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Though it’s not exactly pleasant, processing wastes remains critical in RVing: you would be unable to enjoy your outdoor experience if the waste tank of your rig is overflowing. 

In the ideal scenario, you simply have to empty all the contents inside your waste tank into a dumping station. 

That being said, from time to time, directly draining the waste tank using dumping stations is impossible due to certain reasons (rough terrains, short hoses, …). As a result, before hitting the road, you should consider putting a portable waste tank for RV on your rig.

With a portable waste tank by your side, you could quickly and effortlessly dispose of the waste of your RV. 

Still, if you lack knowledge about the models on the market, you likely have a hard time determining which one is the best RV portable waste tank for your rig.

rv portable waste tank

Best RV Portable Waste Tanks Comparison Chart

 Product's namePriceKey FeaturesMore Info
Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 32 Gallon Capacity (27844) , BlueBarker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 32 Gallon Capacity (27844) , Blue$$$$Dimensions: 11.5 x 24.0 x 45.0 Inches
Weight: 35.0 Pounds
Capacity: 32.0 Gallons
Conventional waste valve
Blow-molded polyethylene
Double wheel-swivel
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Camco Rhino Portable RV Tote Tank | Transport Waste from Camper or Trailer | Features Large,...Camco Rhino Portable RV Tote Tank | Transport Waste from Camper or Trailer...$$$$Dimensions: 9.5 x 20.0 x 36.5 Inches
Weight: 34.5 Pounds
Capacity: 21.0 Gallons
Integrated ladder hook
Easy-grip connector
Smooth interior
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SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 35 Gallon -Thetford 40503SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 35 Gallon -Thetford...$$$$Dimensions: 13.3 x 21.7 x 51.3 Inches
Weight: 21.6 Pounds
Capacity: 35.0 Gallons
Retainer strap
Retractable hose
AutoStop level gauge
See Latest Price
Alpha Systems (VB22548H 22' x 54' x 8' Holding TankAlpha Systems (VB22548H 22" x 54" x 8" Holding Tank$$$$Dimensions: 8.0 x 22.0 x 54.0 Inches
Weight: 17.5 Pounds
Capacity: 33.0 Gallons
Customize fittings
Uniformed thickness
See Latest Price
SmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank - 4 Wheels - 35 Gallon - Thetford 40519 , SilverSmartTote2 RV Portable Waste Tote Tank - 4 Wheels - 35 Gallon - Thetford...$$$$Dimensions: 15.4 x 21.7 x 51.4 Inches
Weight: 29.0 Pounds
Capacity: 35.0 Gallons
Fully assembled
Pre-attached hose
Enlarged port opening
See Latest Price
SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 12 Gallon - Thetford 40505SmartTote2 Portable RV Waste Tote Tank - 2 Wheels - 12 Gallon - Thetford...$$$$Dimensions: 10.0 x 18.5 x 30.0 Inches
Weight: 11.0 Pounds
Capacity: 12.0 Gallons
Rubber wheels
Tow strap compatible
Molded-in handle
See Latest Price
Barker (11104) Tote Tank - 22 Gallon Capacity,BlueBarker (11104) Tote Tank - 22 Gallon Capacity,Blue$$$$Dimensions: 7.0 x 12.0 x 20.0 Inches
Weight: 6.0 Pounds
Capacity: 5.0 Gallons
Zinc-plated steel brackets
Vented cap and hose outlet
See Latest Price
Barker (31342) Tote Tank - 30 Gallon CapacityBarker (31342) Tote Tank - 30 Gallon Capacity$$$$Dimensions: 11.7 x 24.0 x 37.0 Inches
Weight: 35.0 Pounds
Capacity: 30.0 Gallons
Bayonet fittings
Tow bracket
Sewer hose
See Latest Price
Tote-N-Stor 25608 Portable Waste Transport - 25 Gallon Capacity , GrayTote-N-Stor 25608 Portable Waste Transport - 25 Gallon Capacity , Gray$$$$Dimensions: 11.6 x 24.0 x 35.2 Inches
Weight: 22.3 Pounds
Capacity: 25.0 Gallons
Termination caps
Integrated handle and wheels
See Latest Price
Tote-N-Store 20129 Portable Waste Transport 4 Wheeler, 38 GallonTote-N-Store 20129 Portable Waste Transport 4 Wheeler, 38 Gallon$$$$Dimensions: 15.4 x 27.7 x 54.5 Inches
Weight: 45.5 Pounds
Capacity: 38.0 Gallons
Translucent sight tube
Pivoting drain pipe
See Latest Price

Top-Rated RV Portable Waste Holding Tanks

There is really no such thing as the best RV portable waste tank for everyone. Nevertheless, in the case that you wish to get your money’s worth, keep in mind the models down below.

