12+ Best Class B RVs For Full-Time Camping

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Sure, Class A or Class C motorhomes and fifth wheels are the most spacious and luxurious types of recreational vehicles, well suited for big families in need of privacy. Meanwhile, Class B camper vans are much more compact and thus comes with compromises.

That said, if you’re a single traveler, a couple or a small family with one or two young kids, then living in a class B RV full-time on the open road might be the best option. Do not worry about lack of comfort, as this list of the best class B RVs to buy in 2022 for full-time living will have everything you need. 

There are many advantages to camping in class B motorhomes, including easier maneuvering and better fuel efficiency than bulky and heavy RVs, owing to having a smaller footprint.

And we have compiled a list of the most well-rounded class B RVs with the right balance between space and amenities/features, so you get the best of both worlds: a compact home on wheels that you can drive off-the-beaten-path adventures and a functional, aesthetically pleasing living space with lots of smart space-saving features, so you won’t have to sacrifice comfort. 

There is something for every camper in this list, from camper vans for single travelers and couples to models with versatile sleeping arrangements to accommodate up to two adults plus one or two small kids, from luxurious models to affordable ones, plus a few of the best used class B RVs

What You Get In A Class B Motorhome

Class B RVs fall into the category of motorized RVs or motorhomes, since you’ll be driving in the RV itself, no towing. They are also called sleeper vans, camper vans or van conversions, since they’re typically built on a standard/full-size or extended van. Some models come with a raised or pop-up roof for extra head room, called pop-top vans, so that you can walk upright inside or as a means to fit in extra sleeping arrangements. 

A typical Class B van typically sleeps one or two adults. Although many models advertise that they can sleep up to four, if you want a comfortable night’s sleep, two is really the limit. A few of the best Class B RVs in this list do offer special configurations so that you can travel with your spouse and one or two kids, but even then, you’ve been warned that it might feel a bit too cozy.

Due to the limited space, Class Bs typically feature a number of innovative space-saving designs and features, like a kitchen and cabinet that can be extended or pulled out from the rear, folding sinks, pull-down countertop or desk, convertible sofa/bed combo and swivel toilets.

In terms of size, the length of a Class B generally ranges from 18 to 24 feet. As for heights, there are many models with high roofs despite not being a pop-top, designed for the extra tall travelers so that you can stand up straight inside.

Class B RVs come with unique advantages and disadvantages as follows. But that said, depending on your camping needs, who you travel with and budget, some downside below might not exactly be a minus for you:


  • Cheaper to buy and repair than Class A and Class C
  • Smaller and more lightweight, thus doesn’t eat up as much fuel
  • Compact and no towing needed, thus easier to handle (just like a van)
  • Can be used for running errands or excursions, while if you own a Class A or Class C, you would need to tow along a compact car for these purposes
  • The right amount of space and amenities for single/couple travelers and spontaneous or short weekend trips
  • Small, cute and classic, especially vintage models are increasingly trendy

Cons (or not really!):

  • Limited living space and storage
  • Often without bathrooms (except luxury models) and space for laundry
  • Fewer amenities than Class A and Class C motorhomes, fifth wheels and the larger travel trailers
  • Vintage models are extra Instagram-worthy but insurance often costs more 

The first of Class B’s various benefits is drivability. Thanks to its small van chassis plus the fact that you’re not towing (like with a trailer or fifth wheel), Class Bs are the easiest RVs to drive around, including maneuvering tight corners, handling uphill and downhill and parking at RV campgrounds as well as in your driveway. So they are perfect as a beginner RV for less experienced drivers, while the large Class A, Class C, fifth wheels and trailers would require plenty of practice before your first trip. 

And there’s no need to tow your regular family car behind for day trips or grocery shopping, as these vans are compact enough for exploring around. They can fit in any regular parking lot or camping spot, can go through drive-thrus and other places with low height clearance. 

If you’re the type of traveler who records your trips on Instagram, these little cuties will be real eye-catchers, especially the classy vintage models. Another benefit of camping in one of these Instagram-worthy vans is that they are typically more fuel efficient than the larger and heavier gas-guzzler, thus are cheaper to fuel. They are smaller and equipped with less amenities and fixtures, so they are more affordable to maintain and repair. 

That said, the best class B motorhomes are not much less expensive than their bulkier and fully-equipped counterparts just because they’re smaller. Of course there are many models below $70,000 or even below $50,000 that offer limited space and comfort (and you can always hunt for a cheap used van and spend some time to give it a makeover). But if you want a Class B for camping full-time, year round, and especially if you travel as a small family of two to four people, you will need a big enough van with all the basic amenities and features, as well as high construction quality that can withstand varying weather conditions. 

So in short, the best class B RV for full time living is in essence a well-equipped,  large coach compressed into the compact dimensions of a van. This creates construction and engineering difficulties, which means a durable Class B with well-appointed features would cost more than you would think (if you think of the average price for a Class A as the basis, well, the cost of a Class B is not proportional to its size). Many luxurious Class B and the Class B “plus” also use high-end components like lithium batteries, thus further increasing their MSRP. 

You will find quite a few Class B models in this list with listing price starting from $100,000. But of course, you get what you pay for. 

While these luxurious $100,000-plus Class Bs include all the amenities you’d need for comfortable living on the open road (that is sleeping quarters, a kitchen and a bed/dinette combo, an entertainment center, a bathroom and even an outdoor hot/cold shower), do note that Class Bs often doesn’t come with a washer and dryer combo, and only the luxurious Class B would have a toilet with either a shower or a wet bath. 

If you are a spontaneous single or couple traveler who can sacrifice space and comfort for flexibility, then a Class B would be the most economical choice, and there are a wide range to choose from for under $80,000. But if you’re looking to travel full-time as a group of two or more, you’d need to spend a bit more to get the best of both worlds: drivability and comfort.

Best Class B RVs To Buy For Full-Time Living

1. The 2022 Winnebago Travato 59GL

Price: starts at $130,056.


  • Superb construction and insulation, made for four-season camping
  • Good amount of storage inside and out
  • Well equipped with all basic amenities, including toilet and wet bath
  • Decent size energy system for extended off-grid trips
  • Energy- and fuel-efficient


  • Expensive
  • Only bed options are 1 small double bed or 2 twin beds

The Travato from Winnie has been one of the best selling Class B motorhomes in North America for a while, and all for very good reasons. The only two flaws you can find with this durable and functional van is probably its price tag, which starts from $130,000 upwards depending on the floor plan you choose, as well as any additional package or options you might want to add for utmost comfort. The second is the limited sleeping arrangements: you only get either 1 small double bed or 2 twin beds, no optional king or queen.

