A Detailed Motorcycle Camper Trailer Buying Guide

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A motorcycle tugging a trailer sounds crazy but they are actually a biker’s dream who like to explore the RV lifestyle without giving up on their bike. A motorcycle camping trailer gives all motorcyclists the freedom of going for road trips on their two-wheel ride.

What are these trailers, actually? How many types of them are out there? What are the pros and cons of living in such trailers?

Let’s address all of your questions in this ultimate guide to motorcycle camper trailers.

What Are Motorcycle Camper Trailers?

A motorcycle camper trailer is a vehicle that attaches to a motorcycle. These trailers often contain just a sleeping quarter and some models may have a small vestibule for changing clothes. There could be a sunshade attached that creates a back porch on the go. Their smaller size makes them great for traveling on motorcycles.

These lightweight trailers offer all the protection from the elements that a pop-up camper does because they are designed for adventure. Most won’t sleep more than two people. If you’re looking for comfort over tent camping, this may not be for you. However, if you want to travel and camp while your motorcycle is loaded down, this may be an option.

Such a camper can fit inside many types of storage spaces like car trunks or bike luggage racks, making it convenient to carry and store them when you’re not camping.

A motorcycle camper trailer has two main sections: the camper-shaped trailer and the trailer frame. The camper section is built to follow the contours of the motorcycle behind it, while the trailer frame creates a smooth surface for pulling to give you a comfortable ride.

motorcycle camper trailer
A small camper trailer. (Credit: V-rider / Flickr)

The simple trailer frame uses heavy-duty metal tubing typically made from 2×2 or 1×1 square tubing (the combination could be different from one trailer to another). Some designs use square tubes as well as angle iron and channel iron to create a stronger structure.

Pros and Cons of a Motorcycle Camping Trailer

If you’re thinking about going on a long motorcycle trip, getting a motorcycle camping trailer is the only option. But you should not just jump into the trend and spend money on something without knowing its advantages and downsides.

Pros of Motorcycle Trailers

Lightweight: This is probably the main selling point of these trailers. Otherwise, it would not be possible to lug one behind a motorcycle. A trailer should be 20% lighter than your bike’s weight, or the bike cannot tow it smoothly.

Storage: You can carry all camping gear, clothes, and other necessary things without stuffing the saddlebags. If you have ever ridden across the country before, you know how important it is to keep the essentials close by at all times.

More Freedom: It’s a new way to see the country. You get to see all of those untapped camping places that you would normally miss out on.

Affordable: Saves plenty of money as you don’t need to stay in motels or hotels all the time.

motorcycle rv trailer
Photo: Hill Street Studios / Getty Images

Cons of Motorcycle Trailers

You Need a Powerful Motorcycle: This is one of the biggest factors that will be limiting for some road-trippers. If you do have an old bike that isn’t powerful enough, you may need to get a trailer that has the standard hitch instead.

Might be Inconvenient: Not everyone will be comfortable with towing a camper behind a motorcycle. It also requires special skills and techniques from drivers who are not experienced with hauling a motorcycle camping trailer.

Fewer Facilities: Camping in such a trailer means just managing a sleeping space. There are no onboard kitchen or toilet facilities, so many would still prefer to stay in hotels instead.

High Fuel Consumption: The motorcycle’s weight becomes significantly heavier with the addition of these trailers. The extra weight consumes more, especially if you do long trips without stops.

So, deciding whether or not to have a motorcycle camping trailer is actually making a choice between affordability and luxury or freedom and convenience. It’s the best option if you want to enjoy a long motorcycle trip while camping along the way.

What Are the Different Types of Motorcycle Camper Trailers?

If you have decided to purchase this camper trailer, you should know about its different types to make the right decision. Each type has its own unique features, so your choice should be based on what kind of trip you have planned what facilities you are expecting on the road.

Open Trailers

Instead of being lugged by a motorcycle, this trailer actually tows the bike. It can accommodate your motorcycle, all camping gear, and other stuff. If you want to enjoy the convenience of regular motorhome camping along with riding your motorbike from time to time, this one is a good option.

Pop-Up Trailers

Motorcycle pop-up campers are awesome! They give you the freedom to travel at your own pace and with all the gear that you need for an unforgettable trip. Unlike clamshell trailers, once popped up, these campers can accommodate two people. These trailers fold down into a small cube shape that fits easily behind your motorcycle.

Clamshell Camper Trailers

What you get when a clamshell camper opens up is not just a box. The top and bottom halves of the clamshell are fabric attached that creates an instant tent when opened! They can only accommodate one occupant inside at any given time, so if traveling with somebody else, your best bet would be to buy a platform camper trailer that has plenty of room for two people and their gear.

Canopied Campers

These types of motorcycle campers have a canopy cover that provides a great deal of shade on a sunny day while you’re driving or and a little more privacy when sitting at a campsite.

Cargo Trailers

A cargo trailer is not a trailer in the traditional sense. It just provides extra storage, so you don’t need to stash everything in the motorcycle’s saddlebags. The good news is that you can easily fit a tent and other essentials into it, so camping in the wild won’t still be a problem.

Dog Trailers

Don’t want to leave your furry friend behind? With dog trailers, you don’t need to. It’s similar to a cargo trailer bit for dogs. With a pull-behind design, it is like a fully enclosed but ventilated box to carry a dog. The trailer has suspension too to save the pet from road bumps and jerks.

These are the different types of motorcycle camper trailers that are available for you to choose from. Make sure you know which type is the best for your needs before making the final decision, so you can ensure that it will fit with your lifestyle and motorcycle.

campers for motorcycles to pull
A motorcycle camper offers great freedom.

The Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers

There are plenty of options available when it comes to finding a high-quality motorcycle camping trailer. If you are still confused about which model to choose, this list will be useful.

Kwik Kamp II

This is one of the most popular options available. It has plenty of storage, and the innovative design allows you to easily tow it behind any two- and four-wheel vehicles. With 340 and 700 pounds of dry weight and GVWR, respectively, the whole thing can be taken down and stored in a closet or garage when not in use.

If you hate to pitch a tent, this pop-up camper saves you from that hassle forever. The PU weather-resistant tent material and a firm structure will keep your adventure unperturbed. Storage of 24 cubic feet makes sure that there is no need to carry another bag for your gear and essentials.

Mini Mate Kompact Kamp

This lightweight camper trailer comes with a patented awning design as an add-on. You can even choose a version with added room for more comfort. A complete fiberglass framework and lid give the structure added strength. Water-resistant canvas protects the campers from bad weather.

With enough sleeping room for two adults, it offers 6 feet and 4 inches of headspace, super convenient for tall people. When you’re ready for a camping trip, just put it in your vehicle and you’re ready to go.

Aspen Classic

This is a compact camper trailer that weighs only 350 lbs excluding an added 24 lbs of tongue weight. A reinforced fiberglass body has contributed to the lightweight nature, making it quite suitable for towing with a motorcycle. The seam-sealed tent with a zippered storm fly gives the best protection from outside elements.

The Aspec Classic actually looks quite luxurious if you compare it with other regular motorcycle trailers. Its interior accommodates a king-size bed, which means two adults can sleep with comfort. There are many more accessories available to ensure that you have a good camping experience.

rv motorcycle trailer
Photo: Shutterstock


There you have all the information about a motorcycle camping trailer — what it is, pros and cons, and types. If you’re still unsure which type is for you, go back to checking out the best camping trailer section to find a few recommendations that might be perfect for your lifestyle! Happy reading!

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