1. Barker 27844 – Best Of The Best

Why This Is The Best:

Constructed using blow-molded polyethylene, zinc-plated steel and aluminum, Barker 27844 is light compared to classic waste holding tanks and its durability is impressive too. From elements to vibrations, the RV portable waste tank of Barker would handle virtually anything. In addition, boasting two large rear wheels and a double wheel-swivel at the front, 27844 also possesses top-notch mobility. As a result, with 27844 of Barker onboard, you should have an easy time dumping the wastes of your rig in a wide range of terrains.

Since 27844 packs a tank indicator, telling when it needs to be emptied is a cakewalk. The waste holding tank made by Barker comes with a conventional waste valve, hence, there is no need to lift it up while draining it. Upon purchase, Barker 27844 is accompanied by hose clamps, adapters, caps and more so it could be put to use immediately. Needless to say, owners of recreational vehicles that need a portable waste tank in a hurry hold 27844 in high esteem. 

About post-sale support, Barker backs its waste holding tank with a two-year warranty. That means if your 27844 fails due to defects in the warranty period, Barker would willingly offer you a free replacement. 

If you have been camping and see the red light go to F, you know the feeling of letting everyone know no more using the bathroom. Debating whether to hook up and go dump or use mother nature. This will save a lot of headache. This tote is big enough for most campers to dump the whole tank black or gray. No worrying about trying to cut it off in the middle or over filling. Have never had a spill with this loading or unloading. I would buy this product again without question.

Shared by Lizzo


  • Inexpensive 
  • Outstanding handling
  • Maintenance is child’s play 


  • A couple of parts should be strengthened 
  • Customer service still leaves something to be desired 

2. Camco 39002 – Editor’s Choice 

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice: 

Owing to a combination of heavy-duty wheels and oversized handle, 39002 of Camco could be easily maneuvered through various obstacles. Because of that, 39002 tends to be well-received by people that want to pull their waste tanks to the dumping stations as quickly as possible. Moreover, the low placement of the drain hole on the Camco tank ensures that the wastes would be removed completely. The smooth interior of Camco 39002 superbly tackles the issue of trapped odors so enthusiasts of RVing don’t have to put up with lingering smells. 

With a leakproof body made from UV-stabilized HDPE, the RV portable waste tank of Camco holds together well in regular use. Interestingly, 39002 contains a built-in rinser that allows owners of recreational vehicles to flush it quickly and thoroughly. Thus, once it comes to ease of maintenance, Camco 39002 outmatches the average waste holding tanks for RV on the market. Besides that, as the tank from Camco carries an integrated ladder hook, RVers have the option of mounting to the ladder and save interior space. 

Available at a price that ordinary RVing enthusiasts could accept, 39002 of Camco is pretty affordable. As proof of confidence, Camco over everyone that picks up its portable septic tank for campers a two-year warranty. 

Good quality build. Does the job very well and give it 5 stars. The large wheels make travel over bark, gravel, and dirt easy. We have a small step that it also has to roll over and does it fine, albeit heavy when full.

There are a couple of things to know before buying that may affect your decision.

1. Due to the size it sits high. Depending on your clearance under your trailer it may cause an issue. For example for my purposes using this on a 2 acre parcel, I had to dig out a little so this would sit a couple inches lower. I do not consider it a fault of the product so no stars removed. But an important consideration for your application.

2. There is a metal tow handle. While moving by hand I use that on the front so that its extended. It is not a permanent attachment but fits into place and can move around. Using by hand without an extension was more difficult. A strap or other means to extend the front makes movement easier….think of pulling a roll on luggage onto a plane. The longer the handle the less likely your legs will hit it.

Hope these two things help in your decision making. Please mark helpful if you found it useful. Thanks

Shared by Dr P

I mean, if you want to move poop from your camper to the dump site in style, this is it. I could have towed it behind my truck, but I wanted to walk it to the dump site myself. The stylish look, and ease makes it look good. Wheels are big, and the mouth on the tank is big; you know for the wife’s turds and bundled up toilet paper. Great buy, and would buy again.