Available with four different floor plans plus various options and upgrade packages, the Travato is 21 feet in length and designed to sleep two adults.

Everything about this luxurious Class B will wow you, but let’s start with its superb construction quality workmanship. The Travato is built on the iconic Promaster chassis. It offers all-season camping with new honeycomb composite insulated flooring, solid roof and sidewall insulation, above-floor waterlines, heated tanks, and dual-pane acrylic insulated windows, so the interior is always liveable even in the hottest and coldest months.

Another aspect where the Travato excels is resource, energy and fuel efficiency. First off, the Eco-Hot water system conserves water and cuts down waiting time for hot water. Pure Advanced Energy System uses safe, dependable automotive-grade technology to provide up to 9,600 watt-hours of power so you can camp off-grid for longer (you can get 12,800 watt-hours with the optional 4-module energy pack). The rig is designed with efficient systems throughout to make the most of limited resources and keep you comfortable on extended trips even when Mother Nature is not exactly forgiving.

Features include a small double bed or two twin beds with high density hygienic foam mattress and an European suspension system, an infotainment center, dinette seating and a new swing-arm-mounted table that swivels 360 degrees and can be moved to a second mounting position, and a toilet and wet bath. The fully equipped kitchen with pantry for storing supplies allows you to whip up fresh meals daily. If you don’t want to eat inside, feel free to gather around under the 13” power awning. 

As for storage, there is overhead storage for small items, a large underbed storage, a kitchen cabinet, mounts to keep electronics right where you want them, as well as a roof rack to mount gears like bikes or kayaks.


  • Construction: Roof and sidewall insulation, new honeycomb composite insulated flooring, above-floor waterlines, heated tanks and available dual-pane acrylic insulated windows 
  • Interior: Tinted windows, 24″ HDTV and Bluetooth soundbar, multimedia touchscreen infotainment center, below floor storage and drop down storage baskets, dinette, removable/adjustable table, 1 small double bed or 2 twin beds with high density hygienic foam mattress
  • Bathroom: toilet, wet bath
  • Kitchen: 2-burner cooktop, fridge, pantry, sink, counter extension
  • Exterior: 13” awning, powered ventilator fan with rain cover
  • Underbed storage, roof and bike rack storage hold big gears
  • Safety features: blind spot monitoring, digital rearview mirror
  • Energy system provides up to 9,600 watt-hours of power (12,800 watt-hours optional)


  • GVWR: 9,350 lbs
  • GCWR: 11,500 lbs
  • Overall Length 21′ 
  • Overall Width 6′ 9″
  • Interior Height 6′ 3″
  • Tank Capacities: 18 gals (Fresh), 11 gals (Black), 14 gals (Gray)

2. Airstream 2022 Interstate 24GT

Price: starts at $194,256


  • Lots of safety features and and optional 4-wheel-drive
  • Well-equipped kitchen, built-in workstation
  • Bathroom with toilet, sink and shower
  • Adequate amenities for full-time camping
  • Ample high quality, functional features come as standard


  • Downright expensive (but you get an Airstream!)

Every camper has at least once dreamt of owning an Airstream. Airstreams are not cheap, but they are well worth the price tag, both inside and out. And if you can afford the best Class B RVs to spend your whole life on the open road, why not go for the legendary Airstream Interstate 24GT? They cost almost $200,000, surely not for everyone, but you get the iconic Airstreams that everyone dreams of, and it’s pretty hard to find one of the same standard and workmanship as this luxury Class B RV.

The Interstate line has been Airstream’s No. 1 best seller in the Class B category for the past six years. Even though it’s costly, full-time RVers swear that it’s a fair price for a real tiny home on wheels that will elevate every single aspect of your camping experience, and you won’t ever miss the cozy home you left behind. 

Even without upgrades, this luxury Class B packs more than 50 best-in-class standard features, so you get the very best in safety, ride quality, aesthetics, functions, comfort, as well as resource efficiency.

The Airstream Interstate is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 van chassis and comes with the 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine and 7-speed transmission. Adequately spacious with a good amount of head room, the Interstate 24GT is 24’6” long and 9’8″ high (for the two-wheel-drive version and 9’11” high for the four-wheel-drive). Its tank capacities are also satisfactory for its size: 27 gallons for fresh, 21 gallons for gray, and 13 gallons for black, so you can go on long trips and boondock away from RV parks from time to time without needing hookups or driving to the dump station too often. 

The main living area is complete with leather seatings, HDTV, solid surface table and even a built-in workstation so you can work remotely while enjoying the time of your life. As you might expect from a true luxury Class B, the bathroom is equipped with a shower, toilet, sink plus towel rack and clothesline. 

You will love cooking in this rig, as the well-appointed and fine looking galley kitchen is fully equipped with a spacious pantry, a drawer microwave, a 5.0 cu. ft. fridge, a drawer freezer, a 2-burner cooktop with integrated cover and a sink also with cover for extra counter space. The craftsmanship and attention to details really shows here, with Corian countertops, solid shit cabinet and the high-quality handcrafted cabinetry made from woods imported from Italy. 

There is even a hot and cold exterior shower to rinse away all the dirt and mud from your trek, and a power awning with LED lights to spend more time lounging outdoor in good weather. You can camp comfortably in the hottest and coldest months, thanks to the 13,500 BTU A/C, the 16,000 BTU furnace plus the 60,000 BTU on-demand water heater.

This Airstream Interstate boasts more Mercedes-Benz safety and performance features than any other brand, from lane keeping assist, parking assist and blind spot assist to the rear- and side-view cameras. Unique features from the manufacturer include the Air Ride Suspension system to deliver the best ride quality in even rough terrains.


