7 Most Interesting RV TV Shows to Binge-Watch

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Are you a fan of RV TV shows? I’m sure many people are. There are some great TV shows out there that provide a lot of information and entertainment about those who live their lives full-time in RVs!

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 7 different TV shows that will give you plenty to watch while stuck inside during winter or looking to pass time on a lazy afternoon.

7 Interesting RV TV Shows to Binge-watch

The following are some of the best TV shows about RV life. They all have different themes, but they’re all worth checking out!

Whether you’re looking for something educational, or just want to see what life on the road is really like, then this list of RV-focused TV shows will have you covered.

Going RV

Looking for a show like House Hunters but with RVs in the focus instead? Going RV is your best bet.

It’s quite formulaic but addictive nonetheless. Whether they’re buying their very first RV or upgrading to a new one, this show follows everyday people who are venturing into RVing for the first time.

With the help of an experienced RV pro, a couple or family learns the ins and outs of RVing.

The show takes place all over the country and the participants are taken to various RV dealerships and shown different camper units.

By the end of the show, they pick up one and start their journey on the road to a more enjoyable life.

It’s refreshing, inspirational, and a whole lot of fun!

best rv tv shows
Going RV: An addictive TV show. (Credit: Going RV / IMDB)

Rock the Park

If you are looking for RV TV shows to watch with your family or a group of friends, Rock the Park will come top of the list.

It follows the story of two friends, Colton Smith and Jack Steward, who are also the hosts of this show.

In true nomadic fashion, they travel around to check off the country’s great national parks one at a time.

Rock the Park is about the national parks, but it’s not your typical nature documentary.

You will love following these two friends along their ride and how they connect with fellow travelers to help preserve these gems for future generations.

Smith and Steward want the viewers to experience these journeys by themselves.

Their favorite line is, “if we can do it, you can do it, too.” Do you think you can do it? Watch the show and find out for yourselves!

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Mega RV Countdown

Mega RV Countdown is a television show that airs on the Travel Channel. It showcases the most luxurious and expensive RVs on the market.

It focuses not only on the celebrity lifestyle but also provides practical tips about how people are able to live out their dreams while venturing into living a life of freedom.

The viewers get to see all the luxury amenities of the featured trailers. The host films detailed views of the RV’s interior and exterior design, all luxury amenities, kitchen, toilet, and other areas.

The good news is that you can watch it all online! Tune in every week for more amazing RVs from all over the world!

Flippin’ RVs

Watching someone flip RVs is as exciting as watching house flipping.

A couple named Justin and Anna Scribner bring this thrill of renovating old RVs into your TV screen.

They rummage through RV graveyards and pick up the ones that still have some lives left on them.

The next step is to transform these retro units into dream tiny homes on wheels.

To experience this incredible renovation journey, tune in to the Great American Country cable network.

Guy’s Family Road Trip

If you are interested in RV TV shows that don’t focus on the RVs but the experience of people and how they are enjoying the journey, Guy’s Family Road Trip should be right up your alley.

Guy Feiri, the famous restaurateur and star from the Food Network, hosts this series where he goes on RV trips with his family.

Instead of spending time on the RVing part, the show often focuses on cooking and trying different foods in each city they visit but includes discussions about the culture of each place as well.

The main theme of this TV show is exploring food traditions from around the world with your family while traveling in a trailer.

It’s a fun show with the right amount of inspirational dosage to motivate the viewers to hit the road.

RV TV shows
A fun RV show. (Credit: Citizen Pictures)

RV Roadtrip Nation

This TV documentary series is the brainchild of a group of four friends who traveled across the country in an old green RV.

They explored America’s best public lands and interviewed various people, who had inspired them in some way.

When these four friends returned home after logging 15,000 miles on their old RV, they thought of making this life-changing trip into a movement.

So, they sent another group of people into that old RV for another journey. Soon, the trend picked up and the signature big green V started hitting the road with a fresh team every summer.

The RV Roadtrip Nation follows that group of people and documents their experiences.

Beachin’ RVs

Another gem of a show comes from the hosts of Flippin’ RVs — husband and wife team Justin and Anna Scribner.

They travel all across the country looking for vintage travel trailers and then renovate these units into beach bungalows.

If you want to buy a beach-themed tiny house on wheels, check out their business Flyte Camp.

All these gems of trailers are available at highly affordable prices.



There are a lot of people who want to see what it’s like to live in an RV without actually living in an RV. Many RVers also love to watch shows about the ups and downs of life on the road.

These RV TV shows will definitely appeal to those with wanderlust or those interested in exploring the full range of lifestyle options available to them.

Have you seen any other great ones? If so, please share your recommendations below!

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