Shared by Dave


  • Economical 
  • Marvelous endurance 
  • Light and compact


  • Several tanks arrive damaged 
  • Leakage is reported 

3. Thetford SmartTote 2 (40503) – Editor’s Choice

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice: 

Dependable and reliable, Thetford SmartTote 2 (40503) is a solid tank that never lets its owners down in the course of operation. Equipped with an innovative AutoStop level gauge, the tank from Thetford prevents overflowing and improves venting at the same time. Also, SmartTote 2 (40503) incorporates a handy retractable hose that is secured by a retainer strap so its storage is a breeze. Unsurprisingly, Thetford SmartTote 2 (40503) is sought after by enthusiasts of RVing that own small rigs and have little space to spare. 

Employing resilient heavy-duty rubber wheels and high-strength bearings, the Thetford waste tank navigates rough grounds with relative ease. In the case that you travel around the year and need something that could take on variable terrains, SmartTote 2 (40503) is going to suit you well. Thanks to the sublime structural integrity, Thetford SmartTote 2 (40503) remains uncompromised as it’s exposed to heat, moisture, sunlight, … over time. So if you grab the tank of Thetford, it would be years before you have to consider getting another tank. 

SmartTote 2 (40503) on its own works nicely but depending on current demands, RVers may purchase several extra accessories including tow strap, elbow nozzle and drip cap. Hence, it’s simple for RVing enthusiasts to adapt the RV portable waste tank made by Thetford to particular arrangements. 

The 2 wheeled SmartTote2 is a straightforward 35 gallon portable waste tank for RV’s. Make sure you tighten the hose connections prior to using as they are quite loose as shipped and would leak if not tightened. I decided that this was the least cost tank (over the 4 wheeled version) provided I could lift the tow end. I use a trailer dolly and some 3,500# Mule Tape as a handle for this purpose. I read numerous reviews of the optional rubber tow strap breaking and I already have an ample supply of the Mule Tape on hand. The trailer dolly makes lifting the tank very easy and allows easy rolling even through grass.

Shared by Swampy


  • Resilient 
  • Fair cost 
  • Decent capacity


  • Sharp corners 
  • Vent cap could use some work  

4. Alpha Systems VB22548H

Why We Love It: 

Designed with an emphasis on practicality, Alpha Systems VB22548H receives countless compliments from RVers, novices as well as veterans. Utilizing premium grade blow-molded HDPE, VB22548H proves to be light and mobile which leads to excellent handling characteristics. Furthermore, since it features uniformed thickness, the RV portable waste tank made by Alpha Systems could endure bumps and hits. Naturally, Alpha Systems VB22548H is deemed to be a must-have for extended trips. 

Possessing a rather small build, the portable sewage tank for RV from Alpha Systems occupies a negligible amount of space. As a result, squeezing VB22548H onto typical recreational vehicles nowadays is by all accounts a walk in the park. When Alpha Systems VB22548H needs to be drained, its standard coupling is able to work with plenty of hoses. Aside from that, if necessary, Alpha Systems offer users of VB22548H with customized fittings. 

As for affordability, VB22548H is fairly inexpensive so there is no need to empty your wallet to buy it. To reassure RVers, Alpha Systems backs its portable waste holding tank with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. If your Alpha Systems VB22548H ran into problems out of the blue, you would have something to count on. 


  • Maneuverable 
  • Reasonable price 
  • Sturdy and stable 


  • Delivery service is barely acceptable 
  • Certain people complain about receiving broken tanks 

5. Thetford SmartTote 2 (40519)

Why We Love It: 

Like the idea behind Thetford SmartTote 2 (40503) but desire enhanced handling? Then it’s strongly recommended that you take a look at its cousin, Thetford SmartTote 2 (40519). With its two front wheels attached to an extendable handle, the tank of Thetford often earns a shower of praise from RV portable waste tank reviews for its outstanding maneuverability. Additionally, in times of need, the handle of SmartTote 2 (40519) could even be hooked up to the hitches of recreational vehicles for easy towing as well. 

Thetford SmartTote 2 (40519) arrives fully assembled, therefore, it’s ready to use out of the box. Packing a capacity of thirty five gallons, the RV waste holding tank made by Thetford is capable of accommodating multiple days’ worth of wastes. Since SmartTote 2 (40519) of Thetford boasts a fairly fast discharge rate, you don’t have to wait long to empty its contents. Last but not least, the built-in storage compartment of SmartTote 2 (40519) means it’s possible to keep the elements from reaching accessories like hose, elbow and cap outside of use.