  • Kitchen: 1.2 cu. ft. drawer microwave, 5.0 cu. ft. fridge, 1.6 cu. ft. drawer freezer, 2-burner cooktop with integrated cover, solid shut cabinets, pantry with built-In drawers & shelves, countertop with backsplash, sink with integrated cover, waste basket & paper towel holder built-in under galley top
  • Bathroom: One-piece shower, vanity sink, toilet, towel rack, retractable clothesline
  • Lounge: Built-in workstation, power rear sofa, optional front bed, HDTV, solid surface table, leather seatings, USB charging ports
  • 13,500 BTU A/C, 16,000 BTU furnace, 60,000 BTU on-demand water heater, 300 Watt solar system
  • Outside: Exterior hot shower, awning and patio with LED lighting
  • Safety features: Front and Rear Parktronic Parking Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Rear Cross Traffic Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Brake Assist, spare tire
  • Optional 4-wheel-drive
best class b motorhome
Photo: Airstream


  • GVWR: 11,030 lbs
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs
  • Tow Capacity: Up to 5,000 lbs
  • Overall Length 24′ 6″ 
  • Overall Width 9′ 8″
  • Interior Height 6′ 2.25″
  • Tank Capacities: 27 gals (Fresh), 21 gals (Grey), 13 gals (Black)

3. Airstream 2022 Interstate 19 Touring Coach

Price: starts at $149,240


  • Compact, easy handling
  • Fits in a standard parking spot 
  • Small but offers a good level of comfort for its size
  • Bathroom with toilet, sink and shower
  • Well-equipped kitchen
  • Adequate amenities for full-time camping in both hot and cold weather
  • Lots of handy safety features and optional 4-wheel-drive


  • Expensive
  • Sleeping arrangements only include a rear convertible sofa (might not be as comfortable as a standard mattress if you’re very picky)

If you love the well equipped and adequately sized 24.5-foot Interstate 24GT, but prefer something a bit more affordable and easier to maneuver, then the Interstate 19 Touring Coach would be just perfect. Here, you can find all the top-of-the-class features that makes the Interstate 24GT one of the best class B RVs, but wrapped in a nimbler 19-foot package and can be had for some $150,000, or 25% less. 

At only 19 feet, this motorhome is only a few feet longer than a typical SUVs, thus fits neatly in a standard parking spot and would be the ideal starter rig in case you’re not comfortable with maneuvering a hulking gorilla on the open road. This compact size also opens up travel opportunities, since they can get to off-the-beaten-path locations that would be impossible to reach with a larger RV. Like with the 24GT, Mercedes-Benz also offers the optional on-demand four-wheel drive system to give you added stability and control to handle rough terrains. The possibilities are endless. 

To enjoy such flexibility, you must sacrifice a bit of space and privacy though. This little camper van can comfortably accommodate up to two campers, but can get a bit too cozy at times. That said, the Interstate 19’s floor plan has everything you need – lounging space, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a 66” x 73” sleeping space, the largest bed in its class that spans the entire rear of the coach. Should you need extra sleeping arrangements, there’s the aftermarket option of transforming your cockpit into an extra bed, which is made with water-resistant, marine grade vinyl coated fabric and comes with a blanket and carrying case.

The kitchen is fully equipped just like in the Interstate 24GT, from the cooktop and sink covers down to the handcrafted Italian wood cabinetry. The lounge area is also similar with swivel table, leather seatings, power sleeper sofa, a HDTV and window shades.

Every inch of the European-style wet bath is designed to get wet, and includes a shower, toilet, a vanity sink, plus a built-in toiletries station and a retractable clothesline for drying towels or a few wet clothes. All features are efficient and well appointed, as can be seen from the extendable swivel mirror, the double-duty showerhead/sink faucet and the waterproof toilet paper cover.

One high-tech feature in the Interstate19 is the C-Zone control screen, which allows you to monitor everything inside the coach with easy digital screen readouts, like lighting, window shades, air conditioning and furnace, generator power and the outside power awning outside, even tank and power levels.

And of course, the Interstate 19 is graced with a superb driving experience and all the Mercedes-Benz standard-setting safety features that made the name of the Interstate line, including lane keeping assist, parking assist, blind spot assist and much more. The powerful 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine allows for a good balance of powerful getup, impressive fuel economy, smooth ride quality and an enjoyable driving experience for everyone on board. Long rides on the open road is now easier than ever. 


  • Kitchen: 0.7 cu. ft. microwave, 3.2 cu. ft. fridge, 2-burner cooktop with integrated cover, sink with integrated cover, solid shut wood cabinets (premium hand-crafted Italian wood cabinetry), countertop with backsplash
  • Bathroom: shower, vanity sink, toilet, towel rack, retractable clothesline
  • Lounge: Power window shades, power rear convertible sofa, HDTV, adjustable swivel table, leather seatings, USB charging ports
  • 13,500 BTU A/C; 14,300 BTU furnace
  • 250 watt solar system, power awning
  • Optional 4-wheel-drive
  • Safety features: Front and Rear Parktronic Parking Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Rear Cross Traffic Assist, Active Blind Spot Assist, Active Brake Assist, spare tire


  • GVWR: 9,050 lbs
  • GCWR: 13,930 lbs
  • Tow Capacity: Up to 5,000 lbs
  • Overall Length 19′ 5″
  • Overall Width 6′ 7″
  • Interior Height 6′ 2″
  • Tank Capacities: 21 gals (Fresh), 16 gals (Gray), 9 gals (Black)

4. American Coach Patriot Class B Motorhome

Price: starts at $153,000


  • Exceptional exterior and interior style, design, finish, fit and features. Luxurious and functional.
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Comes with all of the latest Mercedes Benz safety features


  • A length of 24’ 17” is about 1.5 times a standard parking spot

Even among the very best Class B RVs, few can match the Patriot from American Coach when it comes to elegant aesthetics, superior craftsmanship, fit and finish, and luxury appointments. The luxury, style, attention to details and commitment to excellence in this coach is truly one of a kind. 

The most common description by owners is that the Patriot does not look like a recreational vehicle by more like a classy luxury limousine, boasting a streamlined and sleek exterior with minimal hatches. Meanwhile, the interior is often said to be by far the most refined looking of any Class B 170 Ext Sprinter chassis, in addition to having the most intuitive and functional layout. 

A highlight is the large rear lounge with the most comfortable power folding couch of all Class Bs on the market, which converts to a king sized bed. This size is pretty rare, since the other options in this list only offer a twin, a full or a queen bed at most. In keeping with the excellent features throughout, the driver and passenger seatings are also incredibly luxurious and comfortable. 

The rear lounge area is separated from the galley by a vertical pantry. The galley features an induction cooktop, a convection microwave oven and a small under counter fridge. The cabinets throughout are top-of-class quality, all fully lined and come with heavy duty hardware and latches that stay shut securely without any squeak or rattle. The bathroom is residential grade with a double-entry shower, window in bathroom and solid surface sink. Well-appointed and luxury features abound. 

As for energy, there’s a 2.5 KW LPG generator and 230 Watt rooftop solar system (upgradable to 320 Watt with the Freedom Package). For extended trips, you should get the optional Freedom Package to get the most environmentally friendly and reliable source of AC & DC power.

