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While draining the waste holding tanks is undoubtedly an essential task, few RVers find it to be pleasant: one mistake and you may be covered in all sorts of sludges.

Because of that, once it comes to extended trips on recreational vehicles, finding the best RV sewer hose is usually one of the top priorities.

If you own a fitting hose, you should be able to dump the wastes in the holding tanks of your rig without making a mess of yourself in the process.

Still, it would be hard for you to select a worthwhile product if you don’t know what to expect.

Best RV Sewer Hoses

So you happen to be new to RVing and know virtually next to nothing regarding sewer hoses designed for RV?

If that is the case, it’s strongly recommended that you take a look at the hoses reviewed down below.

All the hoses listed in this article have received favorable remarks from RVers so go see if you could find one that meets your tastes.

1. Camco RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit – Best Of The Best

Camco RhinoFLEX RV Sewer Hose Kit
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  • 4-in-1 adapter
  • Steel wire reinforcement
  • Leakproof fittings

Why This Is The Best

Designed with emphasis on toughness as well as resistances, Camco RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit is able to take on a lot of abuses in use.

Due to the incorporation of first-class polyolefin and steel wire reinforcement, the Camco sewer hoses work extremely well outdoors.

In addition to that, the hoses of the kit happen to be collapsible so most recreational vehicles could accommodate them.

Also, the hoses from Camco RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit may bend and still hold shape which makes them quite adaptable.

In terms of usage, the kit of Camco packs a 4-in-1 adapter that fits sewer connections found in camping grounds, RV parks and similar locations.

Hence, draining the waste holding tanks is going to be a piece of cake with Camco RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit.

Moreover, with the clear elbows, it’s possible for you to observe the draining progress.

Since the hoses from Camco feature 4-prong bayonet-style fittings, they ensure that the connections stay firmly secured as Rvers empty the waste holding tanks.

As for handling, Camco RhinoFLEX Sewer Hose Kit seems to be a bit bulky compared to many of its competitors.

Nonetheless, the Camco product remains by all accounts the best RV sewer hose kit available for purchase on the market.

I have owned 4 RV’s and probably 5 different sewer hose sets. This is by far the best I have ever used. I love that they extend and contract but hold that shape by popping into place instead of just stretching. I like the clear end so I can tell when the takes are rinsed thoroughly. They collapse down small enough to fit into a small tote for storage. I am not sure if they are exactly 20′ as I have never stretched them out and measured but I have never had to use more then one section anyway. I’m guessing they are probably about 17′ when opened and not stretched but I will never be further then that from the dump location anyhow.

Shared by Johnson


  • Endurance is top-notch
  • User-friendly hose fittings
  • Versatile and flexible


  • Bulky and cumbersome
  • The fittings tend to loosen over time

2. Thetford Titan Sewer Hose Kit – Editor’s Choice

Thetford Titan RV Sewer Hose Kit
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  • Extended handle
  • Universal bayonet mount
  • Uncrushable hose

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

Made of TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer), the rugged hose of Thetford Titan Sewer Hose Kit is deemed uncrushable: it regains its shape even after being run over by a car.

That means you don’t have to worry about crushing the hose unwittingly as you take it out of storage.

The hose from Thetford possesses sublime thermal and abrasion resistance too, therefore, it’s considered to be the best RV sewer hose for off-roading.

From extreme temperatures to rough grounds, Thetford Titan Sewer Hose Kit could withstand pretty much everything you throw at it.

Accompanied by a 5-in-1 sewer adapter with extended handle, the hose of the Thetford kit boasts outstanding compatibility and portability.

As a result, it would only take a couple of minutes for you to set up the kit and start draining the waste holding tanks.

To prevent drippings during transits, Thetford Titan Sewer Hose Kit provides RVers with 2 robust end caps for the sewer hose.

Needless to say, RVers that want to keep the storage compartments clean hold the kit of Thetford in high regard.

About the cost, Thetford Titan Sewer Hose Kit is relatively affordable so it’s definitely an excellent choice if you have a limited shopping budget.

I’ve been a full time resident of a fifth wheel RV since 2013, and stationed entirely in the SW since I bought it. The heat and sun is hard on sewer hoses so I have been through several. This is the best hose I have bought so far and was worth the few extra dollars. The material is much thicker than the others I have bought and the best part was the fittings are already on the hose ends and fused, so it was a 15 second hook up with no messing around with pipe clamps and trying to get it so it doesn’t leak. I would recommend this for anyone in an RV, the ease of set up alone is worth it, and not worrying about getting poopy water on your hands is priceless.