In terms of cleaning, as the Thetford portable waste tank is created with a large port opening, rinsing it is just a piece of cake. That is undoubtedly advantageous if you want to spend more time enjoying your outdoor experience and less time trudging around a smelly waste holding tank. 


  • Long-lasting
  • Simple to manipulate 
  • Straightforward cleaning 


  • The joints require improvements 
  • Mediocre hose

6. Thetford SmartTote 2 (40505)

Why We Love It: 

As a basic waste holding tank tailored for ordinary applications, SmartTote 2 (40505) of Thetford adapts well to all kinds of settings. Though its capacity is unexceptional, the Thetford tank is way more compact than many of its competitors on the market. Because of that, RVing enthusiasts could place SmartTote 2 (40505) in narrow corners of recreational vehicles and save space for other items. So if you own a space-constricted rig, Thetford SmartTote 2 (40505) is certainly going to be one of your best choices. 

About mobility, the lightweight tank for RV from Thetford integrates rubber wheels as well as an ergonomic molded-in handle. Thus, it’s a breeze to move SmartTote 2 (40505) around regardless of the level of waste. Similar to its contemporaries, Thetford SmartTote 2 (40505) is able to pair with a tow strap that can be connected to a hitch for transporting to dumping stations. The presence of AutoStop level gauge reduces the risk of overfilling and saves owners of recreational vehicles the hassle of cleaning up a mess too. 

Built with quality polypropylene, Thetford SmartTote 2 (40505) could deal with everything the outdoors throws at it. If you value longevity then you have to think about adding  SmartTote 2 (40505) to your shortlist. The tank made by Thetford is low priced so its purchase would likely have inconsequential impacts on your spending plan. 


  • High endurance
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Maneuverability is top-notch 


  • Complaints about spillage show up on occasions 
  • A number of tanks come with missing hoses 

7. Barker 11104

Why We Love It: 

Engineered with user’s convenience in mind, Barker 11104 is the all-time favorite of owners of recreational vehicles who prefer to take short vacations periodically. At five gallons, 11104 clearly falls behind other tanks but it makes up for its mediocre capacity with fantastic handling characteristics. With a lightweight polyethylene construction and an ergonomic carrying handle, the waste holding tank made by Barker could be moved from spot to spot in a blink of an eye. The low profile of Barker 10887 also permits RVers to save precious space on their rigs. 

As the Barker tank comes with a vented cap and hose outlet, draining its content is child’s play and only takes several moments to complete. Besides that, the incorporation of zinc-plated steel brackets in the body helps 11104 smoothly deal with vibration on the road. Assuming that you don’t deliberately push 11104 of Barker to the limit in the course of operation, it would hang around for quite some time. Finally, the tank from Barker is simple to clean so its maintenance is a cakewalk. 

Sold at an economical price, 11104 of Barker is well-liked by those that have to work with tight shopping budgets. For post-sale support, Barker backs its RV waste tank with a two-year warranty that puts people at ease. 


  • Nice price 
  • Unmatched handling
  • Undemanding storage 


  • Cap comes loose now and then 
  • Quality control should be overhauled 

8. Barker 31342

Why We Love It: 

Boasting a capacity of thirty gallons, 31342 of Barker efficiently and effectively take care of the wastes generated from extended trips. Since the tank of Barker is delivered fully assembled with a hose and tow handle, enthusiasts of RVing could place it into service pretty much immediately. Hence, 31342 is deemed to be a good buy for those that need to grab a solid portable waste tank on the go and have little time to get separate accessories. About mobility, Barker 31342 employs two robust wheels so usual terrains should give it no trouble.  

Like other purpose-design waste holding tanks for recreational vehicles from Barker, 31342 makes extensive use of polyethylene in its construction. That is why once it comes to endurance, the Barker tank would stay intact following rough use and lasts through multiple seasons without having issues. That is a big plus if you happen to be a full-time RVer and don’t like to keep replacing equipment on the road. Aside from that, being a low-priced tank, Barker 31342 is the number one choice of cost-conscious RVers nowadays. 

With a highly compact body, 31342 of Barker is space-saving which allows owners of recreational vehicles to get the most out of the space onboard. So in the case that you go with 31342, you don’t have to leave behind key items in order to get the space for it. 