The Patriot is built on a Mercedes Benz chassis and powered by the new generation 3.0 diesel engine, plus an upgraded 7 speed transmission for 2020, a perfect match for the responsive and incredibly fuel efficient engine. Ride quality is excellent, and this rig is rock solid even in heavy cross winds. 

In addition to superb ride quality, the Patriot also receives heaping praises for its excellent driving experience. Driving visibility forward and on both sides is crystal clear. Parking is a snap with the multi view rear parking camera. This luxury coach comes equipped with all the latest Mercedes Benz safety features, including lane keeping assist, blind spot monitoring, collision avoidance, and distronic cruise control. 

The only downside is probably the long 170 EXT chassis, which will take up 1.5 parking spaces front to back. That said, in return, you get extra interior space and enhanced ride quality thanks to the extended wheelbase.

All in all, this coach is as luxurious and well constructed as a Benz CLS sedan, not a Mercedes Benz up front with a cheap RV box behind it. It sets the bar quite high on every single aspect of a home on wheel for full-time living. 


  • Interior: rear power folding sofa bed (optional loft bed with dinette below), under-bed storage, wardrobe, roof fan
  • Kitchen: refrigerator, induction stove, solid surface countertop, microwave, overhead cabinet
  • Bathroom: double-entry shower, window in bathroom, solid surface sink, toilet, vent
  • Exterior: 13,500 BTU rooftop AC (60,000 BTU optional), 8’ awning with LED lights, outside shower
  • Power: 2.5 KW LPG generator, 230 Watt roof top solar system (320 Watt with Freedom Package)


  • GVWR: 11,030 lbs
  • Overall Length 24’ 17”
  • Overall Width 95”
  • Interior Height 74”
  • Tank Capacities: 32 gals (Fresh), 27 gals (Gray), 15 gals (Black)

5. Storyteller Overland Mode 4×4 Sprinter Van 

Price: starts at $149,748 (Classic) to $154,454 (Stealth) to $189,743 (Beast) 


  • Ideal for boondocking
  • Good energy storage system with decent sized solar panels
  • A few features for saving energy like hot water recirculation system
  • 4-wheel-drive to tackle rough terrains
  • 3 “modes” for different needs
  • 2021 upgrades for all 3 modes include many excellent standard features


The Storyteller Overland is one of the best Class B RVs for off-grid boondocking. There are three different “modes” from the most basic to the most luxurious for different demands for amenities and comfort: Classic, Stealth, and Beast. All equipped with a 12kWh energy storage system and two 450W solar panels (expandable up to 600W on option), so you can go on long dry-camping trips in idyllic settings, away from the crowded RV parks and campgrounds while enjoying the comfort of your electronics. 

All modes offer all-wheel-drive, electronic traction system, low range gear and a powerful 3.0L V6 turbo diesel engine 7-speed transmission to handle rough terrains and opens up opportunities for the adventurous campers to travel off the beaten track. 

The Storyteller Overland is 19’ 5” long, 10’ high, and 7’ 5” wide and built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis with a 24.5 gal diesel tank. It has a 5,000-lb. towing capacity, so you can either tow along a compact passenger car for exploration or an extra storage unit for extended off-grid stays.

Before discussing the interior, a special feature of this Class B is the garage with 103 ft of cargo space plus a roof rack for mounting gears so you can bring along all your favourite toys for outdoor excursions. In addition to hauling toys, this rig is also made for taking things outdoors, with an outside shower, a powered 10’ awning plus a 7’ extension with dimmable LED lights for lounging in good weather. The portable induction cooktop and an exterior fold down dinette table in the fully-equipped galley allows for versatile indoor/outdoor cooking and dining. 

The main living space comes with well-appointed features, including a bed/convertible work surface so you can work remotely on the road, a 2-seater convertible sofa bed, a groove lounge, an MBUX multimedia system and a 10.25” touch screen for infotainment. 

This rugged Class B motorhome boast an array of handy and safety features include smartphone wireless charging, Intelligent Navigation, Parking Assist with 360° cameras, Attention and Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Brake Assist, Active Distance Assist, Traffic Sign Assist and more.

The upgrades for 2022 even take this functional campervan to the next level. The Classic mode gets a wider bed (56”), a more efficient A/C unit, more counter space and a bigger, deeper sink in the galley, additional USB outlets throughout, bug screen, and an energy-efficient hot water recirculation system. The Stealth and Beast modes even come with many more excellent features that will elevate every aspect of living in a Class B motorhome.


  • Kitchen: Swing arm dinette table, microwave, portable induction cooktop, stainless steel sink with folding faucet, exterior fold down table
  • Living area: Bed/convertible work surface, 2-seater convertible sofa bed, groove lounge, 
  • Bathroom: on-demand water heater, portable toilet, diesel fired water heating system, hot water recirculation system
  • Garage area with 103 ft of cargo space
  • 13,500 BTUs A/C 
  • Exterior: Outside shower, powered 10’ awning + 7’ extension with dimmable LED lights, roof rack for mounting gears, 
  • Energy: 12kWh Energy Storage System, two 450W solar panels (expandable up to 600W)
  • Safety features: Attention and Blind Spot Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Active Brake Assist, Active Distance Assist


  • GVWR: 9,050 lbs
  • GCWR: 13,930 lbs
  • Tow Capacity: Up to 5,000 lbs
  • Overall Length 19’5”
  • Overall Width 7’5”
  • Interior Height 6’3”
  • Interior Width 6’7”
  • Tank Capacities: 21 gals (Fresh), 24 gals (Gray)

6. Winnebago Revel 4X4 Van

Base MSRP: $163,292


  • 4-Wheel-Drive for off-road travels
  • Luxurious interior with well-appointed features
  • Smart solutions to maximize counter space and allow for outdoor cooking
  • 2021 upgrades make full-time van living more comfortable than ever, like easier to maintain floorings, walls and surfaces throughout


  • The price of a ready-to-go van doesn’t come cheap

The Winnebago Revel is a luxurious and classy Class B motorhome built on  a well-equipped Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and emboldened with 4-wheel-drive so that you can drive your luxury home on wheels to out-of-the-way locations and enjoy Nature and comfort at the same time. In addition, the Revel comes with an array of safety features like low-range electronic stability and traction control, four-wheel anti-lock brake system, active brake assist, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control, allowing you to tackle rough terrains with more confidence.