Shared Andie Paul


  • The price is fair
  • Resilient and portable
  • Marvelous compatibility


  • Quality control still needs some work
  • Several RVer report loosed caps

3. Camco Revolution Sewer Hose Kit  – Editor’s Choice

Camco Revolution RV Sewer Hose Kit
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  • Heavy-duty vinyl hoses
  • Pre-attached swivel fittings
  • Translucent elbows

Why It’s An Editor’s Choice

Basic but practical, Camco Revolution Sewer Hose Kit is well-received by full-time RVers that desire straightforward sewer hoses.

As the swivel fittings freely rotate 360 degrees, you could hook up the Camco hoses to dump stations without much hassle.

Moreover, thanks to the inclusion of the 4-in-1 adapter, the kit of Camco removes the headache of finding compatible stations.

Last but not least, with see-through elbows, Camco Revolution Sewer Hose Kit allows RVers to supervise the flows of wastes and address potential issues the moment they show up.

If fully extended, the hoses in the Camco kit would reach a combined length of 20 feet, enough for common setups.

But in transit, each hose section compressed to mere 2 feet so Camco Revolution Sewer Hose Kit comfortably fits in standard storage compartments of recreational vehicles.

By making use of premium-grade heavy-duty vinyl, the hoses from Camco hold themselves together for a long time.

Thus, if it comes to longevity, the Camco sewer hoses prove to be second to none in its price range.  

To protect the hands of the users while deploying the hoses, Camco Revolution Sewer Hose Kit also features wire guards.

That is why the kit of Camco earns lots of compliments from RV sewer hose reviews these days.

How can you just love a sewer hose? Well, to be honest I only really like it a lot. Best hose I have ever had. I like the length that is achieved by connecting them together. I back my motorhome up my driveway and connect the hoes to the sewer trap I installed. The clear fitting that connects to the sewer gives a wonderful show of things going down the drain. Takes some of the boredom out of the work. Also lets you know when things are truly clean. Guess I am easily entertained.

The included hose caps seal the empty hose “emissions” during storage which is a big plus.

Shared by J Doherty


  • Tight seals
  • Compressible hoses
  • Durable and secured fittings


  • A bit heavy
  • Delivery service is less than ideal

4. Camco Rhinoflex Tote Tank Hose Kit

Camco Rhinoflex Tote Tank Hose Kit
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  • 90-degree clear elbow
  • Storage caps
  • Odor tight connection

Why We Love It

For RVers that like to use portable waste holding tanks, Camco Rhinoflex Tote Tank Hose Kit is a worthwhile purchase.

At 3 feet, the length of Camco hose certainty falls behind other products but it’s nonetheless the best RV sewer hose for tote tanks regarding all-around performance.

Boasting top-notch 4 bayonet prongs, the Rhinoflex hose creates a positive locking action that guarantees secured connections. The fittings swivel as well which lets you attach the hose without having much difficulty.

Due to the integration of the low 90-degree translucent elbow, Camco Rhinoflex Tote Tank Hose Kit could be put to good use in multiple situations.

With just a glance, you should be able to tell if the tote tank of your recreational vehicle is emptied.

After you finish draining the wastes, all you have to do to remove the hose is to swivel the bayonet ends in the opposite direction.

Since the Camco hose is made of heavy-duty polyolefin and reinforced by steel wire, it functions consistently in a wide range of outdoor conditions.

In terms of storage, the 3-foot hose in Camco Rhinoflex Tote Tank Hose Kit would collapse down to just 19 inches.

Furthermore, the kit from Camco contains 2 ends caps to keep the hose sealed and stop it from leaving behind messes.

This hose was the perfect addition to aid in the weekly task of my favorite RV job. I can place the dump tank right under the RV dump valve, hook up the hose, pull the lever and let ‘er rip.

The short length is perfect. Before I bought this hose, I was using a full length hose, which was a chore. I no longer have to fight a long hose, which can be like wrestling an anaconda as the liquid gold is flowing from the holding tank. The hose seals up perfectly to the RV and the dump tank, which is great because you certainly don’t want to lose a single drop of the valuable contents.

If you are a lucky guy like me, living full time in an RV without full hookups, do yourself a favor and add this simple short hose to your arsenal of black tank attack weapons. You’ll be glad you did.