  • Affordable 
  • Well-built 
  • Element resistance is excellent 


  • Particular tanks expand over time 
  • Users report wheels falling off 

9. Tote-N-Stor 25608

Why We Love It: 

Put together as an all-inclusive portable waste holding tank, Tote-N-Stor 25608 is a great companion for owners of recreational vehicles that enjoy traveling. Upon purchase, 25608 would come with accessories such as drain hose, hose clamp and tow bracket. The tank from Tote-N-Stor is equipped with a storage compartment for its accessories as well, thus, it’s possible to store everything together. Moreover, 25608 of Tote-N-Stor is made from polypropylene so it’s light and durable. 

Since it possesses integrated handles and wheels, the waste holding tank of Tote-N-Stor is highly maneuverable and could navigate an assortment of terrains. One interesting thing about 25608 is that it’s a freestanding tank: it’s capable of standing steadily on its ends. As a result, there is no need to hold 25608 of Tote-N-Stor as you empty it of its contents. Caps of the Tote-N-Stor waste tank stay connected to it at all times so the odds of losing them in use is low. 

Backed by a two-year warranty, 25608 is popular with enthusiasts of RVing that seek an insurance policy while buying things. Since Tote-N-Stor 25608 is sold at a reasonable price, you don’t need to curtail spendings to own it. 


  • Enduring 
  • Accessories included
  • Leak-free and secured 


  • Slightly cumbersome once filled 
  • Short hose 

10. Tote-N-Store 20129

Why We Love It:

Tough and mobile, 20129 of Tote-N-Store works well in plenty of arrangements so in terms of versatility, it’s superior to classic waste tanks. With the ability to hold thirty eight gallons worth of waste, the tanks made by Tote-N-Store let RVing enthusiasts store and transport substantial amounts of waste for disposal. In addition to that, as 20129 packs a handy pivoting drain pipe, people don’t have to tilt and lift it to get the wastes out. Because of that, for most owners of recreational vehicles, emptying Tote-N-Store 20129 should be a walk in the park. 

Coming with hose, adapters and clamps, 20129 eliminates the need to buy extra accessories which is nice if you wish to save a couple of bucks. Unlike ordinary portable waste tanks for RV, the tank of Tote-N-Store carries a storage compartment for its accessories. Hence, when you need to dump the waste of your rig with 20129 of Tote-N-Store, there is no need to look all over the place to gather necessary accessories. Also, being a small waste tank, 20129 features basic storage requirements. 

Thanks to the use of quiet rubber wheels, Tote-N-Store 20129 proves to be good at keeping the noise down in the course of operation. The tank from Tote-N-Store is engineered with a tow handle as well so you could tow it on camping grounds at low speeds. 


  • Low-priced 
  • Rugged body 
  • Holding capacity is superb 


  • Quality control remains less than ideal
  • Some tanks leak 

How To Choose The Best RV Portable Waste Tank

People nowadays have countless ideas about what could be called the best RV portable waste tank but to make a wise investment, it’s suggested that you remember these criteria

portable septic tank for campers


In layman’s terms, the capacity of a particular portable sewer tank for RV determines the amount of waste that it’s capable of containing. 

As the capacity of the tank you own affects the time and effort that go into waste disposal, you need to pay it special attention.

In the case that you travel on your own and your trips tend to be short, it’s fine to settle for a standard tank. 

On the other hand, if you like extended outings with a huge party, you should stick to high capacity models.


Space is a luxury on recreational vehicles, hence, it’s essential that you think about dimension prior to putting a waste tank on your rig. 

The last thing you want to spend your money on is a tank that your RV is unable to accommodate. So in order to ensure that you pick up an appropriate tank, you need to take your RV into account. 

It’s worth noting that depending on the models, today’s portable RV septic tanks could be stored inside as well as outside recreational vehicles.  


In use, RV waste tanks would be exposed to a wide range of outdoor elements. 

Additionally, as RVers move from place to place, the tanks undoubtedly experience considerable vibration which makes ruggedness an important concern. 

Usually, it’s possible to tell how well a model holds together by taking a close look at its material. Waste tanks that incorporate high-tier materials should outlast ones made from low-grade materials.


Processing wastes on RV is already tough as it is so you don’t need a portable waste tank that gives you extra problems while you bring it into position. 

To avoid ending up with a troublesome tank, you should thoroughly assess the handling characteristics of models on the market. 