The Revel’s interior will wow anyone with its luxurious aesthetics and versatile, well appointed features. Every detail is durable and designed so that you can spend less time cleaning and maintaining your home on wheels. The flooring is made from easy to clean material and finish, while the ABS plastic wall coverings are stain resistant and built to last. The living space is cozy and makes you feel like home: a soft-vinyl ceiling and LED ceiling lights lend a homely feel, and the hydronic heating system with a digital thermostat keeps the interior warm and toasty in the winter. 

Smart space-saving and multi-functional features abound in the kitchen, many of which allows for versatile outdoor cooking, including a pull-up dinette table, removable counter extension, folded aluminum constructed cabinets, a convection cooktop that can be stored away in the top drawer to free up counter space or taken outside, a larger compressor fridge by the van door that’s accessible from both inside and outside and an updated exterior table for 2022.

An ingenious design solution frees up some space in the kitchen to be used as extra storage. The swivel driver seats are designed to double duty as one half of the dinette seating with the use of a pull up dinette table. The extra space gained from this smart arrangement transforms into the 140-cubic-foot under-bed closet for storing camping gears and supplies, which can be accessed by lifting the power lift bed. You can also mount your toys on the metal roof rack. 

As a further consideration for the adventurous campers and the boondockers, the Revel comes standard with two 125-amp hour LiFePO batteries, a 2,000-watt power inverter and a 200-watt solar panel for long off-grid trips.

2021 Major Upgrade

The Winnebago Revel  was launched in fall 2017, and since then has seen only minor upgrades. The great news is for 2022, fans of this excellent Class B campervan will get to enjoy some major upgrades that will make life on the open road even more comfortable. The only downside for the old and the upgraded Revels might be its price tag, but by now, you should already expect that a fully equipped Class B for full-time living does not come cheap. 

The 2022 Revel comes with an impressive electrical system to make extended boondocking more manageable than ever, which can be conveniently monitored through the Xantrex iOS/Android app. Highlights include a massive 3,125 Wh of usable power through two 125Ah lithium-iron-phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, which can be charged from shore power, but there’s also a dedicated second alternator to keep the batteries charged during remote off-grid travel. In addition, you also get solar power from the roof-mounted panels, and a 2,000W inverter will power and charge up any electronic appliance and gadget you might have.

The already brilliant kitchen/dinette area also receives a major upgrade, with a now 20% larger fridge and a new sleek, lightweight and extra durable overhead cabinets made of folded aluminum, with considerably smaller latches to maximize internal room for storage. The layout is changed a bit; the larger fridge is moved all the way to the front, at the door and the sink is moved toward the back. The 2022 Revel also adds new adjustable track mounts throughout for more storage solutions. 


  • Interior: Heavy-duty vinyl flooring and durable ABS plastic wall coverings throughout, powered ventilator fan with rain cover, power lift bed, all-in-one underbed gear closet 
  • Kitchen: pull-up dinette table, storable convection cooktop to free up counter space, removable counter extension, folded aluminum constructed cabinets, rectangular sink with faucet, refrigerator accessible from inside or outside, an updated exterior table, 
  • Bathroom: on-demand water heater, wet bath
  • Exterior: rear outdoor shower, (2021 model moves the freshwater tank inside so it won’t freeze in winter), 9’ 6” awning, gear mounting roof rack
  • Power: two 125-amp hour LiFePO batteries for staying off-grid
  • Safety features: low-range electronic stability and traction control, active brake assist, lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, four-wheel anti-lock brake system


  • GVWR: 9,050 lbs
  • GCWR: 13,930 lbs
  • Tow Capacity 5,000 lbs./500 lbs. tongue weight
  • Overall Length 19’7″ 
  • Overall Width 7’1″
  • Interior Height 6’3″
  • Tank Capacities: 21 gals (Fresh), 21 gals (Gray)

7. Pleasure-Way Tofino Pop-Top Campervan

Base MSRP at $70,850


  • Affordable
  • Pop-top allows for more headroom and more sleeping arrangements
  • Has secondary sleeping space to accommodate a small family with 1 or 2 kids


  • No bathroom or toilet
  • Lack of safety features

Let’s take a short break from the $100k-plus price tags with something new: one of the less expensive Class B RVs with a pop top. The Tofino is a compact yet functional campervan ideal for short weekend getaways and for the single travelers or couples who can sacrifice a bit of space and the bathroom for more camping freedom. The Tofino’s minimalistic design and unique sporty sense of style represents a bold and progressive type of “van life” that the adventurous and outdoorsy campers would love.  

This Class B motorhome is on the small side, but there’s an ingenious solution for bringing along the whole family, that is the pop top, of course. In addition to the queen-sized manual folding sleeper sofa, lifting the manual pop-top reveals the 49” x 72” overhead bunk with a 2″ foam mattress to create a secondary sleeping space for your one or two kids, while opening up the galley and living area. 

The 17′ 9″L x 7′ 6″W x 8′ 2″H interior only allows the rear folding convertible queen-sized sofa, a galley area and storage, and that’s about it. As said, this sporty campervan is suitable for the adventurous campers, as less living space allows for 70 cubic feet of rear cargo storage, so you can bring along all your favorite toys. There’s also an optional roof rack for hauling more gears. 

The Pleasure-Way Tofino is minimal, but that doesn’t mean the manufacturer scrimped on convenience and comfort. The kitchen comes with a 2.3 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer, a 1-burner induction stove, stainless-steel sink, a laminate countertop and a dinette table. For this price range and size, the Tofino does not come with a wet bath, but this might not be a downright disadvantage if you often park at RV campgrounds or other accommodations with showers. The exclusion of a bathroom allows for a smaller footprint, a lighter weight and better gas mileage.

Nor has the manufacturer held back on construction quality and techy features. The fiberglass insulation inside walls and foil-faced fiberglass insulation plus the air conditioning unit make camping comfortable in any season. Other high quality features  include two 100-Ah lithium house batteries, a 2,000-watt inverter, real-time amperage meter, an optional 200-watt solar package for extended off-grid stays, and a touch-screen control panel with remote to control the interior lighting. 