Shared by Christopher S. Cale


  • Economical
  • Light and compact
  • Rugged elbows  


  • Only suitable for tote tanks
  • A few hoses seem to damaged on arrival

5. Camco RhinoEXTREME Sewer Hose Kit

Camco RhinoEXTREME Sewer Hose Kit
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  • Pre-attached swivel fittings
  • Locking rings and storage caps
  • 4-in-1 dump station fitting

Why We Love It

As the name suggests, RhinoEXTREME Sewer Hose Kit of Camco is built primarily for extreme camping settings that necessitate the use of resilient sewer hoses.

By incorporating TPE vinyl into the construction, the hoses in the Camco kit pack superior resistance against pinholes and abrasion.

In fact, the hoses bounce back into shape right after RVers step on them so they often get positive remarks once it comes to ruggedness.

Two end caps also accompany the hoses of Camco, hence, it’s a breeze for you to tackle unwanted drippings.

Unlike the average products, Camco RhinoEXTREME Sewer Hose Kit features a 4-in-1 adapter that firmly attaches to most sewer connections.

Because of that, you don’t have to depend on weights to achieve secured connections.

In use, RVers may combine the hoses of the kit from Camco to get yourself a long 20-foot hose.

Still, in spite of the length, the Camco sewer hoses would fit in 4-inch square bumpers of modern-day recreational vehicles.

As you change hoses, the detachable fittings could be reused.    

Although RhinoEXTREME Sewer Hose Kit from Camco is undoubtedly expensive compared to usual options, its sound values justify the price.

So if you look for the best RV sewer hose on the market and have money to spend, you should pick up the Camco kit.

I have been camping for over 30 years and these are really built of good quality. I have the cheaper version of the Rhino and stop using that one. This Extreme version of Rhino is better than anything that I have seen on the market. I have two sets of these since I have two bathrooms = 2 blank tanks. I’m set up full time, at least for a while here, and use the Y adapter that Rhino has.

They are heaving duty and not worry about breaking the plastic line or ripping it.

Shared by RTH


  • Lightweight
  • Solid end caps
  • Reusable fittings


  • Costly
  • Kind of stiff

6. Valterra Dominator Sewer Hose Kit

Valterra Dominator Sewer Hose Kit
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  • Collapsible hoses
  • Universal sewer adapter
  • Drip caps

Why We Love It

Designed for all-season camping trips, Valterra Dominator Sewer Hose Kit is highly sought after by RVers that plan to hit the road year-round.

As they come fully assembled, the Valterra sewer hoses could be used out of packagings, a major plus if you need to drain the waste holding tanks in a hurry.

Thanks to the versatile 90-degree adapter, it’s possible to get the hoses of Valterra into position without much hassle.

About thermal resistance, the Valterra hoses still work at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

To allow RVers to determine if the tanks have been emptied completely, the adapter of Valterra Dominator Sewer Hose Kit is made to be transparent.

Therefore, you would be able to assess the draining progress by looking through the adapter.

The combined length of the hoses in Valterra Dominator Sewer Hose Kit is 20 feet but if you collapse them, each 10-foot section drops to 39 inches.

With the included end caps in the kit, there is no need to worry about sludges dripping from the hoses.

About post-purchase support, Valterra backs Dominator with a 1-year warranty that speaks volumes about its quality.

So if you want to have an insurance policy in case things go south, Valterra Dominator Sewer Hose Kit is your best bet.


  • Nice length
  • Well-built and tough
  • No-nonsense handling


  • High-priced
  • Inconsistent performance between the hoses

7. Lippert Waste Master Sewer Hose System

Lippert Waste Master Sewer Hose System
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  • CAM lock connector
  • UV-protected hose
  • Permanently-connected nozzle

Why We Love It

While the twist-on connections found in traditional sewer hoses prove adequate in typical setups, they still leak on occasions.So to ensure that RVers never have to fret over leakage, Lippert Waste Master Sewer Hose System instead uses secured industrial-class CAM lock fittings.

In addition, the house of Lippert boasts a straightforward snap-in mechanism that permits quick hookups regardless of the surroundings.

Also, the clear viewport is going to keep you from making a mess by pulling out the hose too soon.

With UV-protected exteriors that feature helical coils, the sewer hose made by Lippert is well-suited for outdoor use.

Unsurprisingly, in terms of integrity, Lippert Waste Master Sewer Hose System is widely deemed to possess the best RV sewer hose available for purchase nowadays.