Besides making direct evaluations, it’s a good idea to go through reviews written by fellow owners of recreational vehicles. 

That is going to help you decide the suitability of certain portable waste tanks for RV and shorten your shortlist.


In general, there is no need to spend big bucks to own a decent portable waste tank for travel trailers. That being said, creating a sound shopping budget is still the key to getting the best RV portable waste tank

It’s strongly recommended that you compile a list of desired capabilities, identify models that match that list and proceed to note down their prices. 

With the prices as references, you could come up with a budget that is neither too low nor too high.

Types Of Waste Holding Tanks For RV

Though the number of portable black water tanks for RVs indeed appear overwhelming, it’s possible to split models on the market into four types: polyethylene, polypropylene, grey and black. 

  • Polyethylene Waste Tanks: Being both versatile and long-lasting, polyethylene waste tanks adapt pretty well to an assortment of conditions. Models of the type excel at keeping odors of the wastes from escaping too, thus, they often earn positive remarks from RVers around the globe.
  • Polypropylene Waste Tanks: With rather light bodies, polypropylene waste tanks routinely outmatch their polyethylene counterparts once it comes to mobility. Moreover, models of the type have superb resistances against elements in the outdoors so they last long in regular use.
  • Grey Waste Tanks: To put it plainly, grey waste tanks are used to store things that go down the sinks, showers and drains of RV. Models of the type could be emptied of their contents with a lot of methods. 
  • Black Waste Tanks: Designed to accommodate wastes coming straight from toilets, black waste tanks must be drained at appropriate locations. As accumulated wastes may lead to blockages once water moves away, models of the type should be used with chemicals that break up solid matters.

RV Portable Waste Tank Top Brands

The brand of a model alone rarely dictate its values but if you favor reputability, it’s widely advised that you remember the following manufacturers  

rv portable sewer tank


Regarding sanitation products for mobile applications like RV, marine, camping, …,  Thetford is by all accounts one of the leading names. With the integration of advanced technologies and modern designs, waste tanks of Thetford never fail to please RVers in use. 


As a well-established manufacturer with significant experience in building recreational vehicles and associated accessories, Camco knows exactly what it takes to create products that meet the expectations of RVers. If you wish to grab a no-nonsense portable waste tank for campers then Camco would be your best bet. 


With a user-oriented approach, Barker tends to be held in high esteem by enthusiasts of RVing that care about convenience and ease of use. Also, waste holding tanks made by Barker come at relatively reasonable prices so people don’t have to cut back key expenses to afford them.  

FAQs About RV Portable Waste Tanks

How should I clean my waste tank?

Different tanks have different properties so it’s best that you check out the owner’s manual of your tank. To clean the average portable waste holding tanks for recreational vehicles, enthusiasts of RVing only need to use a simple mix of water and bleach.

Is it necessary to buy accessories for portable waste tanks?

Various models come ready to use but a couple of tanks have to be paired with accessories like brackets, tow handles, cradle pivots and more. By reading the owner’s manual, you could see what your tank needs to work.

How to use an RV portable waste tank?

To move the waste in the main tank of your rig to the portable tank, you need to set up a connection between the tanks. A hose is adequate but it’s suggested that you add in a transparent elbow as well in order to monitor the flow of wastes. After everything is firmly secured, all you have to do is to flip the valve of your RV waste tank. 

How do you empty a portable RV waste tank?

Draining the wastes inside a portable waste tank is pretty easy: you simply have to move the tank to a dumping station, position the hose and let the waste loose. 

How long can black water tank go until dumping?

The time it takes to fill a black water tank varies from case to case as factors come into play. However, to ease the waste disposal, you should empty your waste tank as it reaches two-thirds of its capacity. 

How often do you need to dump black water tank?

To maintain hygiene and tackle odots, it’s suggested that you determine the dumping frequency based on the capacity of your waste tank and the amount of waste produced daily.

What needs to be done to eliminate odors in the tanks?

To keep the odors in the waste tanks of RV under control, RVing enthusiasts resort to numerous methods and the most popular is tank treatment. Put one scoop of tank treatment into the tank of your rig every now and then to tackle the odor.

How to tell if the maximum capacity of the tanks is reached?

Many portable waste holding tanks for RV pack indicators that let owners of recreational vehicles monitor the level of waste. Still, if your tank lacks an indicator, you should empty it periodically to prevent overflowing. 

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