  • Construction: Fiberglass insulation inside walls, foil-faced fiberglass insulation along roof
  • Interior: Rear cargo storage, 10-inch full-color display, 2″ foam mattress in overhead bunk, manual folding sofa (queen size), table, swivel seats, A/C
  • Kitchen: 2.3 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer, 1-burner induction stove, stainless steel sink, single-handle faucet


  • GVWR: 8,550 lbs
  • GCWR: 11,500 lbs
  • Towing Capacity: 2,950 lbs 
  • CCC: 2,000 lbs
  • Overall Length 17′ 9″
  • Overall Width 7′ 6″
  • Interior Height 8′ 2″ 
  • Tank Capacities: 16 gals (Fresh), 8 gals (Gray)

8. Coachmen Galleria 24A Class B RV

Price: starts at $175,000


  • Clean-running and fuel efficient turbo-diesel engine
  • Spacious interior (at 24′ 3″ long), including a big kitchen
  • 330W solar system and adequate tank capacity for extended off-grid stays
  • 2020 upgrades come with many improvements and upgrade options
  • Many residential features: 24” TV, hardwood expanding table, one-piece carpet, fixed bed, oxygenics shower head, solid surface countertop, hardwood cabinetry


  • Quite spacious (and quite expensive) but all floor plans only sleep two adults, with no option or versatile solution for extra sleeping arrangements

The Coachmen Galleria is one of the most spacious among the best Class B RVs around. At 24 feet in length, it offers a generous interior living space and a good amount of storage. The only flaw is probably the fact that despite this generous size, and the fact that you’re paying at least $175,000 for this coach, you only get a sleeping space for two adults in all 4 floor plans. There’s no smart solution or upgrade option for extra beds for bringing along your whole family, should you have kids. 

A great thing that full-time campers particularly love about this coach is its clean-running and fuel-efficient turbo-diesel engine, which means substantial savings on gas in the long run. As for the spacious interior, you will find many residential-grade features, and all the major amenities are generously sized, which makes full-time camping on the road very much like home. Representative examples include a fixed bed with power incline that comes with ample under-bed storage and an expandable hardwood table, which you have the option to swap for either a mid-chair or a jump seat or pull-out memory foam sofa instead.

You will love cooking daily meals in the large and well-equipped kitchen, with 1-burner cooktop, fridge with freezer drawer, solid surface countertop, hardwood cabinetry, soft close drawer, sink with integrated cover and even a plate drying rack, plus a removable dinette to enjoy your meals at. An extra perk is the oxygenic shower head in the bathroom that offers an efficient rinsing pattern while conserving water.

There’s a 330W solar system for off-grid trips, and if you opt for the Polar Package, you can camp year-round from the hottest through to the coldest months.

The upgraded 2020 version offers an array of new features, including a high rise kitchen faucet, a Wi-Fi ranger, motion sensor lighting, upgraded R-15 insulation, and a ton of options to upgrade and customize your home on wheels, while the interior vinyl wall design, the bathroom and most of the galley remains the same. 

Key Features:

  • 4 different floor plans available
  • Construction: Standard upgraded insulation, PVC vinyl wall color and texture
  • Interior: multiple USB ports in living area, WiFi Ranger, 24” LED Smart TV, hardwood expanding table, one-piece carpet, fixed bed with power incline, under-bed storage 
  • Bathroom: Oxygenics shower head
  • Kitchen: Solid surface countertop, plate drying rack, sink cover, 1-burner cooktop, fridge with freezer drawer, hardwood cabinetry, soft close drawer, removable dinette
  • 330W solar system
  • 13’ awning
  • Safety features: Collision avoidance indicator


  • GVWR: 11,030 lbs
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs
  • CCC: 1,862 lbs
  • Overall Length 24′ 3″
  • Overall Width 83″
  • Interior Height 9′ 6″
  • Tank Capacities: 30 gals (Fresh), 22 gals (Gray), 19 gals (Black)

9. Coach House Arriva

Base MSRP at $174,000


  • Unique patented layout with great attention to detail
  • Suitable for four-season camping
  • High quality amenities and residential features rare for Class Bs, including 2 HDTVs, a residential fridge, separate toilet and shower, outdoor TV, outdoor shower, exterior fiberglass storage compartment … 


  • For all the amenities you get, you’ll need to sacrifice compactness: the coach is 24′ 3″ long, bigger than a standard parking spot

Built on the Mercedes-Benz 3500 Sprinter van, this Coach House Arriva is a Class B motorhome with a unique patented layout and host of high quality features that you rarely see in this class of RV. You probably haven’t heard of this brand before, since Coach House a small US manufacturer based in small town Lantana, Florida that sells directly to the consumer, no dealers involved. They are small, but have a loyal following thanks to their craftsmanship, attention to detail and commitment to the user’s comfort.

Such high quality standards are evident in every part of this coach, both inside and out. As for the exterior, the Arriva includes a heavy-duty trailer hitch, a power awning with legs and LED lights, 110v electrical receptacle, a concealed and protected 55 lb. propane tank, plus a few features that’s hard to squeeze into the limited space of an average Class B, namely an outside shower with hot and cold water, a 24″ cable HD TV and a fiberglass utility storage compartment for easy access to frequently used gears. 

The same goes for the interior, from the sleeping space and lounge to the bathroom and the kitchen: two twin beds that convert into a king bed (normally you get a queen at best), the second 24″ HDTV facing the beds, a separate toilet and stand-up shower, and a full kitchen with a residential 6-cubic-foot three-way refrigerator and freezer, a convection microwave oven, solid-surface countertops, a sink with integrated cover and a spacious pull-out pantry. 

Other notable and rare amenities include a 15,000 BTU ducted roof air conditioning unit with heat pump plus a 19,000 BTU furnace for four-season camping, ample overhead storage, an MCD day/night shade system that offers soft light during the day and privacy at night, 110v electrical receptacles with USB ports, adequate tank capacity, a generator, a 2-lithium ion battery system and a 190-watt solar battery charger.  


  • Interior: Expansive overhead storage, two 24″  HDTVs, two twin beds with memory foam mattress, underbed storage
  • Kitchen: solid-surface countertops, 2-burner cooktop, convection microwave oven, 6-cubic foot three-way fridge, sink with cover, fold out table, spacious pull out pantry
  • Bathroom: stand-up shower, toilet, vanity sink and medicine cabinet
  • 15,000 BTU A/C, 19,000 BTU furnace
  • Exterior: Outdoor TV , exterior fiberglass storage compartment, exterior hot and cold shower, power awning with legs with LED lights, spare tire
  • Power: 190-watt solar battery charger, 2-Lithium Ion Battery System


  • GVWR: 11,030 lbs
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs
  • CCC: 1,862 lbs
  • Overall Length 24′ 3″
  • Overall Width 83″
  • Interior Height 9′ 6″
  • Tank Capacities: 30 gals (Fresh), 22 gals (Gray), 19 gals (Black)

10. Pleasure-Way Plateau TS

Price: starts at $139,000


  • Spacious and major features are of generous size: large bathroom, large kitchen with large countertop and residential fridge, near king-size bed, plus good amount of storage
  • Good insulation plus A/C, furnace and vent fan for comfortable four-season camping
  • Comes standard with an array of safety features


  • (We couldn’t find any flaw really, and $139,000 is a pretty good deal for one of the best Class B RVs around)

Built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 Van Chassis with a generous dimension of 22′ 9″ in length and 9′ 8” in height, the Plateau is the flagship Class B motorhome in the product lineup of Pleasure Way, a prestigious Canadian RV manufacturer. This campervan is perfect for full-time living on the open road, with a generous interior space that houses an extended fully-equipped kitchen with a large sink, lots of counter space and residential fridge, a large bathroom plus an exterior shower, a near king-size convertible bed and a full-size wardrobe, all of which are features you rarely get even in some of the best Class B RVs at the $100,000-plus price range.