Despite its rough profile, the interiors of the Lippert hose happen to be smooth which reduces the odds of blockages as the wastes pass through.

As a result, the draining of the wastes stored in the holding tanks could proceed smoothly from start to finish.

In general, if you fully extend Lippert Waste Master Sewer Hose System, its hose would reach a length of 20 feet.

But after collapsing, the Lippert hose is measured at just 5 feet so storing it is a walk in the park.


  • UV-protected
  • Leakproof connections
  • User-friendly handling


  • Expensive
  • Unable to handle high temperatures

8. Camco Heavy-Duty Sewer Hose

Camco Heavy-Duty Sewer Hose
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  • HTS vinyl
  • Compressible
  • 3-inch diameter

Why We Love It

Packing 25% more vinyl than other vinyl sewer hoses on the market, Camco Heavy-Duty Sewer Hose holds itself together well.

At first glance, the product from Camco seems to be unremarkable but in use, its solid performance impresses numerous RVers.

With a wide diameter, the Camco sewer hose maintains an excellent flow rate that markedly accelerates the draining of waste holding tanks in your rig.

Moreover, the wide diameter of Camco Heavy-Duty Sewer Hose helps to prevent blockages too.

Upon expansion, the hose of Camco reaches up to 20 feet and drops to 32 inches once retracted so it gets favorable reviews regarding usage and storage.

About the cost, Camco Heavy-Duty Sewer Hose is available at a comparatively affordable price.

Because of that, if your original sewer hose fails out of the blue and you need an economical replacement, the Camco hose is for you.

It may take you a couple of minutes to attach the hose fittings but beyond that, Camco Heavy-Duty Sewer Hose works like a charm.

At slightly over 3 pounds, the Camco hose is light enough to be carried from place to place without much difficulty.

Hence, to many RVers that seek portable sewer hoses but have tight wallets, Camco Heavy-Duty Sewer Hose is the best sewer hose for RV.


  • Affordable and portable
  • Flow rate is marvelous
  • Undemanding storage


  • Ill-suited for year-round campings
  • The materials could use reinforcements here and there  

9. Camco Complete RV Sewer Kit

Camco Complete RV Sewer Kit
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  • Non-restrictive
  • 4-in-1 adapter
  • Easy-slip fittings

Why We Love It

As you guess it, Camco Complete RV Sewer Kit is an all-in-one package that contains everything RVers need to empty waste holding tanks.

Due to the broad, non-restrictive design of Camco hose, the flow rate is superb compared to the average products.

That means you don’t have to wait too long for the holding tanks on your rig to be emptied.

The absence of tools and accessories in the hookup process of Camco Complete RV Sewer Kit also makes it the preferred option of novice RVers.

About compatibility, the kit from Camco features a 4-in-1 adapter that would attach to a wide range of dump stations.

Therefore, you could rest assured knowing that there is no need to find particular stations to use the sewer hose.

It’s also worth noting that the adapter of the kit from Camco is removable.

That is why it’s possible for RVers to detach and store the adapter separately to reduce the size of the kit prior to storage.

As for the hose in the kit, its extended length is 10 feet but after collapsing, it barely reaches over 24 inches.

Being low-priced, Camco Complete RV Sewer Kit is an excellent choice RVers that like to grab quality hoses without having to spend a fortune.


  • Fair price
  • Top-notch handling characteristics
  • Uncomplicated hookup process


  • A number of users complain about cracks  
  • Less than ideal quality control

10. Camco Deluxe Sewer Hose Extension

Camco Deluxe Sewer Hose Extension
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  • Heavy-duty HTS vinyl
  • REVO swivel fittings
  • Storage caps

Why We Love It

Thanks to the incorporation of first-class HTS vinyl, Camco Deluxe Sewer Hose Extension is capable of withstanding harsh elements as well as rough uses.

Accompanied by flexible REVO swivel fittings, the hose from Camco could be manipulated to match an assortment of draining setups.

Since there is no need for special tools while attaching the sewer hose of Camco, RVers should be able to set it up within minutes.

As a result, Camco Deluxe Sewer Hose Extension is well-liked by lots of RV enthusiasts from novices to veterans.

At 10 feet, the length of the sewer hose of Camco is considered to be adequate in most of the cases.

One nice feature of Camco Deluxe Sewer Hose Extension is that it attaches to fittings of other hoses from Camco.

