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Why do you live in a motorhome? For some people, it’s a way to cut down on expenses while others do it for the sake of minimalist living. But not everyone wants to trade off a nomadic life with creature comforts. Why not enjoying both?

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If you appreciate the finer things in life, you’ll definitely like to glamp in luxury motorhomes. The best luxury RV units these days are literally like mansions on wheels. With numerous high-end features and ample space, some of these RVs are fancier than brick and mortar houses.

Top 5 Best Luxury RV Units

Coachman, Winnebago, Airstream, and a few others are some of the most popular RV brands, but they are not the luxury RV manufacturers. In fact, some top-dollar coaches come from tech companies.

We’re going to review 5 of the most expensive RV units that offer almost all kinds of comfort imaginable with some bells and whistles that you can only expect when a vehicle costs a million dollars or more.

These luxury RV prices may seem outrageous to many people, but they demand what they are worthy of. Here are five best luxury RV units available in the market that will beat out extravagant resorts and deluxe hotels.

1# Marchi Mobile’s EleMMent Palazzo Superior, $3 million

This top of the line RV is currently the most expensive of its kind in the world. The 45-foot long unit has a master bedroom, a large kitchenette, and a lounge area.

The glamorous, spacious bedroom is equipped with a king-sized bed with a wooden headboard, tufted wall, and a bathroom with a rainfall shower. The lounge area is big enough for guests and can keep everyone entertained with a 40-inch TV, coffee machine, wine cabinet, and sectional sofa. The kitchen has almost all appliances seen in a modern household kitchen.

most expensive rv
EleMMent Palazzo Superior

Outdoor entertainment is another forte of this massive coach. Its roof expands into a deck where you can enjoy the morning breakfast or afternoon tea. This white RV unit looks like an alien tech because of the unusual circular windshield and protruding front design.

2# Furrion Elysium, $2.5 million or more

Furrion Elysium takes the concept of expensive motorhomes to another level by adding a rooftop helicopter. Yes, you have read that right. Furrion, a tech company, has not stopped after equipping the luxury vehicle with the amenities of a penthouse apartment, but it offers the consumers the option to buy a ‘penthouse on wheels’ with a helicopter.

luxury motorhomes

Debuted in 2018, the 45-foot long coach operates like a fully functioning home with a fireplace, rooftop hot tub, smart toilet and shower, and observation cameras. There is not one but three 4K 75-inch TVs along with a 15-inch touchscreen infotainment system for entertainment of the whole family.

What else can you expect from this glamper? A full-size kitchen, right? Well, the Elysium does not disappoint. A full-functioning kitchen is there to satisfy all kinds of cooking needs. It has a refrigerator, microwave oven, wine fridge, and dishwasher.

3# Featherlite Vantare Platinum Plus, $2.3 million or more

The Vantare Platinum Plus has made this list of best luxury RV units because it’s not only expensive but also packed with a bunch of posh features. It’s hard to ignore the appeal of ritzy features like the ceiling’s custom-built sculptures surrounded by Swarovski crystals, Italian leather materials, onyx, rare Inca marble, and a series of other lavish decorations. It feels like a palace on wheels.

expensive motorhomes
Vantare Platinum Plus

The master bedroom is equipped for your comfort and enjoyment. There is a king-sized bed, fully stacked washer, dryer, and a treadmill. A recliner is there too and you can transform the dinette into a bedside coffee table. The bathroom hardware in the coach has been imported from France.

To enjoy your favorite game or TV show while lying on the bed, a plasma TV is there hidden under the floorboard. Lift it up whenever you want to watch something and then keep it neatly covered up. Do you have a car? Don’t worry. There is a slide-out side compartment that accommodates a sports car.

A Prevost bus shell forms the framework of the Vantare Platinum Plus. A giant gas tank holding a whopping 235 gallons supply power for the engine. The cockpit instruments of this RV unit is up to the minute. There is an Avic N-2 GPS system the provides real-time weather and traffic alerts.

4# Newell Coach P50, $2 million or more

Newell Coach has earned a name for manufacturing ultra-luxury trailers. Its P50 is one of the best luxury RV units without any doubt. The company has focused on not only spacious floorplans and deluxe features but also small details.

top of the line rv
Newell Coach P50

The 45-foot long 2020 model comes with a front-entry floorplan design. A junior king-size extending bed is in the large bedroom and you will also get a built-in dresser, nightstand, and a custom-made area rug. There is also a 55-inch OLED 4K smart TV, 28-inch LED TV, and 4K blu-ray DVD player. There is another 43-inch 4K TV in the lower bay. The front salon is also equipped with smart TV, blu-ray DVD player, and Hi-Fi sound systems.

A fully-equipped living area keeps your family members and guests comfortable and fully entertained. A full-size kitchen with all modern appliances makes it easier to prepare gourmet dishes while you are on the road.

5# 2018 Prevost H3-45 Millennium Luxury Coach, around $2 million

Like all other most expensive RVs in the world, Millennium Luxury Coaches has also decorated this Prevost H3-45 coach with various exclusive features, such as quartz countertops, handcrafted cabinetry, heated porcelain tile floors, and more. In fact, the interiors are hand-built to create a customized look and give it a personal touch.

most expensive rvs in the world
Prevost H3-45

It has a 55-inch smart TV, 360-degree camera, wine refrigerator, outdoor grill, a control system with iPad integration, and many other premium features. You will never want to leave the trailer after starting your nomadic journey.

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