Like many Class B’s, the bed on the Plateau is a power sleeper sofa with comfortable memory foam sofa cushions that converts into an almost king-sized bed. There’s also an inflatable air bed for extra sleeping space when needed and a full-size wardrobe with a hanging rod in the sleeping quarter. The lounge area features a 24” Smart LED TV with swing out mount, Bose soundbar with Bluetooth, HDTV antenna, a 360° swivel table coupled with soft, stain-resistant, and plush Ultraleather seatings and blackout roller shades. 

Even when staying inside, you still get to enjoy the magnificent scenery wherever you are camped with the combination of unobstructed passenger side windows, fully opening side door and a roll up screen package.

Excellent walls and roof insulation coupling with the A/C unit, furnace and the Dometic Fan-Tastic vent fan allows for a liveable space in any kind of weather. In addition to excellent construction quality, this functional Class B motorhome also boasts an array of features for safe driving and superb ride quality.  


  • Construction: Fiberglass insulation inside walls, foil-faced fiberglass insulation along roof
  • Interior: Inflatable air bed, full-size wardrobe with hanging rod, blackout roller shades, 24” Smart LED TV with swing out mount, Bose soundbar with Bluetooth, HDTV antenna, power sofa with memory foam sofa cushions,  360° swivel tabletop
  • Kitchen: Hardwood cabinet doors, large undermount stainless steel sink with cover, faucet with pull-out sprayer, soft close drawers, 3-way 6 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer, 1-burner induction stove, convection microwave oven
  • Bathroom: wet bath,  handheld showerhead, sink with cabinet, toilet, on-demand water heater
  • Exterior: power awning with LED lights, exterior shower with handheld wand
  • 11,000 BTU roof mount Dometic air conditioner, Dometic Fan-Tastic vent fan with rain sensor, 11,500 BTU furnace
  • Safety features: Active Brake Assist, Active Distance Assist, Attention Assist, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist


  • GVWR: 11,030 lbs
  • GCWR: 15,250 lbs
  • CCC: 1,862 lbs
  • Overall Length 22′ 9″ 
  • Overall Width 7′ 1″
  • Interior Height 9′ 8″ 
  • Tank Capacities: 30 gals (Fresh), 22 gals (Gray), 19 gals (Black)

11. Roadtrek Zion Campervan

Base MSRP at $139,860 (2021 model)


  • Various sleeping configurations: rear 2 twin beds or 1 king bed plus a optional front bed
  • Open floor plan and bright interior with large windows
  • Good amount of storage
  • Many safety features
  • Optional Explorer Package designed for extended off-grid stays


  • Lacking in infotainment system for the lounge (well, if that’s your thing)

Roadtrek is a well-known Canadian manufacturer of reliable Class B motorhomes in Cambridge, Ontario. The Zion has gained a lot of attention for Roadtrek, being a solid and functional campervan that features everything you need to stay on the open road for extended trips without missing the comfort of your home. 

Built on the iconic RAM ProMaster 3500 chassis, one thing that sets the Zion apart is the open concept floor plan with the gorgeous crisp pearl white and charcoal interior finish that makes the living space feel open, spacious, and bright, a welcoming and upscale look that will wow any camper. The floor plan and layout also allows for a good amount of storage as well as a well-appointed living space. 

The Zion’s full galley includes a two-burner cooktop, a 3.1-cubic-foot refrigerator, a stainless-steel sink, pull-out pantry for storage and a large pot/pan drawer. The fully enclosed wet bath features a shower, marine toilet and vanity sink. The rear of the rig offers a cozy space to lounge around, take a short nap or dine, with a full entertainment center and rear sofas that easily transforms into a king-size bed.

The rear sleeper sofas are available in two configurations, either two twin beds that convert into a king or a single king. The single king-size sofa/bed floor plan offers a rear-facing sofa, while the two twin beds option allows for an impressive amount of under-bench drawer storage and an open aisle with tie-downs for storing large gears or toys. You can also add the optional 33″ x 70″ front single bed across the driver & passenger seats.

In addition to the adequately sized tanks that come standard, the Zion offers the Explorer Package for the adventurous boondockers, which includes a 300 watts solar system, an EcoTrek 400 lithium power module system, underhood generator and Voltstart charging management system, plus side and rear screens to keep the doors open while keeping the bugs out. 

The iconic ProMaster chassis provides safety and excellent ride quality, and on top of that is an array of features for safer and more comfortable driving on the open road, including trailer-sway control, traction control, cross wind assist, sway assist, electronic stability control, drift compensation, rollover mitigation, and hill-start assist. 


  • Interior: Rear power sofas can be used as twin beds or easily transform to a king size bed (front bed optional), under-sofa storage, propane furnace
  • Kitchen: stainless-steel sink, two-burner stove, 3.1-cubic-foot refrigerator, a large pot/pan drawer and pull-out pantry 
  • Bathroom:  marine toilet, sink and shower
  • Exterior: 11,000 BTU rooftop AC, outdoor shower, retractable power awning, large windows, 330 watts solar system
  • Safety features: trailer-sway control, traction control, cross wind assist, sway assist, electronic stability control, drift compensation, rollover mitigation, and hill-start assist


  • GVWR: 9,350 lbs
  • GCWR: 11,500 lbs
  • CCC: 1,660 lbs
  • Towing Capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • Overall Length 20’ 9”
  • Overall Width 6’ 11”
  • Interior Height 9′ 5″
  • Tank Capacities: 37 gals (Fresh), 14 gals (Gray), 8.5 gals (Black)

