What Is Good Mileage for a Used RV?

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Buying an RV is a huge investment, and not many people have the financial ability to pay for a new unit. So, going to the secondhand route makes perfect sense as you can enjoy the same adventure and fun by spending around half of the original price.

But you need to be careful about the mileage to make sure that the fun and adventure don’t cut short. What is good mileage for a used RV? That’s what you need to figure out when spending money on a secondhand RV trailer.

Mileage is important because it gives you an idea about how long the motorhome will last. So, before spending money on an RV, you should learn everything about mileage.

How Many Miles Do RVs Last?

Around 200,000 miles or 20 years, whichever comes first. However, this figure depends on many factors and one of them (arguably the most important one) is maintenance.

Regular maintenance and quick repair work can help a motorhome hitting these numbers. But the maximum expected mileage can change depending on the type of motorhomes. For example, a Class B motorhome can last even longer upon taking good care.

How many miles do RVs last
A Class B motorhome can last more than 200,000 miles. Photo: The Wayward Home

On the other hand, the average lifespan of Class A and Class C motorhomes won’t exceed this threshold even after taking excellent care. However, negligence could result in an untimely breakdown.

What Is Good Mileage for a Used RV?

A used RV is the only option when a new unit is out of your budget. But how to know that it won’t collapse in the middle of a trip? What is good mileage for a used RV?

The ideal mileage for a used unit should be around 100,000 miles or lower than that. However, mileage is not the only thing to be considered when investing in a travel trailer. A well-maintained unit with higher mileage is definitely a better purchase than a low-mileage one that has suffered a lack of proper care.

You should approach with caution if thinking of putting money into an RV with somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 miles in the odometer. However, low mileage could be a matter of concern too if it’s a Class A motorhome. If you find a model that has only 50,000 miles on the odometer within 10 years, don’t go for it.

Such a low mileage within this period means that it might have sat idle for a fair share of time, which could trigger various types of issues down the road.

Similarly, a Class B motorhome should be driven around 4,000 to 5,000 miles every year. Anything lower than that indicates a long idle period, which is never good for any kind of RVs.

Things to Check Before Buying a Used RV

Apart from the mileage, some other things that you should be careful about are:

  • A thorough inspection of the trailer by an expert mechanic should be done before finalizing the deal. The mechanic’s fee will be an extra expense but it will ensure that you don’t end up with a lemon. Nobody wants to buy an RV that just breaks down every now and then.
  • A visual inspection of the exterior is important too. You should particularly check the hinges and seals to see if they are loose or deteriorating.
  • Don’t shy away from asking questions to the current owner. Ask them about the reasons for selling and request to provide the service reports. It would be a red flag if it has records of accidents or major repairs.
Is a used RV a good investment
Photo: Welcomia / Getty Images

Tips to Extend the Lifespan of an RV

After buying an RV with good mileage and proper maintenance records, you should take steps for extending its lifespan. Only regular checkups and quick repair action can give you the best value for your money. A used RV can actually save a lump sum of your money only if you know how to maintain it properly.

  • Diagnose the RV regularly by a professional service. When camping or on the road, you should keep tabs on the engine, brakes, tires, and all kinds of fluids.
  • Perform regular cleaning, especially before and after a trip. A thorough cleaning should be done before and after storing for months, so there is no mold or funky smells. Drain all fluid tanks and disconnect the battery.
  • Regular waxing of the exterior is necessary to protect it from dirt, dust, and weather elements.
  • There are rubber weather seals around the slide-outs. Spray UV-protectant on the sealing to prevent wear. Also, lubricate the slide-outs for smooth opening and closing.
  • Empty the RV black water tank whenever it fills up around ¾ portion. Also, use chemicals in the toilet to fight odor and break down solid waste.
  • Rust is bad news for any kind of metal fixtures. Prevent it by applying WD40 on the hinges, bike racks, and other places where necessary.
What is considered high mileage for an RV
Keep the RV well-maintained. Photo: Lazy Days


What is good mileage for a used RV? Hope you’ve got the answer. These additional pieces of information will help you make an informed and practical decision while buying a used RV.

Q1: Is a used RV a good investment?

Like any other motor vehicle, recreational vehicles too deteriorate over time. The value depreciation of RVs is more prominent and you will always find plenty of used RVs for sale. However, it’s still a good investment if the mileage on the odometer is low and the vehicle’s condition is good.

Q2: How many miles do RVs last?

The average lifespan of recreational vehicles is around 200,000 miles, upon regular maintenance. Some RV types can last even longer but the mileage is highly dependent on how you treat the vehicle.

Q3: What is considered high mileage for an RV?

Anything between 100,000 and 200,000 miles is considered high mileage for an RV. However, a high-mileage unit could still be in a tip-top condition whereas a low-mileage unit may look dilapidated due to negligence.


What is good mileage for a used RV? You have already learned that. Hopefully, the information will help you score a good deal when buying a secondhand RV.

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