Thus, you may put together a sewer hose of essentially whatever length you desire.

About storage, standard  4-inch square bumpers would comfortably take in Camco Deluxe Sewer Hose Extension.

The Camco hose comes alongside storage caps too which remove the headache of dripping wastes.

In terms of maintenance, Camco Deluxe Sewer Hose Extension only requires basic care so it’s an excellent companion for RVers that often travel extensively.

All you need to do is to rinse the Camco hose with water after use and that should be it.


  • Good values for the price
  • Maneuverable
  • Secure fittings  


  • Several hoses arrive damaged
  • Delivery needs improvements

RV Sewer Hoses Buyer’s Guide

Due to the variance in personal preferences, different RVer often look for different things once it comes to sewer hoses.

That being said, if you truly wish to get the most out of your money, check out the following criteria.

camper sewer hose


Sewer hoses for recreational vehicles nowadays come at an assortment of lengths but if you don’t want to park next to the dumps stations then keep an eye out for hose between 15 and 20 feet.

Such hoses would allow you to connect the waste holding tanks of your vehicle to dumps stations without much difficulty.

Of course, in the case you believe that you need more, feel free to go beyond the recommended hose length.

In fact, quite a few products on the market permit extensions so it’s a breeze to find a hose at the length you desire. 


With the wastes that pass through sewer hoses, it’s essential that you give hose thickness a couple of thoughts.

In general, hoses that feature thick walls should be less likely to experience issues such as leaks, cracks and so on compared to thin ones.

For typical uses, the minimum thickness of sewer hoses is going to be around 20 millimeters.

If you hit the road year-round, you must consider adjusting the thickness requirement to match the tempo of travel.

The last thing you need is for the sewer hose to fail in use and spew wastes all over the place so be thorough here.


It’s common knowledge among RVers that dumping wastes in the holding tanks is pretty tedious, chiefly because of the unwieldiness of the sewer hoses.

As a result, while looking for the best RV sewer hose, it would be wise for you to prioritize products that pack decent handling characteristics.

With versatile and flexible sewer hoses, RVers could empty the waste holding tanks without wasting too much time and effort.

Accessories like adapters, cradles, macerators, … also boost the handling of your hose if used properly.


To put it plainly, the flow consistency of sewer hoses for recreational vehicles is influenced by a number of factors.

Nonetheless, if you wish to get rid of the wastes as soon as possible then it’s a good idea to go after wide hoses.

Overall, sewer hoses with wide diameters tend to offer excellent flow rates, controls and stabilities in most of the cases. 

In addition to that, as lots of camping grounds lack level dump stations, it’s definitely nice to have broad hoses that deliver consistent flows. 


Compartments dedicated to the storage of sewer hoses exist in virtually all standard recreational vehicles.

However, it’s noteworthy that the compartments change from RV to RV which means you should check to see what your rig may accommodate first.

Obviously, having the best RV sewer hose is pointless if your vehicle is incapable of storing it so remember to take the storage capacity of the hose compartments into account.

You could also ask for a few suggestions from other RVers that happen to use the same rig as you.

What RVers Need To Use While Draining Waste Holding Tanks

Once it comes to dumping wastes from holding tanks of recreational vehicles, a quality camper sewer hose certainly proves handy.

That being said,  you would be able to avoid plenty of headaches if you use particular items alongside your hose.

  • Gloves: Wastes in the holding tanks of RV contain all kinds of germs, hence, it’s widely advised that you put on a pair of gloves. That is going to help you keep everything sanitary and hygienic throughout the dumping process.
  • Supports: You plan to stay at a location for some time? Then you should get yourself a couple of hose supports. For your information, the supports reduce the risk of backups and let the wastes in your sewer hose move constantly. Moreover, with the hose supports, you could set up your sewer hose off the ground and away from potential harms.
  • Transparent Connectors: In layman’s term, transparent connectors allow RVers to connect hoses of various lengths and observe the flows of wastes. By incorporating such connectors into the hose setup of your rig, it’s a breeze to determine if the waste holding tanks have been emptied.
  • Macerators: Generally speaking, if RVers need to dump wastes in the holding tanks, dump stations tend to be the best choices. Still, what should you do if the waste holding tanks of your rig must be emptied immediately but you cannot find a single dump station? Well, in that situation, you may proceed to dump all the wastes directly into the sewers, toilets and so on if you own fitting macerators. The macerators would crush solid wastes, therefore, you don’t have to worry about blockages.