12. Hymer Aktiv 2.0 Class B Motorhome

Used price starting at $110,000


  • Distinctive German engineering: smart and quality design, well-appointed features
  • Pack a lot of features for its size (except everything is a bit smaller)
  • Pop-top Loft Edition allows for secondary sleeping space, so you can squeeze in 2 adults and one or two small kids


  • Now you can only buy used since the maker halted production
  • Small table, small closet, small fridge
  • Even with the Loft Edition, both the primary and secondary sleeping spaces are not exactly very comfortable

The Hymer Aktiv 2.0 Class B motorhome has created quite some enthusiasm among the camping community for its excellent appointments and distinctive German engineering. The sad news is, now you can only hunt for used Hymer Aktiv, as the Ontario maker Erwin Hymer Group North America has just laid off its entire workforce and shut its doors in February 2019. There’s light at the end of the tunnel, as recently it acquired RoadTrek (the maker of the Zion campervan) to regain entry into the North American market. They are manufacturing a Hymer line of products in the RoadTrek factory in Ontario, Canada, so we might see more Hymer in the future.

Pop-Top Loft Edition

If you need a secondary sleeping space for your one or two kids, you’ll want to look at the Pop-Top Loft Edition. On the outside the model really looks European, owing to its pop-up roof and Hymer’s signature styling cues. Built on a 249-in (632-cm) extended wheelbase Ram Promaster 3500, the Loft van is powered by a 280-hp 3.6-liter V6 engine and six-speed automatic and comes packaged with standard features like a rear-view backup camera, cruise control, stability program, 220-A alternator, and Bluetooth infotainment/navigation system with satellite radio.

Major standard features include  a 12-ft power awning, 24” HD TV mounted on a swiveling bracket, a DVD player, an under-mounted 22,000-BTU air conditioner, a 14,000-BTU furnace/hot water heater, a wet bath, a front dining area with two-seat bench, table and swivel cab seats, and a full galley with a dual-burner stove, an 88-L fridge, a 700-watt microwave, sink with flush tops and plenty of storage.

The power fold-out rear sofa/bed is very roomy, measuring 70” x 71”. During the day, the 70” x 71” rear sleeper sofa seats three. It combines with two side seats and the table to create the rear lounge area. At night, it drops down at the push of a button to make a comfortable sleeping quarter for two.

This combines with the pop-up roof bed for four-person sleeping space, and a fifth sleeping arrangement can be added between the dinette set and swivel cab seats as a foldaway rear bed that’s very popular on European camper vans. During the drive, this extra bed flips away to clear out the middle aisle, where you can haul oversized gears.

Hymer Actik 2.0 Base Model

The Hymer Actik 2.0 base model packs a lot of quality features in a more compact package. It has everything you need for a comfortable van life, including a full galley, wet bath and cozy bed. 

It is built on a Dodge Promasters chassis known to have an exceptionally good turning radius and comes in at less than 21 feet in length which is wider than many other models, making it possible to sleep across the width of the van.

Like the Loft Edition, the rear area of the base model houses either a power sofa that converts into a king bed or a fold-up murphy-style bed that creates access to a huge gear closet. Even when this bed is folded down, there’s a good amount of under-bed storage underneath.

In the base model, the dinette area is forward next to the cab, a setup often found in European compact motorhomes. There’s a fold up dinette table and seating for four with a bench seat plus the two swivel cab seats, although the table is small and can only comfortably seat three people max. 

You can see the distinctive German engineering in a number of interior appointments, including the use of quality materials, sleek, minimal and intelligent design, large cabin windows and skylight to allow for ample natural light, spacious cabinets and good LED lighting throughout the rig. 

The main drawback with the base Aktiv is the limited sleeping berth for only two people, the small 3.1 cubic feet fridge and the tiny 12-inch wide closet. 

Features (Aktiv 2.0 Base)

  • Interior: convertible power sofa that converts into a king bed or murphy-style bed for extra under-bed storage, skylight, fold up dinette table, bench seats and swivel passenger seats
  • Kitchen: 3.1 cu. ft. refrigerator/freezer, 2-burner cooktop, microwave , sink with cover
  • Bathroom: wet bath, plastic toilet

Specifications (Aktiv 2.0 Base):

  • GVWR: 9,350 lbs
  • Dry Weight: 8,600 lbs
  • Towing Capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • Overall Length 20’
  • Overall Width 83”
  • Interior Height 113”
  • Tank Capacities: 30 gals (Fresh), 23 gals (Gray), 4.6 gals (Black)

13. Fleetwood Irok Class B Campervan

Used price: from $75,000


  • 21’ length can easily fit in your driveway
  • Residential-feel bathroom with porcelain toilet and large shower
  • Good amount of storage space for its size


  • Now you can only buy used or rent 
  • Only sleeps 2 people

The Fleetwood Irok is a solid and functional Class B motorhome that has a loyal fanbase, but unfortunately the manufacturer no longer makes new Irok Class B RVs, so you can only rent them or hunt for a used one on sites like RVTrader.com. 

This coach is known for its sleek, understated exterior and a generous living space with many well-appointed features and a lot of storage given its size. 

The comforts of home are abundant in this rig, with a spacious lounge area, a convertible sofa bed that can sleep two adults, a good sized wardrobe, a Samsung LED smart TV with HD digital antenna and Wi-Fi prep. The full kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, 1-burner induction cooktop, convection microwave oven, overhead wood cabinets, solid surface countertops and removable dinette table. The large shower with sink and porcelain toilet is a welcomed addition.

And for its size, you can bring along more tools and supplies for comfortable living than you’d think with all of the storage space that comes with the kitchen drawers and overhead cabinets in the galley as well as the wardrobe.

On the downside, this Class B RV only sleeps 2, so if you want to bring along your family, you might need a tent and sleeping bags to create extra sleeping space outside, given that the weather is forgiving. 


  • Interior: convertible sofa bed, Samsung LED Smart TV
  • Kitchen: refrigerator, 1-burner induction stove, convection microwave oven, overhead cabinet with custom-made high-gloss wood, solid surface countertops, removable dinette table
  • Bathroom: wet bath, sink, porcelain toilet
  • Exterior: 13,500 BTU rooftop AC, rooftop solar panel


  • GVWR: 9,350 lbs
  • Towing Capacity: 3,500 bs
  • Overall Length 21”
  • Overall Width 6’ 9”
  • Interior Height 6’ 1”
  • Tank Capacities: 28 gals (Fresh), 18 gals (Gray), 15 gals (Black)
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