best RV Entry Steps

Enthusiasts of RVing tend to be at odds when it comes what RV steps should have but in order to pick up an appropriate model, you must remember these criteria


In use, motorhome steps would be exposed to plenty of elements and have to support the weights of RVers as they enter/leave the vehicles. Because of that, as you assess models on the market, it’s key that you pay special attention to endurance. The last thing you want to add to your rig is a flimsy step that fails shortly after purchase and leaves you covered in bruises. So avoid making up your mind until you know for sure that the step you choose could really hold together. 


As you travel, you likely come across an assortment of terrains which means you have to give stability some thoughts. You have no need for a step that constantly wobbles and place you on the verge of losing your balance. To determine the stability of a particular model, it’s essential that you take a close look at the overall design and tension between parts. Besides that, for good measure, you should read customer reviews and see what people say about how steps actually behave.


Various RV steps for sale work well with typical recreational vehicles but some models, especially ones designed as OEM replacements, only attach to certain rigs. So it’s very important that you think about compatibility while shopping for RV steps. Having a solid step is pointless if the concerning step is incompatible with your rig. Take the characteristics of your RV into account, go through the owner’s manual of market models and decide accordingly. 

Deployment and withdrawal 

Once you embrace RVing, you would have to take care of many issues so it’s best that you prioritize steps with simple deployment and withdrawal. You have to take out and put away the step as you move from location to location, as a result, you don’t need a model that takes all day to move around. By checking out the size and weight of the steps, you could get a general idea about how easy it is to deploy and withdraw them. 


Those that make RV steps release models at a wide range of price points so regardless of budget, you should have a number of choices. That being said, the rule “You get what you pay for” remains relevant and you need to be thorough here. There is no need to spend every penny you have on top-tier steps without valid reasons but it’s also unwise to select a dirt-cheap model just to save a couple of bucks. Look for travel trailer steps that have the qualities you seek, note down their prices then use the numbers to create a realistic shopping budget.

Types Of Steps For Campers 

The market is well-saturated with models but all RV steps could be split into two types: portable and permanent

  • Portable Steps: As the name suggests, portable steps could be attached and detached at short notice which makes them adaptable. Moreover, models of the type collapse compactly outside of use so they don’t take up a lot of space. 
  • Permanent Steps: Once installed properly, permanent steps would become integral parts of recreational vehicles and that spells the end of the tedious move/remove cycle. Nowadays, two kinds of permanent steps exist: manual and automatic. Basic and practical, manual steps have undemanding setup processes and operate smoothly in multiple arrangements. On the other hand, automatic steps need some time and skill to install but they deploy and withdraw by themselves. 

Top RV Step Brands 

Steps for recreational vehicles on the market come from many brands but in terms of reputability, a couple of names stand out from the rest. 


Being a long-established brand with vast amounts of experience in creating recreational vehicles and associated accessories, Camco is held in high esteem by numerous RVers from novices to veterans. In the case that all you seek is a no-nonsense step, Camco is going to be your best bet.


Thanks to its focus on functionality, Lippert is capable of putting together solid products that give a good account of themselves in lots of conditions. Needless to say, steps made by Lippert prove well-suited for enthusiasts of RVing that travel on a regular basis.


By constantly updating technologies and optimizing designs of products, MOR/ryde never fails to meet the expectations of its customers. Because of that, those that desire modern steps built to today’s standards usually think highly of MOR/ryde models. 

Quick Products

Known for introducing products at reasonable prices, Quick Products tend to be well-liked by cost-conscious enthusiasts of RVing. If your wallet is a bit tight lately but you still wish to grab a decent step for RV, stick to models from Quick Products. 

Stromberg Carlson

With an innovative mindset, Stromberg Carlson routinely incorporates new materials and techniques into production which lead to highly capable products. Unsurprisingly, models of  Stromberg Carlson have outstanding adaptability and last a long time in use. 

FAQs About RV Steps 

What needs to be done to keep RV steps in top shape?

Maintenance requirements vary substantially between models so it’s strongly recommended that you adhere to the instructions in the owner’s manual of your step. The average models only need to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated from time to time to stay in working order. 

How long would steps for recreational vehicles last? 

The lifespan of ordinary RV steps is affected by various factors including frequency of use, environment, care and so on. Assuming that you don’t push your step to the limit and look after it, years should pass before you need to get a replacement. 

Where should I buy RV steps? 

You could drop by shops that sell hardware for RV and check out the steps. In the case that you can’t seem to locate models you like, you may want to visit online retailers like Amazon, eBay, Camping World, …

Do steps for RV have special storage needs? 

Outside of use, you could store your step in whatever way that is convenient but you should keep it from coming into contact with elements.

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