Best Sewer Hose Brands For RV

With just a glance, RVers could find numerous sewer hoses from a multitude of manufacturers.

Nonetheless, if you like to play it safe and decide to get your hose from reputable brands then keep an eye out for these names.


Regarding goods for recreational vehicles, Camco is considered to be one of the prominent suppliers and it’s held in high esteem by many RVers.

Naturally, the US manufacturer also offers an excellent selection of sewer hoses that could be put to good use in a wide range of setups.

That is why if you wish to secure the best RV sewer hose money can buy, you should take a look at products from Camco.


Known for its ability to assemble user-friendly products, Lippert is well-liked by first-time RVers that prioritize straightforwardness.

Sewer hoses made by Lippert usually boast superb handling characteristics so people may set them up and put them away in no time flat.

Furthermore, Lippert RV hoses come at reasonable prices which make them favorites of budget-minded RVers.


In terms of sturdiness, sewer hoses of Valterra have relatively few competitors on the market.

Thanks to the integration of heavy-duty materials in the construction, Valterra products hold together well for a long time.

Thus, for full-time RVers that travel around the year, sewer hoses from Valterra undoubtedly prove to be outstanding options.


In case you don’t know, Thetford is widely recognized as the leading manufacturer of sanitation products for recreational vehicles.

Unsurprisingly, sewer hoses of Thetford have top-notch sanitary standards compared to the average products. 

Want to keep yourself as well as your RV hygienic? Then sewer hoses from Thetford would be your best bets.


Possessing talented engineers and strict quality controls, Barker is able to build splendid products that perform admirably in challenging conditions.

So if you go off-road every so often and require adaptable sewer hoses, Barker could have what you need.

Hooking Up Sewer Hoses For RVs

Remember To Put On Gloves: Once it comes to germ-infested wastes, it’s impossible to be too careful so refrain from touching the sewer hose with your bare hands.

Keep in mind that if you come down with sickness out of the blue in the middle of nowhere then things could definitely get hairy.

That is why as a precaution, you should put on a pair of gloves prior to hooking your sewer hose.

  • Check Up On The Valves: Before removing the cap to attach the hose, you must make sure that the valves stay in the “closed” position. Naturally, if you pop up the cap with the valves in the “open” position, you would receive a nasty surprise.   
  • Empty The Black Tank First: Between the waste holding tanks on your RV, it’s of utmost importance that you drain the black tank before moving to the grey tank. What you flush down the toilets would go straight into the back tank while the grey tank takes the rest: sinks, showers and so on. Because of that, if you empty the black tank first, you should be able to remove lots of sewage residues.
  • Spray Everything With Water Afterward: As you finish draining the tanks, use a hose to spray water on everything from the sewer hose to the surrounding of the station to wash away the remaining wastes.

FAQs About Sewer Hoses of RVs

How long may sewer hoses for RV last on average?

Overall, the lifespan of a travel trailer sewer hose is dictated by quite a few issues such as usage, maintenance, … 

That being said, most hoses nowadays last about 2 years before they have to be replaced.

Do sewer hoses for recreational vehicles have special storage requirements?

RV sewer hoses need to be stored in dry conditions. In addition, RVers must store sewer hoses and water hoses separately to avoid cross-contamination.

What needs to be done to clean RV sewer hoses?

Different people use different methods to clean sewer hoses but “flushing and backwashing” is preferred in most of the cases.

Also, for good measure, you should consider using purpose-design enzyme treatments to thoroughly cleanse the interior of your hose.

So as to prevent re-contamination, it’s essential that you wash the waste holding tanks of your vehicle too.

Is it wise to use sewer hoses in snowy climates?

Technically, usual sewer hoses cannot endure freezing temperatures but if the situation demands, you could still use your hose by wrapping heat tapes around it.

Packing integrated heating elements and thermostats, the tapes would keep your sewer hose from freezing.

However, it’s strongly recommended that you go for rigid pipes if you like to camp out in cold weather.

How much should I spend to get a decent hose?

Sewer hoses for recreational vehicles come at an assortment of prices so suitable products exist for pretty much every budget.

All in all, you don’t have to empty your wallet just to pick up a good hose but you still have to be prudent.

Being an RVer, you likely have plenty of expenses to handle so it’s ill-advised to buy a costly hose that strains your finance.

On the other hand, getting a dirt-cheap product to save some bucks is also unwise as you potentially need to look for replacement soon.   

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